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CAROL, mom & ME 56

After a while, Nikki said that she better get back home.

Lisa suggested that she try to wake Dan up with a blowjob. See if he
gets a hard on then before he wakes up. Yes. I haven't done that in a
long time, Lisa. I will. If he's sleeping now, I'll do it. Wish me luck.

Tanks for being so understanding. Anf YOU Billy, for making me feel so
nice inside now.

Your welcome hon.

Lisa said, hey, Maybe we can both do your guy over there and really get
him hard enough to fuck.

OOOHHHH Just the thought, Nikki shivered.

Well, Good night.

Good night Nikki.

Lisa and I decided to sleep out on the deck again tonight. Again we
laid on an air mattress and cuddled.

Oh Billy, she was worried how we would feel bout them being brother and
sister???? If she only fucking knew. Wow.

What do you think we shoud do honey? Play it by ear. Don't tell her
anything unless we really have to. OK.

She's really nice Biklly. Yeah she is. Was it nice fucking her? Oh
yeah. Her pussy felt nice. Better than mine? Lisa said, sitting up
staring down at me. No honey. I love you, and your pussy most of all.

I liked holding your cock and helping to put it in her. It made me feel
like I was part of it.

Hold me Billy. Hold me close to you. We laid on our side and held each
other and drifted off to sleep.

I had no idea what time it was when Iwoke up. Lisa was still laying
mext to me sleeping, mom was sitting on a lounge with a cup of coffe. Sje
was wearing a cute bikini outfit.

Well, Good morning honey. Must have been a busy night for you guys.
Oh, it was mom. Here have a cup of coffee. I thought that maybe Lisa and
me would go shopping a little later. I think she'd like that, looking down
at her still curled up sleeping.

Your dad and me made real nice love last night, honey. It really was
wonderful. Good mom. She laid back on the lounge now and closed her eyes.
I sat to her side on the deck, and stroked my hands over her tits and
stomach. Her tits were high on her chest in the bathing suit bra. That
outfit makes your tits stand out nice mom.

I was thinking of getting one like it for Lisa and carol too. I think
they would like that.

We watched as Lisa rooled over on her back, still sleeping. I think
I'll wake her up good and proper mom. Oh, I'd like to watch that honey.

I stood up, and mom noticed my cock hanging. She sat up and took it in
her hands and sadi, let me get you hard for her. She lowered her head
right away and started sucking me. Her blond hair shining brightly in the
morning sun.

OOOOOHHHH That feels so nice mom, maybe I should just let you finish me

She pulled her mouth off my cock and honey...go give it to

I went over and knelt in ront of Lisa, and carefully spread her legs. I
love her pussy mom. Its really pretty. I knelt down and then laid over
her. Her peaceful expression made me feel my love for her.

I put my cock to her pussy lips and finally got it at her hole. I slid
into he warm slit, It was already nice and wet. I only pummped a couple of
times very slowly and she awoke. Oh honey.....keep that up.

mom came over and sat next to us on the deck with her coffee. Nice way
to wake up isn't it hon? Now Lisa saw mom and said oh, yes. I love him in
me in the morning. mom watched me as Lisa and I made love.

Nice, you two. You guys make nice love, mom said.

Lisa sat up and mom asked if she wanted to go shopping?

Oh yeah. I want to get a few things at the mall. Good. Maybe carol
would like to go with us. I'll give her a call.

Oh, Billy Aunt Mary called this morning. I haven't seen her in about a
month. I asked her and the kids to come over for a cook out tonight. They
said about 6. It would be nice to see them I said. They could finally get
to meet Lisa too.

We all went into the house. mom said, I better change if we're going to
the mall, Lisa. Lisa said well, I can't very well go looking like this!!!
Still naked. We all laughed. Hey, all those young studs would love it

You would have all of them with hardons all over the mall. We could
handle ALL of them though, couldn't we Lisa. I don't know, but it would be
fun trying, huh Jean? Oh So many cocks. so little time, mom laughed.

Come on honey, I have a cute outfit you can wear today. The girls went
upstaiirs and I made another cup of coffee.

