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CAROL, mom & ME 64

I swam around in the pool for a while. Most everyone sitting saorund on
the deck just resting now.

Patti had asked Pauly to load up their car with their bags to get ready
to leave. They were going to stay long enough to see mom and dad before

I went in the kitchen and got a beer. Patti had come in and hugged me.
Come upstairs with me Billy, for a few minutes. Please?

She was gently tugging my hand. I followed her back up to my room. We
stood there next to my bed and she kissed me. I really want to thank you
for the way you have treated Sandy and me. Its been wonderful honey.

I know I really need to get into town and find a new guy. Its been a
bit hard finding FOR me, running the farm, and the house. This has really
been nice for me. I know Sandy told me she will remember this weekend
forever. You made love with both of us so nice Billy.

We'll be leaving soon, so I wanted to give you a little something from

She kissed me again and then pulled off her top. You don't need to do
me now Billy. Just let me do this for you.

She took her hands and placed mine on her tits.

I caressed her nipples softly. Her hands went over my chest and down to
my balls, craddling them and making my sack feel nice.

After a minute, she leaned up and kissed me again then went to her
knees. She gently pushed me back on the bed and started to lick and suck my
cock all over. Tenderly stroking me, and caressing my balls as she sucked up and down. Feel nice Billy?

Oh yes. Patti.

Enjoy this from me to you.

She gripped, jerked and sucked me wonderfully. She felt my excitement
and rose and came down with my humping.

Her mouth went to my balls and she sucked them into her mouth and sucked them tenderly. Stroking my groin and cock all the while.

I was excited and really feeling on the edge.

She felt all my jerkings and spasming in my cock. She knew just when to
start sucking harder and fulfill my cock's raging demands. I was on the
verge of cumming in her mouth now, and she knew it. My moans, hips rising
off the bed.

She leaned on her hands and just her mouth was rising up and down my
cock softly, but firmly. She quickened her head movements up and down and
I shot hard into her throat. She sucked harder and took my cock deeper.

Pumping on her Hands, making her head rise faster on my spurting cock.
Finally she felt my spasms start to slow, and she went back to her knees,
and sucked my cock and all around it for quite a while. She waited until I
was fully relaxed before she rose and pulled me to her to kiss me once
again. Her hands still reaching down to gently caress my softened cock.

I will think of part of you being inside me Billy as we drive home. Her
arms went around me and hugged me.

I'll miss you honey. I wish you and Lisa would come visit us for a week
end. We don't get a whole hell of a lot of company living out there.

I promised we would.

Its been wonderful for us, here, Billy.

I think, if you still have anything left in you a little later, that
Sandy wants to do the same for you too.

If you can, Billy, Please let her. OK?

I'll try Patti. I reached and caressed her tits softly and kissed her
once more before we went back down to the crowd.

Sandy knew immediately what we had just done.

I went over and sat next to Lisa. I knew Lisa also knew something had
also happened, but she said nothing.

We had a beer and then heard dad's car in the drive.

It was good to see them. All looking happy, but a little tired from the

I went in and got more beer for our parents as they all sat at a table
upon the deck. They were telling of the neat things they saw and did.

Lisa went and hugged her mom and then her dad. I watched as she pressed
her tits into the back of his head. She was standing behind his chair.

After a while, I went in the house to take a piss. mom came in and
hugged me as I came out.

It felt nice to hold her once again.

Mom, come upstairs after Patti leaves? OK? Sure honey. Sure. I asked
her to tell Lisa I was going up to rest for a little while. Worn out HUH?
Oh yeah. I'll tell you about it all later.

Everyone said their good byes and Patti left with her kids.

Lisa and her parents along with dad and Jimmy were all talking on the
deck. I was half asleep as mom came in. Billy? Yeah mom. She came over
and sat next to me on the bed.

Glad you're home mom. I pulled her down and kissed her.

