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CAROL, mom & ME 71

I closed my eyes and laid on my back in bed now. The pleasure mom had
given me in the garage. Her eagerness. Her thrill, as she felt my cum spurting into her mouth.

How much all the women around me enjoyed giving and recieving all types
of sex. I knew how fortunate I was. To share these things, and expecially
the good love between all of them.

I could faintly hear Carol talking with dad out on the deck. Not long
after that, Lisa came in and laid down next to me. She leaned over me and
kissed me. Then took off her top.

Want to wait til later Billy? Yeah Honey. OK? Sure. I'll just rest
with you baby.

Her bare tits pushing into my chest as she cuddled close to me.

Lisa? Yeah hon?

I love you honey. I love you so much too, Billy.

I heard you and your dad this morning. It sounded really hot. Oh it
was Billy. Do you really like to be fucked hard like that? Sometimes
baby. Its just that its my dad's way most of the time, so I just encourage
him. It feels nice though when we cum.

Well, just let me know when you want it hard like that too, OK? Sure
baby. I usually feel afraid that I will hurt your pussy area if I really
slam into you.

Oh No honey. Its OK. When I spread wide, it even feels a lot better
when your cock is ramming in and out. It makes you touch my whole pussy then.

I did your mom in the rear last night honey. Oh Yeah?

Lisa, it was really nice with her. She was so, so... I guess she
really needed it. Your dad doesn't like to fuck in the ass, I guess.

Lisa, she came all over the place quite a lot and quite a few times.
All the time she was talking real soft and low. Even moaning real low and
soft as she was cumming.

It seemed so sexy and hot to me.

She really enjoyed it. Said that it made her pussy let go big time too.

I'm glad you can make her happy, Billy.

I was thinking last night and today. How nice it seems that we can all
make love with anyone we want.

No problems. No jealousy. It just feels so nice honey. I thought that
too, Billy. I even said that to your sister and mom downstairs this

Carol even mentioned that she hopes she can be with my dad soon, too.

Billy? Yeah hon?

Would you make love to me now honey? I want to feel you inside me baby.

Her hand now caressing my cock softly. I leaned over and kissed her
with love and rolled over her. She slid her shorts off. She aimed my cock
into her and we made nice soft love. With few words.

She reached for my mouth as I came into her and kissed me deeply. Her
pussy once again clutching and spasming around my spurting cock, deep
within her.

Oh honey. You always feel so welcome, so nice, in your pussy. Its
filled with love for you Billy.

Is there anyone special you want to make love with tonight? I asked
her? No, not really. I haven't even thought about it.

I caressed her wide open pussy as I did for her mom and my mom now.
Bringing her pussy back to earth from its trembling. Billy? Yeah? Maybe
Dan, if he wants to. You could be with Nikki.

We've made love with everyone else in the past day except them. Yeah,
OK Honey. See how it goes.

Now, she laid her head on my chest and we drifted off to a nice nap. My
hand caressing her hair softly.

mom once again woke me with her caressing hand on my cock. She was
sitting on the edge of the bed now, smiling at us. It's about 7 Honey. I
came up to get my suit on.

She looked at Lisa, still sleeping on my chest. Her smile was tender
and genuine.

I'm so happy for both of you Billy, she said softly.

I'm happy that you have a lot of the happiness I have with your dad.

She turned and laid down next to me. She stroked Lisa's hair gently.
She's a wonderful girl Billy. Yes. mom she really is. You guys have a
good love Billy. Some people never find it. Some people ruin it.

Her hand once again reaching to softly caress my balls.

Your dad and I were thinking that we might do her parents again tonight.
He liked being with Annette. I really didn't mind Jack either, he does
fuck kind of rough though.

It was really nice with them last night mom. So open. Yes. It was
that way on our trip with them last week too.

Mom? Yeah hon? Before you start with anyone, I would like to lick you
down at the pool. Well, that should get things started, she smiled.
That's what I thought. I really get hot when I touch you or stuff like
that in front of others.

Just come to me when you're ready honey. It will be fun this time.
Want me to do you then? Only if you want to mom.

Oh Billy, you know me by now, she smiled. Your dad will probably be all
over Annette anyway.

