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CAROL11 men join them Joe and



Story by Drifter

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 11

Carol spent the next day getting everything ready for the
Daniels that night. Carol didn't think much would go on before
they were all 'fucking their heads off'. All four of them knew
Joe had been with Carol several times. Carol thought, 'what if I
had sex with Joe while Bob watched, then had sex with Janette but
didn't let Bob do anything except lick Joe's cum out of me.
Maybe I could make Bob do something even hotter.... before I let
him have Janette.'

Mid afternoon Carol called Janette with several ideas.
Janette loved Carol's plan and arrived as requested about four.
They had each called their husbands and told them to be there at
6:00, and not a minute before.

Carol and Janette sat over wine and chatted. As they talked
Janette told Carol how glad she was that she and Bob had decided
to swing. Carol shared with Janette the details about everything
that had happened to her lately, including making love with Joe,
Alex, Don and Dan. She told Janette all about Alex's instructions
on how to train her husband. She told her all about the night
with Alex and Andrea and the love making and conversations.
Janette smiled and said,

"You have really come out of your shell with a bang, no pun
intended. And you enjoyed making love with other women?"

"Very much, in fact I loved it.... Janette... I was hoping
maybe you and I ......"

"Yes Carol I would like that very much."

Carol stood up and took Janette's hand in hers and lead her
to her bedroom.

It was over an hour before they were done. In that time the
oral sex had been fabulous. Janette told her that the next time
she would bring her strap on dildos. Carol made a mental note
that she should get herself one of those... for Bob. When they
finally showered, dressed and returned to the den, it was just in
time for the men to join them. Joe and Bob were right on time and
let themselves in together. They walked toward the den calling.
They found Carol in the red lingerie outfit Bob had given her and
Janette was in an identical white outfit of her own. Both of the
ladies were posing displaying all of their tempting assets soooo

The guys just stood and stared at them for several moments.
They looked at each other feeling a little strange that each of
their wives were posing, better than nude, with everything open
to view for both of them.

Then Joe started toward Carol. But Carol held up her hand
and said,

"Not so fast lover... tonight is going to be different.
Tonight is ladies night. You and Bob are not allowed to touch
anything or do anything until Janette or I tell you to. If you
are both very good, you will get even more than you hoped for.
If you don't obey us, you may go without pussy for a long time.
The guys smiled, this was a new game and they both liked games.

Carol spoke again,

"First dinner, no touching unless it is done by Janette or
me. Over our meal I expect to hear lots of sexy stories, about
your sexual conquests boys. Maybe Janette and I have some to
share too. It can't be anything any of the rest of us is aware
of. It has to be a new, previously untold story. Now sit down
boys and lets dine."

As they ate, Janette said,

"Joe honey, why don't you start off with a story."

Joe started to relate a story about one night when he was
out of town on business. He had been sitting in a bar when this
couple walks in. They were both attractive and obviously
scanning the room for something. When their eyes found Joe they
both smiled and headed for his table. Without a word they sat
down and then she looked at Joe and said, 'Hi... this is a bit
unusual but we are looking for a man, like you, that might be
interested in an exciting night.' Then the guy says 'This is
Jane and my name is Gene, you see, I like to watch my lady having
sex. Sometimes I join in as a threesome, sometimes I just like
to watch. Are you interested?' Joe told how he looked her full
body over and just smiled and said, 'Let's go'. They took him to
their apartment nearby and as soon as the door closed Gloria
attacked him. It lasted most of the night. The guy just
watched. It seemed like a dream as I left, but it was great sex.

The others applauded and Janette went next. Her story was
about how she had been at a medical convention, she and Joe
always went separately. She had been in the elevator going to
her room when these three Doctors got on the elevator (still
wearing their name tags, as was Janette). Janette told of how
they looked her over in her brief mini outfit and one guy
whistled and said, 'Damn Doctor, I wish I had a MD like you.'
Janette was feeling pretty horny and she smiled and said, 'You
don't want me for a MD baby.. that would get in the way of all
the fun.' Another of the guys chimed up, 'What kind of fun were
you thinking about, Janette?' (from her name tag) She replied,
'The same kind you are Paul." The third guy said, 'Which one of
us?' To which Janette replied, 'How would you all like to come to
my room?' She told about how she had entertained all three of
them, all that night and half the next day.

Then Carol interrupted the stories to instruct the boys to
strip out of their clothes, and then sit back down. Janette and
Carol watched as they did it and they were both sporting huge

Janette smiled and said,

"Damn this is nice, maybe we can get all the hiking club

Carol quickly asked,

"Are any of the others 'active' Janette?"

"I suspect so. Vickie and Ray are into light bondage
according to what Vickie told me. She came to me professionally
after they got a little carried away one night. She had strained
against the ropes so hard she had a nasty rope burn. Nothing
serious. And Sue is a real nympho. I understand from some
mutual friends that Sue can't say no... to any guy.. or gal. Tom
is totally unaware of his wife's outside activities."

Bob reached out to touch Janette and got his hand slapped.
The guys looked at each other and sat down again. Carol
suggested Bob next.

