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CAROL05 breasts again squeezing them hard Carol



story by Drifter

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 5

Carol giggled and replied,

"Full and sexy Alex ..... and can hike all day and make love
all night, can you do that?"

They both laughed,

"Carol I think we will get along very well, you aren't
afraid to say what you think or want."

Carol responded,

"The truth is this is all very new to me. Alex, I have
always been terribly reserved....almost retarded sexually. As
you seemed to know already, I enjoyed my first lover this
morning. At first I wasn't sure I could do that, even though I
wanted to. But it was easy and so nice. He left just before you
got here. I barely had time to shower. I assume this can be our

Alex smiled and nodded. She patted Carol's trim ass and just
smiled. Then they got down to business as Alex directed Carol in
several sets of stretching exercises followed by sets of grueling
strength moves. Carol was sweating hard. Following these she had
Carol stand up again, huffing and puffing from the exercises and
Alex stepped up behind her and slipped her hands under her arms
and cupped her breasts again squeezing them hard. Carol moaned
but stood very still. Then Alex said,

"Lovers are wonderful aren't they sweet little Carol. Now I
want you to flex your lovely pec's for me darling. As hard as
you can."

Carol did as she was told, several times. As she did Carol
realized Alex was pinching her nipples lightly making her very
horny, again, her breathing heavier. Was Alex going to train her
or make love to her? Then Alex interrupted her thoughts asking,

"Do you know what your pubis coccus muscles is little love?"

"I think so, the one I would use to squeeze with down

"Right Carol, the one you would use to squeeze a big hard
cock right?"

Again they laughed.

Alex stated,

"I want to see how firm those muscles are Carol. There is
only one way to do that. I don't think you will mind too bad."

Carol was a little less shocked this time as she felt Alex's
hand drop to cover her mons. It felt wonderful to Carol. Carol
automatically spread her legs as she felt one of Alex's long
fingers slip under her outfit and into her now very wet cunt.
Carol sighed and said,

"Hmm Alex.... what are you doing to me? What ever it is
don't stop."

"Shhh Carol... relax while I check these muscles."

Somehow it seemed completely natural what Alex was doing.
When Alexandria's finger was all the way in she said,

"Squeeze my finger Carol, as hard as you can. Show me how
good your love muscles are."

Carol once again obeyed. Squeezing and thinking how good
it felt. Carol relaxed and Alex's finger lingered in her cunt,
moving in and out slightly. It was beginning to feel so good and
Carol's breathing grew deeper... huskier. Without thinking about
it Carol beginning moving her hips to enhance the feeling Alex
was causing. Soon Carol gasped and came. Alex supported her and
moved yet another finger to Carol's clit to help her through a
great orgasm.

Just as she finished Alex removed her fingers. For a moment
Carol thought she was going to fall but Alex caught her. Alex
sat down on one of the chairs and pulled Carol across her lap,
her cute ass stuck up in the air.

Carol saw a blur in her peripheral vision and she shrieked
as she felt Alex's hand swat her ass smartly. Carol turned to
look at Alex as she felt a second and third sting her ass. Carol
was confused to say the least. It stung like hell but she also
felt a rush of heat in her cunt. It twitched and tingled more
with each swat. The amazing part to Carol was she just lay there
and let it happen, and began to like it. Carol looked up at Alex
with a tear in her eye and a puzzled look on her face. Alex

"Tell me darling, what did you feel as I spanked your lovely

"Ouch Alex... my ass stinging for sure, ... but also in
my cunt. How did that...."

Before Alex could comment, a small clock alarm went off in
Alex's bag. Alex said

"Our time is almost up baby, at least until Wednesday, Bob
will be here shortly. I called him today, apparently while you
were entertaining your new lover, to instruct him not to come in
until exactly 5:00."

