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CAROL, mom & ME 58

We had been laying on our backs thinking to ourselves for some time.
Mom's hand still gently caressing my cock and groin almost without
realizing it.

The gentle touch I remember from her as a very young boy on her lap.
Being rocked to sleep.

Now, this same loving mother was my lover also.

Now, both of us were desperately trying to understand the special
feeling of magic we felt.

I slid my arm under the back of her neck and pulled her head to my

I felt wetness on my chest now, and realized that mom had been weeping
silently. I raised her head to my face, and then saw her tears.

Oh Billy, I love you so much honey. This special feeling has me feeling
something so deep in me. So very elusive honey. I'm so afraid that
something will happen and it will suddenly stop, honey.

No Mom. Please. Stop thinking like that. I am here. I will ALWAYS be
here. Lisa has already said it is perfectly OK. Especially since the
whole family is also involved. Dad doesn't mind. Oh Honey. Her arms went
around me and she hugged me. Her head buried into my chest. Her tits squished into my side.

Mom. Yes hon. I would really like to lick you.

From me to you mom.

Would you honey? Yes. c'mon. Straddle me mom. Let me move over for
some room, and straddle me. Would you like me to do you at the same time

No mom. I came nice in you a while ago. Let it build up for one more
time later. OK honey. She leaned down with her tits hanging on my chest
and kissed me deeply once more.

This is our special love mom.

She straddled my face and got comfortable. I smelled her womanhood an
inch from my face now. Her ass on my chest lightly. My mother. My own
birth giving mother has her whole naked body on my chest. Her most private
womanhood parts wide open for my mouth.

I raised my head and she automatically pushed another pillow under my
head. Now, I was at a perfect angle and height to eat and suck my mother.

My hands went to her ass and hips as my mouth licked and chewed her
pretty trimmed bush. I spent time there in her whole groin. Kissing,
chewing, and loving my mother. Finally, I lifted her body higher so that
her pussy was directly over my mouth. Her hands went to the headboard for

Yes! I sucked my mother with all my love this night. Her clit and
every other part of her womanhood available to my mouth. I drank my
mother's juices as I forced her into cum after cum after cum. I reached
above me and caressed her loving and beautiful tits as they hung over me.

I sucked her, I licked her. I ate my mother.

Somehwere through this magical love world we shared, someone had come in
without the required knock.

Someone had come to the foot of the bed and got between my legs and
started to softly suck my cock, as I was still sucking my wonderful mother.

I didn't care who it was. I was in oblivion, in the world of my
mother's thighs covering my head and face.

My mouth busy drinking all of her offerings.

I felt my cock being sucked so softly now. Bringing me to a wonderful
explosion, in my supreme peacefulness at the womanhood of my mother. My
mother's successive orgasms into my sucking mouth more important than my
cumming with the wonderful sucking someone was doing on my hard cock far
below me.

My mother's urgent humping into My offering of oral love to her, were
far more important than who or why someone was sucking my cock at this same
time. More important than who was accepting all my exploding cum into
their sucking warm mouth.

My mother's cum going into mine.

I felt my mother's body start to ease the tenseness from which I had
taken her to. I felt her finally relax back onto my chest. I felt the
mouth still holding my cock as I finished spurting the last of my malehood.
I felt the mouth withdraw now, as my once engorged cock softened. mom had
now moved off of me and I saw her sister there. Her sister that invaded
our love. mom had then laid next to me, as once before and laid her arm
over me. Still not realizing that her sister was standing there at the
foot of the bed, At the foot of the same bed from which she rose after
sucking me.

After watching me eat my mother. Her sister, joining our private love.

I realized becauswe of mom's attention to kissing me, and running her
hand over my chest that she still had not seen her sister there. It was
dark. Very dark in our world.

Mom, I finally said. What honey? mom we have company. Who? Then mom turned her head and adjusted her eyes. Oh My God, Patti? How long have
you been here? Long enough to give you son a nice blowjob, anyway.


