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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapterS. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please write and let me know what you think of this series, or how I
should bring it to a finality????

A new note for those following the series, there seems to be a problems
lately with the email address. I was in the middle of
reading someone's response, and all my saved emails disappeared for some
reason. Including the one that I was just reading...even before I could
respond. So I would appreciate if those people would resend their critigue



CAROL, mom & ME


Soon, the whole bed was shaking the way Bobby was pounding into Cindi.
She was laying close to me. Both of us on our backs. Their excitement in
fucking was making Carol and me all the more excited. Carol sat up and
said I need a cock too Billy. Right away. These two have me so fucking
hot. Fuck me Billy. Shove this cok up in me.

She moved up and straddled me now, and lowered her pussy straight down
in a hurry. OOOOHHH It feels so fucking good, doesn't it Cindi?

Cindi finally realized that Carol was now fucking up and down on my
cock. You mean you're fucking your brother??? bobby laughed, as he plunged
back into her. So what he said. pussy is pussy in the dark.

cindi tried to turn her head to me but Bobby was in the way fucking her
hard. Then he covered her mouth with his as he started to cum deep in her
pussy. Carol was moaning and playing with her tits as she bounced up and
down on my cock.

I could see her looking over at Bobby and Cindi as they fucked too.
Cindi's body was touching mine as I felt her shiver now. OOOOHHHH it is ....I'm cumm..... OOOOHHH fuck me......oooooohhh and I
could feel her spasms as she tried to raise herself up to his heavy body.
He was slamming into her. I could look up and see him starting to sweat.

carol's pussy was gripping and sucking my cock wonderfully. Soon I was
also moaning as I felt my balls boiling. Shoot Billy. Shoot your
cum.....OOOOHHH. Carol leaned down and kissed me. Crushing her tits into
me now as she came. My cock buried deep inside her soft wetness. My arms
went around her, holding her tight as I shot several spurts into her.

Finally, we both relaxed and I realized that Bobby had rolled off Cindi.
She was on her elbow watching Carol and me.

I don't believe you just fucked your own sister.

Carol raised her head and looked at her in the dim light...yeah, but his
cock felt so damn good just now Cindi. I needed a cock, and Bobby's was in
your pussy.

Bobby's hand was running up and down Cindi's front, as he lay behind
her. His large hand completely covering Cindi's large tit.

Its no big deal Cindi, Carol said. Billy's cock is just as nice as any
other guy's I've ever seen. But he's your fucking brother she insisted.

Oh so what. I'm on the pill. I love my brother and he loves me. I've
sucked him before so he could teach me about blowjobs. Are you shitting
me??? No. I learned how to suck a guy off real nice by sucking Billy.
Right Billy?

Yeah, that's true. I said. Neither of us had a girlfriend or boyfriend
at that time and there were guys trying to hit on Carol. She was scared
because she didn't know too much about how to do it. So one thing led to

You guys fuck often? When she's really horny and no guys are around
like Bobby or someone.

Like she said, she's my sister and I love her dearly. Making love with
her is OK. We both like it.

Yeah, I do Billy. Carol added.

Well, I guess as long as you don't get pregnant Carol.... No way. You
know, now that this is in the open, I've always wanted to fuck my older brother. We've seen each other naked a few times and his cock really made
me horny sometimes. I even played with myself thinking about him fucking

I was always too afraid, and I think he is too. Look, Carol
said....just waltz in his room some night and jump in bed with him naked.
Tell him you want to feel his cock in your hands and you need your tits played with. Jerk him off till he gets used to you.

I'm so afraid Carol. Oh just try it Bobby said. I'll bet the shock
alone will make him cum before he ever tries to fuck you anyway. We all

Bobby was rubbing Cindi's pussy now as he leaned over her and kissed
her. The he stood up next to the bed and reached for Cindi's hand. Come on
Cindi. Let these two alone while we go in Carol's room. Wait, I said. I
leaned over Cindi and kissed her softly. I caressed her tits and slid my
hand down to her pussy.

It was nice Cindi. Yeah, I liked the way we did it Billy. I'm really
getting fucked good tonight. First you then Bobby, and now he wants more.

Remember Carol said, just walk in your brother's room and climb in bed
with him. He probably wants you just as bad. Maybe I'll have a couple of
drinks and do just that tommorrow night. I have always been dying to see
what his big cock would feel like inside me. Cindi rose up, leaned over
and kissed me once more and said good night. They close dthe door behind

Wow, Billy. Good fucking tonight huh? bobby fucked me so hard. Twice.
Now he jusst fucked her and still wants some more. Wow.

I think you can have him for good if you want him, honey. I said.
Really Billy? Yeah. The way he sounded when we were talking earlier, he
really wants you for his steady. Oh wow.

