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CAROL, mom & ME 74

I awoke the next morning to the pleasantr feeling of Lisa kneeling at my
side sucking me. I then became aware of mom moaning next to me, and dad
laying on top of her fucking her.

Lisa stroked and sucked harder as she saw my eyes open. mom still
maoning right near my head as dad's head was on her other side. I watched
him pump hard into her as her hips rose up to him. I closed my eues from
the bright sunlight. Lisa was sucking me for my cum now. Her hand jerking
me and sucking the tip and underside, knowing how it really escited me to
do this.

I started to shoot within a minute now, and she continued until she knew
I was empty. She sucked my balls softly and then went back to sitting on a
deck chair.

We couldn't help it she said. Your dad and I saw you both out here
naked and ready for us. I got up and drank a glass of juice she brought
out. We watched as dad fucked mom for another couple minutes and then I
saw her cum. Her eyes looking lovingly at him as she urged his cock to
squirt. Just as she did to me so often. I could see dad's ass stiffen now
as he shot into her. Her pussy softly opening and closing to milk him.
Finally he got off her with his cock glistening. He smiled at me and
said....No Lisa and me couldn't help ourselves this morning. Dad said he
only had a few minutes to hurry and get dressed for work now. Lisa and him
already ate while they let us sleep out here on the deck.

Dad was going to drop Lisa off on the way so she could get ready for
work. She said her dad called and reminded that I should come by their
offices about 1 PM and he would introduce me around his company.

They told mom and me to go back to sleep as they went in and dressed in
a hurry. Within minutes, both Lisa and dad were on their way out the

That's what I call fuck em and leave em, mom laughed. She was still
sitting on the mattress with her legs to her chest and her arms around

I could see her pussy leaking her juice and dad's cum.

Your father must have really been turned on by something to want to fuck
in the morning???? I'll bet Lisa had something to do with it too.

Well, I said, we have all morning mom. Lets swim for a while. I pulled
her and and moved my hand to her pussy under the water. You want some now?
I smiled and said, Of course.

Oh, I should sleep out here naked more often mom said. If it turns your
father on THAT much...its worth it.

I've always liked making love in the early morning honey, she said.
Since your father got that promotion and stuff, he has too much on his mind
when he wakes in the morning. His mind is a thousand miles away.

Well, I'm here mom. Yes, you are baby. Yes you are. How did you like
my blowjob last night? have to know, mom.

Her hands were caressing my cock under the water.

Damn I love to watch your tits bob in the water.

She smiled as she felt my cock start to harden in her hands. She leaned
up to kiss me.

Well, come on honey....let's fuck for a while. Your dad has me still
excited yet.

I climbed out and helped her out of the pool.

mom sat cross legged on the mattress and motioned for me to move my cock
for her to suck me. I moved closer and stood in front of her. She said
she would make me harder for her. Her mouth went all the way down and she
sucked me hard.

Her soft tongue sliding up and down the underside in her mouth. She
sucked me for a few minutes and I was really hard, My cock was bobbing up
and down now, throbbing.

She laid down and pulled her legs up. I got between them quickly and
slid in. We rocked back and forth, staying deep inside her for quite a
while. I liked it best this way. Moving in circles and rocking also. I
could feel her entire pussy being offered to me this way. All her wetness.
I could also access her clit much easier with my cock.

She hugged me to her as she moaned softly. UUUMMMM Its good Billy. How
do I feel baby? Wonderful mom. Take your time baby. It feels nice. Make
it last. OK mom.

Her pussy became more and more wet as she came twice. I continued to
pump and grind in hard circles over and over her upraised pussy. It just
felt so wonderful.

Oh I I cum mom....her eyes were
soft....waiting...her hands around my neck. Pulling me down to kiss her as
a lover, as she felt me shooting into her womanhood. Her pussy pushing up
to me. Gripping, like a mini inner hand jerking me off deep in her pussy as she felt me cumming. We stayed tight to each other. Still deep inside
her. Still kissing as pure lovers. Her legs now wrapped around my hips.
Her pussy softly rising up and down my softened cock inside her.

Her demanding kisses. Mom's pussy worked its magic and she had me
getting hard once again. She smiled at her achievement and whispered in my
ear. Fuck me honey. Fuck the shit out of my horny pussy. I did. It
lasted much longer this time.