After a while I thought I better get dressed myself. I went upstairs
and mom's bedroom door was open. Lisa was looking at herself in mom's
pretty pale blue outfit. It looked nice on Lisa. Showed off her tanned
body really nice. I went over to her from behind and reached for her tits as she stood in front of the mirror.

mom was still naked yet, and I looked at her. OOOOHHHH Mom, you're
giving me another hard on....

Well, mom said.....what do you want to do about it, smiling at me and
then to my hard cock standing up. Come here hon. mom laid back on the bed
and pulled me by the cock into her crotch. Lets do a quickie.

fuck your mom hard and fast....

She pulled my cock harder now, right up to her hole. I pushed into her
quickly and suck right in. OOOOHHH that always takes my breath away, mom said. She raised her legs smiling up at me. She started to riock on her
back now. Lisa sat on the side of the bed watching us for a change. I
pluned in and out of mom. Our moans mixing together. It was feeling so
nice. I could see her blond pussy hair getting wet now. Fuck me fast
baby....I love it. I started pumping a lot faster now, and felt my cock
expanding in her gripping pussy. OOOOHHH Mom. You feel nice. Lisa leaned
up and kissed me, and looked down at my cock sliding in and out of mom's
pussy as I knelt between her legs fucking her.

Give it to me baby. mom started to moan loude now as she reached a
cum...I could feel her pussy tightening. Fill my pussy baby. OOOOHHH
Lisa, I love this so.... Lisa reached down and put her two fingers around
my cock as ZI slid in and out of mom's pussy. She tightened around my cock
making it feel wonderful. ZI moaned and arched myu back as I started to
cum. OOOOOHHHH Mom. Pump your cum in me honey....Lisa's finger were
sliding up and down my cock hard and fast as I went in and out of mom.

It made the feelings on my spurting cock so much more inyense. OOOOHHHH
I shot hard into mom. Her pussy squeezing and milking me. I spurted and
spurted into her.

Instead of ramming in tight and staying buried deep in her as I usually
wiould have done. Lisa's fingers stopped me from going all the way in, but
were draining my cock into her. mom was holding her tits as she opened her
eyes now looking up at me. Her cum was finished now. Her pussy slowly
milking my cock as Lisa slowed her fingers stroking up and down my cock.

I finally pulled out and Lisa bent down and sucked my cock till I was
soft again.

Mom's hand was gently stroking up and down Lisa's back as she wathced
her sucking me. That was nice honey. Lisa finally raised her head and
said, that should hold him till we get back. We laughed. The girls were
now dressed to kill and ready to leave.

I think I'll just rest at the pool for a while and work around the yard
this afternoon, while you're gone.

I kissed them and they took off to pick up Carol.

About an hour later, I decided to walk across the road to Nikki's. I
didn't see the car, and thought her brother was probably at work. It took
a minute for her to answer the bell. Oh Billy, I was out back having a cup
of coffee. Come on in. Well, I'm all alone over there, The girls all went
shopping like girls do. She laughed. I should have gone with them.

Maybe next time I said. They always stop some place for a drink and gab
all day.

Come on back, have a cup of coffe with me. Dan's at work.

How did you make out last night? She looked puzzled for a minute and
then it hit her. Oh OK, Bill, for a while anyway. I tried waking him with
a nice BJ. It did get hard and he was surprised. I got on him and we
fucked for a while but then he started to go soft and he couldn't keep it
up. I was so frustrated Bill. He did at least eat me though. But after
that, I just couldn't get into it and I really didn't cum, you know what I

Yeah. That's a damn shame. I''l talk to my guy this afternoon about
that doc, for him. I would really appreciate it Bill.

She was wearing a simple summery duster. There was a short silence. I
really felt bad for her, I stood up and said , would you like to???? Oh
Bill, yes, I really would.

After being so frsutrated..... Come on Bill, let's go in the house.
She led me to her bedroom and sat on the bed facing me. My hands went to
her hair and I ran my fingers through it.I held her fadce to me as I
stroked her hair and face softly. Her hand went to my cock in my shorts
and rubbed softly over it. She began to massage it harder now, and she
could feel it getting hard. Oh you get so hard so quick Bill. She turned
and reached for my waistband and slwowly pulled my shorts down.