Mom, would you please take off your top and just lay here with me? Sure
honey??? Do you want to make love?

No, not right now, at least mom. OK Honey. mom stood and pulled her
blouse over her head. Once again, the beauty of my mother's tits were in
my view. I reached for her and she laid close to my side. One of her tits laying on my chest. I slid my arm under her head and held her to me.

Can we just lay like this mom? Without fucking or anything? She leaned
up and looked at me. Oh yes. Honey. I would like that. Its been hectic
and a little tiring this weekend. She laid back down and I caressed her
tit on my chest softly. I held her tight to me and both of us drifted off
to sleep.

I had no idea what time it was when I woke. mom was still laying with
her tit on my chest and breathing softly. Her hand on my stomach. BUT, as
I turned my head, Lisa was also laying in my arm, with her tits pressed
against my chest. She was also sleeping.

There, in both my arms, were the two most important women in my life.
Both holding me, lovingly.

I dozed off again with the peacefulness of it all.

I was awakened some time later by mom's soft sucking of my cock. It was
really gentle this time. I could sense her trying to give me pure
pleasure. I was hard. Her mouth felt wonderful.

Her fingers spreading her feelings and love all around my cock and
groin. Lisa had moved over on her pillow, but was still sleeping next to
me. Her tits gently rising and falling as she breathed.

mom was loving me with her mouth. She knew I was awake now. She moved
up on me a moment and kissed me. I missed this, she said. Then she went
back down and sucked me again softly.

By now, we knew each other's bodies. She knew when I was about to cum.
I was on edge now. She leaned over me and went all the way down on my
cock. She held me deep in her throat waiting for my spurts. She didn't
wait long. She sucked me silently, softly and with her love and caring.
She sucked each of my spurts. Her fingers gently but firmly squeezing up
my cock to drain my last drops into her mouth. She sucked my balls
tenderly. Her beautiful tits softly grazing my thighs as she brought me
back to earth with her gentle sucking and caresses. mom knew exactly how
to lower the flames of passion that were in my groin.

She got up and then came to my side again. She laid back down and put
her arm over my chest. Her tits pressed into my side.

Thank you mom, I whispered. Billy, I love you in my mouth, honey. I
love feeling your hardness, knowing I will have all my son's male seed
shooting into my body. I love feeling the hard shaft, the soft tip and
putting my tongue over it. I love the feel of your cock in my mouth. I
love how tender and soft your balls are when I suck them. I feel that
close bond between us honey. I have your whole maleness in my very mouth.
I try to give back part of my love for you with my mouth.

I love feeling you cum. I loved the excited feelings your cock goes
through as you are shooting and I am sucking you. I feel you going down my
throat and into my whole body. My tongue tastes your cum. The very heart
of your maleness that came from my own body.

Oh Honey, I love you. She leaned over me with her tits pressed into my
chest and kissed me softly. She pressed her tits into me a little harder
now, and then she laid back at my side.

She whispered back that Carol wanted badly to be with dad. They were in
her room now.

She pulled me tighter to her and again we drifted off to sleep.

It was early morning when I awoke. Lisa's arm was across my chest, her
leg across mine. She was breathing softly near my head. mom had rolled so
that her back was to me.

I was in a fine fix. I wanted to get up, but I didn't want to disturb
either of them.

I was finally able to slip uder Lisa's arm, and moved her leg very
slowly off me. I then slid inch by inch off the bed from between them. I
took a quick shower and went down and readied stuff for breakfast.

Carol had come down, and looked rather sleepy. nice night with dad? Oh
yeah. It always is, she said. She made a cup of coffee and asked me about
how things had gone with Patti and Sandy here. I said to wait and I would
tell everyone when they came down. I made a cup myself, and asked her
about Pauly, our cousin. She said he needs help. Badly. Lousy lover.
Clumsy and all. That's what Sandy and Patti said too. Especially Sandy. I
guess he hurt her inside by his clumsiness.

