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CAROL, mom & ME 70

I awoke to feeling Annette's leg across my thighs. My knee still quite
near her pussy. I could feel the dampness.

Her arm over my shoulder, and her soft tits against my chest. I could
hear soft moaning now. Then squeaks. I realized that Jack was probably
fucking Lisa.

I looked down at the beautiful tits Of Annette, as she still slept. Her
left nipple only inches from my mouth now. I could smell the faint aroma
of her pussy juices.

Yes, they were the distinct smells of sex. OUR sex. The sex of Lisa's
mother and myself.

I maneuvered my hand up under hers and caressed her soft tit now. I
hoped not to wake her yet. i was listening to the love of my life being
fucked by her father in the next room.

It sounded like he was really fucking her hard, and I knew she was
stifling loud moans. Probably not wanting to wake me or her mother.

I could still hear, oh Daddy, daddy, ooooh Daddy ram me daddy ooohhh, in
soft whispers.

Oh Baby Doll, I love you so much....I'm almost there honey....almost
there. I can feel you daddy...

OOOOHHHH Fuck me...I'm wide open for you daddy....fuck me. Squeeze my
tits daddy...please squeeze my tits.... oooohhhh I am....I
feel you daddy. OOOOHHH Its so warm and nice..Shoot daddy. Oh God, daddy,
I'm cumming on your cock too....OOOOHHH fuck.

cum in me......OOOHHHH Honey.

Then kisses and silence. Soft moans. Annette's nipple was hard as I
softly and gently caressed it.

I thought of woman's lovely tits now. How they aroused us men. How
much they reacted like our cocks when they were stimulated. Getting hard
just the same as us. Their little clits doing the same. I thought of mom,
Lisa, Carol, Nikki, Patti and Sandy now. I imagined them all standing
before me. All naked and completely aroused and ready for making love.

I could picture each of them in their full arousal. As each of them
already have done, in front of me.

Their wet pussies, their clits extending outward from their valley of
love. Their hard nipples pointing straight out. The extra fullness their
tits seem to take on.

Yes. A woman's full arousal for her mate. Even to their pussy scent.
Something deliberately meant to arouse men at the second of detection. The
way a woman's pussy captures its mate and holds it deeply within. Using
wonderful muscles and feelings while holding her man inside her until he
has finished his duty and spent his seed within her.

Her pussy doing all it can to ensure it gets this seed. Nature at its
finest level. I thought.

I wondered if I could ever paint a picture of my mind's image of a
completely aroused and ready woman? YES! I thought, How much all women
were alike in their sexual arousals. Their bodies all reacting much the

I thought now of my cock being in each of them, and how each reacted to
my cumming or their cumming. What steps each of their pussies went through
as we came and subsided.

Yes, women were more the same than they could ever differ, I thought.

Yes, I remembered each woman standing before me, naked and wanting now.
My mother, Lisa, Carol, and all the rest. Each of their pussies wet. Each
with their nipples so hard. Each with their own brand of lust in their

Remembering each now, as their feminine eyes feasted on my hard cock
before them.

How their eyes widened. Their expressions each softening then. To a
woman. Each with their uncanny desire to want it in their mouth. To pay
homage to the tool that will fulfill their womanhood's duty.

My mother most of all. Her complete experience. Her lust. Her sex.
Her devotion to each of us.

The sound of Jack once again cumming, broke my train of thought now. He
was moaning louder and I could hear Lisa sucking him.

I thought now of her, and how much I loved her. Yet, here I was,
sharing her mother, and her with her father.

Annette roused now. Her eyes opening slowly. Feeling the soft caresses
of my fingers on her tit.

Good morning she said softly and low.

I slept well, Billy. She moved her body and leaned over and kissed me

She could hear Jack finishing his cum now, as Lisa sucked him. Oh,
their at it already huh? I think just finishing for the second time now, I

Wow. What time is it hon. I don't know. Haven't been up yet. It was
a nice night Billy. The whole thing. From the pool to up here. It was
nice. Yes. I enjoyed it a lot Annette.