Oh Its nice to see your hard cock again Bill. She looked at it
lovingly, and stroked it up and down tenderly. Both her hands were
caressing it up and down and she looked up at me. Then she lowerd her
mouth and sucked me really nic. OOOOHH Nikki. OOOOHHH She leaned back and
looked back at me with a smile. Then she went back to sucking me softly.

Her fingers were caressing my balls so tenderly, I could barely feel

Come on hon, I said. Pulling her up to take her duster off. Her large
tits panting with excitement. I leaned to kiss her as her hands went
betwen us to caress my cock. I leaned back and lifted her heavy tits and
caressed them and kissed her again.

Lay down hon. She laid on the bed near the side. Her legs almost offf
the bed. I knelt between them and lowered my head toher pussy and licked
her complete slit and sucked her.

OOOOHHHH Bill. OOOOHHHH. I sti=uck my tongue intoher hole and fucked
her with it. Flicking it inside her as much a I could. It made her hips
rise and fall quickly. OOOOHHH Bill, oooohhh Her large tits seeming like
mountains on her chest as I looked up.

My fingers were spreading her pussy lips now and Ilicked her up and down
and sucked her hardened clit. Her body jerked when I did this and made her
moan loudly. Her whole wonahood was wide open now, to my mouth.

Oh Bill. Ohhh. I sucked her clit softly and ran my tongue over and
over it. Her hips rose wildly and she bucked my sucking mouth. Oh Bill,
I'm cummming , I'm really cummmmmmminnnngggg.

I sucked her harder and licked her clit a little harder now.

Oh my God bill, OOOOHHHH please down't stop, please..

I continued to suck her whole pussy and back to her clit. It seemed
that she came several times, with her hips trising and freezing in mid air
with each one. I held my mouth glued to her clit and inner pussy.

Finally her body feel to the bed and I quickly lined my cock and rammed
in. OOOOHHHH Oh my God, Bill. I pumped in hard and fast, I fucked her as
deep as my cock would go.

Oh my God Bill....OOOOOYou feel so....

OOOOHH I'm cumming again on your fucking cock Bill....OOOOHHH I ramed in
faster and felt mycock reay to cum now, I'm there Nik, I said, I'm there,
OOOOHHH Bill shooiot it baby, shoot in me, its ok, ooooohhh. My cock
exploded with her excitement. Her pussy clamped tightly and I pulled off
her to lean on my hands. We were loking into each other as we were cumming

It felt really nice as I emptied my cock into her, and we came down
together. I stayed inside her as we smiled at each other. Her pussy softl;y squeeezing me now. I waited until her pussy finally stopped its
contractins and pulld out.

I laid next to her on the bed and put my hand on her right tit.

She was laying back panting now.

Oh Bill, that was wonderful hon. I could see her stomach rising and
falling with her panting and excitement.

I moved my hand down over her whole front rubbing all over her slowly.

It was nice Nikki. Oh Bill, It really was. You felt so nice in me. I
came so many times. Especially when you sucked my clit. OOOHHH It felt so
nice Bill.

I wish Dan could fuck that nice. He will hon, He will.

Look, mom's having her sister and my two cousins over for a cookout
tonight. My sister will be cak too. Come on over and oin us. You can
meet my family.

That would be nice, she said. You'll like then Nik. Mymom is a doll.
Believe me.

Be sure to bring Dan over. I want hiom to meet dad, and wheel the deal
for a car for my sis.

Oh yes. I'll ask him as soon as he gets home.

I straddled and laid on her now. I caressed her tits and sucked them
softly all over now. Her hands caressing my head.

They are pretty big Nik, I said. TOO fucking big, Bill.I began to
massage them more firmly now, and she closed her eyes enjoying it.

I could still feel the wetness of her pussy and her mound, as my groin
laying on it.

I wanted to fuck her once more. I slowly rotated my groin against hers
and Icould eventually feel my cock responding. Open up hon....You mean? I
smiled down at her....OOOHHH Bill....

