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CAROL, mom ME 87

I ended up taking a long nap on the deck. A little worn from making
love with mom and then Lisa.

I thought to myself, here I am, tired from what so many guys would give
their left nut for....a continuous supply of pussy. Even the nice blowjob from Nikki just a half hour before.

Dad came back to the deck and was drinking a beer as I woke. He came
home from golfing and was going up to change clothes then go to the

I decided to ride along with him, since Jack had my car.

A lot of things will happen tommorrow, I said as we drove. Jimmy will
be having the surgery on the spleen, we will all be in court for those
BASTARDS, and Nikki's going to the GYN for a special evaluation.

Billy, are you ever going to tell me what you guys did? The less you
know right now, dad, the better. You might be called as a witness and
stuff. Then you would be open for perjury if you knew and tried to lie
about it. I know you would try to protect us and try to lie. Yeah, I
guess you're probably right, he said.

I'll tell you when the time is right dad.

What I can guarentee is that the judge will be issuing 5 arrest warrants
tommorrow when the BASTARDS are No Shows.

You're so sure they're going to be No Shows???? Take it to the bank

That's when the cops will really get busy trying to locate them. They
will be spreading out to all known friends and hangouts.

I also know damn well they will be thinking that all five BASTARDS
skipped town and jumped bail.

I don't even want to think of how you guys were able to cut off their
balls like that, he said.

They won't be raping or beating anyone, anymore, dad. Now we were on
the elevators to Carol's room.

She looked quite well and sitting once again in a chair near her bed.
Mom was trying to do something with the hiddeous hair cut the hospital did
on her.

I leaned over and gave her a kiss. Her bruises seemed to be healing
well now. The swelling had gone down from the side of her face and eye.

The bandage was off her nipple for a while, and it looked like it would
heal fairly well.

Poor Jimmy, she said. He has to go for that surgery tommorrow. Her
pained look of sadness. I knew damn well she was remembering their
nightmare raping and beating now.

The doctor said I can probably go home by Tuesday, she said. Good
honey, dad said. I thought by then, I would have her car all sparkling and
ready in the driveway when she got home.

Somehow, I sensed that dad was feeling a bit better about the whole
situation. Knowing the BASTARDS' balls were in a JAR. We didn't want to
mention that the court appearance was scheduled for tommorrow to Carol. We
figured the less said about the BASTARDS, the better.

I gave her another kiss and said I was going down to see Jimmy for a few

Jack handed me my keys and said that Annette followed him in their car
to the hospital. Jimmy looked as well as could be, considering some of the
interal shit going on inside him.

Well, have you been thinking of a college? I asked. Yeah, I have
Billy. That money was a hell of a help for me.

At least he was able to talk much better.

I stayed for about another twenty minutes and then went back up to say
good bye to Carol. Lisa and I left.

I told her there was going to be a little surprise when we got home.
Since no one was home at our house, we went over to see Nikki. She was on
the patio in her usual lounge, naked. Sunbathing.

There's beer in the fridge Billy. I could use one myself, Nikki said.

Jack called. He said Carol's car is ready to pick up. They waxed it up
nice for her.

Keep laying there Nikki, and you'll be done enough for dinner tonight.
Your ussy looks almost good enough to eat wight now, I kidded. Hey, I
don't like empty promises....get started on it now, she answered.

I looked down at her naked body. Her nice tits now. Her dark trimmed
pussy. No atempts at hiding from us.

Well, the hell with it Lisa said. I need some sun too. She took off
her clothes and I spread some sun lotion on her. Then she laid on a lounge
next to Nikki.

I sat on Nikki's favorite "blowjob" stool between them as I drank the
beer. Noticing the slight differences between both woman's bodies.

I set the beer down and reached to caress a tit on each of them. Both
were laying with their eyes closed. I massaged each tit and they liked it.

Lisa honey? Yeah, Billy? Her eyes still closed. I've been thinking of
becoming a father.

WHAT? As she sat straight up in shock.

No, not you yet honey.....Nikki here, as I looked down at her, still
caressing her tit.

What do you mean, Billy?

I explained the whole idea to her now.

Her shock was much the same as Dan's when we told him.

Nikki helped explain some of the details. Billy also wants Dan and you
to be right there with us in bed as we do this too.

Now, you could almost see the wheels spinning in Lisa's head. Oh, wow.
I'll be a fucking step mom before I become a fucking mom for my own damn
self, she laughed.

It was a done deal now.

I have the appointment for Monday afternoon Nikki said. I'll go with
you if you want, Lisa said. OK. Then we can go shopping for baby

Here we go, I said laughing.....

Billy, Are you sure about all this? Lisa asked. Yes, babe. Its a
perfect answer for Dan and Nik.

