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CAROL, mom & ME 77

I met Jack in the parking lot after work. He was going right home as
well as I.

mom and the girls were all in the kitchen now, showing off some of the
stuff they bought at the mall. mom holding up a nice print blouse against
her. Lisa holding a sexy pair of shorts with lacy stuff on the sides.

Blab, blab blab. All girl stuff. I grabbed a beer and went out to cut
the grass before the yard was reposted as a forest. I asked where Carol
was, as Lisa came out of the house.

I don't know. Her and Jimmy weren't there when we went to pick her up.
Mom said they were gone early with friends of Jimmy. They probably went
down to the Lake, I said. Yeah, Lisa said.

mom asked if we wanted to cook out or eat in the house?

I figured it would be a lot easier to cook out.

Lisa and mom got dinner ready as they talked with Nikki.

I was just finishing the grass when dad pulled in.

He grabbed a beer and came out to sit with me on the deck. How was the
new job? Excellent. I really like it so far. Gorgeous girls everywhere
you look, dad.

At least I'm finally getting paid for playing with computers now. mom came out with a glass of Iced tea and sat next to dad. Nikki and Dan will
join us for dinner tonight she said.

Oh, by the way honey....The doc got me off real good this morning. I
think he did Lisa twice, she smiled at me. Dad and me both knew full well
she was joking and that the checkups were no walk in the park. Its a shame
we couldn't take Carol. She wasn't there when we went over there to get

But anyway....all of us women are in fine shape and we got our new
supply of BCP's.

Nikki hailed Dan as she saw him pulling in their drive from work and he
came in the yard also.

Dan mentioned that it was THEIR turn to treat us at their house this

Everyone ate and the girls went in the pool. mom just had to show off
her new two piece. Pulling the bra top tight to her tits for show and tell
to dad.

The phone rang in the corner of the deck. I answered it. It was
Annette. She sounded as if she were crying. What's wrong Annette? Oh
Billy. Please come over right away. Bring your mom and dad too. Please
come now. Oh? What's wrong hon? I'll tell you all when you get here
honey. Please come now. OK Annette.

Now, I was getting nervous. Mom, dad, Lisa...we have to go over there
right away. Something is wrong. Lisa was shaking now. No time for
changing I guess. Go like we are. Grab a couple of Dusters over there.
Nikki and Dan said they would clean up the place for us.

We all piled into my car and I raced like hell to Lisa's house.

Her father was in the driveway as we pulled in. What's wrong daddy?
Oh, come on in. Its terrible. Annette was in the parlor now with Carol
laying on the couch. She was a mess. Bruises, blood and marks all over
her. Her face hiddeously swollen. Annette had cut off her clothes and had
covered Carol with a blanket. I noticed large bruise marks on her inner
thighs, near her pussy. OOOOHHH Jean...... Annette was crying in full
force now. What happened? Carol was all groggy and seemed to have been
crying. There were big bruises and blood on her tits also.

Oh Carol, what happened honey? mom and me both on our knees near her
head. The ambulance should be here any second, Jack said. His voice in
tears. They raped her Jim. Jimmy and her went to the Lake with a bunch of
his friends from school.

Early this morning. Her and Jimmy were swimming and then when they came
out, they gang raped her. Jimmy couldn't stop them. He got beat pretty
bad too. I don't know how he made it home. His eye is swollen shut, and
his face is a mess. I think his arm is broke too.

He's upstairs in the bathroom right now. I raced up the stairs and
kicked open the bathroom door. Jimmy had his head over the sink. There
was blood dripping profusely from his nose. His face was swollen. Bad
cuts on his face. Big welts all over his upper body.

Then we heard the ambulance siren. I raced back downstairs. Carol was
in a complete stupor. mom was a wreck as was dad. Lisa was crying loudly.
They made room for the EMTs as they came in and examined Carol. Their
radio snapping directions from their base unit.

Carol moaned loudly as they felt up and down her body for broken bones,
and internal injuries. They asked us to leave the room as the female EMT
wanted to examine Carol's vagina more closely. I vaguely remember someone
taking pictures of her now.

Annette was hysterical and told them of her son in the upstairs bathroom
also needing help. One of the EMT's ran up the stairs, quickly followed by

We were all in the kitcen now, crying and completely out of it. They
had now strapped Carol on a stretcher and were putting her in the
ambulance. She has several broken ribs, the female EMT said. It appears as
a rape as I see the marks all over her. Lot of semen. Her breast has also
been bitten badly. We're taking her to Park Central Hospital now. There's
another ambulance on its way for your son. The siren blaring as she spoke.

