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CAROL, mom & ME 80

I awoke the next morning just after dawn. I was on my stomach and Lisa
had moved with her arm and leg sprawled over me. Her soft tits pressed
into my side and back I knew she was still sleeping without even turning my
head to look. Again, her soft balanced breathing against me.

I slowly turned so that I was now facing her. Her leg and arm still
over me. I slid my arm under her head and softly held her. That is how
mom found us as she walked in and asked if I wanted breakfast?

I saw her look lovingly at Lisa. Still sleeping innocently. Now mom wiping a tear from her eye.

Maybe just an egg sandwish mom. Don't bother with heavy duty stuff
today. Again, I outstretched my free arm to her and she sat. I stroked
her face and hair as we looked into each other's eyes. She twisted and
laid next to me again. Her back toward me and pulled my hand to her tit.
She pulled her legs up as tight as she could to her chest then. As a baby
in the fetal position. Her placing my hand over her squeezed tits wasn't
sex. It was her need for my maleness against her. One of her mighty
protectors. I somehow knew and felt that it was her feminine way of
saying, I too have been raped. My only daughter's suffering is also within
me. Her extreme position of her knees into her chest as her feelings of
fear and vulnerability. Yes. I sensed all these things as she silently
laid there. Still, somehow thinking of her motherly and wifely duties.

Lisa now stirred and opened her eyes. I quickly motioned her to silence
as she realized mom on my other side. I took my arm from under Lisa and
placed it over mom and pulled her tight to me with her back still to me.

The full grown woman now reverted to a fetal position.

Yes. I would certainly extract the revenge from those BASTARDS for
their terror to my dear mother also. The absolute heartbreak of my father.

mom laid there for some time. Lisa got up and went to sit on the floor
in front of her. Also caressing mom's head and hair. Mom's shaking hand
reaching out to caress Lisa's face.

I'll make breakfast mom, Lisa said. You stay here with Billy.

OK Honey.

Lisa stood, still naked. Now, so commonoplace. She reached in my
drawer and pulled out one of my Tshirts and put it on. Then found her

She went downstairs.

After a while, mom turned toward me and laid alongside me. Her arm
around me now. Our nakedness once again against each other. Her tits once
again pressed into my chest. I tried with your dad last night honey. He
just couldn't. Again that softest of whispers. I needed my husband.......

Its been a bad shock for him too mom. I know, honey. I know.

Her eyes were closed now. Her hand caressing up and down my back with a
mother's feel. A mother's touch.

I somehow sensed that she needed "Our" special love. This touching.

So many thousands of words not needing to be said.

Take me Billy. Please take me before you leave this bed.

That soft whisper in my ear. I need you honey. So very desperately
right now. Once again, I leaned over her and kissed her with OUR special
love. She eased herself under me and spread her womanhood for her son, Her
other lover. Desperately seeking some sort inner peace once again.

The mixture of sadness and pure love in her eyes as she watched me ready
myself to enter her. Each move I made.

Her eyes opening and closing so slowly as she felt her son push his cock
deep within her. The desperation I felt now, deep within her pussy as she
tried to clamp. Tried to get more. Tried to take her whole son's body
back into her's...... completely, once again. Back into the womb from
which I came. I felt this and more in the sheath of her warmness.

I also knew that even with her desperation. Her body and mind would
settle for her son's seed spurting deep within her womanhood. Yes. This
lovemaking was slow. Yes, it was intense.

Yes, it fulfilled. Even if temporary.

Her eyes riveted to mine as she felt my sperm leaving my body and into
hers. No. Few words were needed with this union of mother and son. After
a long while, I rose off her and pulled her into the shower with me.
Washing her completely.

A thankful look from her eyes. Her tacit permission to touch her
anywhere, do anything, with her body. Offered to me on the altar of OUR
special love.

But THIS DAY, of a mind that seemed 10.000 miles away.

She waited naked. Standing once again in my room as I dressed. Then
silently took my hand once again to her room and sat me down, until she had
dressed. All in silence. Then as she held my hand all the way down the
stairs and into the kitchen. Our son and I made love this morning, she
announced. I needed him. She took her other hand now and placed it on
dad's. I love you darling. I love Billy. I need you both right now.

