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The following story contains ADULT SEXUAL SITUATIONS. Do not read
any further if you do not wish to read material of this type. YOU
I lost my William early in 2001. He was a writer who, one day,
planned to use my diary, which I kept through our young courtship
and beyond, as a basis for true erotic stories. William and I
enjoyed reading erotic stories of this type. He planned to use
the pen name Billy Hand. As a means of therapy for dealing with
his loss, I have taken up the project. Though not as accomplished
as William as a writer, I too, write professionally for travel
and vacation guides. I hope you enjoy our stories as much as I
did living them. Whether you believe our stories or not, trust me
when I say then have been embellished little.
Our sexual awakening is told in CARREE LOVES BILLY (genus).
There are 10 separate other stories to be written, from Williams
outlines, about specific days and events in our sexual lives.
This is one of them.
This is an account of the days following our graduation from high
school. It was some of the truly special days and nights in our
lives and especially our sexual lives. It has been nearly a year
since I lost my William and recalling and recounting this period
has been happy/sad for me. For the happy part, I know William is
smiling down on me. I hope you enjoy it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
a little background . . . .

At St. Pius X High School they have always planned the Senior
Prom to be on Graduation Weekend. Instead of caps and gowns, men
always wore Tux's, and women white gowns to the ceremony, and
then wore the same, if they chose to, for the Prom. Tuition was
always high at St. Pius, and I think they figured it was a way to
save a few bucks for the parents and students.
However, in this particular year our senior class had saved quite
a treasury from car wash's, and selling Christmas cards that we
made ourselves using class original artwork.
An alumnus of St. Pius ran a printing company in town and his
daughter was a senior. Her dad had suggested this as a class
project and it steam rolled. We got nearly all the printing
supplies donated from other alumnus and we made a lot of money.
So much money, in fact, that we planned a class trip. After the
plans had been made, the school decided they would not sanction
it. We finally came to a compromise and held the Prom earlier and
had the trip after graduation without it being under the
guidelines of St. Pius. This also meant that no chaperones need
be supplied by, or was liable by or for, St Pius. The trip was to
be to Six Flags in New Jersey. We would leave the day after
graduation, a Friday and we would return on Sunday. Of the entire
class of just over 100 seniors, almost 80 of us were going. We
had 50 rooms booked in 2 hotels in that area. The only thing we
agreed to do was sign a paper for our parents that there would be
no male/female sleeping arrangements in those motels. The only
thing we came up short on was money for a second bus. Only 50
could go on a bus, the rest would have to find their own
transportation. We charged the bus riders 5 dollars each for the
ride and used that money to pay for the gas for the 8 cars that
would drive the rest. We hired and paid for our own chaperones,
Heidi Stewart, who actually worked at the school, and Bill
Fuller, an alumnus who was the manager of a local travel agency
who made a lot of the arrangements for us. They were to make
curfew and bed checks and report back to parents who wanted to

The night before our graduation we met with both my and Bills
parents to lay a bomb on them . . . . . .

Bill was nervous but he spoke first, "Mom and Dad, Mr. and Mrs.
Kasc, you know that we are going away on this senior trip on
Friday, and that Carree and I are going to drive another couple
to Jersey. You also know that we signed a paper that we wouldn't
stay "together" in those motels. Uhhh, Carree and I have gotten
another room in another motel and plan to spend the night

I spoke up on cue, "I know this may not make you happy, but I
think if you found out we were sneaking around to do this it
would make you even unhappier. You know, and both approve of, our
engagement. You also know we do not plan to get married until
after we have finished college. We are not going to do ANYTHING
to jeopardize those plans. I hope I am making that clear"

Bills father was the first to speak. "I really don't approve of
the 2 of you alone for a night in some motel room out of state,
with a bunch of wild teenagers."

"Dad," Bill spoke up firmly,
"I think you know that neither Carree not I are big partiers,
meaning, we don't go out and drink at parties and we don't do
drugs. If we have ever done any drinking, it has been at our
house or your house (shifting his look to my parents) when we
were not going to drive. And, we certainly do not get drunk. We
simply want to spend some alone time with each other in the last
summer we will have to be alone together."

I piped in before either parents could, "Bill and I have been
engaged for 6 or 7 months and have never been away together. We
would like this chance. We both start college in a few months and
that will be 4 years of stress. During that time we will be close
enough that we will be able to visit each other at our dorms, or
meet at a motel half way, whenever we like. So, your forbidding
this will only put off the inevitable. All four of you know that
my intentions and Bills intentions are honorable. We are engaged
and do plan on getting married and living our lives together. Our
union is so special. We would not do anything to hurt that, or
that would change our plans."

"What we want here," Bill said, "Is the blessing of all four of
you on this. I love Carree, and she loves me. I can see not one
reason why you wouldn't trust us to do the right thing"

My father was the first to speak up. "Well, I don't like it,
because that's my little girl there. But, Bill, you have proved
to me how much you love her, and I know that you are a man of
your word. I trust you. You have earned that trust. Don't do
anything to make me doubt you. I love my little girl"

My Dads words made me cry and I hugged him. My mom said, "I feel
about the same way Carl does. I know Billy is a good boy. (she
hesitated knowing she picked her words wrong) Oh, I know Carree,
BILL is a good MAN, but I can't stop thinking of you both as
kids. I'll trust you Bill, to not get Carree in trouble or lead
her on. For Gods sake don't tell anyone," and she hugged me and
then gave Bill a kiss.

Bills parents stood up. His Dad spoke, "I don't know which of my
sons Bill you two are talking about, but he must be a different
boy that I have in my house. I have a hard time thinking of Billy
as a man, he will always be my little boy. I know he spends all
of his time up in his study, working, or with Carree. I think
Carree is a good girl. I may be more worried about them being
away, out of state, than I am them being together. But, remember,
you aren't married yet, and won't be for a while. Some things are
supposed to be left to the sanctity of marriage. The two of you
say that your intentions are honorable. I don't see that. I think
this is an invitation to trouble. How can you keep your hands off
each other away like that in a room together."

I looked at Bill and held up a finger signaling that I should

Mr. Wilson, what Bill and I do behind closed doors, whether it's
in New Jersey, or at my house, or right up there in Bills study,
is NOBODYS business but ours. We know that the four of you may
not approve, and, we don't ask you too, because, quite frankly,
it is none of your business. I don't say that in a smart tone or
to be smart. We are adults and we have been asked to make adult
decisions with our lives as far as college and career choices. If
we were at war, Bill would be draft-able, maybe even me, too. We
are also old enough to vote. We are both 19 and considered
adults. As adults we can make adult decisions. If we make bad
ones, we will learn by them. We don't think this is a bad one.
One thing that is none of your business that I WILL tell you, and
it's against Bills wishes that I tell you, and I have discussed
at length with my parents, is that, . . . I am a virgin. Bill and
I have not had sexual intercourse, and I have known no other men.
Nor do we plan to have sexual intercourse until the right time.
We feel the risk is too great. While we love each other so much
that we might want to, we also love each other so much that we
won't. But, we do long to be alone together.
Please do not make us feel that we have disappointed you by doing
this. We want your blessing, and your trust.

Bills mom was the first to speak, as I think I let all the
doubting air out of Mr. Wilson's balloon. "With you being so
frank, and showing me, at least, that you have thought about this
and know what you want, I will say OK.
Carree, it took a lot of courage to say those things to us, and
you are right, NONE of it was any of our business. When I was 19
I was out of school and going to rock concerts across the country
in a VW microbus doing things that, well . . . will go unsaid.
But suffice it to say I didn't have the grasp on the future you
two do." She looked to Bills Dad, "Willie, do you agree with me
or is baring her soul not enough?"

"Do I have to like it to give my blessing? I would feel better if
you were going to a motel just outside of town. I don't like the
New York City mess and all of Jersey is a dump," Bills Dad said.

My Dad piped in two cents worth. "Willie, I happen to have
traveled that area a lot last year and I can tell you that there
are 4 hotels, all close to each other with a big lot with shuttle
buses that go to the amusement park all day long. They can park
their car at the Hotel and never have to move it. Bill, is your
hotel one of those 4 that are together near the Park?"

"I think so" Bill answered, it has about the same address as the
Holiday Inn and the HoJo's. It's the Marriott"

"Yes, that's one of the 4 that corner there. I stayed there," my
Dad added.

"Promise me that there will be no side trips into New York City
or anything like that, would you?" Willie Wilson asked.

"Sure thing Mr. Wilson," I said.

"You have my word Dad," Bill concurred.

"Well then if the 3 of you all think they will be OK and will not
do anything against their word, I won't be a stick in the mud,"
Bill's Dad said as a smile crawled over his face. "OK, you have
my approval. BUT (he grew stern), let's not make a habit of this
hotel and motel thing. I was a 19 once too, you know."

I went over and hugged Mr. Wilson and whispered in his ear so no
one else could hear, "Don't worry about us. We take good care of
each other. I love Bill as much as you do."
When I hugged Bills mom I whispered almost the same thing.
When I let go of her I saw Bill shaking hands with my Dad and
hugging my Mom.
This turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

As we all got up to go into the Wilson kitchen for coffee, my Dad
took me aside. "You will make sure that both chaperones will know
where you are staying and when you leave the group, right?"

"I'll do that for you Dad, I promise," I said.

While we had coffee, I snuck out to the phone and called Heidi
Stewart right then and told her what we planned to do. I gave her
the option of talking to my Dad if she wanted corroboration.

"Carree, you're 19, Bill's 19, I think I can trust you here. Plus
you will both technically be out of school by then, but I know
where you will be and how to get hold of you. That is all that is
required." Heidi said.

"Thanks Heidi, I would like to stop by some day at your house and
talk about stuff, OK?" I said.

"I would like that Carree, just call ahead, Ok? Bye." Heidi said
as she hung up.

I rejoined the group and sidled up to my Dad and talked in a low
register under my breath. "Promise taken care of. Chaperones have
all the info and are OK with arrangement if you are."

Dad looked in his coffee and then smiled at me and winked. He
offered his coffee as a toast, but I had nothing to lift.
"Consider yourself clinked," I said as he smiled again.

I was surprised how easy it was to get our parents to agree with
our arrangement in New Jersey, even if I had to tell everyone
that Bill and I were virgins when it came to intercourse. Bill
thought it was a sacred secret and didn't want me to use that
card, but I was not ashamed of it. Our parents ranged from 41 to
45, so it wasn't like we were dealing with senior citizens. They
all graduated in the early seventies, so you have to figure they
were pretty loose then, too. Memories of their high school days
may have scared them about us. But all was OK, now.
Writers note:
Our Graduation was a special time and a very special night. It
will be a story by itself in the series. Our class trip wrapped
around Graduation Day, so it was hard to leave out of this story.
Look for CARREE'S GRADUATION DAY, real soon.
For all of us going on the trip, we sort of promised ourselves to
behave as far as drinking and partying on Graduation night.
Puking hangovers would not be welcomed on the bus, and many
family parties were held the weekend before and many the weeks
after. Parties on Graduation night were supposed to be dry,
supervised events. From the looks of everyone at the bus on
Friday morning, everyone was OK.

My parents had a party for me at the house with Bill and I
inviting friends, as well as Bill's parents asking all of the
Vermont relatives who could make it, to please stop by. It was
nice to have so many friends together, and to meet some of Bills
relatives, and Bill mine. Both our parents asked me not to wear
the engagement ring, so relatives would not ask a million
questions. We respected that wish. We wanted to talk about our
college futures, not getting married.

By the time we reached the scheduled leaving time for the bus, we
had everyone who signed up for the trip. We were amazed. Kim and
her boyfriend Brad were riding with us. I had hoped to have Meg
and Jimmy, but the Bus was better suited for Jimmy as he was
still not fully recovered enough from his accident to be cramped
into a back seat for 3 or 4 hours. Not that I didn't like Kim,
she was one of my best girlfriends, but we wanted to talk with
Meg and Jimmy.

Kim knew that Bill and I were engaged, but she was one of the
few. As far as we knew, it was our parents, Megan, Kim and their
boyfriends, we suspected, and maybe a few others. Before we went
away to college we planned on letting everyone know, we just
didn't want to make a big deal about it while we were in school.
The talk was small on the way down. I think there was a certain
amount of anticipation to the trip for Bill and I, plus I am sure
Kim and Brad planned to sneak off together too. Heidi Stewart had
said that there would be no boy / girl arrangements at the two
hotels that were officially with the schools bus. I am sure she
would enforce that, and she had her lieutenants who would snitch
at any deviation of the rules. We did sign a letter saying that
there would be no hanky panky in the school-selected hotels. That
was why Bill and I stayed at the Marriott, just to keep that
rule. I don't think even Kim knew that Bill and I were going to

We all made small talk on the way to Six Flags, mostly about
school, college and friends. I had been in school with Kim since
about grade 8 and there were times when we were best girl
friends. I think she considered Meg her closest friend, as I did.
As we were passing the City skyline I could see Brad nudging Kim
about something and Kim resisting.

Finally I turned around and said "OK, you two. Are we going to
have to stop the car? What is it you want to ask me or us, Brad?"

Kim say up, "Brad is such a jerk, he wants me to ask if you and
Bill are going to sneak off in a room alone and can you help us
do the same. I keep telling him it's none of our business."

Bill was smiling and answered her, "Brad, we signed a paper
committing ourselves to not having any hanky panky in those two
motels. So we have reservations in another, a third one. If you
guys signed that form, you ought to honor it. You wouldn't want
the last thing you do with the school that might have to
recommend you for a college to be something dishonest or against
school policy. I know that's a pretty straight answer that you
didn't want to hear, but it's your word you are talking about. I
am sure you will be able to find someplace at Six Flags to be
alone for a bit, or even at the hotel outside of the rooms for a

Kim was mad. "He wants to get me alone and spend the night and I
don't see how we can do it. Maybe we can get OUR own room for a
night, Brad. Why don't we check out the Marriott when we get
there. See if we can get in for a night"

"They have weekender rates if you stay Friday and Saturday, its
just $40 more than one night," I said. "But, remember, if you
stay together and are missed, the chaperones will report you. You
have to let Heidi Stewart know before hand.

"Well, forget it then," Brad said. "Heidi and my mom are good
friends and she would surely tell her"

"Ummmm, don't be so sure of that," I said. "As long as you are
planning to be safe, sexually, she might look the other way"

"What's she gonna do, come up and check us out," Brad said with
an attitude.

Kim tried to calm the situation. "Heidi looks out for us, tries
to keep us out of the maternity ward, Brad. If we told her out
and out we were going to screw all weekend, she would have a hard
time with it. If I got pregnant, she would blame herself"

She hit a soft spot with Brad "IF YOU GOT PREGNANT IT WOULD BE
THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION," he shouted to her.

"I sense some hostility here," I said. "I think you two need to
do some talking"

"No, we need to do some FUCKING is what we need to do," Brad

Carree and Bill, I apologize for my Cro-Magnon boyfriend. He
seems to think that his dick is the most important thing on the
planet. I do what I can to keep him happy, but he wants to do the
big one."

"Listen," I said, "If you guys are serious about each other you
are going to have to work out the sex thing. Actual intercourse
is not the way to go, if you are not ready to have children or
get married right away. (Brad had a bull headed look on his face
with his arm crossed and was watching the skyline go by) But,
there are lots of other things you can do to enjoy each others
bodies, if you are committed to each other and don't see anyone

"Carree, I've talked to him about all of that and he won't accept
what I offer," Kim said.

"Have you listened to him and seen what he wants to offer, it's a
two way street. You don't hold all the sexual goodies, you know.
It can't be just what YOU agree to, it has to be what you BOTH
agree to." I said to Kim.

"But, you both have to confess to any cheating you might have
done with anyone, if you have. Exchanging any bodily fluids with
another person, makes safe sex an impossibility," I preached.

Brad softened up and so did Kim. In a few minutes they were
stretched out on the seat whispering to each other and seeming to
make compromises. We turned up the radio to give them privacy.
Bill squeezed my hand and said in a low voice "Thank you Dr,

We all met at the Holiday Inn parking lot and did a head count
and we all made it within 20 minutes of each other. Heidi and
Bill gave out room assignments and allowed mutual swaps as long
as they were not boy/girl. They promised a bed check at least
once a night. "If anyone sleeps with a teddy bear" Heidi started,
"Or in the nude," Bill laughingly added, "Please be sure your
secrets will be safe with us," Heidi finished. I have a coded key
that will get into all of the girls rooms and Bill the boys. We
can set the bolt electronically with a code from the outside and
you will all be safe. DO NOT SET THE BOLTS. If we get to a room
and the bolt is set, it will be assumed you are violating and
your 6 flags pass will be revoked and you will be reported on our
return. No matter how old you are, you did sign an agreement.
Don't ruin your trip by being stupid."