Lisa stirred on my chest now, and opened her eyes.

Hi mom. Nice rest honey? Oh yeah. Billy put me to sleep real nice.

Well, its after 7 now. Your mom and dad will be here soon. OK. I'll
see you both downstairs.

By the time Lisa and I went down, it was almost dark.

Her mom was in the kitchen with mom, and her dad out on the deck with

We all carried out trays.

We had a drink on the deck and soon Carol came out. She had also been

Soon, we heard Nikki and Dan calling out at the yard gate.

We all held out breath as mom let them in.

Wow, I said as she neared the deck light.

What a difference! Woman.

Everyone was now staring at her tits. Her suit bra still on.

She was now looked about the same as mom. About a C cup, I figured.

After the shock, I gave her and Dan a beer. They sat down. She knew
damn well we guys were dying to see them.

You men deserve to be tortured, she smiled. They're still a bit sore

That's where he made the incisions. So, if none of you really mind.....
She stood up and Dan unveiled his sister's new tits for all to see. Ta da
he said. The bra top was bothering her badly anyway.

They were beautiful. I was closest to her and went up to even get a
closer look. They really look great Nikki. Really. Her nipples were

How do you feel now? Great Billy. Its just that they're a little sore
under here. She lifted her tit to show a few stitches.

My back feels better already she told every one.

She walked over to where dad and Carol were sitting and showed him.
Billy was right, he said. They are beautiful.

The doc said he took out over a pound and a half of crap out of each
one. Maybe now I can wear a dress or a blouse more decently. They're still
a little swollen too.

Annette stood and looked more closely. He did a nice job, Nikki. Now
I'm convinced. I'm calling him Monday. I'm getting these done. That's

Dad was standing right next to Annette as she spoke. He reached for her
tit and said, Well, you're right on the edge, hon. Right between being
real nice and too big. He openly caressed her tits now with a smile.

Can you swim yet? Carol asked Nikki. Oh Yeah. Just no rough play,
that's all. Dad's eyes were firmly planted on her tits as she stood there
in front of him.

C'mon, Carol said. Lets swim. OK. Nikki eased herself into the water.
I noticed Lisa sitting near Dan and talking with him.

She was making her move, like she said earlier.

I went over and turned the stereo up a little and reached for mom to
dance with me on the deck.

Already, Honey? Why not mom.

She stood now, just looking at me and took off her top. Her beautiful
tits falling and jiggling. It seemed to be a signal to all the other girls now, too.

Lisa stood and deliberately looked at Dan, as she took hers off.

I'm going to lick you nice mom. In front of all of them. We don't have
to worry about being embarrassed anymore. We've both made love with
everybody here.

You're right honey. Her tits felt nice against me in the warm night
breeze. As the song ended, we were near Lisa's dad. He was sitting in a
chair drinking a beer.

I kissed mom now. Her arms around me. Slowly, I leaned and kissed each
of her tits, as she held them up to my lips. I started to pull her bottoms
off as I knelt in front of her.

Do your tits mom, while I do you, I whispered up to her. Just close
your eyes and feel my mouth mom. OK honey. Dad and Annette are watching
us now too.

mom closed her eyes and felt my lips and and tongue begin to love her. I
licked her trimmed bush, and slid a finger into her slit until she widened
her legs for me. Her hands caressing her tits as she moaned softly. I
love you mom, I whispered. I licked her and fingered her softly. As I
forced her legs wider, I sat now. My face directly into her clit and slit.
Licking and sucking her. Everyone was softly moaning at this. OOOHHH How
nice. OOOHHH Watch him go. I slid two fingers straight up into mom and
she moaned louder now. I felt her wetness. I felt the excitement with all
of them watching me love my mother with my mouth.

I licked her completely. Fucked her softly with my fingers. Twirling
them inside her. I felt her cum about to happen now, and I sucked her clit
hard into my lips. Her moans were louder as I sucked. Her hips humping my
mouth gently. My hand holding her ass tight against my sucking mouth.

My mother was letting her womanhood's orgasm go in front of everyone
now. I drank her. I licked her. I sucked her. Her pussy pressed hard
against my mouth with her incessant moaning. Her hands running wildly over
her tits and nipples for all to see. A woman in the throes of her orgasm.