Yes, sis. While you were in your third big O, I was suckimg him into
his first, at the very same time.

Oh my God Patti. I didn't want you to .... Its OK Jean. I understand

Paul and me are the same too. What??? Yes, Jean. We do it too.

That was really nice Billy. You really have style kid.

Did you like my blowjob? Yes, Patti. It was wonderful. I at first
thought it was Lisa. Where is SHE? Across the street with our friends
having a drink.

Jim is sleeping soundly now, Jean. I think very soundly. He's a good
lover. We went at it for well over an hour.

She sat on the end of the bed now. mom was silent. I felt a certain
stiffness in her body as she laid half on me.

Yes. His cock is almost identical to Jim's, as she reached to softly
stroke it. Mom's eyes following her hand. This has been a nice night for
me and the kids, Jean. Thank you.

Yes. I have been doing Paul for about a year now. I caught him as
usual, jerking off several times and finally went in one night and it

You know? One thing led to another.

He's still kind of clumsy at eating me though. His cock is nowhere near
as big as this beauty or Jim's though. He was fated with his rotten
father's size.

Her hand still caressing my cock in front of mom's watchful eyes. She
was getting it hard again and mom saw it. It was firm and standing almost
straight up now.

Can I Jean? Is it OK if I get on this beautiful cock and get off?

mom raised her head looking down at me. Her expression was instantly
transferred to me. Our minute, our time, had been stolen.

I guess its Ok Patti. mom moved off me now, and laid a little further
to my side. Thank you Jean. Well Billy. I hope you will enjoy me.

Patti moved up on the bed and straddled me. She leaned down now, and
kissed me softly. Then she leaned back straight and lowered her pussy down
on me. OOOOHHHH She said softly as her pussy filled with my cock. Before
today, it has been so long. So very long since I've had a good cock in me.
Pauly tries, but he's just too small.

She sat on it a few moments, and softly said, you feel so nice in me
Billy. So very nice hon. I could feel her pussy tightening and it was
nice. Quite similar to moms pussy but still, large differences.

She started to move back and forth and slide her pussy on me. OOOHHH

He feels really nice Jean. She pulled my hands to her tits now, and we
both played with them as she got into fucking up and down on my cock. mom was quiet. I could sense her looking at me being fucked by her sister.
Her sister that came into OUR world uninvited.

Taking her son's seed. Soon, Patti had my cock excited and ready to

I started to really hump up into her now and shot hard. Her pussy seemed much smaller than mom now, as it milked me softly of my juices.

I felt her juices flowing liberally down my cock and into my groin as
she moaned. Both our hands squeezing her tits hard. Her cum was hard
also. Her moaning louder. She shook violently as she came and for several
minutes fucked me rapidly up and down. Finally collapsing on my chest now.
Breathing heavily on me. I held her.

Finally she rose off me and stood by the bed looking down at us. That
was wonderful Billy. Thank you. Thank you too, Patti. Are you coming
back into the bed with Jim, Jean? No. I'm staying here with Billy the
rest of the night. Jim knows that.

You go with Jim. He'll be looking for you in a while. You mean???
Yes. He will wake and want you again.

OK. I guess I'll see both of you in the morning then. Yes, Patti.
Good night. Make good love with him Patti. I will, Jean. I will. She
was standing with the moonlight on her beautiful body now. Her long blond hair glistening. Her gorgeous tits heaving in the silver light. She truly
was a well built beauty. I thought of Sharon Stone immediately, looking at

Well good night you two. Billy? Yeah Patti? Thank you honey.

mom waited a few minutes after she left. She got out of the bed and
went into the bathroom. Several minutes later she came in smelling of a
fresh dose of her pretty perfume and a warm sudsy washcloth. She sat on my
thighs and washed my chest and then moved and completely cleaned my cock
and balls.