She eagerly opened her legs wider anticipating me.... I slid in with mo
need for my hand. This time we fucked slow and for a long time.

I sensed her deep needs and hoped I was filling them for a while. She
really seemed to enjoy it and I think she came a couple times before we
started fucking harder and both came with each other holding tightly.

Finally we walked naked into her kitchen.

I had a beer with her then. Finally, I rose to leave. She got up and
came over to give me a kiss. Oh Bill, thanks for cumming. I mean with a
U. I smiled. She reached down and caressed my cock softly, and then I put
my shorts on.

I went back home to get things ready for tonight.

I felt happy as I cleaned the pool and set up a few extra cahirs. I was
happy that everyone got along so well in our family, and especially now,
with Lisa's.

I knew I would have to tip off dad right away about the couple across
the road.

Soon, mom's car pulled in the drive. It was about five.

They were all chattering and laughing as they got out.

Carol ran over to give me a hug. She looked really nice with her hair
in a diffeent style now. Lisa's mom had done it for her. Looks nice, I

She was excited about seeing our Aunt and our cousins this evening. She
ran back to the house to help out with the salads and other things. They
were still chatterting like chickens when I walked in the kitchen. Yak,
yak, yak, I said.

Oh go to your room and jerk off Billy, Carol laughed.

With all you available women here? They all laughed. You couldn't
handle all of us, they laughed again.

Dad pulled in the drive and we went out to the deck and had a beer while
the girls were all busy in the house.

I told him about the couple across the street, and how the guy was
having the same problem dad once had. I told him I would try to work it
into the conversation with him, me and Dan, without embarassing him.

My Aunt's car pulled in the drive as we were talking.

She was as stunning as mom. Her blond hair was slightly longer than
mom's. Her tits were big and hid behind a summery tight pale pink blouse.

Hi Billy, Hi Jim, she said as she walked over to us. She gave us each a
hug, and I instantly thought of grabbing her and fucking her on the spot.

Her daughter and son, both twins and about 16 were now coming up to us.
She was as beautiful as her mother.

Hi cuz I said. Haven't seen you for quite a while. Hi Billy. Hi Uncle

I could see my father's jaw drop as he looked at my cousin Sandy. Her
tits were as big as her mother's already, and her legs were beautiful in
the white whorts.

Dreams of me and dad fucking mom and daughter raced through my head as I
looked at them.

Paul, my cousin, sat with dad and me while the girls went into the

I went over and started the grille and the girls soon came out with
trays of food.

mom came to me with a tray of steaks and and hamburgers to cook up.

Mom, she's so fucking hot. Wow. You're almost twins, mom. She smiled.
She's two years younger honey.

Oh mom, I would die and go to heaven if I could make love with both of
you at the same time! That is AFTER I make love with Lisa too! mom laughed. Don't wish too hard, honey. I just might make your wish come
true. Oh mom, don't tease. We'll see honey. I think your dad's place is
closed for tommorrow for some reason. He'll have a long weekend. We're
still leaving Saturday morning with Jack and Annette though.

Lisa came up to us to get a plate of hamburgers for the crowd. Oh, Your
cousin is such a fucking hunk, Billy. Staring over at him talking to dad.

Don't tell want to fuck him already....OOOOOHH Don't tempt me
Billy. I'll jump HIS bones any time. We all laughed.

Dad now walked over and gave mom a hug, standing next to me. Jeez,
honey, I forgot how pretty your sister was. Oh no, not YOU too! What?
billy wants to screw her and me now! Get in line Billy. I'm first if
she's giving it up. We all laughed. At just about six, Nikki and her
brother came in the driveway. I introduced them all around, and dad's jaw
dropped again looking at her tits squeezed into a light green blouse with a
black bra of her bikini underneath.

dad whispered holy shit. I told you dad, she had big tits. My cousin's
eyes bugged out of his head as she sat with her brother near him.

She knew they were gaping and looked at me for almost pity.

I distracted my cousin now, with asking him about his new job.

Everyone was sitting around the deck eating now.

mom told her sister to come upstairs and try on one of her bathing
outfits. They went up together. Lisa and I went in the pool with Carol,
and invited all the rest. Dan seemed kind of shy, but he dove in also.

