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CAROL, mom & ME 68

It dawned on me that since Jimmy was away camping with his friends,
Carol was mostly alone. It made sense then to engineer a little needed
quality of life issue for her. Since Nikki was still in the hospital til
tommorrow, that meant that Dan would be alone and maybe needy.

Come on Carol, you really didn't get the chance to meet Dan. You were
busy with Jimmy when they were here. I'll take a 6 pack ove and
reintroduce you to him.

He's probably trying to figure out how to turn on the stove right now.
Carol laughed as she went with me across the road to Dan and Nikki's house.

We came to swim in your pool, eat all your food and piss in your fish
tank, I said. Dan smiled and asked us in. We all went to the patio out

This is my sister Carol, Dan. Oh hi, I really didn't get the chance to
meet you at the house last week. You seemed engrossed in a young guy
there. Carol seemed to blush. She was wearing a long sleeve shirt of mine
over her two piece.

Hey, Dan said, the pool's always open if you want to jump in. Yeah,
Carol said, maybe I will. Dan and me had a beer while we watched her swim.

He said that we would all be amazed by Nikki's surgery. He had just
came back from seeing her. He liked what he saw.

Carol was doing a back stroke now, all around the pool. It made her
perky tits push hard in her bra top, and her nipples plain as day.

Dan's eyes followed her for quite a while, as she swam. She's quite a
dish he said. Yeah, she is Dan.

Coming in? Nah. I was in half the morning over there. I have to do
some work at the house anyway. I'll see you later. Hey, you're leaving
this gorgeous girl behind? Just don't let her hurt you, I said. She can
be dangerous, around curves, and hard immovable objects.

AND, she knows her way home. See you later, Dan. OK. If I knew Carol,
and her horniness right now, it wouldn't be long before Dan was riding side
saddle with her.

mom asked where Carol was, and I looked at my watch. I would guess that
right about now, she's taking off her bra top. Where? At Dan's.

Dan's? Yeah. I just walked over there with her and reintroduced her to
him. I figured he needed company while Nikki was still in the hospital.
She was moping around here all day....

Last I saw her she was doing the backstroke in his pool. Its my guess
he's doing the breast stroke on her now. mom laughed.

Well....That looks like its just you, me and dad for dinner then. How
about if I eat you now, then it will just be you and dad for din din?

mom laughed again. Is that all you ever think about? Sex? There's
three things important in life mom. Sex, women, and more sex.

Oh Billy, I'm still thinking about upstairs a little while ago. That
was nice honey. When I saw you out in the yard a while ago, right away I
thought, I have his seed inside me right now.

I hugged her and gave her a nice kiss.

That was really nice stuff you did with Lisa and me mom. It was super
sexy for both of us. I love both of you Billy. That was right from my
heart to both of you and your pleasure.

I felt just that mom. When you had my balls in your mouth...OOOOHHH I
was in the middle of cumming in her...Oh mom. That was so fantastic for

Billy, I feel your entire manhood when I hold your balls in my mouth.

I was seeing stars mom. I've never cum that hard before. All the time
I was shooting and you were holding my balls in your mouth...OOOOHHH it was

mom reached and hugged me again. I reached down and ran my hand softly
over and over her nice ass. You're so sensual mom. So feeling. That's
our love that we share Billy. That is what you feel from me, and you to

I feel something slightly different with your dad, too. I've always
loved sex and loving honey. I've always done my best to be a good wife for
him. Your father and me have grown a hundred times over since we married.
These seem to be our best years yet. Especially that you and Carol are
grown, and we are all making love with one another.

We still have an hour before dad will be home for dinner honey..Do you
want me again?

Yeah mom, I said. I picked her up in my arms and said. Let's go love
each other. I carried her up the stairs as she laughed at the surprise.

I put her on her bed, and she turned to me. Kissed me tenderly. Billy
honey...take me from the back again honey.

Ok mom, I like it that way too. It lets me hold your tits while I'm in
you. I can feel your hard nipples in my hands and it makes me more
excited. Yes, I really like that too honey. I pulled off my shorts and mom laid on the bed.

She rolled over as she grabbed a pillow to put under her. Her ass was
just the right height as I knelt behind her and entered her warm pussy.

We fucked a long time, this time. Saying pleasant and nice things to
each other as we felt the juices of each of us blending. Her tits in my
hands so softly. My lips near her ear.

This feels so nice Billy. Makes me feel so complete. Her ass moving
sensually into my groin, as my cock plunged deep in her pussy from behind.

After a while, I rolled her over and entered her from the front. This
time she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist, and pushed her pussy as
hard as she could up to me.