Billy......when you're ready honey....let me suck you this time....Her
eyes were all passion. She was playing with her tits and nipples, moaning.

It was still quite a while until I felt about to cum....Her pussy caressing me and enjoying pure fucking.

I'm near mom....OOOOH I hate to leave your warmness now....Bring it up
here honey...I want to suck your cum this time......I pulled out and she
quickly sat. She reached for my jerking wet cock and sucked me deep. Her
hands both on my sack and stroking me into her mouth as I came. My body
spasmed as she sucked me. spurt after spurt, she swallowed. sucked softly. She licked me and caressed my cock for a minute after I finished.
Finally we went into the house to dress, and eat.

I kissed her good bye and left for the new company I would be working

I thought of the strangeness of both dad and me leaving the house with
pleasant thoughts of fucking the very same woman. I thought of mom's
thoughts of having the cum of both of us in her. How much that idea turned
her on.

It was only a fifteen minute drive to the building where Jack worked. I
liked that idea already. Rather than a long morning drive every day.

I saw Jack's car right away as I turned into the parking lot.

It was five to One now. Jack said One PM.

The secretary at the front desk was gorgeous. Long red hair and green
eyes. Her tits were nice also, showing just enough cleavage to still be
decent in an office setting. She was wearing a pretty summer print dress.

Jack will be right here, she said after I asked for his office number.

Within a minute, Jack appeared from a hallway to her left. Oh, this is
Mary Ellen, Billy. She leaned forward and we shook hands. Her smile was
genuine, and showed perfect teeth.

Wow, what a dish, I said to Jack as we walked down the hall toward his
office. She's also in charge of the whips and chains too, Jack smiled.

Jack already had three men there waiting. All stood and introduced
themselves. I liked their handshakes. Each one firm. Their smiles seemed
genuine also.

I felt at ease right away, and lost the tenseness I felt walking in.

Jack tells us you're a cracker jack at fixing computers?

Well, I enjoy ripping them apart and souping them up like some guys do
to cars, I smiled.

I enjoy the problem solving that seem to come with the territory of each
computer also.

Well, we've had our share of aggravations from our units here, another
of the men said.

By the way Billy, Carl here is the company Vice President. Our dear
captain of our industry is on a trip to one of our satelite offices. Carl
is the one using the whips and chains on us while he's gone, another of the
men laughed. Stan here, has been our computer guy for quite some time, but
he will be transferred soon. We hoped he could give you the grand tour and
the ins and outs of what has been happening with his department. That's
great, I said. We've been getting rid of the old 486's, and now they're
all pentiums, Stan added.

Wonderful. There's nothing worse than spending time working on old junk, and still end up with junk.

They laughed. How true.

It was at the point that our systems just could not run or communicate
with our other offices.

Well, we have some other details to works out with Jack, so Stan will
give you the grand tour. He'll show you where we hang the whips and
chains, Jack laughed.

I liked the place already and hadn't even seen twenty square feet of it.

Stan stopped at a coffee machine in the hall and offered a cup to me.
We walked around from office to office as he introduced me. One pretty
girl after another.

I hear you're marrying Jack's daughter? Oh yeah. Jeez, you're lucky. I
tried to make a move on her once at a company party, but you must be the
guy she said she was in love with. I smiled.

That's my Lisa. Then he showed me a large well lit room with several
work benches. This is the torture chamber he laughed. This is where
computer meets man and vice versa. I've been trying to get it just right
for quite a while. They let me have almost any tool my heart desired.

Well, I see a lot of familiar stuff here. Identifying different models
and types of computers and parts.

I picked up an older modem and he mentioned that he was systematically
getting rid of them from the working units.

I'm waiting for an order of twenty modems right now, he said. They're
supposed to be air shipped.

You up on installing them?

Oh yes. Any inside part. No problem.

I sensed a little skepticism from him as he neared the unit he had been
working on. I'm having a hastle with this one, putting in a larger hard
drive. Well, I'll handle that if you wopuld like. But you're not on the
payroll till tommorrow???

So what, this one's on the house.

I love the work. He watched as I installed and then configured the new
drive in less than twenty minutes. He was impressed. All I need now,
Stan, is your running program that the company uses. Do you have a CD with
it? Right here he said.

