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CAROL, mom & ME 75

Their bedroom was cool from the air conditioner when we walked in. It
felt nice from the stickiness outside. Lisa was laying on her side with
Dan at her back. His hand around and on her tit.

Hi, guys. We thought we would join you. Hi Billy honey.

Nikki laid down on her side of the bed and pulled my hand to her.

I laid at her side now, and caressed her body softly. I smiled over at
Lisa. Dan seemed tired but was busy with his face in the back of Lisa's
hair and neck.

I leaned forward and kissed Nikki, now. Her arm around my neck. I
slowly kissed my way down her body. I spent time caressing her tits and
sucked them softly. They were hard and it felt nice for her.

I slowly kissed my way down her stomach and licked all over her bush. I
looked up at her eyes as I licked into her slit now. Her legs spreading
wider for me to lay between them.

I used my fingers to softly spread her pussy lips and licked her clit

Her soft moans made it seem all worthwhile. Then I lowered my lips and
sucked it. I made sure that Dan could see it in my lips as I looked up at
Nikki. OOOOOHHHH Billy. Her own hands were on her tits and massaging them
as I licked and sucked her pussy from top to bottom now. Over and over I
did this.

She was moaning softly as I slid my fingers into her hole and fucked her
slowly. I knew how much all women liked this. My tongue sliding up and
down her slit. I went back to her clit again and sucked it. Rolling my
tongue over and over it. Her hips were off the bed, pushing hard into my
sucking mouth. her womanly smells now all around my face.

Nice isn't is Nikki, Lisa asked....OOOOHHHH Yessss. OOOOHH its sooooo

I licked up and down and fucked her a little faster with my fingers,
Soon she was about to cum. I felt her juices starting to flow, and sucked her harder. I enjoyed her taste. I fucked her with my fingers faster.
Her hips were rising and falling faster. I sucked her clit hard now as she
came. Fucking into her hard with my fingers as I sucked. I was making
love to her pussy with my mouth.

She was off the bed with her hips and moaning loudly. I pulled my
fingers out and rose quickly. Her pussy was soaked as I rammed into her
and fucked her hard.

Dan and Lisa were watching closely as she came hard. Almost screaming,
as I fucked his sister. Her pussy clamping on my cock. Even with its
wetness. Her hips rising in a jerking manner as she squeezed my cock
inside her pussy deeply. She jerked her hips in short motions.

OOOOOHHH Nikki, oooooo I moaned. My eyes closed as I felt my cock
starting to let go.

I pushed into her as hard as I could and stayed there. Her pussy doing
the rest now, to complete our orgasms.

I made her quickly cum twice more this way, as I shot deep within her.

Damn, it felt so nice. Especially with Lisa watching and sharing this
with me. Laying right next to us.

My cumming seemed to set off another series of spasms in her. Her mouth
rising open to mine as we both were cumming. She held me tight to her as
her cum hit her again. Her pussy was really shaking inside. I felt this
with mom also.

It was some time before her body relaxed and she let me loose from her

Her legs wide spread. Our juices flowing now, down to her ass, and all
over my cock. My cock making final throbs deep within her.

She was panting as Dan's eyes were bugged out. I knelt now, my cock
laying on top of her wet pussy mound.

Jerking fron the ordeal. Lisa reached to caress it. Smiling up to me.
That was nice Billy. Ohhh Damn right Lisa. It was nice. Oh, God, was it

OOOOHHH My pussy still feels like its cumming. OOOOOHHH Billy. Dan
just learned how to properly eat and fuck his sister. I hoped it would

I laid down on Nikki, trying to be careful of her tits, and kissed her.

I said that it was time Lisa and I left. We had to get up early. We
got out of bed and watched Dan move closer to Nikki now.

Good night guys. Good night Billy Dan said. That was really something.
I smiled at Nikki as she was placing her arm around Dan.

Lisa and I made a mad dash across the road still naked. Who cared? It
was about midnight.

