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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapterS. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please write and let me know what you think of this series, or how I
should bring it to a finality????

A new note for those following the series, there seems to be a problems
lately with the email address. I was in the middle of
reading someone's response, and all my saved emails disappeared for some
reason. Including the one that I was just reading...even before I could
respond. So I would appreciate if those people would resend their critigue




When Carol & mom came home, I had been dozing off on the deck. Carol
was excited and said she had found a beauty shop that was for sale. She
already had a lot of experience doing hair for mom and the other girls.
Had courses in in all that girl stuff in school.

She wanted to buy the place and run it herself...maybe with Lisa or
Nikki too. I can call it Carol's Curly Cuts or something like that she
laughed. She seemed genuine happy at the prospect of having a beauty shop.

Well, let me and dad look into some details for you, I said. Will you
Billy? Yeah, no problem. She told me the address and I was familiar with
places quite near the shop.

I can even do haircuts for guys too, Billy! Oh, I can see it now, I
said....Shave, haircut and handjob $10. Well....maybe $9.99 on sale, she

mom likes the idea Billy. mom had gone in the house to get dinner
ready. Carol decided to have a quick swim, then and there taking off her
shorts and blouse. She dove in the pool naked and urged me in.

C'mon, Billy. Feel me up in the water. I like it.

I smiled at her and then jumped in. Her hands reached down and cradled
my balls under the water as she leaned forward for a kiss. Her tits bobbing between us. I noticed that her nipple seemed to heal quite well
now, as the sun shone brightly on it.

I hugged her close and told her how nice I liked her's and mom's blowjob earlier. It's fun doing it for you Billy. I love feeling your cock shoot
in my mouth. I love tasting your pussy when you cum too, I said.

Want some now Billy? No, later babe. Nikki was here a little while ago
and sucked me dry. Damn her, Carol said. Just for that I should go over
there and suck Dan dry on her.

He'd love that.

Billy, let's you and me go in and fuck mom and dad again tonight. Like
we did a while back. You drag mom down and eat her, and I'll grab dad's
cock and suck his brains out! Then we can fuck them both.

Damn, hon, that sounds like a plan. I owe mom anyway for that nice
blowjob earllier.

OK, we'll wait til just after they go to bed. I was almost behind her
now and cradled her tits in my hands. Kissing her neck. When we get done
with mom and dad, I'll spend the rest of the night in your bed with you,

Oh, Billy, that would be great. We can fuck all night. I'd love to
wake up with your cock still in me, Billy.

What about Lisa? Is she coming tonight. No hon. She called just
before you got home and said that she wants to spend tonight with jimmy.
Last night was with her father. She said its been a while since her and
Jimmy fucked, and he seems pretty depressed lately. She said she might
even call me and let me listen to her fucking and sucking him on the phone.
That would be cool. She did it once before when she fucked him and then
again when she was being sucked by her father. mom and me were listening
to the whole thing and then mom sucked me while Lisa was cumming.

OOOOHHH How fucking hot! Her tits felt so nice in my hands as I
continued to caress and massage them. She always liked this. Her head was
back on my choulder enjoying it, when mom called out and said dinner would
be ready in about ten minutes. Just then, dad pulled in the drive.

We climbed out of the pool and put on deck robes and went in to eat.

Carol excitedly told dad about her idea for the beauty shop, and using
the money all the guys gave her for it. I mentioned to dad that both of us
could check it out in the morning. He agreed. Thought it would be a good
idea for Carol. having a little business of her own. I'll help her out
too, Jim, mom said.

Just then, Nikkin knocked at the kitchen door to invite us over to their
deck for a drink. Come as you are....everything is set over there.

We were finished with dinner anyway. We all threw the dishes in the
sink and followed Nikki. Carol was busy telling Nikki all about her idea
for the shop on the way into their yard.

Yeah, I can do hair. I'd be glad to help you out, Nikki said.

Can we call it SEX & SCISSORS? Nikki laughed. Maybe we can do
vasectomies on the side, Nikki laughed.

Dan seemed happy to see us. mom gave him a nice kiss as did Carol.
How's "OUR" grandbaby doing in there, dad asked. Nikki smiled and placed
her hands on her stomach. Not showing at all yet. But he's in there, for
sure. Nikki saw mom eyeing Dan, so she sat on dad's lap with a drink for
each of them.

I looked at Carol, and she got the message also. It would be mom and
Dan, Nikki and dad tonight. Oh well, we go back to plan B, and I would
stay with her in her room tonight.

Dan had put some disks on the player and when mom heard a certain song,
she pulled Dan up to dance with her. It wasn;t long before each of them
were gtinding against each other. Mom's arms around his neck. Nikki and
dad were watching them. I saw dad's hand go to Nikki's tit and caress it
as he watched mom. Carol came over and sat on my lap and watched them
also. Soon, Nikki got up and pulled dad with her to dance.

This time, dad's hands went straight to her ass and held her tight to
him. We could see mom's ass gring in circles against Dan.

I knew it wouldn't be long before they would be fucking.

I whispered to Carol that we should leave them all alone. She agreed
and we left without them even noticing. We dashed across the road and
hurried up into her room. I spun her around as we neared her bed and
kissed her with passion. Her hands were already busy taking off her robe.
We have all night hon. Slow down. I want to lick your pussy in return for
the nice blowjob. OOOOHHH Billy..... I eased her back on the bed and
knelt down between herlegs and began to lick and nibble her inner thighs
and suck them gently. I stayed away from her inviting pussy deliberately.
I nibbled her crotch on each side of her pussy lips, and told her to play
with her tits while I sucked her cream.

