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The following story contains ADULT SEXUAL SITUATIONS. Do not read
any further if you do not wish to read material of this type. YOU
I lost my William early in 2001. He was a writer who, one day,
planned to use my diary, which I kept through our young courtship
and beyond, as a basis for true erotic stories. William and I
enjoyed reading erotic stories of this type. He planned to use
the pen name Billy Hand. As a means of therapy for dealing with
his loss, I have taken up the project. Though not as accomplished
as William as a writer, I too, write professionally for travel
and vacation guides. I hope you enjoy our stories as much as I
did living them. Whether you believe our stories or not, trust me
when I say then have been embellished little.
Our sexual awakening is told in the CARREE LOVES BILLY series.
There are 10 separate other stories to be written, from Williams
outlines, about specific days and events in our sexual lives.
This is one of them.
However, it should be known it is one that I would not have
picked. William had this in his outline of stories because of the
detail I went into about the preparation for anal sex. When I
wrote in my diary about this I gave the dirty details of the time
leading up to and including the act itself. As you read you will
find another important reason this was a special time in our
When William and I read erotic stories that included anal
intercourse, he always thought that they made it sound like it
was as easy as sticking your finger in pudding. It is not. It is
an act that should not be entered into lightly or at the spur of
the moment. At least this is how we looked at it.

Holiday Ski Trip

A little background . . .

For the third straight year, Megan and I took off on a ski trip
the day after Thanksgiving. We had went to Okemo Ski Area in
Vermont and stayed at The Tyrol all 3 years. They had a motel and
a group of chalets. Our first year, we went with Meg's parents
and stayed in our own chalet. Last year we got a room in the
motel together to cut expenses, as we went alone. This year we
had saved money to get our own chalet again.
It was, as usual, perfect timing for both of us to get away
together. This being our senior year, we didn't know how many
more "best friend" trips there would be.
Bill went to Vermont to visit his grandparents and relatives with
his family, as was usual. While family is important, this was a
Holiday week, and for as long as Bill and I had been together, he
was gone this whole week. Wanting him around for Thanksgiving was
just me being selfish, I know. Traditionally he packed up with
his parents after school on Wednesday and came home on Sunday
This year, Megs' boyfriend, Jimmy, was still in rehab after a
horrible accident he suffered last Christmas vacation. It looked
like he might be walking on his own by Christmas this year. It
was a close call for Jimmy. If he could walk enough without
depending on crutches, walkers or wheelchairs, he would finally
finish his senior year with our class. (Megan had tried to sneak
away with Jimmy last year on this same trip, but couldn't work it
out to get past her parents.)

- - - - - -

and now, the story . . .
Bill called me Tuesday night about 10 o'clock from his writing
room over the garage at his place. He was telling me how nice and
cozy it was with the fire in the Franklin, and the only thing
missing was me.

"So you called me just to tell me you were missing me, you're so
sweet," I said. "But you also are going to end up frustrating
me", I scolded him. "I know it's been a while since we really got
it on together".
Bill and I didn't have regular intercourse so I could remain a
virgin, which I really didn't care that much about from a
physical standpoint. But, by remaining so, I would never have to
lie to my parents about if I was sleeping with him, and foremost,
I couldn't get pregnant. I just can't tell you how much I worried
about that happening. Bill and I had major plans for our lives
and we had seen what "doing it" could do to ruin that, if we
slipped up.
In its place, we satisfied our urges with mutual masturbation,
either watching each other, or doing each other, and oral sex. We
had decided to save oral sex for times when we could get
together, get naked, and be uninhibited. In plain words, no
backseats of cars or "hiding behind the barn". But, our oral sex
sessions were pretty intense and were probably as satisfying as
any other liaison could be. Our first such oral extravaganza took
place just one year before, in the very room Bill was speaking
from. We had been there a few times since.

"We seem to have time for everything else", Bill said, "but
finding time for us has been impossible. I know it's not my fault
or yours, but lying here looking at the fire and thinking of you,
well . . ."

"Bill you don't have the monster in your hand, do you, you bad
little boy?" I asked.

"No, I don't, really. But, it may end up that way. Listen to why
I called and tell me what you think.
While at my Grandmothers for Thanksgiving, we are going to take
her car home.
She can't drive anymore and she is going to give it to me. She
can't grasp that I have my own car, but my Dad says to take it
and make her happy. She has been talking about giving it to me
for 5 years. It's 8 years old and runs pretty good. Dad says to
take it, fix it up and we can sell it, or sell mine, whichever is
the best option after we work on hers.

Anyway, I was going to take her car skiing on Saturday, as I
usually do. My parents say that as long as I am going to drive
that far to ski, why don't I just drive the car the rest of the
way home afterwards, and they will meet me at home on Sunday.
This way they can antique on the way home without me whining
about it. Plus it gives them more room, without me there, if they
buy more of that old junk.
Anyways, I usually go to Bromley, but I COULD go to Okemo.
Ummmmmmmmmmm . . . . what do you think of that? And if you like
that idea, how pissed off would Megan get if you deserted her for
a couple, 5 or 6 hours in your room, or we could get our own?"

"Oh Bill, you are devious", I said. "This would be Saturday, huh?
That is usually Meg's marathon day. She likes to get at least 10
runs in on our full day. I don't think it would be a problem if I
weren't there the whole day, but I would ask her first. See,
normally, I won't ski THAT much. I get wind burnt to easy, and
I'm just not good enough a skier to keep up with her."

"I don't want to horn in if this is a real 'girls' thing, it just
seems like a good opportunity for us to be alone and, a . . .
special.", Bill said.

"It is a great time for us to be together, but she would hardly
notice I was gone, I don't think. Let me get back to you." I said
and I hung up to call Meg.

Meg didn't have a problem with Bill and I using the chalet for a
love nest. She said she was a little jealous because she and
Jimmy had such a hard time being alone since the accident.
Besides being in hospital, in the rehab center, and home with his
family taking care of him, there was almost zero alone time. They
committed themselves to their relationship just before the
accident and she found out right away how tough some commitments

I called Bill back and told him that we could work everything
out. I gave him our Chalet number and told him that Megan should
be on her way to the slopes by 10 o'clock that day.
Although I would see him in the morning to ride me to school, I
really wanted to stay on the phone with Bill all night that
Tuesday. I knew he would be gone from right after school and I
wouldn't see him till Saturday. We rarely ever went that long
without seeing or touching each other. As we talked I was getting
a little aroused and I let my mind wander about our Saturday
'date'. It was then that I wondered if we should try to open a
new horizon in our sexual lives, anal intercourse. I just wanted
to feel him inside me.

Two different times in our love making Bill had expressed an
interest in my butthole, that is, tonguing it. Once, the first
time he brought up to his writing room over the garage (I had
showered within a couple hours before), and another time when we
showered together the first time. I always worried about being
clean for him there when he would go down on me and I thought he
might want to go lower. I remember one night when he wanted me to
turn over and show him my ass and I refused. He took it as a
rejection, but I had recently voided myself and was quite
uncomfortable about that. What do you say at a hot moment like
that? There are no gentle words to keep the moment alive.

We talked about the possibility of anal intercourse a couple
times and let the subject die each time. While it seemed like an
improbability, I remembered the video Kim showed us where the
girl on the screen absolutely loved the act. Plus, from reading
at the library from The Joy of Sex, Kinsey and other books, it
was something many couples considered.
My entire interest in it stemmed from one thing. I wanted to feel
Bill inside of me. To feel him within me and to hold him heart to
heart was my wish. However, I was not willing to go through a lot
of pain to accomplish this. Love should not hurt. A woman says
the greatest pain you have is bearing children, and I want to
keep it that way. If it's painful it is not making love. I
remember Kim told us that her sister preferred anal over regular
intercourse, although it was not something she and her husband
did on a regular basis. To her it was "as intimate as a couple
can get". I suppose she was right.

I wasn't totally sure if I wanted to go through with this. For
that reason, I never made mention of it to Bill, so as not to
disappoint him if I chickened out. Clearly, from our
conversations, he was not interested in having me go through the
pain of it to please him. But, I know the girl in the video
wasn't experiencing pain, and I know from a tongue in my butt,
there are good feelings to have back there. I went to sleep
Tuesday night weighing my options.

When Bill picked me up for school in the morning he was clearly
excited about our upcoming chalet date. He said he was going to
make sure we had the best time ever and couldn't wait to shower
and hold me naked under the hot water. Needless to say, I went to
first period with a case of the warmies down below. My second
period that day was a study hall and it was there I decided I
would try to be prepared for butt sex when Bill came that day. If
I changed my mind he would be none the wiser. I knew the
preparation would be uncomfortable and a little embarrassing to
do together. To properly prepare, consensus was that an enema was
necessary. An enema is, to me at least, a private thing. When
Kim's sister was detailing her tale about anal love to Kim, she
talked about the doing the enema together, but I couldn't do
that. (My God, she told Kim she gave him oral sex while she was
expelling the enema.) Some things should be left to privacy.
However, whatever two people do together, that they both agree
upon, is OK, I guess.
From reading different things on the subject, many couples that
do it on a regular basis have said that the enema is not
necessary as long as the female has had her BM that day. To me,
the enema takes away any chance of an unexpected surprise
afterwards. THAT would certainly ruin any special moment. If I
had to go through a little discomfort for that assurance, so be
it. It's funny, about human nature. The mention of anal sex
usually conjures up perversion, homosexuality, etc. But when you
think of it with someone you love and trust it is really a
sensuous thought.
I did fear the pain and possible rejection of the idea by Bill or
myself. But to think of that "private place" as something sexual
is easy if you have the right attitude towards your partner, and
making both he and you happy.

I saw Bill right after school and he said he had to go right home
so they could leave, and if I wanted a ride, or to use his car
while he was gone I had to go right away with him. Since I had
errands to run I told him I would take his car. Since I got my
license, Bills parents didn't mind if I used his car for short
trips in town, shopping, errands, etc. Usually, if he was working
I could either ride in with him or my Dad would drop me off and I
could pick it up. It was just one more thing that we began to
share as two people planning to be together.

Bill drove to his house and we had a long goodbye parked in front
of the garage. As I held him and kissed him I wondered what the
prospects for a wild lovemaking session held for us. I am sure he
was looking forward to being alone with me, but I think I was
going to surprise him with what I had in mind.

As we stood by the car Bill took his keys off the ring and he
whispered to me "Make sure you save your shower for me on
Saturday. I'll make sure you're squeaky clean", and with that he
gave my breast a caress and my butt a squeeze.

"BILL!", I said "What if your mom is watching?"

"I just don't care anymore. I love you and I don't care who
knows. If she saw us, she is peeking at something that isn't her
business. Besides, she's busy inside packing", Bill said.

The words were no more out of his mouth when his mom came round
the corner from the front of the house where she was packing
their car.

"Can you two stop smooching long enough so we can leave?", she
laughed. "Hi Carree, you look pretty today. Are you letting your
hair grow out? I like the big wave thing you are doing."

"Thanks Mrs. Wilson. Bill likes it longer, with the big curls.
But come summer I think I'll cut it. I hope we didn't hold you
up. We were just saying goodbye." I said as I took the keys from
Bill and began to get in the car.

"Oh, you'll see him soon enough. Have a nice Thanksgiving Carree,
and express the same to your family", Mrs Wilson said.

I stopped short of sitting in the car to go give Bill's mom a hug
and kiss. The first time I did that.