Paul, my cousin was still trying to gape at Nikki's tits now, as she
only wore the bikini outfit. Her tits were once again bulging. I couldn't
blame him.

Dad got up from his deck chair and said that he was going up to change
into his trunks.

He was in their room about to put on his trunks when mom and her sister walked in from the bathroom. They were sttil naked and just about to put
their suits on, but decided on different ones that were in the bedroom.
They hadn't known Dad was in there. They surprised the hell out of dad as
they opened the door. there he was with his trunks in his hands and his
big cock hanging down.

There was mom and her sister holding the suits they decided not to wear,
in their hands.

Oh shit, honey, I didn't know you were up here. dad held his trunks in
front of him as mom's sister tried to use the insanrely small pieces of a
bikini to hide herself also. Then they all laughed. Shit, Jim, This
brings back some memories doesn;t it? remember when we all used to double
date and you caught me running out of the bathroom?

That was a hundred years ago, dad laughed. I see your cock hasn't
shrunk any since. mom's sister laughed.

Dad's face was red now. At least he still uses it real nice, Patti.
Well, I guess its kind of stupid to be feeling embarrased at our ages, and
after all the fuck sessions we did as couples back then, Patti said. She
dropped her hands and bikin from trying to hide herself.

I notice your still in fine shape too, Patti. Both of you really look
much the sqme, comparing mom standing next to her.

mom noticed dad's cock jmping and with half a hard on. Oh look at my
guy, Patti, she smiled. He's getting hard rememnbering all that screwing
we all did.

mom reached over ansd stroked dad's cock and jerked it a few times
laughing. Go ahead you guys, I'll leave and dress in the bathroom. mom said I was just thinking of giving hom a quick BJ to last him til later,
that's all. Damn, Patti, its your fault he got this way. He was looking
at YOU when this thing got hard.... YOU should take care of this job for

Don't tempt me Jean. I haven't had a nice cock in ages.

Go ahead, Patti. really. I don;t mind. I think Jim would really be
excited by YOU doing it. mom held dad's cock out as if offering it to her
sister. Oh God! I'd really like to. It been so long since... Well stop
fooling around and get over here. As if in a trance, mom's sister came
over and looked up to dad. Well, brother in law, I've always wanted to do
this when we were all double dating. My mouth watered when I saw this cock
and I was stuck with that little thing of my ex asshole.

Dad smiled down to her and reached to caress her naked tits. I always
wanted to suck these too. See if they tasted as good as your sister here.
She took dad's hands and lifted them to her tits and he massaged them.

Do they feel the same. Can't tell yet, I don;t have enough experience
with them yet, he smiled. She then reached up to give him a kiss and then
dropped to her knees. OOOOHH This is a big one jean.

I love it Patti. Patti now leaned forward and stroked dad;'s cock and
studied ot for a minute. Yes, Jim, this is really a nice cock here.

Finally, she lowered her mouth to it and licked around the head. Dad's
head wemt back as he moaned. She sucked his head hrder now, and caressed
it up and down slowly with her hand. mom went behind dad and pressed her
tits into him Her arms went under his and she caressed his chest with her
hands as she leaned around to watch her sister begin to suck her husband.

Jim loves me to suck him, Patti. I do it all the time for him. I love

UUUMMMM I don;t blame you with a nice hard cock like this one. Now she
was more accustomed tio actulally sucking dad, she startred to really suck
him with more flair. She herked him quickly making him moan, and Used her
teeth to scrape up and down his underside.

mom moved to dad's side now, and nassaged his stomach, and groin as she
watched her sister sucking him. Feel nice babt? Oh yes Jean honey. Yes.
dad's legs were now feeling a bit trembly as he felt her handiwork with her
mouth. Oh it feel nice Patti. I owe you big time. Patti pulled her mouth
away and said, Hey, don;t think I won't take you up on that. and went back
to sucking him.

Soon Patti sped up her sucking and finger work on him, and dad was ready
to cum. He was humping his hips now and she jerked him faster while she
sucked him. He moaned and then arched his back and began to cum, mom massaged his groin harder and faster as he started shooting into Patti's
sucking mouth. She was jerking him with two fingers rapidly as she sucked him. She went all the way down as far as she could on his cock and he
spurted hard, and then almost lost his balance.

