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CAROL13 sucked him back full erection



The Evolution of Carol

Story by Drifter

Chapter 13

"Thank you Bob, I appreciate complements like that. You are
very sweet."

They looked at each other for several seconds without a
word. Sue licked her lips over and over. Bob was well aware now
how easy it would be to get Sue in bed. But instead of going for
it then he changed the subject to the hiking group. Sue said,

"Bob... how well do you know the guys in the hiking club?"

"I don't know Sue... I guess some... not a lot...we just
hike... Why?"

"I hear the Daniels are pretty open..."

"Open.... what do you mean?"

Bob enjoyed playing the word games as he started to get
more excited. He knew very well what she was leading up to. Sue
smiled and touched his hand lying on the table for just a second.

Then she pulled back and said,

"I've heard from some friends of mine that they have an open
marriage. That they both see other people.... for sex."

"Really Sue. Are you sure of that?"

"My friend said Joe asked her and her husband to 'party'
with he and Janette, in a hotel room in the city."

"And did they?"

"Yes.. at least according to my friend, they spent the week
end together, with nothing off limits.... you know sexually.
They did everything according to my friend."

"Wow Sue.... that sounds interesting. Damned exciting. Do
you and Tom do that?"

"Oh no, are you kidding. Tom and I enjoy sex a lot but Tom
would never even consider that."

They had finished eating. Bob stood up knowing his semi
erection was going to be obvious. Sue glanced down and smiled as
he said,

"How about moving to the den, much more comfortable?"

Sue stood up as Bob pulled her chair and strolled into the
den ahead of Bob. In the den she turned and faced Bob. The
music was slow and easy and she said,

"Dance with me Bob?"

Bob pulled her into his arms and they shuffled slowly to the
music. He loved the feel of her breasts against his chest, her
loins against his semi-erect cock. He also knew she couldn't
miss it pressing into her. She buried her head in his neck and
slid both arms around his neck. Bob's hands dropped low on her
back. They seemed to have stopped moving but just swayed to the
music. Bob felt her press against his cock harder as she said,

"I like the way you dance Bob."

Bob's answer was to run his hands down over her trim ass
cheeks and then up her sides brushing across her full breasts from the sides, returning to her ass as he squeezed and stroked
it lightly, saying,

"Hmm Sue you feel so good.... You said you and Tom didn't
play around with others,.... have you ever....?"

Sue's breath was heavier, she was obviously turned on as she

"Bob.... sometimes I just get so horny...."

Bob moved to meet her full parted lips. The kiss was long
and deep. They both were breathing very hard as they kissed and
Bob's hands cupped her beautiful breasts. Sue only moaned softly
as he pinched her nipples and he felt her slowly hunching against
his fully hard cock. Bob unbuttoned three more buttons on the top
of her dress and it was open to her waist. His hands slipped in
on her bare beauties and Sue moaned loudly and broke the kiss

"Yes Bob honey... I love that."

Bob picked her up and carried her to his bed. She kissed
him wildly as they walked the short distance. He pulled her
dress off leaving her hose and panties as he lay her on the bed.
She posed sexily for him as he stripped. Standing beside the bed
Bob stroked his hard cock and said to Sue,

"Slide your panties down baby."

Sue made a production of it and Bob enjoyed the show, her
full breasts bouncing nicely. Bob spent the next ten minutes his
face buried in Sue's love nest. Sue gasped and came in a frenzy
that almost scared Bob. Bob slipped up beside her later and Sue
guided his weapon into her extremely wet cunt.

Bob found Sue was a very active lover, each time Bob came
she let him rest only minutes as they talked and then she played
and kissed and sucked him back to full erection to fuck him
again. Two hours later having cum four times in Sue's hot cunt,
Bob smiled and cuddled her to him and said,

"Tom is one lucky guy Sue... you are great in bed."

"Thank you sweety... Tom and I screw a lot.... but I still
always seem to be horny. I was delighted when you said Carol
wasn't going to be here. I have thought about this with you for
some time but we have never been alone. I loved doing it with
you. I hope we have other opportunities."

Bob cupped her full breasts and rolled them in his hands as
he said,

"I'm sure we will Sue.... but tell me, have you ever been in
a threesome? Or more?"

"Hmm Bobby, what do you have in mind? Yes sweety I have
enjoyed threesomes with 2 guys and with couples a few times.
Well maybe more than a few. Damn, if Tom ever found out he would
have a fit."

"I sure won't tell him Sue... I want to play with his wife a
lot more in the future."

"Bob... are you asking would I like to join you and Carol in
bed? The answer would be yes... anytime... or you and another
guy, yes to that too baby. I seem to be ready almost all the

Bob kissed her and smiled sucking on her hard nipples
briefly then looking her in the eyes.

"How often is Tom out of town? Seems like a lot."

"It is... usually about ten days a month. It's not all
bad.. like tonight."

"If there was a party... like an orgy type party, would you
like to be invited, if Tom were out of town?"

Sue caught his growing manhood and sighed,

"I think I would love it honey, who would be there?"

"Well Joe and Janette, Carol and I have been partying with
them some lately too. Maybe Vickie and Ray, I hear they are
a little kinky... haven't approached them yet. Plus a small
group that Carol knows. Maybe a dozen or so in all."

"Bob...I would love it. You can count on Ray and Vickie.....
they are one of the couples I have threesomes with frequently.
Vickie likes to tie people up and do all kinds of things to
them... I loved it. And tell Carol for me... I like girls too...
a lot."

Bob was hard again and Sue mounted him slowly, getting into
a slow easy motion.

"Sue next time Carol will have to be with us. Can you come
back tomorrow night? Let me warn you... Carol is pretty
dominating at parties."

"I like that too honey. Hmm I really love your cock...
Damn I just seem to love everything about sex."

The phone rang. Sue continued her movements as Bob picked
up the phone. Bob told Sue,

"It's Carol."

Sue smiled as Bob heard Carol say,

"Hi honey... you and Sue having fun?"

"Right now Sue is sitting on my cock for about the fifth
time tonight. She is one hot little lady... for sure... wants to
be with both of us... and even more."

Carol replied,

"Good honey, and I wanted to tell you I was wrong about
tonight. I told you I wouldn't do anything I hadn't done before,
... well I did.... like three guys at one time.... wow... it was
fabulous... one of the men here is bisexual... I thought of you
and your teachers. I loved watching the men doing each other.
We need to talk honey. I want you to come with me to Alex's next
party. But I gotta go now... someone wants me again..."

Carol hung up. Bob let the phone fall out of his hand onto
the bed as he was cumming in Sue's wildly hunching pussy at that
moment... his head swimming."

It was mid morning the next day before Sue left. They had
gotten a couple hours of sleep. Sue kissed Bob and said,

"I'll be back about 6 tonight honey... I can hardly wait.
If I didn't have to be home later today for some of Tom's
business stuff I would just stay."

And Sue was gone, for a little while. Bob busied himself as he
waited for Carol. He kept thinking about her phone call the night

Bob was still sitting on the couch a few minutes later when
he heard Carol's car pull into the drive. He moved to the window and
saw Carol walking toward the door followed by this good looking guy.

end chapter 13

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated.... where would you like to see this story go...?

The End... for now...

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