I always wondered what those electronic locks were capable of,
now I knew. I would be setting the chain on our door at the

"The busses to Six Flags leave from the west parking lot every
hour, on the hour. There is a safe walkway for each hotel.
Officially we will leave as a group at 3 o'clock today, 10
o'clock tomorrow. If you don't leave with us, you won't have the
ticket to get in. We will return on the 9 o'clock bus each night.
It's 2 o'clock now, Go to your rooms and get settled, and be here
at 3:00 to leave in that parking lot."
Everyone began to disperse, boys with Bill Fuller to one hotel,
girls with Heidi Stewart to the other. I caught Heidi's eye and
gave her a mini-wave with 2 fingers. She winked and mouthed, "Be
good," to me.
Bill fished Kim and Brad's stuff from our trunk. We agreed to
meet them at nine thirty for dinner at the Marriott that night.
We were NOT going to the amusement park today, and we doubted

Bill went into the Marriott to check in as I gathered things in
the car that had to go inside with us. He came out with a smirk
on his face and I stopped what I was doing and dropped my hands
to my side then brought them up akimbo.

"What is so funny Bill?" I said, "Walking out here with that smug
smirky smile?"

"The clerk had me show ID that I was over 18 and was checking my
credit card and telling me about the amenities of our room. All
the time he was doing it I could see he was distracted by
something out here. After he said, "I hope you and Mrs. Wilson
enjoy your stay" I turned around and saw what he was so
distracted about," Bill explained.

"What!" I said.

He laughed and said, "You were bending over the trunk and your
ass was just a picture to see. Those pants are so tight when you
bend over, and I don't think you are wearing any underwear, well,
they don't leave much to the imagination."

I blushed and said, "So you think someone ogling my butt is

"No, I think the fact that I'm going to be squeezing, kissing and
caressing that ass, while he jerks off over it, is funny," he

His words gave me a warm start between my legs, telling me that I
was a little randy already. I was hoping that this would not be a
48-hour sex fest and we could just spend quiet time holding each
other. But, I would let nature take its course. I wanted Bill
right now, right in the parking lot. I suppose I could wait a few
minutes. I turned to finish my gathering of things in the trunk.
Was it a coincidence that the next bag contained the lube and sex

We gathered our stuff and headed for the lobby to take the
The Desk clerk asked Bill, "Are you SURE you don't want the
bellman to get those for you, Mr. Wilson?"

"No," Bill said. There's only a couple bags and some personal
things, we can get them."
I made sure I showed my ass real good to the desk clerk as I
walked by. I also made sure that I cued Bill to catch him staring
at me. We laughed like hell on the elevator at his embarrassment.

I never, ever flaunted myself like that. Well maybe alone with
Bill, but never in public. This was fun. I would never make a
habit of it, but this lecher had it coming. I hate guys who stare
at my breasts or my butt. I certainly don't blame them for
looking, just like I look at an attractive guy. I find a second
look at me to be flattering. But to stare and live out little
fantasies in your mind is rude and inappropriate, especially for
someone who meets the public as much as he.

Bill had pushed the button for the seventh and top floor of the
hotel and the elevator was smooth and slow to the floor. I
noticed Bill had to use the room card, after the elevator
stopped, to open the door. That was weird. I expected the door to
open in a hallway with a row of doors lining both sides. Instead,
the door opened and there were 4 foyers, each with a red carpet
leading up to them, and then a short hallway with 4 more foyers
with the same set-up.

"Bill, what kind of room do we have? These are like meeting
rooms. I thought you had a weekender rate," I said.

"No, silly" he said, "They're suites. I have a honeymoon suite as
a surprise for you. I used part of my graduation money for it. I
wanted it to be special, for a special time for us. The first
time we sleep together, and you know I mean sleep."

"My Lord Bill, so extravagant. Can we really afford this," I said
incredulously waiting for the door to open.

Bill set down the bags, and took the things I had from me and set
them in front of the door. He put his arms around me and picked
me up and squeezed me hard, swinging me around. He whispered in
my ear.
"You are so special and I love you so much, there is nothing too
good for you, in my eyes. We won't have the time or money for
these things in college. We deserve this. This is the first of
many honeymoons for us. It's my gift to you, Carree, from my
heart, with all my love."

His hug lasted a long time. I could tell he was leaking around
his eyes. (If I may step out of the story for a moment: When it
came to his love for me, he was so sensitive. He never thought he
deserved me, but I also thought that way about him. I suppose he
thought I was as special as I did he. I miss him so greatly that
it hurts. I hope each reader has a love that is so great and so
deep that words cannot describe your feelings. If I seem lost for
descriptive words at times, that is why. Please understand)
Bill was embarrassed when his emotions got the best of him and
his eyes would well up. He didn't like me to see him that way,
like it would make me think he was less a man.
Au Contraire, I thought it made him a bigger man.

He finally put me down and slid the card into the reader and the
little light turned green. You heard the bolt slide and the door
automatically jarred. Bill again picked me up, this time with an
arm around my back and another right under my butt. He was going
to carry me over the threshold! How Sweet!

He swept me up and used my foot to push the door open and we
walked through. There was a huge living room with large sofa that
sat in front of a huge picture window. There was a full kitchen
off to the right and 2 rooms off the left side of the living
room. Behind us on the same wall the entrance was, there was a
writing table and small dinner table with a bowl of fresh flowers
on it. He didn't put me down yet. Where the right wall met the
picture window there was a glass door with a light switch near
it. You couldn't see into the glass-doored room until you pushed
the button on the light switch. He pressed it with his shoulder
and fluorescent lighting lit up a room with another picture
window and a pool. A real indoor pool! It was only about 15 by 10
feet, but it was like 3 foot deep on one end and it dropped to
about 6 foot at the other. Small, not for real swimming, but
real, real cool!

"Bill, you got this for us?" I said flabbergasted.

"No," he said, "Carree this is for you. I wanted you to be so
happy this weekend. I knew you would flip out. I obviously will
enjoy it, but I did it for you. Making you happy makes me
delirious. I love you. Consider this an engagement party, happy
graduation party weekend. The only people invited are you and me.
Dress is optional."
As he said that he put me down and opened his arms for the hug I
wanted to give him. We hugged and kissed at the door of the pool
for 5 minutes. We finally broke our kiss and I thought of our
bags outside the door.

"Let's get our stuff and start enjoying the room and each others
company," I said like a little kid who found the key to the candy

Bill went to he still jarred door and got our stuff and brought
it in and put it in the master bedroom. It was a huge round bed
with a mirror over it. I was simply giddy and giggly. He took my
hand and brought me to the other bedroom, and it was a king size

"OoooBABY!! This can be sex Disneyland this weekend!!" I told
Bill as I grabbed his hand and arm and jumped around the room
waving them. I stopped my jumping and turned to him putting my
arm around the back of his head, drawing him as close as I could
without kissing. "No just Sex either, LOVE SEX. I can have sex
with anyone, I can only "make love" to you, and you will be the
only man I ever make love to."

I pulled away from him and put my hands to his belt and quickly
undid it. I unbuttoned his pants and drew down his zipper. He
made no effort to help or stop me. He just smiled at me, each
time our eyes met. I squatted and pulled his pants down. He was
wearing boxers with lipstick lips all over them, except for one
spot. Right over his penis! There was an outline where lips were
supposed to be, but it was blank and had the words beside it
"stay within the lines."

"You dirty old man," I said, "How did you know I was going to go
for this first?"

"I didn't, I just thought they were cute when I saw them at the
sex shop the other day," Bill said.

"Oh, really, and just what were you getting in the sex shop," I
asked half serious, half joking.

"Ummm, these shorts and a few other surprises. You know when you
can't put the big spoon in the soup to taste it, you have to find
other ways to sample it."

"You're a naughty boy. Do you know what I do with naughty boys?,"
I asked.

"No, but I'll take my chances," he said.

I reached inside the front opening of his shorts and took out his
hardening cock. It had a little life, but was not yet up to full
mast yet. Without hesitating I took the head into my mouth with
the foreskin still over it. I slipped my tongue into the top of
the opening and gave the head a swirl and then a long suck,
pushing the foreskin back with my lips. It began to expand in my
mouth. It was the first time I ever felt him engorging and
growing in my mouth. I hummed my approval and he pumped blood and
brought his dick to full staff in my mouth.

"Oooo, that's exciting to feel it grow in my mouth, Bill. I love
the feel of your penis in my mouth, and the taste of the cream
that covers the head when it gets under your sheath. Do you want
to play for a while, or do you want me to make you cum right

"Wow, what a choice. I think I'm gonna cum a lot this weekend,
lets hold off on that for a while, at least 15 or 20 minutes.
That might classify as "right away" huh? Let's go to the bed," he

"As you wish" I said and I dragged him out of the waterbed room
in to the round-bed room.

I stopped him at the door and said
"New policy, no clothes allowed in the bedroom."

With that I took off my sweater top off and revealed my skimpy
bra, a sleeping bra that let my nipples be themselves in a single
layer silk cup. I dropped my black cotton stretch pants to reveal
a G-String that I quickly stepped out of, as well as my little
I did a spin in front of him and said, "If you want that cock
sucked you better strip and meet me in the big bed, real soon!"

With that Bill, with his pants already around his knees, stepped
out of them, or at least tried. He then kicked off his loafers
and his pants fell off. He stripped off his 2-button pullover and
was right behind me getting on the bed.

"I better call the desk clerk and tell him how beautiful that
ass looks in the nude," Bill said.

"You might want to tell him that you might even be fucking it
this weekend, if you play your cards right," I said with a tease
in my voice.

"God, Carree, I'm gonna cum right here with talk like that," he

As much as Bill didn't like it when I told him I was his "whore"
when we were behind closed doors, he sure liked it when I talked
like one. I never even said "damn" or "hell" in public, but
certain words like suck, fuck, cock, ass, and pussy really pushed
his buttons. Although we were "making love" to each other, I
always felt there was an animal instinct, sort of, flavor to all
sex acts. Once you opened the door to each event, the rough
language only made your partner hotter.

I had knelt on the bed and waited for Bill to join me. When he
hopped up, he stood, and I waited for him to flop down, but he
didn't. He walked up to my kneeling form and stopped in front of
me. I reached out to grab his penis, now fully erect.

"Mmmmmmm," I said. "This looks nice today Bill. I think you might
be going home with a sore dick," said with glint in my eye as I
positioned my mouth to take in his penis. I let just the head in
and lolled my tongue over it and then with just the head in my
mouth I began short stroking it, in and out with my lips never
going past the ring behind the head. This clearly was to Bills
liking, but I also knew he wanted to shove it right down my
throat. I knew he wouldn't do that though. We both knew the value
of a long, patient, orgasm.

"Ooo, Ooo Carree. That is so nice. You're so good to me. Ah! Ah!
Good God! You're going to make me cum so fast," Bill said.

I reached up with my thumb and forefinger to his cock head to
simulate the motion of my lips so I could speak without losing
him, "Do you want to cum fast honey? . . . or do you want to slow
it down and we can play. It's your call, baby. You won't be
selfish, because your cumming will just about put me over the
top," I asked.

"Get me off now, otherwise I may just shoot while we're playing"
he said as I replaced my lips over the head of his beautiful

Our last alone and private moment was up in the writing room. He
had licked me from head to toe and was cornering my pussy and
butthole for their tongue-bath when he groaned and just shot off
in the air. There was cum everywhere, including my hair, his
shoes on the floor, and lots on the slouch couch. We had started
a 69 that day, but he just went nuts with his tongue all over me.
I had his penis teased up pretty good when he pulled from my
mouth and began my body bath. He must have been past the hot
anticipation stage and he just couldn't hold it back. I didn't
want a premature ejaculation today. I wanted to taste and feel
that explosion.

I no more than replaced my lips over his head when I began to
taste the leakage he was experiencing. We were not far from blast
off. I hadn't given him a total "lips only" orgasm and was hoping
to complete it this way. I had both of my hands between my legs
with my lips between my stiff forefingers, sawing back and forth.

At one point he tipped his head back to groan and he saw the
mirrored ceiling.

"Oh man, what a sexy show" he said as he saw me sucking his
cockhead from a new angle.

I looked up the best I could, I WAS a little busy, but saw the
show he was watching. Seeing me with a penis in my mouth was a
new sight. It clearly made him hot and thrust him right to the
edge of his orgasm.

"Uttttt, Uttttt, Orrrtt, ho, ho, ho, . . .heww!" he expounded
uncontrollably. "Use your hand, Care, stroke it!!"

"Unt Uhhhh," I hummed. I was determined to finish him off with
lips only. Besides, my hands were busy.

I knew he was going to be out of control in a second so I reached
up with my hands and grabbed his and placed the 4 hands on his
butt. As the first big watery shot hit the back of my throat he
began to pump his dick in and out of my mouth, way past any depth
I had ever tried before.

"Heewww, Heewww, Heewww, Heewww, he bellowed as he thrust to get
the friction he wanted to draw the cum from his balls. But, he
didn't need any help. He was filling my mouth with his semen as
fast as I could swallow it. Four jets and four quick swallows had
me ready for more. We had a rhythm of pump - shoot - swallow that
I could have kept up until I was full, but the jets stopped and
he was just oozing now. I was able to taste this much better, and
I knew he had eaten his pineapple last night.
We had read that pineapple made semen taste sweeter and more
pleasant. Well, it was true! So whenever we planned an alone
moment, he loaded up with the Hawaiian fruit.

He had stopped thrusting to my mouth and was letting me just hum
and lick and suck the final oozing from his orgasm. The shutters
were beginning to where he couldn't stand my tongue and lips on
his super sensitive penis. When he was out of patience with me he
just fell back and flopped down, pulling the head from my mouth.

I wasn't done yet, though. I grabbed that cock and gave it one
more squeeze and a huge blob of cum oozed out the hole and began
to run down the sides. I thrust my mouth over him once more to
suck this off. He tried to push me away, but I could not be
denied. I lay between his legs, is balls just an inch from my
chin and both hands on his penis. I squeezed one more and a
little drop appeared. He wiped it from the head and held the
finger out to me. I licked it and then bit the finger keeping it
in my teeth. With it in my teeth I got up on all fours and
crawled up to his mouth. I dropped the finger from my mouth and
pushed my mouth over his and had a long tonguing kiss. Then we
both fell back into the bed.
I think we might be tired enough for a little nap.

I remember being half awake and letting things run through my
mind. I was thinking about our sex life, and how much I loved
Bill. At the end of my driveway, where we usually parked and said
our goodnights, we spent a lot of time with our hands in each
other's pants. We were fully charged as a couple, but we limited
our sex play to getting each other off with our hands, and
masturbating in front of each other. We saved oral sex for
occasion when we could be alone, free, and naked. Somehow, it
felt dirty in the car, plus you had to keep looking out to be
sure we weren't being spied on. Making love should be free and
easy expression. We had tried anal sex once and we both greatly
enjoyed it. The preparation and time it took to do properly and
expressively, restricted us from doing it since. We thought we
might have the time this weekend, if we felt so moved. It did
have drawbacks that could ruin some of the quality alone time we
had. We would let the chips fall, as they say.
The stress of the trip and the mouth fucking I had given Bill
earlier had worn him out, as well as me. It was the first time I
had given him a full oral session, a blowjob, if you will,
without him reciprocating. I wasn't disappointed; we had just
collapsed and fell asleep. God, I loved having his penis in my
mouth. How expressive an act that is, and pornographers have made
it a dirty degrading thing. To feel him fully erect at the peak
of his passion on my tongue, in my mouth was just incredible.
Your mouth can feel every little nuance of anything that it
senses. The flesh, gums, inner lips and tongue surface of the
mouth are 18 to 24 square inches of surface, if stretched out. If
you get a piece of hair, or fleck sand in it, you can feel it. No
wonder it makes such a good orifice for sex. You can hold your
lovers most sensitive organ in your mouth and feel every little
thing about it, including the beat of his heart. The fact that
your fine sensory instincts can tell the difference in taste of
his penis, as opposed to his finger, tells you that there is
something special there. Plus, being uncircumcised, when his
glans has been inside the sheath, it develops a light creamy
layer that has a distinctive taste. When unwashed for a long
time, I have learned that this becomes quite unpleasant in smell
and taste. But, we are always clean for each other and just
hygienic people, overall.

