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CAROL, mom & ME 63

I went into mom's bedroom now, and just the small table lamp was on.
Lisa and Patti were both naked now and were laughing and smiling as I came

Both were laying with their heads facing toward the bottom of the bed.

Come here honey, Lisa smiled. We thought you would like a double
blowjob for starters. I smiled back at her.

I want to suck on your balls and Patti wants your big cock in her mouth.
She beckoned me forward. Lisa turned on her back and reached for me to
come closer. Soon she had me right over her mouth as my balls hung down.
She started to lick them softly and then Patti smiled. She laid from my
right on the bed and started to lick my cock up and down. She pulled it
toward her mouth and lowered her mouth up and down firmly, several times.
It felt nice. Lisa was using her fingers caressing all around my crotch
and had most of my sack in her mouth tenderly licking and rolling her
tongue around them.

Patti again bent my cock back. and scraped her teeth up and down the
underside. Her lips coming quite near Lisa's. She then sucked me deep in
her mouth and sucked hard.

I knew I wouldn't last long with this happening from both girls. Both
of them were giggling as they each did their job.

After about five minutes, I was rock hard and asked them to stop or I
would be cumming.

They pulled away and both sat up. I played with Lisa's tits a while and
asked if she minded if I fucked Patti first? No, honey. Go ahead.

I asked for a pillow and then urged Patti to kneel and then lay on the
pillow. I wanted to do her from the rear. Oh I like it that way too

I just want to have you a bit higher because its easier on my back that
way. Sure Billy.

She grabbed a pillow and anxiously put it under her hips. Lisa watched
as I knelt on the bed now.

I got near Patti's beautiful ass and almost decided to fuck her in the
ass instead. Her pussy was ready for me as I neared and slid my cock in. I
reached for her ass cheeks and pushed as far as I could. She let out a
moan. I could feel her warm pussy move to adjust to my cock. Now I was
wet, and we started to fuck. I motioned to Lisa to kneel next to me so I
could kiss her and fuck into Patti also.

I leaned and kissed her and then concentrated on fucking into Patti.
She really felt nice. Again, it reminded me of how much her pussy felt
like mom's.

Her whole body did also. Now, I reached under and caressed her hanging
tits as we set up and nice rythym. OOOHHH Its so nice Billy.

Lisa went to sit at the front of the bed and watched us.

Her legs were spread wide to entice me deliberately. I could see her
whole spread pussy, as I fucked Patti.

Ohhhh you feel nice Patti. So do you Billy. So do you.

We fucked quite a while and then I felt her pussy clamping tighter. It
was squeezing my cock more firmly. Much like mom's did when she was
nearing a cum. She was moaning softly as I caressed her tits. I was
jambed tight to her pussy now, and then rammed in and out just a few inches
within her pussy. I could feel my cock scraping her front wall. She was
moaning louder now. I deliberately tried thinking of changing the car oil.

She was cumming softly. I felt her wetness gushing around my cock now.
I could feel it around her clit area also as I fucked in and out more
quickly and harder. Lisa knelt up and massaged Patti's back as she saw her
cumming. Her eyes looking at me. It seemed as if another series of cums
were now hitting Patti. She was pushing back against me faster now. Her
pussy really did feel nice.

It was different from Lisa's or Carol's. Her own daughter's was much
firmer and a bit tighter.

I could feel much more wetness now as Patti moaned louder and fucked
hard back against my cock. My balls were slapping up against her pussy lips with each push.

Finally, she pushed hard back on my cock and stiffened. Her pussy tightened and gripped my cock. I slowly pumped in and out as she came
again. This one seeming to be the major cum.

She finally fell forward on her pillow.

Lisa was still kneeling there and looking at my cock bobbing up and
down. It was wet with the juices of Patti and me. I could see the juices
running down the crack into Patti's pussy, from the rear. I laid down on
my back now, next to Patti. She leaned over and kissed me.

