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CAROL, mom & ME 65

I straddled her body now, still slightly heaving from her cums. She
squeezed her tits together with eagerness. Looking at my cock as I started
to slide between them.

OOOOHHH Your tits feel nice Annette. OOOOHHH As I slid my cock back and
forth between them. Her hands squeezing them tightly. Her nipples forced
outward, bulging now.

Fuck them honey. Have fun in my tits. I can feel your balls Billy. I
can feel your hard balls too. Lisa said she loves that most of all.
Feeling your hard balls filled with cum for her. She said she can feel
them going softer as she sucks you on her chest. OOOOHHH Annette...get
ready.... She lifted her head and stared at my cock as I neared her mouth.
I leaned over her in a straighter position for her to suck me now, and she
did. She sucked me hard as I slid in and out of her warm mouth.

UUUUUMMMMM she kept moaning. Now, I was almost laying with my cock
going straight into her mouth. Pumping up and down with my hips. She
pulled away for a second and said fuck my mouth Billy...fuck my mouth...and
went back to jerking and sucking hard. I came in large spurts. She made
gulping and sucking sounds as I shot into her mouth.

She was rolling her tongue all over my cock head and sucking rapidly.
My balls were exploding with her pleasuring and sucking. Shr really seemed
to like this.

I moaned and stiffened as she sucked me deep into her mouth. My final
spurt sent a spasm through my whole body. I stayed stiffened over her
mouth below me. My cock deep in her mouth as she sucked. Both her hands
reached up now and grabbed both sides of my hips. It took quite some time
before my spasms subsided. I rolled off and laid up on a pillow. She
quickly came up next to me. Her face flushed and traces of my cum on her
lips. Oh God, Billy. That was nice.

I love Jack, Billy. I really do, but he is just not good at making REAL
love. Can you understand me? He's good at fucking me and stuff, but he's
just not into all the extras, like you do. Lisa is really lucky to have
you honey.

She reached down and caressed my softened cock in her hand and gently
stroked it. I remember watching your mom when she sucked you at the pool
last week. Remember? Oh Yeah. I never forget what mom does to me. I
thought that was so hot Billy. I was cumming as I watched her suck you. I
wanted to come over and take over for her. I was busy holding your dad's
cock though.

Yes, Billy. You don't understand how good it is for us women to find a
good lover. Like I said, Jack loves me and tries to make me happy.
There's always that feeling that I just didn't get all the way to where I
need to go. Can you understand? I think so. Billy, when you were eating
me just now, I really came. I mean I really came hard. I was exploding
inside honey. The way you were fingering and sucking me as the same time
did it. Jack doesn't do me anything like that.

Teach him, Annette. Take the time to talk with him and explain how you
need it done. Its that simple. Oh, I'm afraid to Billy. He might feel
hurt or get mad. I doubt it. Say it to him nice. Guide him when he's
licking you. Tell him right out....There, right there honey. He'll get
the message.

I learned a lot from my mom, and I didn't feel bad when she showed me
how women like to be eaten or touched. Your mom taught you well Billy.
Remind me to thank her.

It took a little while for Lisa and me to learn each other too. Ohhh
she loves you so much Billy. You're a good lover too, Annette. The trick,
I think is to be completely open to each other when you're making love.
You're right Billy.

I heard all the time in school, that a lot of girls don't like to suck
cum. That's important to most guys though.

Oh. I've never minded much Billy. I enjoyed making Jack cum with my
mouth and taking him into me. It was exciting for me. I still love to
suck him when he least expects it.

She was still caressing my cock softly as she spoke.

He's pretty tired when he gets home from work sometimes. A lot of
stress with his particular job.

Sometimes I'll see it when he comes in, and I will try to bring him in
here and suck him nice before we have dinner. It seems to make him feel a
lot better then.