I am sure he appreciates me being hygienic, as much as I do he.
He loves to lick and suck at my vagina, both over it and in it.
His tongue truly drives me crazy. I am totally shaved between my
legs, shedding all of the hair above, around and on my genitals.
I originally did it for me, to make me feel more free and
sensual, on the advice of a girlfriend. But, now I also do it for
Bill, who just loves the feel of my smooth pussy on his tongue.
He truly tries to lick and suck at every inch he can reach,
including my little butthole and the sensitive areas around it.
He just drives me crazy, especially when, after sensitizing that
whole area with his tongue, he centers on my clitoris, licking,
sucking and biting at it. After his previous ministrations, my
clit is already fully engorged and swollen. He makes me cum so
hard, and I get so wet. He is a student and fan of the G-spot and
he found mine early on, once we started having any sort of
intimate relations. It is about one and a half inches in from the
upper wall of my vagina, behind my clit. When he stimulates it
with his finger I just go off like you would not believe. I
squirt an ejaculate fluid that is thin, milky and sweet to the
taste, although the aftertaste of it is like a musty basement.
When I squeeze that out, I have no or little control over myself.
My breathing stops and starts, I lose coordination and think I
even pass out sometimes. I have, at times, fully violently
slapped Bill to get him off the spot. Not to hurt him, but there
is no other reaction I can have to get him to stop. No other ways
of communication are working. I am told I am blessed to have this
ability, but I am convinced it is Bill who activates it. He is
such a knowledgeable lover. The only time I had one of these G-
spot orgasms without direct stimulation inside my vagina, was
during anal sex. I was on my back with my legs up. I believe his
penis was rubbing the G-spot area through my intestine wall. I
was simply without control over any function or myself at that
time. My orgasms are all truly incredible, and all of them are
different. This is why sex is so special to me. It is a new
experience, no matter where or when it takes place.

I remember thinking of all these things about our sex lives
through the haze of exhaustion and then I realized where I was,
and whom I was with. I was fluttering my eyes awake and looking
straight up at my reflection, in the nude with Bill spooned in
the same state of undress, behind me. We were away from home,
alone, together. Oh what a great feeling. We had each other, all
to each other. I saw something move and suddenly I felt my breast
being caressed. Fully awake and focused I saw Bill in the mirror
massaging my breast.

"Ohh, that's nice." I said as I touched his hand that was
caressing me, "I've been in a haze thinking about us, about our
sex, our love, just so many things in general about our love
life. Kind of like a dream where I was explaining it all to
someone or myself. Yes, it was a dream," I said as I realized how
out of it I really was a few seconds ago.

Bill pulled me closer to him and I felt his softened penis right
against my bare vulva. It had been there right along, but his
movement renewed my awareness. God, how I wished he could just
slide that beautiful penis up inside of me. How much could it
matter if he just did it for a minute or two? It was then I
realized that I was sliding back into my sexual reverie. My
temptation was an alarm to wake me fully again. This was why
alcohol and sex didn't mix well. It was easy to talk yourself
into things. Here I was totally sober, but weakened by my state
of reverie and I was ready to give Bill my virginity. I forced
myself awake again.

"Mmmm your penis fits nicely right here huh? You fit nicely all
over. THIS is making love. Just holding each other knowing we are
one," I said accompanied by a contented sigh.

"I was thinking the same thing," Bill said. "This is just like
doing it. The satisfaction is the same. I feel like we are the
only two people in the world, and even though we aren't, I don't
care about anything else right now."

"Mmmmm you are taking the words from my mouth. This is making
love," I said as I patted his hand on my breast again. "However,
really making love would be nice. I would love for you to be
inside of me this weekend. You know . . . deep inside, back
there? I want to feel you there. It would be so complete for us
if you think we should. We need to get to a pharmacy, though."

"Oooo, that sounds nice. Are you sure you're up to it? The last
time it seemed to take a lot out of you," he said.

"I know," I replied. "But, the last time I had skied the whole
day before and was tired and scared before we started. Now I'm in
better shape, running track with the team helped a lot. I'm glad
they let me run with them."

"I'll say you're in good shape. Do you think that desk clerk was
drooling at nothing? You could pose for any magazine there is.
You could be a model, easy. Plus all those models have 22 or 24-
inch waists, with a 30-inch bust. You must be a 36, and your tits
are perfect. Maybe I'll take some pictures of YOU," Bill said.

"You won't take pictures of ME, you can see me whenever you wish.
I am not a display piece. I'm yours and yours alone. For your,
and only your, information, I just went to a 36 C bra and am 36-
22 - 35. I really don't think I'm pretty enough to be a model,
but thanks for the compliment, lover boy. One more thing, they
are not tits, they are breasts, or even my boobs. Strippers have
fake tits. I have nice breasts. Know the difference." I

"Gee, Carree, don't get mad. I was just joking about the
pictures; I don't even have a camera anymore. On the other,
believe me, I know yours are breasts, and they are absolutely
perfect. I didn't mean to say anything to hurt you," Bill

"I know, Bill. I'm just a little sensitive about my body. More
and more I realize that it gets stared at. I don't mind an
appreciative gaze, but I don't like being mentally undressed.
It's an invasion of my, and your, privacy. What you see here is
yours, as well as mine. I expect you to respect that," I said.

"I do, Carree, and you know it. Never doubt me. I would never
hold you up to be a spectacle," Bill assured me.

"Bill, if I didn't know or think that, do you think I would have
said I would marry you?" I said as I patted him on the thigh.

He began to slide away from me saying "I'm going to shower, OK?"

"If that's what you want to do," I said. "We have no plans"

"Yeah, I'm going to shower" he said stopping and dropping his
head between my legs. "I'm going to shower your pussy with
kisses." Before I had a chance to prepare myself he had his
tongue swishing up my slit and I was bouncing on the bed.

"Bill, wait! Let me lay back with a pillow," I asked him but he
had me sideways (if you can be sideways on a round bed) on the
bed on my stomach with his head burrowed up my crotch laying wide
swaths of tongue on me. He managed to turn over so he was on his
stomach and his mouth on my upturned crotch. Soon he had me
pulled up to my knees and he was kneeling behind me eating my
pussy and asshole. I wasn't 100 percent sure about him eating my
ass, it had been 6 hours or more since my shower, but he had
tongued me there enough now that if there was anything unpleasant
there, he had his chance to stop. He slid his finger deep and far
up my pussy while he licked at my clit, making me simply crazy.
Just when I would get into a rhythm to develop an orgasm he would
stop and switch. He was making me a little crazy, until I
realized he was doing it intentionally to build up the
electricity of my event. Finally he had me on my knees with my
face buried in the bed. He was on his back with just his face
under me, licking at my pussy and clit. I could feel him bring
his hand to his mouth and I wondered what he was doing. Then I
felt his thumb go to my asshole and wipe a generous wad of spit
there. Then he was at his mouth again, as he stopped his licking
to load up the thumb.

After he did this a third time, I finally said. "Please don't
stop licking me Bill, just keep going, you have had me so close."

I felt the third thumb of spit go to my asshole and he dove into
my clit with a vengeance. He rolled his thumb over and through
the dimple of my upturned ass to the point where it felt almost
like his wet tongue there. Then he trapped my clit between his
teeth, not biting, but certainly not letting me get it away
painlessly, and he attacked it with his tongue. I was at the edge
of coming, drawing quick breaths and catching my breaths in my
throat. Just as I was about to go off, he sunk his thumb, as far
as it would go, up my ass. All hell broke loose as I humped his
face in an uncontrolled spasm of orgasm. His thumb up my ass hurt
like hell for a second and then the fire turned into warmth and I
wanted more of his tongue and thumb. I finally caught my breath
as he stopped licking my clit, but kept the sawing motion of his
thumb in my ass. I felt the thumb turn all the way over, and then
I realized he was turned over and coaxing me too. But he would
not let me off his thumb.
I moved myself to my back, his thumb buried in my bowels, my legs
on either side of him. He pulled me toward him until my cheeks
rested in his lap, just over his penis. He could bend over and
kiss my pussy and lick my clit. Any squirm I made, I felt in my
ass as he now had his hand under me with its thumb up my ass and
my pussy between that and his mouth. If I moved I was fucking
myself on his thumb. He kissed and licked more on my pussy. I got
ready to come again and tried to rise up off his thumb, but I
couldn't, unless I could get his face out of my pussy, and didn't
want that.
Finally my big orgasm came and he let me go right over the top
with a big hard one. I was gasping, digging it real good, when
finally I had to dislodge his tongue from my pussy or I was going
to explode.

"Please Bill, No more, Please, no more, PLEEEEEZE," I begged.

And he stopped. "All you had to do was ask," he said cutely as I
laid there huffing and puffing, my orgasm ebbing away, coming
back like a wave in the sand, every couple minutes. . . .until
it finally was calm.

"Ohhhhhhh Bill, you are a bad boy. Assaulting my ass without
telling me. Naughty naughty." I scolded him.

"You never told me to take it out, you never said to stop," I

"If you had stopped, I would have been more crazy. It was
great!!" I told him.

It was the first time he penetrated my butt when it was not my
idea, and I didn't know it was coming. It hurt a lot at first,
but it went away quick. I should have been mad, but I wasn't. If
I had shrieked when he did it, I am sure he would have stopped. I
was in that "after orgasm" state when I realized his thumb was
still buried in my butt. Thumbs don't lose interest and get soft
like a penis does.

"Umm, Bill, do you think we could take your thumb out of my butt
now," I said with a smile.

"What would you think if we just grabbed the lube and did up my
cock and replaced my thumb with it? You ARE all stretched out.
THIS would be spontaneous." He said, trying to convince me of
something I would have normally turned away in a second.

"Bill! That first time I took a long time to prepare, cleaned
myself out, filled myself with lube. I don't know," I hedged.

"You are on the bed, I am on the bed. I have a hard on. You have
a stretched out little hole. You must be clean, because I can
feel nothing up there. I can reach the bag with the lube from
here. In a couple minutes, I can have this big
and sliding,
your cute ass.
I say it's worth a try," he said emphasizing the key words of his

"Ok, Bill" I said resigning myself to his wishes. "If it hurts
any more than it should, you'll stop when I ask?"

"I promise," he said.

"Fuck my ass, or should I say TRY to fuck my ass"

With that Bill scooted over, keeping his thumb in place, to the
edge of the bed where the bags lay. He reached inside and pulled
out the new and old tubes of KY. He slipped off the cap of the
old and motioned me to flip over. I kept his tub in as I did. He
started fucking his thumb in and out of me and I could feel the
cold KY surround the digit. Soon he was better lubed and pushing
his thumb with greater ease, in and out, in and out.

I can tell you I was turned on, but afraid. He was busying
himself behind me, and I assumed he was lubing his cock.
"Just about ready, baby. Lots and lots of lube for you," he said.

I heard the sticky slop and glop of lube as he stroked it to his

"Ok, in a second, I'm going to take my thumb out. When I do I'll
squeeze some more lube up there and then we will turn you on your
back, so you can face me again. Ok?" he said.

"All Right Bill, just be sure we have enough lube.," I insisted.

I felt him pulling his thumb from my butt. I wanted to be
careful not to kegel at all, so I wouldn't close up. His thumb
popped from my butt, and I was somewhat missing it from the
second it left. I waited for the cool ooze of KY jelly to go into

Then from nowhere Bill placed the head of his KY coated dick to
the ring of my asshole and shoved in the head and another inch in
one shot.

"BILL, What are you doing? You were going to turn me over. Take
it out!!" I yelled

"Let me try it, right here, right now. Tell me it hurts we'll
stop. I promise," Bill pleaded.

"We shouldn't, you might hurt me. Although it doesn't really hurt
now," I cried.

"Let's be spontaneous, lets try it. If it doesn't work, I'll
stop," he said, still not moving his cock from my asshole where
he still had painless pressure on me.

"Ok, Bill, but be careful and don't hurt me," I pleaded.

"Carree, imagine me hurting you on purpose," he said.

With those words, I trusted him, because I couldn't imagine him
hurting me on purpose.

He put more pressure on my butthole and I tried to let him in.
The pain began to build and I was going to stop him when he broke
through. I caught my breath in short spurts over and over as he
found his way to my big muscle. He held his dick there for a
moment or two and then began to move, not much more than the
length of an eye blink, back and forth. I felt pressure on the
muscle, but I did not feel it give, or relax. He kept the mini
strokes up on me and finally it let him past about an inch. I
startled for a second and panicked.
"Stop!!" I said, followed by, "OK, Ok ok, ok, try to put a
little more in"
Bill chuckled, "I'm up to my balls inside you Carree. I'm going
to fuck you now."

I laughed with Bill when I realized he was all the way in me.
Between his thumb and my orgasm, I must have just opened up. He
knew it, he had felt it, but I had no way of knowing. All the
nerve endings are in the ring and the sphincter. After that I was
feeling mostly on instinct.

Bill pulled from me a little and pushed back in. It was
wonderful. I knew I wasn't as loose and free as the first time we
did this, but it was still nice, and in some ways even better. We
had a little more friction going, so I felt more when he was
sawing at me. I also knew that meant I would be more sore unless
we went fast, or he would have to stop and relube. Bill realized
the same thing. He held me close and bent over me and grabbed my
breasts and put his mouth by my ear.

"I think you are opened up pretty good now. Why don't we switch
positions so I can face you and hold you, but when I come out
I'll have to put more KY inside, OK?," he reasoned.

Mmmmm, whatever you say," I said, "as long as I can feel you
inside of me."

Bill pulled his penis from me and patted me on the ass. I turned
over and brought my legs up and locked them with my elbows. Bill
opened the new tube of KY and was filling his fingertips with it
and pushing it in my dilated butthole. I was trying to sneak a
peek at his penis to make sure here wasn't any "unpleasantness"
on it. If it was there, I didn't see it.

Bill put more lube on his penis and put the tip at my upturned
little hole. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Someday, I will be pushing this into your pussy, and I can't
wait for the day. I think of that every time I sit in front of
you like this. You are a sight, so beautiful" he said. Then he
pushed into me. I grunted a little at the sudden re-intrusion,
but there was no pain, just the feeling of being full, full of
Bill and his love. Facing each other like this we started long
strokes right away. I was getting close to an orgasm in no time
and I knew it was going to be a dandy. I was beginning to leave
everything behind, my breathing shortened, I was flailing my
legs. I looked at Bill and he was breathing hard through clenched
teeth and making as many weird breathing and panting noises as I
was. We were going to come together. As soon as the realization
of such hit me, I went off. My breathing stopped and started, my
heart raced and I turned red with 2 quick volleys of gush coming
from my pussy. Bill was pumping like nuts into my bowels, as he
was cumming too. His thrusts were making me go off more and I had
to stop him in order to breathe again, it seemed.

- - - - - - - -

The next thing I knew Bill was mopping my forehead with a cool
towel and calling my name. I woke up with a start.

"I passed out? Oh No, am I Ok? How long was I out?," I asked

"Easy Carree, easy. You scared the crap out of me too, but you've
only been out for 20 or 30 seconds. I just got the towel. You're

The last thing I remember was, my eyes rolling back in their
sockets and thinking to myself that I had to get Bill to stop his
fucking because my G-spot was over-stimulated and making me into
a writhing mess. I knew he was cumming and stopping him would be
impossible and quite impolite, sexually. I remember thinking the
first time we did this, that if he weren't in my ass, I would
have shit on the spot. I was that out of control again.

I filled my lungs with air and made a cleansing breath, followed
by more of the same to bring me back to total reality.

"I guess I'm alright, I said. Gawwwwwwd that was such a huge
orgasm and I had no control. That little G spot has a mind of its
own. I never thought what would happen if you came at the same
time. Did you finish your orgasm?," I asked.

"Wow, I guess I did. You must be flooded inside. Don't try to
move until I get you a towel. They wouldn't appreciate you
pooping cum all over the bedspread. I only hope we can get your
ejaculation out of it," he said as he pointed to two big wet
spots on the spread.

"Wow, I'm sorry, Bill. I have no control," I offered.

"I know, silly. Don't worry about it," he rebuffed.

Then I noticed he had a towel over his genitals. I looked at it,
and then at him. "Problem?," I said.

"Yeah, a little. There IS something to you doing all the
preparing for butt-sex. You know, unpleasantness ?. . . ."

"Ohhhhhh, I understand. Why don't you get me a towel, so I can
get to the toilet, and then you jump in the shower? Where is the
bathroom, come to think of it?," I asked not believing we had
been there 3 hours or so and not yet had to look for it.

"Theres one in each bedroom, but this one is the master, with a
whirlpool, a commode and a bidet'. Pretty cool, huh?" he said.

