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The following story contains ADULT SEXUAL SITUATIONS.
Do not read any further if you do not wish to read
material of this type. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I lost my William early in 2001. He was a writer who,
one day, planned to use my diary's, which I kept
through our young courtship and beyond, as a basis for
a true erotic story.
William and I enjoyed reading erotic stories of this
type to each other. He planned to use the pen name
Billy Hand and wanted to share our sexual experiences
for a means of helping others understand what a true
loving relationship was, and how sexual one can be.
Few of the stories we read on sites like this dealt
with true love, sex and sexual acts with the candor
and tenderness we actually showed each other.

As a means of therapy for dealing with his loss, I
have taken up the project. Though not as accomplished
as William as a writer, I too, write professionally
for travel and vacation guides.

I hope you enjoy our stories as much as we did living
them. Whether you believe our stories or not, trust me
when I say they have been embellished little. Names
and places have been altered to mask our identities,
but the basis and most of the situations are true.

I will always truly love the character you will know
as "Billy" or "Bill" Wilson. Once Bill became a
published writer and author, he was always known as
This will be the Seventh entry in the series after the
genus story:
Carree Loves Billy

This story is,
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Finishing our final year in college when we already
had potential careers promised was very much akin to
waltzing through your senior year of high school when
you had already been accepted to a college. A certain
amount of pressure had been lifted for both Bill and
myself knowing exactly where we were going to be for
at least 2 years following graduation.
My employer, Arens and Ponds, had been gracious in
offering to find an affordable place for us to live
until we decided where we wanted to settle. My mentor,
Miranda Ponds had found a potential home for us in the
Baltimore suburbs that was near Baltimore mass
transit, the MTA.
She described it as a "Leave it to Beaver" type of
neighborhood, with a MTA commuter line less than a
ten-minute walk away. The ride to the Amtrak station
on the commuter was 10 minutes. Miranda talked to
neighbors and found that typically you could be on an
Amtrak train in 25 minutes from the front door,
depending on schedule. It would make a 3 hour train
ride for Bill, each way. While that sounded atrocious
to me, Bill, with his laptop, considered it office
time. Last summer, while interning, he often commuted
the 6 hours in a day and used his train time for
writing, and reading, and studying. Bill was never
If I chose to drive to the office I need only get on
the interstate less than a mile from the house and go
9 exits.
The house was owned by a principle in a company we had
bought out to get some Ocean City accounts. Arens and
Ponds wanted more local dealings to better their
relationship with some of the Maryland Chambers. We
have received a lot of Maryland Education business and
had little Maryland flavor to our business besides
Arens and Ponds held the paper on the property and had
it leased until June. We could then sign a 24-month
lease at $600 per month, plus utilities, and then
exercise an option to buy or move. It seemed too good
to pass up. We planned to visit and check out the
house during the Christmas break. This could end up
the house we owned when we got married.

Bill had fallen into a nice niche at Time.
Environmentalists had come to lay a lot of pressure on
Canada about acid rain and its effects on New York
forests, as well as New York Nukes and the West Valley
clean up. Upstate New York had become a hotbed of
Environmental news, so, Bill was the environmental
reporter for upstate New York. He covered press
conferences and enviro stories around Western and
Northern New York. It gave him lots more free time for
himself and me. It kept him in the loop at Time and
got his name on by-lines and "also contributing to"

Arens and Ponds kept me on top of things using me as a
copy writer. They would give me account profiles, and
goals. I would submit creative ideas and submit copy
to be critiqued. Miranda kept me totally on top of the
entire goings on with accounts old and new so I could
step right in as her assistant when I finished school.
Both Bill and I had pretty cool situations. I,
personally, could not have written a better ticket for
myself. I really stepped in it.

Henny, Maria and I had become even closer in our
fourth year of rooming together. We really wished we
had taken a place off campus for our last year, but I
was impossible to get hold of for the summer and they
could no longer hold the place they wanted. A four
bedroom 3 bathroom place could have meant boyfriends
sleeping over and lots more privacy.

We confided as sisters on intimate details of our
lives, especially sex, and that put our lives in
better perspective. To share and trust, and compare
notes, I could not have found better friends. We were

Maria had detailed her summer with John to Henny and
I. She had moved in with him for 6 weeks while he
house-sat in Port Jefferson on Long Island. He had an
aunt who had to go to Boston for a heart procedure and
she wanted someone to stay in her house while she was
away. Maria's parents didn't like it, but she
convinced them it was the right thing to do. Maria was
relieved to find-out how compatible they were and were
going to set a wedding date for a year after her

As she finished filling us in on her summer, she
looked at Henny and told her there was something she
had to get into the open that I already knew about.
She explained to Hen about her seeking out "faceless
fucks", when she would be separated from John for
semesters at a time while he went to school out west.
She felt that since I knew it and Henny didn't, there
was dishonesty between us.

"They were just faceless fucks, they don't mean
anything. I go out and pick up a kid, someone young,
and show him a few things." She confessed to Henny.

"I go to the hang-outs where the freshmen are. Not so
much here, but over near the other area schools. I
show them a good time, they, in turn, make me happy. I
have to feel like a woman sometimes, you know. I
became dreadfully horny and lonely and felt little
like a woman. I slipped one day and mentioned it to
Carree, that's how she found out. I felt sexually
empowered. I would be the aggressor, show these boys
some real tits, how to eat pussy, and what it feels
like to get a real blowjob. I don't fuck them. I may
act like a slut, but I'm no whore."

"Wow, Maria, that sounds like me before I really
hooked up with Nicky. I would fuck anyone. Hell, I
won't lie; I loved it. Fucking is great, but making
love is better."

"Well, I know I'm going to hear an "I told you so"
from Carree, but I had a bad experience the last time
I did it before we went home for the summer. I'm
telling you both this, because the guy knows where we
live, and although I don't even know if he is around
anymore, I think I should warn you." Maria explained.

"Why didn't you report it to the Police, if you had a
bad experience. I assume the guy tried to make you do
something you didn't want to?" I asked.

Maria got real flustered at my question and began to
lose her composure.

"Oh yeah, just what was I supposed to do? Tell the
Police that I wanted to just blow him, and not
anything else, and if they caught the guy and charged
him I have to testify that I wanted sex, just not that
much? Plus it gets out in the papers and my parents
and John find out. I WAS STUPID, OK? TELL ME THAT YOU
TOLD ME SO. I KNOW IT, NOW." Maria said as she became

I went to her to hug her.

"Maria, I can't judge you, but it sounds like you want
us to. Yes, you were stupid to do it that time, but
you were just as stupid all the other times, but
nothing ever happened, so you felt the power of the
situation and the safety that you were never caught. I
don't think any less you. C'mon Maria, we all love
each other too much for that."

"That's all I could think of all summer, was how you
were going to beat me up for being so stupid,
especially after you warned me. I should have known
you wouldn't judge me and would sympathize with my
predicament. I guess I really WANTED you to beat me
up, as my own punishment. Well, I won't do it again.
It made sex hard to enjoy for the first few weeks with
John on Long Island, the guilt ate at me so."

"So, what did this creep make you do, if you don't
mind saying," Henny asked. "I remember you were saving
it for your wedding night, he didn't ruin that did

"No, the last time John and I were together before
then, we finally did it. We finally gave in. But the
bastard . . . . . he, , he made me do other things."
And then Maria went into a full bawl, calling herself
names and banging her fist on the sofa.

We had a group hug to comfort Maria and told her to
give us a description of the guy, in case he might
come around. But, Maria wasn't through yet.

"I have to tell you what happened. No one has ever
heard the story and I have to tell it to someone so I
can get it off my chest. I know it's my fault, but I
want to tell it so maybe someone can tell me that it
wasn't, OK?" She explained. "It's actually pretty

"I went to a college sports bar nearby and sat at the
bar, sipping a soda. I knew a couple guys were
checking me out, but they seemed older and one of them
goes to school here. But, there was a table with 3
guys, and I assumed they were freshmen, they all had
soda's too. They had eaten, and it was almost 10
That's when they proof the place and all the underage
students have to leave and the band starts. I asked
the waitress if she knew any of the 3, but she only
knew they were freshmen at the Ag school. I asked her
if she could get this one kid, a cute blonde haired
guy to come to the bar. She said she would try, but
figured I didn't want to be too forward. When two of
them got up to play pool, she told him that I wanted
to speak to him. He hesitated, and then came over
wondering what I wanted, and asked if I was one of his
sisters friends.
I explained I was looking for a date to go dancing
with, and I hated to walk into a place alone. He told
me he was underage, but had proof that said otherwise.
We talked for about 10 minutes and I suggested we
leave to go to FudPuckers, or some place. He acted
real shy and I figured I had a good one on the line."

"Usually I take them some public place, like
FudPuckers, and we park the car, but before we get out
to go in, we neck a bit and get "friendly" with each
other. It usually doesn't take long to talk them out
of going in, and going someplace more private. I know
a few good places to park. young guys go for my tits
right away and that usually keeps them happy for a
while. Once they try to put a hand down my pants, or
up my dress, I stop them."

"I tell them they can't screw me, but that I love to
have my pussy eaten, and if they do it right, I'll
repay the favor. By this time they are drooling and
tripping over their tongues. This guy, he said his
name was Dean, was just like the rest. I bailed over
the seat and took off my panties and invited him to
dive in. Like the others I had to show him how I liked
it, and I kept him going by telling him how I was
going to suck his cock so good when he got done."

"Maria!! I can't believe you talk like that," Henny
said. I thought you called it a pee pee!!"

"Please don't joke Hen, this is pretty awful," Maria

"Once Dean got going it was apparent that he had done
this before. He was trying to stick a wet finger up my
butt and I kept pushing it away. He sat up and grabbed
me by the throat and told me under no uncertain terms
that he WAS going to stick his finger in my butt and
that he was using it to get ready for his cock.
Well, this scared the shit out of me and I said,
"forget it" and went to get back in the front seat. He
slapped me full force, full hand across the face and
showed me my keys in his hand. He slapped me again on
the other side of my face and I knew he meant
I also knew I had lost control of the situation. This
guy was a sicko. He turned me on my stomach and pushed
my face in the seat. He walloped the hell out of my
ass with his hand and then spit on my ass and stuck
his finger back in. He kept it there and kept spitting
on my ass. I was delirious with fear and pain. Then he
stuck his dick up my ass and fucked me like a goddamn

Maria had kept her composure for the most part of her
story, but she was beginning to cry now.

"I was in so much pain, I thought I would die or pass
out. I felt if I just cooperated he might finish
faster and I could be through with him.
But, he had other ideas. He pulled his dick out of my
ass and made me suck it. He told me that if I bit him,
he would kill me. As he said that, he had his hand
around my throat and I no doubt he was able to squeeze
life from me.
Humiliated by being sodomized and forced to taste my
own ass, I wasn't doing quite well at the blowjob he
was getting, so he set about to slap my face again,
full handed, each side, real hard.
I was dizzy and in total panic. He grabbed my head and
stuck his cock down my throat and fucked my mouth hard
and deep, making me gag and throw up all over my self,
while it was still in my mouth. Let me tell you both,
that I thought I was going to die. I was THAT scared.
He finally came while fucking my mouth and told me if
he saw one drop outside my mouth, he was going to pull
out all my hair. I didn't doubt him.
I swallowed and swallowed and gagged and gagged, but
made sure I didn't lose a drop of the disgusting
stuff. I thought I had never been more humiliated
until he finished and let me lay there about 10
minutes and the told me he had to piss, and he was
going to do it all over me.
I lost it and told him he had done enough to degrade
me. He grabbed me and slapped me again, this time
slapping my bare breasts, I was sure he broke the skin
had ripped them off. I rolled into a ball in the back
seat and figured he would beat me to death. I was
planning on playing dead as he struck me. He slapped
my ass real hard a couple times and I stifled screams.
He grabbed me again and spit on my ass again. He
wanted to fuck me there. I didn't see how I could take
it. I wanted to die. After working his dick in there,
he let his piss fly."

How Maria kept her composure during her description
was beyond me. I was crying for her, but she was brave
in wanting to confess how stupid she had been.

"Once he was done, he pushed me out of the car and
drove away. He hollered out that I would find the car
at the bar where I picked him up. He tossed my clothes
out and he was gone.

After crying, shitting and puking for about an hour I
finally was able to get my clothes together, and I
found a stream where I could wash a little before
walking to my car. I must have walked 5 miles, and I
avoided staying on the road where anyone would see me.
When I got to the bar, it was closed and my car was
the only one there. When I went to it, the keys and my
purse were on the front seat. All my money was still
there, and all my credit cards and ID's were there,
but everything was taken out and neatly laid in rows
on the seat. I sat and cried for a while and finally
drove to a motel. There, I showered and washed my
clothes in the tub, and slept until the sun came up.
Once I knew you guys were in exams, I came back here,
in my damp clothes, and put my self back together."

By the time Maria finished the story, Henny and I were
both in tears.

"Why didn't you go to the Police," I asked.

"What do I tell them?" Maria answered. "I wanted to
pick up a virgin, and I gambled and got a pervert? I
didn't see any way around the fact that I PICKED HIM
UP! How do I explain that to John, or my parents?"

"The fuckin' bastard raped you, sodomized you, Maria.
He should be locked up!" Henny said, boiling mad.

"LOOK, I was a stupid whore for doing what I was
doing. Carree warned me that I could run into a loser
one night, and I didn't listen. This guy may have
scared the shit out of me, violated me in ways I
didn't think possible, but he also cured me of being
stupid. Forty-eight hours after it happened I was no
worse off. He could have killed me, for Gods sake."

"Why don't you send him a thank you card, for Christ's
sake Maria? If you ever see him, point him out. I'll
pick him up and bite his balls off, the bastard!"
Henny stewed.

"Let's just drop it!" Maria shouted. I only told you
because I have been living with it all summer. I
thought I was going to end up in therapy over it, but
I'm not. My sex life with John was great and I am no
worse the wear for it all. We even tried it, you know,
. . . back there and I was OK with it. No bodily or
emotional scars. I take all the blame, I just had to
get it out!"

"OK Maria, but if you ever need to talk about it or
have issues, don't hide them. We can all talk and try
to fix things, OK? Listen, I love the both of you and
hate to think that this happened to one of us. We have
to look out for each other. Maria, please don't
hesitate to come to us, OK?" I implored.

"OK, but I think I'm fine, OK?" Maria said.

"I don't see how, but I'll take your word for it,"
Henny said. "You're sure that everything was OK with
you and John? I mean the sex part. You don't think of
the rape every time you have sex do you?"

"No, because that wasn't sex, that was violence. I'm
pretty strong willed and know that neither John nor
sex had anything to do with it. I'm OK really." Maria

Never one to mince words or be genteel, Henny asked,
"Even when John did you in the butt, you didn't flash

"God Henny, leave a few things in her life sacred," I
implored her.

But, Maria, knowing that Henny was Henny, said,
"That's OK, and I guess it's a good question. Yes, I
did think of it, but John did it lovingly as a lover
would. I would have been doing it reluctantly anyway,
but I really kind of liked it, at least with John."

"Yeah, butt sex is great, I really love it," Henny
said as if she just said the sky was blue. We were
truly open with each other, especially Henny, who knew
no bounds of taste or decorum. But, if you knew her,
you had to love her.
Henny and I looked out for Maria a lot for a while, to
make sure she was over the ordeal. If she had any side
effects of her attack, she never let them out. It's
almost that she felt she deserved what happened to her
and she got punished to learn her lesson. I couldn't
ever feel that way, but Maria must be a much stronger

Once classes got underway it all seemed like a bad
memory as the three of us got back into our routine.
What was different was that I saw Bill at least once a
week now, and we planned to keep it that way until the
snow flew and travel might be dangerous.
Maria coaxed John to fly home from school whenever
there was a break of any kind. Flying in from the mid-
west sounded expensive to me, but I gathered that
John's family had money. I also think that Maria let
him know how lonely she was getting, being away from
him. I think he suspected she was seeing someone else,
which really wasn't true, but the rape must have left
some seeds of doubt for Maria to sow. She must have
changed a little.

For the long Veterans days Holiday weekend I had
thought the three of us had went home. But, on my
return on Monday afternoon with Bill, figuring on a
little afternoon delight before he drove to his
campus, we found Nick and Henny in the dorm.

"I thought you went home for the weekend? I asked.

Henny just smiled at me and said, "No, I decided to
stay back and do a little local sight seeing."

The look on her face bewildered me and she was about
to explode with news she wanted to tell me.

"Just for the last month or so, I've been going to the
sports bar where Maria picked that asshole up. I was
just hanging around for short times, grabbing
something to eat and a soda or something. I became
friendly with the barmaid and was somewhat of a
regular. When we got talking about boyfriends I said
my guys name was Dean (the name the guy who raped
Maria used).

"Oh, really," she said. "You mean the Dean who hangs
around here?"

Henny said, "No I doubt it, I don't think he comes in

"Well," the barmaid said, "I hope not, the Dean who
comes in here is a pick-up artist. He thinks he's
God's gift to women. If I see him come in, I'll point
him out, because if he's your boyfriend, you ought to
lose him."

So, anyway," Henny continued, "I went there a few more
times and once the barmaid saw me and motioned me to a
corner of the bar, out of sight line of the tables."

"Deans here," she said, and she pointed him out.

There sat a blonde haired blue-eyed guy who looked
about 16. He caught the two of us looking at him and
he smiled.

"No, that's not my Dean," Henny said. "That guy is a

"That's good," the barmaid said, "I hear he's into
rough stuff, but I guess some girls like that."

So, armed with this information, Nick and Henny were
prepared to go to the sports bar all weekend waiting
for Dean to show up. He showed up Friday night. They
noted what kind of car he drove, and then followed him
back to his dorm.

They kept an eye on him all day Saturday. About 9:30
p.m. he left and went right to the sports bar. Most of
the students from the area were out of town so it was
slow. Nick told Henny that he didn't think Dean would
hang there long, there were few cars in the lot, so
they waited for him to come out.
When Dean finally left, there was no one else around.
They were able to jump him and get like a canvas bag
over his head and arms.

Then Henny paused.

"Well, what happened" I asked impatiently.

Hen reached to the sofa and picked up the local Monday
paper and pointed to the front page, below the fold.

"Local Student Beaten in Fraternity Hazing"
the story read. . .
"A local student was found beaten and tied in a canvas
bag to his waist Sunday morning. His feet were tied
with plastic restraints, typically used by Police in
holding cells.
When the manager of the Third Base Sports bar came to
open at noon on Sunday she saw the lone car in the
lot. She didn't find it that strange, except there was
thick red yarn tied to the cars door handle that led
into the wooded area behind the bar. The other end of
the yarn rope was tied to the feet of victim, Dean Doe
a sophomore at Agricultural Tech. While Doe insisted
he was not part of any Frat hazing, Police said the
fact he had been urinated on made that hard to
believe. "It's typical frat house stuff", said Officer
Petersen. "With all the frats on local campus' that
are on probation for hazing, it's no surprise he is
denying it." Petersen did not make it clear if there
would be any further investigation."

I dropped the paper and was dumbfounded.

"Henny, you and Nick did this? Are you crazy?" I

"Carree, we never said one word. He never had a clue
if there 2 or 3 of us, if we were all guys or what. He
kept on shouting names of girls who he thought we were
getting revenge for. He knew why he was getting his
ass kicked, he just didn't know who it was from. He
finally got quiet when he got punched every time he
hollered." Henny said so proud.

"Carree," Nick said, "Henny would have killed him if I
let her. She kicked him in the balls about 4 times.
The little fuck was crying when we left him. Henny
went back and pissed on him, so I did too. After Hen
told me what he did to Maria, I had to get the

I didn't know what to think. I was afraid they would
be found out and be caught, but I had a little glow of
revenge inside.

"Listen, we cannot be caught. We covered every
possible track. No one saw us. No one can place us
anywhere. He has no clue who did it. He shouted out
different girls names, saying like,
"It's for Sherry, right? Well, she wanted it rough."

Man, he was so confused. Then we really let him have
it. He got a good beating and probably thought we were
going to kill him. I wanted to scare the shit out of
him." Henny said.

"But," Henny added, "We CANNOT tell Maria we had
anything to do with it. I want her to see the article,
but I do NOT want her to think Nick and I did it. OK?"

I agreed, but was still in a daze, not believing she
and Nick could be so larcenous.

"Carree, don't go and get Goody Two Shoes on me here,"
Henny said.
"You have that look on your face. Do you think I could
stand to think of that little bastard running loose
after what he did to her?"

"But, Henny, you can't take the law into your own . ."
I started, before Henny interrupted.

CARREE," she said as she held a defensive pose to me.

I thought about that for a second, and said, "OK, I
guess it was something you had to do. Maria was wrong
not to have him put away. I won't say a word to her."

"Don't even point out the article to her. Let her find
it," Nick said. "If she doesn't see it by Wednesday,
point it out to her as you are tossing it out, you
know by accident."

Henny and I agreed and never said a word to Maria.
Later that week we saw her read the article, and by
the look on her face, she knew whom it was that got
beat. I asked her what it was, trying to draw her out,
and she just said "Oh, Nothing."
But she was humming and smiling the rest of the night.

I guess I always had a horror in the back of my mind
of being raped. I was always aware of catcalls and
whistles when I was in certain situations and always
chose to not pay attention. When Maria told us of her
rape and brutal violation, I almost felt it happened
to me. That was funny in it self, because Maria seemed
to have forgotten about it, or took it in stride. She
truly thought that going out and picking up a lover
for the night was OK, because it was strictly sexual
for her own satisfaction. To her it was enhanced
masturbation. Yet, she portrayed a Polly Pure front
almost all of the time, even when talking among us
girls. I was flummoxed to her thought processes.

Maria may have purposely planted a seed in her fiancā,
John's, mind that she was lonely and desperate enough
to seek other company. He made the long flight in for
a weekend every month to be with her. Even though he
could well afford it, in their first few years of
college, John was only home for Christmas, and usually
met her for spring break somewhere. He had taken Maria
and her love for granted for the last time.

Just as we got ready to go home for Thanksgiving
weekend, Maria took me aside and handed me a newspaper
with an article circled:

"Local Ag Tech Student Convicted."

"A local AG Tech student was convicted of a July
kidnap/rape in Woonsocket, R.I., where he resides.
Dean Doe originally was going to accept a plea bargain
for probation in the July incident, but decided to let
it go to trial. After his alleged victim was convicted
for marijuana possession, Doe recanted his earlier
confession in hopes of influencing the court that she
may have brought the rape upon herself."

The story went on to say that he could get up to 25
years, but expected he might serve 3-5 years.

Maria looked at me with a smile and a tear in her eye.

"It's over, but the girl he raped was my fault. I am
really sorry for that. I read a while ago that he was
found beat up in a Frat hazing, and I felt vindicated,
I had a revenge of sorts. I forgot about what a next
victim might mean. I never thought of that part."

"He's gone, you're safe, your love is safe, Maria. You
would have lost everything if you accused him, and he
could have beaten that charge then. Don't fret that
you could have saved someone else from him. He's done
now." I assured her.

We hugged and held each other tightly, she wanted so
bad to share this whole thing with someone she loved
and trusted. It truly was over and to this day I don't
know if she ever found out that Henny and Nick were
the ones who beat up Dean the scum.

That Thanksgiving Bill broke his family tradition of a
long weekend in Vermont. He drove up ahead of his
family as soon as he got me home on Wednesday around
noon. He went ahead to ski with some cousins and met
his parent's there Wednesday night. Right after the
families big Dinner on Thanksgiving, he headed home to
spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings with me
up in his writing study over the garage.

I had just finished drying the last dish after our
Holiday Feast when I went to sit with my parents in
front of their new fireplace. We waited to serve the
dessert pies for Bill. He was going to sit by the fire
with the 3 of us and talk.
Then after that we were to be off to be alone. mom and
Dad offered to let him stay with me there, but I am
sure they understood our need to be alone. It was
still only down in the high 30's at night, so the
Franklin stove was plenty enough to keep our little
hideaway warm for us. Besides that, we had a lot of
heat to share with each other.

Dad had just put a few more logs on and mom poured the
hot chocolate when I heard the growl of the engine.
Bill was here. I felt myself blush just knowing he was
When he came to the door I rushed like a schoolgirl to
hug him. mom and Dad hollered their hello's from the
living room, allowing us a private moment and word.

Bill whispered to me, "Lets start to discuss dates
tonight, OK? Just to get a ball rolling and feel them

"I'm not ready to set a date, Bill," I said.

"Geez Care, I'm not either," Bill whispered.
"But my parents are asking me about it, and with them
getting friendly with yours, lets just make them think
we're looking into things. So, if they talk about it
between them . . . I'm sick of saying we haven't
discussed it yet. Maybe we'll actually get some

"OK, Bill," I said. "I assume you know best."

We went into the living room and Bill made sure he
made a big deal about the new fireplace. My Dad got a
lot of help on it, but he did the most of the work. He
was so proud.
It was a real piece of Americana, though, the four of
us curled in front of the fire with a homemade pie and
hot chocolate on Thanksgiving night.

Bill broke the "date" ice.

"Carree and I are beginning to look at possible
wedding dates. Now we don't want to jump the gun or
anything, but after graduation we would like to have a
date set. But we are certainly in no rush. We
discussed a window of . . .how long Carree?" he
hesitated as he looked at me for an answer.

"Two years," I blurted out as Bills eyes bugged.
"We figured we were in no hurry and if we had to wait
2 years it would be fine. We want time to plan and do
it really right and make sure everything is
accommodating to both families, and of course, us.
It's going to mean Bill and I having to plan time off
way in advance from work, we will be living in
Baltimore then. We will need all that time if we plan
on getting married back here, and we do."

Suddenly Bill wasn't so shocked that I ad-libbed "two
years". I think he assumed I would be in a hurry to
get married, and deep down I was. But, I know my mom
and Bill's Mom, with their only son and daughter,
wanted the day to be a special one to last forever in
their memories.

The three of them were all pondering my words,
searching their minds for some place in time to work
from, to or fro.

As they pondered, I added,
"Unless you want us to just elope and call you from
the Justice of the Peace office to tell you we were

My mothers face turned ashen as I said it. My Dad
rolled his eyes.

"For Gods sake, I was kidding." I assured them. "You
have a look on your face like I was serious."

"Although," Bill added, "If we decide to buy that
house in Baltimore, my Dad has said that maybe we
should get married, legally, at a JP, and just not
tell anyone."

"I wouldn't like that," my Dad kicked in, "But he may
have a point." I would suggest if you do that, don't
tell ANYONE."

"You would tell us, right?" my mom asked, all worried.

"Silvie, you would be happier not knowing, I'm sure.
How do we know they aren't jp married, right now?" My
Dad said to make a point to her.

