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CAROL, mom & ME 91

After a while of resting, I was ready with a hard on. Annette asked if
we could do it face to face? Sure hon. I like looking at each other
Billy. She reached over on the nightstand for a tube of cream. Reaching
down to my cock laying on her pussy mound. She coated my cock with the
cream and then pulled her legs back to her chest. I knelt in front of her
and slid my cock to her ass. Go slow for minute Billy. Let me get used to
it. Within a minute I was completely inside her ass and we were rocking
back and forth. OOOOHHH It feels so nice Billy.

I can feel you so deep in there.

Feel nice Billy? Oh yes, hon. I started to pump now and her eyes

OOOOHHHH Its good.....OOOOhhh I was grinding against her pussy as I
fucked into her. I could feel her wetness all over my groin.

Oh, Billy...I feel your whole cock in there....oooohhh fuck me
honey....fuck me.

I started to move faster into her and her eyes closed. OOOOHHH I think
I'm going to cum Billy....

I felt my cock getting near and I leaned down on her with her legs
pressed into my shoulders as I fucked into her ass.

OOOOHHH Here I cum, Annette....OOOOHHHH her ass tightened even more
around my spurting cock.

OOOOHH I feel it Billy....I can feel you shooting. Way deep inside
me....oooohh It feels so nice. I really like this Billy. I wish Jack
would fuck me like this.

I'm cumming now too, pussy too....ooooohhhh fuck me good
Billy.... I felt more and more of her juices letting go from her pussy now. Her eyes closed as she came.... Her whole body shaking as I fucked

Finally, she lowered her legs to my side. My cock still in a few
inches. Getting softer now. Her arms around me, pulling me to her and
kissing me.

That was really nice Billy. I came real nice this time. I rolled over
next to her and kissed her again. Caressing her still hard nipples.

OOOHHH Billy. Your cock felt so nice in there. It really did honey.

I'll be right back, honey.

She went to the bathroom and came back with a warm wash cloth with soap.
She washed my whole cock and groin and then bent over and sucked me softly.
Her hands caressing my balls gently. Within a minute, she was able to suck
me into another hardon and made me cum. Both her hands squeezing and
draining my cock into her mouth. Her tongue licking my spurts. Now, both
of us were just about exhausted and finally went to sleep. My arm around
her and cradling her tit.

I awoke with Lisa on my side and caressing my cock. Annette was still
sleeping. Hi, sleepy head she said. She leaned over and kissed me. A
pretty smile. She moved so that her tit was over my mouth for me to lick
her nipple. Her hand still stroking my cock softly. After a minute, she
straddled me and lowered her pusy down on my cock. She rode back and forth
smiling down at me. Annette now woke an watched us. Seeing Lisa nearing a
cum, she leaned over me and kissed me as I started to shoot into Lisa's
squeezing pussy. Lisa fell on top of me as she came. Her pussy giving me
all her love. Annette was caressing her daughter's back, all through her
cum. You guys will have a nice marriage, Annette said. You both make nice

Lisa smiled at Annette and said....I love him mom.

Jack had already gone down and started the coffee.

Well, Do you feel like going in today Billy? Well I guess so. Its been
a week now, Jack.

We finished breakfast and left for work. Dropping Lisa off at her
office. The people at the office were very nice. All of them knew what
happened to Carol and Jimmy. One of them said they had a son who was in
the same class as one of the BASTARDS.

After work, Jack took me back home where my car was. He sopped for a
drink out on the deck with dad and me.

mom came out and said that the detective had stopped by for a few
minutes. He said they're having a hard time finding any of those guys.
Dad and Jack both looked at me. mom went back in to get dinner ready.

I think its time you told us Billy, dad said. I don't know, dad.....
It still could set you up, AND Jack, if you knew.

Let me just say dad, that they will never see a courtroom again. There
won't be any wheels, deals or spiels from their lawyers.

Just then Lisa called from work. It was time to pick her up. I noticed
Carol sitting in her new car...still looking all around the inside and
playing the stereo.

C'mon kiddo.....Let's go pick up Lisa. Carol seemed so proud of
herself, being able to drive now. It made me happy to see her happy. Oh,
Billy....I think we can make love tonight if you want to. I feel a lot
better inside now.

Are you sure hon? Yeah, at least I would like to try. If it hurts, we
can alway stop and I can finish you with one of my super blowjobs, she

I let dad slide his cock in and out of my slit from behind the other
night. He liked it anyway. He got off a couple times like that. I
reached down and held my hand there too, while he was sliding in and out. I
got his cock to brush against my clit that way. It was OK.

The large bruise on her knee had now turned yellow on its way to

I got in the back seat and let the girls gab the rest of the way home.

I mentioned to Lisa that Carol wanted to try making love tonight, as we
walked back to the deck. Its OK, Billy. Its been quite a while for her.

I'll be in bed waiting for you when you two are done.

We ate a late dinner on the deck, and mom and dad went to bed early.
Lisa, Carol and I stayed out on the deck for a while longer. Lisa finally
got up and kissed me. I'll see you later Honey. She went up to bed.

I looked at my sister laying back on the lounge now. Her eyes were
closed breathing softly. I knelt at her side and reached to undo her bra
top. I licked and caressed her tits as my hand slid under her bikini and
fingered her slit.

Now, I kissed her as a woman. Her hard nipples presing into my chest as
I leaned over her. I moved in front and reached her bikini bottoms and
slid them off. Her blond pussy was already wet. I knelt down and started
to lick her pussy as she spread her legs with small moans. OOOHHH
Billy....that feels so nice.... OOOOHHH I licked her clit and felt her

OOOHHH Billy I came already.....Please try your cock .... Her legs
opened wider as I leaned over her and she guided me in. I went slow. Its
OK....Its not hurting....I went deeper. I waited. Finally I was all the
way in.

It feels OK billy. Her hips gently rose to make me start fucking her.
She felt wonderful inside. I caught a glimpse of Lisa in the bedroom
window watching us.

Carol's arms went around me, pulling me down to kiss me as she started
to hump up at me softly.

OOOOH It feels good Billy, she said softly in my ear. Your cock feels
nice in me. You feel nice too sis. I could feel her hard nipples crushing
against me as we held each other tight and fucked.

I'm going to cum honey....I'm right there..... Go ahead Billy....fill
me.....fuck me..... Her pussy caressed my cock with her love as I came
deep inside her. Her soft kisses as she felt my cum shooting in her.

OOOHHH It feels nice Carol....Her pussy still squeezing and caressing my
cock. After a while, we both got up and went to bed. I stayed behind her
on the way up the stairs to be sure she could make it OK.

I kissed her outside her bedroom door. My hand sliding down to caress
and slide into her slit. Her hands all over my back.

Then I went in to Lisa.


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