Bob started with how he had already told Carol everything
except this one occurrence he had held back. It was a little
embarrassing. Then he started to relate how in high school, when
he was 16, he had been seduced by this female teacher. She was
married to another teacher so Bob and his new lover only made
love in her apartment when her husband was gone. Then one day
after it had been going on for about a month, he 'caught them in
the act'. He acted mad but somehow Bob said he didn't seem mad.
Then he told me I was in big trouble if I didn't do exactly what
he wanted. I had no choice so I did what he wanted. It ended a
few weeks later when they were caught trying to seduce this 12
year old female. They were run out of town and I never saw them

Bob acted like he was through but Carol smiled and jumped on

"Wait a minute Bob. Not so fast, you can't just tease us.
You haven't told us what happened. What did he want you to do?"

Bob looked very uncomfortable, then he looked at Carol with
this look of pleading, but to no avail as Carol said,

"We're waiting Bob. Honey we will enjoy hearing about it no
matter what. None of us will be shocked. I think we all know
what happened but I want to hear about it.... tell us baby."

And she dropped her voice to a whisper,

"Did he make you suck his cock honey?"

Bob stared at her for the longest time and then said softly,

"Yes... and the other too."

Carol said equally softly,

"He fucked you in the ass..."

"Yes, but it always had to be as I was fucking his wife in
the ass too."

Carol said,


Janette touched his arm and said,

"I know that may have been hard on you Bob but remember,
Carol and I do that all the time, we love to suck cock and get it
in the ass. Don't be embarrassed sweety. Just think, you have
much more in common with Carol and I, and a lot of other women,
hell men too."

Then everyone looked at Carol,

Carol started saying,

This happened a long time ago too. I have never told Bob
about this, afraid what it might have done to him then. It
happened one time a year after Bob and I had met. I had been
very sexually active before meeting Bob. Then I fell in love
with him and it all stopped, except with Bob. Then one summer I
spent a week with Bob and his family in their home. It was a
couple of months before graduation and our wedding. This night
Bob and his mom and Dad went out shopping. Bob's older brother stayed at home with me. I loved Bob but I also had a crush on
Bill his brother. Bill was something of a shit. Anytime no one
was looking he would feel me up, my breasts, my ass, and if he
could between my legs. I would slap his hands but he would just
laugh. The truth is I enjoyed it. Bob and I hadn't had sex since
we got to his home and I was getting hornier and hornier. After
Bob and his folks had gone, Bill came into my room. He closed
the door behind him and he looked me over and said, 'Baby I am
gonna have me some of your pussy.' I told him to get the hell
out but all he did was to pull his hard cock out. It was huge.
As I stared at it I knew I wanted it. I fought, but less and
less and I finally gave in and let him fuck me. By the time he
finished I was eagerly going after it too, he had gotten me off
several times. I loved every minute of it. For a while I
reverted to the old Carol and fucked his head off. Later we
dressed and he said, "I know you aren't going to say anything
about this. Bob couldn't handle it. The wedding would be off
and I know you love Bob. I want more of your pussy baby, so
until you and Bob get hitched you are mine anytime I want you.'
After that night, he came into my bedroom almost every night
until I left. I never argued with him.

Now Carol looked over at Bob for his reaction, Bob smiled
at her,

"I suspected something Carol. But I didn't want to know,
not then. I was so in love with you I didn't even want to
entertain the idea. It's funny, I'm still in love with you but
now I find it exciting. Maybe we should ask Bill to come visit

Everyone applauded again and Carol stood up. Dinner had
been finished for some time and she caught Joe's hand in one of
hers and Bob's in the other and lead them to the living room.
Janette knew what was coming and she smiled broadly.

In the living room she said,

"Remember what I said earlier, unless you want to be cut off
for an extended period, you both will do exactly as I say. We
are going to start with a nice threesome. Bob honey I want you
to eat me while I go down on Joe."

Carol lay on her back and pulled Bob into place. She was
already so ready, as were the others, from the stories and the
nudity. As Bob's expert tongue went to work Carol gasped and it
was a few seconds before she could motioned Joe to straddle her
chest and feed her his cock. As she sucked him she strained
silently as Bob got her off. When Joe finally exploded in her
mouth she pushed him away and pulled Bob to her lips where she
kissed him deeply filling his mouth with Joe's cum. Bob was so
worked up he swallowed it immediately. Carol broke the kiss then
and told Joe,

"Joe honey, fuck me please. But I want Bob to put it in
for us. Would you do that please baby. I want to watch you
guide Joe's cock into me."

When Bob hesitated Carol frowned and said,

"Damnit Bob, you heard what I said. Grab Joe's cock and
guide it into my hot cunt."

In a daze Bob felt his fingers wrap around Joe's hard cock
and he started the head of it into the outer lips of Carol's
swollen cunt. Joe shoved it in to the hilt as Bob watched from
inches away. Carol was groaning and then she told Bob to
straddle her like Joe had and she sucked him eagerly, stopping as
he got close to cumming. When Joe let his load go in Carol she
squealed and came again with him. Then Carol told Bob,

"Go sit on the couch honey. I want you to watch while
Janette eats me and Joe fucks Janette dog style."

Bob groaned, his cock hurting so bad, needing to get off.
But Carol smiled at him and said,

"If you are a good boy I will let you fuck Janette soon.
First you have to start Joe's cock in Janette."

Bob took his seat and watched as Janette crawled between his
wife's legs and started eating her pussy. Carol bucked and went
wild but Janette stayed with her. Then Joe was up again and
stepped up behind his wife. Bob walked over and helped him find
his wife's cunt. Joe again sunk his shaft in one stroke.
end chapter11
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The End... for now...


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