Let's go in the pool, Nikki said. Come on Billy, let us see that cock
again that's going to make our baby..... She reached to pull my shorts

Nikki caressed my cock as she got my shorts off now, as Lisa watched.
She reached her hand to go along with Nikki's as they both teased me.

Later, Billy. Lisa said.

We all jumped in the pool for a while until I thought it would be time
for dad and mom to be home.

I wanted him to go with me to pick up the car.

I told the girls I would see them later.

Carol's car was sitting just outside the dealer doors as we pulled in.
It really looked sharp. Even zippier than my own. Dan came out to meet us
and said that he talked the guys in the shop to throw in a bunch of extras
for Carol.

I told him that he and Nikki should come over later to the house for a
drink. I drove Carol's car home.

It WAS a nice car. Handled well, and really looked nice. The white
bucket seats would fuck up her love life though....IF she was going to be
able to have any....I thought.

mom was really impressed with it as I drove in the driveway. Carol's
going to be thrilled, mom said, and started to cry.

By now, Nikki and Lisa had come over to see it also.

Let's put some ribbons on it Lisa said.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be getting a deal for
a car for her too.

What the hell, I thought...I had a nice new job. Almost $40,000 left in

Yes. Those dead BASTARDS were going to pay for a decent life once

We were now all on the deck, deciding who of us were going to go to
court in the morning, and who would be at the hospital to wait for Jimmy's

I got closer to Nikki and Lisa now. I had been thinking.

I asked both of them what they thought about letting mom and dad in on
making her baby? I feel like hell keeping a secret like this from them, I
said. Lisa and Nikki looked at each other. Yes, you're right Billy.
Let's tell them. What the hell....they're our family.

OK. Stand up Nikki. She looked at me with a quizzical expression. I
stood behind her with my head over her shoulder.

Mom, dad....they were both sitting near each other now.

I put my hands aroud Nikki and placed them on her stomach. I'm going to
put a baby in here for Nikki, soon.

I wish I would have had a camera at that second.

WHAT? They both said. Almost together. You explain Nikki. She went
over and sat near them and excitedly told them the whole plan.

finally, after all the chatter with Nikki, mom and Lisa....Oh we're all
just going to have to go shopping.

Dad got up and said. I need another beer. This whole world is going to
hell faster than I can drive, he said.

The women were all yak, yak yak for almost an hour.

Dad and I were alone at one side of the deck now. He asked what I did
with the JAR? I took one last loving look at it dad, and its buried now.
Almost two feet down. He looked a bit relieved.

Jack and Annette were now coming in the yard from the hspital.

Everyone looked at me as if for an OK to let them in on the secret.....I
gave an expression that it was up to Nikki..... That didn't last long.
Soon, Annette was involved in more new chatter as Jack came over with dad
and me.

What a hell of a thing to do for them, Jack said to me. It came to me
yesterday morning Jack. Dan has mentioned wanting a son for some
time....You know the situation THERE.

Yeah. Lisa and I will be having our own kids in a couple years, I said.
Then all the girls can go nuts all over again, shopping. Soon, Dan had
come in the yard and joined us.

This chatter lasted about another half hour before we decided to swim.
Everyone seemed a whole lot happier now. More back to normal.

I was in the pool as Lisa stood at the edge looking at me. She was all
smiles now. Coming in hon?

Yeah, she said. Then she reached around and untied her bra top and
jumped in. We have a surprise for you guys in a while she said.

What kind of surprise? Never mind. Now Nikki stood and kissed Dan.
They were both all smiles. She saw Lisa with her tits bobbing in the water
and said that feels nice on your tits doesn't it Lisa?

Oh yeah. Nikki took off her top, and jumped in also. Within the hour,
we were all back to being naked once again and everyone horsing around in
and out of the pool.

mom stood now, in all her naked beauty and said, OK, all you men.... We
need for you to sit on the edge of the pool. Spread out so there's a
distance between each of you. Us guys looked at each other as they all
looked at mom. Come on. Just do it, she said. So we all got up and sat
around the pool with our legs in the water. Then the girls came up behind
us and tied their bras around our eyes so we couldn't see.

Now, mom said, us girls are going to give you guys a blowjob, but you
won't know who's doing it.

We're going to draw names here in a second. The only part of us that
will touch you guys will be one hand and our mouth. You MUST keep your
legs spread wide so you can't feel our tits or our bodies at all.

Soon, we heard giggling and ...Oh look who I drew? From the girls behind us. Then we heard them all getting in the water. They were still
giggling and then they stopped. Soon, there was a hand on my cock gently
stroking it. I heard dad moan as someone touched him. The stroking was
nice, and I had an idea who it was.