"Well Carl, I'm sure they would have told us," my mom
said and then looked at me imploring, "Wouldn't you?"

"That's my point." My Dad said. "We don't know and
would be better off not. If a legal situation makes it
to their advantage to get a legal marriage, they might
be better off. Nothing would change, that would
concern us."

"Well Carl, now you've given me something else to
worry about," my mom said.

Bill stepped in. "I can ease your mind. We are not
married in any way right now. If we did do it for any
reason, I am sure you guys and my parents would know.
Don't fret it. It was just something my Dad suggested
to make things better financially. Let's worry about
it when we have to."

"Actually, we plan on taking a trip overseas, possibly
to visit some of Carree's Dads relatives in Poland. We
have wanted to go for a long time and one of his
brothers is planning an excursion. That expense and a
wedding would be hard to handle in the same year." mom

"Well, that's exactly the reason why I wanted to bring
this up," Bill said. "We call rule OUT times that are
bad for each family."

"OK, Bill," Dad said. "I'll look into things with my
brothers excursion plans, as well as things at work.
They are planning a move to a bigger complex, and that
will eat up tons of my time as well. Way to look ahead
on this. We have to get together with Doris and Willie
and see what works for them."

My mother had that worried "Mom" look on her face. I
knew she had something to say.

"In this 2 year window you are working with, what
would be the soonest, you might look at?"

"Geez, mom Kasc, that's a good one." Bill said. "What
do you think Care, 4 months after graduation?"

"If push came to shove," I began, "We could pull it
off that soon, but I would hope for a year. When I
daydreamed in high school, I always thought of August
or September after we graduated from College, but with
jobs and a house in place, the tail is wagging the dog

Bill pushed himself off the front of his chair to get
closer to the fire. As he sat in front of chair he
drew up his knees and I saw the outline of his crotch.
I blushed as he caught me looking, as he smirked.

"I tell you what," Bill said. I planted the seeds, but
let's not stress anymore over it tonight. Let's just
enjoy the fire and each others company."

"Good idea!" Dad said. "Silvie, how about we refill
the hot cocoa and get seconds on pie."

We each held up our cups, game for Dads suggestion.
Mom took her tray and piled the empty plates and cups
on, saying she would be back with refills. My Dad got
up to help her.
I slid off my spot on the sofa and sidled up to Bill.
I looked around to be sure mom and Dad had left the
room. I brought my hand right onto Bills crotch.

"Aren't you the sexy one, with the tight pants
tonight?" I said. "I want seconds, but not of pie."

"These pants aren't tight at all, they just snugged up
when I slid down." Bill defended. "You just have a
dirty mind." He couldn't hide his smile.

"Well, I haven't eaten what I like to eat for over 2
weeks, so be sure there's plenty for me." I whispered
as my Dad led my mom into the room with a tray of
cocoa and a tray of pie selections.

"Here we are," my Dad said. "I wouldn't want to send
you two away without making sure you tried some more
pie. Carree made the apple, Bill, so you know you'll
always eat good."

I raised an eyebrow to Bill as my Dad made his
innocent comment to him. I was just licking my cocoa
spoon as he heard the comment. I think I saw a bead of
sweat rise up on his forehead.

We all sat and quietly reflected watching the flames
dance at the end of a busy Holiday. Bill and I
anticipated being with each other by this time and
were waiting for the right moment to say our goodbyes.
Maybe my mom wanted some alone time with Dad in front
of the fireplace, because she was the one who broke
the ice.

"Well Carree, do you have a bag packed with things for
the next few days? I guess it doesn't matter much,
it's not like you're going to be far. Your Dad has to
work tomorrow, so anytime you show up for breakfast,
I'll make it for you. You aren't planning on doing any
Black Friday shopping are you?"

"I don't think so, Mom," I said. "When we get up,
showered and dressed we will be over. I don't think it
will be too late. Then, I'll drop Bill back so he can
finish something for his journalism class. Then I'm
coming back here to study myself. Meg Parker is going
to come over in the afternoon and help me perm my
hair. She has something she says I HAVE to try. I'm
getting it cut for Christmas, so if I hate it, I only
have to live with it for a few weeks. Then, I'll get
Bill and we'll be here for dinner, if you don't mind.
Well, as long as its leftovers!" I presumed.

"Yes, it will be leftovers, and you know this is
always your house to come and go as you please, as
well as eat. We firmly believe in that old "not losing
a daughter, but gaining a son" saying. We love you
both being here." mom said.

As she finished, Bill was helping me up and we got
coats and I picked up an overnight bag I had to get me
through the next couple nights. We were staying in
Bills study over the garage, but we had the run of the
Wilson's house, so we could shower and eat and all. We
could have even stayed in Bills own room, but he felt
funny there with me. I guess I understood that.
We both kissed my mom and told her we would see her
for breakfast. We told my Dad how sorry we were that
he had to work tomorrow, and then I hugged and kissed
him and Bill gave him a hug and a handshake.

As many times as we had been together, alone, I still
had wet pants anticipating it all over again as we
bound off the porch of my house to get to Bills car.

On the short trip up the road to the Wilson house I
sat with one leg crooked on the seat. I put my hand
right over my pussy and cupped it, catching Bills eye

"I hope you still want more dessert, because I have a
piece of pie just aching to be eaten, devoured, even."
I said as sexy as I could.

"Geez Care, You're going to make me drive off the
road. Don't worry I'm still very, very hungry." Bill
said with a smile.

"I guess just sitting in the house with you there got
me all worked up. I've been looking forward to this
for two weeks. I just love sleeping together.
Do you think Baltimore will be as much a dream as it
was last year? I'll miss the simplicity of the
apartment, but a house, one that might be ours, how
cool is that?" I bubbled.

"I'll have to admit that about half the way down from
Vermont I started to think about you. Seeing you naked
in my bed, and how much I wanted you passed through my
mind. Damn, the blue devil is back at school too. I'm
kind of getting that itch to do the nasty." Bill said
with a wink to me.

"Never mind the nasty this weekend. The Back Bay train
station has been shut down for a couple days. I had
such heartburn on Monday I took a couple of those
Pepsid tablets to kill the burn and it shut down the
system. I haven't went since . . . " I was saying
before Bill stopped me.

"Whoa, more information than I need at this time. Lets
discuss bowel habits another time. OK?" Bill said, a
little disgusted.

"Well, Billy boy I was going to tell you anyway, in
case you had a wandering tongue tonight." I said, a
little embarrassed.

"OK, I guess you're right. Too bad, you know how much
I love your butt." He said with a smile.

We just got to his driveway as I reached out and
touched his hand that he had rested on my splayed

"Don't worry," I said, "Something tells me we might
have fun tonight," adding a giggle.

Bill took his suitcase from the car and opened the
side door on the garage. I felt a little blast of heat
as soon as he did.

"You were here, already, weren't you? You're so sweet,
you got a fire going." I said.

Bill just smiled and turned on the light and said he
would be right back as he ran to the main house. He
was going to turn on the heat there so we could shower
tonight, before retiring.

I went up the stairs and found the room to be warm and
I noticed a distinctive sweet smell. Flowers!! There
were two nice bouquets in vases, one on the computer
table and another beside the sofa/lounger (that Bill
called the slouch couch).
I had just set my overnight bag down and was fishing
for my gown when Bill came up.

"The flowers are a nice touch, Bill, how sweet of
you!" I said.

"Flowers?" he said looking around. "Wow, they are
nice. My mom must have put them out. How do you
figure? I had the feeling they weren't really too hot
for us staying here these few days, and she does this.
Oh, well, lets go with the flow."

I clutched my gown to myself and sat on the couch. I
was tired from the long day of food and anticipation.
I sighed heavily and asked if he were going to shower
with me, or if he would meet me there after stoking up
the fire.

"You know, if you're tired, we can skip showers
tonight and just crash in each others arms. I'm pretty
tired myself. Besides, I showered this morning and I'm
pretty fresh, and I'm sure you did too right?" Bill

"Showering tonight means not getting to bed for
another 45 minutes or an hour. I want you now, baby.
How dirty can we be? We can freshen up here in the
bathroom." I said agreeing with Bill.

Relieved that I didn't have to run from the house to
the garage in the cold after showering, I took my gown
to the little bathroom in the study. There was just a
toilet and a sink, but mom Wilson had left a pile of
towels there for us so we were set.
I stripped off all my clothes and before slipping into
my gown I washed myself, giving myself a little tingle
doing so. I've never had any reluctance to taste Bill
when he wasn't just fresh from a shower, nor he with
me. I suppose if we had worked all day or been
running, it might make a difference. But after rinsing
a little, all that remained was our own musk, that we
keenly craved.
When I came out of the little room Bill was there,
waiting to get in himself. We kissed and I told him I
would meet him on the couch.

When Bill came out he was wearing just silk boxers
that I had bought for him on Valentines Day. The room
was warm enough, he didn't need a shirt, and he looked
Bill came over and adjusted the "slouch of the couch"
to its lowest position. It still wasn't flat, but it
was not bad for sleeping. It wasn't quite as wide as a
double bed, but we slept close, so it worked.

A sheet, a quilt and a comforter assured us that we
would be warm, not to mention a considerable amount of
body heat we planned to share. I laid myself in Bills
arms and we hugged and luxuriated under the covers.
Alone at last, the moment we waited for.
After a long hug, running our hands over each other
Bill kissed me and we were soon necking like 2 kids in
the back seat of an old Ford. Say what you want for
sex and all the joy it brings, being attached at the
mouth to Bill was so romantic, so fulfilling, so
sweet, it truly made my whole body tingle, this
communication so simple.
After a good 10 minutes of kissing, sucking and biting
at each others lips, necks and tongues, Bill had
worked his way on top of me.

"I want to taste you and feel you engorge and cum
under my tongue. I want to make you happy and show you
how much I love you. You know I love you forever
Carree," he said as his eyes burned into mine in the
winter moonlight through the skylight.

He kissed me full on the lips again and rose up a bit
to kiss my forehead. He trailed down my neck to the
ties at the top of my robe. With his teeth he undid
their simple knot and parted my top. With his hands at
either side of me to hold himself in a cat like
position, he licked and sucked at my breasts, holding
their nipple in his teeth as he pulled his mouth up,
letting the nipple bud slip from his grip as the pain
of his toothed pinch reached its nadir.
With my own hands I squeezed my breast to satisfy that
yearn and to feed them to him again.
When I could no longer stand the pain of his bites I
covered the nipples between my fingers and felt his
tongue trail to my navel. He ate at that for just a
moment and sat back onto his knees.
No ties were left to be undone. The rest of my robe
hung from my hips, but he slid it up, just past my
My vagina, smooth and fresh, was his. He chose to kiss
and lick every molecule of my sensitive skin until all
that was untouched below my waist was the puffy
engorged outer flesh of my slit. He tried to fill his
mouth with the whole of it but he was denied. I was
swollen in anticipation. He quickly sought to worm his
tongue to open my pussy and expose my lips. As soon as
its treasure was exposed, he flattened his tongue to
my clitoris and I shuddered.
Bill's tongue danced on my clit until it seemed like
it was reaching out to him. He still was using both
hands to hold his body over mine, so his tongue was
all he had to draw me out and my clit felt like the
size of my thumb. It didn't take me long to start to
cum and I let him know it with my coo's, grunts and
cheering. Just about all of Bill that was touching we
was his tongue tip, usually he had fingers in me or
was fondling my breasts, but tonight he knelt between
my spread legs, his arms holding him up at my side. He
reminded me how much I just loved to be eaten.

Once my second orgasm came, the rest were just one
blur. I almost used my fingers to try and intensify
the electricity by pushing my clit to his tongue, but
I was just riding the wave. I was a little lost in my
own world of pleasure when I realized I wasn't
breathing, I was holding my breath and my clit was
like an exposed nerve. It was like I came in the door
from the cold.

"UghhhhhOhhh!" I forced out of my lungs as I pushed
Bills face away. "No more, No more, I'm going to
explode," I said.

Bill tried to get his face back in there, but I had
protectively sealed off my pussy with my hand and
moved into a semi fetal position.
Bill scooped me into his arms like a rag doll and sat
back on his knees holding me. My eyes caught his as he
smiled and pivoted a little and fell back onto the
sofa with me in tow, now on top of him.

He loosened his grip and I stretched out over him.

"How did you do that, Tarzan?" I said as I ground my
butt into his groin and rolled off him. "You handled
me like an animal," I said as I roared like a lion.

"I thought you were going to hold me down and fuck me,
sodomize me, like a beast. I thought I was going to
have to fight you off." I said half kidding, half
serious, remembering his hard cock touching my ass as
he held me in his arms.

No," Bill responded, "I just wanted to feel your body
against me. I wanted to play off your orgasm, you were

"Oh, don't worry," I warned him, "You'll have your own
orgasm." I said as I wrapped my hand around the base
of his package of manhood. "I wish you could fuck me
tonight, spontaneously like that. Just shove it in and
drive me nuts. But, someday it will happen, and it's
getting closer too, baby." I said as I covered his
face with kisses.

I wanted to slowly work my mouth down to his cock, but
I had it and part of his ball sack in my hand already
and I couldn't wait. With one hand around the base of
his cock and the other cradling his balls I knelt
beside him and took the bulb of his cock in my mouth.
Oh, the smooth velvet surface under my tongue! That
musky man of mine taste! I loved his cock.
I gently worked his balls in my hand and stroked him
slightly with my other. Meanwhile I was loose lipped
around his cock head, up and down, up and down.
I know how to drive my man crazy.

Bill was whipped right up to the edge of cumming
"Ha haa haaa, Oh my God Carree, that's wild." He said
as he reached down and took his cock in his hand.

I sat up and looked at him, quizzing his move with my

"Get between my legs and suck the cum out of me
Carree. Let me watch you milk it and drink it. You're
so beautiful when you do that. Ahh, do it now, suck it
off." He implored me.

I scooted down and brought his leg over my head and
knelt right between his legs.

"I'll do that Bill. I want that cum. I want all your
love juice." I said as I took him in my mouth, with no
hands, and milked him with my sucking lips and cheeks.

God, I wanted it, to taste a hot spurt from him to me.

I had barely got into a rhythm when he began to leap
at my mouth and I could taste some salty pre-cum. I
didn't want him to go this fast, but he was ready to
cum. When I felt he was right on the brink, I wrapped
my hand around it and jerked it hard.
His first blast of watery cum hit the top of my mouth
and I began swallowing. I was milking and swallowing,
one spurt, then another. He shuddered and then another
blast leapt to the back of my throat and then he
melted back into the couch. I would milk and swallow
until he had me stop, and it didn't take long to reach
his breaking point.
When he pushed me away I removed my mouth, but kept
his cock in my hand, massaging it between my thumb and
forefingers. I wanted to hug it to my cheek and fall
asleep with it, but he was calling me.

"Come here baby, come here lover. Give me those lips
and lets taste each other," he said as I crawled up
and mashed my mouth to his.
We kissed and held each other as we caught our
breaths. The next thing I knew, the morning sun just
peeked through the east-facing front window of the
loft/study over the Wilson's garage.

I wasn't sure if it was 6, 7, or 8 o'clock. I just
knew I really, really had to pee. I also knew the fire
had went out and outside of the quilt and comforter it
was cold, and the seat on that toilet was going to be
like ice.

I turned a little to see Bill and he was just opening
his eyes.

"Holy crap, Care. We passed out!" Bill said as he
realized we were still nude under the covers.

"A fire Bill, build a fire. Warm! Please!" I pleaded.

He obeyed well as he rolled out from under the covers
and I watched his cute ass run to the stove and open
"Hot dog!" Bill said, there's still some embers," as
he put some smaller pieces in and followed them with
one larger piece of log.

"That should get things started, until I piss," he
said as his cute ass disappeared into the little
bathroom. He came out a minute later and I asked him
if he warmed the seat for me.

"The electric heat is always on, at like 55 degrees,
to keep the pipes from freezing, but I closed the
bathroom door last night, so it's warm in there." He

Hearing that I jumped out of the covers and ran to the
toilet holding my arms across my breasts to combat the
cool air of the room.

Once I got in the warm bathroom and sat I hollered out
to Bill. "I'm staying here until you tell me the heats
up in there."

"I guess I'll just have to jerk off by myself then,"
he hollered back.

Hearing that I jumped up and wiped myself and ran back
to the bed.
"That's my cock and you leave it alone." I said
giggling as I jumped back onto the warm sofa.

I reached down between his legs and he was raising a

"Did I do that?" I asked.

"Yeah, you did. When I got back in the couch after
peeing I hit your warm spot and I could smell you.
Bingo! Hard-on! We ARE like animals," he said smiling.

I was about to tell him I would finish off for him, if
he wanted to start it, when I felt a familiar feeling.

"Shit!" I shouted. "Literally! I haven't crapped in 2
days and all of a sudden NOW it decides to come
calling. I can't wait." I said as I ran back across
the cold room.

As I just made it to the john I heard Bill say to no
one. "Man, could I ask for a sexier babe, or what?"

If he knew what my getting my bowels back to normal
might mean to our sex life tonight, he may not have
been joking around. I wanted to feel him inside me. We
hadn't been that cozy in months, and being together,
sleeping together for 2 more nights made me want to
get close. . . real close.

By the time I finished in the bathroom Bill had gotten
up and had our things together to trek to the house
for showers. Ten minutes ago I was ready to eat up his
sex juices, but nature calling had kind of ruined the
moment. I was pretty sure we could make up for any
lost moments.

I put on shoes and yesterdays clothes and ran through
the brisk November air with Bill to the house. I hated
wearing dirty clothes, but it was just until showers.

Bill turned up the heat and made a pot of coffee while
I sat and shivered in the kitchen. Once he made the
rounds of the house to be sure all was fine he came
out to me.

"Do you want to shower first, or do you want to have
your coffee?" he asked.

I stuck out my lower lip to pout.
"You mean we aren't showering together?" I wondered.

"It's just a regular tub Care, not a lot of room." He

"Then we can hold each other closer. Don't you want to
hold me under the hot water, . . . . and soap me up?"
I said with a wink.

"You sure you want to get naughty in my parents
shower?" Bill asked through narrowed eyes.

I stood up and put my arms around Bills neck.

"I really don't think of it as being naughty, as much
as making love to you . . .and I would make love to
you anywhere, OK?" I said seriously. "It isn't where I
am, it's who I'm with, and you're the only one I care
to be with."

"I'm sorry," he said. "I guess I just can't get over
doing it here in their house."

I slid my hand down the front of his sweatpants and
held his cock in my hand.

"I bet if I put your cock in my mouth in that shower,
you would do just fine." I said in a low whisper.

Bill rolled his eyes and said "Ohhh Yeeahh, I'm sure!"

We made our way into the shower together and washed
each other thoroughly. To scrub, rub and touch each
other's bodies under hot water has such an erotic
sensation to it. At one time I had a problem with Bill
washing certain personal places on me, but after all
of the sexual situations we had shared, our bodies
held no secrets.

That morning, with soapy fingers simultaneously at my
butt and vagina, I came to a loud, exhausting orgasm,
ending with my holding onto Bill around his neck to
regain my composure. He never ceased to amaze me with
the height's he could bring me too.

We barely finished rinsing when the water began to
cool and we had to cut our shower time off. I was
disappointed I had not gotten a chance to reciprocate
my love to Bill. Making love to his penis under a hot
water spray had a distinct erotic quality to it.

As we dried each other off the smell of hot coffee
from the kitchen made us hurry to taste the morning
brew. We took our cups and went into the Wilson living
room, with Bill fetching the morning paper from the
front stoop. While Bill sat in an easy chair taking in
the news, I spread the black Friday ads and flyers in
the floor to see if there were any sales I couldn't
pass up. At one point I looked up and saw our
reflections in the dark tv screen. Bill consumed in
his news, with me at his feet next to him, reading
quietly, sharing a peaceful moment separately, but
together, with our coffee. This was how our life
together would be. I smiled inward to myself, happy
that life had been so kind to our spirit.

I turned to share my reflection with Bill and I saw he
had stopped reading his paper, looking at me and
perhaps sharing the same thought. I knelt up and
turned to him seeking his lips for a kiss to seal our
shared thought. He smiled and touched my hand as our
lips met. The vibration told me we had shared the same
I smiled as I went to go back to my ads and flyers.
Turning, my eyes passed the opening in his robe. The
treasure that eluded me in the shower was peeking up
and out. While Bill seemed to turn his mind back to
his newspaper, I suddenly had other thoughts.

I spun a little and knelt up again, taking his penis
in my hand and mouth in one movement. Stunned but not
shocked, Bill lifted his paper and looked down at me
adoringly. Our eyes met and then I closed mine as I
moved more between his legs and gave my attention to
my purpose at hand.

Bill stroked my hair exulting aloud of how good it
felt, how much he loved me, and how these moments
would be many in our life's after we were married. I
drank in his words as I reveled in the great feeling
it was to have his penis in my mouth, where I could
feel his heart beat and savor a feel and taste that
was him and him alone.

"Ooo, I'm gonna cum, Do you want my cum, Carree?" Bill
said, short of breath, suddenly getting close to

"Ummm hmmm," was all I could answer as I sank my mouth
deeper over his prong, as if I had time to refuse it,
if I wanted to.

Quick jets of his juice hit the top of my mouth as I
swallowed and teased the underside of his penis head,
trying to coax all he had from his balls. He was salty
but sweeter than normal this morning as I continued to
milk him to get the final drops he had for me. He was
throwing his head back in jerks hoping I would release
his sensitive dick. Finally I took hold of it in my
hand and held it out in front of my face.

"Anymore?" I asked. "Lover, anymore?" I asked with a
smile for him.

Still unable to speak, he just shook his head.

I pulled his robe over his cock and patted him on the

"Come on, baby. Lets get dressed and let my mom make
us a big breakfast. We earned it today. Despite my
appetizer, I'm still hungry." I said.

Then reaching into his robe to grab him one more time
I teased, "Unless, you have more for me."

With that he jumped up and offered a hand to help me

"No, I couldn't take any more right now. Wow, you are
amazing Carree. We sure know how to love each other,"
Bill said.

"We do, I replied. "Maybe we can do something extra
special tonight." I said sliding his hand down to my

I put my arm around him to walk out to the garage
study together. We walked through the cool morning air
back to get dressed and head to my house for

My mom fixed us a huge breakfast, despite the fact we
ate so much on Thanksgiving. She asked if I could drop
her off at the Mall and pick her up if she needed a
ride later. With all she had done for us, it was hard
to refuse.

Before I dropped Bill back to his study he went with
me to drop off mom and on the way back he asked me to
stop at the Super Drug to get HBA supplies for going
back to school.
He grabbed a hand basket and went off while I looked
for a few things myself. He found me with his basket
full of shampoo, pre-shave, razors, mouthwash etc.

"I borrowed lots of stuff from my room mate the last 2
days at school until I could get to a drug store. You
can see I was out of most everything." Bill said.

"Can I add a few things to your basket?" I asked as I
put 2 Fleet enemas and a tube of KY jelly lube in with
his load.

"I'm not making any promises, Bill, but I think my
other problem cleared out this morning. We don't have
the devil though, (my "little blue devil" anal
plug/dilator) so you know sometimes things don't
work." I said. Then grabbing his arm and pulling him
close I whispered, "Since we're alone I want to be
special tonight, up inside me. If it doesn't work out,
I'm sure we'll have a good time."

Bill knew what I was referring to. A couple times in
the past we had anal sex without using the devil. I
experienced a little more than the usual pain but it
quickly went away and we got away without really doing
all the right prep to insure a good experience.
However, we hadn't packed the devil a couple other
times and we tried it, but had to stop because I
experienced too much discomfort. Bill hates it when it
hurts me. Maybe without the devil, but with the enemas
we can pull it off.
That was why I was always in control with anal
intercourse. If it wasn't working, if I couldn't open
up, I stopped it and he never complained. Although I
always experience some very minor pain, if Bill knew
of that, he would probably have stopped. It, as well
as oral sex, is the closest inter personal one on one,
give and take, sex experience you can have.

Bill went to the counter and paid for everything. I
brought him out to his parent's house, we kissed and I
agreed to leave him to his work and would see him in
the afternoon.
When I got back to my house it was quiet and great for
studying. I had the rest of the morning and early
afternoon until Meg came over to perm my hair for me.

It was amazing how well I studied and how well my
concentration was. I kept thinking that it was like
Baltimore last summer where I could work all day with
no stress, knowing my Bill would be there for me at
the end of the day. Although I would have much rather
spent the day with him, shopping, visiting friends, or
going to movie, we were on the downward slope of
college and wanting to finish with a flourish was
important to me.
I was always sort of disappointed that most of our
alone time was spent having sex, because we were so
much more than that. But, it seemed our time away was
spent missing each other, so what do you do to cure
As we had proved to each other in Baltimore, when we
had so much time together, we made a great couple and
were each other's best friends, as well as good

I heard Meg's car come up our drive and I was glad to
put down my book and stow my notes. I was getting to
the blur point on the chapter I was reviewing. I
looked to the door to motion her in and I felt like I
was looking at a picture of me. I usually had my
blonde hair cut into a short Meg Ryan type of shaggy
look, and she had the long dirtier blond flowing
tresses. Meg had lightened her hair and cut it much
like I normally do. I on the other hand had let mine
grow out, (Bill liked it like that - I hated it) and
right away I knew what she wanted to do.

"Meg, you rat, you stole my hair." I kidded her as we

"Your mom told me that you let your hair grow out.
When she told me you were going to keep it until
Christmas, I knew what I had to do. I'm going to give
you a Meg Parker special, and show you how to do it."
She said laughing.

"Oh, Meg. I HATE it, but Billy loves it like this so I
gave him till Christmas before I cut it." I said
making a face. "I like the low maintenance, like

"Oh, God. Jimmy hates my hair like this, but I hadn't
cut it more than a couple inches in 12 or 15 years. I
like it long, but I just wanted new hair. I lightened
it so I would know when all new hair had grown in. I
know I'm silly." Meg said. "Carree with your
cheekbones and chin, if you do it like mine was,
you'll look just like Michelle Pfeiffer."

"No, I'll look like you. How can you stand this? I
must spend an hour a day drying and combing and
styling." I said, wishing I had her low maintenance

"Hey, we do it for our guys. Jimmy loves when my hair
is long. He does all that kinky stuff with it. You
Know!" Meg said.

"No", I said laughing. "I don't know."

"Carree, don't pull that innocent stuff with me. You
guys lived together all last summer. Don't tell me
that you've never gotten some of his stuff in your
hair, and he doesn't like to rub his thing through
it." Meg said, a little exasperated with me.