Before all these things happened between ours and your family, Lisa and
Jimmy both knew what I was doing to Jack in here. They knew I was giving
him a blowjob. I could see them smile at each other and then at me
afterward. Then after all this stuff happened and we all fuck one another,
I just leave the door open now. Not long ago, I was doing jack, and Jimmy
haooened to walk by. Jack noticed him and told me Jimmy was watching. It
made me all the more exciting as I sucked my husband.

Aftr that, Jack took a shower, and I took Jimmy into his room and sucked him real nice too.

That's good Annette. Now that this thing with Lisa has opened between
all of us, he seems a lot more open. Lisa loves him so. Sometimes I've
watched while they are making love, but usuall, I go qwith jimmy and we do
it too.

I know, Lisa asked me if it was OK with me if she keeps making love with
him after we marry? I told her it was OK. How about you and me Billy?
Will that be OK too?

Sure Annette. Sure. Lisa and I seem to have that undestanding and no
problems with it.

Good honey. I told her about mom's idea of no sex on Wednesdays. At
first she laughed, and then thought about it. Now that I think about it
Billy, she just might have something there. I'll talk to her about it.

My cock was half hard now in her softly stroking hand. Billy? Yeah?

Make love to me honey...make love with me again. Let me get you hard..
She moved over and knelt between my legs on the bed and started to suck me
softly. Caressing my sack and stroking so tenderly. Her tits hanging down
on my thighs. I could see her attractive well shaped ass high as she
sucked up and down on my cock. Just then, the phone rang. She raised her
head. Please answer that hon. Tell whoever it is I'm busy. You sure are
I said laughing as I reached for the phone.

It was Lisa calling from work. Hi honey. This is a surprise. I was
just thinking of you and mom. Has she fucked you yet? We're about to
honey. What is she doing? She's between my legs and sucking me right now.
Annette's eyes flashed as her mouth went back to my cock. Realizing I was
talking to Lisa.

Oh Billy honey. I wish I was there too. My pussy is wet thinking of
you two fucking all day. Billy? Yes honey?

Please put the phone by her ear, OK? Ok.

I leaned down and handed the phone to Annette. She said hi to Lisa nad
then Lisa must have been explaining to her how to suck me. OK Honey, I'll
do that. Annette smiled and said I'll do that too. Annette started to
stroke my cock with a swirling motion of her hand. Ok, honey what
now...Annette leaned over my cock and sucked me as she continued to swirl
her hand softly up and down...OOOOHHH I moaned.

He's moaning honey. She can hear you Billy. Annette went back to
sucking me softly as she stroked me like this. She said UM hm as her mouth
now went to my balls and sucked them. More um hms into the phone....Her
mouth opens and she sucked my balls into it.UUUNMMMMM

Lisa was telling her how to suck me.

It was feeling wonderful. Knowing my honey was instructing her mother how to suck my cock and watching and feeling her do it.

Oh Lisa. He's as hard as a fucking rock honey. His balls are so tight
and hard now....

She went back to sucking my whole cock into her mouth as she moaned . I
moaned. Her speed quickened as she moaned into the phone...I was near
cumming... I moaned and my hips were rising with the anticipation...

Oh Lisa, he's almost there honey...uuuummmm I don't want to miss his
cum... She slid her mouth straight down and sucked my whole cock into her
throat and sucked me hard and fast now.

I started to shoot into her throat and shot hard. I moaned loud with
the first shot deep into her sucking mouth. My hips were off the bed and
she held me tight in her mouth as I came. Her moans and fingers stroking
me hard and fast. Oh it was good. I came hard and her teeth scraped over
and over my cock head as I spurted.

Her teeth deliberatel scraped just behind my cock head as I came in her
mouth. My body tensed as my hips were high off the bed. Looking down at
her with my cock in her sucking mouth.

Finallly she had me. Completely. My cum subsided once again. Her
mouth sucked my cock deep into her mouth as I fell down to the bed once
again. She held me deep in her mouth as her tongue raced over and over my
whole cock inside her mouth. OOOOHHHH I was moaning continuously.

