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CAROL03 panties were still twisted one



story by Drifter

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 3

Carol shook as he gently masturbated her clit. She couldn't help
herself, she gasped as her entire body went rigid, then she let out a groan
that was more of a growl as she started to cum. Joe met her open lips with
his, their tongues dueling. He continued rapidly stimulating her clit with
his fingers as she returned the pressure against his hand.

Joe's moved his other hand back to her darling bare ass and he pressed
her lower body between his hands. One of his fingers disappeared between
her cheeks and toyed with her tiny anal rose. Carol sucked in her breathe,
shocked at the tingles of pleasure that gave her. She had never even
imagined that. Bob had never touched her there. She moaned as two more
fingers found her moist vagina and easily entered into it's warm wetness.
His fingers pressed deeper into both openings and Carol screamed.

She stiffened in Joe's arms as she climaxed violently, again and again.
Joe did not slacken his attentions until Carol at last went totally limp
and slumped against him. Joe held her for a few moments then gently sat
her on the chaise lounge nearby.

In a moment or two Carol looked up at Joe. Her blouse had worked
completely open and her great breasts were bared. Her skirt was up around
her waist. Her brief panties were still twisted to one side and her downy
love nest was in clear view, glistening with her moisture. Joe looked her
over and smiled saying,

"You are so beautiful.... You do go off like a bomb Carol. I love to
see a lady enjoy herself. I thought you would be a wildcat in bed."

"Joe I can't believe any of this.... Last night,... this morning. ...
I know I shouldn't be here ... I've never... "

Carol looked down at her body, now so totally revealed. Then she looked
back at Joe and said,

"I'm lying here totally exposed to you...feeling so sexy. I just had
the best orgasm I've had in a very long time. Part of me is about to
panic,..... but Joe, the other part wants to do it all again."

Joe sat beside Carol and caught her hand and placed it on his erection
through his pants. Carol, without hesitation wrapped her long fingers
around it and looked up at Joe as she stroked him. Joe smiled and cupped
one of her large bare breasts through her open blouse. As he caressed it
lovingly he kissed her lips lightly several times and said,

"Carol... I want you. I want your body in lots of ways. Not just a
quicky in the pool house but regularly. I want you to meet me somewhere
where we can make love all day long. Where we can try it all. I know you
want it too. Open up Carol... explore with me."

Carol sighed and squeezed his cock harder and answered.

"Joe this is going much too fast. I have never done anything like this
since Bob and I got married. I need some time to think, with my head not
my sex. I am enjoying this way too much."

Bob stood up and unzipped his pants. He reached inside and his rigid
cock stood out free in front of Carol's face. Carol stared at it, the
swollen vein running down it, the purple head so near her lips. Carol
understood what Joe was silently asking for and she wrapped her fingers
around him again and opened her lips to give him what he wanted. What she

As she swallowed the last of Joe's offering she let his now limp member
fall free as she stood up. She smiled to herself, thinking how she had
always refused to do that for Bob. Today she loved doing it. Joe kissed
her, to her surprise. He didn't seem to mind at all that she tasted
strongly of his sperm. It was a long kiss and when it broke Joe patted her
bare love nest familiarly as he said,

"Carol I want to enjoy this soon.... and regularly."

"Joe..... right now I want to say yes... anytime... the sooner the
better. But let me have some time to think, to see if I can deal with this
if it goes any farther. Can I do this and still look at Bob. You know I
want to. What about Janette?"

"Janette and I agreed some time ago that we did not own each other. We
are both free to pursue all of our interests both with and apart from each
other. She may be trying to seduce Bob as we speak."

Carol laughed softly, saying,

"Hmmm that sounds intriguing Joe. I wonder how hard Janette will have
to work to seduce Bob. Possibly not very hard I think. Neither of you
ever gets jealous... sharing?"

"No... why should we. You don't get jealous if Bob dances with another
woman do you? We have just extended that. We always return home to number
one. Could you deal with it if Bob and Janette had sex?"

"Strangely I think maybe I could. The idea excites me. Especially if I
were there to watch. I guess standing here naked with you colors my
thinking a bit."