"Thing?" I said. "Meg, Bill hasn't got a THING." I

Although Meg and I have been best friends, we never
got into the nitty gritty details of our sex lives
once we really committed to our partners. We intimated
some things, but never came out and said them. I think
she wanted to talk about some of those things, beyond
the giggly stuff we talked about at slumber parties
and like that. One slumber party we played a truth or
dare type of game where she gave us details of her
first sex with Jimmy. But, that was a young girl
trying to act grown up. I guess maybe now was the time
to open that door. As we got more and more committed
in our relationships, having that trusted third ear
was going to make a difference if a problem came up.
Megan was the sister I never had. Meg's own sisters
were moved out of the house by the time she needed
them there to ask all the boy questions. She sought
out their advice a lot, but there was never the spur
of the moment one on one between sisters like she and
I had. I opened up some doors to Meg, but I always
kept a foggy shroud around the real details.

Meg looked at me stunned for a second. "No "thing",
huh?" she laughed.

"No Meg, Bill has a cock, a dick, a prick, a penis.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to pull an innocent act with
you. It's just some things I consider way too private,
but I suppose if I can't talk to you, who do I talk
to?" I said, and then paused waiting for a reaction.

She exhaled, as if some great barrier had just fallen
at her feet. Still, she said nothing.

"So," I began. "You want to compare notes, huh?"

Meg smiled real big and then hugged me.

"Oh, I do Carree, and not to be nosey. It's just you
don't know what to think sometimes, and . . . "

"I know," I interrupted. " I have the same questions
myself. I can't even really open up with my roommates,
Henny and Maria, and I've lived with them for 4 years
now. If you don't think THAT'S personal, you know
every little bodily function; there are no private
moments. Last summer Maria was brutally attacked and
raped and she told us every little sordid embarrassing
detail. I couldn't do that if it were me, unless I was
talking to you."

Meg scanned her eyes around the room as if she were
looking for some other person who might be listening.
"Umm, Bill doesn't like to play with your long hair or
anything when you're . . .you're giving . . . Oh, God
maybe I can't do this!" Meg started to back off.

"MEG," I said, "do you mean when I'm doing him in my
mouth? sucking him? C'mon, you were the one who wanted
to talk." I said, slightly peeved.

'I'm sorry, Care. I guess I had to get that first
question out of the way. But, that's what I meant. If
you're giving him head, isn't there some kink all guys
have with long hair. Isn't it WHY they like long
hair?" Meg said.

"I can't speak for all guys Meg, I have only known
Bill, and no he doesn't have any kinks like wanting to
wrap my hair around it. I usually have him so crazy he
can't think or do anything anyway. Just so you don't
have to beat around the bush, I don't get any in my
hair either. It all goes right here." I said rubbing
my tummy.

Meg's eyes bugged out of her head, "You're kidding!
You swallow! How can you stand the taste? Ewww, I get
sick!" She said making a face.

"Megan, it's Bill! It's the juice from his very core.
It's the seed that will someday make our family. It
has little taste, salty and sweet, and if you are
sucking him while he cums, his orgasm is that much
more intense. It drives him so crazy, that I LOVE
doing it. Do you still want to compare notes, Meg?"

"I'm sorry Carree, I just didn't think that you would
do that. It seems so disgusting." Meg said continuing
to make a face.

"Disgusting? I make love to the man that I love with
my mouth. It is so personal. We are so close. I can
feel his heart beat through his penis. He sweet-talks
and exalts me while I do it telling me how much he
loves me and how much pleasure I am giving him. So,
when he reaches the culmination of my act of love, I'm
supposed to be disgusted by it? It's one of the most
wonderful; most personal things 2 people can share." I

"This is a blowjob we are talking about, Carree." Meg
said, still disgusted.

"Megan, you are I are going to have a problem here. I
don't give blowjobs. I make love to the most wonderful
man in the world, and some times I do it with my
mouth. Just like sometimes he makes love to me with
his mouth. We are filled with love and passion for
each other. Don't ever tell me that I am anything less
than a devoted lover to my partner for the rest of my
life. If Bill was here to even hear you even say the
word, "blowjob", he would jump all over you.
We make love to each other to express our love and
provide satisfaction and personal joy over our love."
I said defending myself.

"Meg," I added, "Maybe we shouldn't talk about sex.
Obviously it is something we have strong feelings
about. OK?"

"Yeah, I guess so. You kind of shocked me there. Let
me do your hair, and I'll give you those long crinkly
tresses that Bill will find very sexy." Meg said.

I agreed and Meg went to work on my hair. She wanted
to do the doo all herself. An hour later we were
sitting with my hair rolled with all kinds of little
sponges and clips, all new to me. I never fussed that
much. When I grew it out, natural bob and curl made it
look nice, at least to me, and of course to Bill.

Meg had come prepared with a hard bonnet hair dryer
and all. While I sat under the heat I wondered what I
had gotten myself into. The dryer was fairly quiet and
we chatted while my hair dried.

"Did you have sex every night when you lived together,
Care?" Meg asked.

"Umm, most every night Meg. Lying together and falling
asleep in each other arms is pretty intense. When the
stress of work would get the best of us, we would
shelter ourselves in each other's arms. Sometimes we
would fight if we directed the stress the wrong way,
so making love was usually the better way." I

"Jimmy wants me to move in with him, Care. In a lot of
ways I really want to, but he says we should start
having real sex again if we do." Meg confessed.

"Real sex, huh?" I said. "Just what is that?"

Meg welled up a bit. "You know, Care, real
intercourse, fucking! We do it every once in a while
now, but it makes me worry until I get my period. It's
not that I don't like it, I do. But, when we do it now
it's like he makes me feel guilty, like our staying
away from it is his punishment."

"Punishment? Punishment for what?" I asked her.

"I don't know. It's like he's needy and only I hold
the key. We have a lot of other sex, but he says none
of it is as real as good screwing." Meg said acting a
little confused.

"Meg, if you want to talk now, you'll have to be frank
and straight forward, OK? Just what does "lots of
other sex" mean?" I asked.

Meg blushed and then looked away and started speaking.

"I give him blowjobs, and jerk him off, let him fuck
my mouth, my breasts. I can't believe I'm telling you
this." Meg said, her voice wavering.

"Meg, what does he do for you?" I asked.

"He likes to watch me masturbate and sometimes he
plays with me, or licks me there. I really don't care
for much, he makes me feel so guilty." She said with a

"Megan, what are you talking about? Guilty?" I ask,
almost horrified at what I heard.

"Carree, I really love Jimmy, we have so much fun
together, but when we get alone and we start to get
romantic, it gets to a point where he says, "Well,
since you won't fuck me, what can you do for me? I
have given in and let him make love to me, and it's
wonderful. But, like I said, the worry until I have my
period is agonizing." She said red eyed.

"Megan, he is abusing you! How can you put up with
that crap. You've let it get out of hand. Sex without
vaginal intercourse can be a full complete sex life
for the both of you. Bill and I wear each other out,
and he's never been inside my pussy, umm. . .sorry if
that word offends you. Jesus God, I feel like going
down and beating his ass myself, treating you that
way. His dick isn't the most important thing in your
relationship!!" I railed at her.

Megan was full-fledged crying now. I pushed the hair
dryer away and held her head to my shoulder.

"WHAT ELSE CAN I DO, Carree! My sisters both got
pregnant on the pill, and my mom warned me that, while
they wanted children, all 3 of us were unplanned at
the time. I'm petrified of getting pregnant and I
don't want to lose Jimmy!" Meg blubbered.

"Well, I would love to tell you something nice Meg,
but I think you're going down the road to an abusive
relationship, and your self esteem in on the line as
well." I opined.

Meg sat up and looked at me, tears in her eyes.

"I think it's already going that way. How do I stop it
and still keep Jimmy. He is so good in so many ways.
He's just being an asshole about sex. What do I do

"First of all Meg you have to get control of yourself
and stand up to Jimmy. If it is your firm decision NOT
to have sex where you could get pregnant, that's it.
That's final. If he talks you into it, it's rape. If
that's the case, he does not respect you, pure and
simple. Secondly, when the two of you get intimate, it
is about BOTH of you. He should try as hard as you to
make you happy. Thirdly, set your bounds so he knows
how far it will go. Lastly, Meg, if he insists going
beyond those bounds, you have to get up and leave. I
know this all sounds easy, but you HAVE to sit down
and talk with him and let him know that your
relationship depends on this. You have to be strong
enough to swing the hammer at this level. If he thinks
for a minute you might give in, he won't budge." I

"Do you know how hard this will be? He's bound to just
bolt from me, or try to manhandle me to get his way."
Meg said.

"Then he's not worth keeping. Remember back in high
school, I stood him down with words and he almost
cried in my face when he thought he might have hurt
you. I would tell him that you are sick of being used
and, more or less, raped. If he wants to see you again
he can call you for a date. Start over again. Tell him
how defeated you feel when you give into him. Wouldn't
he like you to make love back to him, rather than be a
sperm receptacle? Tell him he hasn't made you feel
like a woman in a long time, and you're sick of
hearing your girlfriends brag about their men.
But, I also think you will have to show him how you
can completely love him, bring him the most pleasure.
If you act like his orgasm is poison, why would he
want to have it with you that way?"

"I can't DO that, Care. It grosses me out." Meg cried.

"Well, at least take it and then spit it out. If you
love him, that's part of him. Sometime I don't want
Bills, and I get rid of it. Do it in the shower the
first time, he might not even notice it." I suggested.

"Ewww, shower together? I don't want him to see me
washing everywhere, or do I want to see him do that."
Meg said.

I was incredulous.

"Meg, washing and touching EVERY part of each others
body is making love all by itself. What in hell is
wrong with you? I don't like this comparing notes
thing too much, but I can tell you that Bills tongue
on my ass, and I mean my butt hole, is one of those
things that sends me right over the line. Since I know
how good it feels, I do it to him too. Open up and
start behaving like a woman, a passionate complete
woman. If we were 18 years old, it would be one thing.
But, you and Jimmy have been "getting married"
forever. How in God's name can you marry a man you
don't know, and I mean know the way God put him here.
You have to give your self and your bodies to each

"Carree, do you really think that's true love? I can't
open up like that. I have my morals and standards."
Meg said.

"Megan, if you don't feel that way about Jimmy, maybe
you really aren't in love with him. He clearly uses
you, and you're letting him. I know you may think I am
jaded or something, but you really need to talk to
someone else. Maybe I am all wet, but wet works for
me. Can you talk intimately with Heidi, and I mean
INTIMATELY. Can you discuss what we talked about
today? Call your sisters and tell them you HAVE to
speak with them right away. Don't pull any punches.
Tell them the WHOLE story. If you can't WILLINGLY give
your whole self to the relationship, you are kidding
Megan Parker, you are the closest thing I have to a
sister and I love you. I want you to be happy. I don't
want you to be hurt. I pray all of my friends can be
as happy as I am, as Bill and I are. I am heartbroken
to think you aren't."

Megan jumped into my arms and we hugged and cried.

"Carree, I am so sorry for judging you. I was the one
who wanted to talk and get advice. You only told me
what you knew. I will talk to my sisters, hopefully
tonight. I haven't talked to Heidi in a while; maybe
this is an excuse to. She will be straight up with
me." Meg apologized. "Sit down, let me finish your
hair and I'll be on my way. Forgive me for upsetting
you so."

"You just get your head on straight, and your
relationship on track. That's what I want. Megan." I
told her.

Megan finished taking the curlers, sponges, clips and
what-have-you from my perm and combed out my hair. I
had long crinkly tresses with a little bob to it. I
knew Bill would be overjoyed, because I hated it. I
still liked my low maintenance regular doo. But, I did
look like a magazine ad. I could look very comely,
very sexy. Here I was, at a point of crisis with my
best friend, and the thought of how hard Bill would be
just looking at me tonight made me flush.

As Meg packed up her stuff I offered her these parting

"Meg, when two people love each other, they give
themselves totally and completely. No sex act, as long
as you agree upon it, together, is too kinky or too
anything. The more you open yourself to your lover,
comfortably, the more at ease and confidant you will
be with your love. If you cannot be that open, that
confident, you may not be ready to commit. If you
think that washing each others body, or even watching
each other wash is over the line, you may have a
commitment problem, or a confidence problem. Meg, you
are every bit as good looking as any girl out there,
and you know it. There is no reason to stay in a bad
relationship, or even a relationship you want to BE
good, but know is bad. There are lots of guys out
there who would give their right arm to be with you.
You are a smart, good-looking girl with a great
personality. You are going to school and plan to have
your own career. You would be a great catch. Don't
feel like this is the end of your road and you have to
settle. I like Jimmy, a lot, and I think he loves you.
I just think that sometime in the past, and right now,
he has used you. I am not even sure he knows he is
doing it, because I think he loves you and would never
hurt you purposely. But, you can't let him, or any man
dominate you.
Let me tell you something. Bill Wilson is my best
friend, my soul mate. There are things that happen in
life that you cannot tell anyone, not you, not even my
parents. I confidently share those things with Bill.
He is the one who knows every little thing about me,
and I about him. In the course of life, life happens,
Meg. Remember, you have to share the good things, and
then roll with the rest. Some things aren't pleasant,
but are part of life. He's given me enemas. He's
changed my tampon, and wiped my butt when my hands
were bandaged after burning them last year. I've
popped a boil between the cheeks of his butt, found
and removed a tick from just beside his balls. We are
each other. Can you say that about Jimmy, or could you
think it was possible to, if it's not true, why not?
That's how close we are, how much we are each other.
I'm not saying every committed couple is like this,
but could YOU be?"

"Carree, I cannot imagine being that close or
confidant with anyone. I'm trying to find a way to
talk about oral sex with Heidi or my sisters, even
though they probably know or figure I do it. I can't
beat down those walls you have. You and Bill are
special, I guess. Thanks for the pep talk. I will
weigh everything before I decide what to do. You are
my best friend, I tell you things I would never say to
Jimmy. I suppose it shouldn't be that way. I don't
trust him enough, which speaks volumes to me, now.
I'll stay in touch with you and talk before you go
back tomorrow. I can always call you at school if I
miss you." Meg said before hugging and kissing me.

Her eyes were filled with tears as she left my Moms
house, her dryer and perm bottles in tow.
"Thank You," she whispered as the door closed behind

I felt vindicated that I had defended my deep
commitment to my love, and still sad that Meg was
nowhere near in the relationship I thought she was. I
tried to ask myself where she went wrong and came up
with the first time she gave in to Jimmy at his
families camp. She was a confused sophomore who was
dating a senior and I am sure she felt she had to do
it to keep him. If Jimmy had been as sexually
experienced as he professed, it may have been
different still. I was afraid that Meg loved being in
love and may have forced the issue upon herself even
when she had second thoughts early on.

I still had Megan in mind when the phone rang. My mom
needed that ride home from the mall. I only needed to
find something decent to wear to go with my new look.
I didn't want to have Bill see me the first time with
this look in a t-shirt and jeans.
I found a tight pair of slacks and a sexy top that I
could go braless with. If I thought my mom was going
to see how I looked under my long coat I would have
went more conservative, but she wouldn't. I was only
going to drop her off before I went to meet Bill.

My mom piled bags in the back seat and got in the car
at our meeting point. I had just pulled away from the
curb when she noticed my hair.

"My Lord Carree, you look like a model in that hairdo.
You are so pretty when you frame your face like that.
I hope you and Bill aren't planning to go out tonight,
because once he sees you I have a feeling you'll be
staying in.

"Oh, Mother!!" I blushed, but she was probably right.

I dropped my mom off with her packages at home and
before I pulled away she again promised breakfast for
Saturday morning. She said that if we got there by
9:30 or so we could have breakfast with her and my
Dad. Not knowing what the night would bring, I told
her I would call her in the morning.

As I pulled up to the Wilson house I saw Bill getting
the mail from the box on the road. Knowing that my
hair would stop him in his tracks, I slowed and asked
in my best southern accent,
"Hey Darlin' could y'all show me to the Wilson house,
Honey? . . .Please?"
"Holy Shit Carree, where did you get that hair? You're
beautiful. You look like a model in those underwear
store ads. Wow, Megan did this for you. I'll have to
buy her a nice present for Christmas." Bill overflowed
compliments to me.

"Don't get too excited lover boy. This took over an
hour to do and if you think I'm going to maintain this
everyday, you're nuts. Besides," I said tipping my
head to accentuate my sexiest pout, "You'd love me if
I was bald wouldn't you?"

Bill leaned into the car and kissed my cheek and then
pushed back my hair to nip at my ear lobe and then
whisper to me; "I already love you bald, licky licky."

His insinuation made my pussy cream and the rest of me
shudder. He opened the door and pushed me over and
drove us back up to the garage. As soon as he put it
in PARK he turned and planted his lips on mine and
pushed me back onto the seat. After kissing me and
running his tongue over mine he sat up and undid the
button of my coat. He wasn't prepared for what I was
wearing underneath.

"My God Carree I've had a hard-on for the last hour
thinking about making love to you tonight, and you
show up looking like this, I may just cum in my pants.
I know what I want for dinner and it's not on any
menu." He said with a smirk.

"I had a feeling, my mom did too, that we wouldn't be
getting out for dinner tonight once you saw me." I
said giggling, as Bill mashed his mouth to mine and
pushed me back on the seat.

We swapped spit like a couple of teenagers out in
Daddy's car. It felt like high school.
He took his lips from mine and just looked at my face

"I can hardly believe I can call you mine, you are so
beautiful. What can I do to make you happy Carree?
Anything. Just name it." Bill said while looking past
my eyes and into a place only lovers see.

I misted up with tears, the power of our love so
strong, so overwhelming, just knowing we had all of
each other to share tonight.

"I want to be naughty with you Bill, that would make
me happy. I want you to make love to me, and me to
you. Eat me, fuck me, and feed me. How's that for a
night between lovers? Lets show each other how happy
we can make us each. I love you so, so much Bill. I
can hardly wait until I can hold you every night." I
whispered to him.

My words caused Bill to run his hands around me and
grip me tightly to him.

"May this moment last forever," he whispered. "To know
I can hold you so warm and tightly to me and that you
are thinking what you are thinking is enough to make a
life complete."

"Let's stop the words, and go inside, Bill. I want
you." I said as I pushed my way to the car door.

"Go into the main house baby, we can shower and then
run up to the studio, OK?" Bill said.

"Anything you want," I said as I made my way to the
Wilson's door.
We just got inside and the phone rang. It was Bills
parents and they were checking on us. They planned on
getting home early on Sunday and they wanted Bill and
I to wait for them before going back to school. As
long as they stayed away for tonight, I didn't care
what they wanted to do.

Once off the phone Bill shucked his coat and turned up
the heat. I decided to turn up the heat a little
myself by taking off my coat to reveal my sexy outfit.
My slacks were tight. I'm pretty sure they weren't
even mine. I think they were Henny's, something mixed
up from the laundry. My top was a sweater type cut of
jersey, that I normally wore braless under a sweater.
Without the sweater, I was a biology book.
With my long hair, now made sexy and crinkly by
Megan's perm, I knew I was playing to Bills fantasy.
He never really liked me to dress for sexcess in
public, but behind closed doors, he was fine with it.

I struck a pose as he walked around the corner into
the dining room-kitchen foyer.

"Wow, Carree, you are some sexy fox. Have I ever told
you how gorgeous you are? My God I . . . " he started
before I took his hand and pulled him to me to

"Shhhh," I said. "Don't tell me how sexy I look. Show
me what it does to you."

He pulled me into his arms and slid his right hand
down my back and rested it on the round of my buttock,
while his left went behind my head and held my face to
his while he kissed me. Soon his left hand slid down
to cup the other half of my butt as he pulled his
middle to mine. His kiss deepened as he slid his hands
up to the sides of my breasts and pushed them together
while waving his body side to side against my nipples.
A giggle interrupted our kiss as a side effect of my
braless nipple teasing.

"I wanted to be extra sexy, and just for you tonight.
You know this isn't "me" in these clothes," I said.

"I know, I'm used to admiring Henny's ass in these
slacks. I recognize them by the designer label at the
crease of your cheek," he said as he patted my butt.

"You know these pants from Henny's ass? I hadn't
realized you looked at her that closely." I scolded

"I love butts, and hers is sure cute. She puts it on
display enough, with pants like these. But, no one,
and I mean that truly, through and through, no one has
a butt like yours, baby. It's sheer eye magic." Bill

"I hope you won't be thinking of her butt tonight," I
said as I pulled him close and curled my tongue in his
ear, "While you're fucking mine."

Bill shuddered and pulled me close.

"Don't worry. You will know who I love tonight." He

"Let's do the uglier part of getting ready for each
other, so we can immerse ourselves in our passions,
what do you say?" I said.

"You call the shots, baby." He said as he pulled me
close and rubbed his crotch to mine.

"Bring me to the bathroom and peel me out of these
pants. How's that for a starter?" I asked.

"How do we get from this house to our room across the
way after showers?" Bill asked.

"You're going to make love to me in your room, Bill,
in THIS house. The room where you jacked off thinking
about me, is going to be your fantasy island tonight,"
I whispered.

Bill turned red and then flushed, looking me in the
eye. Then with a waver in his voice he said, "OK, but
be gentle with me."

I shook my head and laughed at him. I was the one who
was going to get a penis pushed up my exit ramp, but I
must admit I was doing it willingly. Feeling him
inside me was just so special, I just hoped there were
no problems tonight.

"How do you want to do it," Bill asked. "Your butt,
you call the shots."

"You are so sweet, your mom and Dad would be proud.
Umm, why don't we do the Fleet bottles first, then
shower and go to bed. To go back and do the poopie
part later would break a mood, although I would love
to have you RIGHT NOW. So lets go in the bathroom and
get started so we can get to the fun part." I said

"Carree, we don't HAVE to do this. I love it, but, you
make me happy in so many ways, and vice-versa." Bill

"No, Bill, I want this as much as you. I have a need
for feeling you inside of me, and I can't lie, I LOVE
this too. The fuss and the mess are a nuisance, but in
the end, pardon my pun, it doesn't even play in my
decision." I said as I cupped his face in my hands as
lovingly as I could. I brought my face as close to his
as I could without kissing and pressed my nose to his,
whispering, "I want you to fuck me, love. Make love to
me and let me feel you in my very core. If there is a
problem, I'll let you know. I know you don't want to
hurt me, cause me any pain. Now come, get me ready for
your cock."

"God, I love you," Bill said as he picked me up and
carried me to the bathroom.

Once he set me down, he kissed me gently while
beginning to pull my slinky top over my head. Once he
gave up my lips to get it over my head I heard him
catch his breath as he saw and admired my breasts. He
peeled my top off my arms and set it aside, bending
slightly to kiss each of my nipples. I reached and
held each breast for him to suckle. It felt so good to
feel his gentle mouth there. Then he stood back and
fumbled at the catch for my pants. Once solved, he
lowered the zipper and then reached behind me to
unbutton the snug and lower that short zipper. He
pushed down at my hips to push the tight pants from
me. I offered each leg for him to pull them off. I
stood before him in a t-back thong.

"You are so beautiful Carree," he said. "Please don't
get sick of hearing me say that. I can never get
enough of just looking at you."

He hugged and kissed me again, running his hands over
my side and hips, settling on my butt. As we broke the
kiss I could see a mist in his eyes. I knew then, and
whenever this happened, that we understood the depth
and ferocity of our love. We were truly rooted to each
other where tears of disbelief sometimes formed. Being
this much in love hardly seemed possible.

I reached to my hips and pinched the waist string to
my panty and began to lower it, while turning round
and leaning over the counter. Bill knew I was anxious
to get this little ritual over so we could dive into
each other's love.

The first of the Fleet bottles brought more results
than usual and I began to worry that maybe I wasn't as
ready to open this road as I thought. But I was able
to retain the second bottle, some 15 minutes later,
for a long time with little result. It gave me a
confidence that we might have a real positive
experience tonight.
We had spent the waiting time in the shower cleaning
ourselves for each other. We figured this was ideal
for having a sexless shower, so we could save
ourselves for the bedroom.
I wanted to wait a few minutes to be sure to purge a
bit more of the enema fluid. I had read that the
"sigmoid pocket" held a reserve that could show up if
you waited long afterward for sex. After I threw Bill
out of the bathroom I inverted myself and got that
second little urge and took care of it. Then I stepped
back into the shower to rinse and clean myself.

Bill had left me his robe to be warm upon leaving the
shower and I donned it knowing I could look so much
better in my own, if had brought it. Still I made the
most of it trying to look sexy, I let it plunge to my
waist, at the tie, and it wasn't too long. I went to
his room where he was lying with a towel around
himself reading, of course. I struck a pose in the
doorway and cleared my throat.

"Oh man, I never looked so good in that robe." Were
all the words he could muster.

He smiled and put down his magazine and knelt up on
the bed motioning me to him with a crooked finger.
I answered his beck by coming to meet his lips, but
his strong arms pulled me down on the bed and he
parted my robe in one move. He shifted till he knelt
between my legs and began a shower of kisses, licks
and caresses from my forehead to my belly button, that
had me breathing heavy in anticipation in no time.
Bill sat back on his haunches and grabbed a body
pillow on his bed and doubled it over. He lifted my
legs to his shoulders and pushed me back to where I
almost thought I would flip, then let me down onto the
doubled pillow. It was apparent he wanted my 2
pleasure orifices to be easy to access.
He began to rain kisses on my upturned butt cheeks and
eventually worked his way to that little strip of skin
between my holes. I wasn't sure where he would go next
and that was part of his tease.
He snaked his tongue up my shaved slit and began to
devour my lips but gave then up as my clit sort of
popped up for him. He sucked it almost like a little
I pushed the air from my lungs as a rush hit me, and
then redoubled as two of his long fingers sunk into my
pussy. I was on the verge of cumming already and he
was just beginning to find my G-spot.
I was about to go over the edge when his tongue left
my clit and swirled at my exposed butt hole. He seemed
to suck at it and put his tongue in it at once.
Whatever he did, it felt great! Unfortunately it
didn't last long enough because he was back at my clit
in a flash and I was going over the top. I was just
losing my breath and humping breaths when he removed
his tongue and slid his thumb in its place on my clit.
He sat back to watch me orgasm while he busied his
other hand. As my orgasm began to subside he brought
his mouth to my pussy again but his other hand had a
finger snaking up my butt. While he massaged my clit
with his tongue his index finger went up my butt twice
and then disappeared only to be replaced by his long
middle finger. He sawed it over and over again into me
and as I began to come from his tongue. Then, that
long finger began to fade from me. Suddenly it, along
with his index finger pinched together pushed up into
my ass. I lost all my breath and felt a surge of quick
pain, but another vaginal orgasm was working and my g-
spot was about to be heard from.
My orgasm was like a rolling pin up my chest as it
pressed my breath from me. I felt my face turn red,
then white as I clamored to stay conscious. A blast of
fluid from my pussy finally caused me to draw hard and
tight into my lungs. My orgasm had taken hold of me
and I was a mere spectator as it gripped my chest
again and I bore down to push another release from my
pussy. I remember hearing the splash hit something,
probably the side of Bills face or his chest as I shot
my hand down to cover my pussy and pull any fingers
out of it. I had to stop the assault on my clit or I
was going to pass out.

