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CAROL08 sucking Carols wet cunt Carol



Story by Drifter

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 8

The view disappeared and Dean Edger had stopped his briefing.
He stood there silent for a moment. Then he smiled at Carol and

"Forgive me Carol my Dear, I get carried away sometimes. We
can discuss the book next fall when we get started on it. How
are you? You certainly look fantastic."

"Dean Edger I..."

He interrupted her and said,

"Please Carol, call me Don. I would hope we could work a lot

"Don, I am doing wonderfully. I have been experimenting a
bit with a different life style. I have taken up hiking in the
mountains and a number of other fun things. I decided I wasn't
having near enough fun or excitement. It is difficult as a
faculty member, one has to be so careful, but I decided it was
time for me to loosen up a bit, at least off campus. I hope you
don't get complaints about the new me."

"I see Carol, well Dear... times have changed a great deal.
Even college Faculty can have a bit of fun now. Even Deans. The
new rules seem to be if you leave the young minors alone anything
else is OK. I had to speak with a fellow Professor recently. He
has a taste for the younger freshman girls. The way some of them
dress and act I can't say I blame him. But unfortunately a few
of them tend to tell their parents afterwards, when the good
Professor moves on to new fields, and they are left 'empty' shall
we say. A couple of times it has gotten a bit nasty."

Carol thought, 'Damn was I the only one in the world not
screwing around?'

Then Carol stood up noticing their scheduled time was about
up. He didn't miss a beat as she flashed him again. He put his
hand on her waist as they slowly walked toward the door. He
paused and asked as he stared obviously at her large breasts,

"Carol dear, how is your marriage doing, Bob isn't it? Nice

Carol smiled as she chose to interpret his message her way,
and she said,

"It is great Don, we recently have opened our lives to some
new friends and some new experiences. Very exciting. I have to
admit I am only sorry we haven't tried this long ago."

"That sounds very interesting Carol. I would like to hear a
lot more about that. One could interpret that a number of
ways.... even sexual. Like in an open marriage."

Carol smiled and felt his hand lower on her back. She was
free the next period, plenty of time before Alex was due. Would
he make a play? She hoped so. Carol looked up at him and placed
one hand on his chest and said,

"I don't want to shock you Dean. I had always been so true
and faithful to Bob. Then someone I admired a lot made a pass at
me. I don't know what came over me but I didn't even try to
resist his advances. I was an easy lay I guess. Afterwards I knew
I would never go back to my old life. Now Bob and I have agreed
to a open marriage as you suggested. I am new to it but I find
I love it. I hope you aren't disappointed in me Dean... uh Don."

"Not at all Carol, I am delighted. The truth is I find your
story more than a little exciting. My wife is so reserved... I
envy you. Tell me Carol, how open do you mean? Are you planning
on limiting your activities to just this one man?"

Carol smiled into his eyes and they both knew the answer.
His hand dropped under her short skirt onto her near bare ass.
As he caressed her Carol smiled,

"Don.... I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.
More than just one mentor would help a lot I think. In fact I
was looking for another mentor. Would you have any suggestions?"

"Carol I don't mean to be crass, but I have an appointment I
can't get out of in 20 minutes. Could we....?"

Carol smiled and lifted her skirt catching the top of her
bikini panties and shoved them down, stepping out of them. She
handed them to Don and sat on the edge of his desk, spreading her
legs and said,

"Hurry Don, at least we can enjoy a quicky this time."

Don unzipped his trousers and Carol guided his hard tool
into her easily. It was exciting, getting fucked in his office
by the Dean. Not near long enough but good. He was older but
good... very good.. and he whispered into her ear little things
like how nice she felt. She loved that.

They had a couple of minutes to repair their clothing and
Carol kissed him lightly and said,

"Anytime Don... just call."

As she stood at his door before opening it she looked at him
and said,

"Are you sleeping with Beth?"

He just smiled.


Again he smiled.

As Carol walked out she smiled at Beth and she noticed a
gorgeous, voluptuous young girl sitting on the couch, waiting.
Carol walked out with a huge grin on her face.

Back in her office she called Bob. When he picked up the
phone and said Hello, Carol replied in her sexiest voice,

"Hi Bob, this is your wife. I just let Dean Edger fuck me."

And she hung the phone up without giving Bob a chance to say
anything. Maybe she would call Bob everyday with a message like
that. And she headed for her car. As she drove toward her home
she smiled as she thought about she and Alex and Bob and...???

Carol rushed into her home and jumped into the shower.
Minutes later she walked downstairs with only a towel wrapped
around her body. As she let Alex in the front door, she looked
radiant and said,

"Sorry Alex... I am running late.. just got out of the
shower, please come in."

Alex stepped inside and her eyes opened wide as she looked
at Carol appreciatively.

