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CAROL, mom & ME 79

I was awakened by Annette the next morning. She was sitting on the side
of the bed. Her face still swollen also from crying. Even though I was
naked, it meant nothing right now. Lisa, also naked next to me, just
rousing now.

Good morning honey, she said softly. Your mom is downstairs making
breakfast, Billy.

Hi mom. Good morning Sweetheart. Thanks Annette.

See you downstairs.

We went in and took a shower together. Just business. Get clean. No
real smiles this morning between us.

I reached for her as she lowered her leg from the toilet after drying
it. I looked at her and she at me. I pulled her close and kissed her. We
held each other and then dressed quietly.

I kissed mom on the cheek now, as I walked into the kitchen. I called
the hospital she was saying to all, We can't go up there until 11 AM, and
then for only 15 minutes. 2 at a time they said. Carol seem's to be OK,
they said.

You and dad go right ahead mom. Jimmy is open for visits at the regular
hours, mom added. Annette added that she was told he is about the same as
last night.

Tears welling up in her eyes again.

Yes, I saw a huge hole right through mom from the Mack truck as she sat
down. I knew her thoughts. I knew her fears. I knew her senses.

I knew my mother. Dad was rather quiet as was Jack. Both men doing
their damn best for the standard "Brave Man" act for their wives.

Still, I saw the deep hurt and sadness in each of them.

I knew what my friends and I were going to do, was the right course. I
stood now, after picking at pancakes, and said I was going out on the deck
with my coffee. I bent and kissed mom on my way out the door.

It wasn't long before Dad and Jack joined me. Leaving the women alone
in the kitchen.

Will you tell me what you're planning Billy?

I believe its best you know nothing dad. That way you can never be
charged if it goes the other way.

He's right Jim, Jack added.

Its best we don't know anything. Part of me says leave it to the cops
and courts. Me too, dad said.

But after seeing Carol beaten and repeatedly raped so badly....My only
son...laying in those beds like that..... Billy, I'll square it with the
company for you. I called in early this morning again and spoke with Paul,
our VP that you met. He's filled in on all this nightmare. Don't worry
there, about your new job. You're covered.

You do what you've got to do son. Well, dad, the only thing I need from
you is to make a call to the cops and see if they have the other two yet?

It would seem out of place for me to call. OK, I guess I can do that
much. I'll call now. I'm curious myself.

Lisa brought out more coffee for us and kissed me softly. Then she went
back in with the other girls. Nikki had come over now. About ten minutes
later, dad came out and said they had the other two, late last night. Both
were at one guy's house when the cops crashed in.

The detective said they would all be in court this morning for an
arraignment. I knew where Bobby and me would be this morning.

I walked in the house and kissed Lisa and mom, and then as a quick
second thought, kissed Annette also.

I said I would see them all later. I was going to see these BASTARDS in

I drove over to Bobby's house and most of the guys were there. I
counted 8 guys. Mostly from the football team. Everyone madder than hell.

I told them of the court hearing in an hour and asked that only Bobby
come with me. I said we would all meet at my house after court, and to
Just go in the garage fridge and grab a beer until we got there.

Bobby's mom was terribly upset as she saw me coming into the house. She
knew nothing of Bobby's and my plan, but knew about the attacks.

She hugged me as a mom would. Carol is such a nice girl, Billy. Again,
the tears in my eyes at just the mention of her name. She put a cup of
coffee in front of me.

Bobby went up to change to more decent clothes for a courtroom. Bobby's
mom was standing behind me, doing what my mom had done a thousand
times.....Rubbing my shoulders and my hair.

I'm sure your sister will come out of this Ok, Billy, she was saying.
Bobby came down and we took off.

We had met the detective on the stairs leading up to the courthouse.
How's your sister? The same I guess.

Well, I'll remind you, this is just an arraignment. Just for these
bastards to plead innocent.

I understand all that, I said. I just want to see their faces. So do I
Bobby said.

By the way, one of them has a pretty nasty scratch on his face. Your
sister did it with her nails. The forensics has the scrapings from her
nails. Great I said. That's excellent evidence Billy, along with the
other semen that was extracted at the hospital.

