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CAROL, mom & ME 73

We were just about to get inthe car and noticed Nikki gettings in hers.
I got the idea to ask them along with us for a ride.

Lisa and I went over to ask her. Well.... Let me go in and ask him.
C'mon in and have a beer.

Dan was sitting in the kitchen as we walked in. Hi Lisa, Hi Billy.
C'mon, Lisa said. Saddle up and take a ride with us. Oh jeez,after
yesterday and last night?

Oh, you're sounding like a beginner Lisa laughed. C'mon, Honey. Nikki
urged. It would be nice to take off for a while. We're thinking of maybe
going down to our favorite spot at the Lake. We already have a pile of
sandwiches and beer loaded. Everyone else at our place is disappearing
today too.

Dan looked again at Nikki. Well, I was going to go into the Office for
a couple hours this morning.....Oh hell. Its Sunday. The hell with the

We were soon on our way. Dan seemed to be searching for a way to talk
to Lisa. I noticed him looking in her direction from the back seat for
quite a while.

That was a nice party Nikki said. Yeah, we all had fun Lisa added.
Right Dan? THAT gave Dan the opening he was looking for. Oh yes. It sure
was Lisa. Lisa turned sideways in the front seat now, to face Dan and
Nikki. Nikki, this guy and me screwed half the night. Then he woke up and
still wanted you. You're a maniac, Dan. A regular maniac, Lisa laughed.
Well its been a while since I've felt like this Lisa.

There's been a few problems, you know? Well, it seem's that they're
taken care of now, honey. Nikki added. I sure didn't see any problems
last night Lisa laughed.

I just can't believe you got me up so many times Lisa. It was fun,
Danny Boy.

I'm really impressed with that boob job, Nikki. I said. I just can't
get over the difference. I like it too, Dan added. Reaching to caress
Nikki's tits. She moved so that she was leaning against Dan's chest now.
Her head on his shoulder in the back seat. She seemed happy now, as I
looked at her in the rearview. All I know now, is that I feel better, and
I'll be able to wear decent clothes now. Dan's arm was around her with a
hand on one of her tits. We were quiet for a while as we drove into the
countryside. I wonder where mom and dad decided to go this afternoon?
They didn't say. Lisa said.

Billy's and my parents decided to take off this morning too. They're a
lot of fun, Nikki said. It was about 4 PM now, and we came up on a nice
looking country style restaurant. Let's go eat, I suggested.

Good Idea, Dan said. I didn't eat breakfast this moning. But you ate
enough of me last night, Lisa laughed. We all laughed at that. Hey, Billy
did a nice job on me too. Nikki said. We went in the restaurant and right
away, as usual, the girls made a beeline for the bathroom.

I could never understand that, I said to Dan. girls always go to the
john in pairs. Now, if us guys were to say, Hey dan, want to go to the
john with me? What do you think they would all be thinking?

You know, you're right. girls get away with a lot of shit. I never
thought about that. Now that you mention it, Nikki or some other girl always go to the john together.

What the hell do they do? Hold each other's pussy lips open? We
laughed. Look, I said as the girls returned. Not even a guilty face on
wither of them.... They looked puzzled. What did you girls do in there?
We pissed. What do you think we did? Well, What if I asked Billy to go to
the john with me? That's different. Why? Dan pressed. Lisa looked at
Nikki. I never thought about that. Us girls always go to the john
together so we can talk about you guys, and borrow tampons if we need them.
It still doesn't make us guys even though. girls have been going to the
john together forever, Nikki said.

Dan laughed and said, in a while, I'll go to the john with Billy. He
can show me his and I'll show him mine. And if some other guy comes in,
we'll both look at his. You've already seen his, Lisa laughed. OOOHHH So
have I Nikki added.

We ate a nice chicken dinner and then got back on the road. We were
about 20 minutes from the Lake now.

Guess what? I said as we pulled into the road leading along the Lake.
There's dad's car parked over by those trees. No shit Lisa said, now
seeing it.

Can you believe they got the same idea as us?

They were all surprised as they saw my car pulling up next to theirs.
Looks like we all had the same idea, Lisa said, giving her dad a kiss.
They had brough folding chair and fold up tables along this time. Well, we
just stopped to say hi and have a beer. We're going around the other side.

There was mom, sitting in a chair looking gorgeous in her two piece.
Her tits jutting out, and a smile that would instantly make any man get a
hard on.

I went over and gave her a kiss. Annette mentioned again about calling
the doc about getting her tits done, as she looked at Nikki.

