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CAROL mom & ME 57

Carol and Jimmy seemed to be talking secretly in the corner of the pool
now. I knew damn well she was making some plan for them for tonight.

mom told me she planned on letting her sister stay with dad in their
room. It bothered me that it seemed mom would now end up alone.

Then it hit me. I called over to Carol, and motioned her to a corner of
the deck. I asked her what was up and she said the four of them wanted to
be together tonigh. Jimmy is dying to fuck Sandy. I'm dying to try to
fuck Paul. He's a fucking hunk. Isn't he Billy? as she stared over in
the pool at him. Look, tell Jimmy he can borrow mycar and you guys can
disappear. maybe go down to the Lake where we all fucked last week. Hey
good thinking Billy. Are you sure about the car? yeah hon. Oh Thanks
Billy. Billy? You know we haven't fucked in quite a while. I miss my
brother's big cock. We'll get to it hon, I promise. I reached and
caressed her tits in her bikini bra, as no one was watching us. OOOHHHH
Billy. make it soon hon. I will. I'm spending the night with Nikki there
in my room, and Lisa is going to their house to try to help Paul get a hard
on. carol didn't understand right away. He's got the same problem as dad
had hon. OOOOHHH. Now I undersatand. Nikki is as horny as hell.

Carol, Guess what? What Billy. Would you believe they are brother and
sisster. WHAT? She said loudly. Yeah, now shut up about it. Don;t say a
word to anyone, OK. OK Billy. I'll fill you in on all of it later. Its
really sad, carol. Believe me.

Ok Billy. Let me go tell Jimmy and the rest. Carol? Yes? Please make
him drive safe honey. I sure will Billy. I love you. I love you too
Billy. She dove in the pool and soon there were 4 excited faces.

I went over and told dad their plan.

Soon, I had another plan forming in my head. Especially if Lisa's phone
sex thing was going to happen.

I jumped in the pool and went over to her and Nikki. dan was near them.
I guess we're in for a little excitemtent Dan, I said. Well, this will be
my first time at something like this.

By the way, I set up a deal with your dad about a car for your sister.
Excellent, I said.

Now, I engineered for Lisa nd Nikki to talk with me alone. I wanted to
spend most of the night with Mom, but I needed to be with Nikki also, for
Lisa's plan to work. Lisa told nikk about the phone sex we were going to
do tonihgt when she was with Dan. Oh, that's intriguing.

Can I talk with him if he can get it up to fuck you? Sure, Nikki. I'll
put the phone in his ear. This just might be a lot of fun, Look, Nikki, We
can fuck and stuff, but I have an idea . If Lisa can get him hard and
fucks him, and then get him pretty excited again, why don't you make a move
real quick over there and join them right awa, while he has a hard on?
Then both of you can keepworking on him. naybe if he has some extra
encouragement from Lisa.....

Wow. Whay a thought. You know that just might work.

Billy, I'm dying to feel him cum in me once again. I love him so much.
I know you do.

Well? Lisa. Its a plan Billy. Its a plan. She smiled at Nikki now,
and they both looked over at Dan who was talking to mom and dad. Little
does that poor fuck know what we have in store for him Nikki...They both
laughed. I'll fuck him silly if you can keep him hard for me Lisa. I'll
do my best.

See you in a bit, hon, I said to Nikki. I went over and got mom to the
side and trold her the plan. She laughed at the phone sex part, and I said
that Lisa would surely get Dan to have a hard on and then Nikki would go
over there.

That's when she and I could be together. She planned on staying in
Carol's room, for the while. Don't be silly mom. Spend some time with dad
and your sister together first. Then by that time, it will almiost be time
for you and me.

mom looked over at her sister and dad talking now. Her sister was real
close to dad as they drank a beer. The kids were leaving the yard now, to
get in my car.

This will be great Billy. mom waited for the car to pull out of the
drive, and then said, let's have some fun now Billy. OK mom. Hey girls,
mom said a little louder....It TIT time. Hurray, Lisa laughed. This
thing's killing me. She stood in the pool and untied her top and threw it
up on the deck. Dan seemed shocked. C'mon Nikki. Take yours off. Its
OK. Really, watch his mom. She looked up and saw mom talking off her top
and then her sister.

Soon, all the women were topless.

Dad couldn't help but gawk at Nikki's huge tits.

Doesn't it feel nice girls? as mom was massaging her tits from the bra
marks. OH hell yes, they all said.

