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CAROL, mom & ME 83

Dad's car was in the drive when we arrived. I also saw Jack and
Annette's car next to dad's in the drive. Dan came back in the yard with
me. Hi Billy. Hi Dan. Bobby called and wants you to call him as soon as
you get back.

Uh Oh! I thought. Trouble at the fucking OK Corral...... I walked in
the kitchen. mom and Annette were there fixing some snacks. I would have
to call him up in my room.

Carol's going to be OK, honey. I'm so relieved. Her ovaries and uterus
are OK now. They did something called a cauterization in the uterus and
she'll be fine soon. Painful as hell, but fine. My GYN was in to see her
this afternoon.

It's all raw and and lascerated inside her vagina also. They've been
swabbing it with a numbing agent for her.

THAT was great news. Now, I felt 100% better. I wanted to jump in the
air. I picked up mom and spun her around and kissed her. Then I did the
same to Annette.

It's not so good for Jimmy, Billy. They have to take out his spleen.
Its far too damaged from the kicking and beating.

Oh no. I said. That sets him up for being susceptible for infections
for life now. We know honey, but it could have been a lot worse. There's
a lot of internal bruising, but it will all heal with time. Annette said.

Oh, its still good news mom. I'm so relieved Billy.

They said she might be up and walking by tommorrow for short periods. I
hugged mom again. It seemed like a huge dark veil had been lifted off her
head and she could really see once again. She didn't seem to be acting
like an automaton now.

I was on my way upstairs to call Bobby, when mom called me again...Oh
Billy...I almost forgot. The detective stopped to tell us that the guys that did this have to be back in court this Monday. He asked if we wanted
to be there? BE THERE? I said. Mom, I wouldn't miss this for anything.
We have to be there at 9 AM, then honey.

He said this will be an appearance for setting the trial date and for
appearance for stuff with their charges and for attorneys.

Great! I said.

I could just see the fucking NO SHOW Courtroom on Monday. I could
already hear the Judge issuing arrest warrants for the BASTARDS for being

I could just see the fucking lawyers saying, I don't know nuttin, your
honor. We don't have any idea where our fuck BASTARD clients are.

I could hear the fucking arrogant mommies and daddies saying we don't
know where the fuck our BASTARD SONS ARE, your honor. Does that mean we
will lose our bail money????

Fucking BINGO! You're so fucking right scumbags.

I could already see the Detective posting an APB for the BASTARDS.
calling all fucking on the fucking lookout for a Blue custom 2001
Chevy van. Five fucking BASTARD perps inside.....

Yes! Now I was thinking of becoming one of those fuck psychics. I
could plainly see the future right now.

I went up and called Bobby and told him the good fucking news.

I have some good news for YOU too, Billy. That's why I called.

Most of the guys were here at my place tonight, and they all agreed that
we kick in 5 K a piece to Carol and Jimmy each. Even Donny.

We figured we found the fucking dough anyway, just by fucking luck.
They were the ones really fucked up in all this.....your sister and Jimmy.

Holy shit, I thought. Well, Bobby, that is really great. I don't think
either one of them will be able to work for quite a while. Especially
Jimmy with the spleen operation probably tommorrow or Monday.

I had it in mind to cut a deal for a nice car from Dan's company for her
too. I was going to ask him about it tonight. He's out at the pool right

Oh shit, Bobby, tell the guys for me will you? This is really nice of

Hey Billy, we're all fucking friends here.

We remembered a lot of shit you helped us out with too, Billy. Even
when you took that rap at school for us that fucking time, and you weren't
even with us. All us guys know your sister for a long time. She a great
girl. Tears welled up again in my eyes as I talked to him, now.

That's why none of the guys hesitated man, when you said YOU needed

Jeez, Bobby, I don't know what to say.... Hey man, see you in the AM.
Go kiss Lisa and your mom.

