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CAROL, mom & ME 92

Lisa could see that I was pretty worn out and didn't press me to make
love with her. I knew she kind of wanted it too. I promised her in the
morning. Still, the nice feelings of holding the one you love close as you
sleep. We could hear faint sounds of mom and dad making love as we drifted
off to sleep.

As promised, I awoke and licked Lisa's pussy softly until she woke up.
Her legs were opened making it a lot easier for me this time. We made love
and then went down to eat breakfast. mom still drooling over dad as they
came in the kitchen.

Her thin duster showing her stiff nipples. She bent and gave me a
cheeful kiss.

Going to work today honey? Yeah mom. Then maybe we can plan a little
party for your friends Sunday afternoon? OK. Give Billy a call and he can
call the other guys with their girlfriends.

Tommorrow is the BIG NIGHT for Nikki and me, I said. Lisa mentioned
that her and Dan would be there to see the baby being made. mom & dad
laughed. Nothing like an audience when you cum with the band.

I mentioned that I probably shouldn't be doing any screwing until then
so I can have a good load for her.

Good idea Billy. Dad said. Did you hear that you horny girls? dad
said. What's that daddy? Carol asked as she came in. Leave your brother alone today and tomorrow so he can make a baby tomorrow night.

Oh damn, Billy. I forgot all about that, Carol said. Glad I got some
last night though. She leaned and kissed mom and dad, and then me.

Dad soon left for work. Lisa and I shortly after.

It went well at the shop. Stan had most of the compputers ready to
install out in the different offices. Everyone in the place knew about
what happened to Jack's son and my sister. Many of them hoping the
BASTARDS would get life in prison.

Jack met me for lunch at the tavern across the street. He invited me
over to their house again tonight, but I mentioned about tommorrow being
the BIG NIGHT for Nikki.

I guess we can bring Jimmy home tommorrow also, he said.

Poor kid's going to need a lot more time to recoup at home, he said.
That detective stopped by our house last night, Billy.

He said that they have an APB out for the guys now. No one's seen them
in almost two weeks. He was wondering if any of them might have called our
houses or if we've heard anything at all.

I guess they stopped to see Jimmy too. Mostly to see how he was doing.

I went right home after work, and took care of the yard and pool. mom had been getting salads ready in the kitchen.

She looked nice in her white shorts and silky top. I leaned over her
and caressed her tits as she worked at the counter. Her nipples hardened
quickly without her bra. I slid my hand down her shorts and into her slit.
I fingered her clit and as much of her slit as I could reach. Between my
hand and finger, I got mom to have a cum, right there at the counter. One
arm wrapped around and caressing her tit while I fingered and palmed her

Her moans made it worthwhile. Her head back on my shoulder as she
moaned through her cum. I massaged her mound and pussy for a while after
she came. I whispered in her ear how happy I was that she was my mom. She
turned to kiss me now. As a lover. Her face still flushed from her
orgasm. She was just about to kneel but I reminded her that I needed the
cum for Nikki.

OK, honey. I owe you a nice one. See you later mom. I want to lay
down for a while.

Billy? Yeah mom..... That was nice honey. But now I have to change my
panties.... There was a wet spot all over the front of her crotch.

I smiled and went upstairs. Carol was laying on her bed reading a

I went in and laid down next to her. How you feeling sweetheart?

OK today, Billy. Jimmy's coming home tommorrow, she said. Yeah, Jack
told me at work today. We'll have that litle party Sunday for all the guys and some of the girls too.

I just got mom off real nice between the lettuce and tomatos, I laughed.
I told her about giving mom the hand job.

Well, how about me too?

I've been reading this fuck novel and I'm horny myself? I smiled and
reached down to unsnap her shorts.

She slid them down quickly and unbuttoned her blouse, I'll get you off
honey, I said.

I leaned over her and kissed her as my hand traveled over her tits and
caressed her nipple. I stayed away from the stitched one. I licked it
though as my hand and fingers slid down to her clit and slit as I did for

Carol pulled my head up to kiss me as she humped my fingers sliding in
and out of her wet pussy. She became wetter by the second as we kissed
hard and she humped quickly against my hand.

Her moans as she started to cum. Her pussy stiffened against my hand
with my two fingers deep in her hole. I moved them faster as I felt her
cum and she kissed me harder. Her legs spread wide. I could feel her
hardened clit as my hand massaged her whole gaping pussy. My tongue going
into her mouth as she came in my hand.

I could feel her shaking. Moaning deep in her throat. Finally she let
go of my head and gasped for air as she humped wildly at my hand and
fingers. Her pussy soaked now. Oh God, Billy....OOOOOHHHH OOOOHHHH

I leaned over and licked her hardened nipple softly as her cum subsided.
Her hands running over my hair. My hand still massaging her whole pussy now, softer as she came down. She pulled my face up to kiss me again.

OOOOHHH I came nice Billy. Oh, I wish you could fuck me right now....
Even though my cock was raging right now...I just had to ignore it. Her
pussy was still moving against my hand softly as she came down from her

Her hand pressing over my hardon.