Within the hour the machine was ready to deliver to a different

We went back to Jack's office now, and sat down. The same guys were
still there, and Stan mentioned how quickly I just readied a new machine.

He really seem's to know his stuff, Stan said to all of them. He just
fixed a stubborn machine and its ready for the floor now. AND, He said it
was on the house. They laughed.

The VP stood and reached to shake my hand. Well, it looks like you're
all set here. You can start in the morning, then? OK.

I'm sure Jack or Stan here will fill you in on the other boring company
stuff. I liked those whips and chains hanging in the computer shop, I

He smiled and left, followed by the others.

Jack said now you see where I work and slave for the family everyday.
Spreading his arms wide behind his large desk.

He looked at his watch and said, the hell with it. I don't have much to
worry about on my plate, the rest of the day. Let's go and get a drink and
celebrate your new life.

I followed him to a nice, rather expensive looking place a few miles
from the company.

I come here once in a while he said. Some of the folks at work come
here too. I looked up at the building and front. He saw my expression.
Don't worry, this one's on the house too. I have an expense account, and
YOUR now company business, too.

I smiled and we walked in.

Jack talked about the company for a little while, and explained some of
the benefits etc. Also about some of the great looking girls I saw
throughout the building.

Then he brought up about being at the Lake last night with mom and dad.
We all had a nice time there last night.

I just can't believe we all get along so nice.

Christ, even with my family, we have fights with my brother and sister.
But your family....It just seems so nice Billy.

Yes. We all really do get along well. mom is the big factor there I
think. She seems to see things ahead of time and takes care of them before
they blow up.

Boy, she's really good Billy. I watched you and her right there in
front of me the other night at the pool. Billy, I was so excited watching
you two....

I love her deeply, Jack. Now, with all that has happened like it has, I
love her also as a lover. I can't explain what happens between us, Jack.
Its just always been there, and now, with this new our mutual
dream of sharing sex is wide open. When dad was brought into it, it really
became nice for all of us. Dad is far more open with all of us now.

Carol had always wanted him, Jack. One night, when mom was in with me,
she just went in dad's room and made her moves on him. It just went from

It's almost the same with us too Billy. I love Annette with all my
heart. I love Lisa also.

It just seemed to happen, and its been nice between all of us since.
Jimmy is still a bit wild and somewhat of a renegade.

He needs to learn a little more consideration. I didn't like the idea
that he just decided to take off with his friends last week to go camping.
Not even bothering to tell your sister till he was almost ready to leave.
That isn't right. I had a talk with him last night about it too. I'll
tell you another thing, he said. Annette really likes being with you

At first I was kind of nervous about it, but now.... She even seems a
lot better with me after being with you. She seems a lot more excited, and
I guess I am too.

You really must be some kind of lover for all these women to drool,
Billy. He was laughing.

No, its just that I REALLY love making love.

I guess you do, son.

Billy, I'm really happy that you will be marrying Lisa. Anything,
anytime, you kids need something......

Thanks, Jack.

That was SOME trick you and Annette did to us at your pool last week, I
said. he smiled. Annette got that one from your mother. I thought so.
What do you think my chances are of getting next to Nikki? Hey, you want
to do her? Yeah, I really would. I just love her body, with or without
her big tits.

I'll set it up for tonight if you want? Well.... Look, just remember
to go easy on her tits. They're still pretty sore. Oh yeah, sure.

Why don't you call Annette now, and let her know you're going to our
house? I'll call Lisa at work and tell her.

Can't make a night of it though, have to work in the AM.

Sure thing. mom will want to share a little celebration anyway. OK.
He went to call Annette and have her meet us at our house.

I called mom and Lisa. Nikki's a good lover, I told him. She likes it
slow and easy Jack. I was with her last night for a while at the lake.
They both fell asleep in the car on the way back.

I quickly explained some of the troubles Nikki and Dan had at the other
house. I asked him not to mention it to them. They're really trying hard
to get past all of it.

Well, we better shove off. Jack signed the bill and we were on our way.
I had to stall for about another half hour before Lisa was ready to be
picked up.

I kissed her real nice, and then told her about her father's company. I
explained the guys I met and fixing my first computer there already.

I went to Nikki's as soon as we got home. Dan was still at work for
another hour at least.