She threw the washcloth in the corner behind the door as if in disgust.
She leaned over me nw, and kissed me tenderly. Her arms at my sides and
her tits on my chest.

DAMN HER, She finally said. She stole our precious moment, Billy. Its
my fault for not telling her ahead of time. I should have told her of our

Its OK mom. She just didn't know. She seems to be kind of lonely.

I know she is honey. That's why I visit her as often as I can. I held
mom to me as we said a million words without speaking.

We drifted off to sleep with mom's head and tit on my chest.

It was just after dawn when I awoke. mom almost in the same position on
my chest.

I felt the softness and wonder of her tits pressed into my side and

Her golden hair just below my chin.

She smelled nice. I could feel her softly breathing. My arm went
around her, and I felt tears well up in my eyes as I felt this wonderful
closeness between us.

I felt like I could stay like this forever.

I hear your heart beating honey. mom was awake now. I can remember
hearing your little heart as the doctor put the stethascope on my belly
too. Her hands slowly started to caress up and down my right side now. Her
head still on my chest just below my chin.

Now, she slowly moved so that she was laying on me and her pussy laying
right above my softened cock.

She looked up to me with her chin in her crossed arms on my chest. My
hands were stroking her hair softly.

I studied her womanly beauty, as I looked down at her.

I gently pulled her up to me and kissed her. We rolled over and she
quickly put my half hard cock into her and fucked up hard into me. No
words. Just loving stares into each other's eyes.

Slowly closing of eyelids in feelings of pleasure. Her familiar wetness
surrounding my hardened cock. The familiar gentle caressing and squeezing
of my cock deep inside her.

And THAT feeling once again. THAT feeling between us, now taking both
of us over.

Her pussy wetly and warmly opening and closing as if begging. As if
hungrily searching for its desperate needs around my cock. The wonderful
sucking it was doing around my entire cock. Welcome. Come in me. Mom's
arms around my neck, her tits wildly flopping up and down as she enjoyed
her pleasure.

Her soft throaty moans. The absolute complete surrender of each of us
to the other.

Her extra attempts to gain even more when my cock began its ritual of
exploding now, deep inside her womanhood.

Our final kiss of this particcular mating. Feeling the mixture of the
emitted juices of both our orgasms.

The automatic and involuntary grippings, and suckings of her pussy in
trying to do its intended duty. A duty of obtaining as much of my male
seed into its magical world, deep within her.

A woman's sex, doing its sexual job, perfectly.

The wonders of the beautiful shared afterglow.

This just completed sex always feeling even better than the last good

BUT....the overpowering electricity. The eminent jolt of shooting from
her most inner self, through my cock and into my entire being. We are one.
Complete and entire. mother and son are as in one body once again.

The complete and entire union of our bodies and souls, and minds.

Far, far and above the simple act of our sex.

mom laid at my side. Once again, both of us on our backs. Both of us
now savoring this wondeful union of our special love.

A knock now, on my bedroom door. Then a slow opening.

The other equally important love in my life, Lisa.

Hello honey! Hi sweetheart. Come on in.

Seeing mom and I naked now, my cock still glistening with our juices.

Looks like you two just finished? Equal nods from mom and me.

Lisa stood at the foot of the bed smiling at us.

Oh well. She pulled off her T shirt and slipped off her shorts and
panties. Moving between mom and I and also laying on her back. Her arms
ourstretched to hold both mom and I to her.

Silence. Each of us three, each thinking of nice things.

I just had a nice swim in their pool, Lisa finally said. It felt nice
to get that sweat off me.

They're going at it again Billy. I think they might be OK now.

Billy told me what you did honey. Oh. Yes. We were both listening
here on the phone. Billy put it here on the pillow and we were listening.
You were really hot honey. You even had MY pussy wet, as I listened. Lisa

I was thinking of Billy all that time. I was stroking his cock all that
time honey. It was hot for both of us here, too.

