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I lost my William early in 2001. He was a writer who, one day, planned to use my
diary, as a basis for true erotic stories. I kept the diary through our young courtship and beyond, William and I enjoyed reading erotic stories of this type.

He planned to use the pen name Billy Hand. As a means of therapy for dealing
with his loss, I have taken up the project. Though not as accomplished a writer as
William, I too, write professionally for travel and vacation guides. I hope you
enjoy our stories as much as I did living them.

Whether you believe our stories or not, trust me when I say then have been
embellished little.

Our sexual awakening is told in the CARREE LOVES BILLY series.

There are 10 separate other stories to be written, from Williams outlines, about
specific days and events in our sexual lives. This is the sixth in the series.

This is the story of the spring leading up to, and the summer after our junior year
at college. It was the first year that we both had internships. While we had
planned to have this be our best summer, our last before Graduation and getting
on with our lives, all of a sudden we were going to be in different cities struggling
with being apart.

There things in this story that William never knew about, obviously, as I am sure
there are things in his life that were innocent enough, but he protected me from. A
funny thing happened while writing this, my computer crashed, and I lost my 30
page story. In re-writing it I recalled many more events as I recollected them from
notes and memory, so I will turn this into a 2 part story, 6A and 6B.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Going into our junior year I had hoped that I could get an internship in or near
New York City so that Bill and I could spend our last summer before graduation
together, as a couple. I became obsessed with what a special time this was to be.
Never again would we have the opportunity to be free and on our own before
crossing the threshold into adulthood, a career, marriage, and hopefully

Beyond that, things seemed to be great all around as my relationship with my
roommates Maria and Henny could not be any better. This was our third year
together and we had bonded nicely. My dearest friends from high school, Megan,
Kim, and Jennifer were still dear to my heart, but actually living with and sharing
thoughts with these 2 young women had drawn us close together.

We were advised early on in our first year that finding and keeping a good
roommate would be hard, yet the 3 of us clicked pretty well the first year. Maria
was never a problem, and Henny was more a worry than anything. While we got
along, she had a habit of bringing home guys she barely knew to spend the night.
Although they were gone in the morning, Maria always worried and was wary for
Henny and us. We were both much more comfortable when her "friend" Nick
came around. They both acted like a real couple in love, but Henny made a point
of saying that he was just a friend she slept with, and without fail, on the day Nick
left, she brought home a new lover for that night, as if to make an exclamation
point to her "friend only" status. Nick was handsome beyond words, and looked
like an Italian movie star. He didn't play down his looks, as he should have.
Without the jewelry or the tight pants and the perfect hair, Nick would have been
beautiful. Maria and I called him Dreamboat, and he actually was the only guy
who really made me sweat, besides Bill, but Nick always exuded a certain
sleaziness because of the wrong "trim".
Between her bad "boy" habits and her warnings from school, it didn't seem that
she would be asked to return the following year. Then, that freshman year, when
we all came back from Presidents Day holiday weekend, Henny returned a
changed woman. There was some sort of epiphany in her life. Part was due to a
change in her relationship with Nick.

Bill and I had arranged to pick Maria up at the airport in Syracuse. She was flying
in from seeing her guy, Jack, who had bought her the ticket for her visit. So, we
were all together when we walked in the dorm that day in our freshmen year.

Hen and Nick were curled up on the community sofa. Nick was in a pocket Tee
and jeans with no jewelry and cut dry hair. No big waves, no gels, just "au
natural." (God, he wasn't a dreamboat anymore, he was a stone fox!) Henny, who
had a habit of talking before thinking, and doing a lot of talking, looked at Nick.
"You tell them, they'll never believe me." She said.

I was afraid that something had happened. I knew Nick had lots of family problems. If not for the frat he lived at and Hen's Mom, he would have no place
to sleep or eat.

"We got each other to admit that," Nick said pausing, "We're in love, and have
been for a long time. We always thought of ourselves as brother and sister, best
pals and never gave ourselves the chance that we could really be compatible as a
couple. We always abused each other's feeling as some kind of way to try and
shoo the other away. We had a breakthrough this weekend. I can't go into a lot of
it, but . . . "

"Just like that," I said, "Over the weekend, you figured all this out?"

Henny sat up and had a tear forming in her eyes and for the first time her stone
exterior melted away.
"I've always known it, well for the last 4 or 5 years. I was afraid to say it to him,
thinking I would lose him. This weekend I quit being an asshole, but only for a
few minutes - don't get your hopes up, and had to admit it to Nick, as well as
coming to a lot of other crossroads in my life.
Ummm, Nick's reaction was positive. . . . and told me that he couldn't stand it
any longer either. He was on the verge of telling me the same thing too. I feel like
a new person and have lost a big weight off my shoulders. I'm going to declare a
major tomorrow, and make the deans list every semester the rest of my time here.
I promise that to myself."

"Henny," said Maria, "you can't just turn it off and on like that. I know your
GPA, and you have a lot of work to do just to get asked back. I love you and will
help you all I can, but it will take a lot of work. Just reciting the words won't do,
let's face it, doing school work has not been your priority."

Henny looked at both of us, then at Nick and put a stern look on her face.
"Just watch me! But, I need you guys to believe in me, though. Can I depend on

Maria and I both agreed to do what we could to get her in better study habits.
Whatever happened at her home that weekend had a profound lasting effect
because; she did just what she said she would do. Now, midway though our junior
year she had the 4.0 GPA, still had Nick, who turned out to be an awesome guy
for her, a perfect match. They met as infants in daycare and have basically never
really been apart.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had put my student advisor hot of the trail of a New York City internship and
she came to me with 3. She had assured me that these would not be posted
anywhere until I had followed up on her initial contacts with them. The only
problem was, there were 2 other girls on campus vying for the same positions.
Two were for television networks and consisted of 20-25 hours of unpaid intern
work and 30 hours of paid secretarial type of work. They included living stipends
that could be used at a set of double occupancy flats that the networks held for
interns. The third was with an international publisher of financial, travel, and
health newsletters. My advisor pushed me towards this one because of the
requirements list. "Must have an interest in marketing, writing, editing,
advertising, human resources, or graphic design. Must be energetic, analytical,
work well under deadlines, and are able to juggle many projects." She thought it
sounded like me and this firm was just opening up in New York, expanding from
their Baltimore base. I had become interested in the travel industry, actually trying
to set up my own agency, ever since I had taken a cruise last summer with Megan
and Kim to the Caribbean. While there, I was scouting places for a possible
honeymoon spot for Bill and I. I asked a lot of questions, got to know a lot of
people, and before I knew it, I was intrigued by it all. I had expressed that to my
SA and she added it to my resume.
This juncture was the first piece of fate that I encountered that advanced and
decided my career. The contact for the publisher was someone I had met and
heavily questioned while in St. Thomas. We had shared a drink and later met at
her hotels private beach with Meg and Kim, treating us to a roast and party her
company sponsored on the beach. I never knew the name of her firm and assumed
that when I never contacted her back, it was the last I would hear from her.