I looked and Aunt Pat's tits mow. Seeing them for the first time in the
light. They really were beautiful. Probably 34 C. I motioned for Nikki
to come up next to me. I told her that it would really turn my dad on to
let him at least touch her tits. She looked at me as if a bit scared. OH
he's fine Nikki. He's had his eyes on your tits since you came in.

OK Billy. What the hell. I'll feel kind of funny in front of your mom though. Don't worry hon. My mom is cool.

I brought her closer to mom and dad. Pat was sitting on a nearby lounge
now. His eyes were riveted to her tits and she blushed, Here they were.
Right in front of him now half naked. We talked some nonsens for a minute
and I winked at mom. Nikki? Yeah? Would you mind if my dad touched these
beauties. I myself hand my hands under them raising them up. No. I guess
its ok.

Here dad, Feel them now, before Annette and her have them made smaller.
Oh, you're going to do that ooperation Nikki? Yes ji, I have to. They
hurt, andI'm sick of not fitting in any nice clothes without looking like a

Oh, I never thought about that. feel how heavy they are dad, No shit.
He lifted his hands to htem and I dropped them. Holy shit! he said in
surprise. Like 5 pound bags of sugar. Thats EXACTLY what I said when she
first let me feel them. He was amazed at their weight. Dan was watching
from the pool with Lisa.

Nikki turned her back to him now, and smiled at me. Not feeling
embarrased any longer. She said, It's easier to feel them if you reach
from behind me. Dad reached around her and caressed her tits as mom smiled. Lisa was whisp[ering something into Dan's ear as he watched Dad
playing with his sister's tits.

Finally mom said. well guys. Its been a long day. What do you say
hon. Dad looked at her knowing what was going to happen nw. OK Honey. I
am a bit tired. I hope not TOO tired ....we all laughed.

mom took her sister's and dad's jhand and off they went to the house.

Lisa and dan came out of the pool and joing Nikki and me on a lounge.
Het tits looked so nice, with the moonlight and water speckles on them. I
leaned over and kissed her. We all had another beer and then Lisa said,
well, Big Guy, lets go do some serious damage on my hot pussy. We laughed
as I watched her almost dragging his hand out of the yard. Now. it was
just Nikki and me.

We sat on the lounge for a while, and I held her to my chest. We still
had our bottoms on. Well, lets go upstairs to my room, Nikki. Never can
tell when Lisa will be calling.Oh yeah, she smiled. This should be fun
Billy. She really seemed genuinely excited now.

She was impressed with the insides of our house as we walked over to go

I could faintly hear giggles from Mom's room as we got to the top of the

mom and dad are at it, I said. She smiled.

She stood at the foot of my bed and looked down at it. We'll make nice
love on this bed, I whispered in her ear standing behind her.

Oh Bill, I feel so happy about all this. I reached down and pulled off
my trunks now, and so did she. I turned her to me and kissed her. Her
tits pressing hard into my chest. She finally pulled back and sat on the
end of the bed. It was dark in the room, except for the moonlight.

Let me suck you for a minute Billy, before we really get started. OK?
Sure hon. I don't want to cum yet, OK? OK Bill.

She leaned forward and gently sucked my cock into her warm mouth. It
felt nice as she slowlywent up and down. I makes me feel nice too Bill, to
suck the cock that will be making in me soon. I enjoy this. Some girls don't, but I like to doit for my lover.

Her head went back down again and she sucked me into heaven. I pulled
away when I was getting gfar too excited.

We laid back on the pillows now on our sides running our hands over
eachother and kissing. Then.....the phone rang. Uh Oh, Here it goes hon.
Oh Bill, I'm getting wet already.....I laughed.

I picked up that phone and Lisa said honey? Yes babe. Oh Honey. Im in
dan's bed and he's between my legs eating me honey. OOOOOHHH Billy, he's
licking my cunt so nice. I laid thephone on the pillow so Nikki could hear
her. Is he sucking you clit? honey.....he's there nooooooowwww Oh Billy.
He's sucking my clit now......

Nikki was softly caressing my rock hard cock as we both listened.

OOOOHHH Billy, he's licking up and down my whole cunt now honey. OOOHHH
dan that feels so fucking good baby. Lick me ....OOOOHHH dan ...suck my
cunt baby...

Oh Billy he's eating me so fucking nice honey.....what is Nikki doing
honey? She streoking my cock so nice ly baby.....I have his cock in my
hands stroking him Lisa...I just sucked him real nice....OOOOHHH Billy
loves that Nikki...