I leaned on my hands and slowly fucked her. In and out, in and out. My
hips going in circles as my cock slid into her.

It was nice with no rushing. Mom's tits gently swirling as we fucked
each other. It was always real sensual to see a woman's tits roll like
this when being fucked.

Now mom loosened her legs and spread wide. I knew she wanted to speed
up and be rammed into her cum. I started to pump harder now, as her eyes
closed. I knew her well enough to know that it would not be long before
her cum would drench my cock.

OOOOHHH Honey. Its nice. I'm cumming on your nice cock baby. I feel
you mom. Oh Billy, I love this so.

I leaned in a different position as I fucked her now. I was trying to
force my cock to scrape her clit as we neared our cum. I saw her eyes and
realized I had done it. Her hips making mini movements with my cock buried
in her.

She watched my face as she knew I was almost ready.

Give it to me honey. My pussy's waiting for it. Her hands went to my
face and caressed it as she felt me starting to shoot. She pulled me down
and kissed me.

OOOOHHH mom. I spurted deeply in her. Her pussy contracting and
hugging my cock. Sliding slowly and milking my entire cock within her. I
could feel her hardened clit rubbing against my shaft.

Her wetness flowing all around my cock and groin. Quietly we both came.
I think mom had several orgasms feeling me shooting into her.

I stayed in her for quite a while as she rubbed her hands up and down my
back. Both of us kissing with a tenderness. Her tits pressed hard into my

I could feel her pussy, as always, still milking and gently squeezing my

I pulled out finally, and laid at her side. My hand caressing her tits.
I leaned over her again and kissed her. Straightening her mussed hair.

Her legs were still spread wide in her afterglow. That certain look of
peace on her face. I reached down and placed my hand up and down her pussy and slowly caressed her entire slit. Her pussy opened even wider, as if a
complete surrender. I massaged her entire pussy as I kissed her once
again. Her hands slowly going through my hair.

We didn't need a lot of words now. Her pussy was gently rising and
falling in appreciation of my hand caresses. I felt all her wetness from
her orgasms. The swollen pussy lips, as I gently caressed each one
separately. My non demanding caressing of her clit as I slid my finger up
and down in circled it softly.

Her kisses were complete tenderness. Finally, I moved my caressing hand
up to her mound for a while and on up her stomach, tits and to her face.
We kissed once more, and then got dressed for dinner.

She stood there after she put her clothes back on and looked at me.
Billy, it was so nice. I'm so glad that we had the real time for this.
Not rushing. Feel nice honey? Yeah, mom.

You brought me down nice Billy.

She hugged me and kissed me once more and we went downstairs. I helped
set the table, and soon, dad's car was in the drive. His usual kiss, and
caressing of her tits. Oh, your nipples are hard already? He smiled. mom blushed.

You look radiant honey. Dad said.

I should Sweetheart. Billy and me just did it so wonderfully.

He smiled at her, and looked at me. Seem's you're becoming quite the
lover, Billy! Yes, he really is, Jim.

Yes he is.

He smiled when we told him where Carol was.

I'll take care of the dishes mom. Oh, would you Billy? Yeah. Dad went
into the parlor and was about to read the paper now. mom came up behind me
at the sink and caressed my cock in my shorts.

You had yours honey. Now I want to do dad. I'm going in to give him a
nice BJ. OHHH You are one hot woman mom, I whispered. I told you honey, I
love sex and loving. I deeply love your dad and you. Want to watch me
honey? Maybe mom. I started the dishes and saw mom go behind dad's
recliner and lean down to run her hands over his head and chest. She
kissed his forehead. She opened her blouse and placed her tits on both
sides of his head as she massaged his hair. Her head was down at the side
of his as she ran her hands over him. Her tits pressed into his meck and
head from the back.

She massaged his neck, and he moaned in appreciation.

finally, I saw her come around front, and kneel between his legs. She
cupped her tits and smiled at him. He reached to caress them softly. She
was rubbing her hands over his cock in his pants as she smiled up at him.

Care for an after dinner BJ honey? As she unzipped his pants.

I watched as she unbuckled his pants and pulled them quickly down. Her
face a big smile as she caressed his hardening cock. I watched her stroke
it with love. Leaning forward and licking up and down, smiling up at him.

Dad smiling back at her. This was their sex, their love.

She pulled his cock down slightly and then lowered her mouth to it. Dad
moaned as she sucked him deeply.

I watched a minute more as mom pleasured him, and then went out to the
pool deck.

When I came back in, about twenty minutes later, they were gone. I knew
they were now upstairs making love.

It was almost time to pick up Lisa now, so I decided to leave and drive
around for a while.

