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CAROL09 girls are going have



Story by Drifter

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 9

When Bob came in the door he found Carol and Alex in the
middle of the floor in a 69. He sat down on the floor next to
them and watched fascinated. His cock was hard and throbbing and
he stood up and stripped, sitting again stroking his hard cock as
he listened to the wet slurping, gurgling sounds of these two
magnificent looking women eating each other. They first noticed
Bob only after they both had an explosive climax and Carol, who
had been on top fell on the floor beside Alex.

Bob scanned their two hot sexy bodies and he was dying to
fuck something. He didn't much care what. Alex first noticed him
and said,

"Look Carol, we have a guest."

Carol smiled up and said,

"Hi honey, did you like watching us?"

"Yeah Carol, so much... damn you two were....are hot."

Alex pulled Carol into her arms and hugged and caressed her
as Bob watched. Then she kissed Carol's lips in a long heated
kiss. When she broke it she said to Carol,

"Well my little sweetheart, I think Bob is interested in
joining us. Why don't we use him. You can sit on his face and
let him eat you while I sample that nice hard cock I see."

Alex motioned for Bob to lay on his back beside him. Bob
silently obeyed. Carol and Alex mounted him facing each other.
They rode Bob as they talked softly, kissed and played with each
other's breasts and clits. After a few minutes of this Alex
stood up letting Bob's hard cock fall free. She smiled at Carol
and holding her hand out helped Carol to stand up. Carol at
first said,

"No Alex I'm so close."

Alex swung hard, her finger tips just catching Carols hard
nipple as she slapped it. Carol moaned and looked up at Alex.
She lowered her head in submission and then quickly allowed Alex
to help her up this time as she heard Alex say,

"You must develop control Carol. Make it last. Don't think
with your pussy. There are so many games to play."

Bob groaned as he felt them leave. Looking up he said,

"Why did you stop, Carol honey come back and sit on my
cock... I need you so bad..."

Alex smiled,

"Bob... of course we both will come back, when we are ready.
Until then be quiet, be patient and do what you are told..."

Bob's eyes glistened with lust and pleasure as he said,

"Yes Alex...."

Alex said to Carol,

"Now baby, you sit on his cock while I enjoy his tongue. If
he gets close to cumming stand up and I will too. We will see
how long your husband can pleasure us."

Carol eagerly joined the game. After the third time the two
ladies stood up Bob literally growled in his throat. Alex knelt
beside him and whispered in his ear,

"Carol is being a real slut. I want you to grab her and
throw her on the floor and rape her if necessary. Fuck her rough
and hard do you understand."

Bob nodded this animal look in his eyes as he slowly got up
and headed for Carol who was standing in the middle of the room.
When she saw the look on his face, she was unbelievably excited
as well as a little afraid. She started to back away and Bob
reached out and caught her wrist forcing her to her knees as he
dropped behind her. He pushed her face into the floor hard as he
rammed his cock to the hilt in one movement. He fucked her like
an animal, hard uncaring... just trying to get off....

Carol looked back at him as he plowed into her so rough.
She started to speak,


But Bob slapped her ass hard and told her to shut up until
he was through fucking her. Carol shivered and came the first of
several times, dropping her head to the carpet as her husband
continued ravishing her wet pussy.

They soon lay spent on the floor. Alex sat on the couch and
when they looked up she clapped her hands in applause,

"You guys were fantastic."

Carol slowly sat up and looked at Bob with new respect as
she said,

"Shit I'm going to be sore for a week you bastard."

Bob just smiled.

Alex dressed and kissed each of them roughly and left after
telling them both to be there at four on Monday of the next week.
That they would skip Friday this week.


Bob and Carol slowly walked up stairs arms around each
others nude body to the shower. They touched and kissed lightly
as they showered. When they got into their bedroom still drying
themselves Carol saw this box on the bed from Victoria's secret.
She looked at Bob and he smiled saying,

"It's for you my love."

Carol opened it and found a pair of red shear hose, red garter belt and red half bra, the kind that cover the bottom of
the breast revealing the top and the nipples completely. Carol
slipped it all on and as Bob whistled as she posed seductively in
front of the full length mirror. She looked gorgeous and exposed
and so damned sexy. She looked at Bob,

"No panties, and my tits showing, I look like I'm ready for
one hell of a party."

Bob smiled and he felt his cock stir as he said simply,

"Yeah. I figured we were heading to an orgy soon. Seemed
right for that."

Carol walked over and slid her arms around his neck and
kissed him tenderly. Then she said,

"I love you. Don't ever forget that no matter what we get
into. I love you and I appreciate the way you let me go wild.
Remember...Anything you want me to do, let me know."

They dressed and decided to go out for dinner.

When they returned it was about eleven and the phone was
ringing. Bob picked it up and heard Alex,

"Bob tell Carol that my girl friend and I are waiting for
her at my apartment. And Bob... she won't be back until in the
morning. We three girls are going to have a party. Can you
imagine what we will be doing Bob. You can lay there in bed and
masturbate while you think of what three naked women can do to
each other."

