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CAROL, mom & ME 78

It was about another half hour when the nurse came in again. How's your
girlfriend? OK, I think. She's in the bathroom now. Your mom is waking
up now. Thank you. She patted my shoulder as I walked towards mom's room.
Mom looked drowsy. Her face drawn. Stained from tears. A Mack truck of
life had just smashed into her stomach.

I sat on the bed next to her. Oh, Billy honey, how is Carol? We don't
know yet mom.

The GYN is up there with her now, examining her inside.

Oh, Billy, she hugged me and started to cry again. Shaking all over.
I'm sure she'll be OK , mom. Lying to myself and her. Where's dad?

He's up with Annette and Jack to see Jimmy. They're keeping him at
least overnight too. They set his broken arm and fixed what they could of
his face, so far.

Can we go to where Carol is? No, not yet. Lisa is down here with me.
She's out in the waiting room. Lisa was bent over with her head in her
hands as I helped mom into the room. She had just thrown up in the

How much hurt I felt inside. How much more hurt seeing the women I love
in my life with such torture....

My treasured sister beaten and raped so very badly.

Yes. I wanted to kill.

I wanted to stab and cut. I wanted to use dad's old shotgun. I wanted
to kick doors open and blast away.

I wanted to cut pricks off.

One of the detectives had come into the room now....We all looked up at
him. We have three of them now, he said. We're still looking for two
more. How is your sister? We don't know yet. We told him what we DID
know. Those viscious bastards he said. Two of them were smiling as we
cuffed them he said.

I mentioned that we could probably see Jimmy now. He said, I already
have a guy in his room now, waiting for any statements he can help us with.

He came over and put his arm around mom. We'll lock these guys away for
a long time he said softly to her. Mom's arms went to his shoulders and he
held her, patting her back. The tears just falling down her face.

All I could do was feel the tears well up in my eyes. Feeling my
mother's torture.

Jack had come downstairs from Jimmy's room now. He's awake but still
very groggy. He hurts terrible. They are trying to keep him out of pain
as much as they can. He too, was still teary eyed.

The detective went to shake his hand. Jack responded with both of his,
and begged him to catch the bastards.

We have 3 of them right now. There are still 2 more we're after as I
speak. Good, Jack said. His voice still shaking. He walked over to hug
mom. Her arms went around him, I saw her teary face, all swollen from
crying now.

I took Lisa's hand and said we would go up to see Jimmy now. Jack said
he would bring mom up in a few minutes. He needed to talk with the
detective for a minute.

How absolutely terrible I felt inside. All the instant misery spread in
both our families.

Jimmy looked pitiful as we looked down at his bandaged face. Bottles of
fluids into his arms. His terribly swollen shut left eye. Lisa
immediately went to lay over his body, but the nurse grabbed her quickly.
No honey. There's internal....Please don't.

Tears flowed from her eyes looking down at her brother. Annete came to
hug her. Jack and dad near a corner, and mom standing next to me as we got
our first look at Jimmy.

He couldn't talk very well, and we didn't ask him to.

We had been at the hospital now, for almost 5 hours. Seeing a large
clock on the wall. 11:30 PM.

Don't worry about work tommorrow Billy. Jack said. I called the
office. He broke out in tears again. Lisa went to him and hugged him.

Absolute pure misery in the whole room.

About twenty minutes later, there was a knock on the door. It was the
GYN. Carol's parents??? Yes, right here. mom jumped up.....

I'm doctor Spence. Your daughter......well, its hard to say at this
point. I treated her vaginal lacerations, and they will heal. I expect
she will be very sore in there for some time.

I examined her internally. There was bleeding from the uterus, but its
contained and stopped now. There's a lot of swelling inside, which means
that she must have been punched or kicked. Its hard to tell from my
initial look at the bruises on her abdomen.

It appears her female organs will be OK. BUT, and I do add BUT...We
can't be sure yet.

You will have to keep a close eye on her periods, and signs of any
irregular bleeding. Especially the color of her menses. Oh, I will, I
will. You must get her to the hospital right away if that occurs.

I would guess she'll be in recovery for a day or two. Then to a regular
room for a few days after that. She's been beaten pretty badly. After
this initial internal swelling goes down, she'll need a complete pelvic
exam right away.

I DO know she has several broken ribs. We were concerned about
punctured lungs.

All the other vitals appear OK, at this point. She's been stabilized.
Do you have a regular GYN for her? Oh Yes, mom said.

Matter of fact she was to go with us girls today.

mom stuttering, half crying. Oh, God....Mom started to cry again. She
was being raped and beaten all during that time..... Dad put his arm
around her and asked if we could see Carol. Maybe in about a half hour.
The nurses are still prepping her room and her, with dressings.

In any case ma'am, she's going to need a long recovery and rest.

Dad shook his hand and he left.

mom turned to Jack and Annette. I want you all to stay at our house
tonight. It was more of a statement, than a request.

They looked at her....Yes, OK Jean. Go see Carol now, Jack said. We'll
stay here for a while longer. Lisa, mom, dad and me all went up the
elevator to see Carol. The nurse pleaded that we only stay a short time.
Carol was still unsoncious. We promised.

