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CAROL, mom & ME 90

Dad took Lisa to work again, and then mom was able to convince carol to
go grocery shopping with her. I knew mom wanted to talk with her.

Probably trying to get her back into normal life also.

I cut the grass and then walked over to Nikki's. She spotted me coming
in the yard out of the corner of her eye. If you're not 6 ft. and have a
9 inch cock....Go home, she smiled. Will 5' 10" and 7" do for now?

That depends.....Does YOURS work? Yes. Especially with wet pussies and
wet lips.

I think we can do business then. She offered me a cup of coffee, and
was anxious to remind me that her best fertile time would be in about three

OK, I said. Is it still all right with you that Dan and Lisa are there
with us?

Sure Billy. Lisa and I talked about it too, she said. She's all for
it. She told me she really wants to be in on this.

I sat in a lounge chair and she walked over to sit on my lap. I untied
her bra top and tossed it on the patio.

Yes, I really like your new tits Nik. I feel a lot better now too
Billy. My shoulders and back don't hurt so much either. Well, if you
figure on this weekend, Nik, then I won't do any screwing or stuff. I'll
save a nice shot for you babe.

Oh, Billy...its so exciting to think I will be finally pregnant after
all these years. Can I tell you something Billy?

Sure hon. Dan was thinking of taping the whole thing so we can watch it
in the future. Oh, shit...Nik.....You really want to do that?

I don't know....might be fun to make our own fuck flick, expecially when
it will be so important.

This is just as important to Dan as it is to me, she said.

I was caressing her tits softly as we spoke. Her nipples were very hard
now. They looked beautiful with her tan. Very nice shape. I leaned and
sucked a nipple and she caressed my head.

She felt my cock hardening under her ass as she sat there. She ground
her ass into me now. Finally, without words, she stood and smiled. Her
hand reached for mine and she led me to the bedroom.

She turned to me and untied her bikini bottom and reached to kiss me.
I'd like to lick you Nik, I whispered in her ear. Her hands went over my
back as she finally broke the kiss. She laid back on the bed and spread
her legs. Her hands moving up and down her pussy and mound.

I took off my trunks and she stared at my hard cock. I watched her
stick her fingers into her pussy as she smiled at me. Would you like me to
suck you first Billy? Then I decided to do the 69 with her. I let her be
on top. It had been quite a while since I had done 69.

She and I rolled over and and over on her bed. Switching to top to
bottom. She liked me on top being able to fuck into her mouth, while I
could spread her pussy much easier. It wasn't long before each of us were

I liked laying with her and talking. She enjoyed making love and
returning it also. Now that we knew each other a whole lot better, it was
easier to say and do things with each other.

We fucked once more about a half hour later . Always with nice kisses,
and hugging.

I'm sure Nikki felt the same as I did making love together. Her actions
and feelings were genuine. It would be so very easy to fall in love with
her. It felt as if we had been steady lovers for many years.

I suspected that she felt the same way. The tenderness in her eyes, as
she went out of her way to give me much pleasure with her pussy as we
fucked. How much I enjoyed making her cum. Feeling her body going through
its female reactions.....

We laid there for about another half hour and then I went back home to
wait for mom and Carol.

She would need help with the groceries, for sure.

I noticed neither mom or Carol were wearing bras under their silky
blouses. Both of their tits moving sexily underneath as we brought the
groceries in.

Carol went out to the deck to read for a while, while mom started

I just had to reach around and play with her tits through the silky
blouse for a minute. There were about ten guys around the market that
would give their left nut to do what you're doing Billy, she smiled.

Carol seems to be coming along just nice, don't you think, Billy? Yeah.
She told me that she let dad slide in and out of her closed legs last night
to help him get off. She's still too sore inside, mom said. I turned mom around and kissed her. Her arms going around my neck. Oh not now, Billy.
I need to get dinner finished....Later, honey....I promise.

OK, mom. I kissed her and said I was going to pick up Lisa.

Lisa was all smiles as I picked her up. The office air conditioning was
fixed, and Jimmy was doing well after the surgery. She had talked to her

Billy? Yeah hon? Would you mind if we stayed at my house tonight? No,
not really. Good. Billy? Yeah hon? Would you mind if I was with my dad
tonight? Its been a long time for us? Not since this thing with Carol and
Jimmy being beat and stuff?

No, go ahead honey. I know mom wants to be with you, too, Billy. OK
honey. Maybe you and me can make love first, when we get there. Then swim
for a while. We have a lot of time before dinner anyway. Well, I can go
to work with your dad in the morning also.

I called mom and told her I would be staying with Lisa at her house.
Mom seemed a bit disappointed and then I remembered that she had hoped to
be with me tonight. Annette was getting fried chicken ready for dinner as
Lisa and I went up and made love in her room.

We laid there for a while and talked. Finally we went down and helped
set up for dinner outside at their pool. Jack seemed happy that she was
staying home tonight. He had returned with a couple cases of beer.

Annette and Jack were happy that Jimmy would finally be OK, and he might
be home by the weekend.

It wasn't long after dinner that we were in the pool with the
temperature being around 90. Soon, we were all naked and playing water

Annette, knowing that Lisa and Jack wanted to be together tonight,
gravitated to me.