Oh, that was nice Jim. You taste so damn nice, Patti said as she rose
to her feet.

That was nice what you did for me Jean. He leaned to kiss mom. It was
very nice Patti. I really came hard. I know you did hon. I was the one
swallowing. They all laughed. Let's get back down to the party and see
who else needs a blowjob, mom laughed.

They dressed into their bathing outfits and all went down to the pool.
Most of us were still in the pool trying to play vollyball. mom jumped in
and swam over near me. dad just got HALF his wish honey. I looked at her
and she was smiling broadly. What??? yeah, she shook her head. Aunt Pat
just sucked him off. No shit mom? Play your cards right and you'll luck
out too, sonny boy, as she swam backward away from me smiling.

Aunt Pat was in the pool now, standing near her daughter Sandy. Sandy
had given her a look of shock and then a big look of surprise. Patti must
have told her that she just sucked off dad.

I swam over to Lisa and Nikki, and her Lisa. What's going on over
there, Lisa asked. I guess my Aunt Pat just sucked off my dad upstairs.
NO SHIT. Lisa said almost in shock. I started to laugh out loud now,
glancing over at dad. he was all smiles. Lisa took a quick glance over at
my Aunt Pat in the pool near her. NO SHIT, she said again to me. What's
so funny, Nikki asked? Should I tel;l her Billy? laughing now. Yeah, why
leave her out. Lisa kind of whispered to Nikki and again, NO SHIT, and we
all laughed again. Nikki stole a glance at dad, up on a deck chair.

Your dad's a hunk too, Billy. I noticed his trunks when he walked in,
like us girls are supposed todo...she laughed.

Well hon, he's just a little bigger than me. OOOOHHHH she said. I'll
arrange to get you some of it if you would like. No, don;t tease Billy,
its not fair. Her brother was busy in the corner of the pool talking with
Carol and Jimmy, and my cousin Sandy now.

I'm not kidding, Nik. He'll do you if you want. It was getting darker
now and I went into the pool shed and turned on the colored lights and
turned up the stereo.

I went in the house to get some more beer, and almost ran into my Aunt
Pat on her way back from the bathroom.

I noticed her stare at my trunks trying not to be too obvious. Looks
like your mom was right when she said you're almost exactly like you dad.
She smiled and leaned forward to gibve me a kiss on the cheek. You'rre
looking great Billy. So are you Aunt Pat.

Oh, I'm getting that middle aged spread shit around here, placing her
hands near her hips. They look great to me. I don't see anything to worry
abot. Oh your so kind. here, let me help you carry out some of this
stuff. She leaned near me and it seemed that she deliberately pushed her
tits into my left arm and kind of rotated it quickly.

Damn, Looking at her this close up in her hot bikini was really getting
to me. My cock was starting to get hard. I tried to push into the table
to hide it. She spotted my hardon though as I leaned to pick up the tray.

UhOh, Billy. Looks like I caused a little problem there. I was facing
her now and was holding the platter with all the ber cans on it. She stood
back looking down at my cock and said, you can't go out there with THAT
honey. her hand now reached down and she placed her palm directkly over my
hard cock. I automatically jumped slightly at her touch. OOOOHHH She
said. Its really big Billy. Now I believe your mom.

Her hand starte to slide up and down over my cock now, deliberately. Oh
poor Billy, how many times I changed your diapers when I babysat for your
mom and dad. It was kind of big then, even as a baby, she smiled. here,
Billy, I can;t leave you in this contidion. Put the tray down a minute
honey. She took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom off the kitchen.
The light was off and it was completely dark in there.

Here Billy, let me take care of this for you. I felt her dropping to
her knees and then pulling my shorts down. She had me pushed against the
back of the door now, and I felt her hands softly stroking up and down my
cock, OOOOHHH It feels nice in my hands now Billy. This same prick pissed
in my face a couple time when I changed you. Now, I think I'll get even
for that. I felt her mouth close over my cock. OOOOOHHHH Aunt Pat I
moaned. UUUUMMMM, Nice cock Billy. You taste good too.