She was moaning softly as I licked her whole pussy and surrounding area.
This is what you get for sucking my cock, I said.

OOOHHH Billy, I love it. Suck me brother. Lick my aching cunt.

I licked and chewed her trimmed mound and slid my tongue over and over
her clit. My fingers spreading her pussy lips open.

Her hips rose and fell as I sucked & licked her. I watched her hands
grasping at her tits.

Just then, mom came in the room. OOOOHHH You guys are already having
fun, huh? I was just going to ask if you wanted to join Dan and me in my
room, that's all. You don;t have to.... Let Billy make me cum first mom,
Carol said. mom smiled and said OK. Later, and she went back to her room.
Now, my hands went up and down Carol's sides and up to her hands on her
tits as I licked her pussy. Her legs spread wide, humping my face. I
loved her taste. I loved her reactions to my licking and sucking. OOOHHH
Billy....suck me right there, yes, right there....OOOOHHHH...Here it is
Billy....suck me, suck meeeeeee. Her body stiffened as I licked her. I
could taste her juices flowing, and lapped them. I sucked her clit now,
and made her moan louder. I rode out her cum with my mouth glued to her

I tongued her whole pussy softly as she finally came down from her cum.

Oh Billy, it was nice. I really let go this time. Fuck me now Billy.
Stick your hard cock in me and fuck the shit out of me.... Well, let's
join mom and Dan, and then we can fuck. OK? OK, yeah, but let's hurry. I
want your cock in me. She sat up now, and reached for my cock as I stood
there, and she sucked it. Wait hon, I said. Let's go in with mom and Dan.
They'll enjoy watching us fuck along with them. Yeah, OK.

mom was on her back as Dan leaned over her, sucking her tit and
caressing the other. Her hand was rubbing through his hair. Her legs were
spread and inviting. I couldn't help it, but knelt there immediately and
started to lick mom's pussy as Dan sucked her tit. Carol sat on the bed
next to Dan and was reaching for his cock, as he lay almost on his side, at
an angle from mom.

Carol was watching me licking mom now, as I saw her lower her mouth to
Dan's cock. Both of us watching each other's eyes as we each sucked and

mom and Dan were busy watching both of us eating and sucking them. I
pushed mom's legs back and spread her wider and really sucked and licked
her. I tongue fucked her and sucked her clit as she moaned. Dan had
leaned down to kiss her as she still moaned.. I wanted her cum. I wanted
my mother's juices in my mouth. I really wanted to give her this pleasure.

Dan now sucked her tit as he watched me suck mom. Carol was still busy
making HIM moan with his cock deep in her mouth.

I concentrated on sliding my tongue in and out of mom's hole as deep as
I could. Tongue fucking her with all my love. Her hips were rising and
falling rapidly as she moaned. Her juice was flowing now, and I lapped it
up. Carol was making Dan come near the edge of cumming now, and he turned
flat on his back while she really got into sucking him. My hands went to
mom's tits and I squeezed them firmly as I sucked the last of her orgasm
from her. This was my mother. I wanted to please her. Wanted to feel and
share her orgasm. Sharing this wonderful sex with her. Now, she collapsed
back down on the bed as her orgasm finally subsided. I licked her pussy softly, as I did for Carol, until she was back on earth.

Carol's ass was raised as she still sucked Dan to a cum. I got behind
her on the bed and slid my rock hard cock in quickly and fucked into her

I rammed and rammed her quickly as she sucked him. My eyes locked with
mom's in her glow of her cum. Watching me fuck Carol. Finally she turned
and kissed Dan as Carol drew him into a hard cum. Her hand and mouth
working quickly on his spurting cock.

Mom's pussy glistening from my mouth work. Her hand was massaging her
mound as she looked into my eyes. My own cock was buried deep in Carol as
I felt her shiver. I could feel her body gulping Dan's cum as he shot
spurts into her mouth, moaning loudly.

Soon, I couldn't hold back as I hoped, and started to shoot deep in her
pussy. Milking, squeezing my cock. That wonderful velvet channel of hers.
I exploded with the excitement around me. Watching mom kissing Dan hard.
Carol stroking his cock for his last drops of cum... Carol and I laid next
to them now, resting. Dan was in the middle of mom and Carol. His cock
being stroked softly by mom as they both lay on their backs also.

You got his cum before I could Carol, mom said. Yeah, but you were busy
cumming too. mom laughed. Yes. My son surely knows how to make me cum.
It was nice Billy, mom said over all three of them.

mom had managed to get Dan's cock hard again in a short time by casually
massaging it. I could see her hand urging him to mount her and fuck her.
Her other hand was still sliding up and down her slit. I reached over and
caressed Carol's heaving tits, and then leaned over her and kissed her.
Her hands holding my head gently, and then one hand slid down to grip my
half hard cock. I knew she wanted me to fuck her again. Dan was now
moving on top of mom, as she spread her legs for him. Its a nice pussy there Dan. Treat it well. I will, he said, and slid into mom. She moaned
as she felt his cock go in, and again, her eyes looked over at me as he
began to fuck her. Then her arms went around him and she turnewd to enjoy
their fucking together.

I pulled Carol up now, and we left to go back into her room. The soft
sounds of mom's moans as Dan fucked her. I was almost jealous. Especially
knowing how wonderful mom's pussy felt with my cock in it. I knew Dan
would be satisfied.


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