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CAROL07 sucked him off when came



Story by Drifter

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 7

Again Bob smiled and repeated his comment,

"You really did it. I wasn't sure you would, I knew you
wanted to. Hell the truth is I wanted you to do it too. And you
did. You obviously enjoyed the hell out of it. So did the guy,
damn he came a lot."

"Hmmmm you are right honey....I did enjoy it. It was so
exciting. Knowing I was being fucked by some guy not my husband.
The sex was great but the idea of doing something so taboo really
made it even better. I hope it doesn't bother you too much. I
want to do it again... and soon."

Bob thought for a moment as he looked at his well used wife.

"It doesn't bother me Carol. I have secretly wanted you to
do this for some time. It has been my favorite fantasy. The idea
of other guys fucking you... The only thing that bothers me is
how much I enjoyed cleaning his cum out of your cunt. I love it
when you insist I do that. I guess I wanted to do it but I
needed you to 'force' me, to command me. I guess I am a bit of a
submissive huh? I like for you to tell me what to do Carol."

"So what honey... if you enjoy it, so what. I loved the
idea you were licking another man's cum out of me. Maybe I can
arrange for that to happen often. I have a confession too,
I was pretty submissive with him. I did everything he wanted me
to do. I loved it when he 'made' me suck his cock and everything
else. When we were fucking, he treated me like a slut and I
loved every minute of it. Maybe sometime I can be your slut too.
The way I feel I would do anything you wanted me too."

There was a pause as both thought it over. Then Carol

"Do you want to know who it was? Who fucked your wife?"

"Yeah... at least I think so... yeah I do!"

"Think about it. He is a good friend of ours, his wife too.
They are in the hiking club and as I learned, into open sex big
time. In fact he suggested it would be nice if you could get
comfortable with him fucking me, and maybe the two of you could
do me at the same time. I love that idea, I can just imagine two
men doing me at the same time... wow!"

"Hot idea Carol, I could get into that. So his wife knows he
screws around and she does too? I have a pretty good idea who it
was. My good friend Dr. Joe Daniels fucked you?"

"Yeah ... I figured you suspected it was Joe. Do you want to
hear all the details?"


"Well Joe has been trying to get me to let him for some
time. Saturday night he started playing with me under the table
at the restaurant. It was terribly exciting with his hand on my
thigh as he sat and talked to you as if nothing unusual was
going on. I let him touch my pussy through my panties. I was so
hot. I almost came right there as he played with me. I wanted
him to do more. Yet I was afraid. Then Sunday morning when we
were over there, we went out to the pool house after you and
Janette went into the den.

I was horny as hell.. and nervous. When Joe started
touching me, my ass and my pussy under my skirt, I didn't want
him to stop. I had dressed sort of sexy for his benefit. I let
him play with me and he started to finger fucked me ... until I
came. I had this fabulous orgasm as he had fingers in my ass and
my pussy. The truth is I wanted him to go ahead and fuck me
then. If he had tried I wouldn't have stopped him. But he didn't
try. Instead he pulled his hard cock out and pushed it into my
face. I gave him head until he came in my mouth. I had just
sucked him off when we came back into the house. That was when I
learned I loved giving head. I wish you had insisted I do that
to you."

Carol had been stroking Bob's hard throbbing cock and now
she said,

"I need you to make love to me baby. I need you to tell me
you are glad about Joe and me. Talk to me nasty... about Joe and
me ... while you fuck me... please."

Bob eased into her cunt, now freshly cleaned by his tongue.
They were into an easy slow swing of their hips, meeting each
other's strokes and Bob said,

"I'm thinking right now about Joe's cock being where mine
is. It is exciting.... to think about another guy fucking my
wife. What I really want is to watch... him fuck you Carol. I
also want he and I to double fuck you. I want Janette too. I
want you and Joe to watch while I fuck Janette...."