Maria ended up being one of the other 2 applicants for the network positions. It
happened that one of the internships fell through, a victim of Nielsen ratings. The
other did end up going to Maria. I always thought the fact she lived in the city was
the deciding factor, and who could blame them. We had found that tv production
staffs pinched pennies on help, because they were so extravagant with everything
else, I guess.

I stayed in daily contact with my advisor about the final internship in New York
that I wanted. There might be others available later, but I wanted this one to be
nailed down right away to ease my mind about being near Bill for the summer.
Plus, this position would earn me college credits that I could turn in towards
tuition or keep, should I decide to continue my education.
In the end I got the position, but my connection at the firm, the woman I had met
in St Thomas, Miranda Fond, wanted me in Baltimore, not New York. (Later their
expansion to NYC was scuttled anyway) Although normally they worked only
with Maryland colleges for these positions, she really wanted me on their staff. I
was actually mad at myself for being so damn likeable and personable. While my
student advisor, my family and Bill were so happy and supportive about getting
this plum position, I hid the fact that I hated everything about it. It would ruin my
dream summer with my love, Bill Wilson.

I will tell you now of the other twist of fate concerning this job, this firm and my
life's direction.
At the end of that summer's internship I was asked to do work during my senior
year for the firm. I could get a retainer for services and extend my internship. It
was apparent they really wanted to hire me after graduation. During that summer I
was given a project of a mock advertising newsletter. Using photos from my
vacation and information I had, as well as adding their required elements, I
supervised a mock team of 2 other interns in producing the piece. (FATE)
Somewhere along the line my mock project was sent to a client resort in the
Caribbean chain, (probably sent by another intern) which the resort accepted as a
prospectus. Later, they were notified that the mailing was an error. However, they
were expanding their resorts and were going to start their own in-house agency.
Long story short, after graduation I became a big part of the roll out of that string
of resorts and their agency. Since then, I have run my own agency and later free
lanced and done retainer work for different resorts and magazines. All started by a
secretaries mailing gaff. I do not deny that my looks have also opened a lot of
doors for me. I enjoy working on photo shoots outside at different resorts and like
seeing my picture in my work. (William loved me in azure blue swimwear, my
blonde hair and complexion lend well to it. It's the only color I appear in.)
I have done some bathing suit modeling for a connected company of one of our
clients, and even considered a career in that, should I want to stop the traveling I
HAVE to do. (I fly a lot, but do not enjoy it) Although the modeling is legit and
above board, it seems sleazy to me, even though William was quite OK with it.

Armed with this bit of background, on with the story . . . . . .

Getting back to classes after an Easter weekend break, a break that only students
who live close enough to commute can fully take advantage of, was hard on me. I
had spent the break with Bill and our families, plus we had plenty of alone time.
Although I was there with Bill, part of me was in a far off place. I was just
coming to grips with what was shaping up for our summers. On the surface I was
supposed to be happy for Bill and myself with the internships we had earned, but
inside I was being selfish, wanting to wrap Bill in my arms and whisk him away
for only me to enjoy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I was the first of the three of us to arrive back inside our dorm room. Bill was
close behind with my overnighter and boxes of items from home for the,
hopefully, upcoming warmer weather. The cloth bags of clothes slung over my
shoulder rested at my feet as I fumbled with the keys.

"Right behind you, move it Care. This is getting heavier by the minute.
Remember, you're not marrying an athlete," Bill said as he was stumbling the
last few steps with his over burdened arms.

"Hey, if I don't get the key in the hole the door doesn't open. Besides, no one
told you to bring it all in one trip," I chided Bill as the key finally went in the
hole and I got the door opened.

I kicked my bags of clothes aside so Bill could get by without having to stop. He
just made it to the community sofa where he dropped his load.

I went over to him and wrapped my arms around him from the back.

"You're athlete enough for me. Admittedly better in some sports than others." I
said as I kissed his neck.
He let himself slouch into my frame and dropped his head back to my shoulder.

"You wait until we get all the way back here to finally say something overtly
sexual this weekend?" he said, hurting my feelings a little.

"WHAT?" I said. "I wasn't sexy this weekend? I really enjoyed all of our alone
time, and as I remember your moans and groans as you filled my belly with your
juice, you seemed to like something."

"No, I guess it came out wrong," Bill said. "You were certainly sexy and all, but
you seemed to be in another place at times. I was worried you were a little bored
with us. You know, a little slump."

I pulled Bill even closer and bit at his neck. "Bill" I said, "I could never be bored
with you and if I was bored with anything, or had a problem about us, I would
say so".

As the words came out of my mouth I knew I was lying and being less than
forthright. Thoughts of summer and those months apart were weighing heavy on
me. But, the internships were so important to Bill; I would never express my
disappointment aloud.

"Geez, did you have to make that "filled my belly with juice" comment? Just
thinking about you and me with our faces buried in each others sex has got me
going again." Bill said as he reached a hand around to squeeze my ass.

"I wasn't trying to get sexy Bill. It's just you say that I didn't say anything
overtly sexual, and the first thing that pops into my head is me making love to
you with my mouth and swallowing your cum. If that isn't overtly sexual . . . ., as
well as all the other lovemaking we did. I mean, when you have your tongue on
my clit and 2 fingers stuffed up my butt I'm not exactly ready to come up with
any sexy one liners." I said defending myself.

"OK, OK! My remark was out of line. You were as sexy as ever." Bill admitted.
"It's just being preoccupied with school and work, I guess, has got me a little
nuts too. I just love to hear you say those words that drive me crazy, and I didn't
hear them this weekend. But you said them all, just not verbally. You know what
I mean, right?" he said, sort of apologizing.

Bill turned himself around and took me in his arms and held me like he knows I
like. With his head pressed against mine, and his mouth right next to my ear. He
whispers so low, as if even God isn't supposed to hear him.

"You know how much I love you, right?" he whispered. "You know how much I
care. Don't let my stupid little comment bother you. We both know how sexy we
were in the last 3 days."

His whispered words were honest and from his heart. Tears formed at my eyes as
I thanked God for his love and how deep it was. I was mad at myself for not
being forthcoming about my feelings about the summer. But the thoughts of our
lovemaking in the past 3 days erased everything for the time being. We were able
to spend Saturday night together, all night, in his room over the garage. parents be damned, we just told them we needed time together like that. My mom said
she wasn't happy about it, but would speak no more of the matter. My Dad was
the same. Bills parents worried what my parents would think of their judgment.
He assured them that the decision was ours and ours alone. We were adults, and
we were going to be married and we held our promise to each set of parents that
pregnancy would not happen. When Bill told his parents of our intention to spend
the night in his study/writing room his Dad challenged his decision. Bill just said,
"Fine, we'll be in the Budget Inn near the interstate, if you need us."
We were spending the night together with or without their approval. His Dad
gave up and said it was OK, that he should save his money. They could really ask
no more of us as a couple, and as members of their family. We fully functioned
as members of both families, taking part in all of the family affairs together as a
couple. When they looked around at other young adults our age, they had to
know how lucky they were they we had found each other.

