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CAROL, mom & ME 59

I was still rather early in the morning as the three of us laid there. I
wonder if your dad and ny sister Patti are up yet? mom said. Let's see, I
said and turned on the monitor. Oh, I forgot all about that Billy. It
came on and we could see Patti laying sideways across dad's thighs. Only
part of her face showing. We could see that she had dad's balls in her
mouth and was sucking on them, while softly stroking his cock.

Dad was moving his head slowly from side to side.

Oh, she's at it with him, mom said. I was going to try to get a little
myself before we all left today, but.....Oh well.

What do you say we put some clothes on for a change and go down and make
breakfast? mom said.

OK. Good idea. I'm hungry too.

Lisa and I got dressed and it dawned on mom that her clothes were all in
her room.

Damn! I have to go in there now. Think I should join them for a

Well, we'll wait her to see what happens for a few minutes. OK, her
goes mom said. She walked out and we could see her knock and then go into
her room. They looked up at her smiling. After a few seconds, Patti
offered mom some of dad's cock that she was sucking.

mom looked down and seemed to be thinking. She looked quickly toward
the camera knowing Lisa and I were watching. She smiled and must have
thought, what the hell.

mom knelt to one side of dad as her sister held dad's cock up for her.
Mom leaned down and sucked dad into her mouth as Patti stroked him into her
mouth. Dad's hips were rising up off the bed as mom sucked him.

Patti seemed to increase her speed on stroking and it appeared that dad
was about to cum. mom moved Patti's hand now, and went all the way down on
dad's cock and sucked him as he came. Again, as she always did, she held
him in her mouth and sucked him softly until his cum was complete. She
raised her head and softly stroked his cock as as she looked down at him
smiling. She must have been saying good morning.

Then she rose from the bed and was saying something and then smiled at
the camera with a wink. mom was looking for outfits to pack and wear.

I turned off the monitor and Lisa and I went down to the kitchen to get
breakfast ready.

I heard the car in the drive now. It was all the younger kids coming
back. They came in and each helped with making breakfast. They said they
would take theirs out to the pool and eat.

Hi Billy, my cousin Sandy said. She looked so pretty in her white
shorts and a flowery tight blouse. I fully planned on fucking her before
they went home.

Patti came down shortly and told them they were stayiong the rest of the
weekend. It made all 4 younger kids really happy.

I wanted to talk with Carol, as soon as I got a chance.

Patti was wearing a pair of tight white shorts also. Her blouse was
also tight against her beautiful tits. She leaned over and gave me a kiss.
Seem's we all had a very nice night? Oh yes, Patti.

Now mom and dad came in the kitchen. Both seeming happy.

Good morning Lisa, Billy. Dad said. Hi dad.

We all ate, and then the girls were doing the dishes. Dad and me went
outside for a while and loaded some of the stuff they might need for their
trip. Just as we finsihed, Jack and Annette pulled in the drive. We went
back into the house and they greeted Lisa and all.

Lisa went to hug her father with excitement.

I noticed her pressing her tits into his chest, as she looked up to him

Everyone was talking now, and excited about taking the trip,

I noticed Lisa edging her dad out of the kitchen and knew she wanted him
alone. Her mom caught on also.

After a while, I knew she took him upstairs and probably fucked him in
my room.

Carol came in and pulled me by the hand. Billy come here honey. I want
to tell you a secret.

Carol quickly pulled me upstairs also and into her room. Oh, Billy. We
all fucked all night long at the Lake. It was great. Jimmy fucked her and
I fucked Paul.

He's got a small cock though. Its such a shame, because he's so good

Billy, how about a quick fuck with your big cock?

OK honey. I'm horny thinking of Lisa being in my room probably sucking her father off right this minute.

She is? Yeah.

Carol quickly had her top and shorts off and reached to caress my cock.
Oh its been a while Billy. I missed you. Let me suck you a minute. This
time, she got on her knees and stroked me real nice and then lowered her
mouth to my hard cock.

Her tits pressed into my thighs as she sucke me.

Feel nice Billy? Oh yeah hon.

After a few minutes she rose and laid on the bed with her legs almost
hanging over. I leaned toward her and she guided me into her quickly.
OOOOOHHHH Billy. I love your big cock. Lets fuck good Billy. Fuck me

It felt nice to be inside Carol once again. We fucked each other real
nice and we both came at almost the same time.

