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CAROL, mom & ME 95

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapterS. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please write and let me know what you think of this series, or how I
should bring it to a finality????

A new note for those following the series, there seems to be a problems
lately with the email address. I was in the middle of
reading someone's response, and all my saved emails disappeared for some
reason. Including the one that I was just reading...even before I could
respond. So I would appreciate if those people would resend their critigue



CAROL, mom & ME Chapter 95

Carol and I both took a quick shower and dressed in a hurry. She wanted
to pick up a couple fo her friends for the party. Still so excited about
the car I bought her. I went down to the deck and had a beer with dad as
mom & Lisa checked all the food.

Make Carol happy, Billy? He asked. Oh yeah. She really does love
getting laid. She wants to do both of us dad, soon. Well, I think we can
handle that, don't you/

Sure. We'll flip who gets her pussy.

Your ma wants us both again too. She mentioned it the other night.
Damn, this is more fun that I EVER had as a kid, Billy. I've never had so
much pussy from so many directions like this. Not even in college where
all the girls liked to fuck.

This is really great, he said. Right in our own house. No one to
bother us. All our women just as horny as we are.

I'm glad those pills are working out for you. So am I billy. I was
worried there for a while. Well, carol asked if I would get her close to
Bobby tonight. She wants to fuck him good. Especially since all the guys chipped in that dough for her and Jimmy.

She always liked him anyway.

Where is she? She went to pick up a couple of friends for the party.

Just then, Bobby pulled in the drive with a pretty girl I remember from
school. Teresa. A knockout with bice tits. He also had Kevin and his
girlfriend with him.

I got up and shook hands with them and got them all a drink. mom came
out with a tray of sandwiches and gave Bobby a kiss on the cheek.

Haven't seen you in a while Bobby. Hi Kevin.

Right away all the girls got into a bunch and chattered about their
bathing suits...along with all the other shit girls talk about. Each one
seeming to show off how nice their tits looked in their two pieces.

Kevin's girl was hot too. Long brown hair and a really nice smile.
Fuckable, I thought. I kept my eye on her as I talked with the guys.

I didn't want to make Lisa feel jealous though.

After a while, jack, Annette, and Jimmy came in the yard. They were
carrying a case of beer also. Annette gave me a hug that was dangerous
infront of all the others. I hoped they wopuldn't notice how she
deliberately rubbed her tits into me. I wasn't sure how Kevin or their
girls would react. Careful, I whispered in her ear. Those guys don't know
anything about any of our private stuff.

Well that cock of yours still feels good against me Billy, she

Lisa gave her mom and dad a kiss and then went to hug her brother. He
seemed to be OK, as far as OK could be. Just getting out of the hospital.

All the gang circled him now and seemed to cheer him up.

Now, Carol was pulling into the yard with two girlfriends and a guy I
didn't know. He was with the blond, I assumed by their hand holding.

She introduced tham all around and we got more beer for everyone. As it
started to get dark, Nikki and Dan came in the yard.

All of those in the close circle knowing I fucked her the night before
to make a baby. Jack gazed at her as she neared him. Hi hon, Oh hi Jack.
She leaned down and kissed his lips lightly. Jack patted her stomach and
smiled with a wink.

She whispered something to him, as Annette came up to her with a drink.
Carol and her girlfriend were the first two in the pool and teased Bobby to
follow. He jumped in and she immediately swam under his legs. I knew damn
well she was grabbing his balls as she did.

I kept the girl he was with busy with conversation. Liking her more and
more. I wondered if I would get to fuck her. I needed to talk with Bobby

C'mon, I said to her. Let's go in the pool. I pulled her hand without
waiting for her to answer. I noticed Lisa sitting close to mom and dad.
Wondering if they already had a plan for later tonight. Soon, Annette came
into the pool and Nikki follwed her.

The splashing from the guys as usual to get the girls mad.

I got near Bobby and mentioned that I wouldn;t mind a piece of the girl he was with. He said fine. No problem. She and I fuck off and on, but
nothing serious. Go ahead if you want to Billy. I think your sister wants

She sure does, I said. She asked me to see if you would still be
interested in fucking her tonight. Sure, he said. You know how I care
about her.

Cindy is good Billy. You'll love fucking her. Her tits are nice too.
Yeah, I can see, as I gazed over at her. She likes to fuck from behind a
lot too. OK, I'll remember that. Will she...? Yeah, she'll suck you
without asking. Seems to get off when you cum in her mouth. Whoa. Sounds
like a fun babe? Yeah, she is.

Carol was watching us from a corner of the pool. I nodded and smiled to
her and it seemed to make her really happy. She knew she would be fucking

mom asked me to start the grille as they brought out the food. Soon
everyone was eating. I looked at Carol, and she winked. C'mon Bobby. I
need a hand in the house with some of the stuff. Bobby got up and followed

Dad looked at me through the crowd and I smiled with a nod. Carol was
about to start the fuck ball tonight. I noticed mom smiling and talking
with Dan. Jimmy was talking with the other girl that had come with Carol.
Soon, they both went slowly into the pool. Lisa put some CDs in the player
and then grabbed her father's hand to dance with her.

I pulled Cindy up and asked her to dance with me. She looked sharp in
the two piece cream suit. Set off her tits really nice. They felt nice as
I closed in on her and danced near Lisa and Jack.

mom had already started with Dan, and now I saw dad with Nikki. Things
were already working out.

