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CAROL, mom & ME 66

It was a few hours later that I was awakened by a nice sucking on my
cock. I opened my eyes, and it was mom. She was laying between my legs
sucking me nicely.

Good afternoon honey, she smiled. Her tits were bare and she still had
her shorts on. Its time for dinner hon.

Did you like the way I woke you? Oh yes, mom. You know I love that.

Want me to finish? Please mom. Yes. Can't leave a guyl like this,
with my cock raging and throbbing.

She smiled at me as she stroked me softly and then lowered her mouth to
suck me softly. She jerked me and licked so nice.

UUUUMMMM, she softly moaned. I spurted, but not a whole lot this time.

She realized it also. Carol and me..... Oh. She smiled again. She
rose and I got off the bed. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Her
wonderful tits pressing into me softly.

Holding her to me like this felt wonderful. My mother and lover.

Her arms went around me, and I realizing she just sucked my cock. My
own mom, just sucked my cock again, of her own free will. With her love,
and for our love. I turned her around and reached to hold her tits softly
as I kissed her neck. My hands went over her tits and stomach. After a
few minutes, I turned her again and we kissed as lovers. I could feel her
inner passion.

Later tonight mom? I asked. OK, hon. I want your father tonight
though too. I caressed her tits and then started to get dressed for

The rest did me good. I felt a lot better now.

Carol got up and gave me a nice kiss as I walked in the kitchen. Dad
was just coming in the door from work now.

mom gave him a nice kiss, and once again he openly caressed her tits as
they kissed in front of Carol and me. He leaned over Carol, reached and
caressed her tits in front of mom and me. He kissed her cheek, hello.

There was a peacefulness between all of us now. I think we each could
feel it.

Now I asked mom about Nikki? Oh, hon, I almost forgot. It turned out
great. Really! They're keeping her overnight to make sure of no
complications. I went in to see her an hour afterwards. you won't believe
how good she's going to look now.

Carol, she went down at least three cup sizes.

What a big difference. The doc told her therre would be swelling for a
while, but that would go away with ice packs in a day or two.

Wait til yu guys see them, she said to dad.

I mentioned that Annette was next for the same thing. Dad said what do
you mean? I told him that she wants to go down a couple sizes too. It was
Annette's doc that Nikki went to. Her tits are also too heavy for her
frame, honey. mom said to dad. Yeah, I guess they are a little too big
now that I think of it.

Billy was over there making love to her all afternoon, dad. Carol said.
Oh yeah? I hope you left a little for me this weekend? he laughed.

You can always use mine daddy, if you're horny enough, Carol said

Are you bringing Lisa here tonight Billy? dad asked? Yeah. I have to
pick her up in about an hour.

Well, dad said, I think I'll go out to the pool and have a beer. I'll
join you in a minute dad, I said. mom and Carol did the dishes and dad and
I went out and talked on the deck for a while. He was feeling happy.

Its still a strange feeling for me Billy. This new thing that both of
us are making love with mom now. I'm making love with Carol too. mom seem's so happy about all of this.

I notice how tenderly you treat her too Billy. She's wonderful inside
isn't she? Oh yes, dad. She really is.

I tried explaining that special feeling I got with her.

She said the same thing to me too, Billy. She said something strange
and nice happens to her when you're in her. I feel something like that
with Carol too. Someting really makes me explode with her.

I'm just so glad these pills seem to be working so well. I haven't had
any problems since I started taking them. I'm glad dad.

Are you and mom....? I don't know. She did mentioned she wants to make
nice love with you later, and maybe after you go to sleep, she wanted to
come to me also. Its something special for her she says, to have both of
our cum inside her. Yeah, she said that to me too.

I'm not sure about later. Lisa will be here anyway. I just can't
explaing how very special it feels for me when mom and me make love. It's
like seeing stars when we hit an orgasm. Like an electric shock, that I
never feel with anyone else.

She's said she feels this too, deep inside her somewhere, Billy.

I know one thing dad, I've come to love her so much deeper. The nice
thing is that there isn't any jealousy. Now that I've seen all these sides
of her.

No Billy, not from me, anyway. I love mom with all my heart. I feel
our deep love every time I kiss her and make love with her. You're a big
part of her love too, Billy.

It even seems more exciting for me now, when she tells me that she wants
both of our cum in her. She just seems so much happier and eager for
making love since all this has started.

Well, I have to go get Lisa. Later dad. OK Billy.

Lisa was waiting as I pulled in the doctor's drive.

She had been saving her horniness all day for me. She immediately knelt
on the seat and kissed me all over. Oh you and mom have me so fucking hot
all day long. Oh I can't wait to get home and have you in me Billy. OOOHH
Honey. Relax a little honey. Relax hell, Billy. My pussy's been wet all
day. I even had to put a tampon to stop it this afternoon.

She leaned over and kissed me once more and then we took off.

Honey? Yeah, Billy? I would like to do something with mom and dad
tonight. I just don't know if you would want to though???

What is it honey? Want me to fuck your dad?

Not quite honey. I would like to have both you and me kneeling on the
floor at the foot of their bed and you sucking dad, while I lick mom to
make them both cum!

Oh, Billy. That's so fucking hot. So fucking sexy. Afterwards, you
and me can go back to my room and fuck our brains out.

Oh, that's an OK idea Billy. Yeah. I'll do it with you. I don't mind
sucking your dad's huge cock. It's almost like yours anyway.

OK. We can watch for the right time on the monitor tonight. Honey?

Yeah Billy?

