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CAROLREEF extreme pleasure soon all



This work is copyrighted by the author. You may download and keep a
personal copy for your own use as long as my byline and email address and
this paragraph remains on the copy. Any posting or reposting on any
website or to a newsgroup requires my permission first (I'll probably say
yes). This story should not, under any circumstances be used to make a
profit by anyone other than the author.


On the Beach By Dave 437

Chapter One - The Flight North

I picked up Carol at the small airport in my amphibius seaplane. She
was fascinated by the odd- looking aircraft, but I assured her it was quite
safe. A twin-engine seaplane, it had a high wing and a hull like a boat. I
could land and take off on land as the wheels were retractable into the
hull. I planned to take us to a remote, private beach on the Great Barrier
Reef area, so I needed a dependable, safe aircraft.

When we took off, lumbering into the sky, Carol squealed with delight,
looking down to see the sights as we headed north across the countryside.
Since the craft is not pressurized, she was delighted that we were flying
low enough to enjoy the sights. She enjoyed watching the little toy cars
and trucks, and we even passed another small plane going the other
direction that I pointed out to her.

A long flight, I told her to take the controls so that I could stretch for a minute, and her emerald eyes lit up with excitement, and a little
apprehension, as I took my hands off the left seat controls. In the right
seat, she looked a little afraid and then carefully grasped the controls.
Soon I had shown her how to turn, climb, and descend and she seemed to have
a natural feeling for the art of flying. She asked me if I would teach her
more, and I agreed I would after we got back. I told her it would be
easier in a smaller aircraft.

After a tiring flight we could finally see the blue of the ocean on the
horizon and I began looking carefully for the landmarks that would guide us
to the spot a friend had suggested. The land swiftly rushed by on the
right side and the ocean on our right as we headed north along the beaches
looking for our beach. Fortunately, the weather was delightful and the
ocean waters calm so that we could look forward to an easy landing and a
pleasant day. I finally spotted the beach and eagerly pointed it out to
Carol, "There it is, Sweetheart. Look how nice that white sand beach is
and that little cove. The cove is too small to land in, but we'll just
turn the plane into it after we land. Hold on, here we go...." I took the
plane down over the beach first to see which direction the leaves of the
plants were blowing so that I could head into the wind as we landed. Carol
was clapping excitedly as we flew only a few feet above the water. I set
the aircraft down carefully in the ocean and soon we were a boat instead of
an aircraft. I gunned the engines a little and then throttled down as we
slid close to the beach. In the shallow water, I jumped out and anchored
the plane to a large rock on the beach.

Carol had stripped off her dress and was now in her bikini, splashing
around in the warm water watching the tiny fish that were so easy to see in
the clear water. I laughed and went back to the airplane to retrieve our
supplies and take off my soaked jeans. I was about to retrieve my bikini
swimming trunks when I realized I was being watched. Carol was sitting
against the plane with her chin resting on her arms on the doorstep,
smiling as she stared at my nude body. I stuck my tongue out at her and
she laughed as she swam off. I carried everything to the beach for the
evening and we scavenged for driftwood for our fire.

Chapter 2 - Night on the beach

It was already late in the day when I finally got the fire going and we
cooked up a couple of steaks over the fire. We laughed and talked about
the flight and the beach and how nice it was to get away from it all as we
ate. I opened a bottle of very good California Pinot Noir and we drink the
wine with our dinner. I surprised her when I fished a couple pieces of my
famous Epplekakke (Norwegian Apple Cake) for dessert. She still couldn't
believe I really liked to cook........

Finally filled, we sat drinking the wine and sitting side by side in the
firelight. We had been so engrossed in our meal and our conversation, we
had barely noticed as the dark closed in around us. Although it was still
nice and warm, Carol curled up close to me as we talked, as if she was cold
........ or something. She looked up with a smile in her lovely eyes and
a smile on her lips.

I looked deep into Carol's eyes as she sipped the wine. The light of
the bonfire danced in them and on her wine glass as she smiled up at
me.............I drained the last of my wine glass and then stood in the
firelight, reaching for her soft hand. Without a word we strolled hand in
hand down the beach in the moonlight as the bonfire's light dimmed behind
us. I pulled her close as we walked and talked, putting my arm around her
bare waist. She reached around and held me the same way. My hand slipped
down into the fabric of her bikini as I caressed her soft butt.

She did the same to me and then Carol stopped, reached up, and kissed
me, our tongues dancing like the fireflies around us. It was a long, deep
kiss, full of love and pleasure. I put my arms around her and pulled her
up against me. Reaching down, I cupped her buttocks as I pressed her
against my growing hardness. I could feel her nipples begin to tighten
through the flimsy fabric of her bikini. Moaning, our kisses became most
insistent and we slowly sank down onto the warm sand on our knees.