Oh, Jean, I got him so fucking hard. There I was, laying between his
hairy legs and jerking him. He wasn't doing much until I started talking
real dirty to him. Then it started to work. Holy shit. Did it start to

You know how I love your nice big cock Billy? Well Dan finally had his
cock hard and then I sucked the shit out of it. I was so fucking excited
honey. I got him hard.

Oh it was so fucking exciting Billy. I sucked the shit out of it and
kept telling him how much I wanted his big fat cock in my wet pussy. The
more I kept saying it, it seemed he kept getting harder.

Nikki was listening honey. Oh Billy. It was way fucking cool.

I was hoping that she would get there quick, like we planned. She timed
it just perfect Billy. I was sucking and then started to fuck him. Then
she came in and got on him real quick like. Oh it was great Billy. You
should have seen her face when she was sliding her pussy down on his fat
hard on.

I was playing with his balls as they were fucking then.

Then they were both cumming real good. Did you hear them screaming? Oh
yes honey, mom was smiling. Well, just as she was pulling off his cock, I
slid up and started to suck him right away.

Then I told Nikki to get down there and join me. I asked her if she
wanted his balls or his fat cock. I sucked his balls while she sucked his
cock, then we kept switching and she sucked him as he was shooting. Oh,
Billy, she was so fucking happy. He was as hard as a rock. I laid there
then and watched them fuck and finally dozed off. It was so fucking nice
Billy. I'm glad we did that.

The three of us were laying tightly together on the bed. mom had
reached over Lisa and was stroking my cock as she listened to her funny

mom was getting me hard for Lisa.

Lisa seemed to still be across the street in her mind, remembering.

I leaned over and kissed her nipples and licked over her tits, as mom still stroked me. Mom's soft caresses did their magic and I was once again
hard. mom moved over now, knowing Lisa would need room to spread her legs
for me. I rolled over on top of Lisa now, and she came back to the
present. Her arms went around me as I readied my cock for her pussy.

mom was kneeling now, and reached behind me and grabbed my cock softly.
One hand spread Lisa's oussy lips and the other guided my cock lovingly
into her as we kissed.

mom watched us intently as Lisa and I shared our deep love.

She watched us still, as we went through the stages of our sex. Of our
explosions, and shared in their excitement. Shared her son's love with his
intended. She watched as her son made love and once again imparted his
seed into the other woman of his life.

Mom's mouth lowering to my softening cock to suck and lick and clean it
of the residue of my just completed union. Her adoring eyes looking up
into the eyes of the two responsible lovers, as she did so.

mom once again laid next to Lisa as we came down from our cum.

Jean? Lisa said. Yes hon? That was really nice what you just did to
Billy. Thank you hon.

Jean? Listen, Lisa. Please call me mom, OK? Oh that would be so nice.
Oh. That really would be nice.

Jean, when we get married, Billy and me are going to have a big ass
place. Yeah. We're going to have at least two big ass bedrooms. mom was
laughing. I know how much Billy and you love each other too. It doesn't
bother me. When you come to see us you can sleep with us too, or in that
other big ass bedroom if you want. mom was still laughing loud. Mom? Yes
hon? I told Billy its neat to see both of you making love. It turns me
on. You guys do it nice too. Thank you honey. Yeah, my Billy is one good
fuck isn't he mom?

mom smiled again, Yes he is honey. Yes he certainly is.

Mom? I told Billy that I still hoped I could do my father. I love him
so much, you know. I don't ever want that to stop either. Billy, my honey
here, said that's OK too. So my dad can stay in the other big ass bedroom
once in a while too. Maybe you and him again too mom?

mom was smiling broadly at Lisa.

He'll probably want to make out with my mom in the meantime anyway, in
our big ass bedroom.

Mom? Yes honey. We were thinking? What do you think our kids will
look like?