We were in the courtroom now. An average sized room. A few people
milling about. After about five minutes, a Sheriff was bringing out the
BASTARDS each chained and cuffed to each other. Several lawyers
immediately going up to them.

There were the smirks. There were the smiles.

There was my brand new hatred.....looking at them.

Punks, perverts and pricks.

Bobby leaned over to me and whispered that he wanted the bastard with
the smile. Billy, I'm thinking of filling that smile with his own prick.

He's yours Bobby. All yours. Now, two or three of them were staring
directly at Bobby and me. Knowing us from school. We saw them whispering
between themselves. STILL smirking and smiling.

Apparently several parents in the front rows. The clerk called for
attention, and the Judge entered the courtroom.

The sheriffs unlocked the chains connecting each of them and left on the
handcuffs on each. Each was called, and each going to the front of the
bench with an attorney. Whispers, soft tones between the judge and

$5000. Cash Bail. Smiles between two parents in the front row.

This was repeated for each of them. I noticed the last one as he now
turned his face in my direction on his way up to the judge. There was a
large and very long gouge on the left side of his face and neck. I noticed
several smaller scratches on his neck also.

Then it was over. Each of them were all chained back together. They
were to be taken back to jail to await bail.

The detective met us once again on the outside stairs. He said those
bastards will be out on the street again before you get home, or I get back
to my office.

Then we saw several of the parents coming down the stairs. Most were
talking happily until they noticed me standing there on the stairs.

Then they filed past us quietly. Your sons are scummy rapists, I
yelled. One father turned and was going to charge up the stairs at me.
Bobby instanly jumped in front of me and was about to hit him. The
detective stopped his arm in mid swing.

That's exactly what they want, he explained. Then they sue YOU. Its
best to go home guys. I know how you feel. Believe me.

I'll be in touch with your parents this afternoon.

Right now, I'm going to collect all the evidence I can, on these

He offered his hand. I smiled at his genuineness, and gave him a firm

Bobby was deadly serious now as we drove home. He was deadly serious
about shoving one of the guy's pricks in his own throat. I thought back
through the many years I had known Bobby. I couldn't recall a time I ever
saw him this enraged.

Did you see those two bastards laughing??? And their fucking parents smiling?

Carol's laying in that fucking hospital almost killed and these bastards
are smiling????

The guys were all around my deck as I pulled in the drive. Their cars
and trucks up and down the road in front.

They were all quiet now as we neared them. Some with a beer in their

5K bail, Bobby said. Every fucking one of them 5K bail. Holy shit,
most of them said. You should have seen those fucks laughing in the
courtroom, he told them. I went in the garage for a couple of beers for
Bobby and me.

Look, here's my plan. You guys are welcome to add or detract. Yeah
Billy, shoot....

They don't realize that most of you are here right now. Just Bobby. I
need for a couple of you to get next to some of these guys and act like
you're all going for a beer blast down at the lake. They mostly all meet
over at that hot dog stand on 20 A. Oh yeah, I know that joint, a couple
guys said. Here's the deal. I'll stack a couple cases of beer in your
truck, and two in your truck Kevin. Their tongue will be hanging out at
the beer. Tell them to hop in the back and go straight to the lake. Let
them drink the fucking beer on the way if they want.

This can't happen if they even spot Bobby or me.

Somehow, the rest of you will have to compare notes and make sure you
have all five of these bastards between you on the way to the lake.

Bobby and me will already be there with our bag of tricks. I drew a
small map at our favorite spot at the Lake. Most already knew where it

Tommorrow is Friday, I said. Its the best time to get all of them

How bad we gonna hurt them? One of the guys asked.

Bobby just stared at him. The rest instantly got the message. They
looked at me, seeming to want an affirmation. They got it.

I went to the garage with three guys and got the cases of beer. Two in
Kenny's truck, and two more in Phil's.

We all had a beer and most were asking if there was anything new on
Jimmy or Carol. Not yet. I expect my mom will call anytime now.