I told her what Jack hoped for. She was sort of hoping for Lisa and me
to come over to her place tonight. She offered me a beer and we sat out at
her deck for a while. He really wants to do you Nikki. He drools every
time he sees you. Well, Ok. She said. I said, look, come over with Dan
when he gets home. I'll have a pile of stuff on the grille, so don't
bother cooking. None of us can stay late because of work tommorrow anyway.
After a while, Lisa will keep Dan busy, and you disappear up to my room
with Jack, OK?

Then, when you come back down, Lisa, you and me and Dan, can come over
here. Yeah, that works. Let me see those beautiful tits once more, I
smiled. She laughed and lifted her shirt. I bent and kissed her nipples.
That's enough till tonight, hon. I finished my beer and went back across
the road to our house.

I hugged mom, seeing the excitement in her eyes that I had a new job.

Here's the newest employee of Whips and Chains Inc., Jack laughed as I
walked in the yard. I grabbed the platter of meat she had ready and took
it out to the grille. Jack helped me cook, as we drank a beer.

Dad pulled in the drive shortly after. It dawned on me that we didn't
think to pick up Annette. I forgot that Jimmy didn't have the car.

I asked Lisa to take the ride to pick her up.

Nikki and Dan were crossing the road, just as we got back. I was glad
to see they were bringing some beer. I hadn't thought to pick up any. I
knew there couldn't be a whole lot after the party the other night.

Jack's eyes bugged as Nikki walked up on the deck. Lisa and mom were
bringing out plates and silverware.

Lisa started singing Oh Danny Boy, and smiling as she saw him. Annette
went back in the house with the girls to help with last minute things as
dad an me talked with Jack and Dan. I went over and checked all the meat
on the grille. Jack came over again. I told him it was all set. When
Lisa makes her move on Dan, She will make her move on you. I told her you
two can use my bed. That's great Billy.

What will you....I was looking at Annette now, as she came out the door.
Oh...never mind he laughed.

Carol and Jimmy decided to stay at Lisa's house.

Soon we were all eating and everyone had another drink. I had the music
playing on the stereo.

mom and Annette went in the pool. dad followed a few minutes later.

Lisa was edging toward Dan,a nd talking with him. She asked him to swim

Nikki saw her opening.

So, she said to Jack....want to see what kind of trouble we can get
into? She smiled down at him, as she pulled him from his chair. They
walked into the house, and soon I saw her up in my bedroom window for a

Lisa was doing a great job making moves on Dan.

I went in and Hugged Annette. I whispered to mom where Jack and Nikki
were. I saw dad looking at Annette and figured, what the hell. I let her
go and went over to mom. Let's go up on the deck mom. OK honey. I think
she got my message.

I told mom I would give her a nice back rub now.

I unsnapped her bra top and she laid down. It was done so matter of
factly now. mom having her tits bared in front of everyone. Hardly a
second glance, anymore. I rubbed her back for quite a while and then she
offered to do mine. It was getting dark now. I noticed that Annette was
playing with dad's cock in the water. It wasn't long before they went
upstairs too. Lisa said that her and Dan were going over to his house, and
to meet them there later. OK Honey.

Don't hurt him.

Now, it was just mom and me on the deck once again. She was still
sitting on my ass rubbing my back softly.

She leaned down on me now. I felt her tits press into my back. Turn
over, baby. she whispered in my ear. She knelt up and made room for me to
turn under her spread thighs. She reached for my trunks and pulled them
off. Then she stood over me and dropped her bikini bottom.

She knelt back down with my cock just in front of her pussy. Pressing
it against her.

She leaned over me and kissed me softly. Her hands caressing my face
with her tenderness. She raised up enough to feed me each of her tits. I
felt her pussy sliding on my flattened cock. She had it pressed against
her slit and was riding it.

She moved her pussy back enough now for my cock to spring up. She
raised her hips high and lowered herself straight down on my cock. All
while feeding me her tit.

She fucked me nice. Her pussy caressing me. Her arms on both sides on
my head as she leaned over me. Swinging her tits across my face now.
Fucking me into herself deeper. After a while she sat up and held her tits up. She moved her hips back and forth and in circles. Her eyes opened and
closed as she felt my cock spearing up into her.


mom was really enjoying this. She reached for my hands to place on her
hanging tits now. Now she started riding back and forth faster. Her pussy wide open, and I felt all of her wetness in my groin.

