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CAROL, mom & ME 89

Lisa and I were already up and in the shower as dad awoke. Where's mom?
he asked in the upstairs hallway. I don't know. She was talking with
Carol downstairs last night when I went to bed.

All three of us were dressed now as we went down for breakfast. There
was mom, still kneeling with her head and arm on carol's stomach. She had
fallen asleep while Carol slept on the couch. Dad went over and nudged her
awake. Honey....

The drawn look of her crying was still evident.

Oh, I must look a mess, mom said. They were whispering so Carol
wouldn't wake. Her blond hair needed a brushing, badly.

She came out in the kitchen and her and Lisa started breakfast. Dad was
going back to work today, and offered to drop off Lisa also. Jack and I
would go back to work tommorrow or the next day. She was telling Billy
about what happened to them, Jim. I happened to come down to check on her.
Oh, what those son of a bitches did to them Jim.

mom started with tears again. Dad was about to call in and take another
day off, but mom insisted he go.

I told Lisa I would pick her up from work.

Both her and dad soon left.

I went behind mom and hugged her. She was sitting at the table with her
hands on her head.

Feeling Carol's terror and misery, like all mothers do. It was about
another twenty minutes before Carol woke.

mom helped her into the bathroom and then made her breakfast.

I'd like to lay out in the sun for a while, she said. Maybe it will
help all these bruises to go away. Looking down at her arms.

Sure hon. I'll help you out to the deck.

mom finished the dishes and said she needed a shower. I set up an air
mattress and Carol took off her nightgown and duster. She laid naked on
the mattress as I spread the sun lotion all over her.

She looked down at her bitten nipple. It seems to be getting a little
better Billy. Its not stinging or throbbing so much now. She was holding
her tit examining it.

Damn, I hope these stitch marks will go away.

I'm sure they will hon. Her tit still had redness and slight swelling

I really like that car Billy. I love red too. I don't know what to say
or how to thank you.....

Hey, you're my sis. That's enough for me.

I was sitting on the deck next to her as mom came out in her two piece.
She laid on a mattress next to Carol, and I spread lotion on her too. Oh
the hell with it she said. She knelt up and took off her top. I caressed
her tits as she knelt in front of me. Then she inched off her bottoms
also. She laid back down and I spread more lotion, she turned for me to do
her front. She smiled at me as I reached hr pussy. Spread it without
being too obvious to Carol.

I fingered her for a litle bit and then moved to sit Between them.
Looking at how much alike mom and Carol's bodies were. How much Carol
looked like mom.

mom leaned on her side looking over at Carol. How's your nipple honey?
Its getting better mom. Not throbbing or stinging so much now. That cream
must be working.

Once again, as yesterday with Lisa and Carol, I reached down and
massaged both their tits as they laid there with their eyes closed. Carol
was a little whiter than mom, having been in the hospital. mom had hardly
any tan lines on her tits or pussy area.

Carol's hand once again went to mine and moved over her tit with me.
Mom just moved a little closer for me to reach both tits.

I was going to help her, but you might as well, Billy. She needs that
tube of medicated cream I brought out, to be spread inside her pussy. I
know damn well how good you are with pussies smiled.

I got up and found the tube. I knelt between Carol's spread legs and
she seemed nervous about pain. mom was sitting now watching.

I smeared a lot on my finger and spread her pussy lips. Raise your legs
honey. Make your pussy open for him. Carol raised her legs. Slowly and
gently I inched my finger inside her. Her eyes closed
tightly....anticipating pain.

I squeezed some from the tube right into her now. Carol got through it
pretty good, and began to relax again. I massaged her mound and her
stomach. Relax honey.

mom saw my cock getting hard and looked at me. Carol still had her eyes
closed. She reached and stroked it softly for a minute, and then pointed
to my bedroom window.

I'll be back in a while hon, I said to Carol. OK, Billy. Her eyes
still closed.