Much later they lay in each others arms after a long
refreshing shower. It was almost midnight. Carol snuggled up
close and said,

"Honey... I can't tell you how much I loved letting Joe do
me and I am so glad you are OK with it. I can't tell you how
much I liked spanking your cute ass today and ordering you to do
nasty things. I also like being told to do things. When Joe
ordered me around I loved it. I liked it when Alex spanked me.
It made me hot as hell instantly. There are lots of things I am
learning about myself that I never dreamed were there. I am so
eager for you to have Janette and Alex that I can't believe it.
I've been thinking about doing some other things. Like some of my
students, the other men in the hiking club, my Dean at school...
the list seems endless. I guess I should be satisfied with you
and Joe and Alex and Janette in my sex life. But I keep thinking
about lots of others too. I need to know from you.... how far
are you comfortable with me going?"

"Carol, a real tiger has been freed. I don't know for sure.
If you came home and told me how a student had fucked you I know
I would enjoy hearing about it. Same with Dean Edgers and the
guys in the hiking club. I want to hear all about what you do.
I want to watch you with some of them. Join you with some. I
know how you feel. Janette suggested we become lovers and I
think I will call her in the morning to set it up. I want Alex
too.. I want Sue and Vickie and some others. I think we should
let it go where ever it goes and share with each other openly.
As long as we are both comfortable with what happens. I am
learning there are parts of me that scare me a little. When I am
really totally turned on I think I could learn to enjoy almost
anything, even being spanked like you said, and if you ordered me
to do something, almost anything, I think I would do it."

Carol tucked that little communications away for future
reference as she smiled to herself, kissed Bob goodnight and
cuddled closer to go to sleep.


The next morning as she and Bob left for work she held him
close and kissed him and said,

"Honey .. don't call Janette. Not yet. I would like to be
there the first time you are with another woman. I think it
might happen this afternoon with Alex. I want you to wait until

"Sure ... I can do that. But I will be home about 4:30 to
watch you and Alex... don't disappoint me."

When Bob had been gone for a few minutes Carol grabbed her
books and headed for the College. As she drove she thought about
the late events. She was horny... she had had more sex lately
than she could have imagined and it just made her hornier. Lots
of things had changed. She thought, her dress style - briefer and
sexier with no bra, her attitude - more free and more open, her
walk - swinging her hips much more, letting her breasts swing and
bounce, even the way she looked at men - with a twinkle in her
eyes as she wondered how they would be in bed. That part of her
has been submerged far too long she decided. But no more...

She had a note to meet with the Dean about her fall schedule
after lunch. She had solid lectures the rest of the morning. Her
first class that morning was old English Literature. As she
walked into the class she decided to put aside her regular
lecture and to have some fun. Today they would cover anglo-saxon
mores, words, and dialects compared with the Victorian view of

She walked into her class and she noticed the way a number
of her students looked at her. She had made quiet a change. It
pleased her the way she was being ogled and she thought, 'I'm
easy guys... make a move.'

As she announced her subject change there was a buzz of
excitement. A real hunk in the back row raised his hand and when
Carol nodded he asked,

"Anglo-saxon words like fuck and cunt? Like that?"

There followed a number of nervous laughs and Carol
maintained her 'lecture' face and replied,

"Those are the ones Dan. There are many more. The folks in
that era had good solid down-to-earth words for anatomy and the
sex acts. Today we have sanitized our language with terms like
intercourse or coitus and vagina. I don't know about you folks
but I don't find our modern words very interesting. I want each
of you to spend some time in the library looking up more of these
words and the meaning. Also I want a one page story using as
many as possible. Perhaps if some of you like, you can read your
story to the class next time."

A cute young lady in the second row raised her hand, then

"I have always been told not to use those words. Of course
that made me want to use them. I guess for shock value. Is that
why we find them so stimulating?"

Carol smiled and said,

"Right Candy, some people feel they shouldn't ever be used
but I was taught words are just words. If they bother some
people then you have to make a decision, either to respect their
space and edit your words or to go ahead. I try to use the
proper set of words according to the environment."