Your husband is cumming now. Would you like to also, Billy?

The sight of Lisa's sucking mouth right now as her dad shot his cum in
it flashed through my mind. Yeah, Annette. I think it would be nice.

I'll suck you nice Billy. She whispered in my ear. She quickly moved
down my body and caressed my cock into hardness. Much harder than it was
as I was thinking earlier.

Gently, even lovingly, I watched my cock disappear into her warm mouth.

Again, it was wonderful. Annette was very good at sucking a cock. It
seemed as if she adored it, just as I thought earlier.

Paying homage to the cock that pleased her so well last night.

I was getting near a nice cum now. My eyes closed as she lowered her
mouth all tha way down.

She sucked me deep, and she sucked me harder. Her ass high now. Just
her mouth touvching my cock. Her hands holding herself over my adored
cock. I saw Lisa and her dad at the doorway. Both watching .

Both seeing their wife and mother sucking me. My cum at the very edge,
as she manipulated her tongue and lips around my cock so tenderly.

I couldn't hold back. My body writhed and my hips rose. She continued
to suck me deep into her throat and finally had me. My spurts. Her
sucking. My spurts. Her sucking more. Lisa had come to stand next to me
and was caressing my face as I came in her mother's mouth. Her mother now
holding my cock in one hand while now licking and sucking my balls and
sack. Smiling up at me, and now Lisa, standing there also.

Good morning honey, her mom said. I think these men in our life have
both been satisfied this morning. Oh yes mom. Oh yes.

We showered quickly and dressed. Annette just couldn't seem to get
enough of my hands caressing her large tits.

Annette kissed Jack as Lisa kissed me at the breakfast table. Lisa with
a nice smile.

Nice night Billy? Her father asked. Oh Yes. Really nice.

I was a bit worn out last night when we went to bed though. He made up
for it honey. Don't let him kid you, said Annette.

Jack smiled at Lisa. It was wonderful Baby Doll. Yes it was daddy.
Yes, it was.

We ate and had coffee out around the pool. Lisa sat near me as Jack
held Annette on his lap.

Glad I have off today honey. Have anything special on the plate? No,
But I thought I would call Billy's mom and see what they are doing tonight.
I think mom and dad are looking forward to both of you coming over tonight
if you can make it?

I'll call her Billy.

Maybe Nikki will be there too. Oh, I want to see what they did to those
tits. Jack said. Now don't go making fun of her Jack. I won't. It just
seem's that they were a real nice handful, all shot to hell now. And DON'T
bring up the fact they are brother and sister, Jack. Annette warned again.
Unless they say something, I won't.

Well, I better get over there and see what needs to be done for tonight,
I said. Want to come Lisa? Yeah, honey. Let me get a couple things

Annette rose now, and hugged me. Billy, it was wonderful. She took my
hands and placed them on her tits again for me to caress. Jack was
watching from the side with a smile. Don't worry honey, he said. Maybe
you'll get another chance with him tonight.

It was still a strange feeling caressing another man's wife's tits right
in front of him.

I leaned down and kissed the tops of her tits now, and said Good bye.
He's one sexy guy, she said to Jack as I was walking away. Lisa was
already walking toward the car as I got there.

mom had gone with Dan to pick up Nikki just before we got there.

Carol was just finishing breakfast and dad was in the yard already.

You look freshly fucked dear sister, I smiled. Oh Yes, and yes, and
Yes, She smiled back at us.

I went upstairs to change as the girls sat and talked. When I came
down, I told them I was going to get some beer and other things. Maybe dad
would want to take a ride also.

You mean a whole house without guys for a change? Carol said. You
would wilt and die without our cocks, dear sister. I grabbed my crotch and
mocked her.

Yeah, but I have tits, as she flashed them at me teasingly. I went over
and gave her a kiss. I pulled up her shirt and massaged her tits to make
her feel nice.

Then I kissed Lisa and left.

Dad decided to take the ride with me and we loaded up with beer and a
lot of other stuff. Things that would be too much of a hastle for mom or
the girls.