They both laughed and Joe said,

"Carol I will call you tomorrow. I beg you to make arrangements to meet
me soon. It could be so nice, new, different, exciting. I know you would
love it. And Bob won't miss a thing."

Carol walked over and looked at her self in a full length mirror. She
looked at all of her charms so revealed and she loved the way she looked,
hot and ready, a little slutty. Joe walked up behind her and his hands
slid around her and cupped her full bare breasts, caressing them as she
watched in the mirror. It was so damned exciting. After a few moments she
reluctantly removed his hands and slowly began to straighten her clothing.
She looked at Joe and said,

"We better get back Joe, but my mouth still tastes like you. Do you
have anything out here for that?"

Joe walked to a refrigerator and opened a coke, handing it to her. She
drank and swished it around in her mouth before she swallowed. Joe took it
and drank from it too. After washing up, they headed back to the house.

As they walked brushing against each other Joe said,

"Carol I want you.... all day long."

"Joe. I want it too ... soon... maybe often. Call me tomorrow
morning at home. Bob leaves about 9.... I think I may take the day off.
If I have the guts."

As she said that Carol stopped walking, shivered and had another tiny
orgasm as she closed her eyes and squeezed Joe's arm.

As Carol and Joe entered the house through the kitchen Joe called out,

"Hello, where is everyone?"

He stepped up behind Carol and took her in his arms. He kissed her neck
lightly and his hands filled with her soft full breasts again thru her
blouse as he said softly,

"That was to give Bob and Janette warning... just in case."

Carol put her hands on top of his and pulled them harder into her
fabulous breasts as she laughed deep in her throat asking,

"Do you suppose... they did anything? I would love to peek."

"Janette will share with me when I ask her and I will let you know if
things got interesting between our spouses too. When it happens you will
have your chance to 'peek'."

After a couple of moments they heard Janette and Bob's voices as they
obviously were coming to join them in the kitchen. The four of them
chatted for a while longer over coffee, said their goodbyes and Carol and
Bob took their leave.

As Bob drove homeward Carol literally inspected him, looking for some
sign. Was that a damp spot on the front of his trousers? Was he a bit
flushed? He seemed to be talking faster than normal, a sure sign he was
nervous. Carol smiled, enjoying the little game immensely. Then she
wondered, 'What would it be like to have a lover, to know her husband was
with another woman, even a foursome?' She found all of the ideas extremely

She smiled as she asked Bob,

"Did you and Janette have a nice.... discussion?"

He coughed nervously and answered,

"About the usual.... and you?"

"I enjoyed Joe but nothing worth mentioning really."

But she thought, 'I only gave Joe a blow job.'

As Bob pulled into their driveway, Carol yawned and stated she felt like
taking a lazy afternoon nap. After Carol headed for their bedroom, Bob
paced around the house for a few minutes obviously very distracted. He
went to his study to consider all that had transpired that morning. His
head was still whirling. He had fantasized about Janette's fine body often
before. But this morning as they had discussed a particular case of Bob's,
this husband who couldn't seem to resist any available female. When his
wife had learned about his affairs she raised all kinds of hell. Janette
looked at Bob with a sultry smile on her face and said,

"Why don't you tell her she should join him, do it too."

Janette then espoused a solution where the couple could both have other
sexual partners, whenever they felt like it, alone and/or together. Bob
had asked if she were serious and was surprised when Janette had admitted
that it had been the solution to her problem, between she and Joe. When
she had learned that Joe was sleeping around she had confronted him and
then she had suggested they work it out that way. Now they were both free
to take as many lovers as they liked. They both had been pleased with her
solution, it had worked wonderfully for a couple of years now.

Bob had a million questions and found himself terribly excited over her
announcement. He bashfully asked Janette - what was it like, any problems,
did they watch each other, how many, how often? She calmly answered all of
his questions and then she had smiled and asked,

"Bob... I think I would like for you to.... be my next lover?"

Bob stared at her as if mesmerized and realized how hard his heart was
pounding, how erect he had become. It was like he heard someone else's
voice answer,

"I would love that."

