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CAROL, mom & ME 85

Everyone seemed in a much happier mood now. The only fear was Jimmy's
spleen surgery, set for Monday morning. Our two cars arrived back at the
house within 20 minutes. mom and Lisa went in and started making more
snacks, and then went up to put on their suits.

Dad was still amazed about the money, and talking about the car we
bought for Carol. Dan and Nikki went across the road for their suits.
Annette and Jack were pulling in the drive as they were returning.

Again, we gathered around the pool. Lisa brought out a couple trays and
mom followed with two more. I had brought up the beer.

Well, it looks like almost a couple of years of college for the kids
now, with that gift, Jack said. Yeah, dad said. My head is still

I looked at mom now. She was sitting near Nikki and Dan.

After a while, Nikki got up and asked me to swim with her. It was dark
now, and I put the music on before jumping in the pool.

Billy, she said. I think Annette is going to make a move on my dear
beloved brother in a she watched Annette lean over to kiss
Dan. Uh Oh. I said. I didn't think she would be in the mood tonight.

It looked like Lisa was catching Annette's lead now, and was busy
talking with dad. I saw mom inching into the pool in the corner now.

I mentioned to Annette that Jack was eyeballing her right now, but not
to let him realize she knew.

Well, if Annette can go after Danny, then I'll make the move on him.
he's not as good as you Billy, but he's not toobad either. Have fumn I
said. Nikki? Yeah hon? It was nice this afternoon. I really liked it.
Yeah, it was nice Billy. It always is with you. She leaned up and kissed
me and said she was going to get next to Jack.

By now, mom eased her way to me and hugged me. Her new two piece looked
real nice on her.

Billy honey....I talked with your dad. I mentioned I would like to be
with you tonight honey. Lisa knows too. She'll go with dad if you want
to? She looked....waiting for my answer.

I really didn't think anyone would feel like it tonight mom. I guess I
was wrong. Look over at Annette already making moves with Dan. She's been
rubbing his cock for ten minutes now. In another minute, I'll bet she'l be
sucking him right there. Nik just said she's going to get next to Jack

So mom, if you really feel up to it, sure. I just didn't think you
would want to, that's all.

It's OK, honey. I feel a lot better now that Carol is starting to heal,
and looking so much better. I saw Lisa taking off her top as she was about
to sit on dad's lap, over mom's shoulder.

We were over to one side of the pool now. It was kind of dark toward
this corner. Mom's arms went around my neck again and she leaned up to
kiss me.

I don't want to wait till they all go home tonight, honey. mom said.
Well just let me know mom. Dad was now caressing Lisa's bare tits as she
sat on his lap. Annette had Dan's suit off and was sitting on the deck in
front of him. She was slowly stroking his cock and smiling up at him.

Nikki was almost head to head with Jack as they sat on chairs drinking a
beer. mom now turned and looked around the pool and saw everyone starting
to make out. I reached in front of her and caressed her tits through her
bra top.

Let's go upstairs honey, she said.

We climbed out of the pool, and as mom passed dad, She leaned down and
gave him a kiss. She said she'd see him in the morning. Lisa smiled good
night to me. mom was untying her bra top as we headed toward the house.

She stopped and turned around as we got in the kitchen now. Once again
she leaned up and kissed me softly.

Her soft tits pressing and sliding on my chest. how wonderful they
always felt.

Now in my bedroom, she turned again and started to slide off her bikini
bottom and she was now naked at the side of my bed. My mother, ready to
make love with her son. Ready to offer her complete self tome once again.

She reached for the waist of my suit and pulled it down. She knelt in
front of me as she did. Soon, she was sucking me into a hardness and it
felt so danm nice.

Again, I was watching my mother kneeling in front of me, sucking my cock
softly. Making love to it and me. After a minute, she reached over and
patted the bed. Lay here honey. Right here. I moved over and started to
lay down as she continued to stroke my cock. Her mouth went right back to
it again. Then she raised her head and spoke softly as she knelt thre.

I love your cock Billy honey. I love how it feels in my mouth. I love
sucking you, and feeling my son's cum shooting inside my mouth and throat.
I love the feel of your balls in my mouth when I'm sucking them. Knowing I
have your whole maleness there inside my mouth.

I love giving you this pleasure. The sex and the love we share with it,

You're a good son, honey. I love you two ways, as my son and as my
other lover. Her hands were softly stroking my cock and caresing my balls.

I don't give a fuck about the incest thing honey. The hell with that.
This is OUR love we are sharing Billy. Your's and mine. Its so different
from what your dad and me share.

cum for me honey. Give your maleness to me right now. I'll wait til
later for us to finish. Give yourself to me now honey. She lowered her
head and continues to make pure love to my cock. Her lips, mouth, tongue
and fingers, all combined to pleasure me so greatly. All with her
experience and love in such a great combination.

Looking down at her once again with her eyes closing. Enjoying my whole
cock deep in her mouth and throat.

Kissing it. sucking and licking it. Her soft moans as she sucked. Her
fingers adding extra feelings. Watching my cock disappear into her mouth
over and over.

Oh mom, I love you so very much. This means so very much to me. She
continued with her steady sucking. Her steady movements.

It took at least twenty minutes before I was really on the edge. She
knew my cock. She knew it would be soon. Her hands rubbing and caressing
my stomach, groin and thighs as she sucked me softly with one speed.

