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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapterS. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please write and let me know what you think of this series, or how I
should bring it to a finality????

A new note for those following the series, there seems to be a problems
lately with the email address. I was in the middle of
reading someone's response, and all my saved emails disappeared for some
reason. Including the one that I was just reading...even before I could
respond. So I would appreciate if those people would resend their critigue




Once inside my room, I closed the door and eased her down on the side of
the bed. Her tits were perky and nipples hardened already.

Its nice in here Billy. Is this where you and Lisa make out? Yeah, I
said. I came up to her and reached down to caress her tits.

Very beautiful, I said. Thank you Billy. I eased her back to laying
across the bed now, and knelt between her legs. I reached for her suit
bottoms and eased them down. She lifted her ass for me to pull them off.
Her pussy was beautiful also. Neatly trimmed short brown hair. Both my
hands romed her tits and stomach now as I eased my mouth to her pussy hair.
OOOOOHHH Billy, you mean you do that to women?

Yes. I love to lick a woman. Bobby only does it if I ask him. I
pressed into her upper slit now with my tongue and her legs spread wider
for me. I could feel her clit through its hood getting hard now, with my
tongue. Oh, Billy, I love a guy to do this to me. I really do. O love
doing it Cindy. Relax and enjoy it. cum as many times as you want.
Really Billy.....Yes. Let go hon. I'm doing this for you. My hands romed
up to her tits now, as I lowerd my mouth into her pussy. I liked her taste
right away. I massged her nipples with my fingers and caressed her tits more firmly with my hands as I licked up and down her slit. Her hips moved
up and down now, her moans started as she felt my tongue dancing over and
over her clit. OOOOHHH Billy....I'll certainly cum if you keep doing that.
You do it so nice....OOOHHHH

Finally, I could feel her clit peel away from its small hood and I
sucked it gently. She moaned as if being shocked. I licked and sucked all
over and around her clit for a while and then lowered my right hand to
slide two fingers into her pussy as I sucked her clit.

Her hands grabbed my left hand and held it tightly as I sucked her. Her
moans and humping told me she would cum any second. let go babe. Cum.
Let me taste you..... OOOHHH Billy....please don;t stop that.....I licked
and fucked into her harder and faster now and she was cuming. Her hips
rocking rapidly as I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

OOOOH OOOHH OOOHh it feels so nice...I'm.....oooohhhhh I glued my mouth
to her tightly now and sucked her whole slit as I tasted and felt her cum letting go.

I moved up and down her entire slit. sucking it completely and then
back to her clit softly.

OOOOHHH Billy......I just came baby. OOOHH It was so nice. I continued
to lick her now as she seemed wot really enjoy it. Her smell was
intoxicating me and thoughts of Lisa sucking her father filled my head

If only I could tell Cindy what Lisa was really doing right this
minute.....I thought.

I stuck my tongue into her hole now, an fucked in and out as deep as I
could. I swirled it, forcing her into another orgasm. Her hips raised
right off the bed this time. Her legs spread as far as she could. Again,
here in front of me....a woman offering her complete self to me. Needing
and wanting this sex. I licked up and down her pussy and sucked gently
around her clit once more till I felt her body tense with another orgasm. I
licked her juice into my mouth. Her hands placing my hand over and over
her tits as she came. Finally she came down to rest. Her stomach heaving.
Catching her breath. That was wondeful Billy. Its been so long since a
guy made me cum like that, eating me. She eased up now, and reached for me
to stand. Its my turn Billy. Let me get hold of this cock of yours. She
reached for my shorts and pulled them down. I was standing in front of her
now as she saw my cock.

OH, Billy. Its a nice one. So damn hard too. It needs you right now I

Her hands both went to my cock and stroked it softly. I moaned as I
felt her cupping my balls and rolling them in her hands. OOOOHHH I like
that, II said. Bobby does too, she said. Soon, I felt her lips lowering
to my cock in the darkness. I could hear her sucking sounds as I felt my
cock going deper into her mouth. She kept her hand on my balls as she
sucked up and down softly. OOOOHHH Cindy....feel nice Billy? Oh Yes.
Yes. You made me cum nice, its your turn now. Don't be afraid to shoot
Billy. Just like YOU told me. Let go. Let me have YOU she
went back to sucking me. I couldn't help but moan. Her mouth was going up
and down the sides and engulfing my whole cock into her mouth. She was
enjoying it also. UUUUMMMM she moaned. Your balls are telling me you're
almost ready Billy.....uuuummmmm as she sucked quicker now. My hips moving
just as quick into her mouth.

Now her hands went to my ass and she pulled me tightly to her mouth as
she sucked me harder. I let go. I spasmed and shot deep into her sucking mouth. She gulped and kept sucking. Her head going up and down, and still
holding me tight with her hands on my ass. Almost all my cock completely
in her mouth and throat.

OOOOHHH Cindy.....OOOOHHHH Her left hand coming up to stroke my cock as
she sucked. Then, just her teeth and lips on the very tip of my cock.
Rolling her tongue over and over the tip, and then a slight nip with her
teeth. Still keeping her suction as she felt the last of my cum leaving my
balls. My hands were on her head, running through her long hair as I felt
myself being drained so nicely.

OOOOHHH Cindy, that was really great, babe. She looked up to me in the
darkened room with only moonlight now. My cock still in her mouth. My
hands went to both sides of her face as she continued to roll her tongue
over aand over my cock. Deep inside her mouth.

OOOOHHHH. OOOOOHHH. She held me in her mouth deliberately, until she
felt my cock start to soften, sometime later. She finally pulled her mouth
off it, and rested her head against my lower stomach. Her hand reaching to
stroke my cock right near her face.

