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CAROL02 sucked her breath Joes



story by Drifter

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 2

After a short pause as they lay there side by side in their big bed,
each alone with their thoughts, Bob spoke,

"Remember our discussions about finding a physical fitness trainer?
Well I checked on it yesterday. I talked to Charlie over at the gym. He
says it should be no problem to arrange for a physical fitness trainer to
come to the house three days a week. He even suggested one. He seemed to
think we could set up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays like we discussed.
That is, if she accepts us as clients. Charlie said she was very good,
very much in demand and very selective about who she will work with.
Charlie seem to think we're the kind of people she likes though, what ever
that means. Since you get home before I do I thought we could scheduled
her with you an hour before I get here and then another hour with me."

"That sounds fine, did you ask about the gang, you know, would she train
all eight of us as a group?"

"I mentioned it to Charlie. He seemed to think she would but suggested
you and I work with her for a while, until we know her better, to see if we
want her to do the whole club."

"Sounds great, I appreciate your getting the data honey. Will you go
ahead and arrange it for us? See when she can start and, by the way,
what's her name?"

"Yeah I'll see if I can set it up soon. Monday at four for you, five
for me. And her name is Alexandria. Charlie pointed her out to me. She
is something else! Very fit, damned gorgeous really, obviously a strong,
take charge type. I think she will add some discipline to our lives.
Charlie also said she is very demanding and if you aren't willing to work
her way she will tell you to get another trainer. There are strange rumors
about her being a dominatrix but Charlie said he didn't believe that.."

"She sounds fascinating and we both could use a bit more discipline...
we are much too easy on ourselves. I'm eager to meet her and get started."

They soon were sound asleep. That night Carol dreamed she was in bed
with Dr Joe Daniels in a sleazy motel. Joe was a dominant controlling
lover, taking complete charge and harshly directing Carol to take care of
his needs in a number of ways. He spanked her cute bare ass smartly with
his bare hand when Carol did not comply quickly enough. In her dream her
ass cheeks burned but she climaxed like she never had before. She loved
it. Also in her dream a faceless Alexandria stood watching her, and Joe,
have sex.... directing Carol's performance beneath Joe. When Joe was done
with her body Alex had crawled on the bed with Carol and forced Carol's
head down between her legs, ordering Carol to do her. In her dream Carol
had eagerly done as Alex ordered.

As Joe and Janette Daniels drove home from the restaurant that night,
Janette placed her cool hand on the back of Joe's neck and lightly stroked
it. Joe was the guy all the ladies found cute and cuddly. He had used
that attribute a lot as he enjoyed his favorite sport of seduction.
Janette, his gorgeous wife, also an MD, was of Italian descent, a dark eyed
beauty who exuded sex appeal. Joe and Janette quietly enjoyed a lot of
'extra-curricular' activities, both individually and as a couple. They had
an open marriage, an 'understanding'. Janette smiled at Joe and asked

"What was going on between you and Carol tonight? It looked like you
might have been playing around a bit under the table. The look on Carol's
face was priceless. Can I assume it was because you were playing with her
under the table? I couldn't help but wonder just how high your hand was my
love. I thought we weren't going to hit on anyone in the hiking club?"

"Janette, you don't miss a thing do you? I guess the wine and cognac
got to me. All of a sudden I wanted to see how high I could get my hand up
miss tight ass's leg. Pretty damn high. She surprised me, she actually
spread her legs enough for me to reach her damp panties. Maybe Carol isn't
the tight ass I thought."

"That is interesting. I also noticed a long tight hug between the two
of you as we left, might Carol be interested in more? If she is, does that
mean all of the club are fair game now?"

"I'm not sure about Carol. Maybe... We will see... maybe we should
have Carol and Bob over for brunch tomorrow. If you would be so kind as to
keep Bob engaged I would certainly enjoy exploring a bit farther with
Carol. As far as I am concerned what ever you do with Bob or any others in
the club is fine. Hiking new trails might take on a whole new meaning."


The next morning Bob and Carol were awakened about 9:00 by the phone.
It was Janette Daniels, inviting them over for brunch. Carol, without
consulting Bob, accepted immediately. When she hung up the phone she was
surprised that she had not asked Bob first. Surprised at how eagerly she
had accepted. She began to wonder what to expect from Joe.... and
herself. Then as casually as she could, she told Bob they were going to

Bob thought it was a great idea to have brunch with the Daniels. He
enjoyed Janette a great deal. Janette Daniels had once thought about
specializing in Psychiatry before she opted for a general practice like
Joe. Bob enjoyed talking 'psychology shop' with Janette. It seemed to Bob
that Janette particularly liked to talk about the sexier cases Bob did
therapy with. Bob enjoyed it too. Sometimes even inventing a few more
exotic events to share with Janette. Janette seemed to enjoy even his
wildest cases. He enjoyed her openness. He frequently wondered if Janette
were as open in bed.