I leaned over and kissed her softly once more and got up. I need a
little rest before we eat hon. See you later. Her blond pussy hair was
glistening in the sunlight. Wet with her juice.

I went in and laid down.

mom had gone to pick up Lisa from work for me. She needed a couple of
things at the store anyway.

After dinner, all of them were giving me shots about not fucking today
or tonight. Carol and mom made Lisa a little jealous because of their nice
hand jobs they got.

You'll get yours later honey, I said.

I was determined to stick to the plan of having a good cum supply for
Nikki. Her and Dan stopped over for a while and it was planned for
tommorrow night around 9.

Nikki and Lisa were smiling as if they had a private secret. As Nikki
and Dan were leaving, Nikki came over to me and kissed me. Her hand
reaching down to my cock and asking if my balls were being filled for her?

Do they feel heavy enough yet hon? I asked kiddingly.

I went up to bed with Lisa. I spent almost an hour licking and eating
her pussy til she came at least twice. My cock raging hard all during that
time, once again.

After breakfast the next morning, Dad and me took a ride to get beer and
other things for the party on Sunday.

Billy had called most of the guys and set it up for me.

Dad and me stopped to see Jimmy, now that he was back home. We invited
all of them to the party. Annette and Jack weren't sure about Jimmy.

It was about 7 PM now, and dad seemed to be in a hurry to get home. It
wasn't long before we had the beer unloaded, and the other stuff put away,
that Dan came over to invite Lisa and me for dinner.

I was in a state of shock when we went back to their patio. The whole
pool area, the patio, were all lit with torch lamps. There was a nice
table setting with candles on one end of the patio. A small table to the
side with bottles of champagne.

Dan and Lisa went right to work as if by a plan.

Both went in the house and brought out trays of salad and roast beef.
The candles on the table were lit, but no sign of Nikki. Wow! What a
surprise this is, I said.

Seconds later there was a stereo playing. The darker it got, the nicer
it looked all around the pool and patio. Now, everything on the table was
set for dinner. The sliding glass doors opened and out walked Nikki.

She looked stunning. Her hair was different, earrings, and most of all,
a gorgeous cream satin and lace full length negligee.

My jaw dropped. The satin clung to her tits and nipples, making it all
the more sexier. She walked over to me and kissed me. I wanted to look
nice for the night we make our baby, she said.

I was absolutely taken. Dan had poured the champagne as Lisa filled our

Now Lisa and Dan finally sat down as Dan made a toast to the new baby.
The music, the lighting, Nikki's gorgeous outfit and makeup.... I was
overwhelmed. Lisa and Dan stood now, and said another toast. This night
is for the baby makers. We drank more of the champagne and then they both
went in the house.

Nikki got up and wanted me to dance with her around the patio. Her
perfume was really nice. She treated me as if I were her permanent lover.

Finally, after a couple of dances, she said, Its time Billy.

Lets go make love and make a baby.

She led me into their bedroom. More candles on the bedside tables.
Lisa and Dan laying on either side of the bed looking up at us.

The stereo was playing in there too. Nikki looked beautiful in the

She stood at the foot of the bed and kissed me. Her arms wrapped around
me. Her body swaying into me. Finally, she slid down to her knees, still
wearing the beautiful nightgown. She pulled my slacks off and then my

Her hands caresed my cock for quite a while as she smiled up to me. I
want to suck the cock that is going to put a baby in me tonight. Dan and
Lisa watched as she lowered her head and sucked me softly into a raging
hard on. Her lips were everywhere around my cock and balls. Her fingers
were like feathers all around it.

When she saw me becoming too excited, she stopped. Standing up again,
she kissed me once more.

I picked her up and laid her on the bed from the end. I raised her gown
and pulled her panties down. Lisa and Dan still watching every move.

Her dark hair was a striking contrast with the cream color of the gown.

I knelt on the floor and began to lick her mound and all around her
pussy. She had put perfume all around there also.

I licked her inner thighs, and over and over her entire pussy. Once I
reached her clit and concentrated on it, she came. Dan leaned over her and
kissed her as she was cumming with my mouth on her pussy. His hand
caressing her tits through her gown. She was moaning into his mouth as she
was cuming. I licked her and tasted her juices as they flowed.

Finally, I stood and pulled her up to me and kissed her with passion.
My cock was rock hard.

I leaned and raised her gown over her head and revealed her complete
nakedness now. The candlelight glowing on her skin was really exciting me.
I leaned and kissed her and then down to her nipples as I held her tits up.

I kissed her once again, and then said, Lets make a baby Nikki. I
motioned for a pillow to place under her ass to hold her pussy upwards
slightly. Lisa slid it under her as Nikki laid back on the bed looking up
to me. She looked absolutely gorgeous, laying there naked...waiting for
me. Her legs spread and showing her complete womanhood.

I knelt once more and licked her pussy softly for a little while longer
as Dan caressed her tits and kissed her. Now, I knelt before her pussy with my cock ready.

All of them staring at it. Lisa moved now, for the first time. She got
behind me and knelt between my legs.