I held my pussy full in my hand and realized the only
thing Bill had going was 2 fingers up my ass and he
was plunging them in and out of me. The intense
concentration on my clit was stopped but still I felt
my g-spot wavering like an exposed nerve in a cold
breeze. An anal orgasm was going right through me and
gripping my sexual being.

I don't know how long I was doing it but I was
rotating my hips to his cadence and shaking my head
from side to side with each thrust of his hand. When I
closed my eyes I saw myself like a movie, taking the
pleasure of his fingers within me. My breath kept
catching in my throat, knowing that a gut wrenching
spasm was near, but his fingers were no longer enough
to reach the spot within me to draw that out.
I needed his cock in my ass, up into my being. I was

"Your cock Bill, your beautiful penis. Put it into me.
Please let me feel you fill me. Feel the warmth of my
heat inside me. Fuck me Bill, please fuck me." I said
staccato to his hand thrusts into me.

I opened my eyes to see Bills other hand squeezing
more KY onto his cock, setting down the tube and then
stroking it all over himself.
Then suddenly his pistoning finger stab stopped and he
removed them from me. Tipped back as I was,I saw the
whole of my slick pussy and just the red puffiness
around my private little hole. He laid his slickened
cock on the groove of my vagina and slid over it. Just
a push downward with my finger or his would have sent
it thrusting into me. The way the ridge of his rolled
foreskin rode over my clit had me building a second
simultaneous spasm.

"Inside, inside," I whispered to him and I am sure he
thought of how nice it would be to sink into my pussy.
I wouldn't have regretted one second of it if he did,
but he let our vow to each other prevail.

He slid his cock back once again through the groove of
my vulva, but dropped just out of my sight line and I
felt it nudge to my butt hole.

One short, painful stroke put him about three inches
inside of me. I thrust a hand out to stop further
penetration as I turned my head to the side as if to
keep the burning pain to myself. I waited for it to
ebb, it didn't.

I stepped out of my crazed sexual state.

"Take it out Bill, it hurts like hell," I cried.

As always in this situation, Bill obeyed me right
away. He knew I controlled it.

His penis no sooner had left me when his 2 fingers
rolled together replaced it and he began sawing back
and forth inside me again. This felt good still. The
sudden widening by his penis of my hole was more than
I could take at the time. He began to muscle a
rotation with his overlapped digits, stretching me
side to side as well as in and out. I closed my eyes
and relaxed in the hard and soft pummel of my butt
hole and big muscle being stretched.

I was about to tell Bill to try one more time when I
felt his fingers leave me. I wanted to warn him to be
careful and gentle in a second try when, with no
perceptible pause, his cock went right into me where
his fingers had just left. He slid quickly past my big
muscle and stopped about 4 inches into me.
His eyes looked to mine for approval and I just
smiled. Maybe it was the angle before, maybe I was
just not ready before, but this was it.

With my legs hanging back over my prone body it was
hard to push back at him, but he got my message and
pushed the rest of the way into me, his balls nestled
in my crease.
My eyes must have shown a shock to him as he sought my
wordless approval. He wore a look of concern on his
face, but my smile made him mirror that emotion back
to me.

He was deep within me. We were one. He could now make
love to me. He reached for and held my ankles as he
started short thrusts into me. He quickened the pace
and now my legs rested on his shoulders. Before I knew
it he was pummeling me.

"FUCK me, FUCK me," my gravelly whisper matched his
thrusts. Those thrusts got harder and he sought a fast
orgasm as deep as he could reach within me. Without a
second to think about it, an orgasm hit me, a seeming
wave from deep inside me that rode across my pussy
using my clit as its release point.

"Ohh ohh, Ewww, ewww," I gasped out and sucked in new
breath to feed another orgasm and they came one after
another, like 4 in a row.

The slap of his thighs against my cheeks sounded
brutal,knowing he was in my ass, but the feeling was
exquisite. I was at a state where I relished him being
close, inside me, while orgasm after orgasm left me as
I announced each with a grunt or holler. I was in a
groove where I could have cum for hours it seemed, as
long as they didn't get more intense. Then I felt him
buck up and the cudgel within me rearing, swelling.

He was going to cum!!

Oh, Carree, I'm gonna cum, gonna cum! Take it, take it
take it, take it," he said slamming at me.

Finally he had to stop, no longer able to withstand
the pleasure of my bowels squeezing at him, my butt
hole milking him. He stayed within me and took my
right leg and swung over to the other shoulder with my
left. I lifted a bit so he could remove the doubled
body pillow under me, and he slid down to the sheets
in a perfect spoon. He held me close, gripping my
breasts tightly.

His voice cracked as he spoke.
"God Carree, that was wonderful. We were truly one.
Just awesome, awesome," he emphasized.

We lay wordless attached in our spoon until reality
began to creep up.

"You have a towel here, right lover?" I asked.
He reached for the towel he had wrapped around himself
after his shower.

"Here, I'll snake it under us, when I pull out I'll
like diaper you, OK?" he asked.

"Ohhh, do you have to take it out?" I asked wanting it
to remain a part of me.

After placing the towel under us he thread himself
from my hole. I felt a gush of cum run out as I
struggled to keep it in me, but I had little control.
He did diaper me and help me up to walk to the
bathroom. He sat me on the john as he pulled the towel
away. While I pushed out air and the remains of his
cum, he ran warm water for a washcloth to wash his
penis. Once rinsed, he took another cloth and lathered
it with soap and washed it again. I knew why he wanted
it so clean. I was going to take him in my mouth. It
had become ritual after each time with anal sex. I
love to suck him, and doing so before butt sex wasn't
necessary to get him hard, and I was afraid to get him
too close to orgasm. He had no problem rising up a
second time, so I could get my fill, the joy I
experienced from feeling him in my mouth.

In the small bathroom I reached to get some paper to
dab myself, dry myself and he was turning to put the
washcloths in the hamper. His penis passed in front of
my face, and I caught the plum of it in my mouth,
freezing Bill, most certainly catching him off guard.

He looked down and saw me with just head in my mouth
and a smile on my face. I thought he would scold me
and pull from my mouth and go into the bedroom and
wait for me. Instead he readjusted his feet and stood
there, I suppose, enjoying the fact the end of his
penis was trapped in my mouth. He ran his fingers
through my newly permed tresses and stroked my hair.

"God, that feels so good Carree," Bill said as he
nudged a bit more of himself into my mouth.

I took it that this was how he wanted me, as un-Bill-
like as it was. He was one to have me take charge and
show him how I wanted it. This was participation oral
sex for me, my pleasure, as much as he also enjoyed

I looked up and my eyes met his as I took as much as I
could in my mouth. I was getting better at this, but
again, deep throating, choking, was not my idea of
pleasure. Our eyes stayed together as I bent back and
forth ever so slightly to stroke him with my mouth
sucking at him. The velvet smooth of his penis head
over my tongue made my vagina squishy, that's how sexy
this made me feel. Uncharacteristically I reached down
a couple fingers to massage my clit, taking advantage
of the wetness my actions caused. I began to get a
faint taste of his pre-cum just as he began to push at
my face a little. Within moments I was stationary, and
he was providing the friction.

Bill was fucking my mouth in nice strokes timed with
my sucking and swallowing. I wasn't too worried that
he would thrust too hard as he came, he was always
aware of that fear of mine. Still, instinctively, when
I was sure his orgasm was imminent I raised the palm
of my left hand to the flat just above his genitals.

"Oh Carree, here's your cum, I'm gonna cum, it's
cumming, cumming," he said as his eyes left mine and
tipped toward the ceiling.

I hummed a sound of disappointment as his eyes left
mine and he must have picked up what I wanted; to keep
eye contact throughout orgasm. When he re-connected
eye contact I smiled a little around his cock, just as
the first volley of cum crossed my tongue. The second
shot was huge and I swallowed fast, but anything else
he had to offer just oozed out. Our eyes glued to each
other, me reading his ecstasy, he reading my
satisfaction. It was a loving experience. He smiled
down at me, and I back at him just as I was about to
suck the last dribbles from him. I sucked all the way
up to the head then gave the underside a snake-like

"You're amazing. You're so good to me. Where did you
learn to love me so, and be so naughty?" he said
rhetorically, but I had an answer.

"From you, lover, everything just comes from our love.
We are me and you are we. Everything we do is us." I
answered him.

It was true. Nothing we did ever came to a real
question. It was all making love. There was no point
where I did anything, or put up with something, to get
something in return. Every act was of itself, and we
loved giving each other pleasure. I thought of Megan
and Jimmy and how they had so much further to go, so
much trust to assume.

I went to stand up and hug Bill and he put a hand to
my shoulder.

"Wait, I saw something here you might like," he said
as he pulled a vanity drawer open. He handed me sample
packets of baby wipes. "These may be a little easier
on your cute little butt, I know you like them and I
see them here every time I reach in there for floss."

I then remembered the reason I was sitting on the
john, to clean up and let Bills cum run out of me, as
well as let loose of the air he pumped me full of. I
opened the packet of wipes and Bill let me have my
privacy. My little hiney was sore, but it didn't feel
puffy so I was no worse for the wear that Bill gave it
today. This was definitely one of the best days of
lovemaking we had ever had. Maybe my little talk with
Megan had convinced me as well that our love was
something special, and I needed to prove it.

That night we made Bills bed up and cleaned the house
and retired to the study loft over the garage. Bill
built a nice fire to warm the place. We sat on the
floor in front of the stove and talked about getting
back to class and how we might not see each other
until the Christmas break, but that was only 3 Sundays
away. We held each other and reveled in our last night
alone together. My mom and Dad had a big breakfast
planned for us after church, we promised to go to 9:00
o'clock Mass with them. We would then wait until the
Wilson's came home early Sunday to leave for school.

We held each other tight talking of our plans for the
next few years in Baltimore and the beginning of our
life together. We laughed and cried and giggled with
anticipation. Finally we fell asleep on the floor, and
woke a few hours later cold with the fire down to
embers. Bill knelt up and loaded the cradle with more
logs and, after it began to spark, he held out a hand
to help me up and bring me to bed on the slouch couch.
We stood and kissed and ended up slinking to the floor
and having a sixty-nine in front of the fire. We got
to the couch exhausted about two-thirty, knowing the
alarm would go off in 5 hours, and fell right asleep
exhausted from our loving.

We made the Mass on time, had a great breakfast and
even had time to let Bill read the papers. We got back
to Wilson's by noon just as they got back from
We visited with mom and Dad Wilson for an hour or so
and were on our way. I was back in my dorm by 4
o'clock and Bill called me from his just before 5. Our
long Thanksgiving Holiday weekend was over. Three
nights of sleeping with my lover had me bright and
confident. In a mere 7 months we would be living
together as we would the rest of our lives. Although
we, ourselves, felt no great rush to be married, our
parents would bring the subject up a lot over the
coming Holidays. We decided that setting a date would
appease them and stop a lot of the questions. My
commitment to Baltimore and Arens and Ponds was 2
years. If I really felt at any time during that span,
that this was the job I wanted, we would get married
right away. However, Bill and I discussed the
possibility of me being more of an independent
contractor, setting my own pace once I was
established. Then, having a family could be done at
our leisure and I could pace my work to fit my
schedule as Mrs. Bill Wilson. Life's canvas had
finally been set before us and we had to decide how to
paint it. Would we simply fill in the numbers, or
paint an abstract.
My lips were still moist with Bills goodbye kiss when
I heard a noise from Henny's room. The dorm did not
seem to have the "occupied" feel yet for me to think
that Henny or Maria had returned from their long
weekends yet. Usually there would be fresh goodies
from home on the counter, or local newspapers from
home, or even an unpacked box or suitcase around.
Something was not right. I contemplated how to handle
the situation when common sense took hold of me.
I grabbed my phone and exited the building as fast as
I could and punched in my speed dial code for campus

"Campus Eye," a voice quickly answered.

Our on campus 911 was 393 or EYE. It was for locally
handled emergencies, or for a quick decision whether
911 was needed.

"Umm, Hi EYE. I just got to my dorm from the long
weekend and I think I heard a noise in one of our
rooms and I don't think any of my roommates are back.
We've lived together 4 years and something doesn't
feel right. I mean, I think I know what's normal, and
this seems different." I nervously stammered into the

"Did you call out?" the EYE voice asked.

"No. I hope this isn't a false alarm. But I have a bad
feeling. I know you guys are busy and . . . " I began
before he cut me off.

"Don't sweat it Miss. We aren't busy at all and I am
about to make a pass of the dorm areas anyway. I show
you in Suite 1 of Hall Hall, correct?" he asked.

"Correct. What should I do?" I asked.

"Keep your distance, but try not to let the dorm out
of your sight. Keep all entrance and exit locations in
your sight if you can till we get here. I'm Patrolman
Powers." He said as he clicked off.

I sat back and kept a distance outside and hoped I
didn't do something stupid here. I envisioned 2 campus
cops bursting in on Henny and Nick having sex. But,
after Maria's rape, and Henny and Nicks revenge, I
always felt a little wary if I knew I was alone.

The Campus Eye car pulled with Patrolman Powers. He
drove right up the walkway, and another car pulled
toward the back of the building. I identified myself
and told him the story about just feeling everything
was not right. He radioed to the other campus cop and
the descended upon our dorm. The other cop watched
Powers go in while keeping an eye on the windows
looking for an egresser.

I heard a shout from inside and the other patrolman
spoke into his radio and then started walking to me.

"He's got someone, a female." The other cop said to me
as I identified him as Patrolman Howard from his
badge. "Let's go in and see if you can identify her."

We walked into the dorm and heard Powers calling for a
matron to assist transfer to local police when I saw
who the intruder was.

"Megan!" I shouted. "What are you doing here?"

"It's a long story Carree. Please explain to the
policeman that I'm not a robber or something," Meg

I did just that and explained that I had given Megan a
key, but never expected her to show up anytime soon. I
let them know that all was fine and apologized
profusely to the Patrolmen.

"No problem, Miss, ahh Kasc" He said checking his
incident form. "We weren't busy anyway. We get a lot
of calls like this during the year. It happens, but
it's usually an old boyfriend." He said smiling.

The 2 cops took off leaving 2 embarrassed girls in the
dorm. I had questions to ask Meg. I really had not
given her a key, but didn't want to have her arrested
for breaking in.

"Megan, what the FUCK, is going on?" I asked.

She burst into tears and reached out to hug me.

"It's the whole goddamn Jimmy thing, Care. I had to
leave town and get away. I got in through the window
of that room I was in. I thought it was yours, but it
was dark. I've been here since about 4 a.m. this
morning. I'm sorry I came up here to bother you, I
just felt like I had nowhere to turn. I need to talk
to you."

Megan had me totally freaked out. I could not
rationalize her motivation to do such a thing when I
was so easily accessible.

"The Police are looking for Jimmy, everybody's looking
for Jimmy. They have his mom in protective custody and
I'm supposed to be the same, but I took off. His mom
knows I'm safe. You won't believe this whole thing. I
went after I saw you to confront Jimmy on a lot of
things. As I went I started thinking about a lot of
the things you said and I began to realize that WE
WERE beginning to get the way you and Bill are. But,
somewhere along the line I began to notice he was
putting up some walls. He used to break me down a bit,
you know about being casual about being nude in front
of him and stuff, and he was being cool about the
sexual arrangements and like . . ."

"STOP!" I interrupted. "What does this have to do with
Jimmy being wanted by the Police? Megan, get a hold of
yourself and fill in some blanks here for me." I said,

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I am sooo confused. Let me sit
and calm down." She said.

"After I spoke with you I went to see Jimmy, but
decided to stop and talk to his mother first. When I
began to tell her about my being reluctant to move in
with Jimmy because I thought he was changing in some
ways. His mom and I are pretty close and she always
thought moving in together was a good idea before
marriage, and she knew I planned to. It was then she
laid a bomb on me. She has known for a while that the
drugs Jimmy took after his accident could be a problem
down the line. They could cause a personality change.
One of the signs of this change was a turning into
ones self, but to have a need to be glad handed by the
ones he loved. Losing trust in loved ones may cause
violent behavior. This was to facilitate pushing away
the loved ones so he can be of himself, in himself.
Pretty freaky stuff huh? As she spoke I told her that
a lot of this was going on already. I'm pretty frank
with her about sex and stuff and she kind of knows
what was going on with us. She had to know some things
for his doctors and shrinks. Obviously I really trust
Anyway, she thought it was time to bring in a doctor
to see Jimmy and maybe go away to a place where they
could get him straightened out. I guess these
personality blips have varying degrees of seriousness,
but are common with people who have had the
bombardment of drugs he had to get his body to survive
his accident.
As we were talking, Jimmy walked into the room and
said he heard everything we said and he started
calling us names, threatening us, and then left saying
no one was going to take him away, he was fine, he
would deal with us later. Obviously we freaked out and
called the Doctor, who called the Police and
everything. The cops got there right away and tried to
establish if he had any weapons, but he didn't, to the
best of our knowledge. While the Police were there
Jimmy called. He was like a different person talking
to me, saying he wanted to go out for wings and pizza
after the movie that night. I was a little confused to
say the least. His mother took the phone from me and
demanded he come right home. Well, his personality
turned on a dime right there and he called her names
saying he was going to "get" us.
Just as he hung up on us his shrink showed up and we
all had a long talk with him and the Police and they
decided to protect his mom and me. The Doctor was
adamant that he would not harm himself, which is what
I was afraid of.
Soon 2 female cops showed up and said they would stay
with us and the house would be under surveillance.

I freaked out and bolted in the middle of the night. I
knew how to sneak in and out of Jimmy's house
undetected. So, here I am. I called them to let them
know I was OK. Everyone bawled me out, but I had to
leave. I'm supposed to call back every hour or so to
see what the story is, if they caught him. He's not
really wanted, they want to protect him from doing
something that he really doesn't want to do. As long
as his personality changes from nice Jimmy to freaky
Jimmy, he's bound to show up anywhere. Carree, I am so

"You better tell them where you are Meg, your parents
and friends, plus Jimmy's family must be nuts worrying
about you!" I scolded her.

"I'll tell them I'm OK, but I won't say where I am.
I'm not really afraid of Jimmy; I'm more worried about
him. The shrink assured me that with a minimum amount
of therapy and work, he would be back to normal with
no side effects. The key is to get him off the streets
before he does something to get himself in trouble."
Meg explained.

I handed Meg the phone and told her to dial home. I
hesitated and dialed the number myself; just to be
sure she really dialed home. I heard Megs mom answer
frantically and I handed Meg the phone.

"I'm safe and I'm OK Mom. I'm sorry I left, but I had
to get away." Meg again said apologetically.

Her face then lit up and she smiled, covered the
receiver to tell me the news.
"They've found him, and he's OK. He was taking a bus
to the hospital in Boston. He knew he had to get
better." Meg said.

Meg continued talking with her mom and tied up loose
ends with her. It seems Jimmy was aware he had to get
help and knew Boston was where he got the most help
before. He asked for Meg over and over and told Mrs.
Parker to tell her he was sorry. Megs mom said the
psychiatrist said that showed he was not that deluded.
He knew he had done some rotten things to Meg, plus he
was anxious to be helped. It sounded like a crisis had
been averted for Meg. Her sister Terry was on her way
up to get her so she wouldn't have to take a bus back
home Monday morning. This was going to make a late
night for me and washed any plans of an 8-hour sleep
to start classes after the Holiday.

While Meg waited for Terry to show she finally got a
chance to meet Henny and Maria. In typical Henny
fashion, Henny through Megan off right away with her
first words to me.

"Ooooee, Carree! Great whore hair! That'll get you
picked up in some of best biker bars in the country!"
Henny said in front of a mortified Meg.

All I could do was laugh as I tried to explain to Meg
how to take Henny. If Henny thought for a second that
any of her caustic comments were bothering you, she
heaped them on even more. Maria tried to buffer Henny
for Meg the rest of the night while we waited for
Terry to get here. Eventually Meg caught on to Henny
and before the end of the night we were all getting on
famously with Hen admitting to Meg that the perm she
gave me pretty awesome. It just required too much
maintenance for her (and my) tastes.
Meg and Jimmy would eventually get it all together,
but not until Jimmy spent 55 days "away", and then
another few months in therapy. Jimmy and his illness
spawned all Meg's "privacy" issues, and "opening up"
issues. Meg admitted to me later that she knew she
wasn't always like that, but had been brainwashed by
his phobias. I really have to give her a lot of credit
for sticking with Jimmy after all the crap he had
given her over the years. Once all the problems he had
with his own confidence, and then the results of
medication effects, he turned out to be a great guy
and partner for Megan.

The 3 weeks leading up to our Christmas vacation was a
slow and arduous one. Bill and I never got together
except for a little phone sex dirty talk. Getting
ready for exams and filling course requirements. (Both
Bill and I had extra credit work due for our upcoming
jobs to assure class placement) This was probably the
last time we would have to be this meticulous about
our school studies. If there were anything that would
draw a question mark over our job commitments, it
would have turned up by mid-terms. We only need fill
credit requirements from here out, and that was a
given at this point. Time, Inc. was somewhat
pressuring Bill into at least "looking into"
continuing his education at Stanford on their dime.
The writer Bill went away with last year apparently
was pushing Mr. Wilkens into bugging Bill about this.
Bill Wilson was not easily prodded into something he
was not really into. He thought Stanford was too
liberal for him.

Bill made me aware that he was greasing the skids to
have his parents allow us to stay together in the
study over the garage over the Holidays. Both he and I
knew that if the temps got real harsh it would not
work out, but to be together was definitely to our
liking. Our summer in Baltimore where we more or less
lived as a married couple had made us keenly aware
that we were made to be together.

We got into the home stretch at school before the
Holidays. With Christmas less than a week away I was
primed to be home for the Holidays with my family, and
of course Bill. Bill had called me earlier to tell me
that his parents were open to our staying together in
the study, but they would not do so without going and
meeting with my parents. Even though we were both in
our twenties, they felt it was the thing to do if we
were going to be in-laws. I was a little afraid of my
parents reaction, only because they may have
envisioned "their baby" being home with them.
I was a little more than shocked when I got back from
class on Tuesday to find a note from Henny for me to
call my Dad at work.

"Hello Daddy, is there anything wrong?" Were my first
words after I heard his voice. I was semi-prepared
for a lecture about not staying home with them; and
just faintly prepared to hear some bad news, as he had
never called me at school during the day.

"No pumpkin, there's nothing wrong. You must be
surprised to hear from me. Is there anything wrong
with a proud Daddy calling his little girl up?" he

"No, of course not, Daddy. It's just you never called
before, and I know you met with the Wilson's. We don't
want to cause any trouble Dad." I started to say, but
he interrupted me.

"Wait Carree, hear me out, you might be surprised.
Listen, you know my company was bought by a
conglomerate from Denmark last year. They have people
coming here all the time to assist in the change-over
and adaptation. They have 2 suites on retainer at the
new Residence Inn off exit 7 off the Interstate. They
have them at one price, like $40 a night. We pay that
everyday, and if no one is registered by 6:00 pm, they
can sell the room. We have groups of men and women
coming in here all of the time from over there on a
moments notice, so it's necessary. They told me that
they would not be here again until after Little
Christmas (the twelfth day), unless there were
emergencies, so those rooms are available to us. My
boss says I can have one of the rooms for use by
relatives over the Holidays, as long as we are paying
for it anyway. Honey, these rooms are suites with
living rooms, fireplaces, full kitchens, dining areas,
2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms, all really nice, plus free
breakfast in the morning. You and Bill can have one
right up until you go back to school or get bumped by
one of our people. I only ask that you and Bill spend
Christmas Eve in your homes. It's a family time. You
can both spend all your Christmas mornings together
AFTER you're married. What do you think?" he finished.

I was flabbergasted!

"Daddy, are you serious?" I asked. "You would do that
for Bill and I? You are the best Daddy. We will pay
you back for the room too. Have you checked with the

"First off, the rooms cost me nothing. We pay $40 a
night whether we use them or not. You guys just pick
up any phone calls, and it might be nice to tip the
maid staff, too. Yes, I ran it by them and Bills
parents like the thought of him our there rather than
in the cold garage. Well cold, if it ever gets cold,
it's been pretty mild so far." Daddy said.

"I'll run it by Bill, but I can't imagine he wouldn't
like this Daddy. You are so sweet and understanding.
You know how much I love Bill, don't you. I love being
home, but to be with Bill is . . . . . " I started.

"I know pumpkin. You are certainly old enough to make
these decisions and sleeping arrangements. We know you
were never happier than last summer, and your mom and
I were pretty proud of how you handled being, ummm . .
"married", if you will." Daddy admitted.

"Oh, Daddy this is the best present ever. I love you
for understanding everything." I said just as we
exchanged goodbye pleasantries.

I hugged my arms to my chest in my own hug of joy. I
know I flushed as a grin as big as any I ever emoted
gripped my face. I couldn't wait to tell Bill, but I
never had a chance to dial his number as my phone

It was Bill, and he was bubbling over as much as me.
These Holidays were going to be real special for the
future Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. The more we talked about
it on the phone the more flushed I got with desire for
Bill. Finally, at a break in his conversation I asked
him a question.

"Can you guess where I have my hand right now and what
I'm thinking about?" I queried.

"I have admit I'm a little horny myself, just thinking
about laying with you every night Care." He answered.

"Wow, alone again, together every night Bill. Oooo,
maybe some days we can take the phone off the hook and
never leave the room." I said. "I could just lick and
taste every single inch of you from head to toe, Bill,
Especially that beautiful handful between your legs.
My pussy is so wet right now, just thinking about you.
I'm holding my little clit between my thumb and my
index finger Bill. Can you stick your tongue through
the phone to lick it?"

"Godddd Carree, stop! You're giving me such a hard on.
I've got my hand around that handful you're thinking
about. I only wish I could lick that clit through the
phone. Rub it Care, let me hear you cum right through
the phone. God, I want you so bad right now." He

"Don't worry Bill, I'm rubbing it. Plus, my mouth is
watering thinking about having that cock in my mouth.
It's so salty sweet, and as smooth as velvet on my
tongue. I love to fondle and stroke your balls while I
suck on it. I know they're full of your juice, baby.
Oh, that sweet juice! Bill, do you know how much I
love to taste and swallow that stuff. When that goes
down my throat I know I've made you crazy with passion
for me, just like I'm crazy for you. Oh, baby my pussy
is soo hot right now, I'm gonna cum real soon." I
teased into the receiver.