I pulled Bill into my room and closed the door behind us. I took my sweatshirt
off and hugged my braless breasts to his chest while kissing his face.

"Show me one more time how much you love me," I said, poutily.

Bill wrapped his arms around my bare back and held me tight to him. He rested
his head on my shoulder while taking the side of my neck into his mouth. He
swathed his tongue over and over that spot and then gave it a deathsuck.

"No hickeys, no hickeys," I said, pulling away violently. Bill just smiled and
planted his lips to mine, giving me a big kiss. He pulled back his face and looked
at me.
"You didn't get enough of me this weekend, baby?" he asked.

"Never, and I hope you never have enough of me." I said

"Don't worry, Care. The only way to get too much is to get me to pass out, and
then I'm afraid what you would do with me, while I was out." He smiled to me.

He turned me around and pressed his loins to my backside while running his
hands up my nude chest. He held my breasts fully in each hand and tipped his
head inviting me to kiss him, and I did. I ground back at him with my ass, trying
to feel his penis through his pants. If he let me go right then I would have turned
and dropped to my knees to unzip him and give his penis a big wet kiss to relieve
the lump I felt. Before I could make that move he dropped one hand to my waist
and unsnapped my jeans. He slid the zipper down the track and slid his hand
down my jeans, between the jean and my panty. He cupped my pussy and held it
in his hand. I broke the kiss and just looked into his eyes and let out a long
breath. I wanted him.

He drew his hand from my jeans and hooked both thumbs in the side of them. He
pushed them down past my butt, along with my panties. He put his hand to the
center of my back and pushed me forward, making me bend over my bed, that I
was standing in front of. He ran his hands over and over the cheeks of my ass,
telling me how beautiful it was. I didn't know quite what to expect. I thought he
might want to eat my pussy, and I was looking forward to that, but then I heard
him undoing his belt and zipper. I went to stand up, I wanted to turn around and
see him, but he again placed his hand on my back and pushed a knee behind mine
to force my knees forward to the edge of the bed. As I looked between my legs I
saw his pants drop and then his underwear went down. He stepped up to me and I
was first afraid he was just going to fuck me and get it over with, enough of
being a virgin. But he wouldn't do that without talking it over first. Suddenly I
felt his penis go between my butt halves and I panicked. Surely he wouldn't try
to skewer me in my butt with no lube, or wetness whatsoever!!
I was about to protest when I felt the length of him settle into the crease of my
ass. He bent at the knees and was laid right in the part of my cheeks. He began to
slide up and down in that valley a few strokes and then I felt wetness drop from
his mouth to my ass and his penis. I was in sort of an awkward position, but his
rubbing felt good. He was just touching my butthole enough to create a sensation.
He had done this whole little sex act, one that we had never done, without a
word, until he said, "Touch yourself."

I shifted a little to steady myself to raise a hand to my pussy. I didn't know if he
had enough friction to get off like this or not. But, he was stroking at me like he
meant business, even though I didn't think he had enough contact.

"Someday, I'll fuck you like this Care, accentuating his long strokes. I'll make
love to you in every room of the house and in every way I can think of, but
especially your ass, or I should say, so I can see your ass. It's so beautiful. Ughh,
I could come just looking at it. Ughh, oh baby I love sliding my cock up and
down your crack, such a sweet ass. I wish I was inside it, but we can save that for
another time. Ohh, I 'm gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum,. Ohhhhh Ohhhh,"
and then he grunted heavily as I felt it splashing on my back. As he came he held
his hand firm in the center of my back, letting he half think that he didn't want
me to turn and finish him with my mouth, as he knew I would..
My fingers in my pussy were leaving me happy, but the feel of his seed splashing
on my back and the smell of it and the sex in the room, pushed me over the edge.
It wasn't a deep, gripping orgasm, just a nice spontaneous orgasm. I was happy.
Bill backed away from me and asked me to stand still, he would get a towel to
clean me up, as he fished into my clothes bags on the floor. I stood and felt the
cum roll down my back, one little trail making a path right between my ass. It
made me shudder and tweaked a little orgasm from me.

"I asked you to hold still so it wouldn't run down like that," Bill said smiling at
me as the look on my face gave away the sperm play on my back.

I just smiled and said, "Come here," as I squat down to be level with his dripping
penis. He knew I wanted his cock in my mouth and he knew it was mine. He
turned to me.
I opened my mouth as far as I could and clamped down on him and sucked right
up to the tip to clean him. I felt him shiver and a little new dribble go onto my
tongue. That was it, I just wanted to taste him and give him that little rush. I took
his cock from my mouth and kissed the topside of it and then held the side of my
face to his pubic bone.

"How do I live without you when we have to go back like this," I said.

Although it was a rhetorical question, he answered it right away.
"By knowing how good it will be when we finally see each other again and
knowing how much we love each other. Carree, if I didn't have the continuing
promise of your love, both the mental and physical side of it, I would have no
reason to work as hard as I do to make things right for our future. You are my

It was like he had rehearsed the answer and waited for the question, but I knew
that wasn't Bill. He felt that in his heart. Those words would hold me and make
me strong when I thought of the hopelessness of a summer away from him.

I stood and helped him get his shorts and pants up, being careful to gently tuck
his precious penis in without hurting it. When I finished I turned and bent so Bill
could mop up his mess from my back. He pulled apart my butt and wiped me dry
in there, leaving me sticky. I, too, still had my underwear and pants around my
ankles and he pulled them up, patting my hairless mound a few times and rubbing
circles and playful slaps on my ass, before pulling up my jeans. He reached
around the front of me and snapped them and yanked up my zipper. He then held
my breasts in his hands and kissed my neck.

"I really have to go. I'm supposed to log into TIME in less than 2 hours. I'll end
up being awake half the night with them, but they give my evaluation to the
college tomorrow for this half semester. My internship could be worth more
credits with a good review. I'll call you, I'll miss you, and I'll always love you.
One more thing, . . . . put your sweatshirt on. I don't need the guys here seeing
what great boobs you have." He said as he gave my nipple a little pinch.

I just got my sweatshirt over my head when the door flew open.

"Pants up everyone!! We're here to study, not to screw!!"

It was Henny, who else. She always had a way to make an entrance, and was
never afraid to speak what was on her mind.
I smiled and gave her a hug, as did Bill. She had really missed me by how hard
she hugged.
After hugging Bill she said, "You showed this girl a good time didn't you, she
gets awfully lonely some nights. I think she buys batteries by the case now."
Bill chuckled, but Henny laughed at her little joke.
Bill gave me a final kiss and hug and he was off. I watched him jog down the
quad and then stop to hug someone. It was Maria. We had all gotten back at the
same time. I was sure we would have a good time telling each other about our
Maria came in the door and Henny ran to give her a hug. The transformed Henny
was one who appreciated her friends, but she was still crass as hell.