Carol appreciated the way Alex was looking at her as she

"Alex, I need to talk to you, I think you have a lot of
the answers I need.. Sorry about being so abrupt but that seems
to be the way I work lately. Last time you said a lot of things
I've been thinking about ever since. I would like to talk about
what you said.... about a female lover, about domination.... so
much has happened in my life. All of a sudden I seemed to have
gone a little crazy... Alex, I want to fuck almost everything
that walks. And I have all of these 'unusual' ideas."

Alex laughed delightfully and sat on the couch as she said,

"OK darling lets talk."

Carol stood in front of her and looked down into her eyes
and asked,

"Are you a lesbian Alex?"

"No baby, actually I am bisexual Carol, but lately I seem to
prefer women. I still enjoy men frequently but I relate better
with women. The truth is I like to dominate men... make them do
what I want. You would be amazed at the number of men who
welcome that.... there are of course all degrees of domination.
From very mild to really sadistic. I don't care for the latter
at all but the former.... Women enjoy it you did last

"Alex I am pretty confused. The things you did to me last
time.... how hot it left me. All that has happened...."

And she told her about Joe and what she had pushed Bob into
doing. About having sex with Dean Edger. Alex laughed softly
and said,

"Carol... we have a lot to talk about... and do. I see you
are a lot like me sweety, into it all. But first come over here
and sit down next to me."

Carol smiled and sat down. Alex said,

"Closer baby."

Carol shifted over until her thigh pressed against Alex's.
She looked up at Alex and smiled. Alex slid her arm around
Carol's waist and pulled her closer as she bent to kiss her lips.
Their mouths opened and tongues explored. Carol felt one of
Alex's hands on her full bare breast as she pushed the towel out
of the way. Carol said into Alex's mouth as the kiss continued,

"Yes Alex.... tell me what to do..."

Alex broke the kiss as she pulled the towel open completely. She
leaned over taking a erect nipple in her mouth. Carol sighed
loudly and as she felt Alex's hand drop to her love nest she
spread her legs wide for Alex's exploration. Alex spread Carol's
legs wide apart and dropped on her knees in front of Carol's bare
pussy. Alex's lips and tongue were soon probing, licking and
sucking Carols wet cunt. Carol was going wild in response.
When Carol was on the verge of her huge orgasm Alex stopped and
stood up. Carol looked at her and whispered,

"Alex please don't stop, come back, I need you."

Alex smiled as she stripped her sweat suit off and said,

"I know you do baby. You will want it a lot more before we
are through."

Alex stood there nude and she was spectacular. Full bodied
and a look of lust on her face. She placed one foot on the arm
of the couch opening up her cunt for Carol to see. Then she

"Carol get on your knees and get busy."

Carol smiled and slid off the couch and buried her face in
Alex's open crotch. Carol was busy as Alex crooned to her,

"Yes baby, lick me there, suck my clit honey.... yes you
are learning fast.... put your fingers in me...."

Alex came strongly and after a moment, sat on the couch.
Carol started to join her but Alex stopped her and instead pulled
her face back into her spread legs. Carol happily resumed her

Later, after Alex had gotten off several more times, Carol
looked up at her and asked,

"Shell I stop for a while now?"

"Yes baby come here and kiss me."

As they kissed Alex played with her breasts and her open wet
pussy, but expertly stopped each time she started to cum. Then
Carol groaned,

"Damn it Alex don't stop.. I need to cum so bad.."

Carol heard Alex's harsh voice respond,

"Don't be insolent you little bitch."

And she pulled Carol across her lap and spanked her three
times rapidly, and hard. Carol rubbed her ass. It stung but it
was starting to feel good too and she was so wet.... She was
excited and wondered what was next. She also wondered how a
spank on her ass could make her pussy so wet. Again she felt
Alex's hand and she cried out. One more time and then she felt
Alex's hand rub lightly across her tingling ass and go straight
to her open cunt. She slipped two fingers into Carol and said,

"You little slut. Your pussy is all wet and open."

Carol picked up on the game and smiled to her self as she
ducked her head and whispered,


Alex slowly slipped her fingers in and out and Carol moaned
with each stroke.

"You are such a fucking little bitch, you're like a bitch
dog in heat. Dying to fuck anything that comes along aren't

"Yes Alex."

"You like me to finger your hot little pussy like this,
don't you?"

"Oh Yes Alex.. please."

"What will you agree to if I let you get off Carol?"

"Oh Alex... anything... please."

"If I had a female friend her would you suck her pussy?"

"Yes Alex..."

"If I had a male friend and ordered you to suck his cock,
would you do it?"

"Yes Alex anything... only please get me off...."

"If I had a group of ten men here would you fuck them all
like the slut you are...?

"Oh Alex please... yes... yes ... ten ... twenty... yes."

Alex had been manipulating her clit and now as she crossed
that line she let Carol shudder and cum...and cum, so hard she
blacked out falling back on the couch unconscious.

When Carol came too Alex stood over her smiling, then she
dropped her mouth to Carols pussy and ate her lovingly until she
came, screaming, several times again. Fortunately not as severe
as before, this time she didn't black out but wonderful
end chapter 8
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The End... for now...


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