Carol shifted sitting on Alex's knee, her ass still
tingling. . Alex looked her over and asked,

"Well Carol, do you still want to work with me? As today,
no part of you will escape my attention. I think you are very
beautiful and very sexy. I am eager to do a lot more with you...
and Bob. There is a lot I can teach you both to make your life
much more interesting. Have you heard about domination? Mild
domination? It is a little game where one person is in complete
charge of what happens. I think after today you would love to be
dominated as well as perhaps learn to dominate others. Bob I
think longs to be dominated. I think you know what I mean. Tell
me, shall we continue with everything or would you rather seek a
more conventional trainer?"

Carol found herself eagerly saying in a very small shy

"I would like to continue everything with you Alex. I never
would have dreamed it would be like this but...."

Alex pulled Carol to her and hugged her... then kissed
Carol's lips lightly. Carol found herself returning the kiss.
Alex smiled at Carol and said,

"Darling we will have a lot of fun and we will get you in
shape to handle all of your many future lovers as well as your
husband. And maybe a very demanding mistress. I will expect you
to do what I tell you. And Carol I promise you will learn to
love it all. Think about it, about what I might insist on you
doing, with me ... or perhaps even others. Physically and
sexually, for you are a very sexy lady. I think you have a very
large and growing appetite. I will help you satisfy it beyond
anything you have ever known."

Carol felt Alex's hands squeeze her full breasts and then
run lightly over her ass, still extra sensitive from the swats,
and then again over her barely covered love nest. As she stroked
her damp pussy lightly Carol spread her legs and Alex asked,

"Have you ever had a female lover?"

"No.... but... I think I am about to...."

Alex kissed her lightly again and sent her to the shower.
Carol left without a word but with a head full of questions and
great excitement.

Carol stood at the top of the stairs and waited until Bob
arrived. She watched silently as Alex commanded Bob through a
routine, standing before her, almost at attention. He was
beautiful. She watched Alex position him and walk around him
probing and squeezing. She watched fascinated as Bob's cock
started to get hard showing clearly through his sweats. She
couldn't hear what was said but she watched closely as Alex stood
behind Bob and it became obvious that she was probing Bob's body,
how and where she couldn't tell. The look on his face was
delightful to Carol and it really surprised her when his cock
swelled even harder and larger. And he made no complaint.

He exercised then to Alex's instruction for sometime and
Carol went in to her shower. All Carol knew is she was dying for
her next appointment to come.


Carol stepped from the shower as Bob walked into their
bathroom. They looked at each other, knowing what had gone on
physically today and guessing what was going on in each others
heads. Bob pulled Carol back into the shower with him and soon
had her bent over against the wall as he pounded hard into his
hot wife. Never had he suggested sex anywhere but their bed.
Somehow to Carol it seemed they had entered some sort of a sexual
twilight zone. Today Bob just took her. After enjoying Bob's
attention for several moments, Carol turned her head and Bob
kissed her deeply. Carol then said softly,

"Have you ever fucked a woman's ass Bob?"

"Yes. Long ago."

"I want you to do that to me."

Bob didn't answer but slowly shifted from one opening to the
other. He was amazed at how easy he slipped in. He was equally
amazed at Carol's reaction as she went wild. He had no idea she
wanted this. Much later without exchanging words, but with a lot
of smiles, they dressed, each lost in their thoughts of all the
recent activity, and they went into the kitchen to prepare and
eat their supper. They ate quietly amid a lot of touching and
occasional light kisses. The love and genuine warmth, not to
mention the growing lust, between them was nice. After supper
they began to discuss exactly what had gone on between Alex and
each of them. Neither of them seemed surprised or commented other
than the description of what had happened, and that in great
detail. Alex had not gotten as personal with Bob as with Carol.

Over their third after dinner drink, Carol told him how hot
and excited Alex had gotten her. Bob agreed that she effected
him the same way. Then Bob looked into Carol's eyes and asked,

"Carol, how attracted are you to Alex... it sounds like you
want to have sex with her?"

There was a long pause.

"Oh ...Bob .. honey... oh damn it.... I do....I want to
have sex with her... so bad. I have never seriously considered
sex with another woman before.... I think it may happen. Oh hell
I want it to happen. Could you handle it if I did?"

"Maybe....I think so .. funny but I do think so.... it is
exciting to think about.... I would like to watch... the two of

"Hmm I would like that..."