Janette leaned toward Bob and kissed him, letting her tongue explore.
Bob's hands had touched, then cupped her soft breasts. His heart was
really pounding now. Unfortunately they were interrupted as they had heard
Joe calling.....

Now at home Bob leaned back in his study chair and looked out the
window. What was he going to do? Was he really going to be unfaithful to
Carol? He ached to explore things with Janette. He was sure she would be
clear in what she wanted. Demanding of Bob. Then he shook his head as if
that would get rid of the ideas. When that didn't work he decided he
needed to get busy with something else, to drive to the fitness center to
see if he could put the final arrangements on a personal trainer. He
figured he would be back long before Carol woke up. As he drove, his mind
kept returning to Janette and her offer. Then he began to wonder what
Carol would do if she found out.

At the fitness center Charley introduced him to Alexandria. She was
working out with dead weights, more than Bob could lift. She, in deed, was
a commanding presence. She stood as tall as Bob and looked into his eyes
as if she were angry with him, as if he had offended her somehow. All of a
sudden Bob felt like a child as Alexandria looked him over slowly from head
to foot. He obeyed immediately when she told him to turn around, somehow
needing to please this lady. As she asked him all sorts of questions about
he and Carol, even about their sex life, Alexandria ran her hands over his
trim body like she was judging a dog show. She slid her hands around,
pressing and squeezing, his legs, his tummy, his ass, as she made brief
expressions like 'Hmmm' and 'loose' and 'needs work'. Then to Bob's
surprise her hand brushed lightly over his limp cock. Bob couldn't believe
she had done that. Was it an accident? He looked into her eyes and saw a
twinkle he thought. Neither of them mentioned it but Bob's mind was again
in a whirl, broken when Alexandria spoke.

"Not bad Bob, you have real potential. But there are some conditions
for me to work with you. First I prefer being addressed as Alex. Second I
will brook absolutely no arguments about training technique. Either you
and your wife will do exactly as I say or forget it. Third I will train
your body and your mind a bit. I am unorthodox and demanding. I will
change your lives if you work with me.... but I think you may be the kind
of people that will respond to me rapidly. I think you will eagerly bend
to my ways."

Bob's mind was racing. His eyes ran over her amazon-like body in her
skin tight, sweaty wet exercise suit. Her body was extraordinary and every
detail was clearly outlined through her thin outfit including her nipples
and even her labia. Bob felt a strong sexual attraction to this lady. He
felt his tool growing as he wondered what might come from her 'training'.
He looked at her and softly said,

"I think we should give it a try Alex. We will abide with your terms.
If possible we would like to start tomorrow, Carol at 4:00 and me at 5:00,
three days a week?"

Alex responded,

"That should work fine, be prepared to work hard. And Bob, I have no
patience with false modesty or lack of discipline. We are all adults."

Bob stammered and then said,

"Whatever you say."

"Good, I think this will be interesting for all of us."


Carol woke to the jangling of the phone. She wondered why Bob didn't
answer it. Finally she was alert enough to pick it up.

"Hi Carol, Joe here, where's your husband?"

"I don't know, he must be gone or he would have caught the phone."

"Good I wanted to talk to you privately, I just called to tell you how
much I enjoyed this morning. What you did with your mouth was fabulous."

"Joe, you're embarrassing me. I still can't believe I did that. I
haven't even kissed another man besides Bob before this morning. Let alone

Joe laughed in the phone and said,

"What Carol?"

"Joe... you certainly know what."

"I do.. but I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you say you
sucked my cock."

Carol shivered as he said it. The sound of the 'dirty' words by her
potential lover thrilled her to the core. She was silent for a second and
Joe prompted her again,

"Say it."

"I can't believe.... I.... sucked your cock this morning."

"That's better. I want to hear you talk like that. I loved cumming in
your beautiful mouth Carol. You were great."

"You mean I am a good little cock sucker Joe?"

"Yeah... you are a great cock sucker Carol. I can hardly wait to feel
your mouth on my cock again."

"Is my mouth all you want Joe?"

end chapter 3

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone. I
cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and expense.

Remember - The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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