Tha hand and fingers were getting me hard and then I felt the lips
kissing just the tip of my cock.

OOOOHHH I moaned. Not one of the girls were making a sound. Just the
guys moaning as each of us were getting sucked. I like this idea a whole
lot, I heard Jack say. We all agreed.

Soon, the mouth was sucking up and down my cock real nice. Slow. Ohhhh
man. Keep that up and someone's going to make me too Billy. Dan
said. I could hear dad moaning louder now. He sounded as if he was going
to pop any second.

The girl sucking me was doing it a bit harder now and her hand was
stroking a little firmer.

UUUUMMMM I moaned feeling her mouth sucking me so nice, I was sure now.
It was mom. I knew her style well. I knew how she liked to use her tongue
as she sucked me into her mouth.

She was doing it really nice. Soon, her hand was moving faster and
making me ready to shoot at any second. I heard Dan starting to cum now

OOOOHHH fuck, he was moaning as he came. OOOOHHHH OOOHH Then it was my
turn as mom sucked me faster and jerked her hand up the full length of my
cock into her mouth.

OOOOHHH Here I am babe, I said. Here I cummmmmm OOOOHHH. My hips went
off the deck as she sucked me deep and hard. Her fingers squeezing me up
into her sucking mouth. I blasted hard and then short spurts as she
brought me down again.

I laid back on the deck now. Still blind folded. My cock still being
caressed as it softened now.

I heard dad cumming now, and Jack had been moaning loudly. After a
while we were all sucked and we had cum. Then the girls got out of the
pool. Then they all cheered and laughed. You guys can take off the
blindfolds now.

No one could really be sure who sucked them, Each of us had ideas

We'll tell you all later the girls said. The guy that we sucked will be
spending the night with us, mom said.

Hey, I like that gane a whole lot, Jack said. Us guys all laughed and

Some of you guys tasted real goo, Annette kidded. The girls all

Lisa came over to sit my me now, Smiling. Like your blowjob honey? Oh
Yeah. Who...Never mind. Everyone will find out later.

Jack must have been asking Annette also, and she wouldn't tell. Well,
he said laughing. I owe some girl a nice fucking....Again we all laughed.

We all had another drink and then it was time for us to go to bed. We
made plans to meet for court and at the court house too.

Then the girls showed the slips they had with each of our names on them.
Each woman went to her guy.

It was mom and me, as I suspected, and Lisa and her father. Nikki and
dad, and Annette and Dan.

Annette, Lisa, her dad and Dan were all starting to get dressed and
leaving to go to their house.

We all said good night and mom grabbed my hand leading me upstairs. Dad
stayed on the deck with Nikki.

I'm so glad I drew you noney, mom said as she opened her arms to kiss me
once again next to my bed.

I placed hr on the edge and knelt down. I smiled at her and said, It's
your turn now mom.

I lowered my mouth to her pussy and made pure love to her once again. I
made her cum at least twice while licking and kissing he pussy. I sucked her clit softly, riding out one cum with her.

I then rose and slid my cock into her wet pussy as she still had her
legs wide and over the edge of the bed. This time I fucked her hard.
Ramming her as we heard Nikki moaning loudly down on the deck. My pussy feel nice honey? OOOOHHH mom.....Her gripping and milking me...I leaned on
my hands over her. My feet still on the floor as I fucked her. Deep
strokes in and out...she was playing with her tits and nipples as she
looked up at me, her fucker...her lover....her son. Did you like my
blowjob down at the pool, baby?

OOOOHHH Yeah, mom. I knew it was you. I know how you do things by now.
Yeah, Didn't you notice how hard I was cumming? Yeah baby. Now cum again
like that in me now, honey....shoot your juice in me Billy. Her hips
moving up and down and in circles as I fucked her.

OOOHHH mom, you always feel so nice inside.... Cum, baby....cum in
me....seconds later I was shooting hard once again into my mother's
grasping and loving pussy. Her eyes closed as she felt me shooting. Her
pussy pushed up to my cock as hard as she could against me. Squeezing and
clutching at my cock as mom's pussy always did when I was cumming in her.

OOOH honey....I feel you....I feel your juice warming my pussy again.
Her hands still caressing her tits and nipples.

She felt my spurts start to end now. Stay in me honey. Leave your
wonderful cock in there a while. Her arms both reaching up for me now.

I fell to her body and she hugged me tight to the tits and kissed me. I
loved the way you sucked my pussy honey. It was really nice. You've
really learned how to do my clit real nice too. I love licking you mom. I
love your taste. Well I love the taste of your cum, so we're even, she

We moved up on the bed now and I held her close to me. We drifted off
to sleep with my hand on her squished tits as she laid on her side. My
softened cock snugly up against her ass.



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