I sucked my mother with my love into another spasm. After several
minutes, I felt her legs tremble and her whispering I love you Billy.

I stood up and we kissed deeply. There was soft clapping now as
everyone watched us.

It was wonderful honey, she whispered. I came twice. Are you ready for
me now baby?

Yes mom. She kissed me softly again and said, Give me your cum baby.
She lowered my trunks as she also knelt before my cock.

She stroked me and kissed the head. Her hands now caressed my whole
cock and balls too.

Now, she had me really hard. She smiled up at me and then lowered her
mouth to my cock and sucked me completely into her mouth.

She held me in there. Sucking, rolling her tongue over it. Her teeth
sraping over it. Her fingers caressing my balls near her chin.

Now her hands went to my ass, urging me to fuck her mouth. I did,
gently. She moaned as she sucked me. Her hands still urging me to pump
harder and faster into her mouth. OOOHHH God, mom. OOOOHHH She sucked up
and down fast now. Her head bobbing as she used her tongue inside her
mouth and sucked me.

Shoot honey. Shoot in my mouth. She urged softly. Her hands pulled on
my cock now, and she sucked me hard. My back arched as I felt a spasm of
my first shot gush into her mouth.

UUUUMMMM She moaned and still sucked me hard for more.

I noticed thepeople around the deck were very quiet as I was cumming.
Mom sucked me as usual, until I was soft in her mouth.

She licked me and kissed my balls tenderly as she began to stand once

Wow, I heard Carol say to Nikki.

That was some blowjob, mom.

I was kissing her, and feeling her tits for probably the last time
tonight. She would probably go with Jack now.

It was great again honey tasting you shoot in my mouth. Everyone here
knows how much I love you Billy. She walked over naked and kissed dad.
Then went to Jack and sat on his lap. Annette was pulling dad up to stand.
She slowly got to her knees in front of him and began sucking him now. mom & me did start the heat wave of sex now.

I noticed Lisa stroking Dan's cock now. Looking at him as she sat on
the side of their lounge. The pool was starting to look like one large

I jumped in the pool. Nikki and Carol were back in.

Nikki, would you like to join Carol and me tonight?

Oh, Billy. that would be nice, I think. Not quite sure what that
meant. She had noticed Lisa jerking on Dan's cock now.

Carol seemed surprised that I intended to be with her tonight. Nikki
waded closer to me and said, Billy, that was really nice with your mom.

Really. I was cumming right here in the damn pool watching you two.

It was really hot Billy. Your mom is so fucking sexy. Yeah, she is
Carol added. Here I was, just a couple weeks ago feeling so down about Dan
and me. Now, I look around the pool and see everyone mixing with everyone
else. There's my brother up there about to get a blowjob from YOUR
girlfriend. Your mom is sitting on Lisa's dad's lap. Her mother is over
there sucking your father off. Annette and dad will be together all night
and mom is going with Jack.

AND, carol added, you and me and Billy will be together tonight. Carol
reaching under the water to caress my cock, now.

Nikki? Yeah hon? I realize about your tits being sore and all. I
won't try to fuck around with them. OK Billy. Thanks. Its only for a few
more days and I'll be OK.

Can they be touched at all? Oh yeah. It just that the undersides are
real tender. You could suck or lick them if you want though. Ok hon. I
noticed mom now, still sitting across Jack's lap. His hands were around
caressing her tits. They were both watching Annette still sucking dad.

Nikki turned to see Lisa getting ready to suck Dan, as she leaned over
him from the side.

I noticed her watching and eased her over to the side of the pool. I
told Carol, I would see her in a few minutes.

I lifted Nikki to sit on the side and pulled off her botttoms. We were
almost right in front of Dan and Lisa now, as I leaned down and licked and
sucked Nikki to a cum.

I liked her scent. Carol was now fully agitated. Being without
someone. She had come behind me and was stroking my cock as I licked Nikki.

I asked Nikki and Carol if they wanted to go upstairs with me.

Carol accepted right away. Nikki wanted to wait until she saw Dan cum first.

Lisa had now stopped sucking him and was getting ready to sit on his
cock. He was moaning loud enough for us to hear.