Oh I don't know. Probably the boy will take after Billy, and your
little girl after you. Oh, you really think so? Yes. Look at Billy and
his dad, and Carol and me. You and your mom, and Jimmy and your dad.
Yeah. I guess you're right mom.

I was caressing Lisa's tits and stomach softly as she spoke. We have to
get a big ass refrigerator for all the food for our parties too, Billy.

Oh Lisa stop it. You're making my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.
Mom said.

I love to make love with my Billy.

How did you and your dad start honey? mom asked.

Oh, I remember that real well.

There I was on my bed one evening. I had these pictures from a mag from
a girl at school. They were guys with HUGE cocks and I was really into
looking at them. This was way before Billy. So there I was looking at
these huge cocks and wishing I could feel them. I was so fucking hot. I
jambed my fingers in my wet pussy and was really fingering myself. I was
moaning all over the fucking place. Then there I was, just ready to get
off, and....

Knock, knock. Fuck, Mom! The door opened and there was dad. Fuck.
Just as I was about to cum. There I was. My legs spead so wide a truck
coud drive through. mom was laughing hard now, listening to her.

So was I.

Wait. It gets better mom.

Dad sees me with half my hand jambed up inside and said, Oh My God,
honey. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

I just needed some typing paper or computer paper for a report I'm
working on for tommorrow's meeting. I'm sorry honey.

Oh, daddy, Its OK. My legs were still spread so fucking wide mom. Dad
was looking at it now. I could feel my whole pussy wet now.

He came over and smiled real nice. He said Its OK, honey. Everyone
does this. Mommy, me, and probably Jimmy too. Its normal honey. Oh daddy
I'm so embarrassed. Don't be honey. Then daddy saw the pictures of the
guys with those huge cocks. Oh honey, where did you get these?

From a girl at school, daddy. Oh honey. Most men don't look anything
like this. I never saw a real one daddy. Just the pictures the girls have
at school. Oh honey, he said. You'll have all the time in the world for

He was turning to leave. I said daddy? Yes honey? Please come here a
minute. He walked over to the side of the bed, my pussy was still spread
cuz I forgot about it. mom was still laughing at her story.

Yes, Honey? Daddy would please let me see it? See what honey. YOURS
daddy. Please. Oh, honey. I shouldn't do something like that. Please
daddy. Its OK. I just want to see a real one.

Please. Most of the girls at school all brag because they see their
boyfriends and stuff all the time.

Please daddy, just let me see it. I reached for his zipper and pulled
it down. He kept saying that we shouldn't. Then I reached in mom, and
wow. I felt this big ass cock in there. mom was roaring. So then dad was
moaning a little and I thought I hurt him. Did I hurt you daddy? Oh no
honey. Just the opposite. Oh. I finally pulled out his big ass cock.
Oh. Billy. Oh Mom. My mouth was watering. It was soooo big and loooong.
OOOHH. I had trouble getting my mitt all around it, so I used two hands
and held it near my face. Oh. It was so nice to hold his cock. It was
really getting hard. Wow. My first real cock. So I started to play with
it and stuff. Dad kept moaning. Finally he asked me to stop or he
would.....What daddy, Cum?

Yes honey. It will. OH Daddy, please let me see that? Please. We
hear about it in school all the time. I never really seen that. Please

Well let me lay down honey. OK daddy. I sat next to him and I played
with his big ass cock. Oh Billy. I was so wet. Then he was moaning all
the time. He showed me what to do to his cock. It was so fucking cool

Then he started to jump all over the fucking place. He started to shoot
his cum. I was running my hand up and down his huge cock and it was
shooting this white stuff up in the fucking air. Wow. Mom. It was so
cool. Finally he stood up and he was going to put that beautiful cock
away. He looked real embarrased. He took some of my kleenex and cleaned up
the cum all over the place. He was going to leave. I said daddy? He
turned now, and I said would you PLEASE do me? Please daddy. I was ALMOST
there, when you came in daddy. I'm so wet daddy. Look. I knelt on the
bed and showed him my pussy again. Oh honey, I shouldn't be doing things
like that. Oh hell, daddy. I don't care. Please daddy. Please help get
me off. Its so hard by myself with my hands.