"Watch when you hug Carree, she wreaks of cum, and so did Bill, so watch
where you sit. " Henny said loudly to Maria. I was mortified, but that was

"You can sit ANYWHERE," I said. The girl doesn't know what she's talking
about." I yelled. "Besides we were in MY bedroom."

Such was life with Henny. She kept Maria and I on our toes. She had become
someone special in both of our lives, yet she kept somewhat in a shell about her
love Nick (the dreamboat) and her intense studies. She was just an average
student upon arriving and had a 4.0 GPA and deans listed since second semester
mid-terms in our freshman year. As close as we had gotten, sharing intimate girl talk and personal things you just talk about with those closest, whose opinions
you trust, Henny never spilled the beans about her rebirth as a student, and her
new obsession with career. Maria was sure that she had an abortion that weekend
and this was her personal penance. I discounted that, but had not counted it out.
Whatever it was, it did Henny a lot of personal good and she never told any of
those closest to her at school what it was that drove her.

For the first time in my life as a student at any level, schoolwork was beginning
to back up on me, take a toll on me. My heavy class workload was wearing thin
as projects, thesis, and half-grade papers became due, seemingly at once. The
only redeeming factor was that spring break was just a week away. While most
schools had taken theirs the week before or after Easter, Upstate SUNY schools
were going to be 2 weeks after the late March Easter. I was burdened to the max
with work, but I saw it all being done on schedule, but not without burning a little
midnight oil. Knowing that finishing everything on time, and doing it right,
would leave my mind clear to enjoy the break with my love, Bill. He promised
me a great week, having reservations in Atlantic City for a few nights and tickets
for two shows. My body tingled when I thought of being away with Bill,
knowing how fulfilling similar excursions were.

I hurried to get back to my dorm on the Tuesday before the break. I had to
proofread and assemble a term paper for a Corporate Law elective. I was excited
because I had been so behind on it and was ready to bag it. Then I got a burst of
thought and it really fell together. Besides, it was something I really needed if
ever planned to start my own business, especially with the international
implications it would involve. When I opened the door there was an envelope
addressed to me from my SA. I quickly opened it and my face must have fallen to
the floor. It seems the publishing firm was expecting me for at least 2 days during
the break for indoctrination for my internship. They were to show me where I
would live, how to travel in the area. I was supposed to have set it up weeks ago
and it just slipped my mind. I called my SA right away and she was quite pissed
off at me. She had to have an answer by 2 pm that day and she took the liberty of
making arrangements for me to fly to Baltimore on Tuesday morning and return
Thursday night. One more roadblock was thrown in my quest to be alone with
my love. Now I had to call Bill and tell him our plans were probably shot to hell.
Just as I went to dial his number Maria came in the door.

"Did you get a hold of Bill? He called for you earlier and wanted you to get back
to him ASAP. I would have left you a note but I thought I would beat you back
here." She said.

"Oh, I hurried from my art class to get back and do my term for Law. I'm calling
him now about something else. I'll tell you Maria; I'm about to explode. The
whole fucking world is against Bill and I, it seems." I said as I dialed.

"Perspective girl, perspective", Maria said as she went into her own room
shaking her head.

"Hi lover, I heard you called me," I said as I recognized his voice.

Bill was obviously not in a good mood when he answered me. "Hi, this is really
going to stink and you're going to freak out, so sit down."

"Your news can't be any worse than mine," I answered him, "Let me go first."
"I have to be at the airport on Tuesday morning to fly to Baltimore for an intern
orientation, sort of a final approval stage for both of us. FUCK!! I hate to do this
to you Bill, but if I don't go my SA thinks Arens and Ponds will pull the
internship from me. They already are doing me a favor, so they say, by having
me in the home office and they pulled strings to get me student housing, even
though I'm not a Maryland resident. Goddamn it Bill, I want a career, but I want
it when I want it. All I want now is to be alone with you!"

Personally, at that point I would have scuttled the whole thing to have a week
alone with Bill. That was how much I wanted him, how much I missed him, how
much I wanted to make up for the summer I wasn't going to have for with him.
As important as the internship was, nothing made me feel like Bill did. Love is a
terrible addiction at times; to feel love, to give love. Could a being have a real
existence without it?

"When are you coming back? Your news dovetails with mine. I have to go to
New York on Monday and I won't be home until Wednesday night. I have an
intern orientation too. Jesus God! I've interned for these shitheads for almost 3
years, but to walk on their hallowed floors for a summer I have to come to the
city and be treated like wet baby. They show you the city, where you live, how to
get around, what to do to pass the time without doing something stupid, and
above all not hurt their name. The only positive is that they will offer me a job,
that's almost guaranteed." Bill rattled out.

So Bill was gone for the same days as me. "I come back on Thursday night. At
least we have the 2 weekends to be together. This is some spring break." I

"Well, the news from here is still not good. I can't get out of here until Sunday.
I'm finishing a piece as a contributor with 2 other student writers, one near
Chicago and one on the West Coast. We put it together and hopefully, to bed on
Sunday via conference call. Here we are, writing about spring break and its
effects on perceptions of the youth and all that bullshit, and we can't even take
one." Bill said, further frustrating me.

"So, how do I get home, Bill? When were you going to tell me about this?"

"For God's sake, Carree! Cool your jets! Do you think this has been on MY
schedule for weeks? I thought we were supposed to do it AFTER the break, using
our experiences, but it has to be on the newsstand during the break. So, get a pass
to stay on campus past Friday and I'll be there Sunday night to fetch you, OK? If
you really want to get out, see if a friend can bring you home or if your parents will come up. I'm sorry, I can't do it any earlier. I would come and get you
Friday and have you stay with me, but if campus police saw you, I would get
screwed around. It's not worth the risk." Bill explained.

"Don't get mad at me, Bill. I just want to get home and be with you. I don't want
to stay here until Sunday. I'll check around for a ride or something. Plan on
getting me on Sunday unless you hear from me, OK?" I said.

"OK baby. Lets just not hang up mad." Bill reasoned. "We're both mad at things
we have no control of and are taking it out on each other, agreed?"

"Agreed." I added. " I love you Bill. We can figure something out, OK? I just
want to hold you and make everything in my world right."

"I know, Care. We're both a little short fused. We will get through this. I love
you, Bye." And Bill hung up.

Seeing how I had to fly out on Tuesday morning, I really wanted to get home
before Sunday night. If Bill and I went home on Sunday night I would want to
stay with him and that would cause another ruckus with our parents. It really
wasn't a big deal with them, but they did enough to make us feel uncomfortable.
I was going to try and hook up with a ride if I could. My Dad would come and
get me if I asked, but I hated to bother him. Plus, I want him to know I can take
care of myself.