Oh Billy that was good hon. You were too.

You're staying here with Jimmy now aren't you? Well since his mom and
dad are leaving with mom, we thought we would all go to his house and you
Lisa and Patti would be here?

Well....I was hoping to try to fuck Sandy, just once. She's really hot.
OK. She mentioned YOU last night too, when we were all fucking. Oh yeah?

We'll figure somwthing out hon.

I want you to get next to the neighbors across the street. But that can
wait for a while.

OK Billy. She stood up and I caressed her tits softly and then kissed
her. I moved my hand down as she did and we caressed each other's crotch
as we kissed.

OK, Billy. This was nice, I really did miss this.

later hon.

Lisa and her father were already back downstairs by the time Carol and
me went down.

Lisa came to me in the parlor and said that she needed to go home with
the other kids for a little while. She told me that her brother was going
crazy missing her and wanted to fuck her desperately. I know. I was just
upstairs awith Carol, telling me the same thing. Did you? Yes. The same
time you were doing your dad. Oh Billy, I only sucked him this time, but
it was nice.

Listen honey, Jimmy and me will be done fucking about 6. I'll take a
quick bath, change clothes and then you can come and get me OK?

I've missed not being around Jimmy too. I know. Her mom came in and
gave me a kiss. We'll be leaving soon. I didn't want to leave without a
kiss and maybe a little touch here. She leaned to kiss me again and
caressed my balls in my shorts.

Keep these on ice for me till we get back, she laughed. Like hell I
will, I laughed back.

Sure hon.

Soon, the 4 of them were leaving and soon followed by Lisa and the kids,
to her house.

Now, it was just Patti and I. or so I thought. Her and I were out on
the deck having a cup of coffee. Well, it looks like its just you and me
Billy Boy.

No, mom. Said Sandy walking out on the deck now. Well, honey, I
thought you were going with the rest? No, I wanted to stay here a while.
Lisa said Billy was going over to pick her up about six! I thought he
could drop me off there when he goes? Sure Sandy.

She dove in the pool and swam around for a while. She was as pretty as
her mother. She kept taking quick glances my way and I was sure she was
wanting to fuck.

I'm not sure if your mom is mad at me for sucking you last night, Patty
said. I mean especially while you were eating he so nicely.

Jeez, Billy. I would love for you to do that to me. Like mom? Yeah.
Well sure Patti. I owe you for that nice bj anyway. I heard that Billy,
Sandy said.

Uh Oh, I said to Patti. Looks like I'm in trouble. Not if I can do you
while you're doing mom? My jaw dropped as she smiled so innocently at us.
I looked at Patti. She wants you bad Billy. That's why she stayed behind.
Well, is it OK with you? Sure Billy. You'll probably enjoy her too.

OK. Maybe it will be fun. When, Sandy asked? At least let us finish
our coffee, brat. Patti said to her smilling. Now she stood in the pool
and took off her top.

Wow. I was impressed by her full tits with their pretty red nipples.
OOOOHHHH They're nice, Sandy. really. That made her push her chest out
even further than she really needed to. I guessed at least 34 B. You've
really grown since I saw you last.

Her perky nipples were really inviting. Now she swam closer to my side
of the pool and was almost directly in front of me. She looked at her
mother sitting next to me, and then in a quick movement, undid her bottoms
and threw them up on the deck, As if making a statement.

Well, Billy, I guess my daughter means business. Patti reached over and
put her hand over my cock in my shorts. You should'nt be needing these
will you Billy? Her hand caressing my cock into semi hardness now.

She stood and then pulled me up with her. She stared at me as she
reached behind and undid her top, and let her tits drop free. Absolutely
gorgeous. She smiled seductively as she reached down while still looking
at me and also pulled her shorts off. Now, Sandy had gotten out of the
pool and was standing at my side. Both of them then reached for my shorts
and took them off. Wow, Sandy said. You weren't kidding mom!

Its big, Billy. Her hand boldly reaching to hold my cock and she
stroked it lightly.

Oh mom, now I know what you mean. I looked at her now, her body
somewhat smaller but almost identical to her mom's. She was still stroking
it as Patti came forward and asked me to lay on an air mattress behind me.