"Oh, Jesus God Carree!! Just thinking of your mouth
loving me has me close. You know how to drive me
crazy. When we're alone I'm gonna want to be inside of
you Carree. Deep up inside of you! When we get married
and I can make love to that beautiful pussy, I swear
I'll fuck you 6 times a day. Until then, your cute
little butt will have to do. How does that sound
Sweets?" He cooed at me.

I was panting pretty well now. I sort of wanted to get
serious and find my g-spot, but I really just wanted
to cum. Bill talking about screwing me, being inside
of me had me nuts.

"You know I love having you inside me, Lover. It hurts
some time, but you're such a gentle lover, you always
make it easy. Once it's in me, Bill, I never want you
to come out of me. Oh Bill, I'm gonna cum. I'm
thinking about the times we fell asleep with you
inside of me. Ohhh, unghhh, unghhh, unghh. That's it
Honey I'm there. Ohhhhhhh," I moaned as I caught my
breath in my throat and came.

"Holy crap, honey. I'm cumming too. Your tight ass
makes me nuts, just thinking about it. Oh, I'll fuck
you there good, baby. Then I'll shoot THIS . . . RIGHT
. . . UP . . .THERE!!" he said as I heard him cum
through the phone.

Our breathing was all either of us could hear for a
few minutes. Finally Bill broke the silence.

"Carree, I love you so much. Being apart is so hard.
Just think, after Christmas, we only have six months
until we live together in Baltimore. I'll love you
every night, I swear." Bill growled into the phone.

"Billy, I never want to be apart from you. Just think,
our time is coming soon. We can be together every
night." I started to cry.

Through my tears of joy I told Bill how much I missed
him and wanted to be with him. It would be less than a
week until we would live together for almost a month.
Our first time alone I just wanted us to strip and
roll around on the floor feeling each other. It sounds
kinky, but the feel of his skin next to mine while we
breathe in each other's ear makes me want to cum. This
was lust and passion for my lover and no one else.

We both had studying to do as reality caught a grip on
us and we said good night. I lay there in my reverie
knowing I would fade to sleep soon, if I didn't get
going. Then a knock on my door snapped me to

"Carree?" Henny asked. "Are you OK in there? Don't
fall asleep. You told me you had lots of studying, why
don't you come out here so we can keep each other
awake? When Maria gets back from her class she has to
cram too. Come on, before you fall asleep after that."

Henny obviously figured out what I was doing in my
room. The walls were thin and it was hard to keep

"I'll be out in a sec, Hen. Keeping each other awake
is a good idea." I shouted through the door.

I arranged my clothes and gathered my books and notes
and went to the common room. Henny was set up on the
sofa and coffee table. She was getting coffee from our
contraband Mr. Coffee we snuck in this spring.

"Black with sugar, Care?" Henny asked as I assented
with an "um humm".

She brought in the coffees and curled on the sofa next
to me. She reached over and petted my hair.

"Don't worry honey. You'll be with your lover soon
enough. I'm so fucking horny I could toot." Henny
said. "But, I have to get an A on this test tomorrow
or I'm afraid my GPA may fall off the Deans list. I
wish Nick would call me and beat off on the phone.
He's too embarrassed to do it at the frat house. God,
I need a fuck. I should borrow one of Maria's toys."

Sheesh Hen, I know it's just the two of us, but do you
have to talk like that? . . or are we that familiar
with each other? I suppose I'm being a prude, we don't
have many secrets, do we? How do you know Maria has
toys?" I asked.

"She was washing them in the bathroom sink and the
phone rang. While she answered it I came back home,
and she kind of forgot about them, . . . until I went
in the bathroom. Man, did I give it to her. You know I
had some fun with that." She said with an evil laugh.

"I can only imagine. I doubt she uses them as much now
that Jack comes back more often. Hey, we all get
stressed and we all get horny and have to release
tension. We shouldn't make fun of each other and make
each other self conscious." I scolded her.

"I know. I really love the two of you, you know. I
never had girlfriends I could get along with before. I
always felt they were trying to steal Nick away, even
though I denied I loved him. He is so gorgeous. You
and Maria almost seem married to your guys, so I
didn't worry about you two." Henny admitted.

"Don't think we didn't get hot pants over Nick,
though. We used to call him "dreamboat". We're only
human, Hen. I'll bet he's hot." I confessed.

Henny laughed just as Maria came in the door.

"Save me a spot on the couch. I gotta get 2 months of
chapters into one night. I hope there's coffee." Maria
chirped as she rushed through to her room.

In 10 minutes we were all buried in our books trying
to make up for lost study time. Three girls with
lovers waiting to whisk them home, trying to study
while pleasures of life weighed on their minds. This
would be our last Christmas vacation of our college
careers. Already I worried I might never see them
again after we left school. Amazingly, we all stayed
up and got a good study in to finish the semester with
the kinds of marks we had hoped for. The last of us,
Henny, hit the mattress at 4:30 a.m.

It was Friday with Christmas one week away when Bill
picked me up to head home for the Holidays. It was
after 6 o'clock in the evening when we left campus and
for the first time I ever remember, I fell asleep on
the way home with Bill.
I felt his arm going around me, and a whisper in my

"Carree sugar? Honey sweets? You're home, safe and
sound." He whispered.

I was in another world when I opened my eyes. I saw my
Mom and Dad at the door as I cracked my lids open and
felt Bill pulling at me a little. Man, was I out of

"Holy Shit Bill. How did you let me drift off like
that! Wow, I feel like you clubbed me over the head."
I said.

"You were sleeping so hard and so sound I didn't want
to wake you baby. I brought you right home so you
could get your rest and catch up with your mom and
Dad. We can't get into the Residence Inn until Monday
so lets just stay with our parents until then. It will
make them happy. Me sleeping here, or you coming over
to the study with me will only cause problems with our
parents. I wanted to talk with you about it on the way
home, but you were GONE. Believe me, it's the best
way. We'll be together until Christmas Eve and then
back together Christmas night until we go back to
school. We'll have lots of time for each other." He
whispered as if my parents could eaves drop from
behind the closed door to our house.

I was still groggy and spaced but he was making sense
to me. I hadn't known we couldn't get into the
Residence until Monday, but I would have figured we
would sleep together no matter what. Bills words made
me realize that being with our own families a few
nights would make them all happy. Since we wanted to
go back to school with a firm date set for our
wedding, this alone time with parents was going to be
Bill hopped out of the car and came to my door and
helped my groggy self out. He walked me to the door as
my Dad opened it.

"Carree fell asleep on the way home, Dad." I heard him
say. "She's not as grouchy as she is in the morning,
but I think she has a rough edge." He kidded.

"Oh, I can handle her Bill." He said.

"Let me get her stuff in and then we can talk a bit.
Do you think mom Kasc can put on some coffee?" Bill

"Already done Bill, she saved some dinner for you both
too." I heard my Dad say.

I hugged my Dad and then my mom walked me to the table
where the smell of coffee was flaring my nostrils. I
was waking fast and the thought of food was making me
glad we were home. Whatever she made smelled like
"home" and I was glad and comforted to be there.

"Beef au jus with spaetzel dumplings sound good,
Carree?" mom said.

"Oh Mom, it sounds like heaven right now. I'm so tired
and hungry." I answered.

Bill called home to tell them that we were here and
that he would be home shortly. We both said later that
our parents half expected an argument about the nights
sleeping arrangements. We had now figured that as long
as we would be together with their blessing for the
next month, a few nights with the family would not be
a problem.

My mom laid out a couple nice plates of one of my
favorite dishes, along with fresh coffee. They sat
down with us as mom brought out a pie. As she cut
pieces for her and Dad she looked at me and smiled.

"Carree, you are so grown up, I can't believe my
little girl is a woman of the business world with a
husband and family around the corner. Oh, please don't
let that sound like we are pushing for grandchildren
already. It's just one of the things that goes along
with marriage and like that. If you chose to not have
children at all, it would be your decision. Damn, this
conversation is getting heavier than I wanted it to
be. I'm really just trying to say how proud I am, we
are, of you; so smart in the ways of the world and
your plan for life. The two of you are so much in love
and we feel like you're married already. The way you
treat each other, look out for each other. I guess
we're a little jealous that you don't need us
anymore." mom said with a misty eye.

"Oh, Mom. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not
need you? Come on! There's so much woman talk and
decisions for us to make together, and Daddy too!
Don't ever think I don't need you. Bill doesn't make
me not need you, Bill makes us four, and with his
parents, six! A family of six, that's what we are.
When we have children, and you know we do want to have
children, we need you and the Wilson's to help and
guide us." I explained.

Mom and Dad ate their pie with coffee while Bill and I
wolfed down dinner. The look on my Dads face told me
the pie was delicious. He looked at my mom more than
once and grabbed her knee, telling her how good it

By the time we finished our dinner mom had cut pie for
us as well, along with seconds for Dad. She brought
out cold milk for the two of us and smiled down at us.

"I know you can't eat pie without milk, Carree. Bill,
I assume you're the same way. Bill, I have an extra
blueberry pie for you to take home for your Dad, I
know he loves it too. We had lots of blues this year,
so we'll have blue pie for quite a time this winter.
So," mom said, changing the subject quickly, "You
asked us to come up with dates we might suggest for a
wedding, would you like to hear them?"

"Sure," Bill piped up. "We really should have a good
idea when we go back to school. Maybe not an exact
date, but an idea we can begin to work with."

My Dad had been quiet for a time, but he picked up the
baton now.

"We think you should go through a whole year in
Baltimore, adjusting to being together, commuting,
living as a couple, working on finances, planning for
the future. You have this opportunity to really test
yourselves and make sure it's the life you want. To
pressure you by adding marriage to it all would be
crazy. Originally we wanted to drive you from
graduation to the church, but we are confidant that
the two of you know each other well enough to make the
right decisions in that first year. We know you WANT
to be married, but aside from a few of us, whose going
to know your aren't? You'll be living as a couple with
a plan for the future. By next Christmas you should
have a pretty good handle on what's going on with your
jobs, your careers. We can, the six of us, set a firm
date then." My Dad said, surprising us.

"That's a pretty good plan, Dad." Bill said. "It kind
of lines up with our thinking right now, too. Unless
my parents have an objection, or we have something
else happen to change things, we may just go with
that. You really put it in the right words. We thought
along those lines, but weren't sure of how everyone
might take it. Don't you agree, Carree?" Bill said as
I nodded eating my blueberry pie.

"I, obviously, want to get married tomorrow, but we
have waited this long, we may as well wait to do it
right. Being with Bill is what I really want most, and
I'll have that. You have no argument from me. When we
settle in as a married couple I don't want to have to
get up and move a few months later. Let's be sure of
where we are, and what we are." I said.

Bill came over to me at my chair and kissed my
blueberry pie mouth.

"I really want to get home and see my mom and Dad. I
hope everything goes as well there as here with
wedding plans." Bill said as he looked up at my mom
and Dads faces. "Mom and Dad Kasc, thanks for making
this easy for us. If my parents have a problem maybe
we can all get together and talk, but I can't imagine
they will have any reservations about this plan, but
you never know."

My Dad shook Bills hand and then hugged him.

"Son, I can't imagine a man I would trust more with my
daughter and her life and future. It's pretty obvious
how happy she is and how well planned out your future
is." My dad said as he reached into his pocket for a
small envelope. "Here is a voucher and my business
card for checking into the Residence Inn on Monday.
You should have no problem; I was out there today. The
voucher takes care of the retainer fee for the room.
Any phone or extra amenities are up to you two. You
shouldn't have to spend anything else. OK?"

"Thanks Dad," Bill said as he took the envelope and
kissed my Mom.

I walked him to the door and we kissed goodbye again.
He promised to call me as soon as he got up so we
could get together for some Christmas shopping. I
waved in the window as he pulled down the drive and
disappeared up the road. I didn't know if I could
wait until Monday night to be alone with him.

"I'm so happy to know that a man can make you so
happy, Carree. You obviously make him very happy too.
You are both very lucky. I had to search so long and
hard to find your father. I made a lot of mistakes. I
would be almost jealous of you, except that I found
the man that made me as happy as you are now. I know
how happy you are." My mom whispered in my ear as she
came up behind me as I watched Bill pull away.

There was nothing I could do but turn and hug her.

"Oh Mom, he is so special. I see the way Dad still
lights up your eyes, we are both so lucky." I said as
we broke our hug and walked arm and arm to the stairs.

My Dad had just brought my bags up the stairs and was
coming out of my room heading for his own.

"Goodnight pumpkin. It's so good to have you here with
us and see you so happy. You must be exhausted, I know
I am and I have to work a few hours in the morning.
C'mon Silvie, let's hit the hay." My Dad said.

"I'm going to get up with your Dad so I can have the
car for shopping, then I'll pick him up. Do you want
to go Carree? I warn you though, I want to be there
when the mall opens at 9:30." mom said.

"If I'm awake, but I doubt that, Mom. You go ahead.
Bill is going to call me when he gets up and I think
we are going out too." I told her.

I gave my mom one last hug as we got up to the top
step and I went toward my room.

"I bet I could sleep till noon, Mom. But, I'm sure
Bill won't let me. Leave the phone in my room before
you go out in the morning, OK?" I asked.

Mom smiled and kissed me on the forehead. Then she
disappeared into their bedroom.

I found my bag with my night t-shirts and found one
that was warm and fleece lined. I took it to the
bathroom and stripped down. I quickly used cleansing
cream to clean my face and make me feel fresh for
sleep. I took a washcloth and got it good and steamy
with hot water. After I pee-ed I put the hot cloth
over my whole vaginal mound and reveled in the warmth.
I grabbed a fresh razor and did a mini- trim to keep
my pussy smooth. The warm cloth was enough to soften
the slight stubble there was for shaving.
I dropped the t-shirt over my head and headed for my
room. I was a little tingly between my legs and
wondered if I should Jill-off to help get me to sleep
better, with all my tensions relieved.

Once I settled in bed I could hear sounds of love from
my parents room and I put my hand between my legs
satisfy my own urge. I always hear my friends saying
they can't imagine their parents "doing it", or the
thought of them "doing it" made them uncomfortable. My
parents were still young in my eyes and both my mom
and Dad were still attractive. I could easily picture
them "doing it", and there was nothing unappealing
about it. Now, don't misunderstand, the thought of
them making love wasn't the trip wire to any
masturbation session for me. My thoughts of Bill and
what we had in store for each other over the next
month had my hormones doing time trials, the sounds
from the other room only enhanced the moment.

But, apparently I was too tired any for that, because
the next thought I had was the sun shining in my
window. It was morning already and I heard my mom
rustling around downstairs. I closed my eyes again and
pulled the covers up, quickly dozing off.
I think I slept another couple hours and was slipping
back into reality when I got a look at the clock.
10:45. I distinctly heard the tv on and wondered what
happened to Moms shopping trip. Maybe she didn't feel
well. As much as I wanted to just stay in bed, I got
up to check and see if she was OK.

My sleep shirt was warm, but the cool winter air in
the room chilled my legs as soon as I got up. I
grabbed my big robe that covered me head to toe, and
made my way to the bathroom, took care of business and
wrapped myself warmly in the robe and headed
downstairs. The sound of an old Fred Mac Murray movie
came from the living room as I went to check on Mom.

There, sprawled on the sofa, fast asleep, was Bill!
I stopped in my tracks and went to look in the drive
for my Dads car, but it was gone. Only Bills car sat
in the drive. I was confused.

I went back to the living room and sat on the backs of
my legs in front of Bills prone figure on the sofa. He
was sleeping heavily, and as I had done many times, I
just watched him in his peaceful state.

Apparently his olfactory senses told him he was not
alone in the room as he rustled and his eyes opened.

"G'mornin' Peaches," he said through a little smile.

"Hi," was all I answered. My eyes were asking him "the
what" and "the how" of the situation as he smiled
broader knowing my wonder.

"I couldn't sleep at home after my parents left for
work. I called here to see if you were up as well.
Your mom said your weren't and that she was leaving
soon, but if I wanted coffee, to come over and wait
for you to get up. That was at 8:15 or 8:30. I
showered and came over and she and I had coffee. Then
she left for shopping and here I am." He said through
a grin.

I smiled and kissed him.

"Wait here while I brush my teeth, and then I'll give
you a real good morning kiss, OK?" I asked him.

He smiled and nodded. We both knew which one of us had
morning mouth.

When I came back he was snoozing with his arms folded
in front of him. He fluttered his eyes at the movement
in his space.

"Oh man, I can't believe I slipped off again. Can I
really be that tired?" he wondered aloud.

I leaned in and gave him a proper kiss, full on the

"If you're that tired, maybe you should go back to
bed," I said. "I bet there's still a warm spot between
my sheets." I added suggestively.

"Well," he said facetiously, "If you insist."

As he rose from the sofa he put and arm around me and
began to walk to the steps. I stopped and went to lock
the inside screens on both doors to be sure if we were
interrupted, no one could walk in on us.

We went into my room and I shucked my robe and slid
between the sheets.

"Down to your underwear, please." I said. "I have to
keep the sheets clean." I said, goofing on him.

Bill's clothes quickly went to a pile on the floor and
he slid in next to me.

"I didn't say anything about underwear, Mister. Taking
them off was pretty forward, if you ask me." I

"Sorry m'aam, but they're clean and I don't know where
your sheets have been." He said, playing my game.

We fell into each other's arms and reveled at each
other's warmth. He felt so good next to my skin. I
wanted him right there.

"Bill, I want you so bad, and we've waited so long to
make the moment right and safe for us. We have to
start thinking about adding a little risk, now that
school is almost over. I need to feel you inside of
me. In my bottom is so satisfying, but hardly
spontaneous. We should think about taking advantage of
my safe days after I finish my period. I know those
days aren't 100 per cent safe, but if you add a
condom, we have to be close." I said with a little
exasperation added to my want.

"God Carree, I've thought about that too, but we
should wait until we are a little less horny to think
this through. Decisions made in this state could be a
little skewed, don't you think?" Bill said, sensing my

"I know, lover." I said, "I didn't mean right now, I'm
far from safe. Over the next month, I'm sure we will
have some special times when we can plan some hot
stuff for each other. This morning I just want to
taste you and feel your cock in my mouth. THAT will
make me happy."

"Your words are enough to make me cum right here,
Care. I can't wait to taste you either." Bill said
rolling over onto me while seeming to suck half my
face into his mouth, devouring me.

"No!" I protested, pushing back on him to make eye

"I haven't showered or anything yet, and just went
front and rear in the bathroom. I know it makes no
difference to you, but it makes me feel
uncomfortable." I said adamantly. "Please Bill? OK?" I
implored him.

He knew I was serious. So many times he had dove right
at me before I realized I wasn't as fresh as I might
want to be. I knew his skilled hands could bring me
off just fine to satisfy my urge at hand. Lying back
after a shower to open my legs and bottom for his
tongue was one of the true treasures of our love
making. Being confident that I was clean and fresh
made it perfect.

Bill straddled me while I scolded him and gave me a
knowing smile.

"I know, I know, Peaches. I just want you as bad as
you want me." He said as I slid down a little to get
closer to his penis.

He spread his legs a little more and lifted his weight
off his knees. He was in a 4 point stance over me, his
hands gripping the headboard of my bed. It was pretty
clear that he understood it was going to be my time
with him. Once I gave up this position he would have
plenty of time to busy his hands in my pussy, but for
now, he was mine.

He seemed so hard in this position as his cock
maintained a little curl. I decided to bathe his balls
with my tongue to tease him more. Upon doing so I
heard him inhale deeply as I sucked each testicle deep
into my mouth. He was fresh and clean and his sack was
full of cum for me. I heard him sigh a little
impatient "Ohh" as I redoubled my efforts.

"What's the matter baby?" I teased. "Does something
need attention?"

"Oh God honey, give me your mouth. It hurts so bad."
He whined.

When he begged, I knew I had teased him over the line.
He was always so patient in letting me have my way
with him. I couldn't hold back any longer, taking his
swollen plum cock head into my mouth and sucking hard
on it.

"Owwwwww," he moaned as he got the present he wanted.
I proceeded to take half his cock into my mouth and
suck it back up to the tip. I repeated a couple times
and then he twisted down to the bed where I could
kneel over his side and bob and suck him. I felt his
long middle finger snake right up my pussy, while his
thumb rolled over and over my wet clit.

My mouth and his hands settled into a nice rhythm,
pleasing each other amid our moans of approval. My
eyes had been closed enjoying our loving and when I
opened them I saw his sack, once impossible to fit all
in my mouth, now tight and drawn up. I ran the flat of
my hand up between his splayed butt and over his
little hole and cupped his sack. That sent him,
without warning, over the line.
I was just about to start a long wrenching orgasm from
his diddling when I felt my mouth fill with his cum to
the shrieks from his mouth. His orgasm not only
surprised me, but Bill as well. My touch to his sack
had made it all spontaneous. I could barely swallow
fast enough to get the first shots of his cum. I felt
some leaking from the corner of my mouth, and that was
rare that I lose any.
I stopped sucking and he pumped at my mouth, still
needing release. Two more good squirts covered my
tongue as I grabbed his cock and took control, my own
orgasm gripping me.
My clit suddenly exploded into ecstasy as I began to
milk the last drops from him. He drew his long middle
finger from me and rolled my clit between his thumb
and that slippery digit, setting off my own
pyrotechnics, leaving me to drop his cock from my

Rarely did I lose a drop, and now a whole mouthful ran
from my lips as orgasm gripped me.

"Oh God, Oh God Bill!! Ohhhhhhh!" I tried to pull from
his grip as suddenly my clit turned raw. He managed to
swipe his fingers over it a few more times before
stretching back in his own post orgasmic posture.

I was an absolute mess with his orgasm all over my
face, and some in my long hair. I had an orgasmic
squirt all over my legs and Bills hands during that
last flurry of his fingers.

"Yuck! Bill, look what you did to me," I laughed.

He looked at me and we both burst out in laughter.

"This is like a bad porno movie, Care. Sorry." Bill
said as he went to get me a towel.

"Don't bother," I hollered to Bill. "I have to get in
the shower anyway."

I tried to get off the bed and into the bathroom
without getting any of Bills shoot on anything. I
hadn't planned on really washing my hair, as I had an
appointment to get it cut this afternoon, but this
changed my plans.
My long crinkly tresses really got me a lot of
compliments, many saying it made me look like a model,
but it was really too high maintenance for me. Bill
had enjoyed me this way, but he understood my wish for
a shorter coif.
I ran my shower and hopped in and began to rinse and
get myself cleaned up. Bill stuck in lathered hands to
rinse them off and avoid having to run the sink and
interfere with my water temp and pressure. With all
the mess I had, he only had to wash his hands.

I called my salon and they said they could take me
early, so I wrapped my wet hair and we were off. While
I got my hair cut and styled, Bill was off to start
our Christmas shopping. We both looked forward to
Monday when we could move in together at the Residence
Living together for the month was going to be awesome.

We really hadn't planned on any alone time before we
got settled in our Holiday Hide-away, as Bill called
it. That morning was just an opportunity we couldn't
pass on. Actually it cooled our jets a bit so we
didn't end up parking like teenagers Saturday or
Sunday nights at he end of the driveway.

Monday morning came and I found myself up early to see
my Dad off to work. I wanted to thank him one more
time for the arrangements he had made for Bill and I.
He shook his head and said he couldn't believe he set
his own daughter up in a shack up.
I looked at him, hurt by his words, and a grin crawled
over his face.

"Pumpkin, I was just making light of the situation,
don't be offended by it. I'm sorry. I know that you
and Bill are in love and as married already as some
younger couples. I just thought, and your mom and
Bills parents agreed, it was better than having you
two sneak around trying to find alone times for
yourselves, or sleeping in that cold room over the
garage." My Dad said apologizing and making his point.

"When we saw the two of you in Baltimore last year we
knew everything was right and the two of you would be
fine. We trust you and approve 1000 percent of Bill,
honey." My mom kicked in. "Don't let your father ruin
your time. He and I would have loved to have the same
situation when we were in college and had to split up
for the Holidays."

I hugged them both and went upstairs to start packing
up my things for my mini-move. When I was putting my
dirty laundry and bed sheets together for the day's
laundry I was embarrassed by the big semen stain I saw
on the bedclothes. I hoped my mom didn't notice it.
Between what I swallowed, got on my face, in my hair
and on the sheets, Bill must have cum a gallon in our
Saturday morning fling. Just thinking about it made me
long for him, and it was only 8 o'clock in the
morning. We couldn't check in until 2 pm or later, but
actually I would see him much sooner than that. Just
being with him, and he with me, made us whole.

When I think back on us and how we were then, and how
we grew later, I don't know how I have gotten on
without him.

I went to the bathroom to get a few things to add to
my packing and on my return to my room my mom was
already stripping the bed.

"I see we couldn't leave the two of you alone for 5
minutes the other day." My mom said with a smirk.

I must have turned 3 shades of red.

"I thought you were going to remain a virgin and not
have intercourse before you got married. That sure
looks like something that leaked out of you Carree.
Don't go screw up your job or the end of your
schooling doing something stupid." mom said.

I was a little pissed off at her comment, but my mom
was never one to mince words, but neither was I.

"Mom, do I have to repeat what I said to you 5 or 6
years ago? I hope you know I kept my word." I said
with an edge on my words to make a point.

"If you mean the time you told me that you don't lie
and you don't fu. . . . screw, I'm afraid the evidence
points other wise." She said.

I stepped right into her path. "Mom, I don't lie and I
don't fuck. That's what I said a long time ago and I
thought you trusted me to keep my word, even though
it's really none of your business, anymore.
I realize if I get pregnant it is your business.
Goddamn it, PLEASE TRUST ME, and my judgment.
That stain ran out of me alright, IT RAN OUT OF MY
MOUTH, if you must know." I said intending to shock
her. By the look on her face, she had just swallowed
her tongue.

Mom composed herself.
"I'm so sorry Carree. I just treated you like my
little girl instead of my grown up woman of a
daughter. I didn't need to hear you say that, and I
guess I had it coming. I should know you have kept
your word. I had no business being so nosy. I can't
stop thinking of you as my little girl." mom said,
dropping her laundry and hugging me. She realized her
mistake and we were fine again.

My words with my mother probably changed our
relationship forever, and probably to the good. She
knew when I told her I was still a virgin that I meant
that we did not have intercourse, Bills penis in my
vagina. I'm sure she understood that we did other
things, but could not bring herself to deal with the
reality of it.

Bill came over just after lunch. He and his mom had
been shopping together Monday morning and he had told
me that they would lunch together before he came for
me. I assumed they were each shopping for my gifts
with each other's help. My mom and I had done the same
just the day before.

My things were waiting for Bill to load into the car
and he did so before he even came upstairs to find me.

"Hey lover," he said as he came into the room, hugged
me and gave my ass a squeeze. He hadn't realized my
Mom was in the room and saw his greeting.