I reached for Lisa and pulled her to me and kissed her deeply now. Her
tits pressed into my chest. I pushed her head up a little and smiled at
her. Give me a couple minutes honey. I pulled her head down to my chest
and stroked her hair. Her hand stroking my cock softly.

Billy? Yes honey? I'd like to fuck you with me on top, OK? Sure
honey. That way I can play with your pretty tits too. She sat at my side
now, and gently stroked my cock up and down. She was smiling at me, and I
could feel her love. It didn't seem to matter to her that Patti was
watching us at all. Patti had turned on her side to watch now. Her hand
softly stroking my hair. I reached over and caressed Lisa's tits for a
minute and then urged her to get on me.

She straddled me and rose high. She was about to reach for my cock, but
Patti smiled and did it for her. Lisa lowered herself as Patti guided my
cock up into my lover.

Lisa was warm. Her pussy already wet. I saw a look of deep happiness
as she slid all the way down my cock. OOOOHHH Billy honey.

She stayed still a moment and then leaned down on me and started to move
back and forth slowly. Oh Billy....I wrapped my arms around her and we
both moved up and down into each other. She moved her pussy in circles on
me. It felt wonderful. After a while she sat up straight and fucked
slowly back and forth looking down at me.

Patti surprised both of us by also coming behind Lisa and reaching for
her tits and caressing them.

Lisa said nothing, as Patti's hands caressed her tits while she fucked

I watched how Patti moved her hands and fingers on Lisa's tits. Lisa
began to like it. Her hands went on top of Patti's and they both moved
together on Lisa's tits. Then I saw Patti's hands drop to Lisa's pussy and
she was fingering Lisa's clit as she was still fucking up and down on my

Lisa moaned loudly now as she fucked me harder and faster. She rose
higher and I saw Patti's hands slipping into Lisa's slit each time she
raised higher.

She was giving Lisa a double cum. I was giving her one from deep in her
pussy, and Patti's, from doing Lisa's clit. Lisa really started to hump up
and down now, Patti's hand worked faster on Lisa. I was starting to near a
cum now. I was also moaning.

Lisa started her cum and it seemed hard. Patti was fingering Lisa's
clit fast now. I sat up with my cock spurting into Lisa and kissed her

I could feel Patti's hand quietly still working on Lisa. Her whole body
frozen on me and hugging me tightly as we both came hard. I felt my cum shooting up into her, and hers covering all my cock and groin as she let

I held Lisa tightly and then felt Patti's hand finally pull away from
Lisa's clit and slit.

I pulled her with me as I fell back on the bed. Still kissing her. Our
bodies tightly held to each other as we rode out this cum. My cock still
deep within her spasming pussy.

Patti had again reached behind Lisa now and was caressing my balls
softly. Feeling my cock still up inside my honey. It felt nice. Patti
knew what she was doing, as a lover.

Lisa leaned to kiss me once more and then rolled off to my side. Patti
lowered her head to suck my soft cock as she did the past three times.
Lisa watched her suck me softly and appear to clean my whole cock with her
mouth and tongue.

That was nice Billy, Lisa said. Patti raised her head and said the

Now we all laid on our backs. Quiet. Finally, Patti rose and said she
would sleep in Carol's room. She leaned over and kissed me and said Good
night to each of us. Just before she went out the door, she turned.

Billy, you really are a good lover. She smiled and left. I put my arm
under Lisa's head and pulled her to my chest. It wasn't long before we
were both asleep. Lisa's leg laying just under my cock, across my leg.
Her damp wonderful pussy pressed tightly against my thigh.

We all decided to eat breakfast out on the deck the next morning. Just
as we were finishing, Jimmy was pulling into the drive. Carol was the
first out of the car. Followed by Pauly and then Jimmy.

She came over and kissed Lisa and me. She seemed happy enough. Patti
raised her lips for her son to kiss her. Then he kissed Sandy. For a
change, we all had clothes on.