Lisa finally got out with her father and she laid on a lounge. He sat
on a chair next to her and caressed her tits. Annette came to me in the
pool and kissed me, putting her arms around me and pressing her tits into

Looks like you and me, Billy. Its been a while for us, she said. We'll
be in my room and he's going with Lisa in hers.

Jack's hand was now reaching down to Lisa's pussy and caressing it.

Annette and I got out of the pool and went upstairs after saying good
night to Lisa and Jack. She turned to me as we got next to her bed and
motioned for me to lay down. I must look a mess after swimming, Billy.
Let me fix my hair a little. She sat at her dressing table with the
mirrors ansd was about to brush her hair. I took the brush and did it for
her. Standing behind her. It surprised her. No one except Lisa had ever
offered to brush her long hair. After a minute, she had fixed her face and
looked pretty nice. Her hair looked much better now, and not so dried out
from the pool. It seemed important to her to look nice right now. Now,
she finally stood, both of us still naked. Her voice in low, almost husky
tones. What would you like to do tonight Billy? Her hands going to my
shoulders as she leaned in to kiss me.

Let's make nice love, Annette, I said.

I eased her with me as I laid back on the bed. Her on top. Her hands,
kisses, and gentleness were nice. I've liked the times we've made love
Billy. I almost always think of what we did and how nice it was, all
through the next day.

Does it bother you that Lisa is in there with her dad? No, not at all,
Annette. The same way when my mom comes into bed with her and I too. Last
night we all slept together.

OOOHHH That must really be sexy? Yeah. Both of them always press their
tits into me as they sleep. She rolled off me now and laid at my side.
Stroking my chest softly. Her perfume was nice. I could feel her tits pressing now, as I just mentioned.

Her hand now circled down my stomach and into my groin. She stayed
there. Scratching with her nails, and gently massaging all around the

It hasn't been too good with Jack and me since this thing with Carol and
Jimmy happened. he tried, I tried. But there was just too much worrying
us. I understand. Now her hand reached down to caress my cock softly.
Again, her fingers lightly scratching my sack making it tingle nicely.
OOOOHHH that feels nice Hon. I was getting hard now. She leaned over and
kissed me softly again. Her hand still caressing my cock and sack. Now,
her mouth and lips sucked and kissed her way down to my chest and on down
to my cock. She gently stroked it with both hands and smiled up at me.
Both her hands were cupping my balls as she lowered her mouth and began to
suck me softly. Very softly. Kneeling at the side of my thighs. Her tits brushing against my upper thighs.

Her tongue exploring and licking all over my cock now.

OOOOOHHH, You do that so nice Annette. That's because I really enjoy it
Billy. I love feeling a man in my mouth. Jack is sometimes far too
impatient for long sex. He wants to get sucked, stick it in, and then

You're so different Billy. Each time we've been together, you've taken
your time with me.

cum for me Billy. Let me make you cum while I suck you. I'll be more
than glad to wait a while for us to make love. We have all night honey.
Jack even said you really don't have to go in tommorrow if you don't want
to. She was massaging my balls and softly stroking my cock as she once
again lowered her mouth.

Yes. She really did enjoy sucking me. It felt so nice. So relaxing.
When she worked me into cumming, she went all the way down and held me
there as I shot. Her hands softly rubbing over my groin as I came deep in
her throat. My cock completely sucked into her mouth. Only when she felt
the last of my spurts, did she raise her head. Nice, Billy? She was
kneeling back on her knees now, caressing her tits and nipples. Yes,
Annette. I really did like it. It was a nice slow cum for me. I held out
my arms for her to come on top of me again. I kissed her with feelings.
This woman was soon to be my mother in law.

I rubbed her back softly and felt her tits with her hard nipples
pressing into me.

Your cock really shoots hard when you cum, Billy. It tastes a lot
different than Jack or Jimmy too. Jimmy's nuts aren't quite as big as
yours so he doesn't shoot as much.

Jack is starting to get a little older, and he dribbles a lot now. We
kissed again, and I could taste my won cum still around her lips and mouth.
I pulled her up higher over me so I could suck her tits for a while. Then,
as they were very hard. I urged her body up to place her pussy over my
face. She held the headboard as she kept her pussy just in touch with my
mouth and tongue. She had put perfume around her pussy also.

OOOOHHH That's nice Billy. Real nice. Her smell was nice too. I
licked her clit and split open her lips with my probing tongue for quite
some time. Finall, I felt her shake. Her body tensed and she moaned
louder, but still deeply.

OOOOHHH Billy.....I'm cumming honey.....Lick me. Suck me. My mouth
sucking on her clit through her orgasm. My hands on both her hips, holding
her pussy to my mouth. She was able to have another cums, before she
rolled off and leaned over to kiss me again. I rolled her on her back
quickly and slid my cock in. She hadn't expected to be fucked so
quickly.We both had another orgasm within a couple of minutes.

Her pussy milking, squeezing, contracting all around my cock as she
smiled up to me. Her hands reaching up to caress my chest as she emptied
my cock deep within her. Her eyes opening and closing for long periods. I
leaned to kiss her at the end of her orgasm.

Faint sounds of Lisa's moaning were coming from her room. Annette and
me spent a lot of time kissing and caressing each other.

She was a nice lover. After a while of silent enjoying each other, she
whispered in my ear....Billy? Would you please put it in my ass? I loved
the last time we did it honey. Jack doesn't like it. OK, Annette. Give
me a little while. Sure baby.


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