There were 2 guys in my art class that I had become friendly with, Russell and
Mark. They were mildly geeky, but both were cute and seemed like nice people.
If I was at Frazier Hall for a meal or just for coffee, one of them usually made it a
point to come over and keep me company. Now, there were guys who would do
the same trying to hit on me, asking me out, inviting me to pot parties or keggers
too, but from our conversations Russ and Mark knew I was engaged and not
interested in any other kind of relationship. Mark had a girlfriend back home,
near Buffalo, I think. Russell said he never had any serious relationships, but was
into partys and "got hooked up" a lot. I don't know if that meant he got drunk
and picked up a date or not. I never really asked, I just know he was a sweet guy
to me, and even studied together at the library for some History class last year
and went there once to look at some published free hand drawings for Art.

Right after I got off the phone with Bill I had to try and catch a couple coffees at
Frazier for the long night of work ahead. One solid night and I knew I cold finish
my Corporate Law term paper. Once I got to Frazier and got in line I felt a tap on
my shoulder, and it was Mark. He pointed to a table over in the last rays of sun
for the day. There sat Russell, and he waved.

"You look stressed out. Come on over and talk about it for a few." Mark said.

"You know, I really can't Mark. I have a term paper due tomorrow and I'm going
to get a couple coffees to go and get back to work on it," I said.

"Get 2 to go and one for here. Sit down and take a load off your mind for a
minute. Besides the one you drink here will have the most caffeine. Those 2 you
reheat later will have had part of the caffeine eaten up by tannic acid." Mark said.

"Oh, . . . OK Mr. Wizard, thanks for sharing your experiment." I laughed, "I'll be

I set my tray down with 2 cups to go and my fresh black coffee on their table.
Russell piped up, "If you don't smooth out that furrow on your forehead your
stress will never leak out, ya know." He said smiling.

"God, is it THAT obvious?" I asked. "Things are not going well on all fronts.
Actually finishing this term paper tonight will ease part of my load and let me
deal with personal problems a little more unclouded."

"Any thing you can talk about? The boy Wonder isn't giving you a hard time is
he?" Mark laughed.

"NOO, and don't call him that. I know I probably build him up a little, but he is
the least of my worries. Getting home to see him is a problem though." I said.

I explained the situation and the in and outs of it all. When I got through, Russell
smiled at me. "I'm going to Lake George on Friday, I can drop you off on the
way." He said.

"No, it sounds like you're going to have a real spring break up there and I'll be
the flat tire on the party bus." I said.

Actually I was worried about being in a car with a bunch of guys going to Break,
drinking, smoking etc.

"No please, Carree, it's not that at all. I LIVE in Lake George, and I'm going
alone. It's no big deal if you want a ride." He said.

I told him I would sleep on it. I really had no problem with accepting the ride, I
just wondered what Bill would think, if I told him. I just added that to the
growing list of things to stress on. What would Bill think of me having a male
friend? What would he think of me being alone with him in a car for a couple
hours? God! I was so paranoid!
I decided to tell Bill that I was gong back with someone in Art class, and if he
asked if it was a guy, I would tell him. It ended up that Bill was so consumed
with his internship work and school studies that he only answered "Great!" when
I told him I had a ride home on Friday. He said he would call me on Sunday night
when he got back. I couldn't wait get home to sleep in my own bed for a night or
so and try to put my life back into perspective. Not that I didn't look forward to
seeing Bill on Sunday night, but I knew our time together would be brief, if he
had to be in New York City early on Monday.
Our love, our lives and our studies were spread thin on a cracker we called life.
All of the things that people told us would be a problem about long distance
relationships, being apart while being engaged, and balancing love and school
were all coming true. Getting through the summer apart and getting back to
school would put us on the home stretch to graduation. Seeing the big light at the
end of the tunnel would have to make this easier.

With little trepidation, I accepted the ride with Russell. I found Russell and Mark
at Frazier on Thursday morning as usual for coffee. Our Art class was in Magur
Hall right next door so it was a regular meeting place. Russell seemed glad to
have the company and swore that I wouldn't bring back too much stuff with me. I
told him he had never traveled with a woman. We bring everything. He laughed
it off and excused himself early. He had to meet with "Doc", our Art teacher
before class.

Once Russ left Mark smiled at me, saying, "I know you have a couple worries
about going with Russ, but let me tell you, you couldn't find a nicer, more
trusting guy. If you have any second thoughts, put them away. I went home with
him at Christmas when Buffalo got snowed in and I was snowed out. His house
was like "Leave it to Beaver". His Dad even wanted to drive me home once the
roads got open out there, and that's like 8 hours away. I was there for 3 days,
including Christmas. They even had presents for me. I know that you "know"
him, but may have a worry that you don't really know him. Let me assure you,
he's cool."

Marks words allayed any fears of ending up at the bottom of a ravine raped and
strangled (You didn't believe I was paranoid, huh?) Even so, I wrote down his
car make and model with license number and mailed it to myself at home. If
anything happened, I wanted to leave a clue.

Everything ended up fine with my ride back home on Friday night with Russell.
He was a good sounding board for a lot of things and we made nice conversation.
I feel guilty saying that I enjoyed spending time with another man, not Bill. But,
there was a whole new perspective to my sitting in the passenger seat watching
someone else at the wheel and how they reacted to what I said. For part of the
trip I was curling up in a ball, holding my knees to my chest, or sitting on my
legs, all nervous habits that I usually used to expend sexual energy, waiting to be
alone with Bill. I realized I was putting myself in provocative positions and
Russell was sneaking an eyeful every now and then. While he watched the road, I
was watching him, and couldn't help but notice he had an erection at one point.
I was acting as if I was with Bill, so I straightened out in the seat for the last half,
just talking. I didn't want to give Russ any ideas. I was just acting a little too
familiar. I was happy to be going home.

Getting home without Bill as my number one priority was a good thing for me. I
realized how much I missed my parents, my home, my bed and my friends. I
wasn't home for more than 10 minutes when Meg called and said she was getting
with Jenny and Kim for a while Friday, and did I want to join them. Meg and
Kim were finishing their spring break and were going back on Sunday. So this
was a last chance to all get together. We had a great time talking and filling each
other in on school and love and life. The 3 of them had plans to go to Saratoga to
hear a band on Saturday and urged me to join them. The club was huge, where
the band was, and we ran into other people we went to school with. I realized
what fun I was missing sometimes, by not being "out there". But, when we were
together nothing topped being with Bill. This was fun, but being with Bill was
such a great feeling of confidence and assurance. I loved being in love.

While finishing a dance with the girls I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I chose to
ignore it. Jenny saw the move and leaned in to whisper above the crowd,
"Turn around, he's cute. It's just a dance, he doesn't want to fuck you . . . . . yet!"
she finished with a giggle.
I gave Jenny one of THOSE looks and continued to ignore the guy when he
persisted and tapped me again. I was pissed and turned to tell him not to touch
me and I saw it was Russell. Saratoga was no further from his home than mine. I
shocked Jenny and the others by smiling back to Russell and going to the dance
floor with him. We danced a few songs and when he walked me back to my table
I kissed him on the cheek.