Let my daughter feast on you Billy. You're really turning her on. I
knelt down and casually kissed Sandy's blond pussy hair as a tease for what
I Intended to come. OOOHHH Sandy. I guess he has plans. Now I laid on my
back at her urgings. Both girls knelt on both sides of me and Sandy went
back to stroking my cock. Sandy is impressed with your nice manhood Billy.
Let her play, OK. Sure Patti. Patti the moved to straddle my chest and
asked if I was still hungry. Her beautiful pussy was right there for my
mouth to enjoy.

I put my hands to her ass and urged her forward to my mouth. I started
to lick her pussy hair and then moved her so that I could lick her entire
pussy as she moaned loudly. Her hips slowly gyrating around my lips. Then
I felt soft wet lips going down my cock.

It sent a surprise shock up my spine. Now Patti got up and I saw Sandy
kneeling between my legs smiling as she stroked and went back to sucking me. Patti turned and straddled my face once again, but this time facing her
daughter. She wanted to watch her suck me.

I licked her warm wetness, It tasted nice. She moaned softly as she
watched her daughter sucking me.

Suck him good Sandy. Suck him good. I could feel a little more
pressure from her mouth now as she sucked up and down.

I licked Patti harder and faster now making her moan louder. I reached
up over me and found her tits. I caressed them and her hard nipples as I
sucked her and her clit softly. She was humping slowly. Seeming in no

UUUUMMM i moaned as Sandy started to nibble up and down my cock and suck
the head. Feel nice Billy? UUUUUMMMHHMMM. I could feel sandy's small
hands working very softly around my cock as she sucked me. Patti started
to move her pussy back and forth quicker across my sucking mouth.

I could taste her juices begimming to flow. Soon, she moaned loud and
fell down towards her daugyter and took my cock away and sucked me herself.
Her daugter's fingers still on my balls.

Oh Mom. I wanted his cum. Oh Mom. damn. Mom. Her mother sucked me
up and down for only a few seconds to last during her wold cum she was
having on my sucking mouth. I drank her as she came and came. I licked
her and sucked her until she finally quieted and rose off me. She quickly
turned to lower her lips and kiss me. That was nice Billy. Real nice. My
daughter wants YOUR cum now. Sandy went back and began to suck me again,
and smiling nicely at me now. She saw my expression change as I was
nearing my cum, and she sucked me faster and harder now. Her very pretty
face obstructed with the sight of my cock in her mouth. Suck him good
honey, Patti once again urged her daughter. Soon, I was shooting and she
sucked some of it but then jerked me to watch it shoot out. She finally
put her mouth back down on it and sucked it until she felt me go soft.
Patti was massaging my chest and groin all the while.

I sat up as she laid her head in my crotch next to my cock. OOOHHH That
was a lot of cum Billy. Did I do it nice for you?

It was fine honey.

Billy? Yes hon, I answered with her still laying between my legs.
Would you do me like you did to mom?

I would love to honey, if you can wait a while. Yeah, Sandy, men need a
little time after they shoot like that. OK. Did you cum mom? Oh yes.
Billy did me real nice. Thanks Billy.

Sandy came up and laid on her stomach next to me. She leaned so that I
could see her tits very close to my chest. I gently guided her to laying
almost on her side and with her tits on my chest now. I startd to caress
them and her pretty hardend nipples. She was in heaven as Patti looked
down next to us watching her daughter being caressed. Sandy's hand went
back down to my cock and she very softly caressed it. Seeming to be
exploring all of it.

That feels nice hon. I said.

OOOHHH. Yes. That's nice. Your tits are so pretty. You really think
so Billy? Oh definitely. I caressed them a little more firmly now. Let
me suck them hon. Lean over me and let them hang into my mouth. OK Billy.
I like that.

Billy? yes hon. Did you like how I sucked you?

Oh yes. It was wonderful. You really made me cum nice.

Good. I was afraid I would screw it all up for you. Oh no. You did
real nice.

I'm ready to suck you now, hon. Would you like that? OH YES! Billy.

Kneel over me like your mom did honey.

Ok Billy. She straddled her gorgeous body and pussy over my face like
she saw her mother do.

I spent a lot of time licking and sucking her, I made sure she would cum with her clit in my lips.

She was so excited. So deeply grateful somehow.

Her mom, Patti was caressing my balls as I sucked her daughter for
twenty minues at least until I forced a mini cum from her. As her daughter moaned and moaned with her cum, Patti once again was softly sucking my

Now, I really needed a serious rest. My cock was fucked out. I was
tired from all the fucking and sucking through last night and early this
morning with mom and Lisa also. The faces of so many people flashing in
front of my eyes. all their naked bodies. Yes. I needed a serious rest
for a while.