"You folks have a nice Thanksgiving too. I know it's special to
go and visit your families. That's what the Holidays are all
about", I said turning back to Bill's car. "Bill, if your car
isn't back when you get home, call me and I'll bring it right
back. But, I think I'll have my Dad follow me out tomorrow before
dinner. I Love You Bill Wilson", I said as I started the car and
began to back up.

"I Love You too, Carree Kasc" he said with a wink as he watched
me roll passed he and his Mom.

When I got home to change I heard a passing car beep and it was
Bill and his mom riding by on their way to town to pick up Bills
Dad from work and go to Vermont. My Holiday weekend had begun.

The first thing I had to do was a little shopping for my "date"
with Bill. I needed some things at the pharmacy. From reading
about the act itself, anal intercourse could be easiest
facilitated with something to dilate myself. I believe this was
from a book, that I was surprised to find in the University's
library called, Alchemy of Ecstasy. I read so many I forget which
was which. (Amazing how many sex guides etc., can be found in a
psychology section of a library) I wanted something called a
butt-plug or anal dildo or vibrator.

I was a little paranoid going into the pharmacy to get the things
I needed. I was sure if I bought Fleet enemas and KY jelly at the
same store the clerk would look at me and say "Oh?, a little anal
sex this weekend?" So I did go to 2 separate pharmacies to get
each. Then I drove to a third to buy condoms. One of the books I
read said that if the male wore a condom, initial penetration
might be easier because of the smoother surface. I took the
package of small round discs to the counter, put them down and
fumbled in my purse waiting for the clerk to give me the total.
It may have been the longest 3 seconds of my life, but soon I was
in the car on my way home. There was one more place I wanted to
stop, but I was sure I would not have the nerve to go in. There
was an adult bookstore just off the main drag on the other side
of town. It wasn't in a bad section, just definitely off my home
turf. I parked right in front and watched, with the doors locked,
as people went in and out. In 15 minutes I saw 6 people go in and
the same 6 come out. I didn't see anyone else on the street for a
block or two, so I got up my nerve. I got out of the car and went
One entire wall was pornographic movies with explicit pictures on
their covers and the back wall had a curtain hanging over a door
way with a sign that read "Peep Shows - tokens required". I
looked right and saw a huge glass counter and a large displays of
sex toys on hooks behind it. I was relieved to see a woman, a
little tough looking, but a woman, behind the counter.

"Hi, I guess I look a little out of place here but, I need some
help. I'm going to a bachelorette party and want to get a gag
gift", I said nervous and sweating.

"Sure honey, we get those requests all the time. What'll it be,
do you have anything specific in mind?", she asked.

I'm not sure, something tasteless I guess," I said as my eyes
perused the wall of toys (many of which I did not WANT to know
WHAT they were used for)

How do you ask for a butt plug, I thought to myself as my eyes
searched for the item that it might be.

"For those type of parties rubber cocks and butt plugs are
common, maybe a riding crop?", the woman asked.

"Um . . . I'll take those, . . . . a, what you said", I answered
hurriedly. I couldn't wait to get out of here.

"All three?, she asked.

"No, . . . umm just the first one, no . . .two. Yes, those 2
things", I said as I pulled out my wallet from my purse.

"OK, sweetie, that will be $18 dollars. Do you want some cock and
balls wrapping paper for them too?", she asked.

"No, just put them in a bag for me" I said as I counted out my
money to her.

We exchanged money, got the bag and I went out the door in a
hurry. I kept my head low and pulled sunglasses from my purse to
disguise myself a little. No one was on the street and I made a
clean get away.

18 dollars!!, I thought to myself. They must be making a fortune
in that joint. Then I thought that if I had the courage to say,
"No, just the butt plug", I could have saved myself $10 dollars.
But, considering that I never, ever, thought I would be able to
get the courage to buy a butt plug, it was worth it. I might even
have a little fun with the rubber cock. No, I couldn't do that,
could I? That would be cheating on Bill, right?

I got home and began to run upstairs as my mom met me at the
"Hello dear, she said. What did you buy?"

"Oh, you know, Mom. Just personal items for the ski trip, my
period is due is a couple days. Plus I have to shave my legs (and
my pussy, I thought to myself)", I answered as I bounded passed

"Whats your hurry", my mom said.

"I gotta pee Mom," I said as I went into the upstairs john.

Just as I went into the bathroom with my bags and all in my faux
pee rush I realized that I hadn't even looked at what the clerk
had given me. I sat on the lid of the toilet and looked at the
bag that I had stuffed into the pharmacy bag. "Oh God", I thought
to myself, "What if she gave me joke sized toys for my 'gag'
gifts?". I reached into the bag afraid of what I would pull out.
I wrapped my hand around what was a soft, long, full shafted
penis. I pulled it from the bag. It was snow white and felt like
hard jell-o. It was stiff, but pliable, and just a little bigger
than Bill. "What in Gods name am I doing with this?" I asked
myself. I actually thought of flushing it down the toilet, except
if it plugged things up and a plumber came, I would be hard
pressed to explain. Maybe Bill and I could graduate to a new
level of perversity with this, I thought. Maybe not. My mind
raced as I took it and wrapped it in one of the pharmacy bags and
thought of a place to keep it safe from discovery.
I reached into the bag again and through the plastic wrapper I
could tell the butt plug was made of the same gel like stuff, but
was much smaller. What a relief!! I pulled it from the bag and
saw a clear azure blue item about 7 total inches long. It was
thin as a pencil eraser on one end and expanded to at least the
girth of Bill's penis and then bulbed abruptly down to about the
size of a broom handle with a large round disc on the end. It was
obviously made to slip in easily to get past the hard muscle and
then fill the anus, closing down on the skinniest part of the
shaft. The disc prevented it from sliding all the way in. It was
scarey to say the least. My God, what had I got myself into? I
couldn't do this, and I couldn't let Bill use this on me, it was
way too embarrassing, plus I bet it hurt like hell.

"Carree, are you OK in there", my mom shouted from downstairs,
startling he hell out of me.

"Yes, I just got caught up in a piece I was reading", I yelled

I quickly rolled the plug in the bag, grabbed the other bag with
the white rubber dick and put them in the bathroom closet on the
top shelf under my extra sheets. I came out of the bathroom and
my mom was walking by with a pile of my clothes she was going to
put away.

"It's not good to sit on the toilet a long with your privates all
distended like that. You could get hemorrhoids, and you won't
have a problem getting those after childbirth. No sense in
rushing them", she said matter of factly.

"You sure have a way to keep the joys of life from creeping over
me, Mom", I said laughing.

"Well, you're not a child anymore, and you should begin taking
care of your adult body so it stays healthy so you can enjoy life
and its pleasures", she said.

"Like sex?", I said to get a reaction from her.

"Yes, like sex, smarty pants. Childbirth, and raising kids too.
You need to be in good shape for all of that. It's not so sexy to
go to bed with your lover if you have hemorrhoids or other
problems down there. Plus you have to watch your weight. If you
have kids you're bound to gain weight. Your husband may not like
a fatter you. Nature builds our bodies to expand after having
kids. We have wide hips to carry children on them", she said.

"Mom, Bill will love me no matter what happens to me or what
shape I end up. He LOVES me. ME the spirit, not the body", I

"I hope you're right about him. I'm sure he likes the body your
spirit runs around in", she added.

"Mom, he made googie eyes for me when I was a flat chested 7th
grader too. He loves ME. My body is just a bonus for him", I said
to get some response from her.

"Remember, he doesn't need to buy the cow, if he's getting the
milk for free", she said.

"Do you suppose his mother is telling him that I won't buy the
pig if I get he sausage for free, Mom? Come on. No need to talk
to me in that tone. I am a grown up woman, and I think I make
pretty good decisions, and I think that WE, Bill and I, make
pretty good decisions. They don't accept dummies at the colleges
we're going to . . .", I said.

"Don't be thinking about getting the sausage young lady, you have
an education to get. That's not quite the way a young lady talks.
Do you think you'll spend every waking minute mooning over him in
college, I doubt it", my mom snapped back.

"You're the one who thinks I meant penis when I said sausage,
Mom. It wasn't that kind of analogy, but I like it. . . . Our
college lives will be less than 50 miles away from each other
Mom. If we both have cars, that's a half hour each way for us to
meet as we wish. It takes 10 minutes to get to our house now.
Twenty five minutes each way won't make a whole lot of difference
I think we'll be seeing a little of each other at school", I said
to make the point that they won't know one way or another.

"Carree, my point is; you have a college education to worry
about, and you shouldn't be tied down to a commitment with a boy.
Running every day to meet each other to do whatever you do will
only serve to take time away from your studies", my mom said.

"Mom, he's no boy, he's a man. He is also the man I plan to live
the rest my life with. So, if I see him everyday, or every month
in college, that won't change. mother (I started to tear up with
emotion), I love Bill. We are not 2 kids who found a new toy,
full of infatuation. In 5 years I hope we can be married and both
have careers. Bill is going to intern with Time magazine while at
school. They are helping him pay for his college. How many high
school students do you think get that opportunity? He must have
impressed a few more people than just me, . . . huh? In twelve
years we plan to have children. That's how much we have planned.
Along with you and Dad, he is what I love about my life. I have 3
people who love me unconditionally. Please don't speak of him
like he is something I am going to outgrow. (I was crying pretty
good now) We plan to support each other in our studies, and won't
do anything to scuttle our plans for our lives and our futures.
Please give us some credit, Mom. When you give me that 'young
lady' crap you do it to show me you are the boss, not my Mom. I
want you to be my Mom, OK? Treat me like a grown up daughter,
because I am", I tearfully finished.

Mom came over and hugged me, saying "Carree, I am sorry if I made
you feel that way, I really don't mean to. I have a hard time
thinking of you as anything as my little girl. We never thought
we would have to give you up to a man so soon, that's all. We
want you to make the right choice. I know your relationship is
more than puppy love. I just don't want to see you hurt".

"Mom, I trust Bill as much as I trust you to never hurt me", I
said. "I expect you and Dad to trust me to make the right
decisions. Believe me, Bill is the right decision".

"OK Carree, I'll trust your judgment. And, if it means anything;
your Dad and I really like Bill a lot. Speaking of your Dad, I
better go start dinner. He wants to go and look at new cars
tonight. We have appointments with 2 dealers. Imagine, the night
before Thanksgiving, he wants to buy a car. The financing deals
end on Saturday and he has to work this weekend. I'll call you
for dinner", she said as she kissed my cheek and went downstairs.

I was now even more determined to try and make my Saturday
morning with Bill a very special time. With my mom safely
downstairs, I went to the bathroom to retrieve my sex toys. I put
the plug in my pillowcase so I could see how to use it later. The
rubber penis might never get used, but I did want to leave that
option open. I put it behind the false bottom in my travel trunk
in my closet. We were supposed to go on a cruise one year when I
was small and my Grandma bought it for my birthday. I kept my old
dolls and doll clothes in it now. I don't think anyone knew it
has a false bottom hiding place in it.

Dad got home and we had dinner almost as soon as he walked in the
"Sure, we have to hurry so these low life car salesmen can get
home to their families the night before Thanksgiving. How about
me? I have a family too", was the essence of my Dads mutterings
all through dinner.

"Poor Daddy", I said. "Tomorrow, mom and I will make a special
Thanksgiving for you. Just think you will have your mom and Dad
here, plus your brother. It will be special".