Lisa was listening as her mother sucked me back into softness and
completely sucked all my cum. We did him Lisa honey. He's smiling at me
now, and I emptied him honey. I'm softly stroking his soft cock now baby.

Yeah, he really likes that. God, he had a lot of cum honey. Does he
shoot like that with you too? Wow. Annette handed me the phone. How was
our blowjob honey? Wonderful babe. What ever you told her was really
nice. I love you Billy. I have to get back to work. Billy? Yeah hon? I
was cumming with you too. I was fingering my pussy under the desk here at
he same time. Glad I'm alone here.

OK honey. It was really hot. I really came hard in her mouth. She
wouldn't let go of my cock until she had me completely drained honey.
Good. I'll finish the rest tonight baby. I love you. I'll be there to
pick you up. OK. later sweetheart.

Oh Billy, that was exciting, Annette said as I hung up. That's a first
for me. Two blowjobs within an hour, she said. AND, you haven't even
fucked me yet!

What do you mean YET? I smiled. Let me recoup a little while OK,
Annette? Oh yeah hon. She gently reached for my softened cock again. I
want this guy hard for me. I pulled her over and kissed her and caressed
her tits softly. I was leaning against the headboard with her leaning on
my chest.

Here we are, fucking in the middle of the afternoon, and neither of us
have to feel the least bit guilty.

How much it all changed in just a couple months, she said. It seem's
like a nice thing, Doesn't it Billy?

Yeah, it really does. I love making love with mom. There is just that
specialness that we both feel when I'm in her. It's so hard to explain. I
know hon. I feel it too with Jimmy. Even though he's still inexperienced,
I feel that overwhelming feeling inside when he's fucking me too.

Now, around here, we get to do a lot of the things we always thought
about. No one fights or feels bad about anything. I know just about when
Lisa wants to be with her dad, and I go off with Jimmy. Its all seemed to
make us so much closer together now. Most of the time her and me will talk
to each other about how nice it was and things. It did feel strange at
first. Here's my daughter talking to me, about sucking or fucking my own
husband and her own father.

Us too, Annette. mom enjoys being there when Lisa and I are making
love. A lot of times she will reach her hands to play with Lisa's clit and
my balls when I'm pumpinp into her.

She knows it will really get each of us off. She'll say fuck my son
Lisa. Fuck him with your warm wet cunt, and things like that. Lisa will
start humping up at me a lot faster and harder. I will start ramming into
her hard. We really cum hard then. mom is still stroking her clit and my
cock as I fuck hard into her. Wow.

Hey, maybe I'll do that when her father's fucking her next time. It
would be fun, I think.

She stretched out now on the bed. Her legs spread wide. I looked down
at her body. Really in nice shape for her age. No fat. Just her large
tits, So milky. So inviting for any man, with their hard nipples.

I moved down and leaned over her. I kissed her softly and caressed each
of her tits as we kissed. My hand slowly moved its way down to her widely
spread pussy and I caressed it for a long time. Finger fucking her slowly
as we kissed.

I could feel my cock slowly start to harden for her.

Her pussy was wet. I got off the bed and pulled her legs over the edge
and knelt down once again and licked her into another cum. As she was
cumming with loud and excited moans, I quickly stood up and rammed my cock
into her. I leaned over her on my hands and fucked her hard and fast. I
pumped deep with each stroke. Slamming my body into her groin with each

She was moaning and screaming now. Her eyes closed tight as she fucked
up hard back at me. OOOOHHHH Billy....OOOOHHH fuck me fuck me fuck me.

Oh I love this Billy. Ohhh.

I rammed into her wet softenss and came hard once again. My balls were
hurting from the explosion. I stayed rammed tight against her soaking
pussy as her hands rapidly went all over my head. Kissing her now.

Oh fuck, oh fuck fuck fuck Billy, she gasped. That was so good. Oh
Billy....OOOOHHH Fuck fuck fuck.