She stroked and sucked me really nice. UUUUMMMM, Don't feel afraid to
cum Billy. Please. Just go ahead honey. She sucked me deeply now, and
caressed my balls softly. UUUMMMMThese balls are full Billy. It was nice
getting a blowjob in total darkness. I felt her tits pushing into my
thighs through her bra top. She muct have lifted it off because the next
time she pushed her body forward, I felt her bare tits against my thighs.

OOOOHHH Aunt Pat, you'll have mne cumming soon. Good honey. Give it to
good ol Aunt Pat.

She stroked me a little faster as she sucked me now. She pressed her
tits hard into my thighs now and sucked almost all my cock into her mouth.
UUUUMMMM, her arms going around and hugging my ass into her mouth harder.
She was sucking like mom did, with her throat muscles and holding my hips
tightly to her mouth.

I came hard into her mouth and throat. She sucked up and down rapidly,
milking me with her hand at the same time. OOOOHHHH You have me Aunt Pat.
UUUUMMMMM you taste good too, honey, Real good. My hips pumped as she held
me and sucked me dry. Finally, she leaned back and caressed my cock with
both hands softly. Yes, Billy, you have a really nice cock/ Your girl out
there, Lisa? yeah. I'll bet she really likes it. Ofs she does. She
really does. She stood up now and leaned into me and kissed me. She took
my hands and pulled them to her tits. Then she kissed me softly. Feel
better baby? She whispered in my ear softl;y. Oh Yes, Aunt Pat. It was
nice. Good, honey. I love you. I'm proud to be Yopur Aunt. She reached
down now, and caresed my hanging cock and balls. My hands caressing her
beautiful tits softly.

There's a LOT more where that came from Billy. Just give me THAT look
honey. You know why I mean? Yes, Aunt Pat. Hey, never mind that Aunt
shit. You're an adult now. OK. Let's get back to the crowd honey. Ok
Pat. We came out of the bathroom and were almost caught by her daughter walking into the kitchen to find her mother.

Both of us carried platters of snacks and beer out to the pool.

Dad stood up and helped take some of the cans before they fell. He saw
my smile as Pat walked awt from me. Nice stuff there Billy. OOOOHHH don;t
I know it dad. he saw me smile at her again and said....Oh no! YOU too? I
nodded. In the downstairs bathroom just now. No shit. She nailed me
upstairs in our bedroom when I was changing. She does a fine job huh? dad
laughed. Oh hell yes dad. She just put a smile on MY face for a while.

He laughed. I guess they're staying for the night and going back in the
morning. Uh Oh. dad. Uh Oh.

Well Billy, let's play this by ear. OK. I noticed Carol getting
awfully chummy with your cousin paul over there. Sure enough, she was way
over in the corner of the pool with him.

Lisa came out of the pool and came up to dad and me. She reached up and
gave dad a kiss and said hi.

Billy, I have a plan. Uh Oh billy, dad said. Nikki and I figured out
that he at least got a hard on with me and we could fuck. So....Billy?
Yeah hon.... I was thinking....What do you think about me staying with him
tonight and see if I can make him get a hard on? She would stay with you
over here? dad looked over at Nikki playing volley ball in the pool. Hey,
I would like to try that myself. Well, honey....Do you really want to?

I was thinking too, Billy, that maybe we could call you and I could tell
you how he's fucking me. remember you wanted to do that? Oh yeah, honey.
That would be fun. You could tell me what you're doing to her too.

Oh yeah. That really might be fun. Lets do it hon. Ok She beamed at
me. She gave me a kiss and went back in to pool to tell Nikki the deal was

mom walked up to dad and me and I told her.

Oh, by the way honey, I wrote down the name of that tit doctor for her.
I got it from Aneette. Annette wants to meet Nikki too, maybe they can
both go at the same time. Good mom. dad was now busy talking to my cousin

mom mentioned that she hoped thather and I could have spent the night
together. She seemed disappointed a little. I hugged her. Don't worr
mom. We'll figure something out. OK Honey.


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