Lisa was waiting as I pulled into the doctor's drive. We kissed and she
asked me if I would like to stay at her house tonight?

Yeah, sure honey. mom and dad are into a night of love right now. She
was giving him a nice BJ in the parlor when I left, then they went

Carol's over at Dan's across the road. Probably for the night now. Oh
yeah? I took her over there this afternoon. She was horny and all pissed
because your brother took off on that camping trip. Nikki's still in the
hospital till tommorrow afternoon anyway.

Her mom and dad were out at their pool when we pulled in. Her dad
reached for a beer from the cooler for me as I walked up on their deck.

Annette was smiling as I leaned down to kiss her hello.

He's going to stay tonight mom, Lisa said. Oh good, Billy. Lisa pulled
me away from her mom and said there's a pile of trunks there in the pool
shed. I'm going up to get mine on. Can't wait to get in the water. I
changed quickly and went back to the pool deck. Her father said I could
probably start the new job with him on Monday or Tuesday of next week.
That's great I said.

Don't expect to be working too hard the first day Billy. You'll be busy
meeting most of the people there.

I think you'll like the place, Jack said. By now, Lisa was back down in
her sexy new two piece. Showing it off to all of us. It really made her
look nice, and showed off her nice tits well.

I really like it Lisa. Just sexy enough.

The top tended to squeeze her tits together a little more than the other
suits. It caused a long tit valley. If you looked closely, you could
plainly see her nipples pressing through. Just exactly what girls want to

I openly caressed her tits in front of her mom now. Lisa finally turned
and dove in the water.

Annette went in and brought out a tray of sandwiches and more beer.

:isa came out of the water and sat across my lap as she ate a sandwish.

Her tits inches from my face.

I like the way this top squeezes your tits together like this.

By the way Annette, Nikki had the boob job done today. I guess they
took her down three sizes. She's being kept over night and will be home

Oh, I have to get over there and see them she said. I want these done
so bad. Holding her own tits up in her suit top.

Lisa will probably end up with her tits being this large too, Billy. It
runs in my family. Oh mom, my tits are just fine. I know they are, I said
and I placed my hand on her chest.

Maybe this weekend we can all have another party at our house, Annette.
We'll invite Nikki and her brother over. Her brother? Yeah. Oops! Lisa
hadn't told them about Nikki and Dan yet. Oh I forgot all about it mom,
Lisa said.

Dan and Nikki are sister and brother. No shit? Jack said. I told them
the story and they were both amazed. Who would have thought? her mom said. They seem so nice together.

Carol's over there right now fucking Dan. Lisa said. She was pissed
because Jimmy took off on his camping trip without any warning.

Yeah, they said. He should have at least warned her ahead of time.
Annette stood now, and took off her top, throwing it to the deck. She
massaged her large tits and smiled at me.

Then she jumped in the pool. Jack jumped in soon after.

We watched them as they swam around playing like young kids feeling each
other up.

He came up behind her as she faced us. Putting his hands under her tits and caressing them. I love these tits just like they are, he said to all
of us.

Yeah, honey, YOU don't have to carry them around all damn day long. He
eased her to the side of the pool and lifted her so that she was sitting on
the edge. He leaned forward and started to lick and kiss her inner thighs
and put his mouth directly over her pussy through her suit.

Her hands went to his head as she laid back on the deck, almost in front
of us now.

He continued to press his mouth into her pussy through the suit as his
hands went up and caressed her tits. Her hips gently rising to meet his
mouth. He was smiling.

She was writhing her hips sensually at him. OOOOHHH, Jack....In front
of our kids?

OOOOHHH His mouth went back to her mound again.

Lisa felt my cock hardening under her ass across my lap. Uh Oh. Mom,
You're giving my future husband a hard on now.

Her dad smiled....well honey, you should know by now what to do about

Lisa stood now, looking at my hardening cock bulging in the suit. I'll
bet that hurts Billy?

I smiled up at her. What should I do about this mom? Looking down at
Annette, still half naked.

Well, Honey, If I were you.... OOOHHH Jack, she stopped her answer in
the middle of Jack now pulling down her bottoms, as he stood in the pool.

Her pussy was now wide open to him and he quickly pushed his mouth to
her slit. Annette moaned as he licked her.

Lisa pulled me to my feet and pulled down my trunks and I kicked them

She smiled up to me as she took off her suit now. Both of us naked.

I was standing right behind Annette's head on the deck now. Her husband
licking and sucking her pussy nicely.

Lisa said to them, I think I'll suck my future husband. OOOHHH Honey,
Annette. Lisa dropped to her knees to a cushion from a chair.

She caressed my hardening cock and then lowered her mouth down and
sucked the head into her mouth.