I unbuttoned her top and her full breasts fell free. I cupped them in
my hands, my thumbs lightly brushing her now hard nipples. She moaned and
thrust her chest forward to meet my hands with her warm breasts. Her hands
held my head as we kissed and then slipped down to tug at my swimsuit,
pulling it down to reveal my rock hard thick cock and balls. Gently, she
fondled my heavy balls, twisting her fingers in my pubic hairs while she
did. I moaned as she lovingly grasped my cock, and I pulled her close to
me as I kissed her passionately. I could feel the soft mounds of her
breasts crushed up against my chest hairs. I reached down and pulled her
bikini pants off as well and we were both now nude.

Gently, I laid her back on the sand and kissed her neck, her breasts,
her nipples, her belly, and finally her lovely pussy. I spread her legs,
and began lapping gently at her pussy lips, my tongue darting in to taste
her and flick against her clit. Her juices were running as she became more
and more excited, thrusting her pussy up against my eager mouth. Soon she
was crying out softly, "Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!! Eat me!" I brought her over
the edge and she shuddered with a series of orgasms.

I was really hard now, and I needed to be inside her. I positioned my
cock at the entrance to her love nest and slowly sank into her. She
reached back to grab my butt and pull me in deep while she wrapped her
pretty legs around me. I stroked into her slowly at first and then my pace
increased as I, too, began to reach my climax. Finally I gave out a loud
cry and cum spurted up from my balls to fill her cup of love to the brim. I
sank as deep into her as I could and my cum overflowed out of her, dripping
over my balls and her butt.

Exhausted, I lay there on top of her for a minute, and then she turned
me over and pulled me out of her wet pussy. She knelt down and licked me
clean, tonguing my cock and balls like they were candy. Then she lay on
top of me and snuggled up against my neck, whispering, "I love you, Dave."
as my cum dribbled out of her still pulsating pussy lips. I turned her
head up and kissed her deeply and saying, "I love you too, Sweetheart" I
could taste the saltiness of my cum mixed with her sweet juices as we

We lay there softly cuddling for a while and then we slowly, quietly
strolled back to the fire, carrying our bikini's. Hanging them from the
tent poles to dry, we climbed into the tent together, laying next to each
other in the nude. Carol curled up with er head on my shoulder and her arm
across my chest. She fell asleep that way and I drifted off too.

Chapter Three - Daytime at the Beach

I woke in the morning as the light began to creep into the horizon and a
gentle breeze blew through the tent flaps. I could just barely see Carol
as she kissed and licked my balls lightly. I tried not to move so that she
wouldn't stop, but she noticed I was waking. Holding my cock in her soft
hands, she looked up at me and said, "Good Morning, Sleepyhead. I'm just
helping myself to a little early morning breakfast, if you don't

" Mind?! No way!! I would love to wake every morning like this! "

She licked the length of my cock's underside as she asked teasingly, "Do
you think you have enough milk to feed me properly this morning?" My cock
was at full attention now and the head glistened with a small drop of
precum. I could feel my balls expand and tighten and I knew the night's
rest had recharged me. I watched as her pretty lips closed around the head
and began slowly working their way down the shaft, all the time her
sparkling eyes stayed locked on mine. She knew I always loved to watch her
suck me. Her tongue danced against my cock and the feeling was wonderful.
I started to moan in pleasure, "Ahhhhhhh!!! Honey, you suck cock so

My cock expanded more as I filled her lovely mouth. Being quite thick and a little longer than average, it never ceases to amaze me watching her
swallow me so well, seemingly without much effort. Soon, every millimeter
of my 7 inches disappeared into her mouth. I felt my cock head slip into
her accommodating throat, and then she began sucking on me as if she were a
milking machine. My mind was exploding with pleasure and I began to thrust
my hips up to try to get deeper inside her throat. She held my hairy ball
sack and murmured "Mmmmmm" as I bucked up against her mouth. That was all
it took and my balls released a torrent of man-milk, spurting out of my
cock, filling her mouth and throat with cum over and over again. She
gulped and gulped as I filled her, but a little cum ran down between her
lips to pool at the base of my cock. After I quit spurting, she pulled her
mouth off me and licked up all the drippings.

"You taste good, Dave. But I better have something more substantial
than that........not many calories in cum, you know ............" She

We sat outside on the beach, nude and soaked up the warm sun as we ate
fruits, juices and muffins for our breakfast. We talked about what we
would do for the day's activities and decided that we would scuba in the

We swam out to the plane and carefully climbed up on the wings, where we
laid down to sunbathe for a while. And that's the way we were spotted by
my friend who was flying in as well. He flew over us low, just above the
water as we sat up and waved at him. We knew him well enough that we
didn't bother to dress as we watched him land his seaplane and taxi over
next to us.