You and mom make out OK last night. Oh, hon. At first, we just went
tosleep holding each other. That was it. She had her top off and pressed
her tits into me and we went to sleep. But then in the middle of the night
she woke me up with one of her super nice BJ's. Oh Yeah? It was really
nice Carol. After I came, she came up next to me and we talked for a
little bit and we went back to sleep. Were you guys watching dad and me?
No. I was sleeping most of the time. When mom woke me up, Lisa had
already come in and was sleeping next to me too. mom mentioned that you
wanted to be with dad, so she came in with me.

Dad had now come in the kitchen and saod Good morning. He leaned ove
and kissed Carol. He gave her tits a little squeeze and sat down.

It was nice last night daddy. I missed you. Yes, it was nice

Carol helped me making the eggs & sausage and just as we finished, mom and Lisa came in the kitchen.

We put plates in front of each of them.

I looked at mom as I poured her coffee. I smiled and wiked at her. I
gave Lisa a nice morning kiss and we all ate.

I explained all the things that happened with Patti and Sandy. Wow, you
really did have an excuse for being tired and going to bed so early last
night. You better believe it dad.

I was praying you would ahve come home early to help me out with those
two dad. mom laughed. Listen to this...A man complaining about too much
pussy. We all laughed.

I told them that the couple across the road wanted us all to come over
for a party in their yard. mom seemed to turn serious now. She said, Last
night, when Billy went up to lay down, I went in to check on him. He did
something nice, that maybe all of us would like to try. He simply as ked
me to lay down with him and cuddle. Of course he asked me to take my
blouse off though.

So that's what we did. Yes. he touched my tit and we both went to
sleep real nice.

I wonder if we all should try that. maybe once a week at least where
none of us has sex? I mean the kissing and holding might be OK, but no

What do you guys think of this?

Lisa looked at me and then mom. I did just that last night, Does that
count? Everyone laughed. I don't know, Carol said. maybe it would be a
nice change. Dad was all for it. Well, it seems like everyone likes the
idea. Want to try it?

OK, we all said. Then we voted on what night. Wednesday most of us
said. Wednesdays always suck anyway Carol said. Just think, we might get
a full night's sleep again.

I think waht Billy did last night would be a good thing for all of us.
Give each of us a chance to really feel and talk to each other without
thinking of fucking right away. Lisa said she would agree with it. As
long as I feel Billy holding me, I don't really mind if he's in me.

I'll spring it on Jimmy this afternoon, Carol said. He might not like
the idea. I think another idea would be for us women to switch with our
men on these nights too. That way, our men would really get to know each
of us. Good thinking mom, carol said. Lisa thought, and then said good
Idea also. Lisa honey, mom said. Maybe you might want to mention this
idea to your mom and dad too. Maybe they would like it also. I will mom.
Now, how would you girls like to go shopping with me this afternoon? Great
mom. Well, now you guys will have to find something to occupy yourselves.
We will mom. Don't worry. As long as its not Wednesday, dad laughed.

I thought of taking dad across the street to Nikki and Dan's house for a

Why not meet us over there when you all get back?

OK. mom said. I haven't been over there yet anyway.

I gave Lisa a kiss and went out to clean the pool.

Dad busied himself with hosing down the cars.

By now, it was about noon, and I took dad over to nikki's house. He was
impressed right away with all the artistic work she had done around their
pool and yard. nikki was happy that we had come over. It was her first
chance to meet dad close up, without a lot of people around.

By the way, I have an appointment with that doc for my tits next week. I
can wait.

Then I'll probably really need one of Billy's famous tit masasages she
laughed. I'll probably sore for quite a while. Well come over here and
let me keep up my practice.

She did. She took off her top and dad's eyes popped out. She again sat
in between my legs as I reached down and caressed her heavy tits. After a
while, she had pity on dad and went over and sat in front of him. Now you
can get some practice too, she said.