Both mom and dad went to one side, and Lisa and I to the other of
Carol's bed. More tubes, more bottles. More plastic bags. A large
bandage on the side of her face and forehead. A huge bandage over her left

Oh my Dear Honey, mom cried. Dad's tears flowing down his cheeks as if
a faucet had been turned on. Lisa crying. Looking at my wonderful
sister....battered so badly.

I lost it then and there. I began to let loose now. For the first time
since seeing her at Lisa's house. I let loose with overwhelming tears and

A nurse sitting me in a chair. Glass of water. Take these hon. I
choked trying to swallow.

Then and there I promised revenge. Then and there I vowed to extract
the same torture committed on my sister and Jimmy.

Then and there I decided to gather old school friends.

Then and there as I looked at my comatose sister, I entertained

Then and there as I saw the extreme anguish of my mother and father,
Jack, Annette, and Lisa's misery.... Then and there I made my decision.

I stopped crying now. The nurse had asked us to please leave now. Dad
held mom close as Lisa and I also held each other down the long hall.

We got into my car as Jack was with Annette in theirs. They followed us
to our house.

It was at least 2 in the morning now.

Nikki, seeing our cars, came running over. She screamed loudly when
Lisa told her.

We all went to the deck where fresh air was needed. Nikki, finally
recovered and went in to make coffee.

I went in the house and woke up an old friend......

All I said to him was that I needed my friend right now.

I'm on my way he said. No questions. I looked at the kitchen clock.
2:30 AM. Nikki turned to hug me tight as she readied the coffee tray.

Within 15 minutes, Bobby's car was coming down the road out of the
darkness. I was out on the front porch as he pulled in. I called to him
and told him the whole story on the steps. Oh Billy. Holy shit. We know
those fucks from school. They're Juniors and sophs. Where are they. 3
caught now, two loose yet. I don't have all the names yet. Oh shit Billy.
You know how much I thought of Carol!

I'll get our guys together tommorrow Billy.

I said that I would be busy at the hospital with the rest of our
families. We went in the backyard and Bobby walked over and hugged Lisa. I
noticed tears in his eyes now in the dim light.

We all drank some coffee, and then mom said that Annette and Jack could
use Carol's room. Again, as a statement rather than as a request. This
was unlike mom. I suppose she wanted all this reinforcement immediately
around her now.

I was standing near her as she turned to go upstairs with dad. Her arms
opened and we hugged. Hugged with pure sadness now.

Bobby came over and kissed her on the cheek as I was holding her in my
arm. I'll talk to you tommorrow Billy. Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
He walked away.

Take care of what honey? The bastards are going down mom. Bobby and
the rest of my friends from school are about to take care of business.

Oh Billy, please no. No! What honey? dad asked as he neared us.
Billy has a lot of friends from school and they're going to go after the
guys that did all this.

Dad looked at me....Its too late dad. Its a done deal. Bobby's on his
way right now.... Tell him no, honey, mom urged.

Dad was about to say something, but then he looked at me again. I think
he realized it would be useless.

I also think he wanted it to happen too.

Annette and Jack followed mom and dad into the house.

Lisa, Nikki and I stayed on the deck and talked a while longer. Lisa
seemed to have a sense of satisfaction in hearing Bobby and I would take
care of business......she said nothing to me about it though.

It was an extrememly restless night for Lisa and I. Impossible to
sleep. I laid there with my eyes shut. Holding her hand next to me.

None of our bedroom doors were closed. I noticed Jack in his shorts and
Annette in one of mom's nightgowns, as I went to the bathroom.

I heard soft crying from mom's room. I sat on the side of mom's bed
now, in the darkness. I reached for her hand and held it in my lap.
Caressing it with my hands. Please don't go after them honey. It will
only make it worse. She was whispering now. Her hand was still shaking.
She felt the tears falling from my eyes onto mine and her hand.

Dad finally sleeping.

She moved on the bed and pulled me down next to her. I hugged her
tight. Still feeling her trembling in her body now. This time the
trembling caused from sheer sadness and hurt, and not our bliss.

I kissed her cheek softly and also felt her tears. Her hand going up
and down my back.

I have to do this mom. Bobby will have the wheels in motion by
tommorrow. Its my guees he has most of them all out of bed right now.

These bastards will get bail. We know them from school, mom. Most of
them are nuts or druggies.

I remembered one of them got off on a rape charge during the past school
year. carol and Lisa knew the girl too.

I guarentee mom, there will never be a chance for a third. mom was
silent now. Her hand still rubbing up and down my back.

I laid my head into her tits. She held me there. mother and son now
sharing complete misery. After a few minutes, I rose and kissed her. Good
night mom. I love you with all my heart. I love you too Billy.

I went back to my bed and laid on my back. Trying my best to hold back
the tears. Lisa had drifted off to sleep finally. I reached and held her
hand tight.

I wondered how permenant Carol's injuries would be? I wondered how she
would think from now on?

I wondered if I would ever have my ginchy, funny, sexy, loving and
veautiful sister back again? I thought of her sheer terror of being
continuously raped by all five of those bastards.

Yes! A doomsday loomed for five bastard rapists. I gazed blankly at
the dark ceiling. Somehow, my eyes closed and I slept.


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