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CAROL, mom & ME 86

Lisa and I laid down on the bed. I felt a chilly air blowing through
the window. We pulled up a blanket and cuddled. We were facing each other
and she asked me how it was with my mom? Oh, Lisa. She sucked me just
like she did to dad. Honey, I know by now that you're not jealous or stuff
over this, but honey, she really did me.

Can you understand babe? This feeling between mom and me? Yeah, Billy.
I feel it too when I'm with my dad. Its way different than you and me or
anybody else. I cum different with him.

Yeah, I understand Billy. Its some of the things she says to me while
she's sucking me honey. Like, I want my son's seed in my mouth and in my
body. Stuff like that honey. I know Billy. I say things like that to dad
when he's fucking me too. I whisper that I want to feel him cumming in me
and things.

We were going to fuck but then at the last minute she asked me if I
wanted to go in there with you and dad.

At first I didn't want to bother you two. Then she said she wanted both
of us in her at the same time. All kinds of things she was saying. She
was hot Lisa. She was turned on really hot tonight.

How was it with dad?

Oh Billy....he's a good lover like you, too. He made me cum a couple
times, and that's when you came in. We just finished.

He feels nice in me like you do honey. I like to make love with him.
His cum tastes a lot like yours too, Billy.

mom said that too.

Damn. Billy. I remember the very first time you and me fucked. When
Carol was with us out at the pool and up here too.

I had the hots for you for a while way before that. I told Carol to try
to hook us up, Billy. I always hoped you would try to feel me up and stuff
when I came over here to see her. Especialy when we were all in the pool.
I tried shoving my tits in your face to get you to fool around with me.

Then I saw you one day out there at the pool from her room. I saw your
cock sticking hard in your trunks.

My fucking mouth was watering Billy. I wanted to run down real quick
and fuck you then. Carol was laughing damn her. I was wet watching you. I
fingered myself right there Billy. I didn't give a shit if Carol was
watching me or not. I came while I was watching you from her window.

Dad and me were fucking even then, honey. That night I was thinking of
seeing your cock at the pool while sucking his. Billy, You got a blowjob that night and never even knew it. I was pretending it was you cumming in
my mouth.

Billy, its so nice that we all like sex so much between our familes.
Nikki said the same thing yesterday honey.

She climbed over and laid completely on top of me now. Her hands
running softly through my hair. My arms around her. I love you so much
Billy. I really do. Me too babe.

Honey, we're going to have a nice marriage. I just know it. She was so
happy and contented. Her breathing softly on top of me. My hand caressing
her hair.

She spread her legs to my sides now and ground her pussy into my
softened cock. Oh Billy honey, I want you in me before we go to sleep, OK?
I'll try honey. She slid down and started to suck me softly and I did get
hard. She caressed it lovingly.

Ok, honey, you're hard enough for me. Let's love each other. I pulled
her up and laid her on her back and entered her quickly, and deeply.
OOOOHHH Billy, you feel so fucking nice in me baby. Her legs came up to
wrap around my waist as we rocked back and forth. Little pumping needed.

OOOOHHH I like this so much Billy. Her wet pussy wide open to me and
feeling her completely as we rotated and rocked. My cock grinding in
circles deep inside her wetness. We fucked like that for a long time.
Talking to my lover. My future wife, and me as her lover and future
husband. OOOOHHH Honey, I'm right there, I'm waiting for you Billy....cum
in me baby. ...cum. Her soft whispers in my ear.

Her pussy giving all her feelings and love that she knew how to give.
No mistake about it. There is no comparison with cumming in the woman you
love against just a casual person.

The vague thought that now, both my father's and my cum was now inside
her. I could also hear my mom moaning as dad was making love with her. It
increaased my excitement, and I came hard into Lisa, as I heard mom going
into her orgasm in her room. Dad's cock buried as deep as mine in the
women of our lives.

Lisa's moans now mixed with mom's, in my ears.

True love was being shared in our house that night.

I awoke early as usual and decided to take a shower. Lisa was spread
wide open as she lay there sleeping. She had kicked off the blanket.
Again, I looked at her naked body, and her innocence. I smiled and went
into the shower.

I wasn't in there a minute when the door slid back and mom stepped in.
g'morning honey.

She hugged me close and kissed me. Then we washed each other. After we
got out and dried each other she took my hand and led me to Carol's room.
Let them sleep honey.