"Wow, WHO was THAT," Megan asked.

"I don't know, some guy," I answered coyly.

Kim freaked out. "Are you having an affair??"

I couldn't hold a straight face any longer. "No, don't be silly. It's Russell, a guy
from school. He's in my art class and he gave me a ride home this weekend. He
lives in Lake George. He's just a buddy. We dance at parties while everyone else
gets drunk. That's the first time I ever kissed him, it was for your benefit." I said
having a good laugh.

"Man, he's pretty cute," Meg said. "Tell Bill to watch out!"

"I guess he was cute," Jenny said. "He also had a hard-on."

"No kidding," Kim said sarcastically, "Who could miss it?"

"Well, I did. I was dancing with him and I never looked down there." I said

"I look down there on every guy," Jenny said. 'If they can check my boobs and
butt, I can make lump checks."

"Amen", Kim and Meg chimed in.

"You didn't see that salami in his pants?" Megan said.

"No, I didn't, ummmm . . at least not NOW. On the way home, in the car he was
checking out my tight jeans and I saw it then, though." I said as we all giggled
like high schoolers. It was fun being out with the girls again.

Sunday went by and I never heard a word from Bill. I went over and over in my
mind to make sure that I called him to tell him I didn't need a ride today, and I
was sure I called him. I called his number at school and the phone rang and rang.
About 6 o'clock I began to worry about him. I called his house and his mom said
she didn't expect him until late, maybe after 10:00 or later, he had a problem at
school with the computers.
Damn, why hadn't he called me!! Probably, because he was sick of hearing me
bitch about his school and work. I began to tell myself that if I didn't lay off him,
he might bolt from me. My paranoia was not taking a vacation from me.

I was about to ask my Dad if I could take his car for a bit when the phone rang. It
was Meg Parker and she wanted to get together, saying it was really important. I
was surprised to hear from her, I thought she had went back to school, but she
had but one late class on a Monday, so she decided to stay back and drive out in
the morning. I told my mom that if Bill called to try me at Parkers. I was sick of
waiting for him to call. I felt like high school sometimes, I could be so immature
at times. This was one of those times.
I assured my Dad that I was only going to Parkers and hadn't planned to take his
car anywhere else. I drove right to Megs, sure that Bill would call while I was
gone. When I got to Megs she answered the door with a funny look on her face,
and I asked he what was up. She assured me that nothing was going on and led
me into the kitchen where we always sat and talked while her parents watched

I turned the corner to the kitchen and there stood Bill.

"When did you get to town?" I said as I ran to hug him. I backed away and
slapped at his arm. "You big shit, you had me worried!"

"I know, I know, I should have called you earlier but every time I tried it was
busy. So I called Meg, and she said to stop by and she would get you over here."
He explained.

"I appreciate the surprise, but why so secretive?" I wondered.

"My mom and Dad don't want you to spend the night in my room tonight. I
know I hadn't even asked you, but I figured you would want to. They began to
give me crap about having to leave early tomorrow and my career and internship
being important and I could find time for you when I got back. So I was going to
get you here and go out someplace." He explained.

"But, I got to thinking," Megan kicked in, "My parents are in Florida, the house
is empty, and I'm going out. Use my room for a lovenest."

"Oh God, I couldn't Meg, we couldn't," I protested.

Meg stood up. "Look, I'm going to a movie with Heidi in about 10 minutes. The
house is empty. Just clean up after yourselves. When I leave in the morning I
want to leave a clean house for mom and Dad to come home to. When they left
on Thursday they figured I would have parties and leave the house a shambles.
Even Judy, Terry and their husbands are with them. You have nothing to worry
about. Hey, Jimmy and I know about finding stray moments together, take it."

Bill looked at me. "If I get home after 10 my mom and Dad will be none the
wiser. I won't have to get them mad at me for running right out with you after I
get home. They'll be happy I came home and spent some time with them." He
had figured.

"OK, then." I went to hug Meg. "You still are my best buddy. Looking out for

"Well, after you hit on that guy in Saratoga last night, I figured you needed some
loving," she said cackling.

My face sank as I looked at Bill. 'You hit on a guy?" he said looking puzzled at

"No, not at all. There as a guy from school who lives close by, he was there. We
danced a couple times. He takes care of me at parties if I go." I sheepishly

"He was excited though, Bill. We all commented on the woody he was sporting,
but Carree said she didn't see it." Meg blabbed.

"Meg, you have a big mouth. Why don't you just shut up! Bill, there is nothing
going on." I said.

"Hmmm, that's pretty defensive for nothing going on," Bill said tipping and

I freaked out. "Bill, I just danced with him I . . . "

"I'M KIDDING for Gods sake," Bill shouted to me. "KeeRist Almighty Carree,
this is me, Bill. I trust you. God, how many guys wouldn't get a hard on dancing
with you?"

"That's it! That's my cue to leave, boyfriends rating hard on quotients is past my
level of personal involvement." Meg said as she headed out.

"If it means anything Meg, your walk away gets a pretty high rating." Bill

"How do I get him to stop looking at other girls ass's, Meg," I jokingly hollered
as the door clicked shut.

My shout to Meg went unanswered, as the house was suddenly silent. It was just
Bill and I.

"Can I answer that question for you," Bill said. "I'll stop looking at others when I
see one more beautiful than yours, and that will never happen. Maybe if I had my
fill of yours. You know, licking, kissing, squeezing and sometimes some real
nasty stuff. Maybe then I would stop."

"Bill, it feels so weird, being alone in this house with you. I spent a lot of nights
here with Megan when we were little girls, and then slumber parties with all the
girls. We talked about having sex, and boys and all that ookey stuff girls talk
about. Now to be alone with you here, it seems so naughty. Oooooo, I like it!" I

" Jesus, Carree I missed you. There really was a time today that I thought I
wouldn't see you until Thursday night or Friday. After thinking I was going to
see you last Friday, I couldn't wait. I want to fall asleep with you every night."
Bill said as he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me real hard.

I felt his erection as I pushed my ass to him to have the most body-to-body
contact. He bent back and took me off my feet and slowly walked toward the
stairs. When we got to the base of the stairs he let me down and I turned to go up,
holding his hand. I got as far as the third stair when I felt both hands grab my
hips. His sudden move forced me to trip and go down on my knees on the step. I
went to stand up, but he put a hand in the center of my back. I stayed down.
He snaked a hand around to my front and undid my pants, and pulled them just
over my butt. He kissed my bare cheeks over and over, licking as he went along.
I was getting real wet.

