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CAROL06 enormous amount cum his



Story by Drifter

Evolution of Carol

Chapter 6

Bob seemed to go a little crazy. He flipped Carol over
forcefully and raised her long trim legs up on his shoulders and
pounded into Carol like a mad man. Carol grinned and closed her
eyes, thrilling at the hard deep penetrations, imagining a string
of lovers doing this to her. Bob was too excited and shortly
shot a enormous amount of cum in his darling wife as she screamed
her way through her own orgasm.

They collapsed in a pile of arms and legs and body parts.
Carol lay on her back next to Bob as her thoughts took a strange
turn. After letting Bob rest for a few minutes, she kissed his
ear tonguing it and then whispered,

"Bob .. I want you to eat me ..... now sweetheart. I want
you to go down on me and lick all of your stuff out of me. Do
it... for me honey...I want you to do it... damn it Bob, do it!"

Bob looked at Carol surprised and delighted at her command.
He smiled to himself as he slipped lower and lower on her body.
He kissed and tongued each hard nipple, her naval, her clit,
holding her tight as she bucked under him. Then he began to lick
her pussy from her ass to her clit, sucking all of their combined
juices from her full little cunt. Doing something he had wanted
to do for a long time, but never dared.

Carol groaned, loving his touch, loving his obedience, and
loving the 'nastiness' of what she had made him do. She
remembered Alex's words about dominating and about Bob. How much
could she push Bob into? Then she wondered if any of Joe's cum was still in her from that morning. That thought caused her to
shudder and climax really hard. Somehow the idea of Bob eating
another man's cum from her cunt was unbelievably exciting. Bob
was now enthusiastic about eating her out. Realizing that he
enjoyed it far more than he would have believed.

Later they showered and headed for bed. As they cuddled in
bed Carol smiled and said,

"Bob...I need to tell you I love you ... and... I love all
of this so much ... we have had more and better sex in the last
48 hours than I can ever remember. I do love it. I can't seem to
get enough."

"Yeah ...Me too Carol... the truth is I have wanted you to
be more aggressive ever since we got married....and not so prim.
I have dreamed about you acting the bossy slut. I have fantasized
a lot about our sex life. I wanted you to tell me what to do. I
loved it when you 'ordered' me to eat you tonight."

"Yes honey..I liked that too... tell me, what else have you
fantasized about? Have you fantasized about other women? Tell
me who? I want to know really. I love feeling so sexy....just
kinda wallowing in sex, if you understand that. I feel so free
all of a sudden. You know my sweet husband, you better keep me
well serviced, I could be dangerous to all of our male friends.."

They both laughed, both thinking about the truth behind her
joke. Then Bob said,

"I guess that really is true. .... you are so hot now Carol
and I love you like this. About my fantasies, I have fantasized
about a lot of things... about having sex with you in public...
in a number of different places.. both of us with another women.
In fact all the women in the hiking club, especially Janette.
Plus some others I know. Now you can add Alex to that group.
With Alex I feel like a little child, I want to be a obedient
little boy for her. There are so many things that I think
about.. that turn me on."

"Hmm me too Bob, you know what sounds really hot to me is
for you and Alex and I to have a threesome. Damn that would be
so hot.... can you believe this is me?"

"It would be hot... maybe you and she could start it and I
could join you. Are you sure you are OK, that is for me to have
sex with Alex? If I do... I guess that would give you permission
to be with other men?"

"Honey, I am so very OK with you and Alex it scares me. The
idea of watching the two of you makes me almost crazy with
desire. I do plan on joining in for sure. The possibilities in
a threesome sound great to me. .... About other men... you seem a
little hesitant honey... maybe I should hold off.. or maybe I
should quietly try it with some other guy without your even
knowing about it and see how it feels."

Bob didn't say a word about her suggestion and Carol knew
she had his unspoken permission. Carol shifted and found Bob's
cock very hard again. She caught it in both hands and kissed the
head, licking it all over like a ice cream cone. Then she looked
up at Bob and said softly,

"Maybe I will invite some guy into our bedroom and suck his
cock like this."

And she took Bob's cock deep in her mouth, licking and
sucking it. Bob watched as her cheeks went hollow each time she
sucked. His imagination going wild. Then she raised up off his
wet cock and said,

"Maybe I will let him fuck me, and eat me, and fuck my
ass... do you like that idea?"

It was too much for him and Bob exploded, shooting his cum high in the air. The image of Carol with another guy was just
too much for him... too hot... he knew he wanted it to happen....
Carol caught his second burst in her mouth and swallowed it
eagerly. Then she drained Bob and slid up, letting his limp cock
fall free. She caught his face in her hands and kissed him hard.
Bob tasted his cum on her lips and tongue and then felt Carol
transfer a large amount of his warm cum into his mouth. He was a
little shocked but swallowed it and realized... even this excited

Carol broke the kiss and sat up looking at Bob as she said,

"I love sucking your cock now and the taste of your cum. I
love sharing it with you. Do you like your own taste? I love

Bob smiled and kissed her and sucked her tongue into his
mouth. She knew he enjoyed the idea as much as she did. She
had been stroking his bare ass with her hand and now she raised
her hand high and came down sharply on his ass. Bob's eyes
popped open wide and Carol winked at him and said,

"Now earn your keep Robert. Get down and eat my cunt again
if you know what is good for you. And finger fuck my cunt and
ass till I can't take it any more. Be my good little pussy eater."

Bob was more excited than he could remember, as commanded,
he dropped to her pungently aromatic cunt and didn't stop until
Carol, having gotten off almost continuously for several minutes
finally forced his head up saying,

"Oh damn baby... stop ... stop ...please. I really can't
stand anymore for awhile... my clit is too sensitive.... I can't
stand for it to be touched, at least for little while...."