I also thought we could do the same thing to your mom and dad too, When
I stay over there with you. Oh neat, Billy. Yeah. It would blow their
minds to be eaten and sucked off together. So, Now, Honey, Will that hold
you off til later tonight? Oh I think so Billy. Billy? Yeah hon? Why
don't we both fuck them after we do them? Do you want to? Oh, yeah. Why
not? We can always fuck together later. OK honey. We will have to time
this so we get them before they start with themselves.

Won't they be surprise??? I can just imagine YOUR mom and dad when we
do them!!!!

Oh Lisa, it really was nice with your mom this afternoon. Don't get me
started again Billy. My pussy is finally getting dry for a while.

mom had a couple of sandwiches and salad ready for Lisa when we got
back. What are the smiles all about, you two? mom asked. Never mind mom.

It was about 10 PM now, and mom said she was going to take a quick
skinny dip and then go to bed.

I started to take off her blouse right there in the kitchen in front of
Lisa, still eating. I caressed mom's tits as I stood behind her. Lisa
watching. Then I peeled her shorts off and knelt behind her and licked her
ass cheeks. My hands reaching in front to caress her pussy mound as Lisa
smiled. mom moaned. Oh Billy. You always do such nice things to us

Now let me go, so I can have a short swim. She pulled away smiling and
ran into the yard naked.

You are one horny fuck, Billy. Lisa said.

Yeah, but you girls all love it.

She finished eating, and we went up to my room. Carol was sleeping now.
We took our clothes off and laid next to each other. Kissing and feeling
each other all over.

About twenty minutes later, we heard mom come upstairs. I turned on the
monitor from their room. mom was standing at the foot of the bed and
looking down at dad, smiling. He reached for his cock and was holding it
up to her as if offering it to her. We better move now, or mom will start
to suck him soon, I said.

Yeah, let's go in there now Billy. I'm so fucking horny... We dashed
out of bed and opened their door. It surprised both of them. Sorry about
the no knock, I said. But this is an emergency. Lisa and I were both
standing naked. I grabbed mom and laid her quickly down on the bed with
her legs hanging off. Lisa quickly grabbed dad's legs and urged him down

We're going to do both of you right now. Yeah, Lisa said. Her mouth
closed quickly on dad's cock as mom watched.

I quickly spread mom's legs and buried my mouth into her pussy. Both of
them let out loud moans as we sucked them. I could see Lisa's head going
up and down as I licked mom completely. Dad's cock was almost all the way
into Lisa's mouth as he moaned. His arm went under mom and they slightly
turned to each other. He kissed her as Lisa sucked him softly. His huge
cock hard as a rock now. mom was moaning into dad's mouth as I licked her
clit. I stuck two fingers into her pussy and fucked her with them as I
sucked up and down her slit.It was wide open to me now. Oh honey....our
son is eating me so nice....OOOOHHH Honey. Lisa's is sucking you....OOOOHHH Honey. What a closed down on her mouth

Oh honey, Billy's sucking my clit...OOOOHH please suck my tits honey.
Please suck my tits. Dad moaned and said he was being sucked so
nice....Both of them moaned as dad leaned to lick and suck mom's nipples. I
was watching him as I licked and sucked mom's entire pussy.

mom started to cum now.....OOOOOhhh Honey, our son is making me cum honey. My cum is going into his mouth. He's sucking me nice Honey.

OOOOHHH Oooohhh Dad's cock was being sucked nice by Lisa, quietly
stroking him at the same time. Oh honey, I'm cumming in my son's
mouth...ooooohhh he's eating me so nice....

Oh honey, suck my tits's hips gently rose and fell as I
licked her, sucked her. I was buried deep into mom's wetness now. Licking
and sucking softly as she moaned.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. I rose and leaned slightly
over her and slid my cock in her as her legs draped over the edge of the
bed. I fucked her deep as dad continued to suck her tits and kiss her all
over. He had moved almost on his side and Lisa had followed him with her
mouth and hands.

Oh honey, Lisa's got my cum HOOOONNNEEEYYY. Oh honey. she's sucking my
cum.....I could see Lisa sucking up and down with her hand jerking his huge
hard on firmly into her mouth. mom was wonderful inside as I fucked her.
Her pussy caressing my cock. Her gentle rising and falling of her pussy to
meet my thrusts into her.

OOOOOHHH Honey, our son is fucking me....OOOOHHH his cock is so deep in
me.....Honey, hold me tight....he's fucking me so nice....My own son is
fucking me again honey.

Lisa has all my cum too honey. She's still sucking me a little baby.
Dad kissing mom deeply as we took their cum into our mouths, and on my

Mom's gentle humping at my sucking and licking mouth.... again

I felt her coming down slowly from her orgasm, now. Finally, Lisa and I
stood. I put my arm around her as we smiled down at both mom and dad.
Holding each other. Dad's cock all wet from Lisa's mouth and his dribble
of cum. Mom's pussy wide open to me. Very wet. Her hips still gently
rising and falling as if I was still sucking her. Dad holding her tight to
him. It was still exciting to look down and see mom spread wide like this.
Her complete womanhood exposed to me. Her complete sex, with her juices
flowing through her pussy.

That was wonderful Billy. Yes. Thank you Lisa. Well, Good night you

Good night Billy. Good night Lisa.

I turned quickly and looked at Lisa. Just a second honey. Just a
second. I knelt down once more and sucked mom's pussy up and down. I
sucked her whole slit and clit hard this time. I felt her whole groin
shake now. I knew she had one more cum in her. She was moaning loudly now
as I sucked her. Her hips really humping as she came in my sucking mouth.
Finally, her body relaxed and I stood. I knew there was one more mom. I
took Lisa's hand and we left.


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