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CAROL, mom & ME 62

I playfully caressed eah of their tits as I was leaving to get Lisa.

I wanted to have time with just her and I.

She was in her own pool as I pulled in their drive. She was happy to
see me. She ran up to me and hugged me. She was wearing a pretty powder
blue two piece.

Ready? I asked? Oh yeah. I missed you honey.

Well, I missed you only a wee little bit, I kidded.

We took off and got back to my house. She said hi to Sandy and Patti
and then we went upstairs to my room.

She couldn;t wait to hug me again and pull me down on the bed.

Oh honey, I have to wait a little longer. I explained what had been
going on there between both sandy and Patti.

Oh Billy she complained. I was really hoping....

I'll make it nice for both of us later honey. I promise. I wouldn't be
good at all right now.

It seems that between the both of them, that they have no real fucking
available to them at home. yesh, Lisa said. Pauly's not that good at
fucking. Your sister fucked him today and when SHE know
he needs help.

Patti wants to make love with me just once more before they leave
tommorrow also.

Wow, Lisa said. You're really getting laid all over the place. funny
you said that. I was just thinking the same thing this morning. Its been
taking a lot out of me honey. I wouldn't mind if I could rest for a while.

It was getting dark now. Lisa and I were still laying on the bed
caressing each other. Then about 10, the phone rang next to the bed. It
was mom. Hi honey. How are things there? Fine mom. Lisa and I are just
laying here talking.

Oh. Well, we are all in this real nice hotel room near a nice lake
Billy. She was speaking low.

your dad's in the other bed with Annette. He's about to lick her right
now. jack is in the bathroom and he will be with me in a few minutes. Oh,
he's here now. MOM, remember the other night with the phone and Lisa?
Yes? Will YOU do it?

Silence for a few seconds. Yeah. OK. You want to listen while I get
laid? Yes mom. Lisa and me will be able to hear her dad too.

OK honey. I'll lay the phone near us.

Oh, jack, you're hard already! I thought I would have to jerk you
....Oh bring it up here dear. Let me lick that beautiful hard cock. We
could hear mom licking and sucking Lisa's father. he was moaning softly.
OOOOHHH I like that on my balls Jean. UUUMMMM. Oh, Jean....OOOOOHHH Suck
me honey...OOOOOHHH We could imaging mom's mouth going up and down his cock
now. Lisa was turned on by hearing her father being sucked by my mom. Let
me suck you too Billy. OK, hoeny. Lisa moved down quickly and started to
stroke and suck my cock. I laid the phone further down so we could both
hear our parents.

Lisa was following everything mom was describing that was hap[ening.
Her mouth felt nice on my cock. Her eyes were excited.

Her hanging tits felt nice against my thighs.

mom was now urging Jack to fuck her. I pulled upLisa and she quickly
laid down and opened her legs. She spread her pussy for me and I quickly
shoved into her. The phone right near our ears as we started fucking each
other. mom was being fucked slowly, so I fucked Lisa the same. Her pussy felt do nice. I could feel the wetness in her pussy from her excitement.
Oh jack mom was saying...let me turn over and fuck me hon... Quicklyu,
Lisa and I did the same. She raised her ass up for me to fuck her from the
rear now. Again, it felt so nice fucking her. QWe listened as mom was
being fucked hard. Moaing, as Lisa's dad fucked her hard. I fucked Lisa
the same. Her moans and pussy tightening on my cock.

OOOHHH Jack, fuck me babe. Fuck me. That's it Jack. Plow my pussy.
Fill it with your cock. Grab my tits Jack....

I copied all mom's suggestions that she was sayin to Jack. I was
holding Lisa's tits and pulled her backwards slightly towards me as I
fucked into her from behind. We were both excited.

I heard mom moaning louder now, telling dad across the other bed that
she was being fucked good and was going to cum....Annette was fainly heard
saying that she wascumming also from dad eating her.

Lisa and I were well on our way. I was fucking her with a steady rythym
and she humped back at me to force me faster.

It wasn't long before Lisa could feel my cock spurting into her and she
loaned loudly too. There were moans and moans on the phone from mom and

Lisa grabbed the phone in the middle of her orgasm and screamed that she
was cumming.

Billy's shooting hard into me and its making my pussy cum tooooooo.

It was an exciting phone sex thing. mom cumming on one end, Lisa and I
cumming soon after. mom grabbed the phone once again. I heard you and
Lisa fucking too honey. That was nice. I came so hard with Jack here.
His cock os still hard but I think Annette wants it now. Maybe I'll call
back later when dad and me are together.