The next morning when Carol got to her office at the college she found several messages from Joe. In the last one he told her
he would pick her up at 11:00 that morning, he had two hours
before he had to be back at the clinic. Carol smiled and reached
for the phone. Joe was with a patient, and Carol wondered how
many of his female patients he had sex with. Then he came on the
phone and she told him to meet her at her house. She would be
waiting for him just like the day before. Lunch sounded very
interesting today Carol thought.

During her lectures that morning she looked over the male
students in her classes with a very new interest. A couple of
them were real cute. Things certainly had changed.

Lunch was everything she expected it to be. In fact it was
so good they both called and cleared their schedules for the rest
of the day so they could continue. Joe left at 4:30 right after
filling Carol's sweet pussy for the fourth time that afternoon.
Carol felt so full of Joe's cum. As she lay there still bare
ass, she grinned from ear to ear as she had this really nasty

When Bob came in the back door Carol heard him. She hadn't
changed anything since Joe left. Her hair was disheveled. If you
looked closely at her cunt it was wet and dripping a thick white
substance onto the sheets. So was her anus. Her nipples were
very swollen and red from Joe's mouthing. She looked just like
you would expect someone to look who had been well fucked all
afternoon. Carol's heart beat faster and faster as she waited
for Bob to reach their bedroom. If she was right about her
loving husband's feelings, their sex life would get even better,
hotter, and a whole lot wilder. If she was wrong ... Bob might
leave her, but she didn't think that would happen. She hoped she
was right in her guess but she knew she had to do this no matter
what the outcome.

Bob stepped just inside the door to their bedroom and froze
as he saw his wife laying there on their very messed up bed. His
eyes ran from her tousled hair, her face and it's sleepy fresh
fucked look, her red nipples, her swollen pussy. He felt his
cock spring to life as he thought, 'She did it, she actually did
it, she let another guy fuck her. Damn she looks sexy'.

Carol noticed his hard cock through his pants and breathed a
sigh of release of the pent up tension. Then she said,

"Bobby, honey, hurry... get your clothes off, I need you and
I have a really interesting story to tell you...."

He stripped rapidly and crawled onto the bed beside her. He
kissed her open lips tentatively, then deeper. Carol thrust her
tongue in his mouth and the taste of cum was strong. Some other
man's cum in my wife's mouth Bob thought. Bob returned the
passionate kiss without hesitation and then Carol broke it. She
looked up into his eyes and stroked his face lightly as she said,

"Honey....My pussy is so full. I need you to clean it out
for me ....."

Bob pulled his head back from her a little, shocked by what
she had just suggested. He stared at her disbelieving what he
had heard. Carol spoke again in a firmer voice,

"Bob..... now don't be a spoil sport. I want you to eat me
now damn it. Clean all that sticky white stuff out of me.... and
while you do, I will tell you how it got there."

Bob stared into her eyes and then Carol pressed on his
shoulders firmly saying,

"Do it sweetheart... eat me good."

He slid downward a little as he said in an extremely husky
shaky voice,

"Carol..... someone else fucked you...."

"Yes baby... that's right... in fact several times... now do
me like I asked..."

Bob slowly continued downward as Carol pushed firmly.
Encouraging him with her words. Then he stopped, his face just
above her naval.

"Who was it Carol?"

"Don't worry about that right now baby. It was a good
friend of ours.... now....I want you to lick all his cum out
of me. That idea makes me crazy hot.... do it now!"

Bob's face now was just above her outer labia, still open.
He could smell and see the cum in his wife's pussy. He stuck out
his tongue tentatively tasted her. Much like his own, he thought.

Then he said,

"Tell me .... everything."

And he buried his face in her overfull cunt. Carol groaned
and spread her legs wider to grant him total access. She placed
her hands on the back of his head and ran her fingers through his
hair as she slowly hunched her hips up to meet his mouth and
active tongue. Then she started her story, in a soft low voice.

Bob honey, you knew I was dying to have some
other man fuck me. I thought about it a lot and
I started to want it so bad.

The man who fucked me has been flirting with
me for some time and touching me a lot. He
made it clear he wanted to fuck me. I was
afraid at first but the more I thought about
it, the hotter our sex got here at home. I
knew I had to do it. When you didn't object
to the idea, I knew you wanted me to do it

Bob was licking and sucking her clit and her
full little cunt rapidly. It was clear he
was very much enjoying what he was doing...
and the story. Carol felt him slip two
fingers into her ass. They went in easily
since it had been well filled too. Bob
raised up briefly and looked into Carol's
eyes, his own eyes full of lust, and he

"He fucked your ass too?"

"Yes honey, and my mouth, and obviously
my pussy several times. Now go back to doing
me and I will tell you all about it."

She pushed his head back to her throbbing
cunt and she continued her story.

This morning I called him from my office and
asked him to meet me here at 11:00. We fucked
all day until just before you got here. I loved
it Bob. Almost as much as with you. I sucked his
cock a lot, he ate me a lot too, he fucked my pussy,
my ass. We rested and talked about sex. I got him
hard again several times with my mouth and he filled
my cunt with more cum. I came and came honey. I love
the idea of fucking another man. Maybe lots of other

Carol was having trouble talking as she built up to this
huge orgasm. She wrapped her legs around Bob's head and screamed
as she came and came and came. Bob finally came up gasping for
breath as Carol relaxed her legs and fell back limp.

Bob sat up, gasping for breathe, licking his lips and looked
down at his slutty unfaithful wife. He got this big grin on his
face and winked at Carol saying,

"You did it. I wasn't sure you would."

Carol replied,

"I hope you can get used to it, I'm pretty sure it will
happen again. In fact I know it will."

end chapter 6

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?
The End... for now...


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