Yes, My mom was making pure oral love to me. Not a blowjob.

She felt my hips quicken as she had me near cumming. Her sucking was
the same speed but harder now. Her tongue moving faster on the tip of my
cock as she sucked it inside her warm mouth.

I started to shoot. She sucked . I shot more. She sucked more. Her
fingers softly draining my cock into her mouth as she felt my spasms. Not
a drop of my cum was missed.

As usual, she sucked me softer until I was cimpletely out of cum and

A complete series of oral love from my mother to me.

She gathered her tits betweenn her arms and slid them all over my cock.
Smiling softly at me.

Finally, she stood in the moonlight between my legs and caressed her
beautiful tits as she louked down at me. You tasted nice honey. I have
you in me again. Her hand going to her stomach. mom you did that so nice.
You came quite a bit honey. Yes. It felt nice feeling you shooting in
my mouth. Your male seed from you to me.

Caressing her tits again, she looked down and asked, How would you like
me tonight baby? Anything.....Her voice was so soft and low. I knew she
was really turned on right now. Looking at my throbbing wet cock.

Me on top and then from the back mom? OK baby. I like it from the back
a lot too. She laid down next to me now and leaned over me. She kissed me
deeply and softly. Once again, as a lover. Her hardened nipples pressed
into my chest and side.

How much passion she got from me. How much she seemed to draw my love
out to her. Rest a bit honey, she said as her hand reached and gently
caressed my softend cock and sack. Let your cum build up for us.

I want to feel it when it shoots so hard up against my womb. I want to
feel my son shooting his cum back into the pussy that bore him. I want you
to feel that same pussy still giving you my love, Billy.

The woman that made you, giving you that same woman in love again,
Billy. I want to feel you fucking me. Making love with me. Suck my tits for a while honey. She leaned higher and let them hang right over my
mouth. I sucked and licked them for a while. They felt nice in my lips and

She laid on her side next to me now. Her hand stoking and sliding up
and down my chest and finally, down to my balls. She caressed them soflty.
So lovingly. Stroking my cock into hardness once again.

She leaned over me again now. Still softly stroking my balls. Billy
honey? Yeah mom? Would you mind if we went in there with dad and Lisa?
No mom. I would like you to do me from the back, while I do the same I
just did for you to dad. I want both my men in me again, honey. I want to
give dad our married and special love, while you are also sharing yours and
my special love at the same time honey. I want you to do me deep Billy.
Feel me, feel my pussy loving you back, as I will be feeling you inside me.
I will be giving your father his and my love also.

OK mom. Now? Are you ready honey? Will you be hard enough for me?
Yes. Mom. Ok. Lets go then. She reached for my head and pulled me down
for one more soft and loving open mouth kiss.

I got off the bed and she took my hand leading me into her room.

Lisa and dad had been laying next to each other with his arm under her
head. Her tits hard and rising softly. Dad's cock semi hard now.

Lisa honey, I hope this won't bother you. mom and me were standing
there at the foot of the bed now. I need both my men in me once more.

Oh no, mom. I don't mind at all. Sure.

Jim honey. I want to make love to you honey, also with Billy too. I
want to give and feel our married love and also feel Billy's and my special
love. Dad smiled up at her. mom knelt between his legs and looked once
back at me to get behind her and ready my cock. Then she went to stroking
dad's cock up and down as softly as he had done with me. Dad was making
soft moans as she sucked and stroked him. His balls going into her mouth
just as she did with me.

She arched her pussy and hips to make it easier for me to slide deeper
into her. Lisa had sat cross legged near dad watching all of us.

I fucked into mom slowly and it felt like magic, now. Her pussy feeling
like little kisses, caresses with each plunge into her. I felt her sucking on dad. I saw her hands caressing his stomach and groin as she had just
done with me earlier. She raised her head and said I love you Jimmy. With
all my heart , I love you. Dad was moaning softly as mom once again sucked his balls into her mouth.

I felt her pussy becoming more demanding now. Wanting me deeper.
faster. mom wanted me to cum now. I knew she was ready herself by her
increased wetness all around my cock. Her wet velvet pussy loving me as
she was giving her love to each of us. I looked at Lisa now, her nipples
really hard at watching the three of us.

I knew her excitement too. I looked into her eyes as my hands held
mom's ass tighter and came deep in her pussy. I felt dad starting to cum now, and mom rising and sucking him harder. sucking his cum deep into her
mouthadn throat.

Both dad and me being emptied as mom wished.....deep within her body.
Mom continued to suck dad slowly and softly until she knew she had all of

I had pulled out and was standing behind her kneeling body. Lisa
looking down at my glistening cock now.

mom rose and caressed her tits as she looked down on dad. His cock now
softened and his look of love up to her. I love you Jim. Then she turned
and hugged me, and kissed me. I love you too Billy. Would you both mind
if I spend the rest of the night with dad? Oh no mom. Sure, Lisa said.
She leaned over and kissed dad. She got up then, and came to my side. mom hugged her close. Both their tits pressed into each other. We love you
dearly Lisa.

I love all of you too mom.

Come on Billy, let these love birds be. Lisa grabbed my hand and we
went back to my room. I noticed out the bedroom window, that no one was
down at the pool. Lisa said they must have all gone home. I think my mom was going to be with Dan. I'm not sure.


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