Wait a minute darlin, I already have a lot of years pf experience. She
laughed as dad gladly played with her huge tits.

I dove in the pool now, as dad continued. It wasn't long before I
noticed her turning to him as she knelt there.

I saw her hand go to his cock in his shorts. By the time I swam around
the pool one more lap, she has his cock out and was stroking it. NOW, I
get some practice, she laughed. She started to lean her head and then gave
him a nice nlowjob.After dad came real nice, she rose and asked if we
wanted another beer. She gave dad one and put mine on a table. She dove
in and joined me in the middle of the pool. She playfully reached for my
cock under the water.

Its your turn now, she said. Lets go up on the patio. We bothclimbed
out and she knelt before me as I laid on a chaise lounge. She started to
suck me softly into a nice hard on. After she got into it, she motioned
for dad to get behind her and fuck her. Dad was all smiles as he got
behind her and aimed his cock. She began to suck me ti his rythym of
fucking her.

It wasn't long before she had me ready to cum.

Dad was fucking her slow and nice. He was really enjoying this. I
started to cum and dad stopped long enough for her to suck me, until I
finished. Then I let just him and her go at it. He fucked her steady for
at least another 15 minutes. They were both moaning and cumming after
that. I sat on a lounge drinking a beer. When they were done, Nikki pulled
him into the pool for a swim.

She seemed to be pretty happy, and I figured her problem with Dan being
able to fuck her was solved.

They finally came out of the pool and she sat near dad.

you know, she said, It really feels nice to be able to do this with
people you like. Nice afternoon in my own back yard. Yeah, it is nice, I
said. I guess you've probably realized that I love sex, she said to
dad.Its OK with me hon. I love it too.

You and your husband will have to come to our house for a swim again
too. She looked at me and realized I hadn't told dad about her "husband"
actually being her brother.

Dad was caressing her tits once again as she sat on the deck before him
on her favorite stool. It wasn't long before mom and Lisa had come into
her yard saying Hello?

Nikki invited them back. Dad was still naked and mom noticed
immediately. Cat's away mice do what? Did you take advantage of this poor
girl, mom asked dad? Oh no, Jean, It was the other way around.

I just paid him back for my tit massage. They laughed.

Lisa came over and sat on my lap. She shared a little of my beer.

You too? she asked. Yeah. A quickie BJ, honey. She forced me. I
swear she did. Yeah, sure. I'll get even when I see Dan. Uh Oh, Nikki
said. Is that a promise Lisa? They all laughed.

Hey, he wasn't bad the last time.

I didn't want to mooch off nikki, so I went across to our place and
brought over a case of beer and a stack of ready made hamburgers.

I had the grille going quickly and just as I finished , Dan came in from
work. He was surprised to see a party almost in fullswing already.

Especially noticing his sister walking around topless, and dad still
hadn't put his shorts back on.

Lisa gave me a smug look and walked over to Dan near the grille. She
put her arm around his waist and said, Yeah Dan, they started withour us,
already. She pulled him down to kiss her. Trying somehow to make me
jealous. Lisa pulled him toward a chair and pushed him into it. She sat
on his lap and they drank a beer. She was talking with him and laughing
about something.

By now. nikki had gotten up and dove in the pool again. She invited
mom. mom stared at me as if tosay should I?

Go ahead mom, I nodded. It was a hot evening. I figured that Nikki
would eventually fess up to at least mom about her brother sister thing
with Dan.

I expected mom to play stupid. mom stood up and took off her blouse and
shorts. She only hand on pantied and dove in.

Oh Jean! I was going to give you a suit! Don't bother hon. We all see
each other naked all the time around our house. Dan turned his head
looking straight at mom, in the pool now. He was listening carefully. No,
mom said. We've all seen each other for years.

I took pity on our growing son some time ago and even finished his
handjob for him. Nikki stared at Dan. he was still sitting with Lisa on
his lap, drinking a beer.