Dan raised his hand again and said,

"When do you use the anglo-saxon words, Dr Maddox?"

Carol smiled and answered,

"When I am frustrated with something, or angry I use them
one way. I use them entirely differently in bed. Angry I might
throw something at you Dan and scream, 'FUCK YOU Dan Mathews'.
In bed I might say, 'oh Dan, fuck me.' It makes quite a
difference doesn't it?"

There were lots of questions and the class passed almost too
rapidly. After the bell sounded Dan stopped by her desk, he
stood and stared at Carol's full breasts and the cleavage showing
down her open blouse. Carol noticed and shifted knowing they
would sway nicely for Dan. Then he broke his eyes away and said,

"Dr Maddox... would it be OK if I wrote an erotic story for
the assignment... maybe one about a student and his sexy female
professor he has been fantasizing about f-f-fucking?"

"That would be interesting Dan. As I recall you write quite
well. You would want to be careful and not embarrass anyone
publicly tho."

"Yeah I will... Dr Maddox, do you really like those words?"

"Yes Dan... in fact sometimes I love them, they can be a
real turn on for me."

Carol looked around to see they were the only ones left in
the lecture hall and she smiled at him saying,

"I really get verbal in bed Dan. The words turn me on and I
love it. As you know I have to be somewhat careful as a faculty
member, you have to keep my little secrets. But the quickest
way to turn me on is to say those words softly to me."

"You mean if someone said something like, 'Dr Maddox, you
are such a hot looking lady I would love to eat your cunt and
fuck you', that would turn you on?"

Carol glanced at his trousers and he had a large bulge
indicating his excitement. She smiled up at him and said,

"Yes Dan.... of course the setting has to be right too. I
could easily get turned on now if I didn't have to run to another
class so I can't let your words effect me too much. But I have
to admit Dan... what you just said excites me. Another time ...
another place who knows."

Carol just looked in his eyes. If he could have read her
mind he would have known without a doubt she wanted him to pursue
the subject. Then Carol stood and walked to her next class. She
knew Dan would be looking at her ass and she gave him something
extra to look at as she walked out. At the door she turned and
smiled warmly, thinking, 'If he makes a move he is in for one
hell of a ride."

Her next two classes passed without note and Carol found
herself waiting in the large outer office of Dean Edger. His
secretary smiled at her and said,

"I love your outfit Dr Maddox. You usually dress so
conservative but that looks great on you. Should cause a few
comments from the students."

"Thanks Beth, I decided I wanted to dress a bit more free
for a change. Do you think anyone will object?"

Carol noticed her eyes go over her body appreciatively and
then she said,

"Nope.... certainly not me. I think you look fabulous. It
might be fun to have lunch with you some day and watch the
students ogle your body. I'm sure the Dean will enjoy it too.
He appreciates the female body .... a lot."

Carol noticed that Beth was dressed a lot like she was, a
hot looking lady. Did she and the Dean....? Her thoughts were
broken then as the Dean came out.

Carol said to Beth,

"I like the idea of lunch Beth... call me."

And she walked into the Dean's plush office. She felt his
eyes on her body and then he said,

"Carol, new wardrobe? I remember you as the conservative
one. Nice change."

She sat down and made sure the Dean had a good view of her
long legs. He seemed to appreciate them. He started talking
about the fall schedule as he ran his eyes over her cleavage. He
talked about how he had booked her pretty heavy with classes,
maybe too heavy. He wanted to talk to her about working with him
on a new book he had in mind. If she would be interested he
would leave a couple of hours open each morning in both their
schedules so they could get together regularly.

It was clear to Carol the book was not all he had in mind.
She was delighted. She assured the Dean she would love to work
with him... on whatever projects he had. He talked about the
outline of the book and droned on and on. Carol got a little
bored and uncrossed her legs in an exaggerated manner, sure that
Dean Edgers got a good glimpse of her tiny pale blue panties.
end chapter 7

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?
The End... for now...


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