After we got into bed, I explained to Lisa what the show was all about
with Nikki.

It was nice Billy. I knew everything she was feeling when you were
eating her.

I'll do you tommorrow honey.

We were both tired. We held each other and drifted off to sleep.

As usual, I awoke early. Lisa was still sprawled out sleeping. I eased
out of bed quietly and got some decent casual clothes ready.

It was only 6:30. I still had a couple hours yet to be at the new job.

I leaned against the dresser looking down at my sleeping beauty. I was
still naked, and felt my cock stirring now.

Yes. I wanted to be inside my love. I wanted her to also feel me, as
mom did, through the day, inside her.

I moved slowly and easy over her and placed my cock at her opening. It
was ready, and slightly wet. I looked at her pretty face as I slid slowly
into her with my hard cock. It took another few seconds for her to open
her eyes and see me.

Oh Honey.....uuummmm so hard in the morning....

I hugged her to me and we fucked each other slowly. Her legs wide
spread. Completely open to my thrusts in and out. I raised up and kissed
her. I moved my hips in a way that forces my cock to scrape her upper wall
and excite her Gspot as I thrust into her.


OOOOHHH it feels......OOOOHHH.

Her fucking became harder as she was forced into her cum from my
thrusting. I buried my cock deep and felt her contractions and wetness as
we came. Her pussy gripping me tight and moving up and down milking me.
Squeezing my entire cock deep inside her.

We had time. I stayed in her just like this for a long time. I wanted
to share and feel our love. I wanted this in my mind while I worked today.
Our private words to each other's ears. Her hardened nipples lovingly
pressed into me.

I finally got up and took a quick shower and I dressed. Lisa had on a
robe as dad was just going into the bathroom himself.

We went down and started breakfast. Wake me like that forever honey,
Lisa said.

Like what honey? mom asked as she walked in the kitchen.

Lisa jumped at being surprised by mom. mom smiling. With his big fat
cock ramming me.... mom laughed.

Oh yes, honey. I agree, I love to be wakened like that too. Billy
nailed me a couple times like that, but now he concentrates on you in the

Billy, You're just going to have to get up earlier. Do Lisa, then come
and do me. AND THEN GO TO WORK? I said

See Lisa. men just can't handle doing two things at once like us girls.
We'll just have to get you vitamins and feed you better, mom kidded. Dad
came in now, but only wanted coffee.

Well, what's on your agenda today girls?

Well I thought I would pick up Carol, Nikki, Lisa and me. Then can all
go get our pussies felt up real nice at the GYN this morning, mom laughed.

I just love those chrome tools he uses on my Gspot. I cum every time
honey. Right there with my pretty legs in his stirrups. I gush so much
the nurse has to use three towels. Sometimes I even think of you, darling.
If he does a good enough job on making me cum, maybe I'll give him one of
my real nice hand jobs.

If he does me good enough, I'll blow him. Lisa laughed.

Dad said I knew I was in the wrong damn business. He finished his
coffee, circled mom in his arms and kissed her. Her hands pulling his down
to her tits, as she sat there.

See you all later. Good luck with your new job, Billy. Then he was
gone. I still had about 45 minutes yet.

Billy, that's a thought. Why not go to college and learn Gynocology?
You could see all the pussies in the town. Lisa joked.

There's enough right here in this house for me. I don't need any more
honey. What time you have to leave honey? mom asked. It only takes just
under 15 minutes to get there from here. I don't start til nine.

Oh, Hell....I thought you started earlier. Do you mind Lisa honey? mom was reaching for my hand now. She pulled me by the hand into he parlor and
leaned me toward the couch. She quickly undid my belt and pants and pulled
them down. She was on her knees sucking me in less than thirty seconds.

UUUUMMMM She moaned. fresh cock in the morning from my son.....

UUUUMMMMM. I smiled toward Lisa as she watched mom suck me into a

mom went fast this time. sucked hard and quick. Used her hands to help
along with her sucking. Within five minutes, she had my cock shooting in
her mouth. Her hands encouraging me to pump her face as I came.