Oh, by the way mom said. you reminded me about calling my GYN
tommorrow. I want to set up a check up for Carol and me. Hey, would you
like to fo with us Lisa? Yeah. I really should get a check up. We can
set something up and all go together, then we can go shopping. Great.
Annette said that she should also go, and get it over with. I'm not too
keen on putting my legs up in those lousy stirrups though. We all laughed.
Well, dad said...I'll take off work and I'll hold them up for you myself.
They all laughed.

Just imagine....WE pay the doc for the priviledge of letting him see and
finger our women's wonderful pussies, Jack said. Yeah, but they get us off
professionally too. Annette laughed. Good idea, Jean, Annette said. I
always seem to be putting THAT appointment off.

Then we can all have fun spending the guys' money.

We finished the beer and got back in the car. Told them we would all
see them later.

I drove to the other side of the lake where it was closer to the woods.
It wasn't long before we had th blankets set and all the stuff unloaded.

The girls went into the water right away.

Dan seemed happy, as he watched them swim. Then he casually mentioned
about having trouble keeping a hard on. Its been ok lately, he said. I
thought I was finished there for a while. I didn't know what to do. Glad
we met you guys. I guess Lisa snapped it out of me.....grinning as he
looked at her. Lisa is one hot item, he said.

Yeah. She likes sex just as much as I do, I added.

We gathered some wood for a fire as it started into late evening now.
The girls started to make hot dogs for us.

Nikki just could resist making a show of sucking on a hot dog with a
smile. Yeah, but we're lucky, Our guys are bigger, Lisa laughed. They
feel a hell of a lot better too, Nikki said.

I was laying on my stomach now, looking out over the lake. Lisa sat on
my ass and started to dub my back.

Nikki was laying with her head on Dan's lap as he leaned against a tree.
He undid her bra top and caressed her tits softly. Anyone watching would
bever suspect they were brother and sister.

Lisa had taken her top off without me realizing it. Still sitting on my
ass and rubbing my back

Dan had been looking over at her as he caressed Nikki's tits. Now do me
baby. Lisa said as she rolled on her stomach next to me. I knelt over her
and rubbed her back also.

I felt my cock getting hard as it rode up her ass crack in my trunks.
Nikki had turned so that her face was in Dan's crotch now. Her hand softly
caressing his cock through his shorts. He was rubbing her back, also.

It was getting dark now, and the fire became more prominent. Soon, it
was the only light around us. I had rolled Lisa over and laid next to her.
Caressing her tits and kissing her. I noticed that Nikki had gotten Dan's
shorts off somehow and was sucking him softly, and slowly. Still laying
with her head in his lap from the side.

I pulled off Lisa's bottoms and caressed her pussy as I kissed her now.
Lisa glanced over and watched Nikki sucking on Dan for a minute. I had
stood up to take off my trunks, and Lisa knelt up quickly. She started
sucking me right away. I let her go fow a while. It felt nice. dan had
been watching us and humping up to Nikki's mouth as she slowly sucked him.
I wanted to fuck Lisa before she had me cumming though.

Oh, Honey, let me fuck you now. Kneel honey. Ok Billy, I thought..No I
want to be in you honey. OK. Lisa turned and raised her ass high. Her
head in her arms now. I knelt quickly and slid my cock into her soft
wetness. At some point, Dan had moved on top of Nikki and he was fucking
her. Her legs were around his as she humped her hips up to him. Softly

Oh, feels so nice. Lisa was slowly rotating her hips and
moving her pussy to meet my slow thrusting. It felt really nice for me
also. Her tight warmness around my cock. I plunged in and out asd I
watched Dan's cock rising high and plunging into Nikki. I was happy for
him that he was able to have a good hard on. Lisa was moving softly, still
moving her ass in circles with each thrust. Oh Billy, she moaned in her

We fucked like this for quite a while. It was really erotic for me to
watch Nikki and Dan fucking also.

Ohhhh Billy honey, I'm cumming baby. I can feel you honey. I can feel
your cum.... Ohhhhh Its so nice Billy. Her pussy carssing my cock in its
wetness. The extra gripping as her pussy went theough its contractions
around my plunging cock.

Ohhh Billy....Her pussy tightening and pushing back hard to take all of
me. I stayed tight into her and felt her releasing her wetness. OOOOHHHH
Honey. I stroked into her softer and deeper now. I knew I could make her
cum once more. I continued pumping intro her as she moved her pussy softly
all around my cock. So wanted. So needed.

I hadn't realized that Dan and Nikki had finished and were now laying
next to each other watching us. Lisa's pussy was really starting to
contract now, and gripping my cock harder. Oh honey, roll over babe. Lisa
quickly understood and rolled over. Pull your legs up baby. She raised
her legs to her chest and her wet pussy was wide open to me. I plunged in
quickly and fucked her deep. Both of us moaning now. OOOOHHHH Her I cum baby. Here it is....I leaned up on my hands and fucked her fast an deep. I
rolled back and forth as my cum started and felt her pussy squeezing me.