We can fuck our brains out forever then. I'll talk with him tommorrow,

I think he really wants it too, Carol. Now, I think we should go to
sleep. Its really late and I'm really tired hon. I've fucked half the
day, night. OK Billy. I'm tired too. Hold me, OK? Sure honey. I
reached over and caressed her tit as she snuggled into my crotch with her
ass. I like this Billy. Going to sleep with your nice cock pressed
against me. Its sexy. I like holding your tits too babe. Her hand went
over mine on her tits and we finally drifted off to sleep.

mom was surprised to see Carol sleeping with me when she came in early
in the morning. She sat on the side of the bed as I explained the story.

I thought it was her and Bobby in there making all the moans and groans.
Carol was still sleeping. mom said that Dan was taking a shower and was
then going over to his house. He needed to be in the Office early this

It was nice with him Billy. He's a tender lover. I reached up and
cradled mom's tit in my hand. Caressing it. I felt her nipple beginning
to harden.

Want me Billy? Oh yeah mom. I moved so she could slide in under me and
got between her legs right away.

My cock was hardening as it pressed against her mound. I leaned down
and we kissed. Again as lovers. Passionately. Her hips rotating
invitingly anticipating my cock. Her hands running through my hair as she
kissed and sucked my tongue softly.

Go ahead she whispered. Slide it in me honey. I raised my hips and she
opened her thighs wider. Her hand came betweens us to guide my cock into
her. OOOOOHHH Nice honey. You always feel so nice sliding into me. I
fucked her slowly as we caressed each other's faces and hair. Kissing.
You're so beautiful mom. Such a nice body. Your pussy loving me like
this. It needs you Billy. I need you. I love you so. Still we fucked
each other slowly. No hurry. Just Cindi and Bobby still sleeping. Carol
next to us, sleeping.

I enjoy this so much mom. Being in you. Its always so special to me.
You are to me too, honey. Especially when I feel your cum shooting in me.
I always remember your dad cumming in me when we made you. Soon, you'll be
married and we won't have so many of these moments together. Sure we will
mom. I'll be over here a lot, and you guys will be at our new place.
Anytime mom. Lisa likes doing dad anyway. No, I'll never stop this with
you mom. As long as we can....I'll always want to be in you like this.
Its really that special to me.

You can even call and fuck me on the phone if you want to like Lisa and
me do once in a while. Lisa will do what you are saying to me. That will
be fun honey. I'll send you a lot of pussy and blowjobs, you like so much,
over the phone. We both laughed and started to fuck each other hardr now.
Wanting our cums to hurry. mom raised her legs now. Give it to me baby.
Fill me. My pussy is yours baby....fill it. mom humped tightly against me
now. Her pussy gripping me tightly. I leaned down and kissed her as I
started to shoot. Her tongue sliding up to my mouth.

UUUUMMM Billy....OOOOHHH It never fails to make me cum, feeling you
shooting in me.....UUUUMMMM

I ground my hips and cock deep into her loving wetness. My cock
spurting, and spurting. Her pussy jerking as she too was cumming. Carol
had wakened as was watching us in silence now.

She turned and placed her arm around my back as I was finishing my cum into mom. Her hand massaging my back.

I rolled off next to mom with her in the middle now, and next to Carol.
Here we are she said. The three of us back in the same bed again.

I leaned over and kissed mom once more. My hand caressing her tits. We
better get up now, before Bobby and Cindi wake. Don't need any more
explaining than we went through last night.

What do you mean, mom asked. Carol want me to fuck her and we did it
right with Cindi and Bobby here last night. Carol will tell you about it.

I want to take a shower. I stood up next to the bed and mom reached for
my cock. Come here a second honey. She pulled me near and sucked me in
her mouth as Carol watched. mom was sitting on the side of the bed now and
sucked my soft cock for a moment before letting me go.

Remember that during the day. Tonight I'll finish it. I smiled at her
and went into the shower. mom went down to start breakfast with Carol.

Bobby was just coming out of the bedroom to take a piss as I came out of
the bathroom. Wow. He said. What a night. She's just getting up. We
fucked again after we got in there. Damn, Billy. I need a vacation

Well, we'll see you downstairs. Mom's getting breakfast ready.

Yeah, I'll be quick. I want a quick shower too.

I decided to walk in carol's room and lean over to kiss Cindi awake.
Her eyes blinked as she realized I was kissing her. Just wanted to thank
you for last night, I said. I reached over and caressed her naked tit.

Oh, it was nice Billy. I would like to do it again sometime, with you.
Just name it hon. Lisa and I don't have any problems like that with making
love with others once in a while. We love each other a lot. All you have
to do is call hon, I smiled at her and leaned over to kis her once more.
Mom will have breakfast ready in a few minutes. OK Billy. Sure you don't
want some right now?

