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CAROL10 movie house had balcony usually



Story by Drifter

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 10

Carol was waiting for Bob when he came rushing in the door.
After Carol's call all he could think of was the image of Carol
bent over her desk and the Dean fucking her hard. It had excited
him so much he had to leave work early. Now he moved toward the
bedroom eagerly. She was laying on the bed, in a lot of ways
just the way the Dean had left her. No panties, her skirt up
around her waist and her cunt full of the Dean's cum.

Bob stopped and looked down at his wife. As he stared at
her downy haired pussy Carol spread her legs and said,

"I kept it warm for you baby."

Without a word, he went down on her and eagerly licked and
sucked her pussy clean as she started to cum repeatedly. Then he
moved up her body and filled her up again, cleaning that out too.

Training does work Carol thought as she shivered with pleasure.

They showered together and talked excitedly about the
possibilities for Friday night with the Daniels. They dressed,
Carol in a very low cut blouse that showed most of her large
breasts, just barely covering the nipples, and a very brief
mini-skirt with no bra or panties. Carol posed for him and asked,

"Do you still love your sexy slut wife? Do you like it when
I call and tell you someone just fucked your wife, again?"

"I do Carol.... I love you playing the slut."

Carol kissed him deeply and said,

"I love it too Bob. I guess I have always been a slut
underneath. Now I love acting it out. I love fucking other men and telling you all about it. I cum so wild when you eat their
stuff out of my cunt. I can't think of anything that would make
me hotter. But if I do I will want you to do it."

They ate a light dinner and then decided to see a movie.
Bob asked her if she were going out like that saying,

"You are really going to turn some heads."

"Do you mind? Might be fun to expose myself to the men I

"I think I will enjoy it... almost as much as you."

They were early when they got to the theater so they walked
across the street to a small bar for a glass of wine. To her
surprise and delight she noticed her student, Dan Mathews sitting
at the bar. She explained who it was to Bob and told him to get
them a table... she wanted to say hello to Dan. Bob watched as
she stood talking to her student. He could see the guy looking
down at Carol's mostly exposed breasts and he wondered if Carol
had fucked him too. He decided not yet or he would have gotten a
phone call. Carol's arm was resting lightly on his shoulder, her
hand trailing lightly up and down the back of his neck.

Then he stood up and the two of them walked toward the
booth. Carol walked ahead of him and Bob smiled as he watched
the way Dan stared at his wife's cute sexy ass. Carol slid in
and introduced Bob and Dan. They shook hands and Dan sat down
beside Carol. Bob mentioned he had already ordered their wine
and then Carol said,

"Honey I talked Dan into going to the movie with us, you
don't mind do you? I like having a good looking man on each side
of me. Especially in dark places."

Bob smiled knowing exactly where Carol hoped to take this.
He was feeling the excitement as he was hoping for the same
thing she was. It was time, he thought, that he saw his hot
little wife in action with another man, not just hear about it
afterwards. He assured Dan he was welcome. As they sipped their
drinks Carol winked at Bob and turned her attention to Dan. Bob
watched as she charmed him, and Dan enjoyed the view of her
largely exposed breasts and her now hard nipples peeking out
above and showing through the thin material of her blouse.

After a moment Bob mentioned it was time for the movie. The
three of them walked across the street. Carol slipped a hand in
each of her male escorts and squeezed them as her excitement
rose. She was glad she had nothing on underneath her blouse and
skirt. How far could she go with Dan in the movie? She
remembered the movie house had a balcony, usually used by teen
agers to make out. When they waited in line Carol said,

"Honey get three tickets in the balcony will you please?"

Bob smiled as he turned to get the tickets - Dan smiled as
he looked at the sexy teacher he was so hot for and said,

"Carol you are gorgeous and so sexy. I never dreamed I
would have a college professor that looked like you."

Carol leaned against him and kissed his cheek lightly as her
breast pressed against his chest.

"Thank you Dan, I love that. Be careful you might start

Bob returned with the tickets and the three of them headed
up the stairs. They sat in the very back of the balcony which to
Carol's delight was very dark and deserted. When they were
seated she asked Bob to go get a box of popcorn for them to
share. Bob smiled to himself and headed for the lobby, deciding
to take it slow and give Carol some time to work on Dan. He was
sure Dan was ready to jump Carol but not with her husband around.

