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CAROL mom & ME Chapter 98

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapterS. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please write and let me know what you think of this series, or how I
should bring it to a finality????

A new note for those following the series, there seems to be a problems
lately with the email address. I was in the middle of
reading someone's response, and all my saved emails disappeared for some
reason. Including the one that I was just reading...even before I could
respond. So I would appreciate if those people would resend their critigue




My balls felt like they were were in a warm velvet tunnel as Carol laid
between my legs and sucked my sack into her mouth. mom had moved to my
side and laid across the bed stroking and sucking my cock. Several times
she would look up to my eyes and smile as she went down further and furth
on my cock. I reached over and slid my hand into her pussy and massaged
all over it as I lay there. The women were putting me in heaven. My
mother and sister sucking my cock so nicely. Both of them really enjoying
it. UUUUMMMM I moaned as I felt the two different sensations of their
mouths and fingers. mom held my cock with her left hand as she went up and
down slowly. Carol was licking my sack and repeatedly sucked my balls into
her mouth. Rolling her tongue over and over them.

Mom's hand now went to massage all over my stomach as she continued
sucking me.

I had to have her pussy in my mouth. I reached deep between her legs
now and practically lifted her pelvis with my one hand moving her over my
mouth. Her mouth never leaving my cock.

I spread her legs and forced her gaping pussy into my mouth now. Her
knees on both sides of my shoulders.

I licked her furiously. sucked at her clit as I heard her moan. Carol
eased from sucking my sack long enough to watch us doing 69.

He sucks our pussies good, doesn't he mom? He made me cum real nice a
while ago.

mom was busy sucking away on my entire cock. Her tits grazing over my
stomach as she swayed her pussy over my mouth.

Now. I felt her going up and down faster. I knew I wouldn't last long
and she seemed to be getting near a cum, herself.

Her pussy was racing back and forth over my mouth. Pressing hard into
me. Now, I felt her hand jerking me also and that was it. I squirted into
her mouth. She sucked and licked my cock and then quickly offered it to
Carol to suck as I shot.

mom stroked my cock as Carol leaned over sucking what was left of my
spurts. I was moaning with the great feelings of it all.

We all laid next to each other for a while. That was really nice, I
said to mom. I turned on my side and caressed her tits slowly and kissed
her. Carol got up to get dressed, asking if mom wanted to go shopping?
Yeah hon. Good idea. I'd like to check out some new shorts anyway. She
sat up now, reached down and gave my cock one last squeeze, and smiled at
me. You should be satisfied for quite a while now Billy.

I sure am, mom. Once again I cradled her tit and pulled her down to
kiss her.

I went out to the pool with a magazine, and a beer. About a half hour
later, Nikki came in the yard asking where everyone was? Its just me here
Nikki. mom & Carol went shopping. I got up and got a beer for her. Geez,
Billy. You're dad fucked me like hell last night. Was HE ever hot. It
was nice though. He even woke me up before he had to go to work, and
nailed me again. Before I hardly had my eyes opened. How's that baby of
ours doing? I asked. I think OK. I'll be going to the doc at the end of
the week for a checkup again.

I'm so happy that there's a baby in here, she said. Rubbing her hands
over her stomach. Baby Billy or baby Lisa. One or the other Billy. We're
going to name it after one of you. I might even know this week, if they
can do the sonogram.

She wasn't showing at all, yet. That wouldn't happen for quite a while.
Want to swim Nikki? Yeah, I think I will wade in. Its kind of hot today.

She stood and stripped off her blouse and shorts. I stripped also and
we slid in. I liked the idea of no problems with both of us naked. Like
we'd been lovers forever.

She swam around for a while and then I lifted her up on the floating
mattress. I leaned over and kissed her, and stroked up and down her body.
Caressing her mound.

I moved the mattress so she was facing away from me, and leaned my head
down to her neck, alongside her face. My hands cupping both her tits. Her
hands came back and caressed my hair as I massaged her tits. Feels nice
Billy. Relaxing. God, Nikki, I said. I fucked that Cindi and Carol, half
the night. Then Cindi and Bobby went into Carol's room. mom said she and
Dan did OK too.

Carol and mom just gave me a double blowjob an hour ago.