She was heaving and gasping now, as I also tried to catch my breath.

Oh Billy, that was such a wonderful cum and fucking.

Stand up Billy. I want to suck the cock that just made me cum so nice.
There MUST be a couple drops of your cum left. She pushed me up quickly
and knelt before me sucking my softened cock hard. Squeezing her fingers
on it into her mouth. OOOHHH Billy...she looked up at me.

Oh Billy....I haven't been fucked that good in so long...her head went
back to sucking my cock deep in her mouth. Her arms reaching around my
hips now. Forcing my entire cock into her mouth.

UUUUMMMM she moaned over and over with her excitement. her tits pressed
tightly against my legs.

Finally she sat back on her legs looking up at me....

Oh that was so good. Her tits still heaving up and down and shaking. I
reached for her hands and pulled her up and kissed her. Lets take a swim,
OK? Yeah. We could use a little cooling off right now.

She reached in a drawer and pulled out one of Jack's suits.

We don't have the privacy here that you guys do over there.

She quickly put on a two piece and we dashed down into the pool.

We swam around for a while and then laid on a lounge.

Annette? Yeah hon?

I would like to make love with you and my mom at the same time,
sometime. Would you go for that?

Oh Billy. That might be pretty nice. Yeah, sure I would do it, if your
mom wants to. Maybe sometime this weekend I said. OK Billy. I'm sure we
will have a lot of fun.

We rested for about an hour. Annette made a couple fo sandwiches and
iced tea.

Jack would be home soon, and would probably wantto make love with her
since they were alone now.

I got dressed and kissed her. She lifted her bra top off and asked me
to suck her nipples just once more before I left. It was a pleasure. I
caressed them softly andlicked them as she stroked my hair. I told her we
would see her ove the wekend.

Carol seemed a bit moody when I got back to the house.

mom was still gone with Nikki.

Where were you? She asked as I walked up on the deck.

I dropped off Lisa at work, amd then went to see Annette. I suppose you
fucked hr? Oh yeah. For three hours hon.

I could see her aggravation plainly now.

I wasn't really sure if i could stay hard now, or even cum. Annette had
really sucked my hard the last time.

I decided I would try. I leaned over and took Carol's hand. Come on
hon. Lets you and me go upstairs. her smile was all over her face. Oh
great Billy. Let's go. She dashed through the house quickly and was
peeling off her bikini bottom as we got into her room.

Her pussy was so inviting. I knelt down right away in front of her and
started to lick her bush ans slide my fingers into her slit. OOOOHHH
Billy. I've been so fucking horny allday.

OOOOhh eat me Billy. Suck my pussy. I pushed her back on the bed and
she spread her legs wide for me. Od suck me Billy. Her hands holding her
pussy lips wide for me. I leaned down and licked her up and down and then
slid my tonbgue intoher slit/ I sucked her clit and her whole offered pussy for quite a while. I enjoyed my sistr's aroma. Her taste.

OHHH Billy. It feels so nice. I'm near a cum billy. I sucked her clit
and finger fucked hre quicker now, and brought her to a nice cum. I
quickly raised up and slid my half hard cock into her and she humped me
hard. Her eyes opening andclosing quickly. Her tits flopping up and down
always excited me. My cock hardened as I began to fuck into her wonderful
wetness. Thinking of all the other women now. Carol's pusy was really
unique. It felt different somehow that anu of the others. Her pussy milked me with a difference from the others.

Oh Carol. You feel so nice honey. So do you billy. We fucked slower
and really enjoyed talking to each other, Looking right into each other's
eyes as we slowly fucked.

Oh this is nice Billy. Its been a while since you and me fucked. I was
still standing on there floor as I leaned into her and fucked. Turn over
honey. Lets fuck from behind for a little while. Oh sure, Billy. I like
that way. She got on her hands and knees to me now, looking back over her
shoulder. offering her complete self to me.