When Bob left, Carol leaned over closer to Dan and asked,

"How is your anglo-saxon story going Dan?"

"Really good Dr Maddox. I am enjoying writing it. But it
makes me so damned excited."

Carol stopped him and told him to call her Carol outside of
class. Then she asked him what it was about?

Dan looked at her for a moment then replied,

"Carol... it is about this guy who is a student, like me,
who has this literature class with this gorgeous sexy professor,
like you Carol. She drives him wild with her hot fucking body."

He stopped and looked at her and said,

"Excuse me Carol but that's the way the story goes, remember
lots of a-s words."

"Don't apologize Dan... I love it. I especially like to
hear you use them. Remember what I said.... about how they
turned me on. Well they are doing it now."

And she touched his arm and leaned into it until her large
breast pressed hard against him. Dan dropped his eyes to her
breast rubbing on his arm and when he looked up at her, Carol
smiled at him, then urging him to continue his 'dirty' story.

"Well anyway this guy is dying to fuck this sexy professor.
Every day he tries to look down her blouse hoping to see her bare
tits. He tries to look up her skirt to see her tight cunt."

Carol smiled and placed her hand on his leg, interrupting
him and asking,

"How do you know her cunt would be tight Dan?"

"I just knows it would be. I ... I mean he dreams about how
tight her wet cunt would be on his hard cock. Anyway one day he
goes to her office planning on trying to fuck her but when he
gets there he is interrupted by another teacher and they just

"Too bad Dan... I wanted him to would fuck her. Does this
student know that his professor frequently gets hot and bothered
over some of her students, especially this one guy. The student
should tell the professor exactly how he feels, and what he
wants. He might be pleasantly surprised."

"Damn I wish...."

"You wish what baby?"

And she squeezed his thigh.

"Oh fuck Carol... you are so hot. You make me so fucking
hot. You know I am the guy in the story and you are the sexy
fucking professor. I have been dying to fuck you since the first
class period."

Carol leaned over and lightly kissed his lips, letting her
tongue dart out. Then she smiled at him and said,

"I know baby... I have been hoping you would make your
move. I have been wanting you too. I want you to fuck me. You
are a hot young man and you turn me on so much. Right now I
am very wet."

She caught his hand and kissed it and then placed it on her
breast. He squeezed gently thrilled with the feel and the idea
of what he was doing. Then he remembered Bob and pulled back.

"What's the matter honey?"

"Your husband will be back any time."

Carol slipped her hand into his lap and wrapped her fingers
around his hard cock through his pants. She looked him in the
eye and said softly,

"Darling, Bob knows I fuck other men. He approves of it.
Don't worry, what ever you do to me Bob will enjoy watching."

"Are you serious Carol?"


Then Bob came around the corner with the popcorn. He saw
Carol's hand in Dan's lap on his cock and he sat down and smiled
at them and offered them both some of the popcorn. They weren't
hungry for some reason and Bob sat there and munched on it as he
watched his wife play with this young man's rigid cock. He saw
her hand move up and down on his cock. He saw Dan nervously look
up at him knowing he could see what his wife was doing. Bob
smiled and nodded to Dan, trying to put him at ease. Then Bob
almost choked on the corn as he heard Carol say,

"Dan honey.. take your cock out."


"Yes here... now."

"Bob watched as Dan unzipped his pants and pulled his hard
cock free. Carol's hand encircled it and she stroked it's full
length. Dan couldn't believe what was going on. Then he heard
her say to Bob,

"Honey keep watch for me for other visitors... I'm going to
suck Dan's beautiful big cock."

And Carol dropped on her knees in front of Dan. Soon her
head was bobbing up and down on his cock rapidly. Dan threw his
head back as he enjoyed her mouth. It didn't last long and Dan
blew in her hot mouth. Carol drained him and sat up licking her
lips as she returned to her seat. In a moment she looked at Dan
and said,

"I want you to come home with us tonight. I want you and
Bob to fuck me all night long. Interested?"