I leaned over Nikki and kissed her and travelled down to her tits and
kissed them as I felt Lisa caressing my cock from behind me. She guided me
into Nikki's pussy. Nikki rose her hips to meet my cock sliding in. Lisa
caressing my balls all the while with her hand.

Now, I shoved completely in as Nikki let out a soft moan. She was wet,
warm, and her pussy wanted me there. I leaned over her on my hands and
started to fuck her slowly for a few minutes. Each stroke was met with her
own. Her smiles. Moans. Lisa caressing my balls, and my ass. I leaned
back now as Dan leaned over Nikki and kissed her. His hands stroking her
tits. I pumped in and out of her slowly as I watched them kissing. I
watched her pussy rising sofly and gently as we fucked. Lisa was now
licking my back and down to my ass from behind as she still cradled my
balls. I want to feel your cum that will make her baby, Lisa whispered in
my ear. I moved my cock in circles now, as Nikki and Dan both watched me
fucking her. The nusic was just right.

The mood was just right. I looked softly at the beautiful woman that I
was fucking. Such a smile of tenderness, need, her love, all seemed to be
wrapped into one. Her pussy movements telling me all.

It feels wonderful Billy, she said. Dan was still caressing her tits softly. We fucked like this for about ten more minutes, and then I felt my
cock getting really ready to shoot.

I'm near, Nikki. My cock is almost ready to shoot babe. We're both
waiting for it Billy....let it go. Her pussy squeezed me tighter now and
started to fuck me back a litttle more urgent.

OOOOHHH Nikki, here it is hon, here's the baby.....

I fell down on her as I came and she held me tight to her. Lisa
massaging my balls all the while I was buried so deep into Nikki's
squeezing pussy.

There's he goes Dan, he's shooting in her now.....Lisa's fingers softly
caressing my shooting balls. Nikki and I kissing as lovers. Her pussy milking and caressing my entire cock deep inside her.

I had several hard spasms into her pussy, and then laid on her with her
hands caressing my back in combination with Lisa's. Her hard nipples
pressed into me as we kissed. Her pussy continuosly squeezing my cock for
more and more cum.

It was wonderful, and I said so in her ear as I finally emptied into

Billy, I know we just did it. I know surely you just put a baby inside
me. It was wonderful Billy. I really loved every minute of it. Bring
your cock up here a minute babe. I pulled out and moved over her chest as
she lowered her mouth and sucked me softly until I went completely soft.
Dan and Lisa both watching us.

Nikki's hips and ass still raised up because of the pillow.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth now and she wanted me to stay with it
on her chest as she stroked it softly....looking up to my eyes. Both her
hands gently caressing my cock.

Finaly, I rose off her and stood by the side of the bed. Lisa came to
my side as we looked down at her. Her pussy wet and glistening in the
flickering candlelight.

I leaned down and kissed her once more and said we would leave now. The
doc mentioned it might be best for her to keep her pussy elevated for a
while afterward to hold the sperm in. I leaned over and caressed her pussy as Lisa gathered my clothes and we left them.

It was great lovemaking.

As we got out on their patio, Lisa turned and kissed me. Billy, that
was so beautiful honey. I know damn well you put a baby in her too.

That's how I want it when we make our own baby, Billy.

She pulled me toward their pool and we slid in.

We swam for a few minutes and cooled off. It was late then, and we
simply walked across the road naked back to my bedroom. Lisa still with
the thoughts of how nice the night was for all of us. About a half hour
later, mom came in and asked about it all. Lisa and I filled her in on how
nice they made the whole setting with the candles and all. mom took off
her duster and laid next to me while Lisa was on my other side.

Her hand caressing my cock in the darkness now. It won't be long before
you two will be making a baby too. Now that is a night I would like to
share with you two.

Watch my first grandchild being conceived.

Well, Lisa, looks like we'll have company that first night, I laughed.

Now both Lisa and mom caressed my cock and balls at the same time. Want
to give this guys a nice double blowjob Lisa?

Yeah mom, I'm horny after watching him and Nikki all night. Let's do
it. mom got between my legs, Lisa knelt at my side and they both took turns
sucking and caressing my cock.

It was wonderful. When mom felt my cum nearing, she told Lisa to take
my cock and she would suck my balls...

Lisa sucked me straight into her mouth and sucked me hard as mom closed
her mouth completely around my sack as I came .... Her tongue rolling over
and over my balls as I shot into Lisa's mouth. Lisa was the first to come
up to kiss me and had once again saved some of my cum in her mouth as she
kissed me. Her tits grazing my chest. mom had sat up and was stroking my
softening cock, and then she too, came up and kissed me tenderly.

UUUUMMMM, I can taste your cum on your lips Billy....

She licked them and kissed me once more. I caressed her tits as I
kissed her and then she got up to leave. Pleasant dreams you two. I have
a husband that might need his pipes cleaned, she smiled....Her tits swaying
as she walked out.

Who else would have a mother who would come in and suck her son's balls,
while his sweetheart is sucking his cock? I joked to Lisa.

Probably MY mom, she laughed. That's right honey...I forgot. Yeah,
Billy, soon we will make our own baby.

I kissed her and we drifted off to sleep.


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