"Oh, hi Mom." He said, embarrassed. " I'm sorry I
didn't see you there."

Mom's only response was to come over and hug the both
of us together. Everything was cool with mom now.

When we opened the door to our room at the Residence
Inn we were both pleasantly surprised. It was actually
bigger than our apartment in Baltimore, and much
We methodically unpacked our stuff and made the place
ours. I had finished setting up the bathroom and came
out to see Bill sitting on the upstairs bed in the
loft section of the room. I came over to him and saw
he was in a pensive mood. I hugged his head to my
stomach and petted his head.

"What are you thinking about so seriously, honey pie?"
I asked.

"Lasts," he said. "The last time we do things like we
have done them. This is our last Christmas with our
families the way they are. When we go home on
Christmas Eve it will be the last time we do that with
our families. Then we will start having our own
firsts. Sorry to get so sentimental. My mom and I
talked a lot about a lot of things today. She even
grilled me about sex. She told me to be nice to you,
patient with you because she knows we don't want to
get pregnant. I told her that everything about "us"
was great and not to worry."

"My mom and I had a talk today too, but it had to do
with the cum stain on my bed. She said it proved we
were screwing, she knew it had to run out of me. When
I told her it ran out of my mouth she knew she had
wandered into a place where she didn't belong and that
she should have trusted me." I told Bill.

Bill put his head in his hands.

"God Carree, how can I ever look at your mom again,
knowing that?" Bill said with a chuckle.

"All will be fine," I said as I sat next to Bill on
the bed and hugged him to me.
I pulled him back onto the bed and did a little roll
to end up having him on top of me.

"When are we going to be able to just make love at
times like this?" I asked. "I want you inside of me so
badly right now. You know, just spontaneous, like we
are in the kind of lovey mood we are in right now.
Thinking about us, thinking about the future."

"Maybe with a condom during your safe days after you
finish your period, or is that bending too much? I
know we're both anxious and could talk each other into
anything. But, that seems like it would be more than
99 percent safe, don't you think?" Bill suggested and

"You're probably right, but we've waited this long and
if I ever GOT pregnant my mom would think we have been
lying all along. Lets stick with the original plan.
Our parents trusted us enough to do this," I said
pointing around to the room we shared. "If anything
happened we would be persona non grata in both their
eyes. Maybe after we get settled in Baltimore we can
just tell them that we are cautiously having sex, or
is it really any of their business then?" I wondered.

"It would truly be our own business then, completely."
Bill said. "I suppose you are right to have to wait. I
don't think either one of is WANT to wait."

"That's for sure, Bill." I said as I kissed him full
on the lips grinding my hips to his. "I don't want to
wait at all," I said, still anxious for loving - NOW.
"Get inside me lover. Screw my little hole. I want you
so bad. We don't have any plans for this afternoon, do

"Well, if I did," Bill said, "I wouldn't now. Are you
sure you want to do this Carree? I'm always so afraid
of hurting you."

"Billy, if I didn't want it, I wouldn't suggest it. We
should be OK without all the messy stuff. I just want
you in me." I demanded.

Bill was a little reluctant at first, but once he sat
back up and I reached down to rub the growing bulge in
his pants, he was convinced. He reached out and took
the bottom of my sweater top and began to pull it up.
With my new short doo it went easily over my head, and
I didn't have to worry about snags, like before. As
soon as he saw my breasts he kissed my lips and pushed
me back on the bed filling each hand with boob. He was
so sexy.
After a few light kisses he moved his lips to my
nipples giving each gentle kisses just enough to
sensitize the erectile tips. He sat back and reached
for the snap on my skirt. I lifted my butt and he slid
it off, leaving me only in my panty.
I smiled as sexy as I could and turned around on my
hands and knees showing him my butt. He ran his hands
over my panties and then hooked his fingers in the
side to pull them down. Once my pussy was uncovered he
slid his hand between my legs and ran his finger
between my lips. He trailed that finger right up to my
butt hole and rubbed a little of the moistness around.
He bent forward and ran his tongue over and over my
anus. I could barely stand the sensation and had to
slip to my hip to work my panties the rest of the way
off. I wanted to give him more access.
I knelt back up and he put his tongue back home
leaving me wet. I felt a finger slide up my pussy and
before I could catch my breath from that rush, I felt
the flat of his thumb pressure at my rear. He was not
wasting anytime.

"As soon as you think you want lube let me know baby,
and I'll get you ready. You want it spontaneous, and
here it is. If anything isn't right, just let me
know." Bill said lustily.
I didn't let him know that his thumb going in hurt
like hell and burned, I asked for lube right then. We
had just put everything away in the bath, so finding
the KY was no problem. He was back in a flash. In just
a few seconds I felt the cool rush of his coated thumb
go back into me, but it was much better than before.
He forced the length of his thumb up into me as his
other hand busied itself on my clit.

"Oh, baby. Carree, I want to fuck you so bad. To make
love to you, to be inside of you, I want you. Let me
know when you want to try it." He whispered.

I was still trying to get accustomed to his intrusion,
but I knew his penis, being that much bigger, was
going to stretch me even more. I wanted it now.

"Try it now baby. Lube up that pretty penis and try me
now." I said excitedly, even though I knew it would
hurt some at first.

I heard him undo his belt and then his pants hit the

"Oh Carree, my cock is so hard for you." He said as I
looked back between my legs at his show.

He must have been full of lust because he began to rub
KY over its length right away after he sheathed it
with a condom. We hadn't prepped and I think he wanted
protection in case I wasn't 100 per cent clean. Not a
sexy thought, but a real one. He knelt up on the bed
and re-inserted his thumb, this time sliding into me
much easier. After a couple pistons with his thumb, it
left me and I felt him run the head of his penis
around my crease. When he centered it on my little
hole, he pushed.

Good God, it hurt, but I pushed back to get him all
the way in, past my little knot, and into me right
away. A hot poker would have felt the same, but I hid
my pain. Once he was in I reached back and grabbed his
scrotum to be sure he didn't move.
I wanted to push him out, but I knew the longer I
could hold him in, the faster I would be accustomed to
his size and the pain would ebb.

"Don't move baby, don't move, OK?" I hissed to him.

I put my head down and rested it on my hands. After a
minute or so I instinctively rolled my butt a little
and the movement felt good. I was ready to be screwed.

"Fuck me nice and slow, Billy. Take it easy and make
it last." I asked him.

He began to move, ever so slightly within me. It
didn't take long for the sensation of having something
up my butt to turn into the sensation of being made
love to. No doubt, the gliding effect of the KY jelly
enhanced the feeling.
So far, if this were the first time I was doing this,
it would have been the last. But, I knew the end
result would justify the discomfort I was feeling. Had
I not wanted to be spontaneous and we had used the
proper preparation, I would have no complaints.

I began to breathe in rhythm with his pushes at my
core. Somewhere in the next minute or so I began to
build toward an orgasm and all the thought of the pain
and discomfort of his initial entry were gone.

"Oh my God, Billy. My sweet William! Fuck meeeee! Make
love to me!" I began to cheer to him.

But, my cheers made him stop, as he bent and wrapped
himself around my hands and knees position.

"I love you so much, Carree," he growled in my ear as
his hands mauled my breasts. He then he pushed me
forward to be flat on my stomach on the bed. He
centered all his weight on his penis in my butt to
move his knees to either side of me. He shifted his
weight to his knees then and began to pump in and out
of my flattened figure.

My first orgasm was building fast and I was losing my
breath quickly. Suddenly I was without breath as it
swept over me like a big hand crushing my body. I
opened my mouth to exclaim my ecstasy and nothing came
out. I was sure I was going to pass out when suddenly
Bill lifted his weight from me as he knelt back, in
turn pulling almost all the way from my anal pocket.
That action forced me to inhale quickly to have enough
breath to shriek and exclaim my orgasm.

"Breathe with me Carree, don't pass out," Bill cried
out as he slapped his hand hard across the side of my
ass cheek.
It was not a violent slap, but one whose purpose was
to right my thought process. He knew I could just
orgasm and pass out from not breathing, but the sting
of his hand filled me with an instant rage that
quickly filled my lungs. That sweet breath fueled my
next wave of pleasure and calmed that rage. I knew and
my instinct knew that Bill would never strike me in
anger. The sting of his hand only fixed my focus as I
came again and again, feeding each wave with long and
short breaths.

I could barely see how I could have one more orgasm.
My throat burned from the hard growls and shrieks I
made. My hips and stomach muscles cramped from seeming
to draw each wave from me. Suddenly I felt my clit
seem to bulb out and then a long squirt of my
ejaculate went into the bed.

"ArghhhhhhhhEEEEEEE" was all I could manage make come
out of my mouth as that hot hard orgasm hit.
Finally I was able to reach back and put a hand to
Bills back to try to get him to stop. He took the hint
and laid atop me with his mouth next to me ear.

"Can't take anymore? Do you want me out?" he asked

"No!" I managed to say as I puffed like a sprinter.
"Just stay still." I added.

Bill stayed deep within me but didn't move. In a few
moments I gathered my self and senses to speak.

"There, I think I'm calmed down. Just pump me nice and
slow Billy." I said as he tried to fulfill my wishes.

Even nice and slow brought me to orgasm too fast,
which would have been OK if I didn't cum so hard, but
I did. I felt my next orgasm building and I tried to
nurse it, but when it crowned, I was holding my breath
trying to muscle by it.

"No more Bill, No more," I said breathlessly as I
tried to squirm from him. "I can't cum anymore, or my
heart will explode, I swear."

He slid effortless from me leaving me feel empty. I
felt cool air rush into my dilated bottom before I
fisted it shut and tried to enjoy the end of the
fucking I just got. I rolled into the fetal position
holding myself tightly with my eyes closed as the last
spasms and sensations left me. I was one long mild
orgasm as I breathed.

I felt Bill pet my back and the side of my bottom
asking me if I was OK. I was more than OK. I felt like
the most loved woman in the world, cursed with being
too orgasmic.

"I'm fine, I'm just riding the wave, Billy," I said.

Billy had become my pet name for Bill. I had used
baby, sweetie, honey and all the standards, but Billy
was pretty personal right now.
I opened my eyes and saw Bill kneeling on the bed
feeling the huge wet spot I had left. Our eyes met and
I smiled sheepishly as if I could help my discharge.
When I lowered my eyes in embarrassment I saw his
hard-on still in a tight firm curl toward the ceiling.

"Peel that slimey, smelly thing off him, and I'll take
care of that little problem for you." I said referring
to his condom.

Bill looked down and grabbed the rolled base and
pulled it up and off his penis. It was all slime
alright, but no evidence of anything else, to my
I scooted over to where he knelt and took his cock in
my hand. I looked up at him and said, "However you
want me."

"Carree, I had you how I wanted you, it would have
been great to finish that way, but I understand. Plus
I don't like to cum inside a rubber. How do you want
it?" Bill asked.

"You know I like to taste you Billy, but if you want
to finish bareback in my butt, we can do that." I

"No, I know I already hurt you there. Sit on the edge
of the bed and I'll stand in front of you." He said.

"Are you sure? I'll do anything for you." I said.

"You already have, you're such a wonderful lover,
Carree." Bill complimented me.

I scooted up and sat on the edge of the bed and Bill
stood before me. I could see that his penis hurt from
being swollen and engorged so long. I grabbed behind
him and took each of his butt halves in my hand and
brought him to my mouth. My warm mouth cavern going
over his hurting dick made him sigh loudly. I chuckled
a bit at my power to make him feel so good. I went up
and down a couple times and then he brought his hand
to his penis.

"Just hold the head in your mouth. Let me stroke it. I
have to cum right away." He said as I relented his
shaft and just held the head in my mouth. I worked my
tongue around and over his head paying special
attention to the sensitive underside V near the head.
He only stroked a few times and I tasted his pre-cum
and I barely had time to think about it when he moaned
loudly and my mouth filled with his cream. One-two-
three shots and I swallowed and then another two more
before I just put my tongue over the head so I
wouldn't choke if there were any more blasts. I
swallowed 3 mouthfuls before I felt his hand go away
and he sighed. If he were disappointed about not
cumming in my butt, he was passed it already.

"Zzhiiiiiiiiiii-OH" he exclaimed, as he grabbed his
cock in his hand to protect it from me. I slid forward
off the bed to the floor and hugged his legs.

I was satisfied, and he was satisfied. We had waited
almost 10 days with this promise to be alone and we
wasted no time to get to our most intimate.
I wanted to make love sometimes without all the hard
prep that anal sex should really have. Just dropping
your panties and doing it is not so easy back there.
Today was as close as we ever came to that. Bill
didn't know the whole truth of the pain I endured to
do it this way today, and I wouldn't doing it again
too soon either.
Taking him in my bottom was not something we did on a
regular basis. The fact that it had been just a month
since the last time probably marked the shortest time
between, except for once when we did it on consecutive
We had vowed to make it special, and we had kept it
that way. After doing it today, I was pretty sure it
wouldn't happen again until summer. If I knew then how
sore my butt hole was going to be the next morning, I
would have signed off before we started, even though
it was my idea, especially the spontaneous, spur of
the moment part.

We didn't leave our room the rest of the night. We
stayed close to each other, kissed a lot, and necked a
lot too. Around 7 o'clock we had a pizza delivered and
ate it with a bottle of champagne Bill had brought
with him. After a schmaltzy HBO movie we retired to
bed, but I wanted to shower, still feeling a little
"slippery" between the cheeks. Bill ended up coming
into the shower with me and later we sixty-nined on
the bed, falling asleep in each other's arms. Except
for the sore butt I had, every couple in love should
have multitudes of days like this. It was a private
"us" day that I will never forget. When I think of it
now I miss him even more . . . . But appreciate the
time I had with him more. . . . . what if this day
never happened and I DIDN'T have this memory.

We spent the next few days shopping and being with
each other, seeing our friends and having dinner with
our families. On Christmas Eve after intimate moments,
over a breakfast that Bill made for us, we went to the
Mall to watch kids with Santa, their faces lighting up
with the joy only Christmas knows. This is one of the
perks of having children, and I know we dreamed of the
day when it would be our child on Santa's knee.

Early in the afternoon Bill brought me home to my
parents house and he went to his. There, we spent our
last Christmas with our families. After our family
Holiday dinners Bill came over and we exchanged
presents at our house and then brought our bag of
gifts for his family. It was truly a special time for
One gift we got from my future employer, Arens and
Ponds, was a special surprise. It was an 8-day get-
away to Maine as soon as school ended, as long as I
wanted a working vacation. They wanted a review, story
and pictures from a condominium hotel on the seacoast.
Miranda Ponds called me the day after Christmas and
told me that they had this opportunity to work with
some New England resorts, but the time frame fell just
prior to their yearly meetings in the Caribbean and
the staff was stretched to the max. Would I be open to
doing the 8 days for two, and then have 6 days off
before going to meet her and the company in St.
Thomas? The only catch was, it began 2 days after
graduation, it left me only 6 days afterward to move
to Baltimore and then fly to the yearly company
meetings. I would then have until the Fourth of July,
when the office re-opened, (actually on Monday the
7th) to begin work. It would be hectic. Miranda had
taken the liberty of contacting my parents to make
sure Bill didn't have to start work that early. (He
didn't, he was free until the second Monday in June)

Christmas night, and every night that remained of our
Holiday recess we spent falling asleep in each other's
arms. That alone was "making love". Our contentment
from just being with each other was palpable.

The only evening we did not spend in our hideaway was
the one night we spent in Baltimore. Arens and Ponds
had flown me to Baltimore for a company New Years Eve
party. This, along with their yearly meeting in St.
Thomas, was another general meeting that mixed
business with pleasure and was a real morale booster.
Seminars, meetings and company updates began at noon
and continued throughout the day. Bonus incentives
were handed out at a general meeting at 6:00pm, over
dinner. The New Years bash began at 10:00 in the same
Hotel/Convention Center. Everyone was encouraged to
stay off the roads and stay at the hotel, all paid
for, of course. I paid an extra plane fare for Bill,
as we would spend New Years Eve morning looking at the
prospective property Arens and Ponds had set up for
me, with an option to purchase after 24 months. It was
everything Miranda Ponds had promised and more. The
neighborhood was definitely upscale and the paper they
held on the property would have been a bargain at near
double the price. I did need to complete 2 years at
Arens to qualify for the option to buy.

Schools swan song was sweet as our educations already
bore the fruit of selected careers. Saying goodbye to
my roommates, Henny and Maria, was a task. We planned
to visit each other from time to time, while trying to
stay in close touch via e-mail and telephone.

Our families combined our Graduation parties into one
huge get together. The Wilson's and the Kasc families
had gotten to know each other quite well and the
fruits of that union were the tremendous pile of
Congratulation cards and gifts we received. Many who
were aware of our situation in Baltimore helped
furnish our new home as if we were getting married
already. Sweeter yet, the amount of cash we received
let us begin our lives together totally debt-free. We
were cash poor, but owed no one. We had a stash in the
bank, but that was for the future. In Baltimore we
would live hand to mouth for a short time, but we saw
bright lights at the end of a short tunnel. We figured
a budget that had us in daylight in just a couple
paychecks, and in bright sunshine soon thereafter.

My life would be hectic for the next month, but after
that I figured I would be ready to sit down and absorb
everything that happened in the last 4 years and put a
perspective to it all.

The day after our party we had one whole day to
prepare for our trip to Maine. A voucher came that day
to buy a laptop computer for my work. Nothing like
cutting it close!! The product order was specific, but
CompUSA had it all put together and waiting for me. It
seems they had their copy of the order and my voucher
for quite a time.

Packing to go to Maine was crazy because I had no idea
what to expect. My mom and Dad gave me a little
insight as they had vacationed there right after
school themselves. I knew the ocean there would be
different from any I had seen in Jersey or the
Caribbean, and I didn't know what Miranda wanted when
she asked for the whole review and story to be New
England flavored. But, I was pretty adaptable and, I
had a secret weapon along with me, Bill Wilson.
Looking back, I don't think I could have gotten
serious in my creative writing without his push and

As soon as we got into Maine we got off the highways
and took the by-ways and it became apparent that
finding a different New England feel would be easy.
The look, the mood of life, was altogether different
from the pace Bill or I knew, and it was to our
liking. Once we settled in our condo at Wells Beach
our whole attitude changed, life was at a slower pace
here and we relished it. We met with the owners, who
had 3 properties on the Maine seacoast. They were a
nice couple that thought they had a product that was
untapped with the international, upscale traveler. The
South Sea Isle crowd knew little of the existence of
the quaint, relaxing attitude and subtle charm of
areas like this. I knew what my job of conveying their
product would entail.

When we walked the beach I think we fell in love all
over again. There was a feeling of newness to our
relationship as we took in the sea air and feel.
Instead of long stretches of pure white powder sand,
as I knew the Caribbean Beaches to be from my trip
there, the beach here was a packed carpet of sand that
lent itself to walking. It made us feel alone in our
own spot in the universe, despite the hundreds of
people, walking and taking in the same feel. Numerous
times during our walk we stopped and looked out over
the ocean landscape and then turned and kissed to make
sure we sealed each moment. Our want for each other
was something you could almost reach out and touch.

"How many of the couples walking on the beach right
now are going to make love when they get back to their
rooms?" Bill asked.

"Every one, it would seem." I said. "Just something
about the air and the view and the eternity of it all,
I guess. Don't feel bad because we won't be doing it,
Billy, I have my period anyway." I added.

"Oh well, I guess we aren't missing anything at all
then, but it sure seems like a nice thought though."
Bill countered.

"I didn't say I wouldn't mind having you for a little
love snack, lover. I might enjoy it as much as you." I
said as I stopped and turned to him, giving his crotch
a little squeeze.

"You are so bad, Carree, but I love you that way."
Bill said laughing and kissing me.

"When I finish my period, do we think we want to try a
safe sex session? I know all the things we have talked
about, but once I've have stopped flowing, there
really is no egg to fertilize for a few days. Plus if
you wear a condom, and don't cum inside of me . . ." I
said stopping and looking pleadingly into Bills eyes.

"But, what if . . . " Bill started.

"If I got pregnant from this once, we would be married
by Christmas and I would have a baby next ummm . . .
April. Yes, it would rush things, but I thought we
were going to tell our parents that we were going to
start having protected sex, once we began to live
together. This is only a few weeks difference. Really
Bill, the chance I would really get pregnant are so
slim . . . ." I said before Bill interrupted.

"Whoa, you don't have to talk me into it. It's you
that always puts the brakes on when we really start to
think about this. You know how much I love to make
love to you, . . . a . . . you know, in your bottom.
But, you must know that I really want to just be
inside of the real you, your womb, and your center.
The other is nice and has a place in our life, but
this is so special.
Why don't you think about it up until you finish your
period? If you haven't talked yourself out of it, I'm
already talked into it. The consequence, if you want
to call it that, would be a reason to be married
sooner and to have a family. We've already talked
about what great day-care Arens has for the women
there. But, I think we are worrying about nothing. In
your situation, and with a condom, and if I pull out
before I cum, I think we are over 99 percent covered."

"As of right now, I agree." I said. "Maybe it's this
ocean air mood we are in and once we get back to the
room we will come to our senses. I won't finish my
period until at least tomorrow, so I have time to
think." I said.

"It sounds smart and fair to me baby doll. Whatever
you decide makes me happy, you know that." He said
whispering in my ear as he hugged me close to him, his
erection ever so obvious.

"Thanks for respecting me and whatever my decision,
Billy. Now, why don't we get back to the room so I can
lower the tide on the little wave you have going down
below." I said as sexy as I could.

We had already walked about 2 miles of Wells 3 mile
beach, but suddenly we had an urgency to get back to
our condo that overlooked all of this. I did want to
feel that hard cock in my mouth and taste his cum. It
made me happy, and him delirious. Although I came
spontaneously from giving him oral sex, I knew he
would really make it all up to me with his tongue, and
soon. He always had. The closeness, the intimacy, the
fact it was something only we had experienced with
each other, still made oral love a hot turn-on for us.

We reversed direction and began our arm and arm trek
back to the privacy of our room.

"Did we really just talk ourselves into taking my real
virginity back there, after all of this time and
wait?" I asked Bill.

"Isn't it more that we have just reached the moment we
always waited for? We always said that a slip up would
ruin our future, number one, because of school. Well,
school is over. Number two, because we would need to
have our careers set, and they more or less are. These
aren't our perfect jobs, but if forced to live with
them, I think we would both be happy. Number three,
financial stability so we could bring a child into the
world and not have to make a train wreck of our
dreams, and we have that.
I, obviously, don't want us to be preggers now, but if
the situation presented itself, we are beyond
disaster. We just held this one thing, this ultimate
sign of our love; in abeyance to be sure we couldn't
hurt our future. I think that future is now. Look how
we have analyzed it, and the chances of us making a
baby are almost nil." Bill rationalized.

"You won't be disappointed, or hold it against me if I
change my mind?" I asked, a little facetiously.

Bill stopped in his tracks.

"Carree, you are my life. How can you even ask me that
question? Just asking it makes me feel I talked you
into something, when it was you who brought it up."
Bill said, doubting me.

"I guess I didn't mean it the way it came out, Billy."
I said as I rubbed my fingers on his cheek and then
cupping his chin to bring his lips to mine.

With our lips just a whisper apart and our eyes
looking into our souls, I said, "This is the last
thing I've held from you, and you from me; the final
proof of our love, as if there is a doubt. I want it
to be perfect, and well thought out. A hard penis and
a wet vagina don't make wise decisions, as we have
seen first hand through others. Whether we do it, or
don't do it, I don't want you to love me one bit
less." I said as I started the most passionate kiss we
ever shared.

We held the kiss and pulled each other closer and left
all caution to the wind about how or who might see our
expression. Our teeth clicked together as our tongues
sought to go inside each other's beings. Bills lips
were suctioned over mine, our bodies pressed to each
other, with our arms seeming to press every breath
from each other's bodies.

He finally relented and we looked into each other's

"Wow, that was hot. Have we ever kissed that deeply?"
I asked.

"I don't think so, but I never loved you more than I
do now, or will, until the next tick of time goes by.
I love you Carree, and you are me and I, you and both,
we." Bill philosophized.

I locked arms with Bill and tugged at him to start our
walk again in earnest.

"Come on, I've got to have you right now. Let's get
back to the room before I end up taking you in my
mouth right here on the beach." I said impatiently.

If I didn't have my monthly flow we would be making
love in just a few minutes. Admittedly, during that
flow it may have even been safer for sex, but we had
read that, even then, couples had gotten pregnant.

But, the mess, the whole thing, was something I wanted
no part in sharing, especially that way. Making love
should be perfect, and somehow, rutting in my blood
was not my idea of perfect. As much as we shared each
other's lives and its personal details, the most
chagrin I felt in the past was when I had burns on my
hands and Bill had to change a tampon for me. Wiping
my butt was personal enough, but it seemed minor
compared to the tampon thing. I was mortified, but had
no choice but to ask him at the time.

I quickly put all those thoughts away as we picked up
our step to get back faster. I really wanted him
between my lips, and over my tongue. I wanted to feel
the heart of the man I loved. I wanted to feel it beat
in my mouth as I brought him to his orgasm. I also
knew that the mere act of taking him into my mouth
would bring me to orgasm. Not as deep an orgasm as one
he would assist me with, using a tongue or finger. But
I know I need only to reach down and touch my bared
clit to feel a wave hit me. I needed that release now.

We climbed the steps from the beach to our condo two
at a time. We were both hot for each other. Once
inside the door Bill turned to me to say something,
but I just covered his lips with mine and grabbed at
the band of his shorts. I pushed him backwards to the
edge of a desk where he could rest his cute butt. I
pulled up the desk chair and sat in front of him.
Curling my fingers in his waistband at his hips I slid
his shorts down. He was already pretty hard as his
penis popped up, released from its entrapment. I took
it in my hand and bent towards his belly to expose his
balls that I quickly took into my mouth, one at a
time, to loll over my tongue and tease him further.
Once wet with my spittle I used my other hand to rub
that cute sack and look into his face.

"Oh Carree," he breathlessly whispered. "You're so
good to me. How could I ever deserve your love or
repay you for the pleasure you give me?"

"Don't you believe we were put here for each other,
Bill? Pleasure needn't be repaid when it's mutual,
lover. Making love to you has got me so turned on." I
said as I stood and slipped off my walking short.

My bare vagina needed my hand to pull at its lips and
arrange them, as well as my tampon string. I closed my
eyes to revel in the pleasure my hand brought to my
now blood filled mound. I felt my clit pop its hood
like a little hard on as it anticipated my touch. I
realize that pulling at my lips made it pop up, but it
still seemed to have a mind of its own.

I got my crotch to the edge of the chair where I could
easily touch myself and looked up only to have Bills
penis bump my nose.