There was a pause as Carol took a deep drink of her brandy
and then asked,

"Bob... would you want to have sex with Alex too?"

"Maybe... I guess so.... would that bother you?"

"I'm not sure. .. I think I might like that. Like you, the
idea of watching you with Alex is exciting. Maybe the three of

Another long pause as the two of them thought about it.
Then Carol said,

"Bob I am feeling a little drunk over all that is happening?
Our life seems to be changing so fast. I have to admit I like
where it seems to be heading. All the things that have happened.
I wonder how much more is our life going to change? Are we
really going to start having sex with other people? The idea of
you having sex with Alex is interesting. You said you wanted
to watch Alex and me make love.... I love that idea too.... but
honey... what would you think.... about.... another man with me?
What would you say if I let another man make love to me?"


Bob slid his arm around Carol and pulled her to him for a
long deep kiss. It was hot and passionate and obviously both of
them were nervous and terribly excited. Bob unbuttoned her
blouse slowly, button by button. When the last button was done
he slipped his hands inside and cupped her bare beauties. She
loved the feel of his hands squeezing and rolling. As he toyed
with her hard nipples he watched her them darken and swell as
Carol moaned with pleasure. He kissed and sucked on each of them
and then he looked at her lovingly, lustfully for a long time
without saying anything.

He was struggling with the question she had just asked,
'What if she let another man fuck her?'

Bob's mind was racing from thought to thought. The idea of
another man with his wife shook him a little but excited him even
more than he cared to admit. But would Carol think he didn't
love her any more if he admitted his own desire for her to be
with another man? She had said she wanted to watch him make
love with Alex, that blew his mind. What happened to his 'proper'
little wife? The idea of his wife making love with another
woman... damn that sounded hot but so unlike Carol... or was it?
Since she said she wanted him to make love to Alex does that mean
Carol would be OK with his having Janette too? Did she already
have a man in mind she wanted? Who? Could it be Joe? What had
the two of them been doing while he and Janette had talked
yesterday? Was she already having an affair? Where was all of
this leading? Carol seemed so hot was all so damned
sexy.... he loved the way Carol had changed. His dreams about
her as a more aggressive lover were starting to come true.
Whatever had caused all this, he liked it.... or at least he
thought so....

Carol winked at Bob as she leaned forward and opened his
pants, pulling his hard cock free. She shifted until she was
astraddle his upright tool and she slowly sank down, engulfing
it. They both sighed with pleasure as the sensations permeated
both of them. They just lay there for a moment. Bob had still
not answered the question and the tension was palpable. Carol
began to rise and drop very slowly, almost agonizingly, on Bob's
now very vertical pole. She paused in her movements, smiled at
him and said,

"Hmm this feels so nice.... honey... So much has happened
in the last couple of days huh? We both know, our sex life had
been getting a little boring. But now... this week end seems to
have changed all that. I love the way it seems to be changing. I
know a couple of things that happened this week end that has
caused some of this. Somehow since we got home from the Daniels,
our sex has been great, so much hotter. Now all of sudden I
really crave sex a lot... not only that but I like the idea of
watching you with another woman. You want me to have sex with
Alex... and maybe even with another man... who knows, what else
might happen. Do you know what I am talking about? I can't
believe that I just asked you if it would be OK with you if I let
another man have me."

Bob sighed and after a long pause answered,

"I know Carol, I have to admit there are a lot of changes
going on. I love the changes in both of us and all that seems to
be happening now. The idea of you and another man is damned
exciting to me I admit. It may take me a little while to get
used to that as a reality. Give me a little time OK?"

Carol smiled and squeezed his cock the way she had squeezed
Joe's cock that morning and Alex's finger that afternoon, with
her cunt. She was having trouble breathing again from the
excitement and she panted as she resumed stroking on Bob,

"Bob.. honey.. just ... think about.. watching.. me suck..
and fuck.. another man's... cock... I think... you... already..
like... that .... idea... don't ... you? I... think.... you are
.... dying to.... watch me do that."

end of chapter 5

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?
The End... for now...


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