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CAROL12 hidden parts you Getting you



Story by Drifter

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 12

Later Carol lay spent on the floor. She motioned for Bob to
lay beside her and she kissed him deeply saying,

"Damn this is great. Are you dying to fuck something baby?
I know you are. Soon maybe, after you eat Janette and clean her
up good I will let you fuck her... maybe.'

Bob shivered. He wasn't sure who he was anymore. This
waiting... the need to obey Carol... it thrilled him to the core.

His anticipation became his pleasure too. He moved over to
Janette and soon had his tongue buried between her trim legs.
Carol and Joe watched and Joe whispered to Carol,

"What are you doing to Bob? Seems like you are trying to
make him your slave or something."

Carol smiled sadistically at Joe and said,

"Your turn is coming Dr Daniels."

She let Bob bury his flagpole in Janette's freshly cleaned
love box then. She marveled at how Bob threw himself into it.
She grew jealous of Janette the way Bob plowed into her. Janette
groaned and gasped and came,... and came, never slowing Bob a
bit until he finally came in a horrendous climax. As he strained
trying to shove even more into Janette he passed out, rolling
over on the floor.

Having two MD's around was comforting. They both quickly
checked on Bob and pronounced him OK. Joe and Janette dressed
and left then after setting a 'dinner party' at their house the
following week. When Bob came around, Carol was laying beside him
stroking his face gently, tenderly.

He looked up at Carol and smiled.... Carol kissed him
sweetly and told him how much she loved him. Then she lead him
to the shower and to bed. Bob was on his back and Carol lay on
top of his chest and beside him. Now she raised up on her elbow
and looked at Bob for some time before she said,

"Darling, why didn't you ever tell me about the teachers?"

"Because I found it embarrassing. I know I'm not gay and
what he made me do was difficult to talk about."

"Then why did you bring it up tonight?"

"I'm not sure.... I think it has to do with all we have been
doing lately... I think I wanted to purge...."

"How many times did you do it?"

"A lot... until they got caught. Maybe 25 - 30 times."

"Did you do both things every time?"


"Did you like it honey?"

Bob stared off into space for awhile. Then he returned his
gaze into Carol's eyes and he swallowed hard. He didn't say
anything and Carol kissed his cheek and said softly,

"Baby.... understand me, I see nothing wrong in what you
did. I do both all the time and I love both. It might be nice
if you did too. It could open up some really wild parties. I
can just imagine 'forcing' you to go down on some guy. Wow that
would be a trip. The other too. Anyway I am glad you told us
about it."

She kissed him and lay her head on his chest and soon they
were both asleep.... but Bob did dream....


Saturday was a very 'normal' day. All morning and into the
afternoon, Carol and Bob did their chores around the house, Carol
was especially tender with Bob. He had done everything she had
wanted him to with the Daniels. He had also revealed a lot that
surprised her. Now she slid her arms around his neck and kissed
him and said,

"Honey... I appreciate what a 'good boy' you were last
night. I love how obedient you have become at times. How can I
show you my appreciation? Would you like to take control
sometime or do you prefer the other?"

"Carol, I don't know...I feel very strange about it all even
yet. I guess it will take some getting used to, but it felt so
good just to do all the things as you ordered me around last
night. Even the weirder things you had me do like handling Joe.
I admit I enjoyed it all. I'm not sure what that makes me....."

"Bob honey, you are the psychologist, you know I am just
tapping into some hidden parts of you. Getting you to do things
you want to do anyway. I think you should relax and enjoy it.
You know I won't insist you do anything you don't really want
to do. I was envious of you last night... the waiting... the
obedience... getting off so hard that you actually passed out..
wow! You know I love you, and I appreciate you for doing all of
it for me. I loved the way all three of you did my bidding last
night. It was quite a circus wasn't it?"

"Yeah... to say the least. By the way, I would like to
discuss you and my brother Bill a bit more. I want to hear more
about what happened that visit."

"I would love to share it all honey... I'm sorry I didn't
tell you before but I was afraid what you might do. What would
you like to know...."

She was interrupted by the phone. As Bob listened he heard
her say 'Hello ... Oh Hi Alex... Of course, I would love to...
Oh really... that does sound like fun. Right I will see you at 7

As she hung up the phone she smiled at Bob and said,


"I gathered."

She wants me to come to a little party at her place tonight,
... all night.... you don't mind do you baby?"

"No... not as long as I get a full report tomorrow."

"Bob.... it will be Alex and Andrea as before ..... plus
....three male friends of Alex.... maybe a few others....."

So there it was, Bob thought, Carol was going to a 'small
party', an orgy, at Alex's. Bob knew what she would be doing
with the other two women ....and the three guys.... and any
others. Bob felt the excitement building in his gut, and his
growing erection.