"I don't feel so cool. I'm trying real hard to pucker and I may
be leaking." I said as he took the towel from his genitals and
gave it to me and rushed to get another one for me.

He just came around the corner with the second towel when I was
walking towards the bathroom already, on weak legs I might add,
the towel he gave me held up like a diaper.

"Let me through, Bill" I said as I rushed past him and sat on the
john and let things run out of me. There was cum and KY, but
traces of BM too.

"That's the last time we will do that without the prep. As usual,
you were right," Bill said sheepishly as he watched me.

"Are you enjoying the show, Bill? How about privacy?," I said.

"For Gods sake Carree, you just had my penis in your ass, and
your mouth. I had my tongue in your ass and your pussy. What's
private? Bill reasoned.

"I suppose you're right," I said as I reached for the paper.

"Why don't you use the bidet? It will clean you and you can pat
dry instead of having to rub that sensitive little hole." Bill

"I suppose that's one of the reasons half the world uses these
things," I said as I straddled the unit and figured how to use

"I'm getting in the shower," Bill said leaving me to play with
the fountain flow.

I finished and patted dry, only to realized I was going to be
getting into the shower with Bill in a moment. I was about to
gather clothes for afterward when I remembered we were "clothing
optional" still.

I went into the room beside the commode and bidet where the huge
shower stall was, a giant round tub and a whirlpool. I could live
like this. The whole room said sex. Bill in the shower washing
his penis looked like he was jerking off. THAT gave me a warmie
right in my sex. Geez, was there no satisfying me?

" Are you sure its clean?," I said. " The difference between
washing and jerking off is state of mind, you know."

"Very funny. I don't think I need to jerk off as long as I have
you around. I can't make the cum fast enough for you," he

"Please word your complaint properly so management can understand
your problem," I said coldly, and then turned showing him my ass
and smiling.

"I could call you a cock-tease, but that would mean I didn't like
it," he said.

I reached out and held his balls in my hand, saying "it's only
teasing if I didn't come through. After giving you a blowjob and
letting you fuck my butt, not too many courts would convict me of
being a tease."

"Point taken, counselor" he said as he tipped his face to kiss

It was a long slow tonguing kiss under the shower. Me, holding
his balls, he massaging my breasts, we were both ready for
another round of love. Good Lord, I loved this man. I could not
get enough of him. When the kiss broke, I bent and took his soft,
sheathed, penis into my mouth, bathed it best I could with my
tongue and took it out. I held it in my hand and spoke right to
it, "Sorry if I gave you the shitty end before."

Bill laughed and kissed me again. "I think he likes you," he said
pointing down at his newly rising dick.

I shook my head and said "Is there no satisfying you? I only have
one hole left, and you're not getting that one quite yet."

"You were the one who put it in your mouth," he said.

"I know. Blame it on me," I resigned myself to being the martyr.
"I'll tell you what. If he's that randy, jerk him off. I'll be
there for the finish. I do love that cock."

Bill smiled and said. "Let's see if he goes away by the end of
the shower," and we finished washing each other.

In the 10 minutes it took to wash our bodies and our hair, Little
Bill didn't go away.

"If you want to get him off, get started honey," I said.

He grabbed his cock and ran his hand up and down the length. He
pressed his lips to mine and pinned me to the shower wall.

"You want my cum again, do you? But you don't think you can get
it yourself. I'll jerk it off for you, my sweet" he whispered.

My lips were a little sore from the "lips only" sucking I had
given him earlier, and I didn't want to have swollen lips to go
out with later, let alone walk funny from being butt stuffed
But, if he had to cum, I was ready to feel it in my mouth.

I started watching Bill jerk his dick off. I began to add some
inspiration for him by reminding him of the times I sucked him
before, let him fuck my butt. He was getting hot.

"Remember the first time I swallowed your whole load, Bill. You
were jerking off, just like now and I just couldn't help myself.
I put my lips right over that beautiful cock as it shot and I
felt those spurts hit me right in the bac . . . . ." I was saying
when he yelled.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, Oh God, I'm gonna cum"

I went to my knees in the shower and put my mouth over the head
of his cock as he began to moan and groan in orgasm.
I looked up just in time to see him throw his head back to give
up his seed. I felt him spurt once on my tongue and then ooze
more out. I held all of it in my mouth as I tongued the under
side of the head. I kept this up until he could stand no more,
and pulled away, a last little spasm sending just a bit more of
thick, almost curd like, thick cum into my mouth. I hated the way
that felt, I didn't want to swallow that. But for his third
orgasm in as many hours I guess I couldn't expect "grade A"
stuff. He grabbed his penis and turned away to protect it from
me. I took this opportunity to spit this thick, almost lumpy
sperm from my mouth down the drain. I managed to keep some of the
more liquid part to taste and satisfy my urge to enjoy his

"Man, we are going to kill each other, if we stay in this room"
he said.

"What a way to go, though," I said, "But we ought to get you
cleaned up so we can get some clothes on you and go outside a

"ME! Cleaned up. I just have a few late spermies on my pee pee.
Man, you have to brush your teeth, too," he laughed at me.

"What," I spat back "Just whose cum do you think you smell on my

We both laughed at each other and finished our shower, without
further event.

Even after just a few hours of honeymooning, I could see that we
were going to be sex crazed all weekend, trying to make up for
past and future lost time. We had to resist our urges a little,
or the rest of the sex for the weekend would be painful and
rubbed raw sex. We had to contain ourselves until at least when
we went to bed tonight.

As we dressed I was running through my mind the things we could
do that afternoon. There was not a whole lot of shopping right
around here, not compared to the big malls in and near the City.
But, we had promised no side trips to that area so I thought we
might ask the desk clerk or concierge where we might shop
locally. I wanted to get to a pharmacy and maybe get some
supplies for doing the butt nasty again. I wasn't sore back
there, and thought I might be game for another round. This might
be our last chance for a while.
(As hideous an act as anal intercourse seems when you think about
someone else doing it, it was really quite pleasurable, intimate
and personal. It can be messy and painful. A girlfriend of mine
tells me that it is quite common in adult films now, and men just
stick it in the girl, never showing the prep. It is just not that
easy. The prep is most important and should not be glossed over)

I don't know what Bill was thinking as I watched him getting
dressed. Neither of us spoke and I assumed he was running events
and plans through his head too. Too much sex can be a problem
too, I guess. I just wanted each time we made love to be special.

How I wish I could take him into my vagina. I am betting I
wouldn't have such a G-spot problem then. Imagine, I'm
complaining about too many, or too wild orgasms. In regular
vaginal intercourse I am betting you get less direct stimulation
of the spot. I also wonder how sensitive it would be if Bill
hadn't looked for it and found it. Did he wake it up? I was
thinking that I might have to spend more time in the library in
order to have a better sex life.

Bill went to the mirror to straighten his collar and I came up
behind him and picked lint from his pant leg, and fixed his
collar. He turned around and I told him he was handsome.

He said, "Great, because you are beautiful, so we must make a
great couple. Watch out, here come the Bill Wilsons."

"Thank God your parents didn't call YOU Willie, like your Dad," I

"I have aunts and uncles who call me Little Willie," Bill said
with a devious smile.

I patted his crotch and said "This is the only Little Willie in
THIS family, and by the only standard I know, he's not exactly
little. C'mon Mr. Wilson lets get out in public where we have to
keep our hormones in check."

"OK," he said as he showed me to the door and we called the
The concierge showed us easy ways to get to the local malls and
there were a lot more than we thought. As much as we thought we
were in the middle of nowhere, we were still in a populace area
of New Jersey. We had a great time walking through the malls,
hitting snack bars for drinks, pretzels, ice cream, and the like.
We fed each other, holding hands, hugging, kissing and joking and
generally acting what we were; a young couple in love who wanted
to sweep through their day so they could spend their night alone
in each other's arms. If this was the life a young married couple
would lead, we were well suited. We were quite aware, as well, of
the other worries that young marrieds had with finances,
financial and social stability, working, and providing a roof
over our heads. We thought our college plans and the promise to
wait until they were complete before marriage, made a lot of
sense. But we also knew what a job it would be to not be tempted
to run off and get married without the safety nets we needed in
place. The lure of being alone together with nothing to worry
about but sex was great. We were both strong in our resistance of
that "fun now, pay later" attitude and were aware of how blind it
was for those who chose it.

We found a multiplex cinema at the second mall we got to. We
decided to take in a movie to wile the afternoon away. It was
almost five o'clock and we had planned on meeting Kim and Brad
for dinner at 9:30. We saw Sharon Stone in Sliver. It was kind of
a "scary sexy thriller" that never really lived up to any of
those descriptions. It was OK, but not on my list of movies to
rent later on.
We got back to the Hotel about 7:45 and went up to our suite. I
thought I would try out the pool. When Bill let us in I went
right for the bedroom and started to strip.

"Let's go skinny dipping!" I said as I shook off my clothes.

"My lord," Bill said, "We truly are hillbilly folk in flatlander

Bill also stripped down and was just behind me when I opened the
door to the private pool. Although it was small, the water was
nice, and for 2 people, just large enough to give you the feel of
being in a pool, rather than a big bath tub. I was just about to
jump in when I stopped and thought aloud.
"If I get in there and get my hair wet and chlorined, I'll have
to shower again"

"So we'll have to shower again, what are you afraid of, getting
wet," Bill said.

"Well, I guess you have a point there," I said as I jumped in the

It was hard to be nude in a pool and not be sexual, or at least
think sexual. Bill watched me for a few minutes and he was
raising his flag.

"Bill, have you no control at all?" I asked.

"I'm sorry Carree, but you may not realize it, but you have a
body that could give a statue a hard on," Bill defended.

"Well, as much as I would love another session with you, I was
really hoping we could go to bed tonight and be randy together.
If we get off now, we are going to be getting in the "do it till
it hurts" stage. My "shooter" is a little sore right now. We
should wait," I assessed.

"I agree," Bill said. "I don't have to relieve myself every time
it goes up. I'll be OK. The longer I wait after being aroused,
the more stuff I'll produce"

"Oooo really," I said. "So if I keep you on ice till morning, I
won't have to order breakfast?"

"You, CARREE, are a pervert sometimes. It's a good thing you quit
the nuns, they wouldn't put up with your eating habits," Bill
sarcastically joked.

I came over to Bill and reached into the water grabbing his
penis, saying, "If the nuns ever got a taste of this, the convent
would be empty." I gave his little head a squeeze and said, "He
can wait till a little later. If I can, he can"

We generally laughed and played in the water, making sex jokes,
and sometimes talking seriously until I saw it was a quarter to

"We better get going if we have to meet them in 45 minutes," I

"Let me go and shower ahead of you so I can control myself, then
you can get in. If you're nice, I may dry your hair for you,"
Bill said.

Bill jumped out of the pool and went to shower leaving me alone.
I hopped out of the pool and began to dry off. I was thinking how
enjoyable the last couple hours were alone with Bill. THIS,
besides the sex, was the alone time we talked about needing. Just
being ourselves, with ourselves. The time flew by. Life was good.
Our life together would be good. I generally puttered around the
big suite until I heard Bill call me to the shower.

I walked into the boudoir and Bill was just getting dried off and
was putting on that big thick robe they give you to use.

"We're just dressing casual for dinner, right? Khaki's and sport
shirt?," Bill said as we passed stopped and kissed.

I went into the shower, but turned as I walked in. Bill was
watching my ass as I walked away.

"You never turn it off do you, Bill," I laughed and said.

"I will never get enough of looking at that ass," he answered
with a big grin.

"Holy Cow, Bill. You've screwed it and you still have to look at
it all the time?" I asked.

"I told you, I'll never get enough," he said.

"Men!" I said, "and their fascination with tits and asses" as I
closed the shower stall.

By the time I got out of the shower Bill was dressed and ready.

"Oooo, you smell good. I might pick you up tonight," I said as I
passed by.
I was still in underwear and searching for a blouse I had bought
today. Bill went to the window and said he saw the Six Flags bus
pull in the lot. Kim and Brad would be on time.

At nine thirty Bill and I stepped out of the elevator right
beside the restaurant in the hotel. Kim and Brad were just
walking in. They were fried from the day at the amusement park.

"You missed nothing today, Carree. It was hot as hell and the
lines were unbelievable. You guys look fresh and ready to go
out," Kim said.

"I hate places like that Kim. We had a nice time, went shopping
and even took a dip in the pool," I said.

Brad had a disgusted look on his face saying, "I bet that's all
you did," with a snicker.

Dinner was nice and by the time we were looking at the dessert
menu, we were the only 4 left in the place.

Our waiter came over and asked if we wanted anything else, and we
asked if they were closing.

"Well, not really. The bar area is attached and we were just
going to close the entrance to the bar. I'm assuming you are all
underage for the bar, so I was going to tell you that you could
stay here and talk for a while, as long as you settle up and have
everything you're going to need. Once the Chef has the kitchen
closed and cleaned I call the manager who takes care of closing
up. He can let you out. Plus you could get out through the bar"

"That sounds nice," Bill said as he gave his room key to put it
on our tab. "Leave a pitcher of ice water and we are all set.
Thanks for the consideration."

"Bill, I can't let you pay for all of this," Brad said.

"You settle up with cash with me now and I'll pay for the whole
thing when we check out, OK?" Bill said.

Brad reached in his wallet and gave Bill cash to take care of
things and the tip. The waiter brought the check and the water.
Bill signed the tab and suddenly we were alone.

"It's eleven," Brad said. "What time do they make bed checks?"

Kim perked up from her doldrums "They gave no specific time. I
left a note for Heidi just saying I was with Brad and NOT in
either hotel. That will have to be good enough for her."

"If she and Mr. Fuller compare notes, I think they will give you
some slack," I added. "So, ummm, have you guys worked out your
little spat on the way down here today? It's bad to argue about
sex. It's supposed to be something that draws you together, not
make you fight."

Kim was first to answer. "I can't believe you want to dole out
sex advice, Care."

"I,. . .WE just hated to see you fight and be so combative, over
sex!!" I said. "Just think about the fun you two have together as
a couple and the future you might have, but those possibilities
can't be explored because you have put this wall in between you.
And, what is the wall made of? Resentment about sex! Sex, the one
communication line that needs no words. The one line of give and
take that communicates, your spirits, your beings, your feelings,
to each other.
Kim, there is a lot of give and take with sex, especially when
you don't want to have ANY risk if pregnancy or disease.
Brad, "getting laid" is not making love. You could walk over to
the bar there and find a mate for the night right now. But,
tomorrow morning all you will have is a wet spot on your
mattress. You say you love Kim and the only proof of that is to
have her consent to intercourse. Would you really enjoy it,
knowing she didn't want to do it?
Kim, I know we have talked about sex, girl talk. I know you are
reluctant to open up. You may have to rethink that, or reevaluate
how you feel about Brad. If you don't want to open up and advance
the relationship, maybe Brad is a convenience to you.
Brad, this same thing applies to you. If you are willing to
accept nothing short of "getting laid", maybe you ought to
revalue the situation. Maybe Kim is your convenience.

I know you are both, probably, mad at me for shooting from the
hip. You may also think I am meddling. But Kim is my friend. We
have had private girl talk moments since the eighth grade and we
know each other pretty well. I hate to see her hurt or taken
advantage of. With college coming on, and I hate to say this, we
may never see each other again. If I didn't say this, I would
always wonder how things would have turned out if I did. Sorry
for being so frank. Brad, I love Kim and don't want to see her
hurt. Be fair with her."

I was sorry that I rambled on so and lectured my own friend. But,
once I got started I really let my feelings out. I know that Kim
really loves Brad, but his caveman act about sex was pushing her
away. Kim was not without fault either. She would neck and kiss
with him for hours with Brad rustling in her pants to get her
off. She talked about how he could make her so hot and have
orgasms. When he wanted reciprocal action, she would do little
more than rub him through his pants. She had yet to show him her
naked form, and she wouldn't let him take it out. It got boring
fast with them. Brad hung in there thinking he was always close,
plus they went so well together. Now, his frustration was
showing. Kim really had to commit something to the relationship

Kim looked at Brad and then at me and Bill. "I don't know what to
say. You really summed it up. A lot of things, I am embarrassed
to talk about, afraid to talk about. I mean; I really want to do
it, and do it with Brad (she reached for his hand). I love him.
But I want it to be special, not just my legs up in the back seat
of a car. I also want to be ready for pregnancy if we take that
risk. I don't mean condoms or the pill, I mean marriage and
emotional stability. So, how do you guys do it. Shacking up for a
couple days, and you can tell me you're not screwing. I know
you're engaged but . . . ."