"Thanks pumpkin. I know you and mommy will make it special", he
said as he chugged down his water and told my mom to leave the
dishes for me to do so they could leave.

"Go ahead, I'll get everything. I can clean up", I said. "Try to
get a red convertible if you can. Wouldn't I look great driving
to college in that?"

"Yes, you would look great, Carree. It's not going to happen, but
you would look great" My dad said grinning like he played a joke
on me.

With that, they were off. I hurried to clear the table and load
the dishwasher. I turned off all the downstairs lights and went
to my room after locking the outside door. No one could get in
unless they knocked. I needed that privacy.

I went up to my bed and fished the butt plug from my pillowcase.
I lowered my shades, much as I do when I do my homework, so no
questions need be asked if they came home early. I opened the
package and inspected the rubber gel sex piece. I didn't feel
very sexy. I decided that if I gave myself the little shave I
needed around my vagina, I might feel a little frisky. I went to
the bathroom and grabbed a towel and ran hot water for a
washcloth. I stripped off my jeans and panties, spread the towel
on my bed, grabbed a razor and sat on the towel. I used the hot
wet washcloth to help soften the week old peach fuzz I had going.
Then, I used some baby lotion as a shaving aid. I had been
shaving myself for about a year now and this was the routine,
once a week. Shaving gels and creams seemed to irritate me, as
they all had fragrance and other stuff in them. Shaving my entire
bush off made Bill happy, and kept me a little giggly myself. It
was something that made me feel so feminine. My mom hadn't
discovered it yet, and at this point I really didn't care.
Usually I shaved just before I was going to see Bill, because it
always made me feel so sexy. Tonight was a different story.

After the shaving and manipulating my private parts to get a
bare, smooth look and feel, I retrieved the KY jelly and the
Little Blue Devil (my butt plug had a name!) I wasn't really sure
how to do this. I had only touched myself there a few times and
Bill has used his tongue on me a few times. Neither he nor I had
tried to penetrate me there.
I kept my shaving towel on the bed and sat on it laying back to
expose my little ring. I saw no genteel way to introduce the
lubricant other than to rub it in with my fingers. I played with
my pussy a little to engorge myself. Feeling blood rushing to
those parts generally felt good, and made me more sensitive.
After a few minutes of rubbing while trying to avoid my clit, so
as not to get too hot, I was ready to try some experimenting. I
opened the tube of KY gel and put a dab on my finger and placed
it right on my anus. COLD!, for sure. I put the tube underneath
my arm to try and warm it a little. I rubbed my finger around
over my little hole for a couple minutes and felt it opening a
little, as it did the couple times Bill used his tongue on it. I
got the KY tube again and put a little more on my finger and
repeated the same massage. I had stalled long enough and brought
my finger to the tube for a good coating of the gel. I placed it
right on my anus and pushed. Surprisingly it went right in, not
far, but right in. I didn't have the best angle and then
remembered the anal girl in Kim's video and how she reached it
from under rather than over her pussy. A switch of angles and I
was able to reach a lot deeper, if I wanted to, this way. I held
my finger there for a minute trying to decide if it felt good, or
just different. I worried that the stimulation was going to make
me want to "go", but I had my regular morning visit and felt that
I should be OK. I didn't want to bother with an enema for this
experimenting. I decided that a finger in my butt hurt a little
at first, but eventually felt good and I continued to piston it
in and out, if only to the second knuckle. I wasn't sure how much
time I had to be alone, so I removed my finger and got the Blue
Devil out. I coated it liberally with the KY jelly. The thin end
was decidedly a lot thinner than my finger, and that gave me a
little courage. It was also a little softer than my finger, so I
noticed as I placed the tip to my butthole. I was apprehensive at
first, but the tip slid right in. I worked that first inch or two
with no trouble and began to think how easy this was, even though
it was making me catch my breath because of the new feelings it
was bringing. I began to pump the couple inches of the plug in
and out of my butt. I began to get braver and let more in to
myself when, I came to a stop! There was a decided muscle that
was saying no. I shortened the stroke and just got the tip past
that muscle and moved it in and out an ever so slight bit past it
(my sphincter, I assumed).
Then on one of the in-strokes on the assault of that muscle it
just slipped past the stop point. All of a sudden I was stroking
about 3 inches back and forth in my butt. It felt strange, but
good, and it was making me grunt in a pleasure pant. There was no
time like the present, I thought and gave the plug a good push,
and plunged into sharp pain. I must have been overconfident with
my little strokes and felt this was going to be "that" easy. It
wasn't enough to make me turn around and forget it, but I wanted
to re-lube myself. I placed a dollop on my finger and brought it
to my butthole and discovered it was not the impenetrable closed
hole it had been a few minutes ago. It was dilated, ever so
slightly, like the size of a Lifesaver candy hole. I pushed that
dollop in and got one more and pushed that in too. I brought the
plug back and slid it in, with one motion it went further than it
had before and I was beginning to feel the bulb spread my
butthole. That was causing me the most discomfort, the stretching
of my anus. Without removing the progress I had made I wanted to
get more lube on the bulb and around my stretching butthole. When
I relieved the hand pressure on the plug, my body sent it flying
out past the towel to my bedspread. But something wonderful
happened there. The feeling of the withdrawal was delicious, and
I craved to be filled again. I grabbed the Blue Devil and re-
inserted it. It was a little painful as I got it past any
previous point of penetration, but nothing that was going to
discourage me now. I was giving short little strokes, swallowing
about half the bulb when I went for broke and pushed it past the
bulb so only the round flat base remained outside my body. In
plain English, my asshole hurt like hell for a moment from the
assault. I began to writhe from the pain and was about to clutch
my stomach and roll over when that pain ebbed and I felt myself
flush. It was definitely something I felt whenever I masturbated,
the flush, but it had a different tenor to it. It felt nice. I
touched my clit to relieve myself a little. As I did I ground my
butt into the bed causing the butt plug in my ass to move from
the friction of the base against the bed. I began to hump my ass
down on the plug as I rubbed my clit.

"Oh, Bill I wish you were here right now", I shouted out in a
high-pitched voice.

I was being double stimulated by my finger, and the device in my
butt. There was definitely something here to like. A little
perversion? . . . for sure, by doing the forbidden . . . and a
physical reaction to anal stimulation. I flushed once again and
suddenly, faster than I ever remembered,
I was in the caught breath,

turning red as a beet,

raising my butt off the bed,

all muscles tensed mode of


I felt my eyes roll back into darkness and felt my pussy flex in
ejaculation. I looked in time to see a stream shoot from my pussy
over my fingers causing it to splay to both of my legs. It was a
good squirt and felt incredible. It was definitely the best and
biggest quantity of ejaculate fluid I had passed since the first
time Bill licked my butthole and massaged my G-spot on the slouch
couch in his writing room almost a year ago. The passing of
whatever that is may be the most pleasant feeling a female can
have by herself. I shuttered quick again, lost my breath and let
one more stream go. I was bouncing on the bed when this one
geysered and it landed on my belly in a pool near my navel. Not a
lot, but enough to fill that dimple. Instinctively, I put my
finger in it to taste the fluid that resembled watered down milk.
It was decidedly sweet and not urine. I had really ejaculated!!
I had ejaculated on at least 3 other occasions, but with only one
of them was I 100 percent sure of the passing of fluid that was
not urine. I was sure, now, that I was a squirter. A female
ejaculator. It's something that a little more than 6 of 10 are
capable of, and only 2 in 10 actually do. I wondered if it was a
blessing or a curse. I might have stains to explain.

I rested and caught my breath. I needed a drink to irrigate my
mouth from all that heavy breathing I had done. I got up to go
get a drink when I realized I was still impaled with the butt
Ooooo, it felt good having this invader in my butt as I moved
around. Instead of just going into the upstairs bathroom to get a
cup of water, I decided to go downstairs to the fridge and get a
can of Coke. I went 3 steps down the stairs when I realized I was
wearing only a smile and the butt plug. I went back to my room
and got my robe, just in case my parents came home while I was
downstairs. Wouldn't THAT be a shock!! (Oh Carree, are you aware
there is something stuck up your butt?)
Going up the stairs gave me as much a thrill as going down did
with the butt plug in me. I threw on the robe and went back to
the refrigerator and found that can of Coke I longed for.
I guzzled half the can in one long tug on the can. As I tipped my
head back to get the second half down I arched my back a little
causing even more good feelings from between my butt cheeks.
I set the can down and went to go back upstairs. As I padded
through the darkened house, I stopped to look out the window.
No one was in sight.
I was back up the stairs in a flash with that constant pleasure
goose hitting me in my core.
I shucked myself from the robe and plopped down on the bed, being
careful not to impact the base of the plug in my butt. I turned
on my side and began to pull and extract the Blue Devil from me.
As soon as the bulb got halfway out, the whole plug glided gently
from me. What a feeling! Quickly I pushed the clear blue pleasure
shaft back into me. Wow, what great vibes this had. It slid right
in, swallowing the bulb to rest on the base. I grabbed the base
and began to work it in and out of me. The feeling of being full,
relieved, and refilled by the plug was, . . . was sheer ecstasy!
I was lying on my hip, on my bed, fucking myself with an anal
dildo!! In one way I felt like I was cheating on Bill, because he
should have been here for this, but on the other, I remembered HE
was going to be doing this to me in a couple days with his
beautiful hard cock!! A cock I was going to suck until it begged
to put into my warm body. My thoughts turned into orgasms as I
grunted against the butt plug, over and over and over.

My hand finally grew weary of holding the base of the plug and
thrusting into me, plus I needed to catch my breath again. I
pulled the plug totally from my ass. WOW, what a feeling! I was
so surprised at the pleasure this toy had brought me. I only
hoped Bill's penis would be as pleasurable. I then thought of the
rubber penis I had hidden in my doll trunk. Could I take that as
easily? That was about as big as Bill, should I try it?
Oh, . . . why not?
I went to the window and peaked from behind the shade to be sure
their car was not coming up the drive. I opened the closet and
layed the trunk down and undid the brass clasps. Pinching the
center clasp and pushing the right bottom released the false door
and I grabbed the white rubber penis. It looked like the real
thing, except the veins were exaggerated a little. I went back to
the bed and squeezed about 3 fingers of KY onto my hand and
stroked the white gel-like cock with it. I tried to figure the
best way to position the cock to get it into me, I decided to
squat over the towel that was protecting my bed from my workings.
I put the white cock right under me as I lifted my hips a little.
I was going to impale my butt on it! The first pressure I put on
my butt with the dildo sent it sliding away from my anus and it
went about 4 inches right into my pussy. I panicked that I would
break my cherry and bleed right there and ruin a rite I was
saving for Bill. I fell back onto my spine and pulled the phallus
from me. If I bled, surely it would have shown on the white
surface of the dildo. It was clean! WHEW!!!, I thought. But I
still wanted to be filled. I knelt back up and rocked to a squat
and positioned the white sex toy to my butt hole again. I placed
my fingers protectively over my vagina slit as I teetered over
the white dildo. My balance on the bed in this squatting position
was not too good and I began to lose it. I was just going to use
my hands to make a 3 point stance on the bed, when the white cock
slid right up my ass. Wider than the plug, the hurt and pain was
intensive for a second and I panicked that I may have hurt
myself, but as I settled involuntarily on it and it filled me and
the pain soon ebbed into a long slow groan.
"Oohhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Arrghhht", I exclaimed in guttural reports
from my throat. I was full and I couldn't wait to move this cock
in and out of my ass. I gave up trying to squat and move on it.
Once again I fell to my hip and reached for the rubber cock
within me. I began to slowly move it in and out of me. Where with
the plug I as able to quick-slide it in rapid fire, this full
sized rubber cock would have split me if I tried that. I had to
move it nice and slow, in and out, and the feeling was beyond
words. I was loving anal sex. I worked up to one good orgasm, not
quite a grunting, squirting one like before, but a long
satisfying one. I was about to switch sides to my other hip, when
I heard the growl of an engine outside. Quickly I bounded to my
feet and went to the window and peeled back the shade. It was mom
and Dad. Just as that thought hit me, the white dildo dropped
from my body leaving me to feel a void, an emptiness.