"Hell yes Carol."

Carol got up and told Bob they were all three going home.
Then she whispered to Bob,

"You won't have to wait til Friday to watch me get fucked."

In the car Carol sat in the middle between them and she
leaned over and kissed Dan deeply. As the kiss went on Carol
caught Dan's hand and placed it under her short skirt on her bare
pussy. Dan lightly stroked her at first but soon was rapidly
finger fucking her cunt as Carol moaned loudly. The odor of sex
in the car was strong and Bob was hard and damned excited as he
watched this young man play with his wife.

As he pulled the car into the garage, the three of them
almost ran to the bedroom, stripping and strewing clothes along
the way. Carol jumped on the bed on all fours and commanded Dan
to fuck her dog fashion. As he mounted her she motioned for Bob
to kneel in front of her and she soon had his cock buried in her
mouth. Carol moaned as she enjoyed two cocks in her for the
first time. The idea of it drove her wild as she came... and for
another first she deep throated her husband as he came down her

A bit later the three of them sat on the bed talking and
Carol told them how hot it made her to have both of them. Then
she looked at Bob and said,

"Honey, you are neglecting your duty. Clean me please

Bob's eyes glazed and without hesitation he turned Carol on
her back, spreading her legs wide as he lowered his face to her
full cunt. Carol came immediately and as Bob continued licking
and sucking, she smiled at Dan and said,

"Maybe you can add tonight to your story baby."

Dan was hard again and Carol reached over and took it in her
hand. She stroked him and said,

"I love sex so much."

And she stiffened and came again for Bob's tongue.

They showered and walked bare ass into the kitchen. Carol
poured more wine and as they stood around the kitchen sipping it
Carol smiled and said,

"Damn I love this. Two sexy men, standing naked with me.
You guys are both fantastic in bed."

Then she looked at Bob and said,

"Honey did you enjoy eating Dan's cum out of my pussy?"

Bob dropped his eyes smiling as if embarrassed but said,

"You know I did."

"Well Bob don't be embarrassed, after you fuck me I plan on
Dan eating your cum out of me."

Then she looked over at Dan and said,

"You will do that won't you Dan honey. You won't mind
eating my pussy full of Bob's cum, will you?"

Dan smiled and answered,

"Carol I will do anything you want as long as you let me
fuck that incredible body."

Carol sat her wine down and dropped on her knees before Dan
and sucked his cock deep in her mouth. She motioned for Bob to
move beside Dan and she alternated sucking both of their cocks.

The rest of the night was a blur as Dan took her from the
rear and she sat on Bob's cock. As predicted Dan cleaned her hot
little cunt out afterwards.

Later Carol slipped on a robe and drove Dan back to the bar
to get his car. As Carol drove Dan said,

"Carol this is like my wettest dream, I can't believe I
fucked you."

Carol laughed and said,

"I remember that big cock of yours for sure baby. In fact I
would like to have it again soon."

"Carol anytime you want.... this is to die for. I still
have trouble realizing I fucked you, especially with your husband
watching. That is so fucking hot."

"It is.... I'm getting wet all over again thinking about

"I'm hard as hell Carol, could we....?"

"Yes... as soon as I get in the parking lot."

Shortly Carol killed the engine and slid down in the car
seat as Dan crawled between her legs. The car rocked for some
time. When Carol sat up she smiled at Dan and said,

"Thank you baby, your cock feels so good in me."

Dan kissed her goodnight and moved to his car. As Carol
drove off she thought, 'Bob, Joe, Don, Alex, Dan.....'

Later as she crawled into bed with Bob, she cuddled up
against his back, pressing her bare breasts into his back and Bob

"Have fun tonight?"

"Yes...I loved it. Bob I am changing so fast. I sometimes
think I want to fuck the entire male population and a good deal
of the females too. Did you like watching Dan fuck me tonight."

"I did.... but I especially liked watching you blow him in
the movie theater. I wanted you to fuck him right there... in

"Maybe next time I will.....I think we could arrange that.
He fucked me again in the car in the parking lot behind the bar."

Carol was delighted then as Bob, without a word, rolled over
and went down on her again.

end chapter 10

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?
The End... for now...


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