Bill was totally embarrassed at this point; he thought I was
going to lay it all out. I wasn't.

"Kim, and Brad, when you are alone together, you have to use your
imaginations a little, like we do. You have to open yourselves
up, yet keep your promise to each other that you won't fall to
temptation for intercourse.
Brad, I might tell you that the stories you might hear your
friends tell about their conquests, are, 9 in 10, just that,
stories. Don't think you are missing something that everyone else
is doing. There are many ways you can show each other how much
you care for each other."

At that point the evening drinks had worked their magic, I had to
pee. I got up and excused myself, and of course, Kim joined me.
Brad said, "Hey, no fair ganging up on me in the ladies room."

I turned and said to Brad so Kim couldn't hear "Easy Brad, I'm
more on your side than you think, on this."

As soon as the ladies room door closed Kim smiled and said, "So
what do you two do all day in that room? You say you're not
screwing, but you must do something?"

"Kim, tell me, if you and Brad had a room alone, together, would
you strip your clothes off and walk around au natural' for Brad.
Would you be disgusted if he did?"

"Walk around naked? No, he's never seen me naked. Why would I do
that?" Kim railed.

"Because it's giving to the one you love. If you truly love him
would you love him any less if he saw you nude, or you saw him
nude?" I asked.

"I don't want to see any naked man running round in front of me"
Kim protested.

"Well then, maybe this conversation on this subject is over. If
you truly loved Brad, it seems to me that you would want to share
as much as you could with him, and want him to share with you.
Your body is all you come into the world with, you have nothing
else to share." I said as I closed a stall door and sat to pee.

"But, he might try to fuck me", Kim defended.

"Gee Kim, I would kind of hope he might want to make love to you,
if he saw how beautiful the woman he loves looked unclothed.
If the only thing you think two people can do in the nude is
screw, you have to look at things a little differently. If you
are both satisfied, and both know the score with each other, you
won't have him acting like a caveman and having to worry he would
throw you down and rape you if he saw you nude. If you starve a
person for 3 days and put a steak in from of him and tell him not
to eat it, what do you think happens? As much as YOU want sexual
satisfaction from the relationship, remember he does too. After a
night out, do you go home and a . . . take care of business? I
assume you do. Don't you think he's doing the same thing? If you
both truly care about each other, what sense does that make?"

"I AM still a virgin. Yet, I rarely even wear panties when I go
out with Bill. If we have any alone moments, we are nude. You
were the one who convinced me to shave myself, that makes me feel
more open and free with my body. Yet it's only for Bill. The
moment we walk into our suite upstairs the first thing we do is
strip." I confessed.

"Suite, you have a suite?" Kim asked.

"Ummm Hmmmm We do. It has a living room, a kitchen, even a pool,
and a whirlpool and a waterbed, plus a big round bed with a
mirror over it. It says sex, and we walk around, and swim in the
nude. Yet, amazingly, I'm still a virgin. Kim, you are going to
lose that guy if you don't wake up. If you truly cannot bring
yourself to be more open about sex with him, maybe you aren't in
love with him. Have you thought about that?"

"Yes, that has crossed my mind too. Maybe he is a convenience,
my Saturday night date." Kim admitted.

"You better decide if you're fooling yourself with this or not.
You're my friend and I love you Kim, and I think Brad is a pretty
nice guy. I am not going to encourage you to do anything that you
don't want to do. But, if you really love him, it seems to me at
least, you might really want to please him, and that he would
want please you.
Come on, Brad knows we're talking about him already, so lets not
make him paranoid", I said as I finish my lecture.

Without any real pre-planning I found out later that Bill and
Brad had about the same conversation. It started with Brad
telling Bill what a lucky man he was, Lucky, because I was so
good looking. Bill asked if he didn't think Kim was as pretty,
and he thought she was. But then Bill started about how looks
were a big plus, but being happy and confident in your
relationship was a lot more important, the trust, the same whole
deal Kim and I talked about. In the end, Brad was sure that Kim
was not just a Saturday night guarantee for a date. He really
cared for her, but was frustrated in her reluctance to seek
mutual satisfaction. He felt he was always trying to find the
point of making her happy mentally, so the physical stuff would
happen. Now, he just was frustrated and wanted to end it all
rather than have to keep himself out of circulation at college.
He saw no reason why he should worry bout being true to Kim, if
she made no commitments to the relationship. The anger he showed
in the car was pure frustration. Bill related a lot of the things
I did, that intercourse didn't have to be the only way to make

As soon as we got back to the table Brad stood up, on Bills cue,
when the 2 ladies got to the table.

"I'm sure the two of you had a nice time ripping me to shreds in
there," Brad said politely.

"Not only that," I said, "I ripped her to shreds too, if it makes
you feel any better."

"You two," Bill said speaking to Brad and Kim, "have a lot of
talking to do if you want to make your relationship work out."

Brad and Kim just looked at each other, and surprisingly, they
smiled. You could see there was some real affection there. I
pushed my chair back, and that was kind of a cue to break our
little foursome up.

"It's almost midnight, we should retire," I said. "Who is your
roommate Brad?"

"It was supposed to be Jimmy Beauchamp, but Holiday Inn switched
him to a first floor room with all handicap stuff, so I don't
know who it is, now. He didn't even ask for the switch, they just
did it, and Meg sort of made him go along with it, so she
wouldn't have to worry about him. He claims he has no special
needs where he needs an aid. So, who knows, maybe there was a
screw up and I have some hot chick in there," he said winking and
looking at Kim.

Kim pouted and said, "There better not be, I'm not giving you up
that easy."

The doorway to the lobby was locked so we had to exit through the
bar/nightclub area. We could do it without going into the club
proper by just moving some of those velvet red ropes near the
entrance from the restaurant. We were just walking to the lobby
when we heard a voice call us.

"Kim, Carree, leaving so early??" It was Heidi Stewart. She was
coming from the nightclub. "Aren't you guys going to stay up and
party? Well, maybe you can't get in the club if you're underage."

"Thanks," Kim said, "but we have to get back for bed checks and

"There aren't going to be any bed checks, so don't worry about
that. We just wanted to make sure everyone thought about that
before doing something stupid. The HoJo's doesn't even have
electronic locks, so a bed check would be so noisy, fumbling with
key locks. Even at the Holiday Inn, Bill was just knocking on
doors at eleven o'clock and telling them to set their bolts if
they were in for good. We hope we are dealing with adults here,
but we know who to watch."

There was a pause in the conversation and then Heidi said, "Kim,
I need to talk to you."

Kim and Heidi went to a corner of the lobby and talked a minute
and they came back.

"Well, I have a couple cute guys on the line inside. I haven't
been out dancing in years. And, uhhh, I'm just kidding about
having guys on the line, don't start any rumors," Heidi added.

Heidi disappeared inside and Kim took me aside saying, "Wow, you
won't believe what she just told me. She said Brad didn't have a
roommate and I should be back in my room for wake-up calls, and
to behave myself."

I was a little incredulous but told her, "This is up to you, Kim.
Just be sure you talk it over with Brad and set ground rules, if
you want any . . . or just go to bed in your own room and not say
a word. My lips are sealed either way."

"OK, you two," Bill said. "This isn't fair to either of us, we
can't help but think you're talking about us."

"It's girl talk," I insisted, "You wouldn't want to know what was
said. You know girlie stuff."

They took us at our word and we all went outside.

"What a beautiful night," Brad said. "Who wants to go for a

"Not us," Bill said. "We have a bed that is calling my name loud
and clear. I AM tired. It's been a long day."

Kim took the cue and gave us each a peck and hug. Brad shook
Bills hand and said thanks and then gave me a little kiss, saying
"goodnight". Then he offered his arm to Kim who took it and they
strolled down the walkway toward the walking bridge that took
them across the street to the other hotels. I hope they had a
good night, even if they just talked and got each other's heads
straightened out.

Bill looked at me and said "Would you care to accompany me to the

"I thought you would never ask", I said.

When we got up to the room I went right to the window to see if
Could see if Kim was going with Brad to the Holiday Inn, or back
to her own room. I was curious. Bill went right to the bathroom,
as he said he had to relieve himself. When he came out, he was
stripped down and had on the big thick robe.

With a smirk on his face saying in his best Thurston Howell,
"Ladybug, would you care to join me on the sofa for a Pepsi and a
bit of tv before retiring."

"Enchante'", I replied as I went into the bath to recover my
robe. I undressed and hated the lines my brassiere had left on my
chest. I was glad to have a couple minutes before retiring to let
them work out before Bill seeing me. He had seen me a hundred
times before, but I liked being perfect for him.

As I came out of the bath, fully robed, I saw an ice bucket on
the dining nook in the kitchen area, with a bottle in it.

"Bill", I said as I walked toward it, "What's this?"

It was a bottle of Champagne with a card, "Compliments of
management, Enjoy your Stay."

Bill pulled the bottle from the ice and said, "I guess the fact
that we are underage means little to them. Oh Well . . ."

"I like bubbly if its not too dry," I told him and he agreed.

Being "only" children, we got to share certain things with our
parents, and champagne was one of them. For an anniversary or
birthday or new years, if there was a bottle to celebrate, we
were always asked if we wanted to try it. So we both had a little
taste for it.

Bill opened the bottle like a master, obviously well trained in
the art of cork pulling, with just a dash of foam escaping. We
felt like big shots with our champagne glasses and comfy robes.
We toasted each other and swapped glasses, entwining hands,
downing the sampling Bill poured. I held out my glass for another
and Bill complied. He filled his own and took my arm to take me
to the sofa. We flipped on the tv and rode the channels to an HBO
movie that was a little steamy. We watched that for a few minutes
and then turned our attention to each other. We made small talk
about the day, and tomorrow. I said I wanted to do something
special for tomorrow night, if he wanted to be patient with me
and the prep. He knew what I meant. We both felt that, while anal
sex was not always the most pleasant and perfect sex, it was as
close as we could come to really making natural love with him
inside of me. After 2 experiences with it, I was not as afraid of
the pain, as I was the potential mess. But, I quickly changed the

"Tonight will be a big first for us, our first night sleeping
together. Holding each other as we fall asleep and share a dream,
and waking together to greet the day with a kiss", I said

"Is it as romantic as you make it sound," Bill wondered aloud.

"Oh, Bill, don't you think so? I long for the day when we can
wake each morning together. This will be one of the best nights
and mornings of my life! I can't believe you're not excited," I

"Oh, I am, I'm just teasing you. It is a chick thing though,
don't you think?" Bill asked.

"Stop it Bill, I know you look forward to it," I said as I
thought he was letting the bubbles get to him. He had already
told me after he made the reservation it was the one thing he
really looked forward to.

He reached out and pulled me to him and we kissed. He took his
glass and gulped it down and looked to me to take my glass.

"Finished?" he asked.

I swallowed the final bit in my glass and handed it to him. He
put both glasses on the end table and turned to me and took me in
his arms. We hugged and went to a kiss, but stopped when we saw
the lovers on the screen. It wasn't an X rated movie, but was
close. The girl was topless and obviously had underwear on, the
guy was dressed, but his pants were about a third way down his
butt. But, they were humping in a car trying to make us believe
they were having sex.

"Great special effects, huh?" Bill asked.

"Oh yeah," I replied. "My Dad probably has better Polaroid's of
us than that movie."

Bill turned to me again and this time we kissed deeply. He pulled
me closer and was definitely affected by the alcohol. He was a
romantic kisser, but this was extra good, nice and slow. He was
giving me hot pants, if I had any on. He slipped a hand into my
robe and held my whole right breast in his hand, and then
squeezed down to the nipple, rolling it between his thumb and
forefinger. He had me ready to go. I was going to push him back
and tell him that we should go to bed when I looked down. His
robe was not open, but his penis had popped through the opening,
almost like a puppet watching us.

"Oh, look honey," I said. "We must have made too much noise and
woke one of the kids."

Bill looked down and said, "Looks like little Willie wants to

I grabbed his penis and looked up at Bill and said, "I'll just
give him a kiss and hope he gets back to sleep soon, OK?"

I bent and took his cock on my mouth and took him as deep as I
could, which is not very, and went up and down about 5 times. The
last time I came up I turned my face up toward his and twisted
down so I could run my tongue under the head, swapping it over
and over.

"There!!" I said straightening up. "That should hold the little
guy until we get settled in bed."

"Oh my God Carree, you are so hot, and turn me on so much. I
could cum in 30 seconds if you kept up. You are so beautiful and
sexy with my dick in your mouth." he said.

I took him by the hand and we stood up. We walked to the door,
arm and arm, making sure it was locked. Then we went off to our
round bedroom.

Upon arriving and putting on the light we were shocked to see the
bed turned down, with a Hershey Kiss on each pillow. When we had
been on the bed before, we stayed on top of the spread and never
saw the sheets or pillows. The pillows were a bright pink and the
sheets a deep red satin. The bedspread had been neatly folded
down to the bottom of the bed.

"I hope they didn't see my squirt stains on there yet. I want to
try and clean them up." I said.

"It looks like a different spread, almost, from this side," Bill

"Wasn't the one this afternoon a maroon with gold designs?" I

"Yes, I'm certain of that." Bill said.

"Well, this one is a deep pink, with no designs. Wow, they take
care of everything. Look, even our clothes from earlier are laid
out on the dressing butler." I marveled.
I wasn't so sure that I liked someone in our room, but I did feel

"Lets get back to the task at hand, Carree. Lets go to bed," Bill
motioned to the turned down sheets.

We slipped in beside each other and luxuriated in the feeling of
the satin and our skin touching each other.

"Do you know how hard it is going to be to resist just rolling
onto you and slipping my cock into your pussy?" Bill said.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," I said.

"Just a nice gentle slow screw. Oh, to be inside of you" Bill

"Well, you can be inside of me, but it hardly seems like the
gentle togetherness of real fucking," I said. "At least the kind
that this atmosphere dictates."

"Maybe not. We couldn't do it tonight, but there are a couple
positions in Kinsey, or maybe Hite that talks about being close
to real vaginal sex." Bill recalled.

"You and those sex manuals. WAIT, I know, I know. They were best
selling books and not really books written for little boys to
jerk off to, right? You've told me before. So anyway, what are
the positions, and if I have to be tied up, forget it," I said
trying to be a wise-ass.

"If you don't appreciate the things I learned and showed you so
far . . . ." Bill kidded.

"They've been awesome. What positions?" I questioned.

"After preparation, . .ahem. . . and preferably with a dilator,
like your toy, the woman gets on her stomach, flat, with her legs
together. I straddle your legs and butt and slide into you. I
can't go as deep and it supposedly feels more natural to you. The
other is simply to spoon. I think we have done that, but from
start to finish, we haven't. But if we do it the first way, I
bet I wouldn't stimulate your G-spot as much. I know you love
orgasms, but aren't they a little much every time?? (I was
shaking my head YES) It seems you could enjoy the thrusting
longer without interruption." He explained.

"Well, yes, the preparation is a pain in the . . I won't even go
there. Let's just say it's an inconvenience, but worth it. Then I
would go to bed with the plug, huh? That makes sense. You want to
make it easy. If it goes without a hitch, it might be nice.
Granted you won't be laying on top of me, rather on back of me,
but, we could kiss and whisper. It does sound gentler and sexier
than the other. As much as I like those monster O's, they do take
the gentleness out of the moment. Not that I didn't like those
other times, mind you.
But, I do take exception with your deception when you just shoved
yourself up my butt earlier. . ." I reminded him.

"Oh, come on, Care, you were ready and were stalling. I may have
been wrong about the preparation, but I was right about being
spontaneous. I could have stuck a finger up your butt without
touching the sides. That's how much you were open. I would never
do anything to hurt you on purpose, and everything was just right
for that. Tell me you didn't like it. You just wanted to be in
control, and with that kind of sex, you should be. But, I used my
best judgment. If I may add, you did pass out from the orgasm."
He defended.

"Alright, you win that one, it wasn't so bad, you just startled
me. It only hurt for a second, and probably, ultimately, less
than if you did what I asked. It's one for your side." I
conceded. "So, tomorrow, if everything goes alright, lets get up
here earlier than tonight and do the prep, and I think I prefer
to do it alone (he interjected with an under the breath "that's
not fair") and we can have a nice romantic evening. What do you
mean, "It's not fair", Bill? It's personal!!"

"Sure it's personal, and so are you to me. Don't you think I want
to be with you and share those feelings? I can help you with the
hard parts. Some of it could be sexy to do together," Bill

"If you want to do that, you can be with me when I pass the
enemas, too. Is that sexy?" I asked.