I glanced up at carol's bedroom window as I danced with Cindy. I knew
Carol was probably on her knees by this time giving Bobby a nice blowjob.
It made my cock stir in my shorts, and I was sure Cindy felt it. Uh Oh,
she said. You mean I excite you THAT much? She leaned her head back and
smiled at me. Oh, you're embarrassed huh? Well, you do feel nice. Thank
you. She went back to dancing and holding me even tighter now. Seeming to
press her pussy tighter to my half hard cock. mom winked at me over Dan's
shoulder as she danced. Kevin was now dancing with Annette and she was
also grinding her pussy into him. I could see his face redden as she
smiled up to him.

Jimmy was stll in the pool with Carol's girlfriend. Before the song was
over, I saw dad and Nikki going through the yard.

mom caught them also. She winked at me as she turned. Still holding
Dan, dancing with him.

Lisa and her father went to sit down now. I knew she wanted him
tonight. Just by the undivided attention she was giving him. As Cindy and
I went to sit down, Annette came over and grabbed my hand to dance with
her. This time, I said to Cindy that I would be right back as I rose.

Annette wanted to tell me that it seemed that a family fuck was in the
works. Her and Jimmy, Lisa and her dad. I want my son tonight Billy, she
said. Its been so long, and with him being in the hospital and all.

You mind if Lisa goes home with us? No, not at all I said. Next week
for you and me, Billy. OK? Maybe sooner, I nudged my groin into hers.
Sure honey. Stop by anytime you feel horny.

They're keeping me busy here, Annette. Between Carol, Mom, and Don't tell me you're complaining about all that nice pussy,
are you? No. It's just a little rest once in a while. Well, you come top
pick up Lisa tommorrow, maybe we can have a nice quickie. OK. Its a deal

We'll be leaving is a while hon. I have to drag Jimmy out of the pool
before that hot honey over there gets his cock first. She smiled and
walked away.

I went over to Lisa and kissed her. She was about to tell me, and I
stopped her. Your mom already told me honey. I'll come over in the
morning, to get you for work. Your mom want a quickie with me anyway...I
laughed. OK Billie. I love you honey. I love you too.

I noticed mom disappearing in the back door with Dan as I looked over
Lisa's shoulder. Mom's going with Dan, I said. Dad's over there with
Nikki, now. I know she said. I saw them leaving too.

Who are you.....MAYBE with her, I nodded toward Cindy. Lisa smiled.
She's nice Billy. I know her from school. My dad really wants me tonight
Billy, or I would stay with you.

Its OK babe. I love you. She kissed me and then walked over to sit
near her father. I went over and talked with Cindy.

Isn;t she your girlfriend, she asked. Yeah. She's not jealous that
your talking to me? No, no way. Not Lisa. I think Bobby is with your
sister somewhere. Yeah. They probably are. They were always kind of
friendly I said. C'mon, I pulled her up again and slid into the pool.

this time I eased her toward a corner and kissed her. It surprised her
but she seemed to like it anyway.

Then jack stood and announced that they were leaving. Annette and Jimmy
were already near the gate. Lisa came over and gave me a quick kiss as she
knelt at the side of the pool. I'll see you tommorrow honey. Good night
Cindy, and she walked away. I noticed Kevin on a chaise with a girl feeling her up and kissing her now. It was just Cindy and me, Kevin and
the girl. Everyone else had drifted off to bedrooms here, and their ownn

I got Cindy another drink and then leaned forward to kiss her once
again. She kissed softly. Keving and the girl were far too busy to notice

A nice song caqme on the stereo and I pulled her up to dance with me
once again. You DO like to dance, don't you Billy? Yeah, and its a good
excuse to feel up a pretty girl too, I smiled. She seemed to blush a
little and smiled.

This time, I wrapped my arms completely around her and pulled her tight
to me. barely moving on the deck. Just a lot of grinding, being met with
HER grinding.

My hand went up and stroked the back of her haed and I kissed her. I
was certain she wouldn't refuse my urging her up to my room. I could feel
her nipples against my chest through her bra top. I knew she was probably
just as hot as I was.

I winked at kevin as I caught his attention.

Then I whispered in Cindy's ear. I asked if she wouldgo upstairs with
me? Her answer was remarkable. She ground her pussy harder into my half
hard cock and said, For this? Yeah, I smiled. Yeah. I'd really like to
make love with you Cindy. How do you feel? She lowered her head to my
shoulder and pressed her pussy into my cock even harder now. That was her

I reached for her hand and guided her to the gate at the end of the
pool. I stopped to say good night to Keving and the girl. Both of them
busy feeling each other up.

Good night Billie, Cindy. Good night you guys....have fun.

We dashed off through the yard and as soon as I got toward the parlor, I
turned and kissed her again. I pulled her near the couch as I sat down on
it. She stood between my legs as I reached for her tits through the bra
top. Her hands went behind and undis the strap and let it fall to my lap.
Her tits were beautiful and I immediately leaned to suck her right tit into
my lips. Her hands went to my head and she moaned. I was planning on
being with Bobby tonight but I guess he has plans with your sister, she
said. Yeah. They're probably up in her room right now, I said.

Well, doesn't matter. Bobby and me are just good friends anyway.
C'mon, lets go up to my room Cindy.

OK. She followed as I led her by the hand up the dim hallway. We could
now hear Carol softly moaning through her door. Probably being fucked by
Bobby at this minute.

This is her room, I whispered. She could hear them as well. Well, she
said, let's make our own sounds. I smiled and led her into my room.


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