Dad rose and placed his arms around her. I once again had tears in my
eyes at the hurt I witnessed from mom.

I think dad read me perfectly. His hand going to my head and caressing
it. Lisa now moving away from the stove to serve us. mom picked and ate
through the entire breakfast in silence. Stares between dad and I of

Tears in Lisa's eyes. Tears she tried to hide by burying her face in
her plate.

Yes, again the thought passed through my mind. They would pay. Those
bastards would pay. What they have done to my treasured family, and to

I got up now, finished with all I could pick at. I leaned and kissed
mom's forehead. I took her hand in mine for a moment and caressed it.
Then I placed her hand on dad's. I went out to the garage to assemble the
rest of my needed gear for tonight.

My trunk was still being loaded when dad came out.

He saw some of the odd assortment of things I had in the trunk, but
chose not to say anything.

I turned to him. We stared. Now as men.

Now one realizing that the other had an appointment with fate. A fate
that could not be avoided.

I closed the three feet between us and hugged him. man to man. father to son. Again, no words needed.

Slamming the trunk behind me. Nikki on her way across the road with her
duster on.

Again, a hug. I brushed back her hair and kissed her cheek.

As I left for Bobby's, taking a last look at the house and dad standing
there. Not sure if I would ever see them again.

Bobby had the things I asked for in two big boxes in the garage.

He was slightly puzzled. I'll explain the game plan when the guys get

That way it will be fresh as one of our plays on the field.

Do Kevin and Phil have their cell phones? Yeah, Bobby said. They can't
wait to roll this afternoon. Mom's got coffee inside for us, he said. I
went in and acted as normal and hugged her.

When she went to the basement to do the wash, Bobby said that he
couldn't wait to cut off one bastard's prick.

I had already given that perp to Bobby. The rest of us had the four
others to contend with.

I called Dan and gave him directions to Bobby's house. He would leave
immediately. We called the rest of the guys and told them to meet at
Bobby's also.

Dan and Phil both arrived at almost the same time. The others all
within 15 minutes.

We went to Bobby's back deck.

Now I laid out the plan, and asked if any had suggestions as I went

Once Phil and Kenny had them in their trucks, they were to make a call
to make believe girls on their cell phones cancelling dates. The calls in
fact would be going to Bobby and me.

I took the several long boat ropes and cut 5 long pieces and many
shorter ones. I explained that these would be used on each of them AFTER
we had their arms tied behind them, and their feet tied.

The longer, stronger one was to be thrown over the large tree branch at
the lake. We gonna hang these fucks, Kenny asked?

Not quite. Now I reached in the bag and pulled out five pieces of
broomstick size dowels. Each 10 inches long.

What the fuck are they for? Phil asked.

After we tie their arms and legs. Each will be connected to one of
these 3 foot lengths of rope. These pieces will be tied to the one over
the tree branch.

I was explaining as I pulled out a hammer from a box. Now, Bobby and
Carl are about the strongest fucks here, I said. They will hoist the rope
over the branch and when they tighten, each of the bastards legs and asses
will be pulled up off the ground. Just enough to raise their asses about
two feet from the ground.

What the fuck are the tennis balls for? Karl asked. Two guys each,
will go to these bastards and force their mouths open and ram the tennis
balls in each fucker's mouth. I'm guessing it will be hard, so it will
take two guys for each of these fuckers. Then, we wrap these long pieces
of bike inner tube around their head and mouths, and tie them.

Wow. Phil said. OK, now they will all be hoisted up off the ground a
few feet. Now come these pieces of broomsticks. I sanded the ends to
round them off.

With this hammer, we each take turns and pound them into their asses
until we can't see the wood anymore.

Holy shit Billy. That's fucking great. They will be screaming, but
their mouths will be jamed with the fucking tennis balls and inner tubes.

Now, we lower them back to the ground and make sure they're al laying

My joy comes with these fucking ice skates. They're razor sharp. I am
going to walk and jump on each fucker and break their ribs and cut the fuck
out of their chest and stomachs. They will be screaming, but they won't be

What's in the fucking jar Billy?

These are fire ants I got this morning out near my front tree. I put
syrup in this jar, and they all marched right in. There are thousands of

The deal here....After I cut the fuck out of each of them with the
skates, we dump out a bunch of these fucking ants on their cuts.