"Carree, anything to do with your butt can be sexy," he said.

"You are so damn cute, Bill Wilson, I can't believe you want to
watch me shit," I laughed.

"I watched you poop out my cum and fart up a storm, and I thought
that was cute," he defended.

"You win, Bill. You can help me, and, you know what. You will
surely find a way to make it sexy," I gave in and added, "Another
argument that I can't tell anyone else about, that is just
priceless. Enemas, butt plugs, shit and butt sex. How would I
explain that?" I mused.

We each fell off the elbows we were sitting up on as we mock
battled nose to nose.

"God, I love you", I said. "Me too," he answered as we kissed.

This kiss was a good one and I could tell Bill was still amorous.
As we cuddled, though, I noticed that the big erection I had in
my mouth a few minutes ago was gone. Our one on one about today's
episode had distracted him. The feel of the satin sheets, the
feel of his bare skin against mine, really had me feeling sexy.
I finished my kiss with him and hugged him close whispering in
his ear, "I love you" and let him go, as I slid down the front of
him while we still lay on our sides together. I kissed his chest
and belly in a straight line as I easily slid down the satin
sheets. In no time I was at his cock. I put my mouth to it and
found it was still semi-soft and sheathed with his foreskin. I
put my lips around his foreskin and put my tongue in the opening.
In no time I felt the skin pulling back on my mouth as the plum
of his head literally filled my mouth, pushing my tongue back. It
was like he ballooned in my mouth. I washed my tongue over the
head and then took as much as I could, as deep as I could. I was
making no progress with that. I heard Bill moaning about how good
it felt in my mouth.
I hugged my arms around his upper thighs pulling his body on its
side toward me. Bill got the idea right away and started to
thrust, gently, into my mouth. He couldn't have been moving more
than a couple inches, as his hip churned lightly toward my mouth.
I held my mouth still with a light suction while he, literally,
fucked my mouth.

What a sexy way to please him with my mouth. I could never grow
tired from this and manufacturing more saliva was easy, as I
didn't have to constantly suck and breathe through my mouth. I
closed my eyes and dreamed of him fucking my vagina, just like

After a few minutes more of this I felt him speeding up and
deepening his stroke a little. I didn't want to be stuffed with
his penis, so I pushed back a little with my hands. He seemed to
get my meaning and stopped trying to go deeper, but he was going
faster. Soon, I heard him breathing heavier and moaning a little.
He was definitely in an orgasm. I sensed that he knew I wanted no
part of a wild thrashing orgasm with him punching his penis to
the back of my throat. I simply wanted him to have a nice orgasm,
in my mouth where I could suck on him and swallow and please him
. . .till he could take no more.

I need wait no longer. In his faster paced rhythm he shot his cum
into my mouth still pumping as he had been for he past few
minutes. The big blast of watery fluid told me he anticipated
this for a time, he had lots of stuff built up. Then he let go
with one blast that went right down my throat in my normal
swallow. It hit the back of my throat and if I wasn't already
getting rid of the former blast, it may have choked me. The next
two pulses of sperm were not shot, but oozed out. When I had
sufficient enough to swallow, I did. He had been cumming for 30
seconds and had still not stopped his rhythmic pumping at my
mouth. It was then I decided to use my tongue and lips to suck at
him. That did it!! He pulled back and grabbed for his private

"Ohhh, what are you doing, trying to bite it off?", he said.

"Oh, Bill, I would never bite him off. Look at the fun I would
miss," I said as I made one last suck at his dick.

He jumped away and I pushed my head up above he covers.

"Oh Bill, that was nice and sensuous. Wow, did I enjoy that
blowjob, I hope you did. It was the sexiest. It made me wet as
hell", I said.

"I wish you wouldn't say "blowjob", it sounds so cheap, so . . I
don't know, like I paid you for it!" Bill said.

"Oh Bill, don't get attached to words and what you think they
might mean! YOU KNOW I made love to you just now. It's a blowjob,
a suck off, a sucking, a head job, but because I did it to YOU,
have no doubts. I made love to you, but can't we talk frankly. Do
you want me to cuddle up and ask you if I can perform fellatio on
you?" I said.

"OK, you win this one. I was being silly. It's not like you talk
that way, or I talk that way, in front of other people. It's just
you and me. I want you to be my perfect little angel. . . and . .
you know.," Bill explained.

"It's just us baby, I just want to be sexy for you," I cooed.

"And I want to be sexy for you", he said as he climbed right onto
me. I felt his softening penis right up against my vulva as he
kissed my mouth and opened his to tongue whatever taste of him I
had left there. If he was hard all I need do was push up at him
and he would have went into me. He finished his long wet kiss and
began his journey down to my pussy. He made side trips to my
breasts, giving them quite a sucking and chewing. By the time he
got to my pussy my nipples ached to be twisted again and I took
care of that. He stopped abruptly at his tonguing and laughed.

"I left something here that I thought was yours", he said.

I felt him use a wide tongue stroke to the right side of my
engorged vulva and he brought his face up to mine. At then end of
his tongue was a white blob of his cum. It must have leaked out
when he was lying against me. I stuck out my tongue and he
dropped his mouth to mine, and we played and swapped with the
leftover cum. This was about the sexiest thing I had seen him do,
besides the sex itself. He was such a sexual creature with no
doubts about his own sexuality.

We finished the cum swap and he went back down to finish what he
started. He lapped at every shaved inch of my pussy, delving as
deep as he could with his tongue. There was no fingering, no
licking away from my vagina. It was just a great big tongue bath
for my pussy, ending with an all out assault on my clit. I was
flowing lots of lube for him to lap up and my pussy was screaming
for release. I began to breathe heavy and I was climbing to the
top of my orgasm. I couldn't wait to dive off. He moved his head
and tried to drive his tongue into my clitoris, and I went over.
I pushed my mons at his face to feebly try and push him away. He
licked harder. I had my hand on the top of his head and he tried
to force more of his tongue into me. I needed to get him way from
my super sensitive clit.

"Ohh Bill," I said with a cry in my voice. "Please!!"

I knew saying it that way would get him to relent. He knew what
pleased me, he also knew what made me happy, he also knew when I
had enough.

He stayed underneath the sheets while I turned over to keep him
out of my pussy. Of course, with my butt cheeks in his face, I
knew what came next, he was kissing and licking them.

"Bill, get you face up here, leave my ass alone," I said in mock

He surfaced and we kissed and I could taste myself on him now. We
had swapped sex fluids and tasted each others love. It was good.
We were exhausted. After we broke the kiss I turned into a spoon
position and we fell asleep like that. Life was good. What a
special feeling to be with the man I loved, curled in sexual
exhaustion. We slept until I was awakened by sunlight in my face.
I looked around and saw the clock radio on the bed stand. It said
nine forty-five. Wow, that was the latest I had slept in a long
time, at least a year.
I turned over and Bill was in the same position as when I fell
asleep with him in. I suspect I moved away during the night, as I
got hot, being next to him. I contemplated waking him, but
instead just watched him sleep in our reflection on the ceiling
mirror. I heard the clock in the living room strike 11 times and
I realized I had dozed again. A look up to the mirror showed me
that Bill hadn't moved. I was about to change that.

The satin sheets made it easy to slide around undetected. I slid
underneath until I was faced with his shrunken penis. I opened my
mouth wide to take as much of the fat sheathed head of him as I
could. I closed my mouth around him and used my tongue to push
back as much of his foreskin as I could. It was harder to do
without his penis growing. But I did have his entire head in my
mouth, tasting of old sex, yechhh, with his rolled back foreskin
against my lips. I just lolled the head with my tongue, and
wouldn't you know it, it responded, and he still wasn't awake. I
felt him grow into my mouth, and I sucked a little on him, hoping
to just give him a surprise awakening.

He moved a little and I heard him speak, "Oh Carree, you are such
a sweet little tart. Do you know how many men dream of being
awakened like this? You don't really want me so early, do you?"

I stuck my head above the sheets and said "I'd have you anytime,
but this was just a wake up, unless you really want it. It would
be fresher and livelier later, huh?"

"Carree, I would love to have your mouth any and all the time,
you know that. But, we should save our strength for the big
finish tonight. Let's busy up ourselves so we don't waste the day
licking each other, not that would be a waste. But, you can get
too much of good thing," Bill reasoned.

I told him he was right. Four times, was it, on Friday? But, just
being together was all we needed. We called down and ordered up
breakfast. They told us we just made the cut-off of 11:30. Orange
juice, eggs and sausages with lots of toast made the morning
perfect. Bill went to the fridge and pulled the rest of the
bottle of champagne out, and we made mimosas to go with it. The
paper came up with breakfast, and Bill called down for a couple
others they might have. Before we finished breakfast, in our big
white robes, he had the Bergan Record, New York Times, and the
two city tabloids, the News and Post. Bill, the news junkie, was
in his glory.

I just watched him read and pore over every story, it seemed. He
might read one, and then cross reference back to another, then go
back to where he started. I finished the last of the carafe' of
OJ and wished we had more champagne. We had finished the bottle.
I was ready to shower and get out. It looked beautiful out the
window. Then after that we could laze by the pool, or maybe go
for a walk in a mall again. I wanted to hook up with Kim today to
talk a bit, and we also wanted to see if we could meet Megan and
Jimmy for dinner. I was hoping they would be back early from the
amusement park today. We couldn't do a nine-thirty dinner again
tonight. Bill reasoned that Jimmy probably couldn't handle a
whole day there anyway, especially not two in a row.

It was past noon and I thought I remembered Kim saying that most
of them were going on the one o'clock bus. I rang the HoJos and
asked for Megan's room, but her roommate said she had been gone a
while. I tried the Jimmy's room at the Holiday Inn and she
answered. We made small talk and she let me know that Heidi had
been a little lax with her rules with Megan too. She had spent
most of the night with Jimmy, but had to wake up at her own room.
She said they were going to go on the 1 p.m. bus and come back on
5 p.m. bus. The sun and the running around had really taken a
toll on Jimmy. He had to use the wheelchair all night. Then Meg
giggled, and said "Well, most all night".

I said "Good for you, I know how hard it has been to get alone
for such a long time."

"Carree, we mostly cried, but finally had the time to . . . you
know. . .each other. He can't move that well and . . I can
explain later. Let me just tell you. It was wonderful." Meg said.

I asked her about dinner at 7 o'clock. She went away and came
back saying it would be perfect. I told her that Bill and I
wanted to buy she and Jimmy dinner, and not to argue about it. We
had doubled so many times, and since the accident we had barely
seen them, besides at he hospital, the rehab or Jimmy's house.
She agreed and was crying. She was so happy Jimmy had made so
much of a recovery from his accident.

So, our day was set. We would be the happy couple all day. The
phone rang and it was housekeeping, wanting to know when they
could get to the room. I told them 2 o'clock, and they said that
was fine. They could do Saturday checkouts first. Now, I needed
to budge Mr. Wilson from his newspapers. He never lifted an
eyebrow when I spoke on the phone with Megan. He didn't flinch
when the phone rang. I had to resort to drastic actions.
I dropped my robe and stood bare-assed looking out the window.

In 2 seconds I heard, "Carree, you have the most incredible ass I
have ever, or will ever see."

I turned and said "now that I have your attention, lets take a
shower and I'll tell you the plans for the day, OK?"

"Are we playing in the shower, hon?" he said.

"If you're a good boy, maybe. You might need to save your
strength for later, baby." I said teasing.

"For your ass, honey, I won't need any coaxing," he assured me.

We got into the shower together and began to wash ourselves at
first. Then Bill put the soap down and grabbed me to hug from
behind. He whispered in my ear what a great time it had been
spending so much time together, just he and I. We figured
previously the most we had spent was 14 hours together in a row.

He massaged my soapy breasts and worked his hands down to my
vagina. As he slipped a finger into me, he let go of my back and
went down on one knee in front of me. Soon he had a second finger
into my pussy. Before I had a chance to wonder if he weren't
going in too deep, he was.
If I was physically intact, as far as being a virgin, I wasn't
now. I didn't really know what my hymen was or how deep it was.
For the longest time I was afraid to touch or find out, and My
God, you wouldn't dare ask anyone (sarcasm here). Actually, I did
ask my mother and she told me that she never had one and recalled
her mother telling her the same. I often imagined that I did have
one and it was deep within me, 5 or 6 inches. My gynecologist
assured me that I didn't have it a long time ago, but
preconceived ideas die hard.

I was really enjoying having my vagina full with his fore and
middle fingers slippy sliding in and out of me when he added a
third. As he thrust into me he used his thumb to jolt my clit a
little. I had vaginal orgasms before from light and shallow
finger play, but he was going for both clitoral and vaginal, it
seemed. His hand thrusting made me make sounds I never made
before, making loud and vocal Oh's, Ahh's, Ho's, all in my
regular voice, just in an excited stage. My usual sounds were
grunts, squeaks, and gut wrenching noises, but these were less
violent sounding.
Was it possible that I was going to have a different kind of
orgasm? What a wonderful, glorious thing this SEX was. So many
questions are caused and answered by the experience of its many
acts itself. I was headed to an all-new type of pleasure with his
fingers within me. Apparently he either never suspected or knew
right away that I had no hymen, judging by the way he was
thrusting his fingers into me.

I began to get weak in the knee as my orgasm approached and
backed to the wall of the stall. I was losing my footing and Bill
let me slide to the floor. My eyes were locked into his, while
making my vocal exclamations, and he knew I was getting something
different. My vagina never felt so full or pleased. My orgasm was
rising within me and it was a new and different feeling. Sort of
like the little satisfying vaginal orgasms I would get from
wiggling my fingertip in it, but magnified by a lot, a real lot!!

I scared myself with the loud vocal that accompanied the surge of
pleasure within me. It was a series of loud Ohh's, Ahh's, and
calling Bills name, and "oh my pussy oh my pussy", but the kicker
was the volume. I was sure someone else would call the police or
at least the desk. With other orgasms my clit would get
supersensitive and I would have to push him away. Since I slid
down to the floor he lost the thumb angle on my clit and was just
thrusting 3 fingers into me, and not really making direct contact
with the little bud. I would say I was having multiple orgasms,
but it never seemed to end.
Finally the wave ended and I wanted to rest my voice and kiss the
face of this man who was bringing me these joys. I moved away
from him and he let his fingers fall from me. I sensed he was
tired to, at least his arm.

"I've got my own little amusement park right here", Bill
whispered to me. "Where does this all come from Carree? I know
how to make you happy, but you just go over the edge. Your
orgasms make me so happy, to know I'm pleasing you," he said as I
caught my breath.

I looked at him through adoring eyes and got to where I could
speak. "I don't know where it comes from, I really have to ask my
mother if she is . . . I don't know . . . it's just . . .God,
I'm not complaining, although . . haha . . .the other guests in
the hotel might. Ohhhhh! Bill Wilson you are a menace to my body.
Where do you keep finding this stuff? God, if I knew you could
get that deep I would have given you the rubber cock."

"My COCK is getting into your pussy before THAT is, at least it
BETTER," Bill protested.

"Don't worry, I have no aspirations for that journey yet, . . .
with the rubber one at least!" I assured him.

We got to our feet and continued our shower, almost in slow
motion. I told him to save his penis for last.

Once we both got all shined up, our hair washed and rinsed, I
turned and took the soap and lathered.
"Come here, lover boy. I'll show you how I can beat that meat," I
teased as I turned off the now ever cooling water.
His penis was already hard and, I think, needed some attention. I
ran my lathered hands up and down its length being careful not to
grip it too hard and move the skin. I wanted the friction on the
outside of him, not with his retracted foreskin. I got a nice
swing going in my arm as I moved behind him and put a hand on his
ass as I stroked his cock. I worked my other soapy hand down
between his cheeks and found his little butthole. Previously he
had protested when I went here, except for the time I kissed it
for him. I began to massage his butthole in the stroke of my hand
on his cock. As I sensed he was getting close to his orgasm, I
penetrated him. He groaned but went along with me. Then I began
my tease.

"You like MY ass so much, is it OK if I like yours too? Maybe I
want to fuck YOU there?" I said. He had a worried look on his
face. "Don't worry honey, the toys are mine. I'm just teasing," I
whispered. (There is a limit to my kinkiness, but he didn't know
that, at least then.)

Bill gave me no indication that he didn't like my finger up there
though. I had a mind to look for his prostrate, but decided to
save it for another time. I would have lost my stroke if I did
that now, anyway.

"I'm gonna shoot baby, I'm gonna shoot," he cried out.