Two EMT's were bringing Jimmy down the stairs on a stretcher also. His
left arm is broken, and we suspect facial fractures, and several other
injuries to his nose and chest. He was beaten pretty badly.

He'll go to Park Central also.

Soon, there were several Police coming through the front door. Jack and
Annette could only give them sketchy details except for a couple of names
of the boys that were with Jimmy and Carol. The cops immediately put their
names on their radio. Lisa had stopped crying now, and ran to hug me.

Oh, I'm so sorry Billy. Then she started to cry again. Shaking wildly
as I held her.

We have to go to the hospital now, mom said. Now, right now. Oh, mom,
Lisa ran to her and said please come upstairs first and change with me.
Mom then looked and was reminded that she had on a duster, no shoes, and
her two piece. They raced up the stairs both crying loudly.

I told dad that I would wait for them, and that he should hurry and go
with Annette and Jack in their car. It would be faster. They were out the
door and following the Police car in seconds.

mom and Lisa were downstairs quickly. Both had just put on simple
dresses, and shoes. mom was still crying. I hugged her and then we raced
to the hospital.

They had all been there as we ran into the emergency room. Carol was in
surgery. Internal bleeding. Cause, unknown yet. Jimmy was being treated
in another room for his deep cuts and they were waiting for a surgeon to
reset his broken arm. He was still about to be sent for more Xrays. There
were two female Police women that came up to us. We're from the rape unit.
We only have sketchy details. We've not been able to see Carol, because of
her being rushed into surgery so quickly. All of us were shaking or
crying. mom and dad were a wreck as well as Annette and Jack.

A nurse came to offer coffee to any of us. She promised to let us know
immediately when the surgery was done. The two female cops said that it
was extremely important that they talk to Carol, and the doctors had
already saved the possible evidence as standard practice.

One of them had tears in her eyes as she talked to mom and then hugged

I know how you feel, she said. Its happened to my daughter two years

She eased mom to a lounge and sat with her. We'll wait with youa while,
she said.

I was sitting with Lisa, as dad and Jack stood against a hall wall. A
doctor came in and said that Jimmy had bruised internal organs, but they
would heal. It appears he was probably kicked pretty badly.

A doctor was setting his broken arm and he should be ready for a room in
a little while. His broken nose would have to be taken care of at a leter

The hospital wanted to keep him at least overnight. Maybe longer.

He was able to give the original two detectives names and some
addresses. Those two officers had told the two rape investigator women.
They all left. The detectives saying they were now executing arrests, with
what information Jimmy was able to give.

It was several hours later when a doctor finally came in and spoke with
mom and dad. Carol would be OK, but.....

Lisa and I ran over to them quickly. Carol sustained several bad
vaginal lacerations, pubic lacerations. Her left nipple was stitched back
in place. Being bitten almost off. Both breasts were badly bruised, and
would take quite some time for full recovery. There were signs of female
organ injury, but they needed the consult of a GYN, who was on his way.
Mom was shaking violently. Dad tried to hold her, but she pulled away. A
nurse came and led her into a room and we guessed, gave her a shot.

Dad's eyes were red as tears flowed. Watching his wife, and my mother being led away. Lisa was hugging both him and me. Annette and Jack were
holding each other. Both, still shaking.

The nurse came back to dad and I and said she had given mom a sedative
to calm her for now. She gave dad a prescription for more.

We'll both need it he said. His voice shaking. The nurse put her arm
around dad and patted his back as he openly wept now. Your wife will be
OK, sir.

She went back to her offices and checked on mom. They had put her on a
bed to rest in a small room.

Annette and Jack came over to dad and they all hugged. Lisa and I went
in to sit with mom, as she now slept.

What the fuck, Billy. Lisa said. Those rotten, rotten bastards.

I hope we can kill them. Kill them, she said again.

How much I had the same idea in my head rolling around. I stood up and
stood behind her chair. I patted her head as she started to cry again,
holding mom's hand.

I was thinking of just how quickly all of our lives were just fucked up
so completely, so .....

A knock at the door. The nurse said that the GYN was now with Carol,
and examining her while they still held her under heavy sedation just
outside the operating room.

We have James in a private room now. He's still coming out of his
sedation yet though. You can probably see him up there in about a half

She went to mom now, still sleeping. Checked her pulse. Your mom will
be OK. This will last for about another half hour. Best let her rest now.
We left. Annette, Jack and dad had already gone up to where Jimmy's room

Lisa and I waited for word from the GYN, and for mom. Lisa's hands were
shaking terribly.

A nurse coming with a glass of water and some pills.


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