Her dad was watching as he licked Annette. Annette was looking straight
up and watching also. It made her hump into Jack's mouth faster. OOOOHHH
Honey. What a sight. My daughter sucking her man, and my man eating me!!!

Lisa put her arms around my ass and sucked me deeper into her throat.

Her mouth went all over my cock then, and she licked and sucked me

Her dad watching her every move as he licked and sucked Annette's pussy.
Annette was staring up intently watching my cock go into Lisa's mouth. I
was making little moans, as Lisa sucked me.

OHHH Lisa, you're doing a nice job on him, her mom said. Damn right she
is, her father added. You keep sucking my pussy Jack, I'm almost there

Jack went back to work on her. Lisa used just her mouth as she licked
me all over. I could feel her teeth scrape my shaft and it felt wonderful.
OOOOHHH Honey. She was smiling up to me as my cock disappeared in her
throat. Her tits pressing against me thighs.

Annette's eyes seemed to glaze as she started to cum. Jack started to
lick and suck her faster now. Lisa looked at her a moment and we watched
her mother cum with Jack'sucking. I saw him slide his fingers into
Annette's pussy as he sucked her clit area. Her pussy lips spread around
his mouth tightly, as he sucked her.

Her hands were rubbing her own tits as she humped wildly at his mouth. I
knew what her cum would taste like now, from eating her the day before.

Lisa had me on the edge now. My cock throbbing in her mouth as she
sucked me deeply and rolled her tongue over and over my cock head in her

Honey, honey. I'm....She sucked me harder and faster. Her dad watching
me starting to cum in his daughter's mouth. My hips froze as I stood there
now. Lisa sucking me hard. Her hands on my ass pulling me tight into her
mouth. My balls pressing right up against her chin.

I couldn't help but moan loudly as she massaged my cock with her hand
and mouth. I came in her mouth with a hard spurt. She sucked even harder
and faster now.

Squeezing my cock with her two fingers into her mouth.

Both her mom and dad watched as she sucked me of all my cum.

Her hands now reaching and caressing up and down my stomach and chest as
she drained my cock in her mouth.

Her dad had already sucked his wife to several cums.

Lisa was about to stand now, as she was finishing sucking me. My cock
getting softer in her mouth.

Her dad got out of the pool next to her. He watched , looking down at
her as she was licking me, finishing my cum.

I saw his hard cock raging behind Lisa's head now. I was spent and
moved next to me to sit in a chair next to Annette.

Her dad kept Lisa on her knees and eased her shoulders so she would be
kneeling on hands also. He quickly got behind he and slid his cock in
hard. OOOOOHHH daddy. OOOOHHH Just what I needed. A nice hard cock.

She was kneeling right in front of me as her father started to fuck her
hard. He moaned, feeling Lisa's warm and wet cunt.

Annette was watching, Softly running her hand over her pussy mound. He
was fucking her like a wild man now. Her tits swinging hard and fast below
her. It was really exciting for me to see her tits swing like this.

OOOOHHH daddy. It feels great. OOOOHHH Her eyes closed tight as she
accepted his ramming cock into her.

OOOHHH Baby doll, you feel so nice.....

Oh, Daddy fuck me good. He rammed continuously, in and out of her
soaked pussy.

I watched Annette finger herself and then went over to her and pulled
her up. I stood behind her and reached down and fingered her slit and clit
as we watched Jack fucking into Lisa. Her mother moaning loudly as she
began to cum into my hands. I placed one arm and hand on her tits and the
other, I continued to finger her clit and slit. She was bucking hard into
my hand now. Watching her daughter being fucked by her husband.

I felt dribbles of cum leaking out of my cock and spreading on her ass
pressed against me. Lisa was almost screaming now as her dad fucked almost
violently into her.

FUCK ME DADDY! Fuck the shit out of me. My pussy loves you.

Annette was into another cum now. I massaged her whole pussy that I
could reach from the front. My hand was soaked with her juice.

She turned quickly and kissed me hard. Excited as hell. She dropped to
her knees and desperately sucked my softened cock. Trying to get any cum that might still be in my balls. Her husband watching her as he came in
Lisa's pussy with a loud moan.

I saw his pained expression as he was shooting into her and her
screaming. Now seeing her mother sucking me.

Her mother's mouth was sucking my balls hard, almost hurting them in her

Her hand squeezing my cock hard and jerking it. Small droplets of cum finally started to appear and she sucked them quickly. Jerking my cock
hard into her mouth. Her head rising and lowering fast on my cock.