Dan's sucking my cunt so ffffuuuuccckkkinnnngg OOOOHHH I can;t fucking
stand it. OOOOHH I'm fucking cumming Billy. I' fucking dummmmmiinnng in
his mouth....

he's malking me fucking cum so hard...ooooohh dan, you are so fucking
good////suck my cunt...ooooh suck my cunt.....He's sucking my big tits Lisa. He's nibbling them all over...OOOHHH it feels so fucking nice on my
tits. I loved sucking his cock Lisa.....he saved huis cum still...OOOOHHH
my nipples are so fucking hard you can hang a coat on them....ooooBill,
suck them, Bite them again.

His fingers are sliding in my cunt Dan. His cock is next to my leg now.
He wants to fuck me honey...OOOOHHH what is Lisa doing? She sucking my
cock honey....ooooohhgood baby. He's scuking my cunt now hon, we're both
being sucked baby. OOOOHHH Bill suck me....OOOHHH Dan, he's sucking my
fucking clit baby....OOOOH it feel so fucking nice....his ti=ongue is
sliding in my cunt hole honey....OOOHHH fuck me with that tongue
Bill....OOOOHHH she has my balls in her mouth Nikki, sje sucking them so
nice...OOOH Lisa I love that baby....Lisa's sucking my whole cock now
nikki....are you hard for her baby....OoooHHH Yes.. I'm real hard now
honey...She's sucking me real nice and biting up and down the unsder
part..oooo Lisa you;'re doin my cock sooo....OOOO Lisa.

is she sucking your hard cock nice baby...oh yes honey. I 'm going to
cum in her mouth sooonnnn oooooo fuck. It feels so fucking nice Nikki....
What is he doing to you Nikki....he sucking my fucking clit jhoney....he's
going to make me cum in him mouth baby...he's finger fucking me honey and
he's sucking my clit...ooooo Bill...

Ohhh I cummm lIsa.....OOOOHHH Billl here I cum....ooooh Bill
don;t stop sucking my cucnt baby....oooohh OOOOhh Lisa honey...suck my cock
baby.......I;'m cumming Nikki...I'm shooting in her mouth...oooooLisa.
oooo I'm shooting hard Nikki...

My cock is hard baby. It really is....OhLisa's gettingup on it now.
OOOO Lisa. OOOHHshe's going to fuck me Nikki. Her pussy is so wet on my
hard cock... Nikkin had alreadly cum now, and was listening along withme
to her brither starting to fuck Lisa.

I told her to run over there now. But what about YOU, hon? Don;'t
worry about me. grab my shirt there and here. Their Lisa's . I gave her
a pair of Lisa's shorts. She jumped into them and hurried them up her
hips. I said leave the phone off so I can hear all of yopu, OK. Oh
certainly Bill. Now hurry over there and get some of his hard cock. She
gave me a quick kiss and ran down the stairs and out the front door in the

I picked up the phone and Lisa was still fucking him, sitting on top.
Oh your cock is so fucking hard up in me. Fuck me with that hard fucking
cock Dan, Fuck the shit out of me...OOOOHHH Dan, your cock is so fucking
hard....oooooh I love it. fuck me. Fuck me...

OOOOO you feel so fucking good in my wet cunt....oooohh

Then I heard nikkin coming in the room.OOOOHHH Nikki, he;s fucking me so
fucking good ooooo I came twice, Nikki,,,,he's fucking the shit oout of Nikki get some of his gorgeous cock////Ohhh he's so fucking
hard...OOOO Dannn what a hard fucking cock....

I love you fukcing cock dan....

OOOOHH Fuck.....fuck Nikki too with this hard fucking cock dan. fuck
the shit out of her too so I can suck you cum....oooooH fuck the shit out
of Nikki.

Kiza quickly slid off dan's cock just like planned and Nikkin quickly
mounted him. OOOOHHH baby, my cucnt's so hot from Bill sucking tit ohhh
fuck me with this ahrd fucking cock she continued. Dan was still real hard
amd fucking up into Nikki hard. Lisa went behind them and played with his
balls as they fucked.....OOOOHHH dan your cock feels so fucking good in my
cunt baby.

Dan was moaning loudly as I listened. Oh Nikki your pussy is so fucking
hot on my cock baby....I think I'm going to cum again...oooo Nikki I love
you so much...OOOO her I cum into you honey.....OOOHHH fuck me Danny. Fuck
my cunt hard baby......OOOOHHH Lisa was still caresing his balls as their
excitement rose. Shoot that wondewrful cum in my cunt danny...shoot it
baby....ooohhh mycunt loves that hard cock of your baby...fuck....shoot in
me honey. he stiffend and arched his back off the bed up into Nikki now,
and shot hard up intoher. He moaned very loud as she urged hom to shoot
his cum into her....