"Do you want my mouth, Bill, do you?" I asked in a low calm voice
in his ear.

"Yes, ohh please. Suck me, let me come in your mouth." He said.

"Can I get a pretty please? Don't let it shoot yet, because I do
want a pretty please," I said as a teasing bitch.

"Ohh, pretty please, and pretty PLEASE , . . .HURRY" he pleaded.

I stopped the stroke as I knew one more pump and he was lost. I
bent and fit his cockhead into my mouth. He shot off. Not 2,3,or
4 volleys, but one good shot, one BIG one. My mouth was full. I
kept it in my mouth but didn't suck anymore. I put my tongue to
the underside of his penis head and wiggled my tongue just once.
It was more than he could take, and he pulled from me.

"Arghhh, Ohhhhhh" he said as he grabbed his cock to protect it
from me. His cum came running out of my mouth, down my chin, to
my breasts, as I stood up straight.

I stood there with cum all over me as Bill cowered in the corner
protecting his cock, shuttering every few seconds.

"Oh, Bill, we make each other cum so good," I panted.
"Geez, look at me," I said.

Bill stood up straight himself and saw me covered with his cum.

"Wow, I did that! How did you miss it?" he questioned.

"I was saving it in my mouth and you ripped the plug out", I said
acting hurt.

"I know you, you hit my electric spot and THEN, were going to
suck the head. That would have KILLED me, that's why I jumped!"
he said.

"Kill you? I don't think so. It just feels so good you can't
stand it, that's all" I said. "And I know that feeling really
well, G-spot boy."

"Let's get rinsed off and get going," Bill said, "before we ruin
our plans for tonight."

"Rinse off?" I said. "We don't we lick it off?"

"Wow, Care, not that much. I don't mind tasting myself, but, WOW,
that was quite a load," he said.

"Umm, you wanted me to eat it, . . . but that was OK?" I asked
trapping him.

"Ok," he said with a big sigh, "I'll lick it up with you, but the
next time you gush off and I catch a mouthful, you're going to
get it," he said.

"Yewwww, no way," I said. "Touche' you made your point."

"Man, you can be mean sometimes Carree. You swallowing my cum was
never my idea", Bill said seriously.

"Billllllll, I was just playing games with you, c'mon." I whined.

"How can you say I can be mean?" I pouted. But I was serious!

"The stuff about using your rubber dick on yourself, or me, and
then the thing with me, having to eat my own cum. I don't expect
kidding around in fits of passion. What if you told me to screw
you in a fit of passion and I just stuck it up you, and you were
kidding?" he protested.

"Bill, you're being too serious and taking this the wrong way," I

"Are you sure?" he said. "You had me worried there for a second."

"Bill, who are you talking to?" I asked, as I always do when he
would take things the wrong way with my eclectic sense of humor.

"Carree Kasc, I know," he answered sing songie.

"Would Carree Kasc treat you that way?" I asked.

He smiled big because he knew I was right, and always was when he
took things too seriously. "No she wouldn't. You're right. God, I
love you."

We hugged and then got cum all over each other.

"Shit, I hope that water is a little hot," I said as I realized
we had to rinse again.

The water was a little warm and we got the stuff off of us and
then dried off so we could get outside to start our day. We had a
day full of diddly stuff to do to pass the time before dinner
with Meg and Jimmy. Plus we were both anxious for our night of
hot sex later.

Bill and his sex books, the studies and reports, were probably
the basis for half the stuff he knew, besides looking at his
Dad's videos alone in his room. I'm sure he fantasized about me a
lot. What he read and saw taught him enough to make me happy.
Tonight we were trying an anal position that was supposed to feel
like vaginal sex, almost, to both partners. I was willing to try,
but I didn't have to believe it. If we could get to a library
today, I would love to see if he could find The Kinsey Report,
The Hite Report or Masters and Johnson, and show me some of that
stuff. Or, maybe I should just let him surprise me.

One thing I do know, we had kept our promise not to risk
pregnancy with intercourse, AND had been able to fully satisfy
both of us.

I chalked up our little tiff in the shower to sexual tension. I
think we both were thinking ahead to tonight and our planned
liaison. Maybe that's what made the day go by so fast. We barely
made it back to the Marriott to meet Meg and Jimmy for dinner. I
had been frustrated all day because things didn't "happen" for me
this morning. Usually I am clockwork when it comes to my
constitutional, but being away from home, my Dad always blames
strange water, left me without my morning trip to the john. I was
sure at that point that I had worried myself into this
predicament. I didn't want to do anything tonight, back there,
without some evacuation. After dinner, I was going to have to
tell Bill.
Dinner with Jimmy and Meg was just like old times. Not that we
went out to dinner before, but just sitting and talking. I think
we were, at one time a couple years ago, impressed that Jimmy was
a senior and we were sophomores, then he had Math and English
problems and had to make up a half year, then the car accident
and suddenly we were all together. He was only a few months older
than Bill and I. We laughed and had a good time talking, joking
and general carrying on. Meg had been worried that Jimmy wasn't
the same person any more. But, after a few days out with his
friends and getting back into social circulation, Meg assured me
all was well with them when we talked in the ladies room. She
promised details later.

As we sat and waited for the waiter to bring our desserts (we had
seen them on the cart and saved room for them, they looked yummy)
I got a familiar feeling and excused myself. Tonight was going to
happen after all. Everyone at the table thought I had gotten my
period when I made my quick exit to the ladies room. They made
jokes with Bill about the flag going up, not having to sacrifice
another rabbit. Bill was oblivious, but I just kept my mouth shut
and acted embarrassed.

By 8:30 we were winding down and saying our goodbyes. Meg wanted
us to come over for a drink (Jimmy had a bottle), but we insisted
that we were tired and wanted to leave early tomorrow. Meg never
pushed, because she thought I was not feeling well because I had
just gotten my period.

We got off the elevator and Bill hadn't stopped talking about how
well Jimmy had recovered.
He finally stopped talking about Jimmy for a second as the door
opened and he asked me, "What was the joke I wasn't a party too
downstairs, anyway?"

"You won't believe this," I said. "I hadn't taken a dump all day
and I was afraid I was going to have to scuttle our plans for
tonight. I guess the relaxing with them, or the coffee, or
something, just made things happen. The way I got up so quickly
and took off, Megan thought I had just got my period. She told
Jimmy and they both figured you knew."

"Oh, that's what the jokes were, the rabbit and all that." I was
confused. I thought you just had to go to the bathroom. Silly me.
You hadn't told me that your ship didn't come in this morning,
and to tell you the truth, I hadn't thought about it." Bill said.

"Well, I didn't want to worry you, or have you asking me all
day," I said. "That would have made me more nervous all day."

Bill opened the door to the suite and we slipped inside. Bill
went to go about getting undressed and I stopped him.

"Bill, let's talk about getting ready for this. I'm serious when
I saw I would rather be alone, but I understand you want to help
and comfort me. It's not all that awful and I will be OK alone.
But, if you really want to be a part of it, and want to be with
me, I understand. I suppose if it was you, I would insist too."

"Carree, there are no kinky ulterior motives. I just want to be
with you and see what you need to do and want to help you if I
can. I'm with you. I love you, no matter what," Bill said

"I know, my little honey stick," I said to him, calling him one
of my scores of pet names I had for him.

We went to the bedroom and got undressed and I collected my bag
from the pharmacy, as well as my ditty bag with my 2 sex toys and
lubricants. I went into the bath boudoir with Bill in tow, arm
and arm. I straddled the bidet to clean myself up proper before
the prep. I think Bill felt a little embarrassed as he looked
away and wouldn't make eye contact. I told him that if he changed
his mind, I would have no qualms. He shook his head. I took the
first Fleet bottle from the bag and opened it and prepared the
applicator with a little KY. I handed him the tube and told him I
needed a little on me too. There was a 3 step stool for getting
things from the bath pantry. It was convenient for me to kneel on
the second step and bend forward for him. Bill took the hint and
presented his finger with a dollop of the cool jelly to my

"Do you want it inside?" He asked, "Or just on the outside."

"The outside should be fine Bill, I'm not clean inside right
now," I reminded him.

I went to the long, partial padded, marble counter that ran the
most of the length of the room. I think a part served as a baby
changing area, it was padded and a little curved on the edge. I
sat up on it and faced the wall, tucking my knees up to my chest
as instructed on the bottle.

"I might be the biggest baby ever on this changing table, but the
last time I laid on the floor at the chalet to get a private
place near a toilet, so this is good. A . . . . well, go ahead,"
I said with a big sigh.

Bill came over and began stroking my side to comfort me. He spoke
about how much he loved me and how well he was going to love me,
tonight and every night. He moved his stroking hand to my buttock
and pulled it apart a little, exposing my private place. I felt
the cold tip of the enema applicator touch me. I told Bill to put
it in a couple inches and squeeze gently to start it, and then to
squash up the bottle good to get everything out of it. He did as
I asked, and before I knew it he was pulling the tip out of me,
and kissing me.

I turned on the table to run my legs up the wall, to get my torso
up to make sure the fluid went as deep as it could. After staying
that way without saying anything, I spun my butt to the edge and
hopped off.

"Give me ten minutes on your watch Bill. I don't know if I can
hold it that long, but I'll try." I said.

We made small talk and I got towels together for our showers. I
took out the "Little Blue Devil" plug and washed it with soap and

"Amazing how that tip on the bottle was a tight squeeze and in a
few minutes this damn thing (hold up the blue butt plug) will fit
in there without too much problem, huh?" I said.

"Just as long as we can do it without hurting you. That's the
thing that bothers me the most. IF you have to endure even a
little pain, to me, it is too much. But, I also realize that a
little pain can be a turn-on, and not in a kinky sort of way.
Pain and pleasure are sensations that are related. This looks
like it would hurt, but I suppose I am bigger than this." Bill

"But," I reminded him, "There is a give to your flesh, this is as
big as it is. But, and don't be mad, I've had the whole rubber
penis in there, and it was OK."

Bill picked the white dildo from the bag and looked at me, a
little disturbed.

"You had this whole thing in there? When? Was there a time I left
you that unsatisfied?" he said, a little edgy.

"No Bill, don't be silly. That's why I have to NOT tell you some
things." I looked at him with a look of understanding that I
hoped he took the right way. "The night before our first try at
this I used the blue one to see if I could do it. I wasn't going
to allow you to fail. If it didn't work, I wouldn't have brought
the possibility of butt sex up. Anyway, the blue one went so
easy, I had to know if you would feel that much bigger. It was
only for a second or two, my mom and dad came home while I did
it, so it wasn't like I had a chance to fall in love. C'mon Bill.
You know I tell you everything that's important," I explained.

Bill looked at his watch and said it was over 10 minutes. I told
him that I had been fighting it off for a minute or so anyway. I
went to go to the commode and he came with me. DAMN, I felt
funny. I sat and he held my hand. I looked down, almost ashamed
to face him.

"Relax Carree, it's only natural" he said.

I looked up to get a take on his face, but he was looking away to
ease my embarrassment. My expulsion seemed to be all fluid
anyway, with no embarrassing noises. Once I was sure I was done I
pulled on him for support and moved to the bidet to clean myself.

The second bottle went much as the first after we wiled away the
15 minutes in between with small talk. Once complete, I took his
hand and we went to the shower stall. We washed each other
without incident. We clearly were focused on making love in the

We dried each other off and applied any deodorants we normally
used. I gave Bill the lube tube and asked him to get some inside
me. I knelt on the utility steps once again and he put a little
on my asshole and wiggled and played till he got his lubed finger
in. It hurt like hell, but I said nothing, but my labored
breathing let him know I was not comfortable. He started putting
dollops on and pushing them in, the best he could. Then he took
the tube and put the end right to my hole and squeezed some in.

"I think that's enough. I don't want so much in there that I'll
urge to expel it before it melts. You know what I mean?" I asked.

He answered with a quick "umm, hmmm."

I went to the changing counter and got the Blue Devil saying,
"Let's do this right here on the changing table and not risk
getting a mess on the sheets or anything."

I was nervous about having this toy in me again. I knew Bill
would try to make it as erotic as possible. I hopped up on the
table again and laid on my side, much as I had done for the
enema. This time Bill was full of kisses and rubbing and touching
as he bent to hold me, caress me, and make this as erotic as it
should be. He whispered in my ear all sorts of sweet things while
he caressed my breasts, and played with my nipples. He put his
other hand went down between my legs as I lay away from him. He
had all 4 fingers covering my pussy stroking it and insinuated
his middle finger in the groove of my labia. That was all I
needed to get flowing and in the mood. He sensed I wanted to get
this part over with and pulled his hand further back to my butt
and anus area. I rolled forward a little to open up for him a
bit. I felt a greased finger introduce itself and rub, then
explore my little hole. He pushed in a little and I began to
relax. I knew he was moving around behind me and his finger came
out and the cold gel of the introduction end of the plug was at
my door. There was lots of lube on it and he pushed it right in.
From here on it was just introduction, reduction, and re-
introduction of size and pressure. It started way smaller than
his finger, and the widest part of the bulb was bigger than Bill.
So, introduction, reduction, and re-introduction of size and
pressure was the way to go.

After about 7 or 8 minutes of this play he was finally working on
getting the fattest part of the bulb past my big muscle. I grew
impatient with the pressure he was creating and I reached back
and put my hand over his and pushed the final bit in. It settled
in and I felt myself opening up.

"Uhhh, that's done," I said as I rolled to my back on the
changing area and tucked my knees up. He asked if I was OK.

"Oh yeah, I'm more than OK right now. I feel a lot of warmth
spreading out from that spot. It feels good, Bill. You did great.
Thanks for being so patient." "I didn't tell him that the last
push hurt a lot, but the pain faded quickly.

He smiled and stepped up to kiss me. As he bent I saw he had a
major hard on. He finished his kiss and I curled a finger to
motion him closer. I turned on my side close to the edge of the
table and I was just the right height to take his penis into my
mouth. I did, and shuttered at the good taste and feel of him in
my mouth. I really loved his penis, its taste, its texture and
how happy it made me. Right then I longed for him to spray his
cum in my mouth so I could taste him and finish the sensation.
But I knew that was not in the plans tonight.

I took him from my mouth and kissed the tip, as I looked in Bills

"Let's go to the living room and make our way to bed," I said.

I got up and let my feet hit the floor. I was chilly and looked
for my robe. That warmed me, although I knew it was a nervous
chill. We went to the living room and tried to act as casual as
we could, but we both knew what was coming.

The phone rang and that broke the tension. Bill answered it and I
saw him smile, saying, "That would be quite fine."

"Someone sent a bottle of champagne to us and they wanted to know
if we were here to accept it. Geez, I hope they know we're
underage. I wonder who it's from?"

We heard the elevator arrive and the accompanying knock on the
door. Bill answered it and came in with a bucket. I got up to see
who sent it. Each step with the plug in me was more erotic than
the next. I found myself catching my breath more than once with
the sensational feelings in my lower self.

"It's from Kim and Brad. It says "Thanks for everything, Enjoy.
Your pals Brad AND Kim" Why is the AND capitalized and
underlined?", Bill wondered.

"I think it means they are together, they worked things out,
maybe," I said. "I hope so."

"Open it, Bill, I could use a drink right now, ya know??"

"Something to take and edge off, or something to intensify a
moment?" he asked.

"I'm not sure which, to tell you the truth Bill, but I know this
little thing is magic and has a mind of its own when I walk," I

"I hope I can put more magic in you, baby", he said as he kissed
Bill got the towel, undid the cage over the cork and managed to
pop the top without losing a drop of the bubbly. He poured a
couple glasses and we toasted to a good evening. For the second
time in my life, I was actually looking forward to being
sodomized! Screwed! Fucked in my ass! It seemed so natural, so
normal right now, and even when I think back on it later, I'll
feel uncomfortable about it.

We each downed a couple of flutes of the champagne and I
proclaimed myself ready. Bill stood and offered his hand. I stood
and Bill swept me from my feet into his arms. His strong arms
held me as he whisked me to the bedroom. His arm supporting my
legs pulled on my robe a little, forcing the plug a little
deeper. I had a whisper of an orgasm as he brought me to our bed.
I hugged and nipped his neck just before he set me down.

Bill retrieved a bath towel and a couple hand towels from the
pantry and came to me. He put the bath towel across the exposed
red satin sheet approximately where my mid-section was going to
lie. He took the tube of KY and put that in the one wash towel
and set that aside and put the other towel, destined to hold the
Blue Devil, beside it.

"Are we ready, Carree? Having any second thoughts? (I was shaking
my head "no") If not let's begin by showing me your beautiful
body," he said as he extended a hand to help me up so I could
drop my robe.