I felt a spasm and tensed, it was a cum without really shooting much.
She sucked me very hard, and then finally released my cock and slowly stood

Lisa had rolled over on her back now. Her father still kneeling there
with his wet cock starting to soften.

She smiled up at him as she rubbed her tits. The she reached to caress
his cock softly. It was nice daddy. So nice. I came at least twice.

She sat up and sucked his softened cock into her mouth and caressed his
balls tenderly. I knew she wanted to drain all her father's cum.

Her hands cradled his whole cock as she licked all of it, and sucked his
shaft back into her mouth. He slowly pumped in and out until they finally
finished and stood. They both jumped in the pool together, and I followed
their lead by grabbing Annette and pulling her in with me.

Well, looks like we're all cummed out for a little while Billy. Yeah, I
said. It was really nice though. Damn right her father said. Holding
Lisa's tits in his hands. Annette watched as her husband was holding
Lisa's tits standing behind her. She came in front of me and pulled my
hands to her tits, as we all stood there.

I lowered my hands to her pussy and massaged all over and into it under
the water. That feels nice Billy. My pussy was raging tonight. Jack ate
me so nice. So was mine mom, Lisa said. Dad took care of that too.

Lisa's hands disappeared and I guessed she was feeling his cock as he
stood behind her.

I finally pulled away from Annette and sat up on the side of the pool. I
need a little rest, I said. i laid back with my legs in the water. My
softened cock laying to one side now.

After a while, her mother came over between my legs and caressed my
chest and stomach with her soft hands. She worked all around my upper body
and into my groin. Occasionally stroking my cock. Feel nice Billy? Oh
yeah, I had my eyes closed as she did this.

Her dad had lifted Lisa out of the water and laid her on the deck next
to me.

He was doing similar to her with his hands all over her body.
Caresssing and rubbing her softly. She moaned. Lisa reached for my hand
now as we both lay on our backs, our legs in the water. Her mother was
still caressing and rubbing my stomach and groin nicely. Her hands both
grasping my cock and stroking it. Massaging it until she felt me getting
slightly harder once again.

Then I felt her lips on the tip. She kissed it softly. Nibbling with
her teeth also. It felt so nice.

I looked toward Lisa and saw her father lowering his head into her
pussy. Her hand tightened in mine as her dad sucked her.

I felt my balls and sack being gently sucked now. Oh Honey, I moaned to
Lisa....ooohhh Our hands tightly holding each other's as her parents sucked both of us. I thought that mom must have been talking with Annette.

I could feel my cock getting very hard now as her mother sucked up and
down the sides and underside. Oh honey, she's sucking me so nice. Yes.
Dad's eating and licking my pussy nice too, Billy.

It was mostly quiet as they sucked each of us, just moans from Lisa and

Lisa's hand opening and closing tightly in mine as her father sucked her. Lisa edged closer to me now. OOOHHH Billy, Ohhh daddy.....oooohhhh
daddy...her hips were rising and falling into his mouth now.

OOOHHH Billy, daddy's making me cum honey.....OOOOHHH daddy...I'm
cumming feels so nice ...I'm cumming daddy....lick me.

Annette was now concentrating on my shaft and tip and sucking me harder.
Her hand stroking with her sucking.

OOOOHHH own hips now rising as she sucked me. OOOHHH
Lisa.....your mom has me honey.....Our hands tighter together now. Lisa
was in a full cum as her father licked and sucked her clit and pussy. I
saw him slide his fingers into her pussy now.

Her mother working my balls as she sucked harder now. My cum was almost
there and she knew it. I could feel her suck my tip hard and with her
teeth around the head nibbling. It drove me over the edge and I came.
OOOOOHHH she sucked me deep as I shot now. Her hand stroking hard up and
down, Draining, sucking draining sucking.

My hips off the deck with spasms. I sat straight up now as I felt my
last spurt into her mouth. She was glued to my cock as I was shooting. I
caressed her bobbing head as she finished now. Her head turned up with my
cock still in her mouth, as her tongue rolled over and over it in her
mouth. Her eyes smiling up at me.

Lisa's dad was getting out of the water and sat next to her. Caressing
her body as she lay there in her aftercum.

Now her mother came out of the pool and sat on my left. That was nice.
Annette. Thanks. OK honey. You deserve it for how you did me yesterday.

Billy, honey? yeah Lees, Would you mind it a lot if dad and me were
together tonight?

I looked over at her laying next to me as her father had been now laying
next to her. Running his hands up and down her tits and stomach softly.
Oh no. No, its OK with me honey. Annette said that her and I could stay
in Lisa's bed. I smiled at her.

We all had another beer and then decided to go to bed.

I watched Lisa's cute ass wiggle ahead os us, as we all walked into the


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