Dad said, well, since it was his fault for interrupting me, maybe I
will. Oh great daddy. Great. I laid down and spread my legs real wide
again, mom. Daddy sat there on the side of the bed and put his hand real
soft on my whole pussy, like this. Showing us on her pussy now.

OOOHHH It was so nice. I'll get you off like I do mommy, OK Honey.
Just this once. Oh, Great daddy. Please. Mom. he worked his big ass
hands on my pussy so nice. I came, and came. Oh I was moaning all over
the place. When he did my clit, I was almost screaming. Oh Billy, I came
good baby. His hands really felt so fucking nice.

OOOOH I can still remember it. My hand went to her pussy and stroked
her as she told her story. She was really wet again.

mom was still laughing, on her other side.

Finally, after I came so many times, I just collapsed on the bed, and
daddy just rubbed my pussy real slow for a while.

Oh daddy, that was so nice. So nice. Thank you daddy. Thank you. Its
OK honey. I hope you feel better now. I know how it can be. Oh daddy,
Thank you so much.

He got up and was going to leave. Daddy? Yes honey? Can we please do
this again? Please? Until I get a boyfriend daddy? We shouldn't honey.
Its wrong. Oh the hell with that daddy. We'll see honey. We'll see. Oh
great daddy.

Well, then mom, a couple days later, there I was with my pictures laying
on the bed. I looked at my footboard on the bed and thought GREAT. So,
mom. There I was, I put my pussy over the round rail and slid back and
forth. Oh. It felt so good on my pussy looking at those huge big ass
cocks in the pictures. mom was roaring again. I was humping the rail like
hell. I was moaning and shit. I had my eyes closed and almost getting off
real good. The damn door opened and there was daddy. Oh honey stop that.
He scared the shit out of me and ruined my cum again. But daddy. He kept
saying that I would hurt meself badly doing that on the foot board. It
will hurt your tender inner stuff honey. Use your hand. Please daddy, do
me again, like you the other night? Please daddy. I was almost there
daddy. Almost..... He looked at me with pity now, mom. He told me to lay
down and he sat there and did me again with his hand. This time I jerked
him at the same time. It was so nice. Oh so nice mom.

After a few more times, I begged him to put it in, so I could feel like
mom, and all the big mouth girls at school. It really took a lot of
bullshit to make him finally make love to me. He took my cherry, Billy.
It was so nice. He was so very tender. Then, a couple days later mom came
in my room and said that her and dad were talking. He told her about me
and stuff. She wasn't mad or like that.

She said that she understood what I was feeling, and then whipped out
this vibrator and gave it to me. It was her old one. Then believe this.
She showed me how to use it. She had her new one, and then we both laid on
my bed and we both got off with our vibrators. It was so fucking neat
Billy. Both of us rolling all over the fucking place cumming with that big
fat vibe in my pussy. After that, mom and me used to do it together a lot
when I came home from school all horny and stuff. I call my vibe Phil,
because it fills me so nice.

mom laughed. I call mine JJ, honey. JJ? Yes. Jim Junior. Oh that's
way cool mom.

mom had leaned over and was lovingly stroking my cock as Lisa told more
of her story.

Mom? she said. How would you like to help me give Billy an nice double

Oh, I'd really like that honey. All three of us can share that. OK
Lisa. Lets do him. I'll start with his big cock mom. You can take his
balls and stuff, OK? Yeah, I love feeling and tasting his balls im my

OK. We can switch a lot too, mom. Ok honey, mom smiled. Shaking her
head in being amazed by Lisa.

The two women then proceeded to give me a wonderful and loving cum. It
was mom who first got my spurts, and then quickly shared the rest with
Lisa, as I came.


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