Quickly I scooped up the white rubber cock from the floor,
noticing a couple very small, but telltale, brown streaks on it.
I put that together with the butt plug, and the KY jelly tube and
rolled them in the towel I had spread on the bed. I took the
whole mess and put it into the open doll trunk, closed it with a
click, put on my robe and quickly went downstairs to unlock the
outside door and let mom and Dad in. They were just on the
porch, all lit up from the sodium light their motion had set off,
when I got to the door.

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad, did you get me that white convertible?" I asked.

"White? I thought you wanted a red convertible. Well, either way,
no convertible, but a nice two tone, tan and bronze, Crown
Victoria. You will love it when you see it. If you're a good
girl, I'll let you drive it", my Dad kidded.

"Oh, Daddy, you know I'm always a good girl. I waited to get in
the shower so I could let you in didn't I? . . . plus I loaded
the dishwasher and cleared the table and . . . " I said before he
interrupted me.

"OK, OK. You were a good girl while we were gone. When I get it
next week, I'll let you drive it." Dad said and he hugged me.

"Carree, you hurry and finish your shower. I need you to help
prepare some of tomorrows pies and polish the good silverware for
your grandparents", my mom added.

"Okie, Dokie, Mom", I said. "I'll just be few minutes", and I
went running to the bathroom to start the water. Once inside I
reveled in the empty feeling I had up my butt.
I knew I was just fucked there and I loved it.
Having Bill's penis there was going to be even better. As I
turned on the hot water I wondered how I was going to be able to
stay awake tonight helping Mom. I was exhausted from my affair
with my toys.
After seeing the traces of feces on the white rubber dick, I was
glad I had got the enemas for the big day. I tied a mental string
around my finger to remember to retrieve my "lovers" from the
doll trunk and clean them up. I might even need to get another
tube of KY. I think I used more than half of the one I bought.

Contrary to what my Dad had thought, I had been a bad little girl
while they were gone. I was a very satisfied, very well fucked,
little girl. I was not ashamed of anything I did tonight, though.
I was doing it all for my and Bills pleasure and our love for
each other. Saturday was going to awesome. Bill was going to be
inside of me.
Thanksgiving Day was a lot of fun, food and family. I was so
happy to see everyone and I hadn't felt so alive in a long while.
I credited my outlook and mood to my sexual adventure the night
before. I had worried that today I would be sore back there and
wouldn't want to go through with the whole thing with Bill.
However in the morning, just after breakfast and coffee with my
Grandparents, who got to town at 10 a.m., I felt the urge to
purge and excused myself. As I sat down on the john I feared a
painful BM, but to my surprise, I had no problems, all systems
normal. Even my little butthole, that many sex manuals say can
swell from friction, was perfectly normal.
Late in the day I heard from Megan who called to say she would be
picking me up around 6 in the morning Friday. While my mom and
Grandma strategized for Black Friday shopping, I was packing for
my ski trip. When I knew everyone was busy with one thing or
another, I went to my doll trunk and retrieved the towel with my
goodies in it. I went to the bathroom and filled the sink with
hot soapy water. I cleaned my sex toys thoroughly and had them
ready for another day. I went to my room and wrapped each in a
long ski sock. I gathered my enemas, condoms and KY and had my
bag set to go. Hey, I even remembered my skis!

Meg was right on time Friday and we made a beeline to the Diner
to get breakfast and coffee. After eating so much Thanksgiving,
it's hard to believe you could be hungry, but we were. Plus we
knew this would be all we would eat until tonight when we would
surely be tired from a day on the slopes.

We got to The Tyrol just after 10. Our Chalet wasn't ready yet,
but they let us stow our things in the pantry and change into ski
We had a great day skiing. The weather was fantastic, about 30
degrees with bright sunshine. It was crowded and we only got in
about 6 or 7 runs but that gave us time to talk and ogle guys in
the line with us. We had a blast. Megan is a special friend who I
treasure to this day.
As we were in our last line of the day she told me how much she
envied me, being able to steal some private time with Bill. I
told her that next year she and Jimmy could get away together.
Megan said she hoped so, but didn't know where he was planning to
go to college. She feared losing him.

"Meg", I said, "After all of the time you have invested in seeing
him after the accident, taking care of him when he needed help,
mothering him when his mom had to work, and you don't know where
he's going? What in hell is wrong with you?"

"I think his personality has changed, Care", she said. "Maybe its
all the drugs he was given".

"So, What's the reason you've hung around this whole year with
him? Do you feel sorry for him?", I asked.

"Yes, I do, and I don't think he has anyone else. Plus I gave him
my virginity. Shouldn't that mean something? He treats me like
shit, and says he'll give up if I stop seeing him." She confided.
"Megan, you're my best friend and I love you, but we have to talk
when we get back on Sunday. Something isn't right here. Let's not
ruin our weekend now, but we have to talk", I suggested.

She looked at me with teary eyes and said "Thanks Carree, I love
you too. You can help me work it out. I know you can. Thanks",
Meg said as she hugged me.

We finished that days run together and got back to our chalet and
showered and changed. We went out for dinner early and I ate
light. It was part of my prep for tomorrow. I was getting nervous
with excitement, and I also felt I should tell Bill about
Wednesday night. I read where the first time with anal was always
bad no matter what, and I wanted to get it out of the way. I
didn't want Bill to hurt me or turn me off to something I might
eventually like. Although I never planned on using a full size
penis on myself, it eased a lot of my questions and fears about
the act, and our special day. I talked myself out of telling Bill
about Wednesday night, and I also relieved a lot of the guilt I
felt over it.

Megan promised to be gone from the room by nine thirty or so
Saturday morning. I told her I wanted to shave and do some
personal stuff before Bill got there. She said she understood. I
hoped she did. I wanted to tell her what I was going to do, but
was ashamed to. The act was an act of love between Bill and I,
but I doubted my friend would look at it that way. I know that I
would have a hard time if it were she.
I woke up about 8:30 on Saturday and heard Megan padding around
the chalet getting her stuff together. She stuck her head in my
room about 5 minutes later and asked if I was up. I told her I
was and she said she made coffee. She reminded me to take my

"Meg, I'm not on the pill, we don't have intercourse. Too much
risk of pregnancy", I said.

"Geez Carree, what in hell do you do then? Why am I leaving so
early. I thought you were here to get laid, for Gods sake", Megan
said a little peeved.

"Meg, you know I'm a virgin and we don't plan on having
intercourse until we get settled", I scolded her.

"I know you always say that, but come on. You guys have been
alone more than once in the last year. You mean to tell me that
NOTHING is going on? You have to be kidding me, right?", she

"No, I'm not, We really don't do it, but we make up for it with
other tuff, you know", I eluded.

"Really!! Now THAT'S interesting. I never would have pictured you
doing that", Meg said.

"What's 'THAT', Meg?", I asked.

"Well, I imagine jerking him off, blowing him, titty fucking him,
all that safe shit", Meg answered.

"Meg, you didn't mention one thing that he would do for me, it's
not all for him. It's a 'we' thing, you know", I told her.

"Someone as pretty as you shouldn't have to do any of that stuff,
Care", Meg said.

"Meg, we have to talk when we get home, or on the way home. Bill
and I have a tremendous mutual sex life TOGETHER. Now, I really
have to get ready. I'll talk to you later", I said as I tried to
rush her out.

"OK, Carree, have a good time. I'm coming back about 4 o'clock,
alright?" she said leaving.

"That's fine Meg, and thanks for the alone time", I said closing
he door and chaining it behind her.

I went to the kitchen nook and poured a cup of coffee, and put an
ice cube in it to cool it down. Coffee was Pavlovian to my
morning routine and me. I finished that cup of coffee and went
off to brush my teeth and get my stuff together. I switched on
the radio to check and be sure the weather was OK for Bill to
In 10 minutes my worries were over, nature called and I voided
myself. I was worried that wouldn't happen, and worry would be
the reason why. So all was fine. I went back in the nook and
found some bread for toast and peanut butter and I was set for
the morning.
It was closing in on nine thirty. I brought my overnight bag to
the bathroom and got out the first Fleet enema bottle. I was
apprehensive but convinced myself to grow up and not be such a
baby. The instructions said to use a little lube on the tip of
the applicator and I used my trusty KY. I layed a towel out on
the bathroom floor and laid on my side. I brought my knee up
close to my chest and took the bottle to find my little butthole
and inserted it. Damn, it hurt. My God, I had a long way to go to
get Bill in there today. I squeezed the bottle and I felt the
rush of fluid into myself. Its only 8 ounces so it went quick. I
was relieved to withdraw the tip applicator. How in Gods name
would I take anything bigger there? It was stupid to wonder that
when I knew that; 1) Larger things had come out painlessly, 2) I
had done it to myself just 36 hours ago. I felt nothing for a
moment as I lay there, now on my back. I lifted my legs to
stretch and propped up my lower torso on my shoulders and elbows.
I tried to get my legs flat out over my head bending myself into
a hairpin. Once positioned, I held that for a minute languishing
in the stretch of muscle. I twisted a little on my shoulder and
brought my feet back up to walk up the wall. I was close to a
handstand, but I knew I couldn't do that. I held this position
for a full minute and then twisted to ease my legs to the floor.
As soon as I stood up I began to feel urgency in my bowels. I
paced back and forth in the 10 foot confines of the bathroom. I
checked my timer and it had been exactly 5 minutes. I sat on the
john and let the enema do its thing.

The instructions said that if you were using the bottles for prep
in a medical procedure, to wait 15 minutes in between. I set my
timer again and busied myself in the chalet, picking up to make
it look neat for Bill when he came. I got out the Little Blue
Devil and decided it was best if Bill used this on me to stretch
my butt for him. Originally I was going to use it prior to his
arriving and hope its effects would last. Now, common sense told
me that he would like to play with me using it, and its effects
should be taken advantage of immediately.
I heard the timer ring in the bathroom and I went in and dropped
my robe once again, prepared the tip and repeated the earlier
procedure. This one took a few more minutes to feel the effects
of, but it eventually did its thing. I took the evidence of the
internal cleaning bottles and wrappings and put them in the bag I
brought them in and walked them to the kitchen trash. I tied off
the bag and set it outside the rear door for housekeeping to pick
up. Once I thought of housekeeping I reminded myself to put he
"Do Not Disturb" sign out. It was closing in on ten and I had one
more thing to do. I went back to the john and made sure I had
fully lost all the fluid from the enema. Then with my little hole
distended I forced a few finger tip-fuls of KY inside myself.
Supposedly my body temp would fully liquefy this and would coat
me inside a little. I was ready for Bill to show up.