"Somebody's impatient." I scolded as I kissed the tip
and its little pee slit.

There would be no more words from my mouth as I filled
it with his cock, over and over again, as I sucked it
like a melting ice cream stick. The deep exhales,
catches of breath and subtle moans told me that he was
enjoying this little prelude.

Once I had sucked and licked every inch of him I took
him from my mouth to admire him at full attention. I
couldn't help but drop my mouth over him and begin to
bob my head over plum of it. With one hand holding his
balls while using that hands thumb to rotate over and
over the base of his cock, my other hands fingers were
pinched together behind my middle finger as it slid
long strokes right over my clit. If I didn't push the
hood over it on the down stroke to blunt the direct
touch, I would be sore and cumming already.

Bill nudged involuntarily toward my mouth on each down
stroke trying to get a little more into my mouth, but
I was happy for just the head and another inch or so
to piston in and out. The velvet smooth of the plum
felt so erotic on my tongue as it passed over and over
it. I was a razors edge from hitting a perfect orgasm
from my clit. It was the little charge I was looking
for. Almost electric, it was like a constant exposure
to a low voltage charge. With just the right touch I
could hold that bare wire to my sexual release for
quite a time. It was time to get to the business at
hand, or mouth, I guess you would say.

I rolled my eyes up to see Bill's pleasure and he was
looking right into my eyes. He smiled, mouthed a kiss
and rolled his eyes to the ceiling to show me his
pleasure. I half smiled around the shaft in my mouth
as our eyes met again. Without words we had decided
that this was the way he would cum, with our eyes
locked together to convey wordless affirmations of
passion and pleasure.

It didn't take long for me to taste a little bleachy
report from his pre-cum as his body ran through its
final systems check for a good blast off. What strange
creatures we were with perfect systems of checks and
balances for its purposes.

I increased my suction just a little to help Bill get
over the edge. I know I always compared the closeness
of orgasm like climbing a ladder and balancing on the
top step. Sooner or later you would lose your balance
and have to jump off to safely. Bill was about ready
to jump, he was losing his balance.

One watery blast hit my tongue and Bills right hand
loosened its grip in the edge of the desk to wrap two
if its fingers around the base of his penis to help
pump out his orgasm. His fingers did not impede me at
all as I sought to swallow on each up stroke to make
sure I didn't gag or choke with a full mouth. He
seemed to shoot and ooze for minutes, when I know it
was not that long, but the seeming slow motion of the
situation made the pleasure seem to last forever. My
orgasm was steady and kind to my mood as I relished in
the pulsing passion in my mouth and the moans of
pleasure and adoring adulation his eyes conveyed to
Finally he pushed his fingers up his shaft to force my
mouth from it. He could take no more of the intense
attention I was paying it. Both of his hands went to
his crotch as he rolled back onto the desk, folding
his knees up with a deep guttural moan. He was in a
fetal ball on the desktop. I was just about to end my
long orgasm as my strokes went to a loving pinch and
massage of my clit.
I leaned forward and gave each of his cute butt cheeks
an adoring kiss, and couldn't resist giving his little
butt hole a snakey tongue kiss as well, making him
spin and jump up.

"Oh stop, Carree, are you trying to kill me? I can
only take so much." He shouted impatiently.

"I know," I replied, "I trying to find out just how
much," I said with an evil look.

He smiled and came and knelt before me as I lay back
in the desk chair a little. His hands pushed up my t-
shirt and he dropped his mouth to each of my nipples
to sort of crown my tingle session. I could barely
stand this for a half minute before I pulled down the
shirt and pushed his mouth away.

This wasn't intercourse, but it was certainly making
love, and we were exhausted by it. After being shunned
away from my breasts Bill fell back to the carpeted
floor and stared at the ceiling. I fell forward to my
knees and slumped over him, hugging my breasts to his.
We lay like this on the floor to the sound of the
waves crashing outside our room. A ringing phone would
eventually interrupt our reverie.

"Oh crap, that's that Allan guy who was supposed to
call. I better get it." I said as I climbed from the

It was Gary Allan, a publicist friend of the resorts
ownership group head, who wanted to meet with me. We
spoke briefly about ideas he had for promotion of the
Maine seacoast and his friends 3 resort properties. If
he was any kind of publicist, why didn't he take the
job himself?
He kept babbling about getting money from the State
tourist council for using their logo, and to tell you
the truth, I was so burnt from my session with Bill
that I didn't hear a word he said. I arranged to meet
him the next morning. He was someone I really didn't
need to meet, but Seaside Resorts Inc wanted me to
meet with him, so I would. I really wasn't there to
get marketing ideas. I was there to put the experience
into words to spawn marketing ideas from the team at
Arens and Ponds. They wanted my suggestions, but the
translation of my experience was their real job.

While I was on the phone Bill got up and went to the
shower to freshen up and hope for a second wind. I
knew we were both hungry and a seafood dinner at an
ocean restaurant would satisfy. However, four miles of
walking and hot love making tended to wear a body down
in this air.
I did a zombie walk into the bath area and as long as
I was not dressed, I got into the generous sized
shower with Bill. He turned and smiled me and we
hugged, telling each other how tired we were. We each
washed separately and while he rinsed I bent to pay
special attention to my feet, getting the sand from
between my toes. When I straightened up I turned to
see Bill with a smirk and a hard on.

Although proud that my butt could generate life in a
well-spent penis so easily, I shook my head at him.

"You are a horn toad." I said. "Does that thing ever
rest? Ummm, not that I want it to, but you should give
it time off occasionally."

"I'm sorry, Care, but you have the finest ass I have
ever, or will ever, see. The sight of it makes me
nuts, plus knowing that I have been in that little
hiney hole that shows when you bend, makes me even
harder. Don't blame me for getting horny over you,
Care. You turn me on so, and I love you so."

"Well, relief is your problem. I'm hungry, but I want
dinner. Right now any sex would wear me out." I said
exasperated at his ever-erect penis.

We walked out of the shower area and started getting
dressed, but Bill wanted to keep the subject alive.

"Geez Care, it's no big deal. It goes up and down a
lot during the day with you around. You didn't think I
had to wank it or stick it someplace every time it got
hard, did you?" Bill said to me, a little annoyed.
"Why do you think I always have so much to give each
time I splash? I leave it alone and let it build for
the best time for us."

"To quote you Billy, "Geez", did you think I was that
big a dope?" I joked. "I just said that because you
had that "look what I did" look on you face when I
turned and saw it winking its one eye at me. I have a
feeling that if you had to get off each time it got
hard, you'd only weigh 40 pounds." I said as I pulled
my shorts up over my panties while Bill was stuffing
the monster into his jeans.

Bill chuckled and we hugged, and locked up the condo
and headed out for dinner.

"If you feel like it, we can take the Trolley to the
Grey Gull Inn for dinner and walk back. The brochure
says tonight low tide is about 8:30. They say you can
walk all the way to Wells Beach from the Gull at low
tide." I said as I perused the brochures I singled out
on the way here.

"Sounds good to me, if you're up to it." Bill said.

I couldn't resist. I turned and patted him right on
the penis. "I know you're always UP to it, huh, little
Billy." I said as I turned and ran from him. He caught
me at the door and pinched my ass.

"Very funny." He said as we went arm and arm down to
the trolley stop to go to dinner.

Dinner was as romantic as it gets. We watched the
ocean go dark and the reflection of the moon on the
cold black surface. Occasionally a boat would sail
through the long lit reflection of the moons light.
After dinner we asked the waiter the best place to get
to the beach for the walk to Wells and he took us to
the front porch and counted down houses and told us
the path to follow. It was a beautiful long romantic
walk. We stopped to kiss, hug and neck, over and over.
If I had one more drink I would have loved to have sex
on the beach right there. I still was flowing a bit
from my period so it would have had to been me doing
him, but it would have been incredibly sexy. But the
wine would have had to make me brave enough. As much
as I wanted to do it, and it was dark, it was still
outside, in public. Our smooching, feeling, and
hugging was sexy enough though. We came upon other
couples doing the same thing. We walked close to the
water, but wondered what was happening back up on the
dunes. We thought we saw movement, but we let people
have their privacy.

When we got back to our condo we climbed the steps and
went inside, only to walk right out on the veranda to
enjoy the ocean air and ink black view splashed with
moonlight. We ended up on the chaise together and just
watched the water crash and ebb. After a time I became
aware of another sound and I motioned to Bill to be
quiet and cupped my ear to signal him to listen. On
the veranda beside us, separated by only 2 feet in
between and a thatched web blind, we heard a couple
making love. The squeaking chaise was unmistakable, as
well as the moan of the woman. The man simply hummed a
loudly as he struck bottom each time. She was
obviously beginning to orgasm as she got a little
louder in unison with the quickening squeak.

The more we listened the more aware I became of Bills
hard cock under me. I slid over a bit and pulled down
his zipper and reached inside to set him free. I
kissed the tip and smiled at Bill as I began to stroke
him. He stopped me and peeled my cropped sweater top
off over my head. While I stroked his cock, he
massaged my breasts and pinched at my nipples. His
attention made my boobs ache and want to be sucked at.
He was only glad to oblige me as I fed him my breasts.
Once the tingle in my breasts subsided, I got beck to
jerking him off. I was going in rhythm to the couple
next door, but they got pretty fast paced. Finally she
said something urgent to him and he got up. As we
craned our necks as much as we could from the chaise,
we figured he was jerking off over the balcony. We
just couldn't figure what else he was doing in the low
light we had. We kept perfectly still so as not to be
discovered. A few seconds later we heard him grunt and
groan, sounding like he was cumming. She giggled and
said something like, "That was nice", and they got up
and we heard their door slide shut.

What we heard was hot, but we were sure embarrassed to
be caught out there. Actually, we discovered that the
only people who could see you on your veranda or
balcony were people on the beach. For you to see into
anyone's balcony you really had to lean out over the
rail and that would be just too gauche. We later
realized that maybe they knew we were there and wanted
to put on a show for us. The only thing we were
jealous of was the fact they were having intercourse
and we weren't.

Between hearing them making love and Bills hand and
tongue play with my breasts I was ready to get off. He
didn't like to play with me during my period; we had
one too many accidents when we were inexperienced with
each other. I didn't blame him, the bloody mess
freaked me out too, but I knew how to get off without
making one. So, I got up from the chaise and spun
around, sitting at the foot.

"Watch me, Bill. Watch me get my jollies while you
stroke that beautiful cock for me." I said to his
smiling approval.

We both began to masturbate in earnest. I should have
told him to wait, and that I would finish him with my
mouth, but I really needed to get off. The whole night
of romance had me totally frustrated. If there was a
night when I wanted to 69 and have a monster O, it was
tonight, but with Bloody Mary at the bar, nothing was
going to happen.

My orgasm was going to be fast and I wanted to lie
back, but being on the end of the chaise it was
impossible. Once I began the cumming stage of my clit
play I brought up my knees and spun around again and
laid back so I could really grind one out. This put my
head right between his legs, and if I looked up I saw
his hand going up and down.
My O came with a big spasm and I did just what I
turned and laid back for, to grind out a knee biting,
toe curling spasm to soothe my pussy. I just got to
where I could no longer stand my own touch when I felt
a splat hit my boobs. Bill came.

"Oh, don't get it in my hair." I said trying to move
away, but I felt a drop hit my forehead. I risked
looking up and getting a shot in my eye, but I saw
Bill put his hand over the tip so he couldn't spray
me. He laughed and made a joke about the conditioner I
might be using, but he really didn't hit my hair at
all. We ended up laughing and cleaning each other up.

It had been a nice day for us. We hadn't just kissed
and smooched and necked so much in a long time. Not
really having any mutual sex available to us made
those things even sexier. The oral sex I had done on
him earlier was so nice. It was my idea and my
aggression that made it happen, I liked that. Any
woman who doesn't feel the power she has and the
absolute sexiness of doing her man, without any
expectations, has really missed something.
We fell asleep in each other's arms to sounds of the
crashing ocean. What a peaceful and sexy way to end
the day.

About 3:30 in the morning I heard Bill get up and go
to the bathroom. He saw I was awake and apologized for
waking me.

"You didn't wake me. I was awake already, lying here
thinking." I said.

"About what, the review and things you have to get
done?" Bill asked.

"No. About us, about us making love like real couples
do. I think I want it Bill. You know, on my safe days.
They say 72 hours after you stop flowing is safe, but
if we keep to 48 hours and use a condom and you pull
out. . . . I know it sounds like jumping through
hoops, but I want to have you in me, in my vagina,
where you should be, reaching the depths of me. With
our lips locked together with our eyes open to see the
pleasure we give each other. I want it to happen Bill.
I want it to happen now, as soon as I stop, OK?" I
said looking at him in the dark with just the ambient
light from the outside reflecting in his eyes.

"Oh Goddddd, Carree," Bill said, his voice quivering.
"For the first time in our life together you are
saying this where I can really agree with you. It's
time. We need to cross this bridge. God, I'm
trembling, Carree. You must think I'm a big wuss or
something, but this means so much to me, to us. Yes, I
think we are ready. Let's make it happen here, with
the ocean crashing." He said sliding over and holding
me tighter than he ever did.

We held each other and cried each other to sleep. No
tears of sadness were shed, just sheer and utter joy.
All of our careful waiting was going to have its first

We woke in the morning still in each other's arms and
the sun peaking into our room. It was very early and
we watched the sun come up. The tide was pretty high
and there were not too many walkers on the beach. Once
the sun got above our window we lie back and just
looked at each other and smiled. We fell asleep for
another couple hours, waking to the ring of the phone.

After a groggy "hello" I realized it was Garry Allan
the fellow I was supposed to meet on behalf of Seaside

"We have an 11 o'clock appointment and I know how easy
it is to let time slip by up here. The sound of the
ocean can make you sleep for hours." He said.

"Oh my God, Garry, I'm not late, am I?" I asked

"No, but it's 10 o'clock and you wouldn't be my first
morning appointment who slept through it." He said.

"Well, I'm a little surprised we aren't up yet, so
thanks for calling. I'll see you in the office in an
hour." I said as I hung up.

Holy crap, I really may have slept through if he
hadn't called. I shook Bill and told him we were late
and I was getting in the shower. He acted like he had
a hangover.

Before I got in the shower I checked my tampon and
knew I was at the end of my flow, or near the end. I
was excited that tonight might be the night.

I was just rinsing my hair when Bill came into the
shower. We kissed and I got out to dry and do my hair.

"Are you expecting me to go with you this morning?" he
shouted over the shower.

"Of course. I'm meeting a man I don't even know who
wants to ride me along the coast to show me romantic
reasons why couples might come here instead of the
Caribbean. I can handle myself, but I would like you
to be there." I said.

"I know I would feel better." Bill said as he finished
up his shower.

Garry Allan was a guy very full of himself and a local
know-it-all, it turned out. He thought he was big city
slick but his naeveties really showed through. His
homespun attitude may have worked with the locals, but
we were trying to sell this to a client totally the
opposite of the Down East Mainers. The Seaside Resorts
owners were just making sure that the city slickers
knew what they were selling. I am sure they had never
spent this kind of money before on promotion and
advertising, but were ready to graduate to the big
time and maybe get some international business to get
their feet wet and expand beyond Maine. Bill summed it
all up. Garry was a protection for the nervous local
stockholders, and he was probably right. I thanked
Garry for "all his help"; made evident by the hundreds
of faux notes I took. I had done a service for the
client by seeing this fellow, and maybe even made some
points with them.

After just 24 hours I could have written enough to
fill a brochure. The thick New England feel of the
area was quite pleasing and made me feel like I had
been here forever. We still had a lot of food to try
and local entertainment and sights to see. We still
had 6 more nights here, and we knew at least one of
them was going to be very eventful.

We spent the rest of the day, after Garry Allan's
meeting, visiting local antique dealers of which there
were many. Bill was surprised his parents had never
been here with their obsession with old stuff. Bills
knowledge of antiques helped me tremendously in my
note taking and descriptions. We got permission for
some photos of a few places more quaint. This
assignment was given to me because it was fluff,
compared to the high roller accounts Arens and Ponds
normally handled. I was going to make an impression
with my report and input.

We got back to our room about 7 o'clock and we were
famished. We should have stayed out to eat, but I got
caught without a bathroom when I needed it. Rather
than stop at the grocery store or a gas station, we
were close enough to get back to the room. I knew I
could check my progress with my period too. I was
excited for both of us that a new door was going to
open for us, sexually.

I came out of the bathroom and saw Bill sitting in the
easy chair beside the bed where he was, of course,
reading a newspaper. (He was in his glory here, they
had both Boston papers, both New York tabs, a New
Hampshire and the Portland paper, plus the WSJ)
I went to the back of the chair and bent to whisper in
his ear.

"Guess whose gonna fuck my pussy tonight?" I whispered
in his ear.

The paper went down.

"Are you sure? You think you're all done? Even now in
the light of day and everything, you haven't changed
your mind?" Bill asked.

I massaged both of his shoulders with my willowy

"Unt - Uh. No change of mind, no change of heart. I
want you to make love to me tonight. I would do it
right now, except in my fantasy it's in a dark room
with candles lit. We have to go get dinner, and buy
candles. This is going to be the night we have waited
all of our life's love for Billy Wilson. I may not be
a real virgin, but you know I've always wanted you,
and only you Bill."

"God Carree, lets get out and do something before I
burst out of my pants." Bill said getting up grabbing
his crotch.
He grabbed my arm and we left. He was so cute.

We hopped into the car and went to Oqunquit and
Perkins Cove. These were two real touristy spots that
screamed big bucks for those who wanted to shop. The
women's clothing stores and the gift shops were very
pricey, if not exclusive. We found a little spot
called the Lobster Shack and had a quiet dinner even
though the place was packed. Afterward we got an ice
cream and took a nature walk on a path called the
Marginal Way. It was as romantic as anything else we
had done. What great sights from the walkway!!
The walk ended in the middle of town and we walked
back to where we had parked. It was close to dark and
we passed a candle shop and went in and bought at
least 10 candles with bases, floating candles and
votives. We were ready for the drive back for our
night of love.

The drive back was very quiet as we sat and thought,
looking to read each other's eyes from time to time.
Each time our eyes met it elicited a big smile from
either of us. We were ready, we were thought out, it
was time. The rest of the ride back was eerily silent
and we contemplated what we were going to do. No
change of mind, no change of heart. It was going to

There was a tension that was thick between us when we
pulled into the parking garage and gathered our things
and went upstairs to our room. The only way to
describe it was that the world was buzzing by at 100
MPH, while we stood frozen and watched. It reached a
fever pitch until the walked in to the room. The latch
clicked to signal the door closed and locked and our
eyes met and we leapt into each other's arms.

"Oh my God, Carree, I never realized how much I love
you, how much I want to possess you and be yours until
this moment." Bill whispered into my ear. "We've spent
years and years saying I LOVE YOU and making each
other happy with physical gratification and enjoying
each other as if there were no one else in the world.
But, now it really is true. There is no one else in
the world and our union really could bring another
life into our world, a direct result of our love. What
an incredible miracle. I know we are taking every
precaution to make sure that doesn't happen, but I
just realized that if it did, what an absolute joy and
gift it would be, because I love you and you love me
and together it's a love so strong we can make another
life to share that love with."

I went to answer Bills realization but the
overwhelming desire to put my mouth on his and kiss
him won over. I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth
and then rolled mine with his together in each other's
mouths. My arms were glued to his back and I could
feel each of my fingers between ribs, as I held him
tightly to me as if some force might want to take him
from me. His hands held my lower back and my ass to
him, as we stood for minutes in this passionate
embrace. It was the kiss of the ages and it
transmitted volumes of feelings to each of us.

Finally our lips parted and I was able to form sounds
to whisper in his ear.

"Your words, Bill. Your read your words right off my
heart, I swear. So beautiful, Oh my God Bill, so
beautiful, we are one. There will be no time in our
lives so right for what will happen tonight between
us. Fate planned this all for us. How perfect." I
breathlessly worded into his ear.

Finally our embrace and kiss broke and we eased our
grips on each other to stand back and look at each
other. After what seemed a long moment, I spoke.

"Part of me wants to throw you to the floor and push
you inside of me to love and possess me and prove our
oneness and relieve the excitement and joy that is
building within me. Another voice is telling me to let
you gently take me, and me take you, both under the
shower to wash everything else away and leave nothing
but our flesh for each other to consume. Consume we
must with our tongues at every tender part of our
bodies to excite and anticipate the great union we
will share tonight. As much as I cannot wait to have
you within what makes me a woman, I do want to wash
and make perfect your body for me to consume and
excite." I said philosophically to be sure Bill knew
how I loved him so, but I really had no doubts. He
knew, I knew.

"Let's get everything in the room ready the way we
want it so when we come out of the shower we have no
interruptions." Bill said as he retrieved the bag from
the candle store.

We each took candles and put them around the room. The
owners of the condo must have made this their love
nest often enough as well. There we candle dishes,
floating candle pads, and other holders placed around
the room. Each were in a safe spot to be left to burn
for hours, and once we had ours lit it was obvious
that they formed a circle around the bed, each
strategically placed to contain light and aim it to
the bed. As we lit the last candles and looked at the
scene, our eyes met and we smiled. It WAS a place for
love, to be sure.

Bill drew open the curtains and opened the French
doors wide, while locking the screens. The burst of
cool sea air filled the room and made perfect the
ambiance. The moon would hang center in our picture as
we lay in bed that night, if we had time to look at

The bath in our condo was large and had a tub with
shower and a large shower, clearly meant for two,
although with its seat in one corner and the safety
bars, its intention was probably for handicapped. The
placement of the candles, the dEcor of the room, the
large added shower told me this room was a love nest
for its owners. We would try to hold tradition for
While the room was spacious for a bath in a unit
condo, the addition of the extra shower made it a
little cramped. Still though, we waited to get inside
the room to begin removing our clothes. We undressed
ourselves until we got to our underwear. There and
then we embraced again and I heard Bill draw deeply
into his lungs as he ran his hands over the near naked
skin of my body.

"You are beautiful, so perfect, both inside and out. I
have done nothing in life to deserve such perfection.
I will be sure to always treasure you Carree, and
never ever hurt you." He said as if he were proposing

I blushed and relished in his strong hands running
over my body. I was doing the same for him.

"I don't know what I have ever done to deserve you
either Bill. You are so perfect for me and we know
each other, in and out, so perfectly, so intimately.
Last night while I lay awake thinking about us I
thought of something silly. We have been part of each
others life for 4000 days, with few of those ever
spent without seeing or talking to each other. For the
lion's share of those 4000, any time I spent away from
you, I spent wishing I was near you, or could hear
your voice. Something tells me that we won't be
growing tired of each other soon." I said.

"Not with so many things of love and life to share, if
we ever do grow tired of each other, the memories will
buoy our love until our last days." Bill said as he
unsnapped my bra.
I stepped away from him to let my breasts go free and
the garment drop. I reached out and slid my fingers
over his back and down under the band of his under
shorts over his buttocks until they fell to the floor.
The only snag I hit was the fact that, surprise, his
penis was erect. I reached and took his penis in one
hand and his ball sack in my other. They were both
warm and damp from their hiding place. My hands and
fingers massaged and stretched their prizes to get
them accustomed to the free air again. The second I
let go, Bill reached out and took the hip ties to my
panties and pulled them to let the front and back
panels drop. I bought these just yesterday while
shopping with Bill. The panties were cut, and tied,
like a bikini bathing bottom. However, they were so
sheer you could roll them into a small ball. He ran
his hand down my belly over my bare mound and through
the furrow of my vagina to arrange and pull my lips,
teasing me, as I did him.
He smiled and looked me in the eye, winking.

"Hmmt, no string," he chuckled.

We now stood naked before each other and embraced,
once again running our hands over each others naked
backs as if to feel and verify each others body while
our sexuality intermingled. It was as if we were
seeing and touching each other for the first time.

Bill stepped back and turned on the shower, adjusting
the water to our liking and he took my hand to escort
me in. Now, we had showered and washed each other
many, many times before, as well as having both oral
and anal sex under the steams of a showers water. But,
tonight was totally different. We each gingerly washed
each other as if we were porcelain dolls, gently
cleansing and scrubbing each other from between our
toes to behind each others ears amid giggles and

Upon finishing we gently dried each other and went arm
and arm to the dressing table where Bill helped me dry
my hair, and I combed his. When we turned off the rest
of the lights, only the candles glow from the bedroom
remained. We turned down the sheets and bedspread
beforehand, so the bed was set. We stood back and
looked outside to the sound of the waves crashing in
the distant low tide, and then Bill put his arm around
my shoulder and scooped me up into his arms. He
carried to the bed and set me down on the cool sheets.

"You are my virgin bride tonight, Carree. This is the
night we have waited for, it seems forever. I cannot
put into words how much I love you, especially right
now." Bill said sweetly.

He treated me so kind and gentle when he needed to,
like now; yet at times, so firm and convincing when I
was more prone to tantrums, or when our sex got
mutually rough (to a point). Tonight he was the
perfect husband to me, treating me like a fragile
doll, so far.

"When was the first time you really wanted to make
love to me, Billy. I don't mean the first time you
looked at me physically and had naughty ideas, but the
first time you really thought we should go all the
way?" I asked him.

"The first time? I remember it distinctly. We had been
necking and humping like crazy for a couple nights in
a row. You attacked me each time, and on the third
night you said you had a leg cramp and changed
positions. You lay right on my cock and we humped. I
used to carry a condom in the glove box and I wanted
to show it to you that night, but I chickened out.
But, for a minute I really thought we were going to DO
it. Man, was I načve." Bill explained.

"I remember that night. It was the third time in a row
I had to take care of business when I got home. I was
so exasperated with you." I admitted.

Bill knelt beside me and said, "Enough of past
history, we have some new heights to reach."

He laid his lips to mine and we soft kissed for a
moment or two, and then he tried to devour me, nipping
at my lips, then my ears. He quickly moved to my
breasts and my nipples, but it was clear where his
target was. He soon passed my navel and was head first
at my pussy. His licking, nipping, and fondling were
all meant to excite me and get me wet for his cock.
But, that cock was in my reach now. I wanted to love
it tender before he pushed it into me for the first
I was in a place I had not been before. It was like
being love drunk, or sex drunk. I was light headed
from the anticipation and also from the erotic mood of
the room. I suppose Bill's tongue on my clit might
have had a little to do with it too. My eyes had been
closed for a few minutes as I began to float away on
an orgasmic trip and when I opened them as I began to
flounder around a bit, I saw Bills cute penis just
with in the reach of my mouth. I reached out my hand
and pulled it to me and enveloped the perfect plum in
my mouth. Never had it felt so good, tasted so good,
or felt so natural as it had now. If I were to have
cataloged the hundreds, maybe thousands, of times we
had each other genitals in our mouths, tonight would
stand out. It was truly special.
After lolling his dick in my mouth a bit I really
wanted to get into it and turned a bit to get at it
more. Feeling this, Bill began to turn a bit to me and
soon we were on our sides, our heads deep between each
other's legs. As we bent and hunched over the next few
minutes we were able to kiss, lick, and suck each
other's sex right down to our butt holes.
On a normal night of sex like this I would have been
over the top with a screaming, mind blowing orgasm,
but tonight I seemed to have a control over myself,
knowing this really was foreplay.