What the fuck, Billy. Kevin said. That's real fucking torture. These
ants will bite like a fuck. They're a whole lot worse than mosquitos.
They will also make a bee line for the bloody cuts.

Now, while they'are all trying to scream, Bobby starts the ball rolling.
I should say balls rolling.

He wants to cut off the one bastard's cock and shove it in his mouth.
Well, that will take two guys at least. One to quickly pull out their
tennis balls, and cover their mouth quick so they can't scream.

Only when Bobby and the rest of us are ready with their cocks, do we do
this. We can't draw attention from the other side of the lake.

I want each of us to cut their nuts off first. After we cut them off,
we put them in this jar of ants, and close the lid. Now we go around to
each of these fucks and show each of them their balls in the jar.

That's when Kenny takes these rags and towels and jambs them in their
crotches so they don't bleed to death too quickly.

I suggest we all have a beer at that point. Raise up all their asses
again and piss on them if you want to. By this time, they will be hurting,
I think

You're fucking right they'll be hurting. Remember the broomsticks
pounded up their asses too.

If you guys want to shove their cocks in each of their mouths....OK.
Its up to you. We'll all have to do it together though, so they can't
fucking scream.

But, I want the pleasure first of showing each of them their balls in
the jar.

That's why I have all these plastic gloves. Who wants to touch these
scummy bastards' pricks with their bare hands????

Once their cocks are shoved in their mouths we have to put the inner
tubes around their head and mouths again.

Holy fuck, Billy. They're gonna die, Kenny said....Bobby and me stared
at him..... Now you got it!

These shovels are in my trunk to bury these fucks. About thirty feet
from where we will be. Its all under brush over there. First, we each dig
up a lot of the bushes there, and set them aside. Then we all dig a pit
and dump those motherfuckers in.

What if they're not dead yet Billy? When we pull those fucking rags and
towels away, they'll bleed to death in a hurry. We cover the whole bunch
of these fucks with this heavy plastic and tarp.

After we spread the dirt and shit,. Spread some leaves....we put the
bushes back on top and smooth out the grass and dirt, with this rake.

Years from now, I figure on taking Carol and Jimmy back there and tell
them what happened to those fucks.

I want to save the jar with their balls in it to show dad, and Jack.
Then I'll bury them or coat them with chocolate for some faggots.

We have to use these bottles of ammonia around where we bury them in
case of dogs or other animals that might pick up a scent. The ammonia will
kill the scent.

Here's a large can of red pepper for insurance. It will stop almost any
animal from sniffing.

Now, we start a regular bon fire like normal, over the spot where they
were all cut and shit. The ashes will get rid of traces of blood and stuff
with the fire.

When its all over, the place will look like it usually does after we
have a normal picnic there.

Oh fuck, Billy. I want to pound those fucking stakes up their asses.

Now, we get even for Carol, Jimmy, and Cindy. Now we get even for their
sheer terror. Now we get even for what they did to mine and Lisa's

The thing is, I have to have an airtight alibi.

So, just before Bobby and me start for the Lake, I will make a pit stop
at the hospital and we will be seen on both floors by all the nurses. They
know Carol's on one floor, and Jimmy's on another. The nurses will never
know for sure where Bobby and me are. Now, you guys all disappear and be
seen around town. Bobby and me will hurry back to the hospital and have a
cup of coffee with us as if we went to the cafeteria.

The nurses or anybody else, will think we have been there all fucking
nightm between both floors.

That's when I'll call you to tell you we're on our way, Kenny.

You all must make sure there is no trace of blood on any of you right
away. Maybe just run in the lake for a few minutes. Clothes and all.

All the shit we used there will be buried along with those fucks.

Now, a few of you start spreading rumors that you heard that these fucks
were going to jump bail and haul ass somewhere. They were all fucking
scared of life in prison and shit. Spread it around as fast as you can
tommorrow. I will be at the hospital again with Lisa and my parents.

You have to know the bastards' parents will be calling the cops when
these fucks don't show up at their houses.

Good thinking Billy.

Troyuble is, I'm sure the detective will be coming to me first, after
they realize these fucks are missing, without a trace.


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