You HAVE been a busy boy today. Yeah, but not busy enough for this....
I spun the mattress now, so that I was facing her and at the end of her
feet. I pushed the mattress under the water and raised her legs over my
shoulders and dove in her pussy.

I licked her hard. Trying to shove my tongue as deep as I could into
her trimmed pussy. Whoa, Billy. UUUMMMMM. Go ahead, me....Her
hips moving up and down with the rythym of my movements. I sucked her
outer lips and into her inner lips and then up to her spread clit opening.

Feasting on the woman that was having my baby. OOOOHHH Billy. I wasn't
expecting this treatment.

With her bobbing up and down with the water mattress and my movements,
it increased her pleasure. I gulped mouthfulls of water and forced it into
her slit and pussy opening. OOOHHH a water spray too.

I licked her entire pussy until I felt her beginning to shake. I sucked her clit rather hard this time, as I forced two fingers into her hole. She
was cumming. Her pussy trying to shove into my face harder. Wanting more
and more. I sucked her, and sucked her. Her loud moans were free. No one
to hear. No one else to care. Just us. Just me, forcing this orgasm from
this neautiful woman. I was easing the mattress to the side of the pool as
I licked her. As she seemed to be in the middle of her climax, I eased her
off the mattress and on the deck. I climed out quickly and got between her
legs and shoved my cock straight in. OOOOOHHHH Nikki. Your pussy is so
nice, hon. Fuck me Billy. Its yours. Anytime. Fuck me. Make me cum again Billy..... Her hips ramming up to meet my downward thrusting. I
ground into her. Moved my buried cock in circles as most women love. I
knew I would cum soon. With this passion and excitement. Oh, Billy, It
feels so damn good. Your cock is so fucking deep in me...... I leaned
down and kissed her. Her mouth opened and she sucked my tongue softly as
she came again. Her pussy pulsing hard around my cock. UUUUMMMM
Billy......OOOOHHHH your cock....OOOOOHHH

Here I am Nikki.....I'm shooting......oooohhh go ahead Billy....fill it.
Fuck the shit out of me....

I rammed and rammed as my cock spurted. Finally, I emptied deep within
her. Falling down to crush her against me. Her arms tightly wrapped
around me. We rocked back and forth with my cock still buried in her.
OOOOHHH Billy, she moaned in my ear....I came nice. I felt your cum shooting so deep in me. It flooded me Billy. I rolled to her side and
leaned down to kiss her again. We shared a deep passion. If not for Lisa
in my life, I could really love Nikki. Deeply. I DID love her anyway.
Especially since she was having my baby.

Finally we broke the kiss, and she laid back closing her eyes. I wasn't
expecting to make love when I came over....but damn...that was nice Billy.
You lick me so nice. You always make me cum when you eat me Billy. That's
the object of it, I said. I won't stop until I make my woman cum.

Well you sure do a nice job. I owe you a nice blowjob Billy. Anytime.

Matter of fact, why don't you and Lisa come over for a cook out tonight?
Yeah, OK. I'll tell her when I pick her up from work later. We laid there
for a while just caressing each other as lovers. Belonging to others, but
sharing ourselves.

Finally she opened her eyes as she lay there and said, the hell with
later...sit on my tits and let me suck you now, Billy. I don't care if you
cum. Just let me make you feel good, like you just did for me. I
straddled her chest and reached for a pillow under her head. My cock was
soft, and I moved it all over her face. She licked my sack and sucked my
balls softly. I knelt over her now, with my cock directly at her mouth.
Her hands softly stroking me and her tongue licking all over. Fuck my
mouth Billy. Go ahead. fuck my mouth. I looked underneath me, and
watched my cock slide in and out of her sucking mouth. It felt wonderful.
Her fingers cradles my balls, caressing them as she sucked me. I could
feel small sensations on my entire cock. My balls straining to empty. She
was draining whatever was left in them. I sat back a little so I could
look down and watch her suck me. Her eyes smiling up to me. My cock
buried in her tight lips. I felt her tongue racing over and over the tip
as she sucked. Yes. She was draining me. Finally I pulled my cock out
and stood. I reached to pull her up and kissed her. That was nice hon. I
got SOME cum, Billy. I'll get more later, OK? Damn sure hon. I caressed
her tits and she said that she wanted to go home and get things ready for
dinner. She gave my hanging cock one last squeeze and left.


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