I went up to my room, and mom was up a few minutes later.

She laid right on top of me as she kissed me. Her suntan lotion making
her slide on me.

She slid down and began to suck my nipples and lick my chest. Seeing
her tits all shiny, with their hard nipples was making me hard fast. She
licked and sucked my nipples really nice. Leaning to my side now, as she
did this. One hand gently stroking my cock and her lips still sucking my

Feels nice, doesn't it honey? Yeah, mom. Your dad likes it too. It
took her a while to work her way down my stomach to my groin. Her hand
still softly caressing my cock. Her nibbles and licks felt nice. Finally,
she worked her way to kneel between my legs on the floor. Both her hands
stroking my cock as she smiled down at me. You deserve a nice blowjob,
Billy. You're awful damn lucky I just happen to be wanting to give you a
nice blowjob.

She reached behind her on my desk and got the bottle of lotion kept
there. Smearing it on her hands, she gave me a wonderful cock and groin
massage. My thighs, balls and even around my ass. OOOOHHH Mom....Her
hands worked like an expert. Knowing just where, just how to stroke and

Its your turn Billy. Just close your eyes. She finally lowered her
nouth to my cock head and licked it. Nibbling on the underside. Sliding
down to suck my sack into her mouth and rolling her tongue over and over my
balls. Her hand softly stroking my cock.

OOOOHHHH Mom. My hips rising. Her mouth up and down the sides and
finally...she sucked me straight in. She sucked my whole cock into her
mouth, rolling her tongue over it, as her fingers caressed my balls, just
outside her mouth. She spent a lot of time doing this. Small moaning from
her. Still, my fascination watching my entire cock disappear into mom's
mouth. After a long while of constant pleasure, she began to increase her
speed and I knew she was waiting for me to cum. Her fingers working around
my cock as she sucked me now. Her other hand still stroking and caresssing
my balls.

OOOOOHHH Mom..... uuummmm she moaned....tasting the beginning of my cum drops....Sucking hard at the very tip.

Her two fingers working harder and faster now....pumping me into her
mouth. hips in the air...Her mouth went to suck my balls
again as I started to shoot. Her tongue rolling over them as she felt the
cum leaving my balls in her mouth, her hand softly stroking my cock inches
from her eyes. My cum shot in the air. My cum shot in a few directions as
she stroked my cock. Still gently sucking my balls. Her moans as she felt
them working, doing their duty of shooting cum. Licking them rapidly
inside her mouth. Both of us watching my cum shooting as she stroked it.

Using her mouth and hand as she did this time..... I sat up now, as the
last of my spurts ended. She then took my cock back in her mouth and
sucked me for a long while, as I caressed her hair. Kneeling there between
my legs. She brought my cock back to normal now.

Taking her mouth off it, looking up to me with a smile. Once more she
lowered her head and sucked my balls back into her mouth. She looked up to
me, still smiling. My softening cock to the side of her face. She gently
sucked them and licked them as she smiled up to me. Pure pleasure from her
to me.

Finally she stood and I rose to kiss her. Her tits pressed hard into
me. Maybe later honey, we can make love??? Yeah mom. I want to return
this wonderful blowjob.

I thought it would be fun to watch it shoot this time rather than suck
it. It was really erotic mom. Both of us watching it shooting. She
reached down and cradled my balls once more. Hurry and fill them baby. I
think maybe you believe me now when I say how much I love sucking you. How
much I enjoy having your cock in my mouth....

I'm going down with Carol for a while. I kissed her again and she left.
Still naked.

When I looked out the window again, mom and Carol were laying naked next
to each other, and now Nikki was coming up to the deck. I saw her looking
down at them and talking. Soon, she too took off her two piece and joined
them. All three were busy putting lotion on each other.

I decided to go over to Bobby's. I told the girls I would be gone for a
few hours and left.