Near by in the same neighborhood that morning, Vickie Baden fixed the
coffee and looked out the large window into their manicured back yard as
she thought, 'That damned Tom Parson is still in the middle ages'. His
conversation from the night before still irritated her. God, that man still thought of women as mere toys for men's pleasure. She would like to
show him. The way he talked about executive secretaries being there to
'accommodate' their bosses in any way the exec required. She remembered
she had asked him if female execs should have male toys. He had winked at
her and replied, male or female, her choice. He was infuriating. I would
like to have him in my bed for a few hours, restrained tightly. He would
beg.... how he would beg. Just like Ray did.....


Even farther across town Sue Parson awoke and stretched, smiling as she
remembered how good the sex had been the night before. Tom was already out
of bed. She wished he didn't wake up so early... she wished he were here
next to her now, she wanted, needed... more.. Seemed like she always
wanted more.. was always ready for more. She got out of bed,
delightfully, nude, and walked into the kitchen looking for Tom. They had
all day with nothing else scheduled. She smiled as she hunted her prey.
Fortunately Tom had a sex drive equal to Sue's and was only too happy to be
hunted by his insatiable sexy wife.


As Bob rang the Daniels' door bell, he turned to look at his lovely
wife. She had surprised him with her dress this morning. He had watched,
intrigued, as she prepared. Sheer, extreme french cut panties, barely more
than a string between the cheeks of her cute ass and only a small triangle
of sheer lace material in front that covered little and hid nothing. A
very short mini-skirt, no bra and a silk blouse that hugged her full firm
breasts. He could clearly see the outline of her nipples. 'Damn she
looked sexy', Bob had thought and he had whistled softly for her benefit.

She had winked at him as she put the finishing touches on her makeup.
She knew he wouldn't object. He never took that strong of a stance. She
answered his unasked question with 'I felt like being a little daring
today. You don't mind if I tease Joe a little today do you?'. Bob didn't
answer, just smiled. But it excited Bob unbelievably. He liked it, he
particularly liked the idea of Carol teasing Joe with her body. He
wondered if Joe would appreciate the show... 'Of course he would' and Bob
smiled to himself.

The door opened and they were properly welcomed and escorted into the
Daniels' large country kitchen. A table was prepared overlooking the large
pool in the back yard. Neither Joe or Janette missed Carol's attire. Joe
winked at Janette and they both smiled. Perhaps it was just coincidence
that Carol had dressed as she had... like a red flag to a bull.

A large breakfast was laid out and the four of them ate, sipped
champaign and talked. More and more it became two twosomes talking as Bob
and Janette explored his cases of aberrant sexuality and Joe and Carol's
conversation seemed to jump around to everything but what was on their

Janette suggested to Bob that they go into the den with their coffee
where it was more comfortable ...she had some questions about one
particular case he had mentioned. Joe motioned for them to go ahead, that
he and Carol would find something to do. When they were gone Joe said to

"I love your outfit Carol. I haven't seen you in such 'casual' attire
before. Looks good on you. Damned sexy."

"Thanks Joe... don't know why I put this on today... just felt like a
change. Its nice occasionally to try something new and different."

Joe stood up and reached for Carol's hand. Without a word Carol let him
take her hand as she stood up.

"Let's go for a walk in the yard."

Joe held her hand as they went out the back door. Neither of them said
a word as he led her around the pool and into the pool house. As the door
closed behind them Carol spoke,

"Joe... I don't think we should be here like this. This would appear
very unusual to say the least."

Joe didn't say a word but gently took her into his arms and pulled her
body close to his. Carol slid her hands up onto his shoulders as she
looked up at him scared, excited and expecting something to happen. Joe
held her and she felt his hands slowly slide down from her waist to her ass
cheeks. He patted and squeezed her ass, pulling her cheeks apart as he had
the night before. She made no move to stop him as she wondered what he
would do next. She enjoyed his hands on her ... it was new to her.

"You feel so good Carol. I have wanted to get my hands on your cute ass
since the day I met you. I have always been an ass man and you have the

When Carol said nothing, made no move, Joe dropped his hands and slid
them back up under her skirt onto her bare ass. As he fondled her gently
Carol sighed softly. Joe spoke again,

"Did you dress like this for me Carol? After I touched you last
night.... did you dress knowing my hands would be exploring you again? It
feels like you are naked under your skirt.... hmmm, feels so nice."

Carol was starting to breath heavily, her breasts rising and falling
against Joe's chest. She sighed,

"Joe I...."

But she let her words trail off and she lay her head on Joe's shoulder.
The friction against her nipples through the thin blouse was causing Carol
to thrill with tiny sensuous pleasures. Her fingers opened and closed
repeatedly on his chest. Carol seemed to have no control over her own
body...wanted no control over her own body.

Joe squeezed her smooth bare ass in his hands again and then Carol felt
his hands lightly glide around her sides, onto her soft abdomen as he
pushed her back enough to allow his hands to wander. She flinched and
sucked in her breath as Joe's hands slowly moved over her bare tummy...
and then lower. When his hands touched the top edge of her brief panties,
he paused only a second. Carol felt one of Joe's hands pull her panties out away from her body as his other hand slipped boldly down inside onto
her mound. His hand moved again and Carol jumped and groaned loudly as his
fingers found her swollen clitoris and pinched it lightly.

"No Joe.... No.... oh damn.... you shouldn't... "

end of chapter 2

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone. I
cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and expense.

Remember - The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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