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CAROL, mom & ME 69

Lisa turned back to me as we all got to the top of the stairs. She came
to me and pressed her whole naked body to me and kissed me softly.

She reached for my cock as I reached for her tits and she whispered that
she would see me in the morning.

Her mother and me going into Lisa's room. We didn't bother closing the
door and neither did they.

It was still dark with no lights on in the hall.

I took Annette in my arms and felt her large soft tits press into me.
Lets rest a while hon, OK? OK Billy.

We pulled the spread all the way down and laid on the sheet. She was
facing me on her side and I pulled her close. I stroked her body up and
down as she did the same to me. My softened cock pressed into her moist

We kissed often and softly. Her hardened nipples a dead give away for
her excitement.

We didn't hear much noise from Lisa or her dad either. We figured they
must also be resting for a while.

Annette? Yeah hon? she answered softly. I would like to take you from
behind in a while. You mean? Yeah. Oh, I haven't had that in a long time
Billy. Jack doesn't like it too much, she whispered.

Yes. I do like it, and it always seemed to make me cum a lot different
when he did it. Let me get some cream honey.

She crawled out of bed and must have also went into her own room, where
Lisa and Jack were.

They were still cuddling too.

Anette came back with a jar of her cream and sat on the side of the bed
now. Its so exciting Billy. I'm here with you and my husband in my bed
with my daughter.

Want to do it now honey? I want to be hard for it, Annette. You sucked the hell out of me babe. She softly laughed. I felt her creamed hand
reaching and stroking my cock softly now. OOOOHHH that feels so nice

Her hands worked all over my cock and balls softly. She leaned down to
kiss me in the darkness. Her tits leaning on my chest. I reached to
caress one as she continued to work all over my entire cock and balls.
This is nice for me Billy.

I enjoy what I'm doing. I do it with Jack often. I love feeling a soft
cock and making it so hard with my hand or mouth. One hand stretched out
my sack, while the other scratched my balls in it. It felt wonderful.
Jack likes this too. I do it to Jimmy when I jerk him off also.

Yes, its been a long time since I've had a hard cock in my ass Billy.
Her hands working like and expert on my entire cock. I was hard now. My
cock slippery from the cream.

Annette? Yeah hon? Why don't you sit on me and control how you like

OOOOHHH That would be nice Billy. Yes. Yeah, Billy, I like the idea
that we can face each other while we're doing it. Her hands still working
softly. Now, she straddled me.

My cock right in front of her pussy as she ran her opened palm over and
over it tight against her pussy hair. Oh you're good and hard now, Billy.
Still speaking low and soft. Ready honey? Yes Annette.

She raised her ass high over me and steered my cock with one hand near
her ass. Her other hand reached quickly for the cream and she smeared more
on my stiffened cock. Here goes baby....

I felt her lower herself down on me and forcing her asshole to open. My
head pushed in and she moaned softly. OOOOHHH Now she took her hand away
and leaned on my chest with both hands. Her ass still held up. I reached
up for her tits and caressed them as she slowly inched down. OOOOHHH You
feel so tight Annette. I can feel your ass opening squeezing my cock so

She slid further down and soon, just plunged all the way until she was
sitting directly on my groin.

My entire cock was now inside her ass. We stayed still a few moments as
she got used to it. Oh Billy, she whispered. This is exciting for me.

You're all the way in me honey. Its starting to feel nice now, Billy.
Slowly, she moved her hips tightly back and forth over my groin. My cock
sliding with her movements in and out.

OHHHH Annette. Oh God, Annette this feels so fucking nice. Yes, it
does now, Billy.

Its making my pussy feel it too. OOOOHHH.

She was pressed tight against me as she continued to move a little
faster now. OOOOHHHH Your cock is filling my whole ass Billy.

My whole lower body feels so full right now. OOOOHHH What a feeling
honey. I started to fuck up into her as she moved back and forth. I could
feel her pussy's wetness dripping all over my groin. Oh Annette. This
feels so nice.... She moved my hands from her tits and laid flat on me as
we rocked each other to make my cock slide easier.

I could feel her lower groin spasm, I could feel her pussy trying to
grab. She was on her elbows now. Her tits hanging over me, as she fucked
me back and forth. Her ass squeezing me so tightly.

Leaning down to softly kiss me. OOOOHH Billy.

I feel a cum starting honey. OOOHH So do I Annette.

Your ass is milking my cock.

Go ahead Billy fill my ass with your cum. Shoot it baby. She was
moving fast now. My cock ready to explode. I felt her tensing and knew
her cum was here. Mine a few seconds later as I burst deep in her ass.

OOOOHHH Billy, I feel your cum shooting baby, she whispered in my ear.
Shoot baby. Shoot. Her ass squeezing even tighter on my cock. Oh it
feels so fucking nice Billy.

I feel my pussy cumming too...Her wetness drenching my entire groin as
she fucked back and forth on me.

OH God, Billy, Oh God...this is wonderful. Here I am Billy....Here
it.....Her body froze as she came hard all over my cock and groing.

Her pussy so wet now. She was holding her breath....

She clutched me tight for a long while as her cum overtook her. Her
tits pressed hard into my chest. Her mouth now covering my mouth with

I fucked up into her as hard as I could. I stayed in her until my cock
was completely soft, and she rolled off next to me.

Oh God, Billy, that was so nice. I really came honey. Wow. It was
nice Annette. I shot hard myself. Oh yes, honey. I felt every bit of it
deep inside me.

I reached over and as I did with mom, caressed her whole pussy with my
open palm. It was soaked. Gently caressing her clit. I leaned over and
we kissed softly. My hand stroking her completely spread womanhood.

Annette was a good and sensitive lover.

Much like mom, she gave her complete self to her lovemaking.

Its so strange Billy, she said. My husband in the next room fucking my
daughter, and I'm in here with another man being fucked too. It sent some
strange feelings through me tonight as I sucked you right in front of him.
He was watching me as you were cumming in my mouth Billy.

It seemed so strange, yet so , so open between us now.

Its somehow so much more exciting for me, Billy. Her hand came to
caress my face, as we lay there in the darkness. I pulled her close and we
held each other tight for a long while. Her soft feminine body feeling so
nice against mine. Her large tits rising and falling gently against my
chest. I pressed my thigh between her legs and forced it up tight against
her wet pussy. She slowly inched her pussy on it. It seemed to completely
spread wide open to my thigh. Even to feeling her clit pressing on it. We
stayed like that.

Before long, we were both asleep. Her hand gently holding my cock, with
a tenderness.

A woman's needs just fulfilled, I thought. A woman in her afterglow
bliss and tenderness.

Yes. This was a wonderful feeling I had inside as I held her to me.
Her body offering her womanly tits against me.


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