There was a minute there, where I thought of staying and fucking mom AND
Nikki right there on the deck in a while. Then I was reminded of how bad
it would have made Carol feel.

There were a couple of the guys at Bobby's when I arrived. I told them
about what happened in court, and how Jimmy was in the hospital. They were
happy that Carol was home now.

I told them we would be having a big party for all of them with their
girlfriends too, in a week or two.

Mom, dad, and Carol all wanted it. We had a few beers and played
horseshoes. It was then time to go get Lisa from work.

All three girls had on dusters now, as we got back to the house. None
of them bothered tying them closed though. Just to keep off the hottest
sun of the day. They were sitting on the deck drinking Iced tea.

How erotic, I thought. Three woman, all naked on our deck. No one even
giving a second thought anymore.

I new I could go to any of them right now and have any kind of sex I
wanted. Lisa couldn't wait to get into the pool for a few minutes. The
fucking air conditioning was screwed up all day, in that office. I was
sweating like a pig in there all day, she said.

I spread lotion on her also, as she laid on her stomach on the deck.
Mom and Nikki went in to get things ready for dinner. After I finished
Lisa, I went over to Carol. Come on hon. Time for you again. I helped
her lay down on her stomach and knelt over her ass. My cock laying right
in her crack as I gave her a nice backrub. Then I moved and did her legs.

I owe you big time Billy, she said with her head in her arms. Lisa
watched as I spread more of the medicated cream and worked it into Carol's
pussy from behind, using only one finger. How IS your pussy feeling now.
Carol? A little better today, Lisa. It doesn't feel as raw now. Billy is
doing that kind of nice, as she spread her legs wider for me.

We had a while before dad and Dan would be home from work yet. I went
in the house and got the scissors and shaving stuff. I went back out to
the deck and then trimmed and cut Carol's pussy hair. I noticed Lisa's
look of anticipation, so I did hers too as both girls laid once again, with
their legs in the water. I wanted to eat Carol in the worst way and
wondered if she could have handled at least that much stimulation?

I decided to try, once I rinsed her off. I winked at Lisa, and lowered
my mouth to Carol's pussy. I licked her softly....waiting for a reaction.
My tongue went to her clit....a moan. She wasn't stopping me yet. I
licked deeper into her slit and flicked her clit again. Another moan. Her
legs widened to offer her pussy wide open to me. Don't go inside
Billy...please...not yet... OK honey. Lisa watched on her side as I
licked and sucked Carol to her first real cum since the ordeal.

mom and Nikki were coming out on the deck with platters just as Carol
was going into her orgasm. My mouth and lips busy on her clit and slit. I
tasted her juice flowing. She was in a full cum with her eyes closed, and
softly humping at my mouth.

mom knelt down next to her as she was cumming...watching me eating and
licking Carol.

Feel nice honey?...Oh yes mom...he's got me cumming now mom....
ooooohhh it feels nice mom... Mom's hand went to Carol's head and rubbed
it softly, watching her cum in my mouth. I placed my hands on her thighs
and pressed into her clit and sucked her hard as I felt her spasming. My
tongue working over and over her clit. Her moans were louder now. Her
hips froze against my sucking mouth, until....Finally...she dropped her ass
to the deck. Slowly, I licked her until her moans stopped. Carol and the
girls all talking about how much they liked being eaten to a cum like that

I got out of the pool then and went to start the grille for dinner. Dad
pulled in at his usual time. Nikki had gone across the street to wait for
Dan. Dad and I had a beer on the deck as the girls set up most of the
food. I noticed he was getting turned on a little by all the girls with
just their dusters on.

Carol tried her best to get in the act and help, even though she was
still limping.

Soon it was late evening by the time everyone finished eating. I got
beer for everyone and put the music on again. Lisa and I went in the
water. mom and Nikki soon joined us. Carol inched her way over near dad's
lounge and sat on the deck near him. Her hand caressing his chest as she
watched us swimming. Dad's hand was caressing the back of Carol's head.

