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CAROL, mom & ME 72

I was just after dawn when I felt Lisa sliding up against me. I woke
and she kissed me. Nikki was sound asleep next to me.

I missed you baby, she whispered. Dan wants her over there soon. He's
hot and bothered. I was going to fuck him when we woke up, but he wants to
save it for her.

Jeez, I hate to wake her this early, hon. Oh, what the hell, Billy.
They can sleep the rest of the day if they want to. That's probably what
Dan was thinking. I rolled over and nudged Nikki a little. Finally, she
awoke, and I kissed her good morning. Oh Billy, what time is it?

Well, its early, but Dan sent Lisa to get you. He wants you while he's
hot, I guess. I was going to do him, but he wants you this morning, Lisa
said. Oh, OK. Lisa said there's no one around outside. Just throw on a
duster and run across the road. Here, take mine. Lisa took off her duster
and was naked underneath.

Musical beds, Nikki laughed. Hope its nice for you Nikki, Lisa said.

He was pretty good with me last night.

Nikki was about to walk out of the bedroom, and turned. Billy? It was
really nice last night. I really enjoyed it. Bye Lisa. Maybe we'll see
you all later today.

I guess I have some serious fucking to do right now, she laughed. But,
as long as he can handle it, I'm not complaining at all.

Bye hon.

How do YOU feel this morning honey? Lisa asked. So far, OK, babe. How
would you like to do your mom and my dad like we did the other day? We can
wake them up doing it this time?

You really want to? Yeah. You like eating your mom, and I love my
dad's cock anyway.

Well....Let me see what's happening in there. She turned on the
monitor. mom and Jack were still sleeping. mom was almost on her back, and
Jack was slightly on his side. Good Lisa said. It won't be too hard to
get at him like he is now. Your mom is almost wide open too. Let's do
them Billy.

Ok, I guess....Looks like cock cream and cunt lips for breakfast, I
laughed. She giggled.

We went in to mom's room and went to work right away. I slipped up on
mom from the bottom of the bed. Lisa attacked from her dad's side of the
bed, facing his cock.

Here goes she whispered. I saw her open her mouth wide and lean over
his cock. I was right above mom's glistening pussy now. She was sleeping

I watched her slowly breathing and looked at her stunning beauty. Her
tits so full. Their pinkish nipples so inviting.

I leaned my head right into her bush and upper slit and licked softly. I
went in circles with my head and tongue. I could reach quite a way into
her slit with the way her leg was spread to one side.

I could smell her womanhood, and again, it made me feel a bit heady.

I hoped I could make her clit hard now, and softly spread her upper
pussy lips. There it was in the morning light. Her fountain of love

I closed my lips over it and sucked gently. Also raising my head up and
down as I sucked it. I felt her stir now, and her leg moved. Lisa was
still gently sucking the tip of her dad's cock. It was starting to get a
bit harder now. So was mom's clit. I licked her softly and drove deeper
into her slit. Licking with my flat tongue now. Spreading her lips wider.

Now I felt her stir again and almost roll over with a soft moan. I put
my tongue back to her clit and flicked it softly and now she opened her

OOOHHHH. Who....OOOOHHH Billy, its you honey, she softly said. Good
morning mom. Her legs widened for me as I now went to lick her. OOOHHH
Billy. I thought I was dreaming honey. It feels so nice.

I want your cum mom.

Lisa is about to get Jack's cum. mom raised her head a little and then
saw Lisa sucking softly on her dad's cock. Oh, now I get it. Her hips
rose as I pushed my mouth into her pussy now. Give it to me mom. cum here
in my mouth. I was looking up into her sleepy eyes.

OOOOHHH Baby. It does feel so nice. God, look at my nipples already.
Hard as rocks.

I sucked her clit into my lips again, and rolled my tongue over and over

Then I licked up and down her complete slit, and stuck my tongue into
her hole. Lisa's dad now awoke with her sucking. OOOOHHHH what..... Hi
daddy, Lisa said as she went back to serious sucking now.

OOOHHH baby doll. What a way to wake up. cum for me daddy. Cum, and
she went back to sucking him.

mom was humping gently as I licked her and tongued her hole. OOOHHH
Billy. You have me honey. Her hips gently rose and she froze. I sucked her clit now and stuck my fingers into her hole and fucked her. Ohhh
Honey. I'm cumming now baby. I sucked her harder. Felt her juice. Tasted
it as it drenched my mouth and lips. I sucked as much of her exposed pussy with my opened mouth as I could.