This is really some bad shit Billy, one of the guys said. I hated that
bastard when he raped Cindy. We all knew he fucking did it. Cindy was a
nice girl. I dated her a couple times. Then this shit with her rape and
now she's all fucked up and won't even think of dating. THAT was exactly
what I feared for Carol. To be terrified of all guys from now on. And
especially sex.

We all had a couple more beers and agreed on our timing. I left the
suspense in the air of what would happen til we were all there at the lake.

Bobby offered to go to the hospital with me. At least we could probably
get in to see Jimmy.

How do we do them Billy? I need all your nylon boat rope, Bobby. You
bring that woodsman's knife too.

Billy? Yeah? Are we going to........ I looked at him now in the front
seat. You still have your hockey skates? Oh yeah, They're in the
basement. Bring them too.

I asked a young nurse if I could have four or five pairs of the throw
away plastic gloves. They were piled in a box near her. I need them for
painting, I explained. I'm sick of stain all over my hands. She smiled
and gave me a handful. Jimmy was propped up now. Still in agony with the
broken nose and ribs. His swelling had gone down a bit, with the ice packs
on his eye and face.

Annette and Jack were there as Bobby and me came in.

He could barely talk with his swollen jaw. Now, it was also seen....a
missing tooth to the upper right side.

Bobby and I stared at each other as he walked closer to pat Jimmy on a
leg. I stared at Jack now, as he looked at Bobby. My face showed no
emotion. Jack looked again from Bobby to me, and I nodded. I said that I
would see him later, as we said bye to Jimmy. I was going to try to see my
sister now.

Holy fuck, Billy, Bobby said as we got on the elevator.

You weren't exagerating when you said he was beaten bad. Just wait til
tommorrow, I said. Save the rage for tommorrow night Bobby. You're
fucking right I will.

As it turned out, mom and dad were up visiting Carol, and the nurse was
busy somewhere. Bobby and me eased into her room.

I waved to them as we neared Carol's bed. Oh My God, Bobby cried out.
Oh my God....Oh Carol..... He was shocked to see her all swollen and
bandaged. Her hair had been cut short so the doctors could sew stitches in
several places on her head.

Her beautiful long blond hair gone. Further insult to injury, I
thought. Again tears as I looked at her. Bobby turned and hugged mom.
Tears rolling down his eyes and face.

I leaned over Carol and kissed her on the side of the face. I whispered
that we would get them. Hoping, somehow, she would hear. I looked at dad.
I looked at mom. I have to go.

Bye. Bobby was right behind me.

I wiped away the tears as we walked back to the elevators. Fuck, fuck,
fuck, Billy. Smashing his fist into the back wall of the elevator. Those
fucks are really in for it.

He started to cry once again as we neared the first floor.

I made a stop at a large drug store on the way home. I asked Bobby to
wait in the car. I would be right out.

I grabbed a cart and filled it with a lot of the things I would need for
tommorrow night.

There were several phone calls from some of the guys through the
evening. All wanting to check on Carol, and Jimmy's progress and recheck

Nikki and Dan came over and asked us over to their house for dinner.
Dad's car was coming down the road with him and Lisa, just then. Where's
mom? She won't leave Billy. She's glued to your sister right now. The
nurses are letting her stay till she calls me.

Again, the tears as I looked over the car at him.

Both of us.

Nikki was there and asked him and Lisa to get over across the road and
eat something. It was all ready. Dad said, well,.... I didn't eat
breakfast. Nikki grabbed his arm and pulled him. I walked with Lisa and

Nikki had gone out of her way to prepare fried chicken, salads and a lot
more for us. I grabbed her as she turned from the grille. I wiped the
tears away again and hugged her. I tried to say thank you, but only parts
would come out. She hugged me....forget it Billy....I know. I managed to
get down a piece of chicken and a beer. Bobby and Dan had introduced
themselves and were talking in a corner of the patio.

Nikki gave dad and me another beer. I got up to use their bathroom.
Dan came in the house with me. He made some excuse that he wanted

As I walked back into the kitchen, he came up to me and put his hand on
my arm. I want in, Billy. Bobby told me you guys have something planned
for tommorrow. I want in..... He looked straight into my eyes for an

Look, I've already taken off work tommorrow....