I slid my cock into her wetness and we fuked nice for about another five
minutes and then I felt her cum begin again. I rammed her hard and felt my
cock nearing an explosion.

Oh billy....I'm letting go now...ooohhh billy its so nice when you and
me fuck. Oh bil, I'm cumming. She moved nack and forth on my cock as I
felt her inner juices drench around my cock.

Carol. carol...I can feel you Billy. I can feel you shooting deep in
my pussy. Oh Its making me cum again, Billy. her pussy slowly moving back
and forth. Softly gripping and lovingly caressing my cock as we both were
cumming. I was holding her hips gently as I pushed deep into her with my
final spurt. Her pussy gripped and sucked me deep into her very womanhood.
It held me there.

I caressed her lower back and ass as we slowly came down from our cum.
Finally I pulled out of her and ran my palm up and down her whole wet pusy
softly. One hand on her ass, and my right hand caressing her. Fingering
her from behind as she knelt on the bed.

i could feel her body relax. Now she leaned her head down on to her
arms on the bed. her ass still high as my hand caressed her whole ass and
pussy. I slid my two fingers softly in and out of her hole and felt her
juices. Her softness.

My fingers lovingly up and down her entire slit.

Her hips moving in reaction to my hand job of her sex.

Soon, she stiffened and I felt her cumming once again. This time it was
softer, her moans of enjoyment. Oh Billy...OOOO She finally fell forward
and laid flat on the bed. I laid next to her and we faced each othe
kissing and holding our bodies tight to each other. Her tits pressed into
me tightly. sister and brother sharing complete love and sex.

Oh Billy, its always so nice when you and me do it. I seem to cum a lot
softer with you in me. It seems to last longer too. Oh Billy. I love
you. I love you too honey.

I was caressing her back and ass as we held each other tight. Her hand
was doing the same on me. It was nice to have made her cum like she did.

Oh Billy, mom always says how different she feel having your cum in her,
because she's our mom.

But I feel a lot like that too. Having your cum inside me. My
brother's cum is in me. I feel a lot different when Jimmy cums in me. You
seem a lot more special somehow Billy. mom says that too hon.

I know I feel a lot diffferent when you and me fuck, and different with
mom, too. Then Lisa. She's completely different.

When I cum with you it feels so different. I really like the way your
pussy seems to suck me Carol.

It feels so nice deep inside. You feel good in there too Billy.
Especially when I feel you shooting your cum deep in me. Wow. It does
something in there Billy. It makes me cum all over again.

I like to try to squeeze your cock when its in me.

We were still caressing each other, as I pulled back from her to suck
her nipples.

She held my head softly to her tits.

Oh Billy, this is so nice. I feel nice inside now. Now, I was hoping
mycock would work once more so I could fuck her again.

I knelt ove her and she knew thatI wanted her tosuck me. I moved a
pillow under her head and she stroked my cock as she opene her mouth and
sucke me softly. I wa grazing her tits with my ass as I slowly pumped hr
mouth. Her eyes closed and she moaned softly as she sucked. Her tobgue
rolling ove my cock head. She had me hard in a couple minutes, and I moved
down as she aimed my cock into her. We fucked slow, and with feelings. No
rush. It lasted quite a whuile before she started to spasm and I felt her
pussy going through its usual contractions of he cum.

I felt my cum coming out in light spurts and it was nice. Our hips
ground to each other as her pussy once again milked me.

I laid on her for quite a while. Finall, I got off and stood up. She
sat on thre side of the bed looking up at me. Just a tenderness in her
eyes. She reached and hugged my hips to her. Her face just to the side of
my wet hanging cock.

Her arms around me speaking for her.

I pulled her upand we kissed as tender as we ever had. Yes. She was my
sister, and we had just made nice love.

I'll see you later hon. I need to lay down for a while. OK Billy.

I turned to go to my room. Billy? yeah hon? I love you, as she stood
there completely naked. Wake me in a couple hours hon, or when mom comes
home, OK. Sure Billy.


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