However, a person can take just so much and I was
reaching that point with Bills tongue driving me
crazy. I wiggled and squirmed away from his tender
kisses and licks, letting him know that I had reached
a pinnacle. He could barely argue because it meant
that I could pay a lot more attention to him. I gave
him a heavy tongue and spittle bath from the top of
his cock, the creases of his balls, and the split of
his cute butt and asshole. I wanted to taste and feel
every part of him, as he had me tonight.

At one point I sought out his mouth to kiss and our
turning and wrangling left him with him kneeling in
front of me, my legs spread and his cock pointing
towards the ceiling, engorged, shiny and curled hard.
He smiled at me and asked if I was truly ready. I just
nodded my head.

"Slip your hand under that pillow and get the condom."
Bill said pointing beside my head. "You can help me
put it on."

I slid my hand under the pillow and sure enough, there
it was. It was the one thing in tonight's love making
that wasn't really a part of either of us. I found the
little place where you could tear open the package and
I had the blue colored ring in my hands.
I crooked a finger to get him closer to me, and he
quickly straddled me sitting just below my breasts,
presenting his cock to me so I could roll it on.
Everything tonight had been so perfect, so beautiful;
we traded smiles as I began to fumble with the
slippery disc.

"Remember before when we were talking and you said
something like umm . .There really is no one else in
the world, besides us, and our union really could
bring another life into our world, a direct result of
our love, for us to love, and what an incredible
miracle it would be?" I asked Bill.

"Yeah, I remember, and I assumed you feel the same
way, right?" Bill asked.

"You know I do, and for that reason, I don't want to
put this on you. I want to feel you, and only you
inside of me. I want to feel your cum splashing inside
of me. Our chances of getting pregnant are almost nil,
and if that small chance happens, we will have the
most beautiful and most loved baby ever. It would be a
direct result of this night. How could that be bad?" I
asked a shocked Bill Wilson.

"Oh Carree, if that's what you want, I am with you. I
couldn't agree more with you, my virgin bride." He
said touching my cheek so affectionately.

"Bill, I don't want to talk you into this, I want you
to go along if you really feel that way in your heart
of hearts." I cautioned him.

"No Carree, I've felt this way from the start of the
night, that the end would be, somehow like a cheat to
you and me and us. I truly would feel blessed if we
got pregnant from tonight. Since I'm not the one who
would have to bear it, I really didn't want to say
anything. I hope you understand what I mean." Bill
said, a tear coming to his eye.

"I understand," I said, now stroking his beautiful
cock as it rested between my breasts. "I want this
inside of me so I can only feel you tonight. There may
be other times when we have to settle for the
protection, but tonight . . " I said craning up to
plant a kiss on the head of his penis, "I just want
this." I said as I flipped the condom ring aside.

I really hadn't thought that I could get Bill to go
along with my idea, but he later explained that he
felt cheated at times before when he wanted to make
love to me and we used alternative methods, and then
was his chance to really be in me and make love to me,
but he had to "wear a raincoat".

Bill braced himself up on his hands and kissed me,
then settled on his knees between my legs.
I smiled at him and wanted to just get up and hug him
again. His adoring smile back at me was accompanied by
tears, which began to roll down his face.

"I'm sorry, Care. You probably think I'm some sort of
wuss or wimp. This moment is so emotional to me. This
is almost 10 years of dreaming and imagining if this
would ever happen. I was always so afraid I would lose
you and I would never have made proper love to you."
Bill said through his tears.

"Bill, Oh Billy baby, you could never lose me, and you
never could have. It was always you and I never wanted
to even think about anyone else. Show me how much you
love me." I said coaxing him on.

My legs were still spread as Bill knelt up between
them. Holding himself up with one arm he used his
other hand to place his penis between the splayed lips
of my pussy. He was going to come into me. Once I knew
I wasn't a phyical virgin, I had used the Great White
Wonder dildo on myself, or with Bill doing me with it.
In itself it was 7 or 8 inches long, but I don't think
I ever had more that 3 or 4 inches in me. When I
looked down at Bills seeming huge penis before he put
it into me, it suddenly occurred to me how big he was.

"Be gentle, you look awfully big." I cautioned Bill.

In reality, he was probably 8 or 9 inches erect, or so
it seemed. When I first bought the toys, as an
experiment to bring into our lovemaking, I did measure
them, and the White Wonder was over 7 and less than
eight. I always thought Bill was bigger.

I felt Bill slide down over my clit and he nudged
forward a bit into the opening of my vagina. I drew a
deep breath as he began to stretch me open. Emotion
tears formed at the corners of my eyes to match Bills,
as we silently read each other's excitement. Slowly he
pushed into me. He was definitely bigger than anything
I ever had in there, and the sensation that it and he
created was much heavier than anything going in there.
He had pushed into my anal canal from this same
position, but this felt altogether different.
I raised my hand to his hip to prevent him from going
too deep, and as soon as I did that he pulled from me
a bit and then rocked to re-insert to at least as deep
as he had been. He did this over and again a few more
times and I realized: HE WAS FUCKING ME!!

I looked up from where we were joined to look at my
Bills face. He was smiling and crying at the same

"I'm really inside you and it's wonderful. I really am
part of you. God, I love you." He exclaimed.

I was especially shocked that I didn't hurt or feel
stretched out. I really expected to be in some pain,
but he was right, it was wonderful!!

The realization he was making love to me was shadowed
by the beginnings of my first orgasm. The feeling was
familiar, but it was beginning in a new place.

"Oh, fuck me, baby, fuck me!" I surprised myself by
saying, but it felt so good. I began to pop off little
orgasms with his rhythmic pumping at me. My breath
would catch with each one and I was smiling at Bill as
he gave me adoring looks back.

Suddenly he stopped and gathered my legs up and hung
my knees over his shoulder. He had almost done this
once or twice when he was doing me anally before, but
never really accomplished it. This time he was. I was
bent up with my legs over his shoulders and I felt him
rise up. He pressed his penis as far and as deep as I
could take it.

"Whoaaaaaah", I expelled as I felt him deeper and in a
place nothing had ever been. Without a chance to
protest or get used to him so far into me, he began to
piston in and out.

I was without breath as I felt him all the way into me
and the shaft of his penis was right on my g-spot in a
way I had never felt it before.

"Gnnnnt, gnnnnnt, gnnnnnt", I moaned as my orgasms
doubled and tripled as they popped up on me. Then just
one big grinder took over and I looked at Bill in a
panic trying to get my breath and push the orgasm down
the chute.

"Cum baby, cum." He said breathlessly. "Catch your
breath and cum for me." He said as he pounded me.

I told myself I wouldn't pass out and I forced a big
lungful of air into me, catching my breath. I got into
a cadence and drawing two hard breaths and then
grinding an orgasm down the chute. Somewhere along the
line here I realized I was squirting and we were both
pretty wet down there. But, I was finally in control
with my cumming and keeping from passing out, forcing
air into my lungs.

"All the while I was loving being screwed hard and
having multiple orgasms, Bill was crying out, cheering
me on.

"Squeeze me, cum on that cock, cum for me baby! I love
you!" He carried on and on.

I was in a delirium as he pounded me hard and deep in
this position. He was right on my g-spot and the
position was squeezing him hard and making me feel
every pulsing inch. I finally could take no more
without a respite and I pushed down hard with my knees
to break his stride.

He stopped his assault on my pussy and sat back on his
haunches and let my, near paralyzed legs fall from his
shoulders. He grinned as our eyes locked on each

"Oooooooooo, Ooooooooooo, Arghhhhhhh," I emoted as I
felt my eyes roll back into my head.

Everything on my body felt so good as the aftershock
of my orgasms rippled through my body. But, Oh how my
legs ached.

"My legs, my legs Bill. Let me move them." I said as I
tried to push him from me.

His cock popped from me leaving a huge void as I
turned on my side and stretched out my aching legs. I
felt blood rushing to them, soothing the ache. But,
Bill had an ache to relieve himself. While on my side
I must have provided him an open view of my pussy
because he crawled right up and snaked his cock back
into me. My void was full again and I was full of
cock. Bill wrapped his arms around my prone body and
whispered in my ear.

"I never want to be away from you, I want to be inside
of you forever. God, I love you. Are you OK, baby?" he

"Gnnnnnnt! I answered to his thrust into me. "Fuck me
more and more Billy. Make that cock cum in me. Fuck me
till I can't walk." I said pushing my ass in the air
so he could get at me easier.

He pushed at me a few more times and then I felt him
shove all the way into me and he sort of crab-walked
his one leg over me as he pulled me up into a kneeling
position. I realized he was near standing behind me
while I was in a doggie position as he hovered over
me. He settled his knees on either side of mine and
picked up a rhythm of plowing me as I vocalized my

"Eeee, Ooooo, fuck-fuck-fuck," I squealed feeling his
cock hit new spots within me, but I couldn't hold
myself up any longer. I dropped my arms in front of me
and arched my back so I could rest my face on the bed.

He stopped his fucking for a second and drew up his
knee from beside me and I felt him try to settle it
between my legs. I took the hint and opened my knees
on the bed as he knelt between them with his cock
stuffed in me.
Bill began to fuck me slow while running his hands
over my back, occasionally leaning up to cup and
squeeze my breasts.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm you feel so nice baby, but I've got to
cum. Can I fuck you till I cum in you Carree? Do you
want my cum?" he asked.

"Cum baby, cum. Fill me up with it." I answered as I
pushed back at him.

He needed no more prodding. I hadn't realized how much
deeper he could get into me from this position until
he near pushed the breath from me.

"Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh," I chanted as he hit bottom over
and over again as he began to screw the daylights out
of me again.

I heard the slap of his groin against my ass as I
pushed back to meet his thrusts. It felt so good to
have his cock head kissing the very bottom of
womanhood. One of his hands that were gripping my ass
slid over and I felt a thumb snake up my butt-hole and
I went over the top.

"Nnnn, Nnnn, Arghh," I grunted as I felt full from
both ends and orgasm sweep over me simultaneously.
He kept the double stroking for a moment or two and
then the thumb left me.

"Oh baby! I gonna cum, gonna cum. Here it comes
Carree!! Gonna cum!!" Bill suddenly shouted.

I felt the plum of his penis within me swell like a
fist opening to a hand inside of me. I was cumming at
the same time.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Arghhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh, Hnt, Hnt, Hnt."
He grunted as he pounded me ever harder pushing his
cum into me.

I felt the whole situation get real squishy as I
became super lubed by his load as he double speed
fucked me. Finally he could take no more as I began to
squeeze back with my muscles. He fell back onto his
knees and crashed on his side on the bed behind me. I
fell exhausted forward and to my left side. I felt his
cum running from me as I drifted away.

I became aware of a terrible urge to pee and heard the
sea crashing much closer than it had before. I was
sore and could barely move, but I really had to go. I
opened my eyes and scanned the room for the clock.
3:35, the red numerals lit. It was after 10:30 when
our fuck session began, I remember seeing the bathroom
clock as we got out of the shower.

I pulled myself to the edge of the bed and got to my
feet. Lord, my legs were sore, and as I began to
stride and pad towards the john something else was
sore, my little pussy! But it felt good too.

I parked my nude little butt on the toilet and let my
stream loose. All the while I was peeing I felt more
cum running out of me. Bill must have cum a gallon. If
I had a fertile egg within me, there was no doubt that
Bill creamed it. If that were the case I would love
that baby, created by the love we shared tonight, with
every molecule of my body and soul. The fact that this
maternal feeling swept over me had me convinced I was

My vagina was finally drained of Bills cum, it seemed,
and relieved of the pressure from my bladder. My
thighs ached as I got to my feet and returned to the
bed. Bill was breathing heavy and almost snoring in a
fetal position. If I could have gotten to it without
moving him, I wanted to kiss his penis, but he was
almost on his stomach. It would have to wait. The room
had gotten cool and I found the spread and pulled it
over Bill to keep him warm. I curled beside him and
fell asleep almost immediately. Just as I drifted off,
I felt Bills arm drape over me, and then another
stream of cum escaped my pussy and ran over my thigh.
I snuggled back to him and we fell asleep together in
each other's arms. I was glad that he was aware that I
had tended to him. I wanted to do so forever.

I was dreaming of Bill and I together with a car full
of kids trying to beat the school bell when I shook
awake and realized it was the telephone ringing and
ringing. I looked up and saw the phone and kicked it
with my foot.

"BE RIGHT THERE," I shouted, hoping the caller could
hear me as I got my bearings.
I sat up and rolled to my side and reached to the
floor for the receiver.

"I'm sorry - Hello?" I squeaked into the phone.

"Wow, still in bed? You're taking the expression
"working vacation" too seriously." The voice of
Miranda Ponds exclaimed.

"Oh, Miranda, it's you. Sorry, I couldn't get to the
phone. I was just getting my messages at the same time
and . . ." I began.

"Carree, It's OK if you were still in bed, I'm not
keeping tabs on you. I don't care what you do as long
as the client is happy in the end and I'm sure you
will do a great job. I just wanted to touch base on a
few things. Did you get with that Garry Allan fellow?
I spoke with one of the principles of Seaside last
night and he wanted to make sure you got with him. He
said he was full of great Maine ideas and could be
invaluable to us. But, I have to warn you; I think
this guy is just a local who thinks of us all as
"flatlanders". Miranda explained.

"You have it right on the bean, Miranda. I met with
him yesterday and he made sure that we saw the
homespun nature of people here. Told us what they like
and don't like and how he would have taken the job
himself if he weren't so busy. Never mind that they
don't need to sell this to the locals. He was just a
blowhard, but I was real congenial and thankful to
him. I sensed what you wanted there, and everyone will
be happy." I said.

"I thought you would see through him. These people are
just paranoid about the money they're spending, and
believe me we gave than a great price. It's
experimental for us too. Glad that's going OK. Listen
I have 2 seats reserved for you guys on the junket to
St Thomas. Is Bill going to be able to go? You can
tell him that it's only about 50 percent business and
he can have a great time. I would love him to feel
like part of our family here. I can't tell how excited
we are to have you starting here next month. Plus I
can tell you that the Arens family feels like you have
made a big commitment to us by taking the house."
Miranda went on.

"Well, wait." I said, "We haven't said we would buy
the house yet, only live there for a year or two."

"Oh, I know," Miranda said, "But I can just about
guarantee that you'll buy it after you live in that
neighborhood. I think if you don't decide to buy it, I
might, just as speculation. You'll see what a value
they are offering you and what a great place and
neighborhood it is. But this is all stuff we can talk
about later; I'm way ahead of myself. I'm so happy to
have an executive assistant, and I'm overjoyed it's
you. I'll let you go and get back to me on the junket
seats. If Bill isn't going I can maybe fill that seat.
Have fun and stay out of trouble up there. Ok? Bye-
Bye." She said as she hung up.

Whoa! I had to filter out everything that happened in
the last 12 hours and make decisions about the trip to
St Thomas and the house, when all I wanted to do was
cuddle up to my man, and that's what I did.

He was just stirring barely aware of the phone ringing
and my conversation with Miranda.

He pulled me close to him, where we were face to face.

"Hello, I have to warn you that I love you so much
more this morning than last night it's almost scary."
He chuckled. "That was the most incredible single
event of my life Carree. Will you marry me right now?
I want to make love to you forever, everyday, starting

The smile on my face was so big that it almost hurt.

"Hee Hee," I giggled. "Me too!! I was just on the
phone with Miranda and all the time all I could think
about was holding you. I almost hung up on her."

"Wow, we are some kind of lovers, aren't we? Knowing
each other so well made last night just the ultimate."
Bill said hugging me even closer as I began to giggle
and laugh like a schoolgirl.

Bill joined in the laughing and he hugged and rolled
over to me hugging, giggling and laughing. At one
point He ended up on top of me, his hard cock was
right at the entrance of my vagina. We used to pull
away from each other at times like this, but he pushed
right into me.

"Ooofff, you slid in, lover. You feel so good in me."
I squeaked into his ear.

We just lay there enjoined, kissing and rolling around
a bit. I wanted him again, right now.

"Fuck me lover. Hold me like this and fuck me while I
look in your eyes." I said.

We were wrapped into each other as he began to hump
into me. He felt so good just sliding, humping into
me. It wasn't a long stroked rousing screw like last
night, it was making love face to face. I felt myself
beginning to cum as I gripped Bill even tighter. I
caught my breath and felt the next orgasm coming onto
me when Bill hastened his push at me.

"I'm gonna cum again baby, I'm ready, almost." Bill
puffed in hard breaths.

"Give it to me again Billy, cum in me." I whispered as
I came again.
The words no sooner left my lips when I felt him shoot
into me again. We were lovers of the highest degree,
for sure.

Bill collapsed on me and hugged his face to my neck.
He nibbled at my ear as I felt him shrinking within

"Oh, baby. You are so awesome. I know we can't do this
all the time, but feeling you cum in me is just beyond
words." I said.
He popped out of me and I let him go and he rolled
I looked over at Bill and knew that I never adored
him more than I did this second. He had made love to
me twice in the past few hours like he had never done
before, like I never had before. Our long and
adventurous love and sex life was always missing basic
lovemaking. Last night he brought me to heights and
places I never thought possible as he used the prowess
he learned from his own fantasies to turn me into a
gushing font of love and adoration, and possibly even
a mother. This morning he simply mounted me in the
most common position and made me a delirious woman
filled with love and adoration for the man I loved.
He rocked my world.

We both lay in two separate heaps on the bed, side by
side. We were both exhausted from making love to each
other. What a feeling. I drifted in and out of sleep
and each time I moved a little, I felt cum leaking out
of me. I mustered a little strength and made a push in
my vagina to clear myself and stop the ooze, but that
only lasted a few minutes.

I felt a mouth attach to my nipple and I opened my
eyes. It felt great and I hugged his head to my
breast. I was glad he hadn't had enough of me yet,
because I wanted to love for hours more.

"Are you sure you're going to be able to douse any
fires you're going to start down there?" I asked.

"I just saw this beautiful tit in my face and I could
not resist it." Bill said as he lifted himself away
from my breast and kissed my face all over before
settling on my lips.

"Umm, you didn't give me an answer to my proposal." He
said between kisses.

"What proposal?" I asked.

"To get married right now, right here, so we could
make love like this forever." He responded.

"You know I would marry you this very second, Bill
Wilson. You also know we can't make love like this
everyday, but you also know the love we always make is
beautiful. The memory of this and the promise of more
will make our love burn forever." I promised.

"Oh, I know that, I just want to every little chance
to prove you are mine, and I am yours." He responded.

"There should be no doubt in your mind", I said.

"Oh, there is no doubt, no doubt at all. I just want
to call you my wife." Bill said.

"Maybe you can call me the mother of your children
after last night. Would that be proof enough?" I said
with a serious tone. "I had this feeling while I lay
in bed afterward, that there was a change inside of
me. I know I'm probably being silly. But, you know
what? If it were true, I wouldn't care. We would have
the proof of our love as a beautiful baby. Wouldn't
that be something?" I asked excitedly.

"That would be incredible Carree." He said as he
showered my face with kisses again.

"If I'm not pregnant, and you know I'm probably not,
lets move it up a year." I suggested.

"Next summer? Really? I'm all for that. We kind of
told our parents 2 years, but for next summer they
have all the time in the world to plan, and so do we.
After last night I don't want to wait another minute.
Carree, I'm really serious when I say that I love you
more than ever this morning." Bill admitted.

"I know. I feel the same way Billy." I said as I
climbed back onto him. "Don't get any ideas down
there, we really have to get going this morning." I
said as I put my hand over my pussy so nothing could
slip in. "C'mon, lets jump in the shower. We have to
scrub each other up good this morning."

"This bed is a mess." I said to Bill. "There's cum
everywhere. I leaked every place I moved. I imagine
the maids will love me today."

"The maids will be jealous, for sure, Care." Bill said
matter of factly, and he was probably right.

We dragged our bodies into the shower and made a deal
to wash our hair first, and then we could wash each
other's bodies and get out together. This all worked
out well until I was finishing Bill up. It seemed I
spent a little too much time washing him.
I looked up from my scrubbing and asked him, "Did I
scrub him too much? He doesn't want to go down. Last
night when I got up to pee I wanted to give it a kiss
before I went to sleep, but you were on your stomach.
Now, that kiss I owe you has interest applied."

"Will you be this insatiable when we get married?"
Bill asked.
"More so." I answered as I dropped to my knees.

I really loved the feel of his cock in my mouth and
the power it gave me, and the love I could show him by
doing it. Of course, he loved it as well. As much as I
hate the term, I finished my little blowjob and we got
going for the day. We spent the remainder of our
vacation touring the seaside of Southern Maine during
the day, and making love every night. The next 2
nights we used condoms for our new lovemaking, with
Bill pulling out before he came. We finished each
other with our mouths each time with a sixty-nine.
Then when we were fairly sure that vaginal sex was
unsafe, we loved each other in every way possible the
rest of the week. On our last night there we made all
the preparations for butt-sex, and before he lubed
himself and removed the Little Blue Devil, he sheathed
on a condom and plowed my pussy for a few minutes,
catching me by surprise. As fantastic as that felt, I
had to scold him later, a lot later (I admit), for
breaking the rules. But, I have to come clean. Having
him in both places on the same night was an experience
I will not forget soon, as well as being filled in
both places at once.

The ocean air made us insatiable and we took every
chance to take advantage of it.

It wasn't until the ride home that I realized I hadn't
spoken to Bill about going to St Thomas on Arens and
Ponds junket. It would mean him having to take a few
days off from his new job, after only working a few
days. The thought of more ocean air to fill our lungs
and fuel our sexuality excited him though. He began
work tomorrow in New York City, the ninth of June. He
would commute by train that week and then we, along
with our Dads, would pack his car and a rental truck,
and we would move to Baltimore on Saturday. Sunday
Morning they could return the rental truck and both
our Dads would take Bills car back home. We figured we
didn't need a car for a while and it saved train or
plane fare back for our Dads.
Bill could then begin his commute from Baltimore to
New York for the week of the sixteenth while I set up
the house and began a little orientation into Arens
and Ponds again. The office closed Monday and Tuesday
and we all flew to St Thomas on Wednesday and had
meetings and leisure time until July second when the
junket came back. With the Fourth being a Friday, we
all had 4 days to decompress before going to work on
the seventh. (Even though Miranda told me to be in
town for the weekend.) The office being closed for 13
days, with only answering and message services to
relay problems to the Caribbean meant there would be
lots of catching up and client fixing.

It all sounded so hectic that Bill wanted to pass at
first, but Scott Wilkens, Bills immediate boss at
Time, reminded him that he had 42 hours of comp time
he couldn't carry over after a year, and he should use
it if he wanted to over the July Fourth Holiday. (It
was from his emergency trip as a field assistant where
he was credited 24/7 pay, but only saw 12 hours per
day real pay) He really wanted Bill to use it up now,
and not lose it. If Scott could give him 6 more hours
of comp or LWOP he could make the whole junket with
me, or leave on Sunday and pay his own way home.
Luckily, Mr. Wilkens remembered the favor he kind of
owed me for forgetting to call me when Bill
disappeared last summer to go on the field trip.
He told Bill that an intern wanted the Saturday off.
If Bill could work it for him, Scott would add it to
his comp time and he could take it. This meant Bill
would have to meet us in Baltimore on Saturday night,
but between my 2 Dads, I thought we could manage to
pack. Bill was going to be able to spend 8 days in the
Caribbean with me! If my body didn't let me down, I
would get my period the day before we left and I would
finish Saturday or Sunday, leaving a big green light
for Bill and I. Everything was going our way.

Look at me prattling on about minor details. Please
understand this is one of the most precious times of
our life together and holding on to every detail makes
me feel I can live it over and over again. William was
my love and I will never forget a detail for the time
we spent together, which seems like the whole of my
From the time I drew my first breath in this world
until this moment, I spent part of each day of a full
half of my life, 14 years, thinking about, being with,
or talking to Billy, Bill, William Wilson.
As he promised when we got home from that wonderful
trip to Maine we recalculated our Wedding day and
moved it up one year.
We would be wed Saturday, June 27, 1998.

Look for CARREE'S WEDDING DAY later this year or early
I want to thank all of you who have written. Many of
you have made the healing period since William's death
so much easier to get through. Your understanding and
kind words make my day sometimes. I've carried on my
working life and am doing well. The hit the travel
industry took from the 9/11 tragedies only prolonged
my hiatus from work, but that all seems to be behind
us, business-wise. As a nation, the recovery is much
longer. I've heard from some 9/11 victims who had
their loves ripped from them even more cruelly than my
situation, and we try to comfort each other. Their
reminders are endless though, because of the media.

I have chosen a few pen pals from the many who have
written, and when I need an anonymous person to cry
to, I have them. They too, have confided in me, making
me feel like I have something to offer to someone from
my life's experience.
It has been 20 months since I lost the love of my
life. For the past few months I have had a special
friend, the person from my stories I call "Russell".
He has been a pillar of support for me and I am afraid
I have used him taking advantage of his kindness and
affection for me. However, in getting through this
part of our story I feel I can finally open up to him
so we can become lovers, so I can begin life anew,
William would have wanted it that way, I am sure.
I want to finish all 10 of the stories as William
outlined for himself, but they have gotten hard to do
when trying to start a new life with a new love. I
will finish the tale of our Wedding and include the
details of our Honeymoon and last cruise together.
But, I'm afraid that may be it. To lead a double life
on the Internet, by keeping these stories from
Russell, is not fair to him or our relationship.

If he were to read them, he might see a woman he does
not know. In my stories I say often how pretty or
beautiful I am, and while it may be true, I am not the
type of person to flaunt or brag of that, in real
life. I am shy, quiet and unassuming. If any of my
friends, or even Russell, knew of my walking, without
a stitch, on the nude beaches of the world that my job
brings me to, they would be shocked and amazed.
My old friends still think of me as "Carree Virgin
When William pointed out to me that men stare at me
walking by them, I was mortified. I was that načve of
my looks and body, and how they affected men.
William ONLY knew the insatiable sexual being, the
multi-orgasmic nymph that I am.
I flaunt and brag in my stories for erotic effect to
make sure the reader knows the real me inside the
bedroom, behind the closed door.
I am a 28-year-old widow with a broken heart that will
never mend, but I have finally learned to let someone
else in.


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