She sucked soft, but jerked hard as I shot into her mouth. UUUMMMMMM
OOOHH Mom. She smiled as she helped pull my shorts and pants back up now.
I needed that baby. She leaned forward and kissed me again.

I gave Lisa a kiss and then left.

I could just imagine their conversation now.

In a house with two absolutely horny women. Three, when Carol was home.

Mary Ellen was all smiles as I came in the door for work. Now she had
on a pretty tight flowery blouse and beige skirt. Coffee's fres down the
hall she smiled.

Wow, I thought. This girl is really fuckable. Stan was just coming in
himself as I got to the shop.

We worked on two different units at the same time. Within a couple
hours, we both seemed to learn each other's sequences.

We put the finished machines on carts and wheeled them out on the floor
to their new homes. It took some time for us to disconnect the old machines at two different stations. Then reconnect the new ones we had
just upgraded.

The girls were happier than a pig in shit. I began to wonder if this
company had the market sewed up on pretty girls.

Stan laughed when I mentioned it. He said, But you're engaged..... He
said he was going to miss a few of them badly when he left for the other
subsidiary. Oh yeah, he said. I've done a few of them here over the
years. Some are marrie, but most of them are still single. They seem to
really let loose at our company picnics and parties.

He opened a door as we were walking down the hall. THIS, he said is
where most of the dirty deeds are done.

He flicked on a light. There was a room about 12 x 12. It had a single
bed and what looked like a dressing table. There was a small refrigerator
in a corner, and a small stereo unit on a table. I also noticed a large
bowl with condoms on the table.

There was a small set of shelves on the wall near the door with sheets
and pillow cases all folded and neat. Its our passion pit, he smiled.

There's one almost like it at the other end of the building. A LOT of
us use it during the day, and some, after work. A lot of quickies happen

It goes unsaid, and we all know if the door is locked, it's being used.

The Execs have their own on that upper separate level in the front of
the building, as you walk in.

Whoa, sex and sin on the job, I laughed.

Jack told you right when he said this is a nice place to work.

I asked him about the receptionist, Mary Ellen. I'll miss her most of
all, he said. She's really nice, Billy. I would make a move on her this
afternoon, but we have that new unit to work on.... Look, Stan. I can
handle that by myself. Go do your thing. You're leaving soon, and what
the hell. You mean it? Sure. Go for it Stan. He was all smiles. I'll
go down and let her know, he said. See you back at the shop.

I went to work on the new unit by myself. None of it was brain

Jack stopped in as I was just finishing. Want to go across the street
for lunch, Billy? Teah, OK, Jack. It seemed he already knew where Stan

How do you like it so far? he asked as we crossed the road to a small

Oh, It's great Jack. Everyone seem's so nice. They are Billy. We
really don't have problems here. Most of the small stuff that causes
aggravations are usually taken care of at mini meetings.

We had a beer and a sandwich.

I was just dying to find out if he was fucking any of the girls himself?
I thought I would wait for him to mention it.

Sure enough, after the second beer, he asked if Stan had shown me THE

Oh yeah, I smiled. About an hour ago. I figured that's why we didn't
see Mary Ellen at the front desk, Jack laughed. I told Stan I would take
care of the new unit by myself so he could go with her. You learn quick,
Billy, he laughed. I've used THE ROOM, myself too! He smiled as if
thinking of recent memories.

I like the one in accounting with the long black hair, he said.

We just set her up with a new unit this morning....I don't blame you a
bit. She has a body....Holy shit, Jack. She was spreading her legs under
that skirt as I was hooking up her new unit. I had a hard on and she
fucking knew it. Gave me one of THOSE smiles. He smiled. I'll set you up
with her if you would like???? I owe you that for setting me up with

I smiled. Well, I have two more units on the bench to work on....
Yeah, might as well get back. I hope Stan changes the sheets this time, he


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