Lisa was riding him now. We could see his cock sliding in and out of
her pussy as she went up and down. Nikki mentioned how much she was
thankful that Lisa was able to get Dan to really fuck once again. We both
watched as Lisa slammed up and down on Dan's cock. He was soon cumming up
into her.

OK, Nikki said, ready to go Billy? Yeah hon. I caught Carol's hand and
we said good night to everyone. Nikki kissed Dan almost at the same time
he was still cumming into Lisa.

I went over and kissed mom, and openly caressed her tits in front of
Jack. She smiled and said Good night. Billy? Yeah mom. I'll be with
Jack, here honey. Dad wants to go there with Annette. OK Mom, see you in
the morning. Good night Jack.

Carol and Nikki were holding hands as Carol led Nikki up to my room.

They were both standing near my bed now, in the darkness. It was
Nikki's forst time upstairs in our house.

I walked in and came up behind Nikky and pressed tight against her. Her
reached and brushed her nipples softly as her head went back on my

Would you mind if I made love with my sister first hon? Oh No, Billy.
Jeez, you just ate me down at the pool. I can wait. It would be nice to
see you and Carol.....

Well, here, llay down hon. Nikki laid on the bed as I went to hold
Carol. I stood behinf her and caressed her tits and she too, laid her head
on my shoulder. Her hands covering mine caresing and teasing her tits and

Nikki was watching us. I kissed Carol's neck and slowly knelt behind
her. My hands caressing her tits and now slowly moving down her stomach.

I kissed her back all over, making love to her with my mouth.

I turned her slightly so that Nikki could see me as I started to lick
and nip Carol's ass cheeks. OOOOHHH Carol moaned. My hands were now in
front massaging her bush as I pulled her ass tighter to my mouth. I spent
some time licking and biting her ass. She bent slightly adn it made her
tits hang. Her moans were exciting Nikki as she watched us.

After a while, I slowly turned Carol and once again reached up to cradle
ger tits as I buried my mouth into her bush. OOOOOHHH Billy... Her hips
gently pressing out to meet my licking tongue.

That is so nice, Nikki whispered. I could see her hand riding up and
down her slit as she watched us.

carol's hands were in my hair now as I took her hands and placed them on
her own tits. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her pussy tight to my
mouth and she moaned loudly. I sucked into her slit hard and nibbled her
hardening clit as I fiorced her pussy lips open. Carol was humping my
mouth now. I could feel her wetness begin. Smells of my sister as I
sucked her clit.

Nikki quickly moved out of the way as she saw me turning Carol towards
tohe bed. I maneuvered Carol to lean on the bed with her hands as I got
behind her.

My cock was raging with passion for my sister now. Her wonderful slim
body, with her perky tits and hardened sexy nipples. I neared my cock to
her pussy from the rear and rammed in quickly. Her wetness made it easy to
slide all the way in.

OOOHH Billy honey. OOOHHHH Her tits swinging under her.

OOOOHHH Bily it feels good. Nikki was watching from the other side of
the bed now. Her hand on her tit, caressing her nipple.

OOOOHHH Billy You feel good in me. I started to slide in and out of her
warm and wet pussy now. Looking over Carol's shoulders at Nikki. Really
turned on by watching me fuck my sister. I reached under carol and cupped
her tits as we started to get a rythym to fuck each other. You feel nice
too, Carol. Your pussy in wet baby. She rammed with excitement against my
cock. Now, she lowered herself to her elbows on the bed. It made her ass
more direct at me. I could plunge deeper and straighter into her. We
fucked really nice for quite a while. Enjoying each other. Her pussy caressing me really nice. Carol was my first pussy, and I still loved it,
and her so very much. I grabbed her ass cheeks now and we really started
to fuck faster and harder.

Nikki was fingering her pussy and her tit now, excitedly watching us.
Carol's blond hair was now falling forward covering her whole head, as she
hung downward. I squeezed her tits harder and pinched hr nipples as I felt
her begin to cum. OH Billy, Billy...fuck me honey. It felt so nice inside

I could feel her juice flowing all over my cock and in her pussy slit
now. Her moans were louder as she reached her orgasm. Her pussy caressing
and molding itself to my cock in our brother -sister fucking. Now, she
threw her head backwards as she moaned loudly. Her body in spasms as I
fucked down into her. Oh carol....I'm there honey....I' balls burst
through my cock into her with a force. The first spurt was glorious. It
made my entire cock feel electric as I shot into her. Her pussy squeezing
all around me.