"Hi, guys! You look like you've settled in comfortably...." He said as
he popped open the hatch. "I'll be right there, but let me introduce Sally.
She's an old friend I ran into, literally, the other day. I knew her when
we were children, but my, oh my, has she grown up!" A beautiful young girl appeared in the hatch waving at us. She was quite small and looked like a
mixture of asian and Caucasian. Her long black hair cascaded down to cover
her breasts, but like us, she was nude so there was nothing to impede my
view of a lush patch of pubic hair covering a prominent mound. She might
have been small, but Like Carol, she had a very lovely body.

"I never knew anyone that sexy when I was a kid," I told him. Bill
appeared in the doorway, as nude as the rest of us and laughed. "She
didn't look this good back then either....."

Sally dived into the water as Carol and I jumped off the wing into the
water. "Oooooh! Its nice and warm!" Sally said. The crystal clear waters
allowed me to get a glimpse of her breasts as she swan closer to us. They
were like two perfect round globes, with small dark nipples atop each one.
Not as big as Carol's but still very nice.

We all swam up to the beach where we decided to have a lunch of wine and
cheeses and just chat. I wanted to ask Bill about his new job, but he told
me he decided not to take it and instead was starting a flying tourist
guide business. He wanted me to join with him but I wasn't sure just yet.
I'm a public accountant and make fairly good money and get a lot of time

The girls introduced themselves again and chatted happily about their
jobs and their hobbies. They seemed to get along fabulously, but of course
Carol always seems at home with other people. After all, except for Sally,
Carol had know us for a long time.

I told Bill that we were thinking of scuba diving this afternoon to see
if we could find any crab or lobsters on the reef. He thought it was a
great idea and we all set out in an inflatable rubber raft to go out to the
reef area. Anchoring the raft to the ridge of the reef, we put on our
diving gear. No swim suits, just flippers. weight belt, mask, air tanks
and mouth pieces, and goggles. As we descended, the girls swam eagerly
ahead of us, looking for all the world like luscious mermaids frolicking in
the water. I noticed that Bill, like me, was beginning to sport a hard-on.

We swam along enjoying the beauty of the reef and the fish of so many
myriad of colors swimming around us as if they didn't notice us. Suddenly,
the girls were pointing excitedly down to the seabed and when I looked,
there were half a dozen lobsters down there walking along the bottom. Bill
and I quickly swam down and pushed them into net sacks we had brought for
that purpose. Bill tied up the sacks and swam up to the raft where he left
the sacks in the water but attached the sack to the anchor rope. He
quickly returned to us and we swam lazily around, looking for more lobsters
or crabs.

We found a sunken boat wreckage where fish were swimming in and out of
the holes. Carol stopped by a porthole to look in and I swam up behind
her. I bumped into her and my hard cock pressed against her buttocks. She
stuck her butt back at me and spread her ass cheeks. Without a moment's
hesitation, I placed my cock at the entrance to her anus and held her tight
as I slowly pushed myself into her backside. She began making pleasure
sounds around her mouthpiece as I thrust into her. I quickly reached the
boiling point and soon I was spurting cum deep into her ass. She was so
tight, that I almost felt trapped by her anal muscles. I stayed inside her
until I finally got soft again.

Meanwhile, I looked around and finally spotted Ted and Sally on the
seabed. She was on all fours and Ted was thrusting into her asshole as
well. I guess they must have noticed what we were doing ..............

Carol got very animated, pointing off to the deep water next to the
reefs. There were two sharks rapidly approaching and all four of us
quickly swam up to the raft and climbed in, bringing our lobsters with us.
We rowed quickly to the shore and we all laughed at our fears. But then
Sally said she had seen a girl mauled by a shark and her description of the
experience sobered us all.

"Anyway, that was fun." Carol said. "But now I'm hungry, so I think we
should cook these nice lobsters for dinner." Sally nodded agreement and
Bill & I scavenged for dry driftwood for the fire. When we got back, there
were our two mermaids, the lobsters sitting in a cooking pot waiting for
the fire to get going. I reminded the girls that the best way was to drop
them in the pot as the water was already boiling, so they put them back in
the nets while we built a roaring fire. Soon, the sun was beginning to set
and the sky was painted in beautiful colors. Wordlessly, we sat happily
drinking a German Riesling along with our cooked lobsters.

"Now this is the life!" Bill said. And I spoke up, "Amen to that my
friend!" We toasted each other and clinked our wine glasses with the girls as well.