She made very little noise this time, except for small moans. Her pussy gripping my cock softly. I played with her hard nipples and caressed her
tits firmly as she started to cum. Then she leaned on me and fucked me
faster. cum with me darling. cum with me.

Her pussy going up and down on my hard cock now. Squeezing it harder.
Her hips and pussy grinding into me harder. Exciting my entire groin down
into my very balls as I started to shoot. OOOHH baby. There you are.....I
feel you Billy honey. OOOOHHH

Ooohhh mom....she fucked me this time. This was her fuck. She wrapped
her arms around my neck and rotated her tits hard into my chest. It made
her pussy also rotate around my cumming cock. It was wonderful.

That is the position and state we were in as Nikki and Jack came back to
the deck.

I could see both of them out of the side of my eyes as mom closed in to
kiss me. Her tits crushed into my chest. Her passion at a peak. It
didn't matter to her if the whole fucking world was watching us right now.
Her son's cock was making her cum. She was making me cum. That was all
that mattered.

Her pussy caressed me as she deliberately squeezed her muscles around my
throbbing and shooting cock. Her kisses sucked, gave and sucked my mouth
as we came.

Her juice spread down my cock and through my ass crack. I was drenched
in the flows of my mother.

The complete surrender of mother and son to each other.

Her hands came to both sides of my face as she kissed me again.
Finally, she raised her pussy off me and knelt back. Her face flushed.
Her tits heaving, and red. Her nipples very hard. Her pussy completely
soaked with the juices of our combined love.

Her smile of love down to me. Her hands reached for mine as we both

Still not a matter to anyone else on the planet. She placed her arms
around me and kissed me again. Her whole body pressed completely into me,
as we kissed in our nakedness.

Her hand led me to the edge of the pool and we both slipped in. By now,
dad and Annette had come back down. Annette still with her tits free, as
was Nikki. They were having a beer as mom and me finally got out of the
pool and sat on chairs. mom noticed dad now, and went over to kiss him.

It was about 10 PM by now, and Annette thought that it was time for her
and Jack to head home. They left shortly afterward, and I told him I would
see him in the morning.

mom and dad went up to bed now. Both of them holding hands as they went
through the yard.

I went in the pool with Nikki for a while and kissed her. It was just
the two of us now.

How was it I asked her?

Oh, it was OK, Billy. He's not bad, you so. He tried Billy,
but I didn't cum. I was almost thinking of faking it, but I did feel a
little nice feelings anyway. He came though.

Well, do you want to go over to your house now?

Yeah, OK. I have a lot of beer there anyway. We noticed your stock is
getting low. Yeah, I have to make a beer run after work tommorrow. That's
right. You're a working man now. She laughed.

We went to her kitchen first for some beer, and noticed that Dan and
Lisa were'nt on the deck. They're in our bed.

Lets rest a little bit Nikki, OK? Oh sure Billy. Yeah. I'm glad we
came down in time to catch part of you and your mom making love. Wow,
Billy. You two really make love.

Yes, Nik, that's exactly it. We make love to each other.

I could see that love Billy...between both of you. girls can see that
stuff a lot easier than guys that might watch.

Yes. Jack mentioned it too, when we stopped for a beer this afternoon.
He's also seen us making love before.

Its so hard for me to explain, Nik, She's my mother, but still, We treat
each other as pure lovers also. She says she feels extra special when I'm
inside her cumming. Not even like with my dad.

I reached for her and we laid on a huge pillow on the deck. Billy?
yeah hon? I wonder if you would feel OK making love to me right next to
Dan and Lisa right now?

I would like him to notice the things you do that are just so damn nice.

Last night all we really did was fuck without him really seeing how you
do things to a woman. You're a good lover Billy.

Well, what would you like me to do first?

Would you lick me Billy. Would you please lick my pussy in front of
him? You do it so damn nice???? Then, maybe he can see how to really do me
when he sees me cumming. The way you stop eating me and then put your cock
in me right away and make me cum again.

OOOOHHH Billy, I love that and want him to learn. He's not real good at
eating me Billy. He doesn't spend hardly any time doing it, and hardly
knows how to do my clit. You do it perfect.

OK Hon. I would like for you to make sure I am hard though. How about
if I suck you just before? Perfect.

OK hon. We have a plan. I'll make sure he can see exactly what I'm
doing to your pussy. Oh, good Billy.


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