The younger kids went in and made something for breakfast and were all
talking and laughing. Sandy had joined them now.

Lisa was sitting with her legs in the pool. Patti on a chair near me.
sandy's hoping youhaven't forgotten her Billy. I let out a sigh. Lisa
just stared at me, sying nothing.

My God, Patti, it seems between you and her that I am a machine. He's
no machine Patti, Lisa said. Just a damn good lover.

Patti seemed kind of miffed.

Well, I'll tell you one thing. I have plans with Lisa and my mom and
dad as soon as they get home tonight.

I didn't want to hurt Sandy, for anything. If I don't get the chance,
to tell her, just say that I will not forget.

Lisa and I are going to take a ride for a while.

OK Billy. I'll tell Sandy.

Now, even as nice as it was being in her, making love with her....Patti
was becoming a real pain in the ass. As beautiful as she was.

Making demands under the guise of being so nice. THAT was one large way
mom and her differed.

Now, without saying anything, Lisa was at the end of the pool deck as if
waiting for me. Her expression said it all.

Tell the rest of the gang we'll be back in a couple of hours, OK, Patti?

Yeah, sure Billy.

We walked theough the yard and got into my car and took off. It was
almost noon by the time we arrived at the top of a set of hills just
outside of town. I found a nice place to park and we got out and walked.

Damn Lisa. I love them and all, but mother and daughter BOTH wanting
and needing to get laid so bad????

I know Billy. They'll be leaving tonight anyway.

We found a nice shady spot under a tree that still let us see for miles
all around. I sat down against the tree and Lisa automatically took her
favorite spot between my legs and leaning against my chest.

Peace. Quiet. Privacy.

Billy? Yes honey?

Did I tell you I love you today? I lifted her hand in front of both of
us and said, It won't be too long and there will be another ring on this

She leaned her head back for a kiss.

She opened her blouwe and pulled my hands up to caress her tits. She
really liked this.

After a while, We laid on the grass just holding each other and
listening to the sounds of the woods behind us.

On the way back, I mentioned to Lisa about the promise I made to Sandy.
She's going to be looking for me when we get back honey.

Wlll. Its still kind of early. Go ahead upstairs with her and make her
happy Billy. I'll stay downstairs with her mom and the others.

Maybe by then our parenst will be back, and it will be time for Patti to
go home.


The younger kids were all in the pool. My sister, as usual, in her
skimpy favorite two piece.

Patti had already made some hot dogs and stuff. Lisa and I ate. I saw
sandy on the deck sitting in a chair. I gave a glance to Lisa. Then I
leaned down and reached for Sandy's hand. She smiled as I pulled her to
her feet and we walked through the yard to my bedroom.

Oh Billy, I thought you forgot all about me. Not a chance hon.

When we got to my room, I turned her to face the bottomg of the bed and
undid her two piece.

Now, she was naked standing with her back to me. Her chest rising and
falling with her excitement.

My cock hardening up against her ass as I looked down over her shoulder
at her hardening nipples.

We're going to make love on this bed right now, I whispered in her ear.
I reached in front and caressed her tits and stomach. It seemed to relax
he a little. I moved both my hands down to caress and finger her mound and
upper part of her slit. Oh Billy.... Her head back on my shoulder now.

Billy would you do me from behind like you did to mom? She said it was
really nice. I would like to try it too?

Sure hon. I reached over and grabbed a pillow and placed it under her
as I had her lay on the bed.

I concentrated firts on kissing her tits and all down her body. I moved
on top of her chest and let her lick and suck on my cock for a few minutes.
It excited her.

I pulled her once againtoward the end of the bed with her legs hanging
over and kissed hr pussy all over.

Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed my licking and sucking. I rose up
and spread her pussy wider and slid my cock in smoothly. OOOOHHHH Billy.
Her eyes opened as I fucked into her slowly.