We might be outside mom. OK. I'll check back anyway honey. Sounded
like a nice orgasm for you mom. Oh it was honey. he was fucking me from
behind while I was watching dad licking and sucking Annette. Yhen I could
hear you and Lisa fucking too. It really was hot Billy. Well. I love you
honey. can't wait for you and me..... Oh mom. Stop now or I'll get hot
all over again. She laughed, and said bye. I was glad they wwre all
having a nice time.

After we hung up, Lisa and I both looked at each other and kissed. Then
we decided to run down to thr pool to cool off. Patti and Sandy were there
talking as we simply jumped in together. Lisa was still excited thinking
of hearing my mom and her dad fucking on the phone.

We swam around in the pool for a while and then got out. Lisa was
sitting in between my legs on the deck, as I sat on the edge of a recliner.
I reached over on a table and got a hair brush and began to brush her
beautiful long hair for her.

Oh is that sexy or what. Patti remarked.

Hey, she does a LOT for me too.

Lisa thought a second then knelt up and turned slightly to both Patti
and sandy. Did you notice the nice trim job he did here? Pointing to her
trimmed pussy.

HE did that? Yes. He did his mom and my mom also. Wow.

I suppose you got laid afterward Patti laughed. Lisa sid he sure did.
We all ganged up on him afterward.

Youlook so much like his mom, Lisa said to Patti. You're almost twins.
Everybody says that to us.

She 3 years older than me though.

Even Sandy looks a lot like you too.

Sandy was quiet, staring at Lisa having her hair brushed by me. I
senses that feeling od deep need in her again. her eyes had that longing

I wished there was another guy around to help out with the conversation,
and take at least one of them off my hands.

I wondered if Lisa would go for having Patti joining us tonight in bed
or even out here on the deck. Lisa was still naked, and the other two now
went in the pool. They still had only their bottoms on.

I brushed Lisa's hair a few minutes more and pulled her up on the lounge
to lay next to me. Her head on my chest as we watched patti and her
daughter in the water.

I whispered in Lisa's ear if she would mind Patti joining us tonight. I
felt her stiffen for a second, but she said she didn't mind. As long as
SHE got my cum first. She said the girls had me all day long and she
wanted me.

I mentioned to Patti what I had in mind, about joinging Lisa and me.
That would be nice Billy. She looked at Lisa as if I meant that those two
would also be doing each other. I caught her train of thought.....No
Patti. Just me doing both of you.

Oh. OK. That will be nice Billy, IF you can handle both of us. Don't
worry, Lisa said. My Billy can handle it. It was dark now, and I went
over to turn up the stereo.

I decided to daqnce with Sandy now around the deck. I mentioned to her
that her and I had already made love quite a bit, and I wanted to be with
Lisa. Your mom will be with us for a while hon.

That's OK Billy. I'm happy still, from how nice you made love with me.
Her bare tits felt so nice pressing into me. Tommorrow, I will make love
with you again, OK? In the meantime, you might be able to watch us as we
make love in a while. Right here? Probably hon. Ok, that would be super
Billy. I could learn some things. Yes you will. Watch your mom and Lisa
closely. OK, I really will.

Oh yes, Billy. Good. That cheered her up and I went back to Lisa.I sat
back on the lounge chair again, her still sitting between my legs. I
leaned down and caressed her tits in front of the others. Lisa's head went
back on my lap. I stroked her face lovingly, her neck and her tits.

her hair was full and long after my brushing. She looked nice. She
could feel my cock with the back of her head as she leaned back between my
legs. Her head nudged back and forth over it and my balls softly. I got
up and went into the house to get some beer and drinks for the girls. When
I came out, someone had turned on one set of lights and Patti and Sandy had
their bottoms off. We were all naked now.

I took a dring of the beer and laid back on the lounge. Lisa also had a
drink and turned to face me between my legs. She gently took my cock and
slpped it in her mouth. She surprised me by having a mouth full of beer
and ran it over and over the tip of my cock. sucking and blowing. I could
see her smiling as she did this.

Patti came over and stood behind her. She reached for my hands and
pulled me up in front of Lisa. Kneeling now, in front of me. Take your
blowjob like a man Patti laughed. Lisa took another drink of beer and did
the same thing. It felt nice. Patti leaned over Lisa and kissed me. She
took my hands and placed them on her tits and wanted me to caress them. I
really liked the way Patti kissed. Another note I hoped to share with
Lisa, later.