Oh, Don't look so surprised, Nikki. Mothers do stuff like that for
their sons all the time.

mom was breaking this unsaid ground with Nikki with a sledge hammer.
Yeah, mom said. I walked in his room and he was so involved in beating
that poor thing that I just had to help him out. It was fun jerking my son

I've watched him grow from the little boy to the man he is now. we've
never hid ourselves from our kids.

Nikki again looked at Dan up on the deck. She looked over at me as if
to ask if she should tell mom? I smiled and nodded yes. Her and mom went
to a corner of the pool. Jean, I need to tell you something..... Nikki
proceeded to tell mom what she already knew.

mom put her arm around Nikki's shoulder and they walked toward us. She
was smiling and told Nikki, Honey, it no big deal. mom got out of the pool
and went over to Dan now. Lisa got up and walked over near me and sat down
on a chair.

Dan, its perfectly OK with us what you and your sister are doing. Its
YOUR business. nikki was also out of the pool now, standing near dad.

mom put her hand on Dan's shoulder and kissed his cheek. Her tits swaying right in his face now.

I'll show you what I mean dan, Nikki.

mom moved over to me and reached for me to stand. Everyone was watching
her as she reached her hand down and pulled off my shorts and knelt before

She looked over at Nikki, and smiled. Think you're the only ones? mom leaned forward and quickly took my softened cock into her mouth and sucked me. Her tits once again pressing into my thighs.

feel good Billy honey? Oh yes mom?

Hey, Jim, billy likes the way I'm sucking him tonight.

Good for you hon. mom went backl tosucking me up and down quickly, not
using her normal niceties rigfht now. Her aim was to get me to cum, quick.
dad reached for Nikki and he pulled her down on his lap as they both
watched mom suck me so nice.

She's really good at that, Dad said to Nikki. Nikki was speechless.
Her eyes went from mine to looking at mom on her knees before me.

Dan wa in a trance watching also. nikki whispered to dad...You mean its
all right with you that your wife sucks your son? yes. They have a
special love they share.

Soon, mom had me really hard and excited. Her mouth went into full
sucking mode and she soon had me cumming in her mouth in front of everyone.
I looked at Nikki as I shot my first spurt, and then at Lisa as I finished
completely. I reached nd caressed mom's hair as she finished draining me.
I pulled her hands up and she rose to kiss me. Her tits pushed hard into
my chest deliberately.

Finally, mom took me by the hand and we walked over naked in front of
Dan. See what I mean Dan. There's nothing you guys need to fear from us.

By the way, I would like a taste of your cock later, if Nikki doesn't
mind. She smiled to a completely amazed Dan.

mom leaned to kiss him once more and then we went over to stand in front
of Nikki and dad. My son's cum tastes nice doesn't it Nikki.

Yes he does, Nikki finally answered. mom reached and caressed my
hanging cock as Nikki watched her hand. to tell you the truth, our
daughter carol would probably be sucking Jim right now, She's over there
resting right now. It's been a long day and night for her, mom said.

So now, we want you both to feel at ease around us from now on.

mom now reached down and took off her panties and we were both now
standing naked in front of Nikki and dad.

She put her arms around me and kissed me. She whispered in my
ear....Feel like licking me honey? Right here?

OK Mom. Lisa honey, You don't mind, do you? Oh no mom. Go ahead. I
think I'll be busy right now anyway. I knelt in front of mom now, standing
near thepool and in between both Nikki and Dan. I started to lick mom's
pussy mound, and slid my fingers into her widening crotch. I liked her
softly and ran my finger up into her pussy as she moaned softly. Her eyes
closing for long periods in front of all of them. Lisa moved over in front
of Dan, and knelt down between his legs. She reached to pull off his
shorts and finally had them off. Lisa massaged his cock and balls softly
and then smiled at him before lowering her mouth to his cock.

He moaned loudly as she sucked him. Nikki watching me eating mom and
Lisa sucking her brother.