Then she hung up. He related the message to Carol exactly.
Carol began to undress. She folded the red lingerie neatly and
said she was saving that for him. Then she pulled a clean loose
sweat suit out of her drawer and started to put it on. Bob
realized she was dressing to go meet Alex and his cock got
instantly hard. Carol noticed and walked over kneeling in front
of him saying,

"I want to take care of this first baby."

When she left she had brushed her teeth packed a small bag
and kissed Bob goodnight. As they walked to the door Bob asked,

"If that had been Joe instead of Alex, would you still be
going to spend the night with him."

Carol kissed him, her tongue wild, she could tell he was
extremely excited. She broke the kiss and said,

"You mean if Joe called me some night and wanted me to come
fuck him all night, would I do it?"

"Yeah,..... would you?"

"Yes my darling... I would... eagerly."

Bob smiled at his wife and they kissed once more at the
door, then Carol added,

"Or I might ask Joe over here so you both could fuck me."

She walked to the car and drove to spend the night with two
new friends. Bob walked back to his bedroom thinking,

"What next?"

He had a hard time going to sleep as visions of three hot
women together kept running through his head.


Carol returned looking very tired at 8:00 the next morning.
She obviously had slept little if any. Bob was up and dressed.
He kissed Carol,

"Have fun?"

"Ummm yes, you have to meet Andrea, Alex's friend. Hot...
so hot."

Bob left after she promised to tell him all about it that

Carol showered and dressed in one of her new outfits. She
got to the campus just in time for her classes. When she
returned to her office after her third class she found a large
vase of roses with a card. From the Dean,

"Carol, darling.... I am delighted to know the new Carol.
Hope to 'see' a lot more of her soon."

No signature but just the initials DE.

She smiled... she loved flowers. She picked up the phone
and dialed his office. Beth answered, and then Don.

"Thank you for the flowers... I love them...... I have the
next hour free if you would like to drop by....... I will be
waiting Don."

As she hung the phone up she smiled. She slid her hands
under her skirt and slowly removed her panties dropping them in
her desk drawer. Shortly, as expected, she heard a knock at her
door. Don stepped in and closed and locked the door behind him.
Carol stepped to meet him and slid her arms around his neck as
they kissed. She felt his cock getting hard and she squirmed
against it like some teen-ager. Then as the kiss broke Don
smiled at Carol as he ran his hands over her,

"Carol darling, I hope soon we can find more time for this,
and a bed, maybe we can get away for a week end."

"I would like that Don but don't hesitate to come by for a
quicky.... I love this it seems so hot to rush together and fuck
our brains out."

Carol stepped back and leaned over on her desk and smiled at

"This give you any ideas?"

Don stepped up behind her, flipped her skirt up over her
bare ass and entered her. Later as he kissed her goodbye and
left, Carol smiled thinking, 'I love getting fucked'.

Carol picked up the phone and dialed Janette's office

"Hello, Dr Janette Daniels here."

"Hi Janette, how are you? This is Carol."

"Carol... good to hear from you. I am fine. Joe says you
are real fine too honey."

"Janette you are going to embarrass me, but now that you
mention it Joe was great too. I called to see if you and Joe
would like to join Bob and I for drinks and dinner Friday evening
or possibly longer?"

"We would love to Carol. Joe said he was eager to see you
again. Can I watch honey?"

"Anytime Janette.... but about Bob.... I am eager for the
two of you to get together but let me tell you what I am trying
to do with Bob."

And Carol shared some of what she had discussed with Alex
about training during the night at her apartment. Janette was

"Suppose that would work with Joe?"

"We can try Janette. Can you imagine having several men ready to do absolutely anything you told them to do."

"Yes I can Carol and it makes me wet."

"Me too Janette... we will see you and Joe Friday then?"

"We will be there... and Carol.. I am delighted that you
have opened up. I have always thought you would be hot."

"Thank you Janette, I like that. I must say you are my
ideal of a sexy woman. Your complexion, those dark eyes, that
body.. I can understand why everyone wants you in bed. I bet you
are good."

"Carol can't wait til Friday..... can we dress sexy."

"Yes please do.... the sluttier the better... should be

Carol told her about her new red lingerie and then she
broke the connection and dialed Bob as she thought about being
with Janette.... Bob may have to wait his turn with her. I fact
it might be fun to make Bob wait and wait.

"Hi Bob, ... honey I just wanted to let you know a couple of
things, first Dean Edger just left my office. He fucked me again
honey, it was very nice. I bent over my desk and he pulled my
skirt up and shoved his hard cock in me so deep... he really
fucked me hard. I think this might get to be a regular thing
with Don. The other thing is leave Friday night open hon, the
Daniels are coming over for dinner.... probably the night. I
hope you are ready to watch Joe fuck your wife? If things work
out you may get to fuck Janette. Maybe I will too."

She broke the connection again and sat down and grinned from
ear to ear.
end chapter 9
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The End... for now...


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