As the clock struck 10 bells I heard footsteps outside on the
porch and there was a quick knock. It was Bills voice I heard
accompany the knock, "State Police ma'am, we're checking for
hidden lovers".

"Oh Bill", I said as I flung the door open. "Get in here and love
me up", I said as I jumped into his arms. It was a long kiss and
he held me tightly.

"Oooo, I missed you" he said as he dropped his hand to give my
butt a playful squeeze. I ground up next to him in response and
used my arms around his neck to pull myself up and wrap my legs
around his waist.

"I guess this means you missed me too, huh", he said with a smile
as he looked into my eyes.

"I'm going to shower, would you like to join me?", I said
playfully as I dismounted from his hips and took his hand to lead
him to the shower. I stopped to go back and double lock both
doors and use the security chains on each.
We went into the bathroom and I dropped my robe to show just a
thong panty. He hissed at the sight of me and bit his finger.

"Man. I can never get used to how beautiful you are Carree, are
you sure that you're mine?", he asked rhetorically.

I took this opportunity to unveil the surprise I had for him
later. His line made the timing perfect. I turned to the sink
counter and slid the towel I had there over towards us. I lifted
it to reveal the Little Blue Devil, the condom and the KY jelly

"Yes, Bill, I'm sure that I am ALL yours" I said. "And I want you
to be part of me today".

Bill didn't quite know what to say. He just looked at me, and my
serious, pouting look of love. "Oh my God, Carree, are you sure?
I love you and want to be part of you and I would be a liar if I
told you I hadn't thought of it I . . ." I interrupted his words
with a finger to his lips and a scolding;

"You better hurry and get undressed, or your clothes will be
soaked when I drag you in that stall, ummm . . .unless you don't
want a piece of THIS", I said as I turned, pulled down my little
panty, letting the gusset stay between my cheeks for a moment. I
wiggled my ass and whisked my underwear to the floor catching
them on my toes. I kicked them up to my hand, folded them with
the gusset on the top and put it to his nose.
"Do you need this to pick up the scent?" I said pouting again as
I turned to start the water.
I think I had him interested.

This was the first time I really "played" with Bill, sexually. I
think it was because I knew what was in store for me, if it was
as good as Wednesday night. I finally knew what it was like to
act that "whore" part, behind closed doors, and I liked it. We
were finally that sexually open to be one couple in public, and
another behind closed doors. I liked it.

I was under the hot water with the glass door still open as Bill
shed his clothes. He finished and stepped into the stall with me
and I fell into his arms. The water splashing over us and running
down our bodies was exhilarating. We kissed and battled tongues
as our hands wandered over each other's bodies. He was aroused
already, by the look of the mast he was raising. His penis was
beautiful to me and I absolutely loved to feel it in my hand and
in my mouth, where I thought it might spend a fair amount of time
today. We kissed as I broke my embrace of his back, and I put
both of my hands between us. One hand held that cock and the
other cupped his balls as we continued our kiss.

I broke the kiss and said, "I think we need to wash things up to
make sure we're fresh and clean", as I released his genitals and
grabbed the soap.
I took the bar and began to wash his chest, spending time to
massage his nipples and run my fingers through his body hair. I
washed down his torso to his waist and told him to turn around
with one word, "Turn", I commanded.

I soaped his shoulders and worked my way down his spine and
expanded out over his entire back with my soapy fingers and
nails. He groaned approval to the certain joy that a hand
scratching and washing your back can bring.

As I finished his back at his waist I stopped and commanded,
"Half turn, pits please."

He turned a half and raised his arm as I attacked his hairy pits
with the soap and my hand.

"Oh man, look at the bugs you got in here", I cutely said as he
giggled at my ministrations.

"OK, full turn, next pit please", I commanded.

He turned on his heel and raised his other arm to proffer his
other pit.

"Ughh, more bugs", I joked as I scrubbed away.

I had finished his upper body and stood back.

"Time to go downstairs", I said as I knelt in front of him.

I started with his feet. I took each foot out of the spray and
set them on my thigh and soaped and rubbed, even between each
toe. As I let each foot go back into the spray to rinse, I
brought it back for a moment to bring it to my mouth, where I
sucked his big toe and ran my tongue around it; First to his
left, and then to his right. I saw his penis jump each time I did
this. (The Joy of Sex said that toes were erogenous zones - our
bodies sure are strange)

After finishing his feet I soaped up his leg to high on his
thigh, just shy of next to his ball sack, one leg then the other.
Then, I reached up and slapped him on the belly and commanded,
"Turn around, big boy".

Bill really had a nice butt. Most guys have flat asses or wide
asses. Bill's was a perfect half way between a flat and feminine
ass. I soaped, beginning at his waist, down each cheek, rubbing
and squeezing to the cup of his butt. I don't think he expected
what I did next, as I even surprised myself. I took my soapy hand
and ran it right down between his cheeks and washed his butt
split. I gave him a crack on his right buttock and said, "Bend
forward a little, handsome", and he did as commanded. I took the
middle three fingers of my soapy hand, my index and third finger
a little behind my middle, and traced up and down deep in his
split, paying special attention to his cute little butthole. Once
it was surely clean, I washed it again, concentrating just my
middle finger in it. He was opening up a little, but I didn't
want to stick a finger in.

I gave him another slap, this on his left cheek, and said, "Bend
more". He did and before I gave him a chance to think about what
might happen, I pressed my mouth to his cute ass and quickly
tongued his asshole, It had no taste, well, it had Bill taste,
but from the groan and jump (a jump I expected, so I was grabbing
his balls to countermand the move forward) he enjoyed it. I
didn't linger long, but I wanted him to know that I, too, was
willing and wanted to taste every inch of him.

I sat back on my haunches again and paddled his butt and said,
"Turn around and show me what you have for me".

He turned and he was not just erect, but erect and shiney. From
my experience with Bill, I knew he was hurting from being so
engorged. I quickly soaped up my hands and placed them on his
penis pulling my one hand up the shaft while I started the other
at the bottom, still stroking up. One after the other I stroked
it, over and over about 20 times. I was watching intently at the
shaft and head of his penis, when I looked up and caught his eye.

"Feel better?" I asked .

"Feels incredible", he answered.

"Just wait until I suck it" I smiled.
Then I took my hands from his penis, leaving him hanging in
euphoria and I resoaped my hands.

I reached with both sudsy hands and grabbed for his balls. Not
hard or mean, mind you, but sliding them in between his thigh and
his sack and then hold them like a treasure. I worked the later
all over them with a gentle massage and used my right hand to
reach back up under to get the little piece of skin between his
sack and his butthole. I pulled that hand all the way out of its
slide, then back in, all the way back, and then a third time with
my middle finger going right up his butt, just a little so he
knew I was there. I pulled both hands from his balls and placed
them in his belly and pushed him back saying, "Bend, don't step,
lean against the wall. Let the water run down the front of your
He did as instructed and it was perfect. His head went through
the spray and leaned back on the wall while the spray washed down
his front, rinsing his genitals. As the water rushed over his
penis and balls I leaned forward and bent my head to take his
balls into my mouth, one at a time. I didn't think I would like
doing this because of all the hair he had, but holding that part
of his sack in my mouth with the entire testicle in my mouth was
pretty erotic. I lolled each ball to his groans and I heard him
whisper I Love You more than once. After taking each of his
"boys" in my mouth, I licked at his sack as I held it out and way
from his body. With no warning I stopped, and using just my mouth
I sought out his cock and sucked the head into my mouth. This
caused him to stand up straight as I ran my tongue around and
around the head. I began to thrust the head deeper and deeper
into my mouth, but I still knew I could get very little into it.
Just as it began to touch the top of my palette I could feel the
gag reflex. If I held back the turtleneck that was his foreskin
it streamlined him a little and I could get another little bit
in, but I saw no sense in trying something that was that scary to
me. I did not want to choke. I developed a rhythm with my mouth
around his cock pumping it just an inch past the head and back to
just below the taper to his pee hole. The smooth velvet feel of
this sliding back and forth was very pleasurable to me, but my
neck was growing weary. I looked up at him and his look at me was
one of adoration. I managed a smile without losing my rhythm and
again he said "I Love You". I began to taste a little pre-cum,
just a bleachy report, that told me he was in the ignition stage.
Although I didn't want to, I stopped.

"Ummm, I'm just placing my order now, you can make delivery
later, OK?" I said in my best tease voice, and I gave him one
more big suck at his dick. I stood up and said, "All Clean!!"

He held me tightly as I stood with him under the water.

"Now, it's my turn" he said as he grabbed the soap from the dish
to lather. He gave my breasts, belly and back as total a cleaning
as I had done to him. He even picked up my lead with the feet,
and I must say, having your big toes sucked, as if they were a
penis is pretty sexy and feels erotic as hell. I was surprised
and knew why his penis jumped when I did it to him.

He, like I did, saved my butt and genitals for last. Without
having any bush at all I was easy to get squeaky clean, but it
didn't stop him from spending lots of time there. He had me much
in the same position I had him, with my head and back against the
wall, while the water ran down my genitals with his tongue
running through them. Bill was an experienced pussy eater now and
with my vulva thrust out like this he was having a feast. I had
spread my legs a little and was turning out my thighs. He had his
tongue absolutely buried in the top of my slit and on my clit
with his middle finger thrust up like he was trying to meet his
tongue through the wall. He was on my G-spot. He doesn't always
find it, but he had it today and he was playing it like a banjo.
With the water from the shower my flow was not detectable, but I
was leaking like a cheap faucet. I felt a BIG orgasm building and
knew it was going to be a squirter. I began to lose my breath and
I thought my heart was going to shut down. I was clearly losing
touch. I couldn't see, my eyeballs rolled back, I couldn't hear
my head so full of blood. The grunt that came from my throat hurt
and the noise that came from my larynx was indescribable. I felt
like my clit and pussy were sticking out a foot from my body and
I was losing total touch when I exploded. Even in the rush of the
shower I saw my gush as I looked down. It was a cloudy wall of
fluid that hit Bill in the face and quickly washed down his chin
and kneeling body. He then put the whole of his mouth over my
entire vagina to catch the next gush and I heard him choke and
then push half of it out his mouth as he busied his tongue to lap
up what he could. I lost all control and could no longer have
anything touching me, especially my pussy. I pushed him away
slapping at his face in a windmill motion. My knees were locked
and I couldn't move, I had to move him. He quickly backed away,
amidst a couple unintentional slaps at his face, and watched the
"Holy Jumping Jesus, Carree, are you OK?" he said in a little

I was huffing and puffing as if I just ran 10 miles up hill.
"OK, OK, OK, OK, OK" I chanted as I began to get back in touch.
"MY GOD, MY GOD, MY GOD, MY GOD, I couldn't stand anymore" I said
still unable to catch my breath. "You're going to make my heart
explode one of these times, Bill" "So good, soo, good, soooooo
fucking good, oh my God, my pussy, my fucking pussy" I said,
possibly swearing like that for one of the first times ever in
front of Bill or anyone, really.

I finally began to get my breath and I looked at Bill, and our
eyes met and we started laughing.

"You are a freak show when you cum", he said.

"Those G-spot orgasms just make me lose control and I gush
sometimes, but never like that", I said, still barely able to
finish whole sentences in one breath.