OOOHH Billy....I feel you cumming honey....oooohhh My hiops were
rotating as I pumped hard into her, spurt after spurt.

Nikki's hand was stroking up and down her pussy wildly as she watched me
cumming ... Carol's head flopping up and down with her spasms. Then I
felt Carol start to relax, as her cum subsided. I pumped in and out of her
slowly, but still deeply. I kept it up until I felt my cock going soft.

Both od us drained now. Finally Carol turned and knelt quickly before
my cock and sucked me softly. I was soft but she still wanted to lick and
suck me.

Nikki and I looked at each other as she watched carol gently suck me.
My eyes opening and closing slowly. Feeling her final pleasure to me.

Carol sucked me deep in her mouth softly. Not for a climax, but as a
way of thanking me, I think. Her sucking was soft and tender.

OOOOHHH Billy, she finally said, It was nice. I came real nice Billy.
So did I honey. Carol got up and laid next to Nikki now. Slightly
panting, her tits rising and faling gently. I leaned down over carol's wet
pussy, and softly licked her bush as she laid there. Your pussy really
made me feel nice sis, I said. She made room for me in the middle of them

Nikki moved her leg over my legs and I could feel her wet pussy against
my thigh. Billy, Carol?

Yeah, Nikky? That was so nice. You both really turned me on watching
you. I'm going to ask my brother to fuck me like that tommorrow.

Nikki's tit was on my chest now as she spoke. It was such a difference
from the huge tits I was used to seeing.

I gently caressed it as she laid her head next to mine. She smelled
nice. Carol was leaning on her side facing us now.

I love to make love with Billy, she said to Nikki. It's always real
nice with him. He feels so different than the other guys I've fucked.

How long have you tow been doing it? I don't know, About 8 months
Billy? I guess so.

Billy was MY first and I was HIS first. He taught me how to give guys nice BJs too. Is that how you learned to lick pussy so nice Billy? nikki
asked. Partly, hon. mom was also showing me tips too.

Wow, here I am worried about being caught fucking my brother, and your
whole family is making love with each other. If you notice, Nikki, there's
no problems or arguments either. Yeah Carol said. It is nice. I love
being with dad too.

Usually mom will say something in the morning. I would like to be with
Billy tonight. dad will just say OK, and look at me. I always like it
with him anyway, so we go to his room and Billy and mom come in here. Even
Lisa and mom are in here with Billy.

Its fun, and we all have as much sex as we can handle too. I love
feeling Billy and my father shooting in me.

It was like that with Dan and me when we started too. Both of us were
always horny. I always adored him anyway as by big brother, even though
he's only a year older.

We never fought like a lot of brothers and sisters do.

It really opened up when he begged me to fuck my girlfriend from school.
She kind of liked him too. It was easy. I just told mom she was staying
over night with me.

We waited til mom and dad went to bed, and then she went in his room and
they started to kiss and stuff.

He started to play with her tits and then they just took off their
clothes and really got into it. I went in and saw his hard cock. I just
couldn't help myself in front of her.

I had already sucked him and fucked him once or twice, but now she was
there and I sucked him in front of her. I loved feeling him inside me too.
I really got excited and real wet. Our feelings and things were really

I watched my girlfriend make love with him, and then later, him and me
did it too. The three of us fucked together a lot after that. But us
girls never did each other.

I really liked him holding me and feeling my tits. Every chance we got,
we used to lay together feeling each other up. We really liked sex a lot.

I brought a couple of boys home after nice dates, and he used to peek as
I made love with them. I always knew he would be watching me.

Somehow, even with these boys, I never could feel this love that I have
with Dan. Even still, today. After the boys left, he would come to my
room or I would go to his, and we would talk about it, and then he would
fuck me. I always came with him in me.

Carol had reached for Nikki's hand over me and both of them were
caressing my cock and balls. It felt nice with two different girls playing
with my cock. Both seeming to know what the other was doing.