We kissed as we stood next to Carol's bed and mom pulled me down and
knelt to my side. I want my son hard now. She again sucked me till I was
hard enough. Then she laid on the bed and spread her legs for me. Her
beautiful body with her glistening blond pussy ....She reached for my
hardening cock and stroked it softly, Make love to me baby. Fill me with
this wonderful cock.

She leaned up once more and sucked it for a few moments and then laid
back down. Her hands sliding over her pussy as invitaton. She spread her
pussy lips wide for me to see her completely.

Her tender smile. I leaned over her and got between her legs and we
fucked for almost an hour. In many positions. I leaned to suck her tits several times and her hands pulled me tighter than ever to each tit. Suck
them hard honey. Suck mom's tits hard. I love it. I sucked them hard
enough that they were standing way up higher than I had ever seen. OOOOHHH
Billy honey, I wish we could stay here and fuck and love each other all

Her eyes were glowing now as she felt me cumming in her. I had been
almost kneeling between her legs as I fucked her. Our eyes locked into
each other's. Our hearts, minds and souls of mother and son. Lover and
lover. Her pussy moving in its special way as she felt me cumming. That
glaze as she looked deep in to me. Feeling my cock spurting into her. Her
red and extremely hard nipples.

Finally, I pulled out of her and stood by the bed. I leaned down and
kissed her. Once again. Our love. Our special feelings. Her hands
softly caressing my head as we kissed. My hands gently stroking her
nipples one last time. I stood again and she stared up at me....both of us
satisfied. Our complete love just shared. The gentle rising of her chest
with her beautiful full tits. I noticed our juices dripping from her pussy now. Her legs spread still, from our union.

She casually reached for my swinging cock and said, I guess I'll have to
take another shower now honey. You filled my pussy good. Her hand cradled
my balls as she lovingly caressed them. My other man, she said. A few
drops appeared on my cock tip and shw saw them forming. She sat up on the
side now, and leaned own and sucked me so softly. Licked me so softly.
Looking up to me as she licked me clean. She took my whole cock into her
mouth for a minute and ran her tongue over it. Finally she let go and
smiled at me.

I pulled her up and kissed her and she went back in the bathroom. I
went in and dressed. Lisa still sleeping.

I went downstairs and started the coffee machine. It was only a few
minutes later that mom had come down in her duster and started breakfast.
Once again, I stood behind her in the quietness of the early morning and
caressed her tits. I just can't get enough of them this morning mom.

I know honey. I felt the same way earlier. Her head leaning closer to
mine as I reached inside and cupped both her tits and played with her

You do that so nice Billy. You're never rough or hurt them. Maybe a
little later we can make love again. I want it too Billy. I really feel
horny today. OK?

Ok mom. I'll see if we can't find some time a little later. Lisa won't
mind will she? Oh No mom. She understands. We talked a little about it
last night. No, she doesn't mind. She said she really enjoyed making love
with dad too.

She said she felt much the same with her dad also.

I closed her duster and poured coffee for both of us. She had the eggs
and bacon ready now and we sat to eat. Just like any other couple in love.
Making no difference that we were mother and son.

We fed each other from our plates like any other lovers.

Oh, Billy, I can't wait to get your hard prick in me again honey.

Dad had now come in the kitchen He leaned over mom and caressed her tits and kissed her. Just as he was about to move away, mom pulled him to her
and snuggled her face into his balls and cock through his pants.

It was so nice last night Jim, honey. Yeah it was Jean. I really
enjoyed all of it. You must have dad, you really overslept this morning, I

Where's Lisa? Still sleeping I guess.

Well, its Sunday. Anything special on the agenda?

Not really honey. I just want to see Carol and Jimmy, that's about it.
Do you mind if I go golfing? Oh no honey. You haven't been out in a
while. Go ahead. Maybe you can stop up afterwards and see her. Yeah, I'll
do that. Dad called a friend of his and they set up a match quickly.

Lisa finally came down, still rubbing her eyes. She gave me a kiss and
then kissed dad's cheek.

Oh, I have to go home for a while and see if I still have a place there.
I need some clothes anyway.

I'll drop you off on my way to the golf course honey, dad said. OK.
Then, I can go to the hospital with mom and dad, and see you later Billy,

Yeah honey. mom wants to stop at the bank anyway and open an account
for carol. My mom will probably want to do that too, for Jimmy.