"I don't know what that fluid is, but it definitely is sweet, not
entirely pleasant, but sweet." He paused and said "But, my God
Carree, you cum so hard. Are you sure you can go anymore?"

I sighed and began to force myself to breath normal catching my
breath, breathing through my mouth, exhaling almost as a whistle.
"Yes, sweet William, I have lots more for you. I just hadn't
planned on having a heart attack orgasm like that. You found the

My knees finally unlocked and I forced myself to stand up
bringing my head through the water spray and letting it hit my
back. My vagina was just inches from Bills face in his kneeling
position. He looked at it and I thrust my hand over it.

"No more of that for now Mister", I said as I turned on my heel
and leaned again to the wall placing my hands atop each other on
the tile to cradle my face. I was leaned forward with my legs
spread a little and my butt sticking out, right in his face.

"You're almost done washing me, aren't you Bill?", I asked.

He answered by picking up the soap and cupping it in his palm
with his nails extended, and then rubbing it in a washing motion
up and down my butt cheeks. They were more than clean as he
continued, but then he stopped. I felt a soapy hand start at the
top of my crease. He splayed my cheeks apart as he ran his hand
in long strokes up and down my crack. He held the bar of soap
just at the top of my split so the water kept washing more soap
down the crease. His long strokes got shorted with each pass,
until he had just one finger right at my butthole, scrubbing
cleaning, and teasing.

He moved his finger away and replaced it with his tongue and
began to lick at the little notch. I knew I was spreading open a
bit for him. I began to make noises to let him know how much I
liked it.

The hot water tank was a large capacity figuring each chalet
could sleep 6, but our marathon was draining it. It was turning
less than warm, I freed one hand to push the lever down to turn
off the water. Bill never stopped his licking, though. I
definitely liked his tongue as it soothed my asshole. He moved
his mouth away and replaced it with his finger. He wiggled it a
few times and it went away, but only for a second. It came back
very wet, so he must have put some saliva on it. He wasted no
time playing now. He twisted the digit and it slid right in my
ass just past his first knuckle. I jumped, startled, but not in
pain. He wiggled his finger a little and pushed it in a bit more.
It felt good and now it was helped by the KY I had pushed up
there. He stroked it in and out in short piston fashion and

"Are you sure this is what you want, Carree? I don't want to hurt
you. Do you know everything involved and . . ." he started but I
stopped him.

"Bill, did you see the stuff under the towel? You know I wouldn't
tease you if I weren't willing to really try it", I said looking
back over my shoulder. "The blue thing is . . . a. . . ummm . . .
it's been tested! . . . and it works, . . . ummm, FITS just fine.
I'm sorry you weren't there" I confessed, "But I had to know
because . . ."

"I understand", he said stopping me. "I would never ask you for
this, for that reason. It had to be your decision."

"Yes, and it is my decision. But you have to understand that if
it doesn't work out, if it's too painful or uncomfortable, you'll
have to stop. OK?" I warned him.

"I fully understand Carree. The last thing I want to do is hurt
you, baby. You know how I feel. Love isn't hurting and making
love should be all pleasure, not pain", I said.

" I want to . . ." I started to speak but was interrupted by his
finger sliding past the second knuckle and more. "Ohhhhhhhh" I
groaned in new pleasure. "I want to feel you inside of me, and I
DO now", I said with a grunt.

He slid his finger in and out a few times and he slid it out,
saying, "Let's move to the bed, where I can love you proper". I
pushed away from the shower wall and Bill stood up and he looked
at me. We kissed.

I held him close to me and whispered in his ear, " Dry me off
Bill, and take me to bed and fuck me. Let me feel that cock deep
inside of me. I want you so bad. Fuck me, and spray your seed
inside me. I know I never talk like this, but I want you to know
how much I passionately love you. Fuck is a word of passion. My
own mother told me that. She told me never to say it in anger,
only in passion. This is passion, Bill. Fuck me. I wish I could
take you in my vagina where you are supposed to plant your seeds
for our children. But we can't, but I have to feel you inside of
me, to have you take me to total ecstasy. Fuck me."

I was crying as I finished and we stayed pressed together with
mouths pressed to ears so no one but God could hear us.

He spoke, "Oh my God Carree, I love you. I WANT to be inside of
you. I want to fuck you, to make passionate love to you, to fuck
you. You are giving me this as a special gift, and I will love
you forever for it. I want you to spend the rest of your life
with me. Will you? Will you marry me one day and bear our
children? Will you, one day, allow me to put my seed in your
sweet pussy so we can show the world how much we love each

"You know there is only one answer to that, Bill, . . err,
William. I will call my husband William. Yes, William, I will
spend my life with you and bear your children. But, for now you
are my Bill. And you will become my William someday. I promise",
I said

"Let's go seal the promise we have made", he said reminding me of
a character in Camelot.

We broke our embrace and stepped out of the shower stall. He
picked a towel from the rack and began to dry and caress me with
the towel. He dried every inch of me finishing with my right arm
and down to between the first two fingers. He stopped and picked
up his pants from the floor. He reached into his pocket and took
something out. I was about to take the towel from him to dry him
off when he grabbed my hand again and dried the next fingers.
Then he slid a diamond ring onto my finger, saying;

"Funny how our timing is impeccable, I had something special for
you today, too. I was wondering how I would propose today. You
made it easy. You make all my life easy. I love you Carree"

I was so lost for words that I could barely open my mouth. I
tried and nothing came out, twice. Tears were running down my
cheeks and he stopped me from trying to vocalize with a finger to
my lips.

"Just say the two words I want to hear. That will say it all", he

I knew the words he wanted to hear, "Fuck me", I said.

We both walked arm and arm to the bed. He took the towel along
and dried what hadn't air-dried already. As I sat on the bed I
asked him to get the things from the bathroom counter. He
returned and walked to the bed, handing me the things as I
extended my hand. I looked up as he stood before me and reached
out and took his penis in my hand. I bent and brought it to my
lips and bathed it with my mouth. He tasted better than ever,
still oozing some pre-cum. I let his cock fall from my mouth and
crawled on the bed, placing my hands flat and facing each other.
I rested my head on my hands, careful not to press my face on the
new diamond on my finger. I left my ass, which he loved so,
raised in the air. He needed no more of an invitation.

He came forward and kissed each cheek and then dove right for his
goal, rinsing his tongue over and over my rosebud. I heard him
pause and then felt the cold rush of jelly being put in my most
private spots. He rubbed his middle finger over and over the hole
till it dilated by itself and his finger sort of fell in. Every
new move within my bottom brought a catch of breath from me, most
with a tinge of pain, but nothing so unpleasant to disrupt his
ministrations. Soon he was sawing his middle finger in and out of
me. It felt wonderfully different. Soon he was kneeling up behind
he with his thumb poised over the hole, it was also bathed in a
coating of the jelly. I groaned and caught my breath as he
twisted his thick thumb up there and I began to wonder if we
could skip the Blue Devil. But, I remembered how being stretched
was so important, so I allowed him to take his time. When he
pulled his thumb from me I felt empty. Still with my eyes closed,
there was a long pause. I knew he was lubing up the plug. Just as
I realized that I felt its little rubbery tip go into me. He
played with the skinny end of the butt plug in my ass for 5 or
more minutes until he began getting to the fat part and pushing
the bulb past my sphincter. I felt him apply more KY around the
exposed part of my private entrance. He then insinuated more and
more of the girth of the bulb past my barrier.
Suddenly, it just snapped in; Swallowed by the mouth that was my
I brought my head up in a start, made a painful face, but that
was in anticipation of something that didn't really happen.
The fat part of the bulb went easily past my well-prepared little
hole and muscle. I rested my head back down waiting for his next
move. I felt the bed move as he lay next to me. He tapped me on
my shoulder and I looked up. His cock was right before my face.
I went to reach for it and he said "No. . .let's try sixty nine."

We had never done that before but, I need just crab walk over him
and I could start nipping at his penis. When I did start to nip
and lick at him, I felt his face bury itself in my pussy. This
position was described in books I read with positions and
practices. While it seems it would be a sensual high, the female
usually felt that they could not concentrate on either orgasm,
especially their own. I felt that way. I decided that just
keeping the head of his penis in my mouth kept my genitals right
in his face. If I were to push my mouth over him, I would be
pulling them away from him on each thrust. Soon, I became aware
of the reason he wanted this position. He wanted to see the plug
up close in my behind and play a bit with it.
He concentrated his tongue right on my clit while using his nose
to nudge and push at the base of the plug. He dropped his head
back, allowing me to drop my head further over his penis, and
that also afforded him a close look and chance to touch and play
with the butt plug. To me, the plug was there to stretch my
muscle to accommodate him and make the experience more
pleasurable for both of us. As a bonus, the Blue Devil just felt
good and gave him a new kink bonus. He turned the plug around,
taking advantage of the little nub on the base meant as a crank.
It felt very good as it moved. Occasionally he would pull at the
plug, just getting to the widest part, and then let it go to find
its own way back in. Other times he would pull it just past the
widest part and it would ooze out past the bulb leaving the shaft
within me. I think that, once pulled past the bulb and left to
itself, it would drop from me entirely. But Bill always pushed it
back in. The times he did this, I was getting a taste of what the
in and out thrusting of his penis was going to feel like. The
alternating fullness and then movement past my sphincter was
quite nice, very erotic, and had a delicious effect on my vaginal
orgasm mechanism. Although I barely understood the G-spot orgasm
and the fluid I was expelling with them, I thought this was going
to cause that to happen. It could be that the penis, during anal
intercourse, in thrusting, was stimulating the backside of that
mysterious G-spot through the bowel wall.

Although his playing and nibbling, in time with my sucking and
feeling the unique texture of his penis crown on my tongue, was
quite nice and extremely erotic enough to cause orgasm, I was
ready to be filled with Bill. This was playing and preparation.
The act itself, the fucking, was going to be feeling my future
husband within my body making love to me, his future wife.

I took his penis from my mouth and raised my head and turned,
thus pulling my genitals from his face. I looked back at him, his
head propped up to afford him better contact, and said, "Bill, my
love, I am ready", and I swung my knee over his torso and went
back to laying on my back. Bill turned over and knelt up, and
then crawled to me. He fell to me and we embraced, kissed, and
embraced with his mouth beside my ear.

"You are sure you want to give this for me? I do not want to hurt
you in any way", he said.

"Oh, Bill, there is nothing I want more than to feel you within
me. I don't think there will be any pain. If so, I can endure it
for you, and for me", I said, slightly changing my original
position on the "hurting" factor.

"Tell me if I am hurting you, scaring you or causing you to feel
anything but what you want from this. . . Promise?", he said with
a quiver to his lower lip.

"Promise", I agreed, as tears filled my eyes. I could not believe
how much I loved this man and wanted to be consumed by his

Bill knelt back and looked for the tube of lubricating jelly.
Finding it and the condom, he asked;
"Do you want me to use the condom? You said you wanted to feel ME
inside you", he asked confused.

"I didn't go into this blindly Bill. Some places I read that the
smoother texture would make it easier for me at first and you
could lose it once I was a. . . . opened up. Now, I'm sure I want
to feel YOU", I said.

He took the cap off the tube and said, "Turn over, baby".

"No, lover. Face to face, heart to heart", I said.

He smiled and said. "God, you are so special. I could never
deserve you. Not on a million years"

I pouted and whispered as I choked on tears, "You deserve me, you
deserve this, we deserve each other. There is no doubt God made
you for me."