She humped up and down as she came. Jack was humping into Lisa's mouth
harder and moaning as she sucked him.

Mom's cum lasted quite a while in spasms. Finally, she fell to the bed.
I climbed up on her and kissed her softly. Then sucked each of her hard
nipples softly. See you later mom. I love you. OK Billy. That was so
nice, honey.

I went back into my room and waited for Lisa to finish her dad. It
wasn't long. mom was on her side watching Lisa suck him, now. He was
moaning and humping. She was jerking and sucking him fast now. I could
see some of his white cream down the side of his cock as she sucked.

Lisa sucked him softer now as his cum subsided, and finally raised her
head with a smile to her dad. His hand went to caress her head. She got
up and leaned over him, gave him a kiss on the cheek and left.

That was fun Billy, she said as she came in the bedroom. Let's take a
shower honey. OK.

We looked at the monitor and saw mom and Jack laying on their backs.
Both spent. Both seemingly happy. I turned it off, and we went into the

It was still early, and Carol was still sleeping when I looked in. I
looked at her naked body as she sprawled on her bed.

Even with being my sister, she was beautiful in any man's eyes. I
thought, I would have been after her long ago, if she wasn't my sister. I
thought of her tenderness, and girlish innocence.

I thought of waking her up the same as mom, but Lisa tugged at my hand.

Let her sleep Billy. Yeah, you're right. We checked the monitor again,
and mom was in Jacks's arms now. Well, honey. let's get breakfast
started. By the time they get done and shower, we'll have it ready. Ok
Honey. We dressed and made most of the breakfast as mom came down in her
duster. Jack was still in the bathroom.

She came right over to me standing at the stove, and kissed me.

She said nothing. Just looked up to me. She needed no words. Her eyes
said it all. Both her hands on my shoulders as she looked up at me.

She sat next to Lisa and I served the eggs and sausage. Jack was down a
few minutes later, and kissed Lisa.

Good morning Billy. Hi, Jack.

Well, Jack, Our kids surprised us again. They sure did.

Like it daddy? Yes, Baby doll.

mom asked what happened to Nikki, and we told her. That was a pretty
nice party last night, Jack said.

I wish our house was as secluded as yours is. We have neighbors all
over the place. We usually know when they're not home though. The phone
rang now. It was Annette wanting to know if Jack and mom wanted to take a
ride somewhere today?

mom thought it would be a nice idea, to get away for a while. She went
upstairs and got changed while Jack got his car ready for them to leave.

Carol was still sleeping. I mentioned to Lisa that her and I could take
a ride also. That seemed to make her happy.

I asked her to fix a lunch for us, not sure if we would go to our
"favorite spot" or not.

Then Annette called back. She said that Jimmy was back home if Lisa
wanted to talk with him. Wonderful. Now, I went up and kissed and
caressed Carol awake. I was sucking on her nipples as she opened her eyes.

OOOH Nice Billy. Keep that up.

I laid down next to her for a minute and we caressed each other all
over. I said Lisa and I were going for a ride, so were mom & dad with
Lisa's parents. BUT, I said, Jimmy's home waiting for you to call when you
get up.

OOOOHHH Goooooodddd.

Now she jumped out of bed and did the usual girl thing of deciding what
to wear. See you later hon.

mom gave me a kiss good bye and asked if I wanted her tonight? She
seemed to want my OK? I sensed that she wanted to pay me back for this
morning's cum I gave her.

Yeah, mom. It would be nice. I think Lisa will want to see her brother anyway. You look sharp, mom. I couldn't help but caress her tits showing
so nicely in her tight blouse. I even leaned down and kissed her cleavage.
Ok honey. Bye. Carol left with them to see Jimmy.

Oh Biiillllyyy. Came a call from the top of the stairs.

Lisa was standing there naked and running her hand up and down her
pussy. The house is ours honey. This pussy is yours honey. It needs your
cock Honey.

I smiled up at her. But your hole is empty I joked. Who wants an empty

Well come fill it damn it. It has at least enough room for a 7 inch

Lisa and I made nice love for about an hour. We took another shower and
got ready to take off for the afternoon.


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