Nikki leaned over me now, and kissed me. I would like you inside me
Billy. Especially with your sister here. you licked me real nice earlier,
solet me do it for you now, then maybe you can go inside, OK? Yeah, hon.
Nikki moved down between my legs and both girls still caressed my cock as
Nikki licked me up and down. Carol held my half hard cock up so Nikki
could suck it now. Carol's fingers caressing just right as my cock was in
Nikki's mouth.

She gently jerked me. Finally, Carol let Nikki take over completely.

Nikki sucked me gently as if afraid to hurt me. Her stroking and
licking were nice. Carol leaned over me and we kissed. Feeling Nikki now
taking more of my cock into her warm mouth. Feel nice Billy? Nikki asked.
Oh yes babe. Carol was caressing my head and hair as she watched Nikki.
It was nice. Feeling the closeness of two women, and sharing completely
open sex with them. He really likes his balls sucked, Nikki.

Oh yeah? Nikki lifted my sack and licked it all over. Then she took my
balls in her warm mouth, UUUUMMMMShe moaned, looking up at me.

I like to feel a man's balls in my mouth too. Makes me wet. Makes me
feel that I have his whole manhood in my mouth.

UUUUMMMMas she once again gently swallowed my balls.

Her gentle stroking of my cock as she sucked my balls had me really hard

My cock was in front of her face as she tenderly sucked my balls.

Carol slid down now and sucked my cock as Nikki did my balls. The

It felt wonderful. I looked at the doorway and mom was standing there
with jack caressing her tits. She was smiling. Damn, she looked so
beautiful in the dim light from the window. Part of her long blond hair
covering her left tit.

She said nothing but watched Carol and Nikki for a few minutes and then
waved to me silently.

I asked them to stop or I would cum. Unless Nikki wanted to wait longer
to have me in her. I can wait Billy. Give me your cum now, sweetheart.
Carol let her take over once again and came back up near me to watch her.

Nikki's style of a blowjob was completely tender and non demanding.
Slow and methodical. Her very tender stroking and deep sucking combined
were very nice. Seemed to make it last longer, feel nicer, much longer.

I knew she must have spent a lot of time sucking her brother.

I felt her mouth becomming more tighter now, and her sucking harder.
She wanted me NOW. Cum, Billy, she whispered. cum in my mouth sweetheart.
Her eyes sparling in the moonlight behind us through the window. Her
fingers stroked just a little firmer now, as she sucked harder, deeply down
my cock. It felt so nice. Carol caressing my hair and chest again. He
tits pressed into my side. I put my arm around Carol and was feeling her
tits now. My cock nearing a cum. Nikki once again sucked my balls and it
started my spasms. She quickily covered the tip and slid her mouth down
and sucked me as I started cumming. She sucked and sucked as I shot. Up
and down slowly, gently. sucking each spurt. Stroking tenderly up and
down up into her mouth. It was something like a slwo motion blowjob. She
raised her head when she felt the final spurt. Nice Billy? Oh Yes, Nikki.
She slowly caressed my cock and massaged my balls as if she had done it a
thousand time before, and probably did.

Finally she came up to my side and kissed me. I pulled her over me so
that I could lick and suck her hanging tits. I did this for a while and
then she laid at my side.

The three of us just talking for a while. That was really nice Nikki.
You felt nice too Billy when you were in my mouth. I liked it a lot.

I enjoy doing it for Dan, when he's not so troubled. Some women hate
sucking a guy. I really enjoy it though. I do too, Carol said. Its
exciting when you feel him shooting and knowing you caused it. Especially
my nrother. I feel his seed flowing and shooting into my mouth.... OOOHHH
it makes my tits hard.

That's how I feel when I lick a woman too, I said.

You don't taste bad at all Billy, Nikki said. I noticed it the first
time at my place when I sucked you , too. You tasted good then Billy.

No he doesn't taste bad at all, Carol added. I love his cum. Jimmy
tastes bitter most of the time. Billy and dad don't.

Speaking of dad, I said. He wants to make love with you Nikki. How do
you feel about that? I think I would like it Billy. When? I don't know.
Maybe tommorrow or tommorrow night when he gets back from Annette's house.