We sat eating fruits for dessert. And then we sang campfire songs
together, swaying hand in hand as we sat there singing. The girls were
close to me on both sides and Bill sat on the outside. He had been
drinking a lot of wine, and his eyes were not exactly focused. Soon he lay
down on the sand and mumbled about being really tired. All three of us
helped him to his and Sally's tent and laid him down to sleep. We could
already hear his snoring as we walked back to the bonfire.

We sat quietly talking in hushed voices for a while when I felt a soft
hand gently stroke my soft penis. It was Sally, who grinned up at me and
said, "I'm not ready to go to sleep, are you two?"

Of course, sleep was the last thing on my mind as Carol's hands began
fondling my balls, while Sally stroked my cock to its full firmness. I
stroked each of their breasts with one hand as the both leaned down to
share my cock on their tongues, occasionally kissing each other as well.
As I watched, Sally began sucking me as Carol licked and sucked my balls.
Sally's mouth was like a suction pump and I soon erupted into her mouth,
spurting over and over again. Instead of swallowing though, she kept all
my cum in her mouth and Carol licked up the drippings. Then I watched
fascinated as the two pretty girls snowballed my cum, each swallowing some
of it.

Carol sucked me hard again and mounted me, impaling her wet pussy down
onto my erect pole. Sally sat with her pussy over my mouth, facing Carol,
and I began to eat her sweet pussy juice. She reached out and began
fondling Carol's breasts as Carol bounced up and down on my thick pole.
Between the taste of Sally's warm pussy juices and Carol's wild fucking, I
didn't last very long and I was soon exploding deep into Carol as she cried
out in her own orgasms. Sally also climaxed at the same time humming
"Mmmmmmmmm." as she shuddered against my tongue.

Carol was gasping from the efforts and lay back, her legs spread wide
open. Sally kept herwet pussy where it was and leaned over to lick up the
cum dribbling out of Carol. Shortly, both girls climaxed again.

Sally laid on top of me panting lightly, with her head next to my cock.
Absently, she took it in her mouth and sucked my cock gently. I was
surprised when I got hard again so quickly. I turned her over and pulled
her ass up so I could fuck her pussy from behind. I began pounding her
tight pussy wildly and I exploded again, deep inside of her.

I was exhausted and I crawled into the tent, followed by both girls. We
all kissed, and I could taste the mixtures of my cum and both girl's pussy juices. Heavenly! I laid back and watched as the two girls took up a '69'
position eating each other until they were both moaning with pleasure.

I slept like a log all night.

Chapter Four - Time to Go

I woke in the morning to Carol's ritual. I opened my eyes to behold her
sucking on my revived cock vigorously. It didn't take her long before she
was rewarded with the nectar of my loins spurting into her eager mouth. We
could hear similar sucking sounds coming from the tent next to us and then
the two of them moaned as we did in our orgasms.

Everyone was quiet as the girls fixed breakfast over the fire. Ted
looked over at me and said, "Sally enjoyed you last night. Was she a good
fuck, too?" He winked at me. "She said you were able to fill her very well
with your big cock, you devil."

I was afraid he was jealous, but then I saw the laughter in his eyes and
I knew it had been planned all along by the two of them. Later that
morning, we laid in the sand, my cock in Sally's mouth, my mouth on Carol's
pussy, Carol's mouth on Bill's cock, and Bill's mouth on Sally's pussy.
There were moans of extreme pleasure as we soon all climaxed noisily.
Sally gulped my cock down to my pubic hairs and I shot my load directly
down her throat, her stomach getting every drop of me as a reward.

We had a quiet lunch and then Carol & I began packing up our gear into
my plane. We waved back at our two friends on the beach and soon our boat
was a plane again, roaring over the beach where our friends waved happily
back at us.

Carol settled in, sitting next to me. "I wish we didn't have to go
back....." she said.

"We'll go back again when we can stay longer. Would you like that?" I
asked her.

Oh, yes! And even better if Bill and Sally can join us again....."

I leaned over and kissed her lips lovingly. She was such a wonderful

"That was fun this morning, but honestly I'm glad to have you back to
myself again. You are much nicer than Bill, although I did enjoy Sally a

I stuck my tongue out at her and we both laughed.

We climbed up until we were several thousand feet high and I set the
autopilot and leaned back in the seat. Carol stood up and stripped slowly
as the monotonous drone of the engines carried us over the landscape. She
then pulled my pants down and sucked on my cock for a moment to get me
hard. Then she sat down on my lap facing me, and fucked me for all she was
worth! Even with the autopilot on, the plane bounced a little during our
efforts. I came, bursting inside of her warm, wet vagina. We sat there,
hugging afterwards until we both relaxed.

"Congratulations, you are now a member of the 'Mile-High Club' and I
must say you are a welcome member!" I said cheerfully.

The rest of the flight was delightfully smooth as Carol laid her head on
my shoulder, humming a happy tune.


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