Wow, I still can't get over all that money they collected.

Soon, dad and Lisa left and mom and me finished the dishes.

Let's go baby. It couldn't be more perfect right now.

Before dad's car reached the corner, I was inside my mother and his wife for the second time this morning.

I licked her, and everything that came to our minds for almost two hours
this time. With complete giving, happiness, love, and most of all...peace
of mind.

She even asked me to do her in the ass. It felt so nice as her ass held
up for me, and holding her soft tits in my hands.....

It was wild, caring, sensual, tender and a million other things that
lovers share.

Fuck the living hell out of me honey. Fuck me hard. That's it Billy.
Ram the shit out of me. I want it hard today baby.....fuck me, fuck me....
Can you feel my juices on that hard cock Billy?

It was wild and wonderful.

The excitement of watching her tits flopping so quickly as I rammed into
her. Her expressions as she felt my thrusts in her womanhood. Fuck me
baby, fuck my hot pussy hard. Her cums, and her eyes closing as her pussy squeezed even more cum out of me. Yes. Complete and wild abandon to our
mother son love.

Then the long hugging. Caressing softly. The tender words in each
other's ear. The passion in the kisses.

How could such a good love, a genuine real and feeling love be termed so
very wrong?

We just didn't care. There were no worries of children. There was
scant worry of being discovered. We did this only behind our own closed

mom finally rose and said it was time for the bank and to see Carol. I
went in and got the box of cash for her.

I kissed her nipples one last time as she was putting on her blouse.
Her nipples were sticking out prominently through the bra and blouse. I
smiled. Oh shit, Billy. I'll feel like a slut when this happens in

Call an intern if you feel horny up there, I laughed.

A final hug and deep kiss and she was gone.

I knew mom would be thinking of our sex, our love, all through the day

I went out to the pool and swam for a while.

I went into the garage and got a beer as I noticed Nikki and Jack coming
across the road. Uh Oh. That's what happened last night.

Annette must have taken Dan home with her.

Uh Oh, I said. Need a beer? Sure Billy, they both said.

I don't have my car. Annette took Dan with her last night.

You can use mine, I said. I'm not going anywhere until much later when
I go to see Carol and Jimmy. Are you sure? Yeah, go ahead.

Let me take out a thing or two first, I said. he stared at me knowing
exactly what I meant. The JAR.

I wanted one more look at it anyway before I buried it.

Jack finished his beer and said he needed to do a few things. He kissed
Nikki and thanked her for a nice night and took off.

Well, kiddo, looks like its just you and me now, Nikki said.

I'm complete fucked out Nik. mom and me went at it for over two hours
this morning. TWO HOURS? Yeah. She just wanted more and more. It was

How was it with Jack? Oh you know. He gets nice and hard, but he is
still a bit rough. Glad I don't mind sucking him. Its easier for me that
way rather than him pounding so hard two or three times in a night. God.
It makes my whole fucking crotch hurt Billy. Even my damn pussy lips get
smashed the way he fucks.

Dan and me have you spoiled Nik. No. Just YOU have me fucking spoiled,
she smiled.

Well, hon, if you give me a while, I'll spoil you some more. OOOOHHH
Promises. Promises. Guess what Billy? Tell me hon. She got up and came
over and sat on my lap. All smiles.

Dan and me were talking yesterday....He thinks maybe we can adopt a baby
now! Oh Nikki, wow. That's great. I know how badly you want a kid. Its
expensive Billy. Really fucking expensive. And it takes forever. Its a
real toss up to either pay down that fucking mortgage over there, or adopt
a baby.

How about BOTH, Nikki? I reached and caressed her tits now.

What do you mean? How would you feel about you and me making love for
REAL Nikki. I mean, stop taking the fucking pill and make a baby?

Oh wow, Billy. I would never make a claim and you two can claim it for
yourselves as your own, forever???

Oh Billy. You would really do that? Yes. I will even sign a paper you
can keep in secret forever. That way you will always feel secure with our

I would just like to be able to see it once in a while, that's all.
Especially if you move somewhere else.

Lisa and I will be married soon, and we will have our own kids in a few
years. That way you can use the dough for the mortgage and stuff for the
baby too. Holy shit, Billy. She jumped up, and looked down at me.