I told them that I was going up to rest for an hour at least. To please
wake me after that. Patti giggled.

I'll let Sandy wake you Billy. OK? I think I would like that. I
leaned down and whispered into Patti's ear that her daughter needed a
little more experience anyway. I caressed both their tits and kissed them
before going upstairs.

My head was spinning now, as I reached my room. I realized that it had
been a never ending train of constant fucking or being sucked by someone.

I made a note to mention to Lisa that we needed to get the fuck away for
a weeked ourselves.

I had no idea what time it was when again, sandy had knocked and came

I was barely awake yet, as she nervously stood there. Billy? Yes hon?
Its almost 4 PM. You wanted to be woken up. OK. She stood there now in
her two piece suit looking beautiful. Imean a girl of pure beauty. Her
pretty darker blond hair was now brushed and she put new makeup on. I
faintly caught the smell of perfume.

I could see her beautiful tits rising and falling under her printed
bikini top. Her nipples were pressing outward. I knew her heart was
beating a mile a minute.

Billy? Yeah hon. That was really nice what you did for me this
morning. Thank you very much. Honey, we shared that. You don't have to
thank me. Billy? Yeah. Was that really a cum that I had down there. mom thinks maybe I did. I thonk you did have a small one honey. Oh but I feel
like I do, No one has ever done that to me. No one. I felt you cum a
little when I licked you hon. YOU DID? Yes. You taste very good too,
Sandy. I'll bet when you get a boyfriend that he'll really be happy.

Just don't let him treat you like a whore or like shit. Walk away right
away if any of them do. You'll keep your respect that way.

Ok Billy. She wanted in the worst of ways to come closer to me but
seemed afraid. She was so sweet. With just that little ounce of hidden spunk. Bil Bil...Billy? Yes hon? I was wondering, what is it honey. I
would ....I would... I wonder if you would make love to me? She finally
got it out.

Come over here hon. Sit next to me here.

She quickly came over and sat down on the bed nervous as hell. Relax
honey. I'm just your ol cousin. I'm not going to hurt you. I know Billy,
but still...

I put my arm around her and held her head to my chest. I could actually
feel her shaking. Billy, I've only really made love twice. Once was last
night out with your sister and them, and they hurt me trying to get inside
me. The other time was.....was... your dad? She stared at me as if I
shot her.

I know, hon. Its OK. Are you sure Billy? Yes. I make love with Carol

Oh she said she did last night, but I thought she was only kidding. No,
we do it quite often. Its been real nice between us. really? Oh yes hon.

C'mere. Stand up and let me take this outfit off and let me see this
beautiful body hon. She stood looking at me and helped me take off her two
piece. She wa stunning in her nakedness now. Perfect body. One Marilyn
Monroe mole on her face near her lips, and another just above and to the
right of her blond pussy hair.

Her tits were perfect and so very inviting, I leaned forward and kissed
each nipple slowly, as I looked up into her eyes. I ran my tongue over and
over each one in turn. Hold them for me honey. Hold you beautiful tits so
I can lick and suck them for you. Her hands nervously went underneath and
she cupped them for me. Oh, it was beautiful to see her offering herself
openly like this to me.

Now my hands were free to reach down and slowly caress her thighs and
pussy as I sucked and licked her tits.

She was standing there weaving now, as if in some dream. Completely
naked and still not far from her virginity. That feels so very nice Billy.
So nice. I love the way you are doing that to my breasts. My brother hurts them.

I needed this vision of her standing like this, naked and offering
herself to me, burned in my mind. It was beautiful in its tenderness, and
seeming honesty.

Finally, I said come here honey and lay down. Comfy? Yes Billy. Yes.
Billy? Yeah, hon? Are you going to make love to me now?

Yes, I smiled at her innocence. Billy, I'm sorry, I talk a lot if shit
sometimes, but I really don't know anything, except for what mom has told
me. Some of the kids at school, too.

Don't worrry honey. Just relax. We'll make nice love. Really? Yes.
What would you like me to do honey? Oh put it in me, I guess..... Besides
that? I don't know what you mean, Billy.