You don't know what's in store Dan. Look, I've come to love your family and sister like my own fucking family. I want in Billy.... Bobby was at
the sliding glass door now, looking at us.

He heard Dan. I looked at Bobby...Let him in Billy.

I thought of the possible trouble for him. For all of us. I looked
again at Dan, then to Bobby. OK Dan. Please say NOTHING to Nikki.

Bobby somehow looked relieved. Dan went for more beer for us, and met
us back on the patio.

When he came back, it reminded me to mention to dad that I had great
need for the cases of beer, and would replace them tommorrow, or the next

4 cases Billy?? Yeah. Please don't ask why. Dan said he had a hell of
a supply of beer and not to worry.

Lisa came to sit on my lap as I sat on a recliner lounge. The picture of my sister laying in the hospital bed would not leave my mind.

I stood and told everyone that I needed to go to bed. You can stay if
you want, Honey. Oh No Billy. I'll go with you. Bobby said he would call
in the morning. I reminded him of the things in his basement. Don't
worry, he said.

Please don't ask what's going to happen honey. I don't want you
involved or anyone else in our families.

OK, Billy. I guess you got some pretty bad shit planned?

Yes. Yes I do honey. We were now in bed and Lisa moved close to me.
Honey. Can we just hold each other tonight? I asked her. I reached for
her tits softly. Oh sure honey. It's fine with me. Just hold me close
Billy and kiss me goodnight. Soon, I heard mom coming in downstairs. It
was good to hear her voice talking to dad. It seemed as if they were
probably holding each other too, by the long silences.

Not long after, she came up and thought I was already sleeping. She sat
next to me and slowly caressed her hand over my shoulder. I turned slowly
and faced her.

I could see her pain, in the moonlight. I could see the terrible hurt that probably only a mother could feel. She had already put on her duster.

I said nothing but pulled her down to me and hugged her. It made no
difference that her tits fell out of the duster now. It made no difference
that they were once again crushed into my chest as we held each other in
the quietness.

Lay with me for just a little while, OK mom? OK Honey. I moved closer
to Lisa, now sleeping, and made room for mom. She laid along side of me.
My arm under her head and caressinge her head and hair softly as she moved
her head to my chest.

Any other time, this would have been just a prelude or just the ending
to making nice love with her.

Now, it was a desperate reaching from each of us to the other for some
shred of comfort.

Yes. Her bare tits were on my chest. Yes. Her wide open naked body
was against my naked body.

I felt the dampness in her eyes. I felt her complete sadness deep
within her.

Oh Billy darling........ Her hand that normally reached to stroke my
cock into hardness, was now softly caressing my chest and stomach with
innocence. Her nipples doing their damn automatic reaction of hardening
against me.

She raised over me now. Her lips came to mine and kissed me. Silently.
Tenderly. As soft as I ever heard her speak.....Do you want me Billy? A
flash flood of love surged through me.

I immediately sensed her deep need. I sensed her reasoning. Her need
to feel her only other heir, and son. Oh mom....I need YOU Billy honey,
can you.... I need our love Billy.....Again I felt her tears dropping onto
my chest . I pulled her to my mouth and kissed her with all my love. Our
hips speaking their own language together now. Mom's mouth stayed on or
very near mine as she softly guided my cock into her. There were no more
words. There were a million feelings of need. Of every single emotion we
have ever shared happening at this moment.

Her body in a complete and open surrender as she slowly brought us to
the end of our sex. Our love union. She held me inside her for quite some
time. Still no words. I felt my cum making her inside wet along with her
own juices. Her kisses that each lasted forever. It was more pure love
than sex. Finally she rose to the floor, and put her duster back one in
silence. She leaned over me and kissed me once more. I need your father now, honey, Still, in the same softest of whispers. I hugged her silently
once more and kissed her. She rose and left. I laid there a long time in
that darkened bedroom. Listening to Lisa softly breathing.

Knowing full well five BASTARDS were going to pay for the terror. The
extreme pain, and all the other injuries they caused. For no other reason,
than they were debased, devoid of character and indifference to other life
and limb.

Yes. I would extract the equal amount from each and every one of them.

Her arm went around my neck.


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