No. I already had some. Your sister again? Yeah. First thing. Hey,
hon, don't knock it til you try your brother. By the way, I want you to
call me and tell me how it worked out with you and him too. Yeah, I
promise. I will. You two just gave me the courage to try it. You might
want to even surprise him by waking him with a nice BJ. Then take it from
there. Yeah, that's an idea. Maybe that's what I'll do. It will be
easier from there. I get to suck his beautiful cock before he can say no
or anything. Yeah. Good idea, Billy. guys love to be wakened with a nice

Later I said, and went downstairs.

mom was busy cooking the scrabled eggs and sausage. Carol was setting
the plates and a pile of toast on the table. I went behind her and caress
her tits as she bent over. I pushed my cock into her ass through her
duster. Fun last night huh? I asked. Yeah Billy, it was. I turned and
caressed mom's tits from behind also, and kissed her neck as she stirred
the eggs.

That was nice a little while ago, mom. I enjoyed it. I did too honey.
Tell them dad left for work early today. OK.

What time are you going in, Billy. I have today off mom. Our company
gives the three day holiday weekend. Oh I forgot about that. Memorial

bobby walked in the kitchen followed by Cindi.

Good morning mom said. Hi they said. Bobby winked at Carol as he ate.
Damn, I have to be at work in twenty minutes he said. I'll drop you off on
the way Cindi, OK? Yeah, Bobby. It was a fun party, Cindi mentioned. We
always have nice parties here. Everyone has fun. Its a good thing we
don't have neighbors close by or the cops would be here all the time, mom laughed.

bobby gulped down his coffee and stood. Well, time is flying. I really
have to step on it now. He leaned and kissed mom on the cheek and then
Carol. He said he would call her later, for sure. Cindi kissed mom on the
cheek also, and said bye as they flew out the door. mom had her hair
pinned up in a nice swirl. Well, girls, who wants to get naked first? I

Are you serious Billy? Carol asked. Certainly. Want some Carol?
Sure. I just didn't think...go ahead Carol....get some of his wonderful
cock. I'll take care of the dishes.

AAAAAKLLLLL RRRRRiiiigggghhhtt. Carol ran upstairs in a hurry. I
smiled. I leaned over mom as she was drinking her coffee. Come up and
join us mom. Its been a while since the three of us did it together.
Maybe I will honey. Go in my bed. Its bigger. OK.

I called Carol into mom's room and she leaped on the bed, spreading her
legs quickly. Her nipples already getting hard.

I want to lick your pussy honey. OOOHHH Billy would you? Make me cum Billy. I knelt in between her legs and massaged her stomach and mound
softly, Play with your tits while I finger you honey. make your nipples
hard for me. I watched her caressing and pinching her nipples and tits eagerly waiting my lips on her pussy.

I used both my hands and fingers as I moved slowly down to her slit and
slid them up and down. Massaging her whole pussy. Raise your legs honey.
It was easier to do her whole pussy this way. I ran my hands and fingers
over her pussy, and slid my three fingers into her, as I rubbed her clit.

She was getting wet and humping her hips. Feels so nice Billy. Really.
Just relax honey. Just relax. Close your eyes and feel my hands working
on your wonderful pussy.

I massaged parts of her raised ass, and innher thighs. Both my thumbs
sliding up and down her puffed lips. I could actually see her juices
starting to flow.

That's when I laid down and started to lick her.

OOOOHHHH Your mouth, OOOOHHH Billy. Suck me honey. Suck my pussy. I
licked her clit and then felt mom behind me as my ass was raised off the
bed. Her hand reaching under me for my cock. I could feel my balls being
massaged really nice as I licked up and down Carol's slit. mom then knelt
between my stretched legs and used both hands on my cock from underneath.
One stroking my hardening cock and the other massaging my hanging balls.
It was heaven.

Then I felt mom lickin my ass all over.

Carol was humping up at my mouth as I sucked her. mom was giving small
love bites all over my ass. Her Hand left my cock but still her other
cradled and played with my balls. Next I felt her finher sliding into my
ass. Fucking me with it. Massaging my balls at the same time. I was
moaning into Carol's pussy as she moaned also. Her hips were rising and
falling faster now as I sucked all around her clit. Her hands squeezing
her tits hard. mom was gently fucking my asshole, and her mouth kissing my
ass all over. My balls ready to shoot in a second. I think she knew it
because her hand went to my cock now, and stroked it as she finger fucked

I started to cum now. She felt it and jerked my hardon faster as she
fucked my ass faster. Carol was exploding into my mouth with loud moaning.
Her juices flowed into my mouth. mom finally urged me to suck he, suck her
good Billy. She's cumming. Mom's hand jerking my cock harder. Rooling
her palm over and over the head . All, from behind me. Finallly, my cum was over. Caroll was shaking with her orgasm. My mouth pressed into her
pussy licking her wildly.

When I finally rolled over onto my back, mom immediately sucked me into
her mouth. I want more Billy, she said. I didn't jerk it all out of you.
Shoot in my mouth like Carol came in your mouth.

mom went completely down on my cock and sucked me into her throat.
carol sat up and watched. I reached for her tit as I closed my eyes and
felt mom suck me.

want to suck him with me Carol? mom asked? Yeah mom. Let me have his
balls. I like to feel them inside my mouth when they explode. OK, I'll
suck his cock.

Here you go again sonny boy....a double blowjob.


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