It wasn't long before mom nudged me in the pool to look at Carol. Her
hand had gone from dad's chest to under his shorts and she was playing with
his cock.

Now she had turned to face him, and she st next to him on the deck. Her
hands slid his shorts down and she was openly stroking his cock. One hand
holding his sack and balls.

Dad let her go for a while as he laid back on the lounge. His cock was
rock hard as she played softly with it. neither of them saying much.
After a few minutes, dad got off the lounge and picked Carol up in his
arms. He carried her into the house as she put her arm around his neck.

Soon. Nikki and Dan went home. It was then just Lisa, mom and me
outside now. All three of us naked.

I knew Lisa would be with me for the whole night, but I wasn't sure of
where mom would wind up, since Carol seemed to want dad so badly. Lisa
laid back on a lounge. I went in front of mom as she was getting out of
the pool and knelt there in front of her. My arms around her ass, as I
pulled her pussy to my mouth. There was a soft smile on Lisa as she
watched me licking mom's bush and slit. I eased mom over to a lounge
behind me and she laid down. Lisa rose on her side as she watched me
making oral love to mom now. After a couple of minutes of watching, Lisa
got up and knelt behind me on the deck. Her hands went underneath my ass
and she cradled and caressed my balls from behind. Her tits pressed into
my back. Then one hand stroking my cock in front as her other still
caressed my balls. All the while I was licking and fingering my mother.

mom was moaning softly as I sucked her clit and spread her pussy lips
wider. Her hands coming down to rub my head and hair, and then back to her

I sucked her softly as I felt her nearing a cum. Lisa moved on her side
in the narrow space on the deck between me and the lounge. Her mouth
closing down around my cock. I was soon cumming in Lisa's mouth as mom was
gushing her second cum into mine. Lisa sucked me softly for a while until
I was through with cumming. Then she went back to leaning on my back with
her tits scraping it all over. Hearing mom moaning softly as I was
finishing eating her.

When I was done, I took both their hands and we all went up to my room
for the night. We slept with me in the middle. Both Lisa and mom laying
on their sides with their tits pressed on and into me.

Just soft I love yous between all of us.

I awoke the next morning to mom's gentle stroking of my cock as she lay
next to me. She leaned over and kissed me softly as she watched my eyes
open. Her hands urging me to climb between her opened legs.

Within thirty seconds of having my eyes open, I was inside my mother's
warm pussy and making love with her. We moved slowly, lovingly. Both of
us cumming almost as one seconds apart. Her pussy once again with the
wonderful wet velvet feel.

Gripping and milking my cock till I was completely empty in her. Our
kisses were as tender as any.

Lisa still sound asleep next to us.

mom held my cock inside her for some time. Enjoying the feel. Smiling
up at me. The gentle crush of her nipples against my chest. The complete
indescribable feelings as I felt my mother squeezing my softening cock deep
inside her.

Her hands patting my back now....I want to see your dad before he gets
up baby....Maybe you should watch us.... I gently pulled out of her and
laid next to Lisa again. mom getting up and leaning over to kiss me once
more. I caressed her hanging tits, before she went to her husband. I
watched her naked body leaving.... The woman that just made such nice love
with me. Took my maleness into her with a need and desire. Gave all her
womanly pleasures so willingly to me.

As any lover to lover sharing deep feelings, and especially their love.
The complete manner in which mom always gave herself. I turned on the
monitor. Dad was laying on his back. Still sleeping. Carol on her side
next to him. Her arm over his chest.

I saw mom now, kneeling to his side preparing to suck him. She looked
at the camera and smiled ...knowing I would probably be watching her.

She leaned down and took dad's softened cock into her mouth and sucked him. It was a full minute before his eyes opened and realized his wife was
waking him with her love once again.

It was nearing 7 Am. Still enough time for me to recover and make love
to my lover next to me when she woke.


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