I dropped it and did a turn for him.

"You make me feel so beautiful, so special, Bill. I hope I make
you as happy as you make me." I said.

"My God Carree" Bill said with tears forming in his eyes, "I
thank God everyday for you and your being so breathtakingly
beautiful is only a bonus. You make me deliriously happy!!"

"I hope so," I said as I reached for the tie on his robe. I
pushed it off his shoulders and it fell to the floor. I sat back
on the bed, but the pressure in my butt was too much. I twisted
my torso up and swung to my knees on the bed. I fell to all fours
and looked up at Bill.

"Feed me your beautiful penis Bill. Let me lick it, suck it, and
make it as hard as it can get. Then you can fuck me as you wish."
I whispered to him.

Bill came to the edge of the bed and I dropped my head over his
cock. His head felt bigger than ever and tasted delicious. Little
drops of anticipation pre-cum had been on it, I could taste their
residue. I lifted his cock with my right hand and dipped my mouth
down to lick and take his testicles in my mouth, one at a time.
He groaned as I held each one on my mouth and ran my tongue
around it. I was flushed with passion. I let him drop from my
mouth and looked straight into his navel. I put my tongue in it
and licked. Looking up, I asked him to turn around. He did.

"Bend over, sweet. Please? For me?" I asked.

I ran my tongue down the crease of his butt and luxuriated in his
manly smell. It was an aphrodisiac and my nostrils flared. I
licked and probed my lover's asshole with my tongue. He moaned
approval, but I was through here.

"More cock, please," I said as he stood and turned.

Once more I took him into my mouth and took him as deep as I
could. I felt him at the back of my throat. I remembered reading
how to deep throat and wished I could. I tried to stifle my gag
reflex and swallow him, but it didn't work. I coughed and took
him out for a second. I put the head back in and lolled the head,
until he pulled away.

"I want to fuck you, to make love to you, Carree. Let me take
your ass for mine, and your, pleasure. Let me show you how much I
love you. Give me yourself, your gorgeous ass that you know I
love so much." He said.

I didn't know quite what to say in answer to him, except to turn
on all fours and face the front of the bed over the towel. I went
to lie down and Bill said,
"Just rest your head on the bed for now. Let me lick your pussy."

I was hoping he would give me some tongue beforehand, I always
long to be eaten by him. With my ass stuck so far in the air he
was able to get at me good and he was licking and chewing on my
vulva and lips. He settled his tongue into the top of my slot and
found my clit. He sucked and teased at that until I began to
shutter and have little tremors.

He said, "I think we have a lot of those left for the night, may
be we shouldn't waste them so soon."

"Oh please Bill, put me over, just once before you fuck me," I
whined impatiently.

He tipped his head to tongue directly at my clit. As he did this,
he began to pull and play with the Blue Devil, pulling the bulb
up half way and letting it snap back into me and then rolling it
over. My orgasm was quick and complete. I felt it run from just
beside my butthole all the way to my chest. It took my breath for
a second and it was gone, leaving warmies in its path. I slouched
and began to fall to the towel we had waiting for me.

I laid straight out and brought my legs together. I rested my
head on a little of the pillow and had my hands, fingers out
straight, right under my chin.

I felt Bill straddled me with his legs as he knelt on the bed
behind my prone figure. We were about knee to knee at his point.
I felt him take hold of the base of the plug and begin to work it
in and out a little. After a few minutes of wild anticipation by
me he began to pull it all the way out. I felt the bulb getting
bigger and bigger stretching me more and more. Then he held it
there, leaving the widest part to dilate me. He let go for a
second and it popped back in.

"Don't do that Bill, it hurts," I cried.

"I'm sorry, are you OK? I didn't know it would do that. Are you
OK?" he asked a little panicked.

"I'm OK, I know it wasn't intentional. Put some more lube in
there now, OK?" I said.

He put more lube around the base and then began to pull it out
again. At the widest point he paused again, but held it with his
hand. He let it stay there for about a half-minute or more, and
then finally he pulled a little and my muscles pushed it right

"Oooohhhh," I moaned with a certain relief, but also a certain
wanting. "Fill me up Bill," I said in a growling whisper.

Bill scooted up till his knees were just below the cup of my butt
cheeks. His cock was directly over my butthole. He knelt straight
up and I felt one hand with his thumb and forefinger open my
butthalves to show my little hole. He squirted a big dollop of
cool jelly there. He dropped the tube and took his cock in his
hand. Still kneeling straight he held that opening with his
fingers and aim his cock right between them. I know he wanted to
make a good aim, because he was afraid of sliding off my rosebud
and going up my vagina. (I knew you could do this from my
experimenting with the rubber cock) I felt his head go right in
my ass, I was dilated good.

I caught my breath and bucked in excitement. "No pain, no pain,
keep going," I urged him.

With the next inch that went into me, it was apparent that he was
just that, in! He removed his hand holding the notch open, and
took his other hand off from his cock. He leaned forward a little
and I knew he was wiping his hands of the lubricant. He leaned
all the way forward until his mouth was next to my ear.

"I'm fucking my lover, right now, right in her ass," he whispered
to me.

"Ohhh God, Your hard cock feels so good right now, up my ass. Lay
with me and let me feel you," I said.

He put his weight on me and the last few inches of his cock were
into me. This did feel different that the other two times I had
taken him here. He was not as deep as the other times, but I now
had the sensation of his cock sliding between my squeezed
together cheeks. It was awesome and a new most erotic feeling.

He was laying with all of his weight on he and his cock pushed
all the way into me. I loved being fucked by my lover.

He began to stroke in and out just a little to see what he could
do, without getting lost, I think he was afraid of pulling out on
a big backstroke, but he was doing fine. This DID feel like he
was inside of me, but not exactly in my ass, although I knew
WHERE he was. If this was close to vaginal sex, it was going to
be the best when it happened. Bill was clawing at something with
his foot and I was about to ask him what when he reached back and
got the satin sheet to pull up over us.

There we were laying together, he inside me, with the satin
sheets pulled up over us. This is what he wished we could do the
first night together. Bill began to pump slowly within me at a
nice pace. Occasionally I felt him speed up and begin to go at
me. When he did, he was getting pretty deep. I guess my butt
cheeks were giving in a little to his thrusts. But, for the most
part he was doing me at a nice slower pace that our usual (if 2
other times can be called usual) pace. His knees and elbows were
able to take just enough of his weight off of me so I could
breath, but there was enough weight on me to make me know I was
being loved, and being fucked. I loved being fucked, even this
way. We were like two kids with a new toy in each other's ear,
telling each other how good it felt, what to do, how hard to go,
it was special.

In the sheer joy of being penetrated and feeling him inside of me
I almost forgot about my orgasm, but I felt it creeping up in me.
I began to push back at him a little and I felt my breath
quicken. I began to have little jolts of pleasure, causing me to
catch my breath in my throat, and these continued for some time.
Then I felt a big wave begin to overtake me. It felt like one of
my G-spot O's, but then again it didn't. It was definitely
devouring me, and suddenly I couldn't catch a breath, and I was
bouncing my butt back at Bill like a jackhammer. I realized he
had stopped thrusting and was letting me do myself. I finally
gathered a big cleansing chest full of air and began to pant in
rhythm with my thrusts. Another wave of spasm and orgasm hit me
and then quickly left, I was still. Bill was still balls deep in
my butt, but he was rested on me as I came down from my high.

"Oh, baby. That was nice. Thanks for letting me ride it home. God
it was good. This is the best you ever felt inside me." I said,
hardly able to contain my happiness.

"I need to get mine now, OK Care? Are you ready for me?" Bill

"Baby, go for it. Fuck me good. Have you ever heard me say that
so much? Fuck me." I moaned at him.

Bill sat up on his elbows a little and began to pump away at me.
God, he felt good. I know there was a lot of lube jelly inside
me, but he was really slip-sliding pretty good. I began to click
off little jolts of pleasure when he began to breathe hard in my
ear. He really started slamming me, harder than he had all night.
'Ooooooooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Baaaaabbbbbbyyyyy he wailed
in my ear as he got to his orgasm and then Ughhhh, Ughhhhh, he
pumped hard over and over. With each slam another shot of cum
entered me, and then I suppose he just oozed into me back there.

We lay there for 5 minutes, maybe more, without moving. He began
to roll off me and I asked him to stay in me. He did and I pushed
him into a spoon position. He stayed inside me for a long time.

I woke from my sexual exhaustion and reverie when I heard the
phone ring. I couldn't place where I was or anything and then
heard Bills voice say "Hello?"

The phone was on the shelf in the round bed stand that wrapped
the front end of the bed. Bill was able to grab it without moving
too much. I was trying to disseminate what he was talking about
as I woke and unclouded myself.

"Oh yeah, Hi." . . . . . "Sort of. Uhhhh watching a movie." . . .
"No, she's sleeping." . . . ."That's what made us sleep." . . .
"We can, that's not a problem." . . . . "We can do nine." . . .
"I will. See you then, Bye."

Bill flopped his head back down on the bed and rubbed his eyes.
He looked at me and he smiled and talked softly. "Hi baby, sorry
if that woke you. How are you? (Then he sighed) God, I love you."

I was still a little away at the moment, but I managed a smile
for Bill. I was back on my stomach, having rolled there after our
spoon "broke" when we fell asleep.

"Hi lover." I said in a low voice. "I think I'm fine. I love you
too, and a lot more. I've never felt so satisfied, so happy."

I sighed again and caught my breath to cleans my lungs and wake a
little more. "What time is it and who was on the phone?"

Bill rolled to my side, pulling the satin sheet up over our
shoulders and resting his head right at my ear. "Umm Lemme see,
It's 10 o'clock, and that was Kim. They expected to hear from us
about leaving in the morning. She knew she had awakened me and I
said we were watching a movie and dozed after too much of the
champagne they sent. They wanted to know if we could get going by
10 tomorrow. I said it wasn't a problem and we would meet them
for breakfast at 9. Is that OK with you?"

I tried to register everything he said, and thought I had it all.
I thought about our lovemaking and the fact we hadn't got up yet.

"Do we have a mess here?" I asked. "As much as I hate to say
this, we ought to get up and clean up."

"You stay there, and I'll assess the situation," he said as he
knelt back taking the sheets with him.

"Umm, your ass is still the cutest ever. The towel is still under
you, your ass is still quite amazing, you leaked some and your
ass is still beautiful!" he said as he leaned over and kissed
each cheek on my butt.

"Great assessment, Bill. Help me up?" I asked.

He took the end of the towel under me and brought it up over my
butt like a diaper. He tucked the ends under me and wrapped the
end of the part under my tummy back. He asked me to roll over and
when I did he scooped me up in his arms, stood up on the bed,
with me in tow and stepped off the bed and brought me to the bath
boudoir. He laid me down on the padded changing table section of
the counter where he had prepared me for sex earlier.

"If I change and powder you, do you promise to be a good girl and
sleep through the night?" He asked me, trying to joke.

"Depends," I said. 'Do you want a good girl, or a bad one?"

I stretched out on the table and Bill undid the towel. He took
the corners of it and wiped around my crotch. He said it looked
like most of his cum had run out, but there didn't appear to be
any other mess. He did say the towel was soaked.

I sat up and brought my butt to the edge of the table and scooted
off. My legs were rubbery and Bill caught me.

"Get me too the toilet, Bill," I asked him, and he led me the 3
steps where I sat. I had the urge to purge from back there, but
it was mostly air, and I let out a stream of big farts.

Bill just stood there shaking his head saying, "We'll have to
tweak your diet a little if you want to out go in public."

His joke eased my embarrassment, but then I let more air out and
a stream of, what felt like, lube jelly and probably cum. Once I
was sure I was done I moved to the bidet and cleaned up.

"Bill, here's your dream job. Would you look at my butthole and
make sure it's not red or bruised or anything? Those are two
things that can happen, and although we didn't have a problem, I
just want to check."

"Gladly," he said smiling. "Step into my office."

I patted myself dry and went over to the changing counter and
bent over it. Bill squatted behind me and pulled my cheeks apart
and looked. He brought his finger to my hole and said it looked
fine, and quite edible, and did he want me to see if it was

I told him it didn't feel sore, but to introduce his finger a
little. He poked a little around my hole and I told him, all felt
normal. We must have used plenty of lube and stuff, I had no
trauma at all. I stood back up and turned and held Bill.

"That was the most wonderful sex we have ever shared, Bill. I
can't imagine sex ever getting better. Yet, I know it will be. I
am without words to describe tonight."

We just stared in each other's eyes and you could have written a
book with the unsaid words our minds said to each other through
our eyes. It was a moment that I will always remember. We were so
close, so tuned in, never one doubt about our life's together. It
was all there. If we both died right here on the spot, our life
would have been complete and defined.

Bill wrapped his arm around me and we slipped out of the bath to
the living room. We sat on the sofa where the leftovers of the
champagne remained in the ice bucket.

"Pour me some?" I said to Bill.

"We really did it tonight. You really made love to me. Not that
you didn't before, but tonight was so physical, so mental, so,
almost surreal. By the time you put your penis into me I was so
tuned in to you. I can't find the words. It never felt like you
were in my ass, you were just in me, in my love. I'm beginning to
sound stupid, because I can't come up with words." I stumbled.

Bill held his glass up to me for a toast. "Don't try to put into
words what we did tonight. We were completely tuned into
something different than ever before."

We sat there sipping the wine and thinking about the experience
of the night. Tomorrow was the end of our "honeymoon". It had
been a wonderful few days, getting to know each other even
better. I think we even learned a little more about our sexual
likes and dislikes. I was surprised at how giving that both of us
were sexually. Making our partner happy was always number one.

After sipping the rest of the bottle Bill asked if I was ready
for bed. I told him I was ready for anything.

"Anything?" he asked.

"Anything," I said.

"Well if you really want to get a . . . "personal" again, we
ought to shower, don't you think?" Bill asked.

"I really don't feel like going through that again. Umm, would
you be mad if I told you to just wash off your penis?" I asked

"I won't be mad, but you'll have to scrub it for me," he said
with a big smile.

"C'mon you manipulating pervert, I'll scrub it," I said with a
glint in my eye.

"Ummmmmmm never mind, I think I'll do it myself," he said as he
ran to the bathroom.

I chased him, but was too slow to catch him before he locked the
door. I guess he really didn't trust me to scrub him up fairly.
When he came out I was already in bed.

We did get each other off one more time before we slipped away
into dreamland. I just had to taste Bill one more time. We
masturbated for each other, but I wrapped my mouth around his
cock head when he came. There were no complaints.

We fell asleep in each other's arms after making a wake-up call
for 8 a.m.

I thought that for a couple of 19-year-old high schoolers, we
were pretty mature and sexually responsible. We both enjoyed sex
to the fullest, but treated each other as lovers and not things.
For as sexually immature we may have been, we both were
inquisitive enough to find answers to our questions without
having to resort to street lessons. In many ways, we were alike.
Both in our fascination about sex, and our lack of fear of it,
once we discovered our mutual allure. Bill worked my body like he
had an owner's manual.

My girlfriend Jennifer once told me about girls who squirt, or
gush, from a G-spot orgasm. It was something I had never heard
of. Bill found and manipulated that spot the first chance he had.
He knew of positions and practices that concurred with things I
had read. When two people agree on a subject and the facts
surrounding it, your fears are allayed. That was a big part of
our awakening.
The fact that I was very orgasmic made Bill a more confident
lover. He KNEW I was being pleased, A LOT! My own sexual desire
for him, and his penis, was brought out by the fact that HE was
shy to bring up the subject. I found out what he wouldn't show me
when I saw Kim's X-rated video at Megs house. That opened up my
mind, as well as my mouth. The young girl we saw in that video
was in love with her partner and had no qualms about taking him
in her mouth. I knew I loved my man as much as that, once he
proved he was a man. I looked beyond the physical act of oral sex
and swallowing semen, to the act of love that it is. When we
desired something sexually, we were not afraid to ask each other,
or to experiment.
The thing that made all of this easy was, we loved and trusted
each other. Even when we were innocent kids who weren't sure what
to do with our genitalia, we still loved and trusted each other
and had a goal of being together forever, very early on.

I know how lucky I was to have known a love like William.
From our early sex lives you can see we could rarely get enough
of each other. Of course the newness of sex wore off, but only
to a point. We always referred to our Graduation trip as our honeymoon,
but it was actually the first of many we had.

Our story is written from my diary and of course, my memory. Very
little has been embellished and I have tried to write and speak
as I did when they happened.



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