OOOOHHH Honey....I squirted several times in her and fell to her chest
as she hugged me close. Her legs falling to my sides.

It was nice Lisa.

Nikki was now against the tree with dan's head on her lap. Her tits showing their hard nipples, showing brightly with the flickers of the fire.
She was stroking his hair.

I went against a tree behind us and pulled Lisa between my legs and

This is so nice, Nikki said. Yeah it is, Lisa agreed.

Who could have ever imagined that Dan and me would be making love right
in front of other people. Now, it just seems so nice and natural. Yes, it
is nice she said.

Just a couple of months ago, our lives were almost destroyed at our old house. Now, with friends like both of you, we seem to be getting a life
once again. On top of that, who could have imagined that I would be making
love with another man while my Danny here, was making love with another
woman? Dan was quiet, layinhg with his head in her lap. She was still
caressing his head and hair.

Yes, it is nice, Lisa said I enjoy it a lot. Billy and me really do
like sex and making nice love. You DO make nice love too, Lisa. Dan
finally added.

I can't get over how nice your tits turned out Nikki, I said. She
looked down at them smiling. Dan rose now, I could see his cock half hars.
he asked Nikki to stand. She looked at him puzzled, but stood against the
tree behind her. Dan knelt in front of he and began to lick he pussy.
OOOOHHH Danny honey.

I was caressing Lisa's tits as she sat between my legs watching them.
Dan was licking her and caressing her hips. Nikki's hands went to his head
and then to her tits as her eyes closed. Her soft moans as she enjoyed her
brother's mouth on her pussy.

I whispered to Lisa that we should take a swim. We went into the water
for a while and swam. I noticed that she took the opportunity to rinse out
her pussy too.

Her tits looked so attractive as they bobbed in the water. I hugged her
and ran my hand over her wet hair against my chest and then we got out of
the water.

dan had finished eating Nikki now, and seemed almost ready to fuck her
as we neared.

Without saying anything, Lisa pulled on his shoulder and knelt down next
to him. She spread her legs in invitation for him to fuck her.

Dan took the cue and got between her legs as she now guided his cock
into her. This is for the one I missed this morning she smiled.

Nikki looked over at me and came near me. I put my arm around her back
and we watched as Dan fucked Lisa for a while. She leaned closer and asked
me to do her like I did Lisa. OK, hon. She knelt down only inches from
Dan's face and raised her ass up for me. I slid my cock up and down her
wet and waiting pussy and slipped in.

OOOOHHH she moaned softly. Lisa asked Dan to get on the bottom now, and
they quickly changed. Lisa looked over at me as she began to steer dan's
cock back into her and lower hersefl on him. I was pumping in and out of
Nikki slowly, She felt nice. She inched closer and kissed dan as Lisa was
fucking hiom up and down. He was moaning. Lisa was gripping her pussy tight on him as she rode him. I fucked deep into Nikki and she continued
to kiss Dan. His had went to her hanging tit as they kissed and he was
being fucked.

I saw Lisa's face begin to show signs of her cumming now. We looked at
each other as we fucked our partners and I started to shoot into Nikki.
Her pussy clamped on my and she rammed tighter to my groin as she felt me.
I heard her moaning as she kissed Dan. Her hands all over his head. Her
pussy held me tight, milking me as I came deep in her pussy. Lisa was
holding her tits hard and he eyes closed tight as she was cumming. Riding
Dan fast now. Finally, she let go of her tits and opened her eyes. She
smiled silently at me and then got off Dan.

His cock soaked with her juice all over. I slowly pulled out of Nikki
and she continued to kiss Dan as she knelt there.

Her ass still high in the air. Her pussy still soaked with her juice
and my cum dripping in her slit.

After a while, we all went back in the water, mostly to rinse off. We
played around a while longer and then got dressed and left for home.

Nikki laying across Dan's lap in the back seat. Lisa deciding to copy
her and lay across my lap as I drove. It was a quiet drive for me as I
noticed Dan nodding off in the corner of the back seat. I thought of how
we both just fucked each other's partner with no problems at all.

I reached down and gently caressed Lisa's tit and drove with just the
radio playing. I had to awaken all of them when we pulled in the drive.
Dad's car already there.

I knew he would only be with mom since he had to work in the morning.

Dan and nikki went straight home. Both kind of sleepy.

Lisa fell asleep again almost as soon as she hit the bed.

I was still a bit overtired and went down to the deck with a beer. I
sat there in the quietness.