Are you fucking with me Billy? No. I'm as serious as a heart attack.

No one would know except maybe Lisa, and of course, Dan.

I have another idea too, Nikki.

If he goes for it, I would like this particular night to be something
really special. I would like both Lisa and Dan watch us make this baby
right there with us. Right in the same bed. They will also feel a big
part of this too, then.

Oh, shit, Billy What a nice idea. We fuck in front of the others

You just have to talk with him, stop taking the pill, and then figure
out your new period schedule.

Oh Billy, my fucking head is spinning. No one has ever been this nice
to us. You, Lisa and your whole family. She leaned down and pulled me up
to her. Is that cock ready Billy? She kissed me all over my face now, and
knelt down to pull my shorts off as we stood on the deck.

Oh Billy. I want to suck the cock that will make our baby. I want to
taste the cum that will mix with my egg. Oh Billy.....her mouth leaning to
my half hard cock in excitement. It took a while, but she had me hard and
sucked me nice. As Nikki really liked to do. Her happiness. Then I
started to cum. OOOOHHH UUUMMM let me taste your cum Billy...her tongue
flat now, waiting for my next shot. Then it was there, a glob on her
tongue. She tasted it, placed some on her fingers and looked at it.

The cum that will make our baby Billy. She looked at my cock again and
sucked me completely empty. Her arms around me now. Oh, Your cum still
tastes so nice Billy. I really enjoy sucking you. Even from the first
time on our patio.

mom says the same thing, hon. Her arms went around me and she hugged
with her entire body. Oh Billy, it will be a perfect night for us the
night we do it for a baby. I want to call Dan right now and tell him to
come home.

What's Lisa's number. I told her and she used the phone at the corner
of the deck.C

Honey, honey, come on home. I have a great surprise. Yeah. right now.
Hurry honey. Bye baby.

She was as excited as any woman about to have a baby.

Oh, Billy I hope it will be a boy. Dan wants a son so badly. He hurts
inside wanting a boy. I know he does. We could never do it because of the
risks of a deformed baby being brother and sister.

I know, Nik. I got another beer for us and waited for Dan to arrive.
She was popping up and down every two minutes looking for his car.
Finally, after about ten minutes, he was coming down the road. She ran out
to meet him and brought him back to the deck. Her arm around him now.

So what's up honey? Anything HAPPEN Billy, Oh THAT, is all still Ok.

Guess what, honey?

He looked at her...we can have our baby. It won't cost us the bonus
money you're getting either.

What are you talking about?

Billy said he would make a baby with me and sign a paper for us to keep
forever. What? Yes. He looked at me. You would do that for us Billy?
Yes. I told her that she should stop the pills now, and when her cycle is
ready, that all of us can make it a very special night. ALL OF US? Well,
the only ones that would EVER know are you me and I want Lisa to be in on
it. She will be my wife. I trust her with my life. I was thinking that
you and her could be right there as Nikki and I made love and made this

Oh, I love the idea honey, Nikki said.

Dan sat down now, and seemed to be spinning, like Nikki did. I told him
that in a couple years, Lisa and I would have our own kids. The only thing
I ask is that I can see the kid from time to time in case you ever move?

Dan still seemed too stunned to be listening clearly. He looked up at
me agan...You would really do this Billy? Yes. Now stop taking the pills
right away. Go to the GYN and get checked out good, Nikki. Oh I will,

Dan, I was so excited when he offered this that I sucked him right here.
I wanted to taste the cum that would make our baby. Dan was still seeming
to be in a trance.

Now Dan stood. He offered his hand to shake. Look what YOU did for me

OK, honey. I guess we're having a baby. Finally. I'll crash into the
doctor's office first thing Monday morning she said. Still all excited.

And you want Lisa and me there while you're fucking her for this baby?
Yes. It will become a part of each of us, I thought Dan. I thought
watching us close, would make you feel like you are also making it at the
same time.

It will be your baby too. Why not share watching it being made right
there with Nikki?

I certainly would never make a claim on it, Dan. I'm not built like
that. BESIDES I truly appreciate your help the other night, with one of
the most important things in MY life.

Oh thank you so much. Maybe I can even get into the GYN today....Come
on Dan....I want to make love with you after I call for the appointment.
Nikki excitedly pulled Dan, almost all the way across the road to their

OOOOHHH Billy honey.


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