Ok, honey, not important. Please relax. Here turn over on your
stomach. She rolled over and I moved to sit on her thighs and cute ass. I
began to massage her back softly and firmly. Oh Billy, that's so nice. As
usual, my cock was laying in he ass crack, along witn my balls. I spent
some time massaging her smallish figure. I enjoyed it and glad there were
no interruptions or anything. Finally, I moved down to kneel between her
legs and massaged her lower back and her ass softly. Oh that is so nice.
No one's ever done this to me Billy. Never.

I'm glad you like it hon. Do you do this with all your girlfriends. I
only have Lisa honey. Yes, for her I do. I see she loves you a lot,
Billy. Yes, we do love each other, very deeply.

I massaged her ass with tenderness and she began to moan with pleasure
now. I slid my hand slowly into her pussy slit from behind and ran it the
full length of her slit slowly.

OOOOHHH That feels nice. Now, I moved off her and to her side and
continued to massage her ass and lower back with one hand while I
concentrated on my fingers sliding up and down her spread pussy from

I figured I could excite her this way without her feeling self conscious
at first. I wanted her to open completely, and be ready for me.
Gradually, I had her legs spread wide as I used my whole hand and fingers
all over her pussy without touching her clit yet. Now, I could feel her
wetness. Feel nice hon? Oy yes, Billy. So very nice. No one's ever done
this to me.

Billy? She asked through her closed arms. Is this making love? A big
part of it honey. Just enjoy my hands on you. Just concetrate on my hands
and fingers. Where I am touching you, and what I am doing, OK? OK Billy.

When I thought I had her wet enough, I turnewd her over and continued to
massage her body from her face to her ankles. Close your eyes hon. Just
feel my hands. I moved to kneel between her legs and my cock laid pressing
against her warm wetness. Oh Billy, she said through closed eyes, I can
feel your cock right there near my pussy now. It feels so hard. I ran
down her chest caressing and massaging her tits now and then her stomach. I
could feel more wetness.

I leaned down now and kissed her softly. It was a nice kiss. A
Passionate but tender kiss. I continued down and kissed and licked her
nipples and gently nibbled her entire tit.

Are you ready for me honey? For your??? Yes. Oh Yes Billy. Oh Yes.
Would you please put my cock inside you now for me? Yes. Oh yes. She
gingerly reached for my cock now as if in some trance of bliss. Raise your
hips a little honey. Up they went. Good. I grabbed a pillow and shoved
it under her. Ready babe? Yes, Billy, she softly smiled. Her pussy was
wide open to me. I placed my fingers over her clit and caressed it as I
smiled down at her. Her eyes widened and she shook. I massaged it now, it
made her hips jerk.

I gave her a mini cum and watched as her eyes rolled and arched her back
to meet my twirling fingers on her clit. As she arched, I slid my cock
into her warm wetness. OOOOHHHH Honey, you feel so nice in there. So
wonderful. Oh Billy, you, you...Oh Billy, its so big in there. You
feel.....ooooohhhhh I started to slowly fuck in and out of her. Her pussy was absolutely wonderful. Almost as if being a virgin. I pumped deeper
now and she moaned. I reached down and caressed her tits as she closed her
eyes moaning softly.

I leaned down on her now, rammed in tight in her warmness. I whispered
in her ear, you like me making love with you honey? Oh Billy, Oh Billy,
its so wonderful. So wonderful. I love this. I love you Billy. My
brother and Jimmy hurt me trying to fuck me.especially last night. They
just kept rammimg and never really got inside me the right way.

Oh Billy, you feel so nice in there, my whole pussy is filled. Those
others always hurt me bad, Billy. None of them ever really got inside me
Billy like this. They all just rammed hard and fast and hit that bone
thing there. mom had to take me to the doc and they almost had to operate.
I felt sorry for her. It dawned on me that what I felt on my first push
into her was the major part of her hymen that was never really completlely
broken thrugh, and that who ever fucked her was being steered in an upward
part of her pussy near her pubic bone. Rather than actually going into her
pussy as normal. I was sure I tore the remainder of her hymen, on my first
and second thrusts. Now, I was going to take this tender girl to her very
first orgasm. Now, of all times, I had wished her mother would now walk in
to witness this event with her daughter.

I almost wanted to call down to her, to come upstairs.

Her beautiful daughter was about to meet face to face with her womanhood
working for her as it should, rather than being mauled and mistreated by
inexperienced assholes.


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