OOOO baby...I feel your hard cock shooting into my burning
cunt....OOOOHH fuck the shit out of me baby. Lisa let go of his balls and
came up next to him and whispered how nice his hard cock made her
cum...make her cum Danny fuck the shit out of her like you did to me...he
was arched high as Nikki fucked up and down rapidly his cock.

Finally, after long minutes they collapsed on each other. I heard them
all breathing and gasping for a long while.

That was an excellent fuck Dan/ Wow, nikki, he fucked the shit out of
bioth of us. Wow, your fucker dan, you're a hell of a fucking stud. I
want to suck his cock again, Lisa said. Oh please lisa, let me catch my
breath a minute hon. OK. One minute and I want that hard fucking cock in
my mouth....

Success. Lisa did it. I was happy. I checked in Carol's room and it
was empty. I knew that they were all still in mom's room then.

I took a quick piss and just by chance, mom was coming out of her room.
Oh Billy. It was so nice honey. Come in and tell me mom. Is
Hurry, come listen with me. mom was naked adn we laid ion the bed with the
phone between us. Now Lisa was saying, you suck his big fucking ball
Nikk...I want to cuik this bi fucking cock...Yeah, I want this big fucking
cocm in my mouth. Ok Lisa. I love his big balls....Suck slurp. suck,
then OOOOHHHH his cock is so fucking hard Nikki, he's going to fucking
choke me. mom smiled as she heard Lisa talking.

They did it mom. Its the firs time he's been able to fuck Nikki in
months. Lisa pulled it off mom. here Lisa said, you suck his hard fucking
cock for a while. I'll suck thosd big fucking balls....Oh yeah Big boy, I
feel a lot of cum in these big fucking balls, and we could hear her loudly
sucking them for his benefit.

OOOHH baby, I love sucking you big hard cock...Nikki made slurping
noises... I leaned over and caressed mom's tits as we listened for a while
longer. Did you fuck her whwn she was here. No. Didn't get the chance. I
ate her while Lisa was sucking hima nd they were talking abck and forth
about cumming at the same time with Lisa sucking him, and me eating her.
It worked our great mom. Is Lisa coming back here tonight? I'm not sure.

I leaned over her and had a raging hard cock now. Listening to them
sucking and fucking, om and me kissed and I got on top of her. Oh Billy,
your dad just sucked me sonice. Pat was sucking him at the same time.

Oh Honey it was so hot with mys sister in there.

He's fucking the hell out of her now. I whispered to him that I was
going to stay with you.

I lifted up and mom placed my cock into her pussy. I love you mom.
Here we go. her arms reached to pull me toher tits and Islid in hard. Oh
mom. Her hips rotated with my cock buried deep in her. Oh, I've wanted
this alll day Billy.

I almost grabbed you out of the fucking pool honey.

We fucked eachother nice and slow for quite q while. Let me suck your
cum aby. When your ready, let me suck it out ouf you... Oh mom, you're so
damn hot. Soon, her cums xcame quickly, Several long orgasms in a row. My
cock was ready to shoot and I pulled up kneeling now. mom quickly bent
down and slipped my cock in her mouth and sucked me as I started shooting.
her fingers, as always, caressing my balls softly as I was cumming deep in
her mouth.

We laid facing each other again withmy arm around her and hers around my

Oh mom, I felt it again, I felt that certain thing again, when I was in
you. I did too baby. Especially during my second cum. Did you feel me
cumming? Yes. Especially during that second one. That special thing was
happening inside again. It was wonderful Billy. Mom, its as if there is
that extra little hand in there squeezing my cock and caressing it along
with the rest of your pussy. I can feel pure love when I'm in you mom.

Mom, when I came, I saw blinding flashes. I'm serious. It felt like
and electric shocjk was going from somewhere deep in your pussy right into
my cock and all the way through my entire body mom. It was so intense, it
almost scared me. I felt something like that when I wa cumming too, honey.
It felt like my woman's organs, my uterus and things were on fire. my bell
as on fire, the second I felt your cum shooting baby. I have never felt
that with your dad, as good as we have made love. Nothing even close to
that has ever happened hney. Yes. There MUST be a special magic between
us. I can't explain the things that happen when you are in me, Billy. mom raised up over me now, her tits gently laying on my chest. She leaned down
and kissed me with a soft passion, that seemed like none before. I hugged
her to me and we kissed like this for a long time.

We held each other close for a long time.

I kissed her as a lover. She gently stroked my cock with no demands, as
we now laid close together on our backs.


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