He didn't say anything and Carol continued,

"Bob honey you OK? I won't be doing anything I haven't
already done... at least I don't think I will."

Finally Bob smiled and said,

"I hope you enjoy it a lot. While you are at Alex's would
you object if I called someone... like Sue Parson? Remember what
Janette said about Sue and I know Tom is out of town for the next

"Bob that is a great idea."

And to Bob's surprise Carol reached for the phone. In a
moment he heard another conversation, "Hi Sue, Carol..... Yes
thank you. Sue would you like to come over this evening for a
quiet dinner and some conversation, since Tom is out of town. Bob
especially wanted you to come over.... you would, that's great.
Oh yes Sue, Bob has always admired you. He tells me all the time
how sexy he thinks you are. And Sue maybe you might want to bring
an overnight bag in case we talk late into the night and you
decide to stay over. I know going into an empty house is a real
drag late at night. Great, at 7:30 then.... Bye hon."

She put the phone down and smiled at Bob,

"It's all set. She is coming prepared to spend the night.
You and she can have a nice dinner that I will prepare for you
and then from what Joe and Janette said, all you have to do is
lead her upstairs to our bed."

"I think I can handle that.... Carol, it's only you who can
control me the way you do... I think."

"Honey I do think we are both going to have a great night.
But while I am fixing dinner for you and Sue, would you rinse
out my new red lingerie set.... I think it will make a hit at
Alex's party tonight...."

Bob smiled as he rinsed the outfit thinking he had to get
her some more like this. Then he started getting excited about
it all, Carol at an orgy, Sue... tiny, petite, sexy Sue.

Carol fixed their dinner and let her mind play with the
possibilities of her coming evening. She was nervous and
excited.... three new guys.... and others... Alex had promised
her a surprise.....

At 6:45 Carol kissed Bob good night and told him to have
fun. She had slipped on a loose long dress over her red party
suit, as she had started to call it. Bob smiled and wished her
the same as she left for her all night party.

Dinner was ready to put on the table. Bob went upstairs for
a shower and then he dressed in slacks and a sport shirt, no
shorts. At 7:15 the doorbell sounded. Bob smiled and opened the
door, glad she was early. Sue stood there, all five foot of
her. Bob took in the sight. Short but well proportioned. He
breasts were her most dominant feature. Full and firm, they
showed nicely above the low cut top of her dress. In addition to
being low cut it buttoned all the way down the front. The first
button was undone revealing a good deal of cleavage between
her great tits. Her waist was tiny and swelled into nice wide
hips. Trim legs revealed from mid thigh down. Bob felt his cock
twitch as he looked at her. All of this took only a fleeting
second as he asked Sue in.

"Sue, I apologize but Carol had to leave... emergency, won't
be back until tomorrow sometime, after lunch probably. But I
would love to have you stay and have dinner with me. Save us
both from having to eat alone...."

"Oh... I'm sorry Carol had to leave. But I'd love to have
dinner with you Bob."

But the way she smiled at Bob she didn't look sorry. She
walked in past Bob and touched his chest as she walked by. Bob
closed the door and smiled to himself... very pleased so far,
excited... and horny.

He poured both of them a glass of wine and turned the CD on
to some soft slow music. Sue sat down on the couch, as she did
her short skirt raised higher on her nice thighs. Bob glanced
down at her legs and then up to her eyes. As he passed her
breasts the cleavage was damned impressive. Sue didn't miss his
glance and she smiled saying,

"This is a good chance for us to get to know each other
better Bob. We hike together, been to a few parties together,
dinners but I can't remember ever having a chance just to talk
with you. Sometimes I'm nervous when a guys wife is around."

Bob sat down on the couch a foot or so away and nodded,

"I agree Sue. I think this will be very enjoyable...."

He was interrupted by the buzzer in the kitchen. He stood
up and offered Sue his hands to help her up. She took them and
slid forward. As she did her skirt hiked up and Bob had a brief
view of sheer black panties. Her dress dropped as she stood and
Bob lead her into the dining room. Over a delicious dinner they
chatted about a number of things. Sue seemed to be getting more
comfortable. She kept touching Bob's hand and arm as they
talked, even his face lightly with the palm of her hand.

Bob dropped his eyes to her breasts. Her top just barely
covered her nipples now. Some how her top seemed to be creeping
downward. After one look that lasted a little longer as Bob
ogled her nice breasts Sue smiled and said,

"Bob you make me feel a little funny the way you look at
me... there."

"I'm sorry Sue but you really have lovely breasts. Forgive
me for staring but they are beautiful."
end chapter 12

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The End... for now...


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