I raised my legs and held them back with my arms, locking them
with my elbows. It opened up my most private and personal of all
places on my being. I became aware of the lovers toy that was
still in me. While it served a purpose, it seemed silly now
because I was going to have Bill's penis in that spot, the thing
that he used to express his love for me, what he would deliver
his seed for our children through. I was so ready.

Bill took hold of the flat blue base of the toy and slowly pulled
it from me. I grunted a little as the fullest part of the bulb
was involuntarily pushed from me. As it left, I felt an emptiness
that I craved to be filled, and it would be soon.

Bill took the Blue Devil and wrapped it in one of the towels,
along with the unused condom and pitched them across the bed to
the floor in front of the bathroom. He took the KY tube and
squeezed a sizable amount onto his fingertips. He lathered it on
his penis like he was frosting a cake. I don't think he wanted to
stroke it into his penis, just leaving a bare coating; he wanted
to have a thick cover. I knew that my little hole would catch it
all and save it for each new stroke. Once patted and lathered on
he scraped what remained on his fingers to his leg, and then
scooped it up and reached between my legs and put it on my
asshole. He put a dollop on his middle finger and brought it to
my hole. I felt him push it in easily. I knew I was dilated and I
was making sure that I did not kegel my hiney shut. He put a
second and then a third dollop in. The third one he pushed in as
far as he could and I gasped as I felt his finger go that far
into me.

He sat back a little and looked at my teary eyed, pouty, worried
face. He smiled and I was reassured, even though this was my

"Put your beautiful cock inside me lover, my husband", I weakly
said in a cracking voice.

He scooted a little closer and I pulled my legs back even tighter
to allow better access. He held his penis by the base and put
into the enlarged, stretched dimple of my ass. He was not IN me
yet, but he was positioned. Our eyes met and we smiled at each
other with tentative smiles. He pushed a little and I caught my
breath and closed my eyes.
He took that for pain. "Are you OK?, Tell me if I hurt you!!" he

I let out a breath. "I'm OK". Keep going"

He pushed a little more and I felt him pass my sphincter with a
sharp quick electric pinprick shot of hurt. I closed my eyes,
sucked in a breath and turned my head quickly to the side.

"HOLD IT, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it," I said as
I waited to be sure the pain was gone.

"I'm going to stop, Care, I can't hurt you like this", Bill said.

"NO, I'm OK", I said as I pushed to him a little to show him my

"That was just a quick shot. You caught on my muscle there for a
second. It's OK now. Really, . . . . give me more. Push till I
tell you to stop", I said, determined.

Bill took my order and pushed, he was passed anything that could
hurt me now. He was only half way in and I felt full. I grunted
and said "Oh yeah, oh yeah, you are so big, push it innnnnnnn. Oh
Goddddddd, I said on a long wheezing grunting gritty exhale".

He was all the way inside me, his balls to my ass cheeks. It felt
wonderful to be so full and know it was Bill Wilson that was
filling me. Oh, that beautiful cock, that dick, that penis!!

"I don't know about you Carree, but this is the most wonderful
feeling I have ever had", Bill said as he broke out just plain

"It is for me too lover", I said as I caught his contagious
laughter. "All that work and anxiety was worth it, huh?"

"Yes, we are fucking, really fucking. Making love. Me inside of
you", he said. "I love you, I love you, I love you".

"How's this Bill? Umm . . .Fuck me with that cock, baby", I said,
wanting to know how the words would sound from my mouth.

"I like the sound of it, Carree", Bill said as he began to move
within me.

He began to take small little movements, maybe an inch long,
maybe a little more. He grew bolder as he continued making his
strokes longer.

"Oh baby", I said, "this is the best. Fuck me good, Bill"

He began to really go at me in earnest making his strokes longer
and longer, where I could feel the head on that cock lodge right
at the entrance to my ass, and then pummel in. I was getting the
fucking of my life, literally. The best was yet to come, no pun
intended, as an orgasm began to build within me. It was a totally
different orgasm than any I felt before. It wasn't clitoral, or
vaginal, but it was from the whole of my sexual being. I began to
shut down, my breathing, my muscle coordination. I was going to
lose it for sure. If I didn't have Bills cock stuffed up my
hiney, I was sure I would have shit.

"Ngggggt nggggggt ngggggggggt I tried to snort through my mouth
but my jaw was like froze, my breath came in short gasps through
my nose. My elbows unlocked my knees and my legs flailed. I
stiffened right up and forced half of Bill out of me. He stopped
thrusting and looked at me. Out eyes met and he said;

"You Ok, Carree? You OK?". He was a little panicked. I managed a
nod but he pulled his cock from me.

"CARREE!" he shouted at me. He was genuinely worried, but I was
"with it", but I still couldn't draw a breath. I knew I was
turning red. I shoved my hand down to my engorged pussy and drove
my middle finger over my clit and then a splash of that damn
fluid rushed out of me all over Bill and the bed.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I finally managed to voice, and I could
breathe again. I wheezed and grunted sighs of pleasure for a
half-minute or so, and finally I spoke. "Oh my God Bill, this is
getting scary, cumming like that", as he looked at me like I was
some sort of sideshow.

"Jesus Christ Carree where does that come from? I don't mean the
water or cum or whatever it is, I mean the orgasm. Does it hurt
or feel so good you can't stand it or what?" Bill asked, still a
little panicked.

"I'm OK Bill, I just come hard and at some point I can't stand it
and can't get in a rhythm of breathing and moving my body with it
and I lock up. The pleasure from it is, is . . . .is. . . oh,
there are no words. But it's all from you, and how much I love
you. I may look like I'm in pain or panicked or hurting, but I am
in total ecstasy, Bill. . . . The squirt, umm, I guess it's just
like yours, it feels like that. You know how good it feels and
you have no control for a minute. That's me too."

We caught our breath and then I realized I was wanting again.

"William, sweet William, put that cock back in me again. Give it
to me in my ass!", I ordered him.
He didn't need any coaxing, as he put the head up my dilated
butthole. I pulled my legs back again and he pushed all the way
into me without so much as a hitch or little pinch of hurt.

He began to ram it in me again, big long strokes. I was beginning
to leave reality again and he noticed and slowed down to calm my

"That's it Billy boy, tease me. Tease those big boulder orgasms.
Make me have one long one" I said as he smiled at me, proud that
he could make me so happy. "Oh Bill, I love you fucking my ass so
much, we could do it again and again", I exaggerated.

"Wait until I make love to you in your pussy, Carree. That will
be the best. Keep that in your little fantasies", Bill said as he
saw me getting close to losing it again. "Do you want it, Carree,
do you want another one", he said as he quickened and lengthened
his stroke.

"Yes, Yes, Yes", I responded with each time his balls hit my ass
cheeks and then I lost it all again, much the same as I did
earlier. The noises that came from me were from another world or
something and then I would just lock up. When I did that, I would
lose Bill, pushing him from me. I just couldn't take the
continuous orgasm with his stroking already making another one.
This time when I pushed him out and squirmed away he quickly
buried his face in my vagina almost biting my clit. He had me
totally out of control and I was squirting that fluid right into
his face as he drilled my clit. I reveled in the orgasm, but then
I couldn't stand it anymore and pushed and slapped at him to
stop, but he held me tightly and wouldn't let me move. "Uhhng-ooo
Uhhng-ooo" I guttered from my windpipe, and I finally got him
away as my orgasm burned with delighting pleasure. I squirmed
away and turned on my side finally getting away from his tongue.
I was curled in the fetal position with my ass towards him. I
felt him crawl up beside me and I thought he would hug me. But,
he parted my butt halves and pushed his cock back into me. This
was a new angle and it was like getting another new toy. He
stroked me about 10 or 15 times and I began to hump at him a
little. He pulled out and put his arm around my waist and turned
me totally on my stomach. He pushed my head down and lifted my
ass to him. He glided his cock back into me from this side and
began fucking me in long determined strokes. Soon I began to feel
familiar rumblings inside ad I clutched at the sheets.

"Do you want it Carree, Do you want another big one??" he

"Yes, Bill, let me do it" I said, and as I no more than okayed
it, I felt the wave hit. It was an intense wave, not as long and
draining as the others, but just as good. Bill let me go from the
grip he had on my cheeks and when I was losing control I pulled
away from him and turned on my side with my torso flat, up facing
him. He looked at me in wonder as I turned beet red, but without
the previous histrionics, but I did feel my pussy leaking again.
No big waves of fluid, I must have been out. (Where in hell does
it come from?)

Bill was looking at me with unfettered adoration.

"I could watch you cum all day, in that state you are so
beautiful", he said. "Now, you watch me cum".

With that said, he came over me on all fours. Pushed my shoulder
down flat so I was on my back, put his knees between my legs and
laid right on me, heart to heart. He lifted a little and said,
"put me inside of you".

I smiled at him and reached down between us and found his raging
cock that had given me so much pleasure today. I took the head
and, while turning up my legs a little, pressed to my butthole, I
had lost some of the lube, but I was still wide open and very
loose. He pushed in. Once past my big muscle, there was
tightness. Note: Most men think, as Bill told me, that the
tightness of anal sex is the butt-hole itself. Once you dilate
it, it's loose. The tightness comes from the snug of the bowel.

He let my arm back up and once again he pressed his body to mine.
Like this, he couldn't go as deep in my butt as before but he was
in and we were heart to heart.

"Are you sure you want to marry me", he said as he stroked in and
out. "Do you think you could put up with this for the rest of
your life?"

"Oh yes, yes, yes, yes" I said as I humped at each word. He began
to quicken his pace and I knew the rhythm of his orgasm. I
gripped his back to me as I began to have one too. He breath
quickened and I knew he was close. I realized that this was to be
the first time he was to cum IN me. Not my mouth, but in me. I
wondered how the girl in Kim's video could suck the cock that had
been in her ass? Now I knew. I would suck his cock right now if
he asked me to, so I could get that sperm, his love juice.

He began to whisper at me that he loved me, he was going to cum
inside me, he loved me, to come with him, it was soo sexy,
that alone would make me come. Then I felt him stiffen. I felt
his cock head begin to swell. It was like a new cudgel up my
inner most being. Then he swooned and groaned in my ear and I
felt the splash of his seed inside of me. I was sure the first
blast was a big water cannon blast. I had felt enough of those in
my mouth that I knew what it was like. Then, I was acutely aware
of 3 or 4 more splashes inside me, but then I wasn't sure. It was
hard to decipher from so deep inside me. But I knew I had his
warm seed shot direct from his penis inside me. I was glad I had
done this. I had done this for my husband, the man I loved. It
was fantastic.

Bill lay on top of me with his penis still up my hiney for quite
a while. He was humming in my ear something like a song, I wasn't
sure. I thought that when his dick softened, it would pop from
me. But either it hadn't softened or he was longer than the
distance between us. He finally sat back and his cock stayed in
my butt. He was still pretty hard.

"Still got some life left, huh?", I said.

"Yeah, just thinking about being in your butt, and it won't go
down", he said.

He started to initiate a little pumping and I stopped him.

"No, Bill please? I'm getting pretty sore and the lube is about
gone", I said as he had a saddened look on his face.

But, I had a little surprise for him as long as he was ready.

"Don't worry, honey, I'm going to suck it dry for you. I want to
taste that sweet cum of yours. It's all I've been thinking about
the last 10 minutes, laying here", I said.