Now, I laid mom down on an air matress and spread her legs and really
licked and sucked her into several cums. Both dad and Nikki watching our
whole act right in front of them. Dan watching me eat mom as my sweeheart
sucked him softly. I caught a glimpse of Nikki once again stroking dad's
cock. It wasn't lone before dad laid her almost next to mom and slid his
cok in and fucked her hard. He was close enough that he could lean opver
and kiss mom while he started to fuck Nikki.My cock was hard now, and I
rose from eating mom, to getting between her legs, She quickly grabbed my
cock and I slid into her wet pussy in one push. We fucked hard and fast.
Nikki watching my face as I fucked mom.

I could see her huge tits rolling up and down her chest as dad rammed
her. There were moans all over the patio now. Dan being sucked and both
dad and me fucking like hell.

The idea that our shared private secret was now out, added to the

Dan was the first to cum as Lisa sucked him. I could hear her moan as
she took his cum. I looked over for a moment and he was arching high off
the chair as she sucked his final cum shots into her mouth.

I went back to kissing and fucking mom with her arms around me.

She looked up at dad as he moaned fucking hard into Nikki. It seemd to
excite her even more, and she started to fuck me harder now. Pushing her
pussy up tight to me. I rotated hard and deep into her and came. Oh.
Billy, honey....shot it in me Honey. Shoot baby. Fill mom's pussy with
your juice. My cock let go and shot hard into her. My balls almost ached
as I emptied them into her. her pussy rotating also, humping up greedily
for my cum.

I leaned down and we kissed hard through our cumming. Her wetness and
needing oussy gripping and milking once again. Lisa and Dan were watching
both dad and I as we finished fucking now. mom held me to her and stroked
uop and won my back as she was coming down from her cum. Her pussy still
gently caressing my cock deep inside her. Nikki was still moaning softly
as dad pumped into her. mom and I now sat up and I held her between my
outstretched legs as we watched Nikki and dad come to the ending of thei
orgasms. Lisa's tits bounced softly and sexily as she pulled dan toward
the pool. They both jumped in and swam around.

Soon, they encouraged mom and me to join them.

I took hold of mom and picked her up. Then we both jumped in together.
We could hear dad and Nikki moaning loudly now as dad was fucking her with
sweat on his forehead now.

Fuck her good honey, mom urged. mom had broken the ice.

I'll bet Lisa did you good? mom said to dan as she reached under the
water to caress his cock. He still seemed a bit embarrassed by it all.
Mom leaned into him and deliberately pressed her tits into his chest. I'd
like to have this later,OK? He only nodded with his embarrassment.

Now, Nikki and dad were standing, and she hugged him. Her tits taking
up his whole chest and more.

Dad picked her up in his arms and jumped in also.

mom went over to her, Feel better now hon? Oh yes, Jean. I really do.
You peopleare so wonderful. Just relax and have fun, mom said. How was my
husband's cock? Oh, fantastic. I really came a lot. Many times as he
pumped the shit out of me. Wow. She waded over to Dan and hugged him
close to her, and kised him. Now he seemed to be a little more at ease and
openly kissed her with a passion. We clapped.

Oh, Look at true love we kidded. Lisa was now at my side and hugging
me. You're all welcome here anytime. Dan said. nikki smiling up at him.
You two are welcome over there also, both mom and dad said. I do believe
you might want to join one of our party nights over there, mom said. Carol
would love it.

Well, I said, I think Lisa and I will head over. It's been a long day
for us. Are you sure Billy? Yeah. We busy boys need our rest....AND SEX!
I laughed.

I think dad might have been a bit disappointed. I thought it would be
better for Dan and Nikki to get used to mom and dad for a while.

Lisa and I went back to the house and up to bed. We kissed and held
each other for a long while, and decided to make love in the morning.

She placed her head on my chest and we were asleep in a hurry.


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