But I thought....We will hon. We will.

I hoped to make her excitement rise. Her pussy was warm and welcoming.
Sucking me into her.

Play with your tits while I fuck you hon. She smiled and placed her
handds on her tits and caressed each of them. I pumped her a fw more times
and then asked her to turn and make her ass rise. She did it quickly and
her ass was now up awaiting my cock. Again I thought of ass fucking her. I
slid into her pussy. I went deep and she let out a soft moan. OOOHHH

Damn, she felt so nice. I was leaning over her. Still standing onm the
floor as I fucked in and out of her.

She held her ass at just the right angle for my pushing.

OOOHHH did she feel nice around my raging cock. Now, I came more
forward and almost laid on her completely. I reached under and grabbed
both her tits and caresed them in my hands as I fucked almost straight down
into her wet pussy.

Both of us were moaning now. I plunged into her as deep as I could with
each thrust. Again the gripping, and caressing of my cock by her wonderful

I was near her ear now, telling her how nice her pussy felt, how nice
her tits and hard nipples felt in my hands.

Oh, ou're fucking me so nice Billy. This really feels so nice. I could
feel her wetness increase all around my cock. Now. I bent back on my
knees between her legs and pulled her up and back into my thrusting cock. I
was still holding her tits as I really fucked as hard as I could into her.
Her ass and pussy spreading wider with each plunge.

Her womanhood accepting me completely.

It was nice. I amjoued this a lot. My cock was near cumming, and I
hoped to hold off until I felt her let go first. It wasn;t long. I pulled
her so that she was kneeling straight up now, and I was kneeling half bent
nehind her. My cock thrusting straight up into her. I held her tits tightly as I fucked her and now her cum let loose. Her body was shaking
and I could feel our legs getting wet. My cock let go with a glorious
first shot up into her. I humped up into her almost like a dog now as my
cock was spurting. I was holding her tight to me. Squeezing her tits hard.

I made a final spurt into her and froze deep as I could get into her.

I could feel her pussy shaking inside. Spasming, as I'be often felt
with my other lovers. My hard cock wrapped and being milked by her pussy's
automatic pilot.

We stayed with her tightly held to me for some time.

Finally, my cock softened inside her and I felt her wetness all over my
groin and cock. Her pussy was really wet.

Ipushed forward and we both fell on the bed with me laying on top of
her. My hands still holding her tits in my cupped hands.

Oh Billy, Bily. That was so wonderful. I was cumming anfd cumming. Oh
Billy....I thought I was going to pass out for a minute.

So did I honey. You felt wondeful.

Finally I rolled off her and laid on my back at her side. She put her
arms over my chest as she turned to face me.

I could feel her wet bush and warm pussy lips pressing against my thigh.
This was the sign of a woman that was just brought to her orgasm.

I turned to her now and pulled her tio me and kissed her softly. Her
tits pressed into me.

Oh Billy, I will remember this weekend forever.I rolled her on her back
and leaned her ove to suck her swollen tits and nipples softly. I knew
they were most sensitive right now.

I caressed her pussy mound and slid my finger up and down her offered
slit. I wanted this sensitive girl once more. I urged her hand to caress
my cock as I roamed my hand over her body.

Looking down at her pussy, spread wide now. It didn;t take long before
I was hard enough to fuck her once again. I got between her legs and slid
in quickly with her wetness.

This ytime her pussy fucked up at me, grasping. Milking. Enjoying my
firm deep strokes. It lasted quite a while for us now. No rush. Just
enjoying each other.

We both worked at it now and both came within seconds of each other. I
stayed deep in her until my cock finally went soft.

I kissed her and we finally got up and went down to join the others.

All of them knowing we had just made love.

Her brother Pauly seeming to show signs of jealousy.

Sandy went right to her mother sitting on the deck. The two were
excitedly exchanging her happiness.

I dove in the pool for a needed cool down.


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