Ok. I think it would be nice with him, If he's anything like you....

Oh he is, Carol said. My dad makes you feel real nice inside when he
fucks you. I always cream a lot with him.

It took about a half hour before my cock was in any kind of shape for
fucking Nikki. I asked her to move to the midle of the bed and got on top
of her. I was careful of her tender tits. I leaned and kissed her as her
hands reached for my head. I was trying to slide in her pussy without
touching my cock. Carol finally grabbed my hard on and aimed me into
Nikki. It was nice. It seemed that a new openess with Nikki was now
happening. She enjoyed it a lot. We took our time and fucked slow. We
talked, kissed and I even asked Carol to massage Nikki's tits for me as I
knelt back sliding in and out. Nikki's reticence of Carol touching her,
quickly left.

She enjoyed Carol's soft touch. Both of them watching my cock sliding
in and out of Nikki's warm and wet pussy. Nikki's manner was really nice.
She said feminine things of how much she enjoyed how my cock felt inher.
How is my pussy Billly? Want me tighter honey? OOOHHH That's nice right
there Billy.

You feel so nice in me Billy. can you feel my hard clit right there?
Oh its so fucking excited. Every time you touch it Billy. Her legs spread
wide open to me. Carol's gentle tit caresses on her. Oh, Billy, I feel
you so deep in there. I'm wet babe. Oh I really like this. I hope we can
do this more often Billy, as her hips rose and fell to meet my sliding
cock. It really was different to fuck this way. The nice things she was
softly saying as I looked down fucking her. I felt my cock getting ready
again. I asked Carol to help me ...Carol knew right away. She moved to
kneel near our sides and reached her two fingers around my cock base. Her
other two fingers to Nikki's pussy.

With Carol's fingers moving on both of us, it doubled our excitemen as
we both let go. Nikki moaning and writhing as I fucked her deep with my
cumming. Her cumming on my cock, and Carol's working fingers on her clit.

It was nice. Carol's fingers worked on each of us perfectly. Carol's
fingers draining my cock up into Nikki's pussy. I saw Carol's fingers
slowly caressing all around Nikki's clit now.

Then a surprise as she bent her head and forced it between my cock in
Nikki's pussy and on Nikki's clit. Carol sucked both of us. Her lips
sucked my sliding shaft and then to Nikki's clit.

She felt my cock spurting as it was bursting into Nikki. She pushed me
back slightly so that my cock would come all the way out and sucked the
remaining spurts. Squeezing my cock real hard into her mouth. Then went
back to licking Nikki's clit and pussy.

Nikki was almost screaming with this cum. Her hips rising hard into
Carol's licking and sucking mouth. I moved away now, and let Carol finish.

Carol moved in my place and sucked on Nikki for some time, forcing yet
another cum. I leaned over Nikki, caresssed her tit softly and kissed her
through her forced cum from Carol's mouth. She was humping and moaning
into my mouth wildly.carol was silently sucking her and licking up and down
her pussy.

I laid down now, next to Nikki, as Carol was finishing licking her.
Nikki was now in my arms as she came down from her cum, Carol had moved
over and was gently sucking me, again as just a seeming last minute
pleasure from her to me.

Nikki was still trembling as I held her. Carol now came up and laid to
my side quietly and put her arm around both of us.

She leaned her head between Nikki's and mine....You both tasted

Oh Carol...I've never.... Carol stayed between us and softly said, I'm
not a Lezzie, Nikki. Its just that I seem to be turned on by watching my
brother making love and I seem to really like the same women he does too. I
just do the girls that he does, with him. Oh Carol, Nikki
really made me cum. Right after I came so nice with Billy in me. I've
never had that from a woman before in my life.

It felt nice Carol. Nikki's pussy was soaked as she gently rubbed
against my hips and side.

Well, carol said, I'm going into my room now. I'll leave you two for
the rest of the night to have fun. Maybe I might even go in and see how
mom's doing??? She was leaning over me still, as she started to get up. I
sucked and licked her hanging tits over my face. Finally, I pinched them
and and said good night.

She pranced off as usual. Her bouncing tits always a sexy sight.

Wow, she's so....soo I know, Nikki. I know.


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