After a while, mom walked out with her duster on. I heard you come in
honey, but I didn't see you in bed?

No, I just thought I'd have a beer and sit here a while. She sat on my
lap now and kissed my head.

Nice weekend, she said. Yeah it was mom. You guys have fun? Oh yeah
she said. We mixed and matched as usual, with Annette and Jack.

Your dad wanted it mostly. I was playing with Jack as we watched them
and he came in my hand. He seemed to be just satisfied with that for a
change. Well. mom. You give wonderful hand jobs.

Want one honey? I thought for a minute, the peacefullness around us.
Being completely alone with her now. Yeah mom. It would be nice, I think.

Glad to honey.She stood up and took off her duster. Her rasiant blond hair shimmering in the moonlight. Her tits profiled so beautifully. Her
blond pussy hair shining with its moistness.

One hell of a sexy woman. How about both honey? I'll suck you WITH a
nice hand job? Oh yeah mom. great. Why not lay down here on the
mattress? I stood and kissed her. I held her close and felt her hard
nipples pressing into me. The softness of my mother's mouth against mine.
The same mouth that was just about to suck me.

I held her tight to me now. Her arms around my back. Then she edged
back and urged me down to the mattress. She knelt between my legs and
caressed my cock lovingly.

Using both her hands to completely engulf my sack and my cock as she
gently squeezed and pulled upwards.

It wasn't long before my cock was hard and ready for whatever my mother had in mind.

She left my cock completely alone now, and leaned over me to kiss me.
Her tits scraping my chest. Then she kisse all over my chest and took her
time with kisses on down towards my cock.

Once againshe used both her hands to completely pull my whole cock and
sack up as she lowered her mouth to just the tip and sucked. Her tongue
tasting droplets of cum she squeezed out. UUUUMMMM, I taste you already

Her warm mouth traveled all aver my cock and then she sucked on my
balls. Her lips went to the tip again and she suddenly lowereed her whole
mouth quickly down on my cock. her head went a little faster as she sucked me. Her fingers doing a dance on the sides of my shaft. Once again she
sucked me dee into her mouth and held me there rolling her tongue over and
over my cock in her mouth.

OOOOOHHH mom....she knew the pleasure she was giving. Suddenly, I felt
her finger probing around my ass and then quickl;y she slid her finger into
it. My hips jumped as she sucked me deeper and harder. Now finger fucking
me as she sucked. Her hand softly jerking me into her mouth as she fucked
my ass.

I was moaning and writing on the mattress now. Her pace stayed the
same. Finally she took her hand off my cock and completely sucked me into
her throat, Leaninfg on her one arm, her finger still fucking into my ass
she sicked me hard and fast. Now I heard her moaning as she felt my cock
and hips stiffen. Cum, baby. cum in mom's mouth. Her hand fucking my ass
hard now. My hips froze up in the air. Her mouth as far as she could get
on my cock.

I felt her throat closing and opening around my cock head. I started to
cum. OOOHHH Mom....

mom Mom Mom..... She jerked her finger in my ass and sucked me faster.
her head pumping up and down....oooooohhhI shot hard and deep into her

She finally removed her finger from my ass and leaned over me to kiss me
deeply. Her tongue going into my mouth as she lasi on top of me now. Her
arms holding me from the side tight to her. Her lips sucking mine. Tongue
fucking my mouth.

I just had to eat her. I just had to suck her pussy right now. I
reached under her arms and pulled her whole body up and forced her pussy on
my face. Fuck my mouth mom. Fuck my mouth.

Her pussy was spread open to my sucking mouth and tongue. She began to
move back and forth over my mouth as my hands kept pushing her ass. I
licked her hard and felt her clit against my tongue.

UUUUMMMM Mom. I pulled her as tight as I could against my mouth. mom was moving so that I could reach her entire pussy as I licked and sucked.
She held her pussy over my darting tongue to exactly where where needed it.
I felt her shaking and moving wildly now. I could see her tits flopping
wildly on her chest.

Her hands came down to the deck and she humped hard and fast with her
pussy on my sucking mouth. I felt her juice flowing as I sucked her. Once
again I drank my mother's flow with my love. She was moaning continuously
as she came. It lasted quite some time now.

I kept my mouth as tight as I could all during her cum. Then she
finally slowed and moved her pussy back from my mouth. She was sitting
near my cock now as her hands came to caress my chest. She was still
breathing hard.

OOOHH Billy honey....I tasted you mom. She climbed off me and laid on
the mattress next to me. her arm across me chest and her tits pressed into
my side. I put my arm under her head and she placed it on my chest. I
held her like that as we fell asleep.


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