"Bill, lets go upstairs" I said impatiently, but he continued by slipping his finger
through the gusset of my panty and making a pull loop of it, exposing my whole
crotch. He tipped his head and took the whole of my mound in his mouth,
flicking his tongue on my clit a few times before sucking my wings out of there
hiding. He nibbled, chewed and licked as he drove me crazy. I was running like a
faucet down there and I heard, as well as felt, his sticky wet face change
positions. He was licking me thoroughly and deep at times. Finally he had just
my clit in his mouth. It felt like he was writing his name with his tongue on it. I
was just one long slow orgasm. When the wet pad of his index finger went to my
asshole, it seemed to swallow it right in.
I lost my breath and held on for an orgasm. "Ohhhhh," I yelled a little franticly,
as it hit quick, but was followed by another, then another.
With his finger buried up my butt and his tongue suctioned to my clit, I was all
his, a big ball of orgasm, sort of paralyzed on the steps with my pants around my
knees, I wanted him to stop, I never wanted him to stop, my mind went in circles.
Finally I had a big jolt that came from deep inside me. It was definitely a vaginal
orgasm, not clitoral. It felt like I was pushing a softball out my pussy. That jolt
pulled my pussy from his mouth.

'No more, no more, no more!! Can't breath, can't breath" I said twisting my butt
so I was sitting on the step.
I was gasping for breath, clenching my arms to my chest bending into a ball on
the steps. Suddenly I realized I was leaking on the carpet of the steps and I stood
I was still shuddering when I said to Bill, "I'm getting the carpet wet, I'm
making a mess."

"It'll dry and never show, it's no big deal, sit down and enjoy it." Bill said.

I did slump back down and continue to finish my ride off the orgasm. I was
shivering. I don't think I ever released that much tension at one time. All the
worries and fears I had of losing Bill for the summer were gone. They lay as the
form of wetness on Meg Parkers stairway.

I was still in a sitting fetal ball, relieved of tensions when it hit me. A hunger.

"Take it out, Bill. Take it out. I want it. Feed it to me" I said.
I needed to see his beautiful penis, to smell it, to taste it, to feel it smooth and
alive in my mouth. I was still sliding down my orgasmic spiral, but I felt certain

Bill offered me a hand, but I pushed it away.
"No! Now, right here, please Bill. I want you now."

"Let's go upstairs, Care, c'mon," Bill insisted.

"No, I said," slapping at his hand. "Don't make me wait Bill, I have you here
now, I want you now. I long for you all the time and can't have you."

I looked at Bill and he looked at me with a worried look on his face.

"What's the matter, Carree? Are you OK?" Bill asked.

"I'm fine Bill, except my lover is keeping me away from what I have wanted for
the past two weeks. I just want to hold him, and taste him. I want to feel him in
my mouth. He's always too busy; I'm always too busy. Now is now." I

Bill came up 2 stairs and stood with his waist at my eye level. I uncurled my
arms from myself and hugged him around his hips and held my face to his loins. I
hugged my face to him; nose first into his crotch, then one side of my face, then
the other. I reached and felt the outline of his erection.

"Is it so wrong that I want you? You couldn't wait to have me. I can't wait to
have you." I said looking up at him with tearful eyes. "So many times I think I'm
going to see you, and you have to cancel. I thought we would have the summer,
and that appears gone too."

Bill looked down at me. "I'm so sorry for the times I didn't make it. You knew
that was going to be the case. I knew that was going to be the case. The summer,
we really don't know about." He reasoned.

"Miranda is going to get me that job, I know she is. She's stuck her neck out so
far with her partner and got the State Grants for Students rules waived for me to
live there in Maryland student housing, because she told them I was going to
move there after graduation. I'm in, Bill. But, lets forget that now." I said as I ran
my fingertips over his bulge.

"OK, we can leave that to later. You look so sexy there, pouting. I didn't think
anyone could love anyone, more than I love you, but I guess we are even there,
huh? I can't believe anyone as beautiful, as smart, as sexy as you would love me.
You're always my dream." He said.
I looked up at him one more time, pouty, and put my finger to my lips.
"Shhhhhhh," I said.

His erection was on the right side of his zipper. My cheek was hugged to the left
side. I reached in between and undid his button and pulled down his zipper. I
pulled my face away and took either side of the pant top and peeled it down until
his penis rolled free still in his shorts. I smiled when I saw it and looked up at

"Oooooooo," I mouthed to him. He tipped his eyes to the ceiling in anticipation.

I pulled the band of his shorts out and peeked over the top. I reached in with one
hand and pulled down the front of his shorts with the other. Gracious, did he smell
good, so manly, so Bill. I took his penis in both hands and rubbed and squeezed it.
It was alive.

"Oh my God, Carree. What you do to me! It's, . . it's . . . a. . . .Ohh. No words,
no words for it." He stammered.

I put both hands on it and drew both of them up to the top trying to run the blood
into the head. It was so beautiful. I took it in my hand and opened my mouth. I
stuck out my tongue and dropped the underside of the head of his penis right on
my tongue, and I licked at it, dropped it again with a plop, and flicked again.

"Ooooo, Ohhhhh" he reacted to my tongue play.
I could wait no more and put the whole head in my mouth and closed my lips
around it. Ahhhh. This is what I wanted.

I can't tell you how sexy, how personal, how fulfilling it was to have Bills penis
in my mouth. I felt so close to him, I could feel his pulse, and he reacted to every
move my mouth made on him. I have never thought that this was any "blowjob"
or "head" or any other name they have for it. This was making love. He may as
well have been thrusting in my vagina. This was making love. I could feel his
very core in my mouth. He had his own distinct taste, and he absolutely loved it.
Just as he drove me crazy and made me happy with my sex in his mouth, I was as
contented with his in mine.
I slid as much as I could into my mouth, which was not very much. I am not a
deep-throater, but with my tongue extended underneath it, I could touch and feel
almost half of his 6 or 7 inches. I mostly had about the head plus maybe an inch,
maybe 2, in my mouth and I moved my lips from just behind head down. Bill
tried to gently thrust, but I put my hand to his pubic bone to stop him. I wanted to
suck him at my pace. I also did not want to bring him off just yet. I just needed to
feel him in my mouth, for him to know how much I loved him.

Although I was not prepared at all, I was willing to take him in my butt tonight if
he wanted. I wanted it, but without real prep it has been painful sometimes, and
messy sometimes. I just wanted to feel him within me.

As I kept a gentle suction on him and rhythmic movement I got a taste of his pre-
cum. It was just a hint, but I knew he was not far from cumming.
I took one long last suck on his cock and took it from my mouth. I again hugged
my face to his thigh and looked up at Bill.

"Take me upstairs, lets get naughty." I said. "Love me hot and hard."
I was emphatic.

Bill extended his arms and I pulled myself up. He reached to my hips and pulled
my pants up enough so I could walk, and I did the same for him.
At the top of the stairs I was confused. I didn't know if I really wanted to be in
Meg's bed, or did we want to go into her tv room on the sofa.

"I'd feel pretty embarrassed if we made a mess on her bed, lover. Let's go on the
sofa," I said as I motioned him to the room at the right.
It was cool in the tv room, Meg's parents apparently keeping the heat off while
she was gone. Although it was Spring, it was early, and it was cool.

"I have my comforter in the car, let me get that and spread it on her bed, OK?"
Bill said as he went to the stairs without waiting for my answer.