OK Bobby. I went down and talked to Dan. I told him about the deal the
guys just did. I'm in Billy. I knew about it at the barn when they
mentioned it. I just wasn't sure how much they were all kicking in yet.

Then I asked him about a deal for a car for Carol. Done deal Billy. We
have a couple of beauts you can pick out and I can do the thing for cost,
maybe list it as a demo and even get it cheaper.

Great. Let's look tommorrow.


The cash will help them out a lot, Dan said. We got the shit free
anyway. Its going to help us out over there with our fucking mortgage too.
That was a nice haul we made there. Yeah it was Dan.

I got up and picked up Lisa standing near dad on the deck. I picked her
up and spun her around and kissed her. Then I jumped in the pool clothes
and all still holding her tight.

Billy, You fucking crazy? she said. Look at my fucking hair now. Fuck
the hair Sweetheart. That's why they invented brushes. I'll brush it for
you. AND your pussy hair too. i kisswed her again out in the middle of
the pool.

Dad and Jack were looking at me puzzled now.

I got out of the pool and told Dan I was going to tell them about the
JAR. He looked like I shot off a gun. Are you fucking sure Billy?

Yes. Never more sure. Both of them should know something about the
revenge for their daughter and son. He looked at me and I said, Come on.
I'm going to the car for the JAR, and ask them to come in the garage.

It took one minute and I was standing near the corner of the garage
calling them in now. Dan and me said, we have a little something to show
you. What is it Billy?

I pulled the JAR from behind my back and held it in front of me.

What is it Billy? asked Jack. Come over here under the light. Dad and
Jack came closer. Dan was standing to their side.

Dad looked close at the JAR. Billy? Is that what it looks like? What,
Jack asked? Jack looked closer now too. Oh my God....Are you.......?
What the hell.......

Yes. We cut their balls off. ALL of them. I don't believe it Billy,
dad said.

Its true Jim, Dan said. They won't be in court Monday. You can believe
that too. Where are they? Don't ask, dad. Just know, both you and Jack,
that they paid LARGE for fucking up Jimmy, and beating and raping Carol.
For all the misery you and mom went through SO FAR, and that of YOU and
Annette, too, Jack.

Billy is this a fucking joke? NO, Its not Jim, Dan said. Two of those
balls in that fucking JAR, I put there myself. Jim took the JAR, and said
there are five sets of RAT BASTARDS' balls in here.

You MUST keep your mouths shut. Oh my God, Jack said. I need a fucking
drink. So do I, dad said.

Billy, get rid of that fucking thing NOW. RIGHT NOW, dad said. I went
out and put it back in the trunk, well hidden.

Oh Billy....What the fuck.....Dad's face seemed to turn white for a
moment, but then he seemed back to normal as he reached for more beer in
the corner.

Yeah, Jack. You're damn right we need a drink, handing him a beer.

We all went back to the girls out on the deck.

I have another surprise. All my friends chipped in, took up a
collection. They got a pretty good piece of change collected. They're
splitting it between Carol and Jimmy. I'll be seeing them tommorrow to
pick it up and take it up to Carol and Jimmy.

Bobby just told me its quite a bundle for them to split.

That's not all, I just cut a deal with Dan here, for a nice car for

Now that I'll be working with Jack, I'll be able to afford it. We're
going to look at it in the morning. Would you like to come and look too,
dad? Yeah, sure Billy.

Dad still in a daze, thinking of seeing the JAR.

mom stood and came over to give me a hug. For the first time since
everthing happened, I saw a real smile on her face.

Annette thanked me. Jack reached and shook my hand and said, they must
be some really good friends Billy. Well, Dan, What do YOU thinkof my
friends? I asked. Hey, Billy....They're really a great bunch.

Little did Jack know HOW good. OR What they would do for me.

I also knew when dad saw that they didn't show in court this coming
Monday, that he would be adding 2 + 2 + a big fucking JAR.........and five
RAT BASTARDS among the missing.

It should be all set and ready by the time she comes home.


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