Patti moved behind me and reached in front of me, She began to rub up
and down my chest and shoulders as she watched Lisa sucking me. Feel good
Billy? Oh yes. Lisa really knows how to do me.

C'mere, Sandy, her mother said. watch Lisa do Billy, honey. Sandy came
over and sat on a chair next to me and watched me getting a nice blowjob from Lisa. She watched Lisa's hands and all. patti was busy running up
and down my back with bites and little kisses. Her fingers in front were
working onmy nipples. The her hands went down to my groing and she
massaged ut while Lisa was still sucking me softly and moaning. Lisa's
tits once again pressed into my thighs.

I started to hump towards Lisa's mouth. Her sukcing became harder and
she stroked me nicely. Sandy watching every move.

I'm going to cum honey. She took her mouth aeway and said go ahead
baby. Give me our love juice. She went back to sucking me deeply now, and
I started to shoot. Lisa jerked and sucked harder and kept it up.

Patti still caressing and rubbing my groin for added pleasure.

I felt Patti's pussy pressed into my ass. Grinding into me.

Lisa could now feel my cum squirting hard. Her mouth really sucked as
she looked up to me. Again, that wonderful feeling of looking in her eyes
as she was accepting my male juice into her mouth. After we finished ,
Lisa rose and secretly passe someof my cum back to me with our liss. She
msiled and turned. She dove in the pool.

Patti was still pressing behind me and caressing my groin and stomach. I
turned to her and pointed to my softened cock. Lisa has it all right now
hon. We will have to wait. Damn, Billy. I was hoping. I sensed a bvit
of jealousy now.

Look, Patti. Lisa is my honey. She comes first in all things to me.

Ok, billy. OK. I'll ne looking forward to tommorrow then.

OK. I'm sorry Patti, I just can't handle it all at once right now. Ok
Billy. I don't think she liked the idea, but she realized I was right. I
had already made love with her in the parlor. AFTER I had already
exhausted myself with her daughter. And then again.

Lisa came up to me now, from the pool. She was careful not to get her
hair wet again.

I wanted to make love with her out here on the deck again tonight, and I
hoped that Patti would get the message and go in the house withher
daughter. Mom, Sandy said, Yes hon. Let's go watch TV. There was a short
silence. OK Honey. They got up and said we'll see you later Lisa, Billy.
OK, Patti.

Finally. Lisa pulled me to an air mattress and we laid down and held
each other under the stars and cool night breeze for quite a while. Just
holding each other close.

billy? Yeah hon. I did it with my brother last night. He's no where
near like you Billy, but we still had fun.

carol with with your cousin Paul in Jimmy's room.

Neither one of them are really good at making love. That's what I heard
honey. THAT is why I was so busy here today. I guess at home, all Patti
or Sandy have around is Pauly. Patti should get our and find a guy, but
they live way out in the country. I guess Pauly and Jimmy hurt sandy kind
of bad inside poking around. She is such a really nice girl.

She doesn;t know much about sex honey, and she told me over and over how
much she appreciated the way I made love with her. She's so sensitive. So

You're right billy. I was talking with her. She really is a sweet

Well honey, I almost forgot mypromise to Patti for tonight. OH Yeah.
Are you up for it babe?

I think so. Would it bother you if Sandy happened to be watching the
three of us? I guess not. I said that she's trying to learn all she can.

I guess weshould go in and get the ball started. The sooner the better.
Then, maybe we can have the whole morning to ourselves.

Yeah. We don't see them all that often hon. I know, Lisa said.

We walked into the house still naked.

It dawned on me that over this time that it seemed so natural around
this house now.

We got to the parlor and Patti & sadny were at opposite ends of the
couch. I offered my hand to Patti and asked if she was ready?

Oh Billy....Why yes honey. She rose from the couch. EWearing only silk
panties. her smile was nice and genuine. Lisa led her up to my mother's
room this time. We planned on taping it. I walked over to Sandy and
leaned down to kiss her. I knew she felt left out and probably hurt. I
hoped Icould make her understand. You and me will make nice love tommorrow
honey. I knelt in front of her and kissed her. I held up her tits and
kissed each nipple. They were so pretty, and felt so feminine and nice in
my hands. I stood up now, and said, see you in the morning honey.

OK. Good night billy. Make nice love with my mom, OK. I will honey.
There sat a truly beautiful and sad girl. Her beautiful body......Mine for
the asking. I leaned and gave her another soft kiss and then went

i half hoped she would come up and try to watch.


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