He got up to go to the sink, saying, "I'll wash it off for you".

"No, Bill, let's do it in the shower. Lets wash the love from
each other, I said as I was getting up.

I knelt up on the bed and a big uncontrolled fart left my behind
from all the air he pumped into me. I was sooooo embarrassed, but
he laughed and said I was one of the guys now. I moved again and
another came out along with a gurgling and a whole load of cum
ran out of my butthole, down my leg and on the bedspread, along
with more fart sounds.

"I can wait until you're through farting and shitting the bed so
we can shower, but just let me know how long you'll be.", he said
sarcastically laughing like hell
I was hurt and embarrassed until I realized he was kidding and I
chased him into the shower throwing pillows and towels at him. As
I walked and ran I realized I must be walking funny from holding
my legs up, plus my butthole was pretty sore.
Bill got right in the shower without waiting for me. I don't know
if he couldn't wait to get the smell and ookiness of my bowels
off his penis, or was just anxious for the sucking I promised
The last couple times I had given him oral sex I began to realize
how much I really liked sucking him. I found it hard to imagine
having sex without tasting him. It was a very personal act that
made me feel very sexy, for some reason. I had done it for the
first time just about a year ago, and we had engaged in it about
8 or 10 times. It seemed like a lot more, but if I really sat
down and thought about it, 10 would be the max. It was usually a
reciprocal thing, me doing him and he eating my pussy. We both
had real good orgasms and felt a special satisfaction from it. I
think that stemmed from the fact that we had no reservations
about either act. We both did them out of love for each other.
Bill had no reservations about kissing or tasting my mouth
afterwards, or my tasting his. Swallowing Bill's cum was just a
natural thing the first time. I don't "crave" the taste, but it's
not repulsive or anything. But, I do crave having that part of
Bill in my mouth. It's smooth like velvet on the head and you can
feel his heart in the shaft. Knowing the reaction I get from him
makes me want to do it to make him happy. Plus, there's a power
thing involved too. He always licked and sucked every inch of me,
not having any reservation about putting his tongue way up inside
me or licking my bottom hole. I am what they call a "squirter".
When properly manipulated and excited, I ejaculate gushes of a
fluid that is a cloudy, sweet to the taste, and in between urine
and an old basement to the smell. Sex textbooks all agree on one
thing, it is not urine. It is not Bills goal to taste or swallow
my gush, but he has no reservation to doing so. They are known as
G-spot orgasms and I can have them spontaneously without direct
stimulation of that spot, but that makes them more intense. From
what I read and have talked about, I am one of few who have
discovered this ejaculation trick at such a young age. I
discovered my ability by accident, it just happened.
I shave all of my pubic hair all of the time to further enjoy
being licked and tongue titillated. Bill loves my smooth nether
lands, and can make my clitoris engorge and near burst from his

With the hot water tank revitalized, Bill had it steamy in no
time. By the time I tied up my hair in a shower cap, he was all
sudsy and beginning to rinse off.

I said, "No fair, I wanted to wash you down", with a pout.

"Oh, as if you would let me touch you anywhere right now", Bill

"Well, come on, I am a little sensitive in all the good spots,
and you know it takes awhile to recover after I go off like
that", I said.

After a couple G-spot orgasms my clit and outer opening were
tender as hell, plus my poor little hiney wouldn't appreciate
being poked and prodded so soon after the screwing it just took.

"To tell you the truth", Bill said "I just couldn't wait for your
mouth, and I didn't want to gross you out with your taste on me".

"I know", I said coyly, "I just wanted to make you feel guilty
for being so selfish".

"Carree, I'm not selfish, I just love you, and the ways that you
love me. You know if I thought there was a way to love you back
right now, I would", Bill said, so seriously.

"BILL, I wasn't being serious for one second there. I just told
you that I was lying there with you, with your penis stuck up my
butt, fantasizing about having it in my mouth. I meant that. I
was hoping you had a little life left"

"Why do you suppose that you would think about and fantasize
about that?", Bill wondered aloud.

"I dunno" I answered, shrugging my shoulders trying to be cute
for him. "Maybe I just love you and can't get enough of you".

"That works for me", Bill said as he pulled me into the hot spray
and hugged me. "You do realize that I proposed to you today,

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot", I feigned, then added, "like there
has been any doubt that we were not going to be together forever.
Ummm, can I ask you . . .Where did you get the money to buy that
ring, Bill?"

"Geez, already with the wife-like questions", he said. "I've been
saving for a while"

"Wow, how did you get THAT much past your parents? I thought they
were grabbing most of your work check for a college fund.", I

"When I said a while, I meant it. My nickels, dimes, pennies,
anything, for a long time I saved. Ever since seventh grade. If
you became a nun I was going to throw you a big going away party.
If you didn't, I was going to marry you. That was my plan.
Thirteen year olds with hard-ons make big plans with their crazy
ideas. After a while, it just snowballed. A dollar from my
allowance each week, half my snow shoveling money, I saved a
little of anything. I had big ideas. I guess it paid off though,
he said with a tearful smile as he held my finger with the ring
between his fingers. "Who'de a thunk it", he said in a doofus
voice, scratching his head.

I was impressed that he had really saved all that time, even if
it was a silly adolescent fantasy at the time. He was just that

" And the idea for this came from a thirteen year old with a
hard-on?" I asked. "Well, maybe that hard-on needs to be taken
care of" I said as I grabbed his penis and knelt in the shower
stall. "That's a long time to have a hard-on. Do you think I
should take care of that 6-year-old problem? . . . Or do I just
look too sexy with this shower cap on?"

"Oh Carree, if you only knew how many times I jerked off thinking
about you. I must have spent gallons down the sink", he said as
he shuttered when my lips went around the head of his dick.

I took his penis from my mouth and said in my sexiest voice,
"Don't waste a drop of this OK? I'll try to make it worth the
wait. OK, baby?"

I put his cock back on my tongue and looked up at him, but my
sexy pose was wasted. His eyes were rolled back and were looking
at the ceiling. He was enjoying my kissing and sucking too much.
I tried to make it a special blowjob for him. Just holding the
base in my hand and plunging my lips and tongue over the head and
first inch or so repeatedly with lots of suction. It gave me a
sore neck, but I knew he liked this. It didn't take long for me
to get results though. He was doing his little dance and cum
ritual in a minute.

I pulled my mouth from his cock and kept up the friction with my
hand for a second so I could speak, "Do you want to cum yet Bill,
or do you want to enjoy some more mouth play, it's up to you. I'm
your whore right now, what do you want?

"Oh, Godddddddddd, Geez, Care, you're NEVER my whore, don't say
that! You're my lover, and will be my wife! . . . and I want to
cum NOW. Don't make me wait, lover! Hnnnt hnnnnt hnnnnt!!", he
grunted as he was close to his edge.

I was already pissed off at myself for saying that I was his
whore. I knew he wouldn't like that. I didn't mean it like he
thought. The old saying about how a man "wants a respectable
woman in public and a whore in the bedroom" is what I was
alluding to. I would explain to him later.

"Ooooooooooooooo, cum for me baby. Give me your juice. Feed me",
I said as I plunged the head of his cock into my sucking mouth.
I worked only the head with no hands with my sucking in and out.
He was close.

A long series of grunts, oooo's and ahhhh's accompanied his
biggest shout as I felt his cum hit my tongue. I planned to hold
it all for one big swallow but he was filling my mouth. I didn't
think he could make so much, so fast, but it was there. I had to
swallow a couple times to get the mouthful that I wanted to play
over my tongue and savor. You could just swallow it like an
unpleasant food, or you could work it with your tongue like a
fine wine. I chose to do that. I didn't like the taste that much,
but I wanted to know Bill and his taste. A little kinky, I know,
but I loved this man so much. His taste varied, but there was an
underlying flavor that was really him, and I got it just before
the bleachy aftertaste.

We experimented once with him eating grapefruit and drinking
grapefruit juice one night, and having fresh pineapple on the
morning of a planned "date" in his writing room after his parents
left to go antiquing. He did taste decidedly much sweeter that
day, to the point where it tasted good. But even then, there was
a Bill taste, and then the bleach flavor.

I finished my licking and sucking Bill and was confident I had
him dry. I finished just kissing the tip as he was shrinking. I
pulled up his skin sheath and began to stand up. I saw his belly
button and the trail of water going into it. I stuck my tongue in
his navel and it was like a fountain for me. It filled my mouth
with a stream of water. I rinsed my mouth a couple times and
sought out his mouth.

"NOW, we're through", I said as we kissed.

He looked at me a little stern and said, "If anything you do
makes you FEEL like a whore, tell me and we will STOP IT. You are
not my whore. You . . . ".

I stopped him with my finger to his lips and explained to him
what I meant, but promised never to use the saying or call myself
that again. He finished his rebuke with:
"You're talking about someone I love and want to spend my life
with, who will bear our children".

That made me feel good, and I apologized, even though I meant no
harm by it.

We kissed some more and were necking and calling each other every
pet name you could think of after each kiss, when we felt the
water begin to get a little less hot.

"You better get washed if you want to, Care, before it's cold
again", Bill said.

I grabbed the soap and did my shaved vagina and turned to clean
my butt and the valley with the little hole. As I manipulated
that little rose I felt the urge to go.
"Damn, I have to go, umm, back there", I said as I began to get
out of the stall to dry.
He grabbed my arm and said "Just squat over the drain. It's
probably just my cum and lube, right?"

"I don't know, it doesn't feel like, a . . . you know", I said
before he interrupted me.

"God, Carree, just squat and go, it will be harmless. I'll look
the other way," he said. "Then you can clean up and can finish
before it gets cold.

"OK, dammit" I said, "turn your head", I said. I DID want to be
clean back there and not have to go afterwards. I especially
didn't want to wipe with paper there. I was sensitive enough.

I squatted over the center drain and let loose. I was so
embarrassed. It was another big gurgling fart, more cum and
another fart and then what I guess was the remains of a half tube
of KY jelly.

"It's alright Bill, you were right", I said as he turned. "All
cum and KY, and that damn air!"

"I wouldn't have proposed if I knew you had that gas problem.
You'll blow mw out of bed!!, he joked as he laughed like a

"Very funny, loverboy. See if I let you in the back yard to play
again.", I mock-scolded him.

"Oh Carree, you play along so good. I think we are going to have
a lot of fun in our life together." Bill said with a hug.

"I think we will too", I said as I grabbed the soap to finish
washing my bottom. "We better get out and clean up our messes
before Meg gets back and figures out what went on here today".

. . . . .and that we did. Bill and I got the place cleaned up
and Bill on his way by about 3:45. Meg came up to the room about
10 minutes later. I apologized for never meeting her as I
planned. She said she saw Bill leaving in a strange car, and
figured it was OK to come back.

"You can't tell me you're a virgin now", Meg said. "One look at
you and everyone will know you got laid this afternoon. You are
positively glowing. Good for you", she finished.

I flushed inside, and yes, I was glowing.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is the first of 10 stories of specific days or periods of
time in our sexual lives. There are 9 other separate stories to
be written, from Williams outlines.
Our sexual awakening is told in the CARREE LOVES BILLY series.
Be sure to search that out and find it. If you like this story, I
think you might like that series, or read it the "genus" file.
William would be tickled to know that people are reading these
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Regards, Carree


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