You tasted good Billy. It turned me on to suck you.

I don;t mind sucking a guy as long as I don't get treated like a whore
or something she said. I don't spread my body around much Billy. I moved
to the bed and laid down now. She moved to my left side and I kissed her.

That was really nice Cindy. You'll have to give me a few minutes to get
hard again. I figued on that Billy. I caressed her tits as she turned
toward me. I pulled her on top of me and kissed her deeply now. My hands
roaming up and down her back to her cute ass. Her kisses were soft. I
eased her higher so I could suck her tits now. She leaned over me and
swayed as I sucked them.

Feels nice Billy. You don't hurt them. I like my nipples sucked and
you do it nice.

She then leaned on on hand and fed me her tit with the other. Rolling
it all over my lips. Squeezing her tit so the nipple expanded in my mouth.
Suck me Billy. Suck my tits. I really like it. She switched back and
forth as I eagerly licked and sucked her nipples and parts of her tits,
hanging over me. I could feel my cock getting hard once again.

I remembered that Bobby told me she liked being fucked from the rear. I
then quickly eased out from under her and got behind her. OOOOHHH You're
hard already? Yes. Lean down hon, into the pillow. I want to slide in
from the back.

OOOOHHH Billy. Great. I love it that way. Plow it right into me
Billy. I felt for her hole with my hard cock and slid in to her wetness.
Her ass was hunched up at me in a perfect angle. I reached for both side
of her as and rammed her hard. She let out a lud moan, that I was sure
everyone else in the house heard. OH, I'm sorry Billy. But it feels so
damn good. Your cock is all the way in me. Its OK hon. Everyone in the
house is fucking right now anyway. I buried my cock and rotated my hips.
Her moans were into the pillow now as I fucked her hard. Fast. I rammed
as hard as she rammed back at me. Her signals as to how she wanted it. I
rotated in circles as my cock went in. Scraping all the inner walls of her
pussy. She was loving it as much as me. Giving me as much as she was
needing and taking.

We fucked like this for quite a while and then I felt her stiffen
....ready for her cum. I fucked her harder now. Her moans louder. Her
legs spreading even wider as I fucked her. I was completely buried into
her pussy as we both came with each other. I felt her juices spurting and
wetting my cock with their warmness, she felt my cum shooting hard into her

Both of us moaning. Both of us into our orgasms. Her pussy squeezing
my cock as hard as she could to keep me there. Exactly as I felt mom,
Carol, Lisa and all the rest when a woman is cumming. Gripping. Milking.
Needing and wanting a man's seed.

Just then the door opened and Carol and Bobby were standing there. Both
naked. Bobby's cock half hard and silouetted in the dim hall light. I was
still buried deep into Cindy, as they walked in. having fun you two?

Oh fuck you guys, Cindy moaned.....her face still into the pillow.
Still riding her cum. Her pussy still hugging my cock. Why right now,
damn it. We're cumming!!!!

Finally I pulled out of Cindy and rolled on my back at her side. She
rolled over and reached for the sheet. Carol's hand went to my wt cock.
OOOHHH My brother really gave you a good one huh?

Cindy seemed confused, and a bit mad that we were disturbed like this.
Especially when she saw Carol playing with my cock. Carol looked at her as
she squeezed my softening cock. I've seen his cock dozens of times Cindy.
Not to worry.

I hope you're not mad that I wanted Bobby to make love with me??? No.
Bobby does what he wants to do. There are no strings with us. He knows
that. We're just very close friends that share sex with each other when we
need it. Good, Carol said. I hoped you wouldn't be mad at me.

She seemed to relax but still watched Carol's hand massaging my cock and
balls. Then Carol reached next to her for Bobby's cock. She stroked him
too, as he stood there. She was busy stroking both of us softly.

Uh Oh cindy, bobby's cock is gard want it this time?
Cindy's eyes widened as she watched Carol's hand slowly stroking up and won
Bobby's cock. Go ahead Bobby, give it to her. Bobby smiled and moved
around the bed. Cindy didn't know what to do. Don't worry Cindy. We've
all fucked together before, billy, carol, Lisa and me. Its fun. Then he
pulled her sheet down and got between her legs. I moved over to give them

bobby was kneeling with his massive hard on, just in front of her pussy.
She seemed apprehensive. It's OK, Cindy, Carol and I both said. Go for
it. Fuck that huge cock of his while we watch this time.

By then, Bobby had half his cock already starting to slide into her.
Her legs rose and she widened for him to slide into her.

OOOOH, she moaned as she felt him shove his monster into her. I reached
over and caressed her tit as he drove home in and out of her. Still
kneeling at her pussy. Go ahead Billy, suck her tits while Bobby fucks will make her cum good. I leaned over and did as Carol suggested
and sucked Cindys nipples. I could feel Bobby's hard thrusts into her as I
sucked her tits softly. She was moaning and pulled my head to her for a

Carol leaned over and was kissing Bobby as she watched his cock slide in
and out of Cindy. Fuck her good Bobby. Like you fucked me. Bobby picked
up his pace as he moaned. Next thing I knew, I had Cindy's tit in my mouth
and my cock was being sucked by Carol. She didn't care what either of them
thought. She went on sucking me. Her mouth felt nice, and it was exciting
sucking a new girl's tits while I was being sucked.

I wasn't sure that I had any cum left, after emptying into Cindy so hard
just a few minutes before. I rolled off Cindy's tits and let Bobby fall
down to her chest as he continued to fuck her. I laid back aas carol
sucked me. laying between my legs. Bobby watching both her and Cindy.


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