He seemed a bit more excited when I told him Annette and Jack were
coming over this evening. I was with her all night dad. It was nice.
Where was...never mind.

We stopped for a beer at a nice little tavern just on the edge of town.
The barmaid was a cute item that had dad's eyes popping with her tight top
showing her tits and nipples plainly.

That's how they make money, he said. I'll bet you and mom had a nice
time last night? Oh, Billy. It was really nice.

I mentioned that everyone is dying to see Nikki's tit job. Oh yeah.
Lets get home in case they got there.

We took off and pulled in the drive. mom was just walking back to the

She looked gorgeous in the sunlight with her tan and her blond hair
flowing back. Her tits pressing out of a striped short sleeved shirt and
white shorts.

I looked at her and thought, WOW , my own mom, looking that hot. And I
am also fucking her. Her C tits jiggling seductively as she walked.

We unloaded the car into the garage and put a bunch of beer on ice.

mom walked over to me in the garage. Oh mom, you look so damn hot.
That top and ...... She smiled and said, Just wait til you see Nikki

Dad says you and him really had a nice time last night. Oh yeah, Billy.
It really was. We made love half the night.

How did you do last night? Mom? Did you say something to Annette about
Lisa and me licking and sucking you and dad? Oh, she smiled. Yeah. I
mentioned something about it yesterday. No wonder. Why, Honey? Her dad
and mom did the same thing to Lisa and me last night on the side of the
pool. Wow, Billy. Mom, they blew our minds.

Lisa was holding my hand all through it as we were laying next to each

Then Lisa and her dad went into his room, and her mom and me went into
Lisa's for the rest of the night.

Sounds like you all had a nice night too, honey.

It was nice. Billy? I want you honey. Come over here and sit on the
beer cases. Now mom? Yes honey. I went to sit and she had my shorts off
quickly. I want my son's cock in my mouth right now. We'll all be busy

mom quickly bent her head and sucked me into hardness. Her excitement
and her beauty working wonders on me.

OOOHHH Billy honey. She looked up to me and went back to sucking me
real nice. I was pumping slightly now as she sucked me deep.

Her fingers stroking now, demanding me to cum. OOOOHHH Billy....I love
sucking you. I will think of this all day honey. When I'm looking at all
the men here tonight, I will be remembering me right now sucking you.

When you see me looking at you, this is what will be in my mind honey.

Fill my mouth with our love juice honey. She jerked my cock faster now.
Sucking the tip harder, Soon, I was in a spasm and shooting. She sucked me
and sucked me. Now her hands held my ass tight and she forced me tight
into her mouth. My whole cock disappearing. Shooting as she used her
throat and mouth. She held me tight until the last of my spasms. Then she
let me out of her mouth.

Oh Billy honey, wiping part of her mouth as she stood again. God, I
love you shooting in my mouth. The juice of my son. Your whole wonderful
maleness is in me again.

I kissed her as I held her tight. Then she went in the house to prepare
some food.

I stood there a minute thinking of mom's passion and love. I thought of
her. Knowing she was thinking right this second, that she had her son's
sperm in her body right now.

How much this turned her on.

In about 5 minutes' time, my mother had gone to her knees in front of me
and sucked my male seed from me with such delight.

I went out and made sure all the tables and seats were clean, and that
there were enough of them.

Dad was busy doing some report in a corner on the deck.

Just about everything else was ready now.

I thought it would be a good time to catch a little rest before all the
action started.

I walked in the kitchen. The girls were all gabbing excitedly and
telling sea stories, as they were cutting vegetables and meat.

I leaned over Lisa and gave her a kiss. I told them I was going up to
lay down for a while.

We have a lot of time honey, maybe I'll join you in a while, Lisa said.
OK babe. If you feel like it.

mom winked at me and smiled. I caressed her tits as I passed her.

Billy knows how I'll wake him up, if I have to go up there, Carol
laughed. The girls went back to chattering as I went up the stairs.

Her dad had gone downstairs at the end of my climax into his wife's


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