I turned and went to her room that was much warmer. Her room was pink fluffy,
there was no other way to describe it. It was very feminine, very little girlish, but
very sexy if you thought about making love in there. Soft pinkish lighting that
could only be cut when Meg studied and lit the fluorescent bars over her desk. I
looked around the room and remembered the night we had slumber parties here. I
would have never dreamed that I would be rolling around on her bed with my

I heard Bill come back in the front door and bound up the stairs. He came into the
room and unfolded his comforter. I went and wordlessly took and end and helped
him spread it out.

"Did you go outside like that?" I said laughing looking at his unsnapped jeans
pulled open and ready to fall off.

"Uhhhh, yup. I wuz in a hurry. I got a lady in muh room" he said in a western
goofy drawl.

"God, do I know you?" I said going to hug the lug. He chuckled and put his hands
on my ass as I hugged his chest to mine. He turned me around and we flopped on
Meg's bed.

"God, I hope no one saw you with your pants open going in and out of the house.
What did you think, I was going to change my mind?" I asked as I held him
laying on me.

"No, Care, I just didn't want to miss a second of you, that's all. You might be
sexier than I've ever seen you tonight. The look in your eye and the thought that
you . . . . . . . I just couldn't wait." He said as he kissed me.

"The thought that what, Bill? Finish what you were saying." I asked him.

"Well, ever since I left you after Easter weekend, every time I talk to you I get the
impression that there could be an end to us. I never thought there was ever a
chance that there was a life without Carree for me. Now, I hear your frustration a
lot and I know that there may be an end of us. You can't handle, and you
shouldn't have to handle, how hard I have made this." Bill confessed.

I was shocked. I didn't know what to think. Where had I given him that
impression? Was my own paranoia that obvious?

"O Bill," I said as tears flowed freely, "I never ever gave a single second of
thought that it couldn't always be us. I know I'm so frustrated at the situation, but
never to that end. I remember the day you gave me the ring you told me it was not
going to be easy, but if we made our plans and kept everything in perspective and
our love was true, everything would happen. I still believe that. You said then
there would be long times apart. I accept that, that doesn't mean I have to like it,
no more than you do."

"Even though I hate it when you cry, your words make me happy Care. I know its
probably going to get worse with this summer thing. We can make it, stay with
me and trust me." Bill implored.

"I'm here Bill, that was never a doubt since that day." I said. "Do you remember
how we sealed our love that day?" I asked now laying on top of him.

"Yes, of course, it was the first time I made love to you, in your ass. NO, in your
beautiful bottom." He answered, correcting the words he didn't like.

"Fuck me again like that Bill. Make love to my bottom. Fuck my ass. It's OK to
call it that." I said as my pussy began to leak into my pants thinking about what I
was saying.

"I want to fuck you there Carree, I just don't know if we can do that without
hurting you, we aren't prepared" Bill reasoned.

"Let's find some lube and give it a try. I decided in my mind, back on the stairs,
that I wanted you there. I want you inside me." I said.

"I don't have any of that stuff we use with me, Care" Bill said.

"Let me up, I'll look around" I said.
I buttoned my pants so I could go up and down the stairs easily and went down to
her parents' bathroom. I found a squeezed out tube of KY that should have been
tossed long ago, but I also found colored lubricated condom "coins"; Condoms in
little discs. "Lubricated" caught my eye. That was a possibility. I checked the
family bathroom cupboard and there was a bottled enema there. But, I was afraid
to take it, but would keep it in mind. They might have it for emergencies.

I went back up to Meg's bathroom and rummaged around, and found a new tube
of KY. It was out dated, but still sealed, that told me she might not miss it. I went
back in her bedroom and Bill looked at me hopefully, but I just gave him a "hold
on a minute" sign.
Both being females, I knew the what's and where's of Megan hiding "personal"
stuff. I hated going into her personal things, but special needs require special
dispensations. Bottom drawer, under something she never wears. Bingo! There,
wrapped in a beach blanket were two special toys. One was a Silver Bullet, a
chrome vibrator, that I knew that Meg had, she told me about it. The other was a
longer thinner one with a little knob on the end. I don't know what she used it for,
but I knew what it could be used for, dilating me!.

I came back to the bed and showed Bill what I found, making him swear never to
breath a word to Meg. She would kill me. He smiled, nodded and still said
nothing. I sat on the edge of the bed and opened the condom. I wanted to protect
Meg's toy. It was a messy task, but I got the condom rolled over the toy with lots
to spare. I tied a knot in the condom and Megs toy was safely sealed inside.

"Can we get sexy again?" I asked Bill standing in front of him.

He reached out and unsnapped my pants and pulled them down. I pushed them off
with my shoes. I unbuttoned my blouse and shucked my pullover bra to free my
breasts. I was nude in front of my lover. He pulled me onto him putting his head
right between my breasts. He massaged each breast and sucked the nipples erect.

"We are a little pressed for time Bill, let's get you undressed," I said pushing him
from me and grabbing his pants button. I had him stripped down to his shorts in a
couple seconds. I knelt over him and peeled his shorts over his cock. It sprang up
and I dropped my mouth on it to give him a little jolt and reinforcement.
Mission accomplished. He groaned as I sucked at the head and tried to thrust up a
bit, but I pulled away.

I flipped to my knees and showed my ass to him saying, "Let's get naughty."

Bill needed little encouragement to get him to pay attention to my ass. He could
never get enough of it. He had his tongue buried in my ass again before I had a
chance to catch my breath. He licked and poked his tongue in my butt hole while
he diddled his thumb in my pussy. I was heating up fast.
He paused and I heard him opening the tube. He only said one word of warning.
"Cold." He was right. It was cold as the gel hit my butt hole.
His warm fingers worked it around and around my hole until his finger slid in. It
felt nice and he held it there for me to get used to. Then he started to move it, in
and out, side to side, and then it left me. Quickly I felt the greased pad of his
thumb go into me. Again he held it for me to adjust to it. As he started to work it
in and out, I was getting really turned on.
I felt him squeeze a dollop of gel onto the small of my back. I was about to ask
him why when he re-doubled the thrusts with his thumb in my butt. By the time I
was where I could ask him again I felt him rolling the tip of the condom covered
sex toy on the reservoir on my back.

He pulled his thumb out and before I could even think, the knob of the sex toy
was in my ass. It was only 6 or 7 inches long and the widest end was not as big as
Bill. After being real careful, just rolling the toy around, he pressed on past my
big muscle, my sphincter or rectum, whatever it is. It hurt and I dropped my head
and cried out.

"Do you want it out?" he asked

"No, its in there now, that's the hard part. Keep sliding it past that and relax me,"
I said.

That was just what he did. In a minute or two he was strumming my butt with the
toy as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being filled back there. The
strokes with the toy became longer, then he held it in.

"Reach down and hold it there." Bill said.

I reached between my legs and held the sex toy in my butt looking between my
legs. Bill finished taking the rest of his clothes off as I closed my eyes and got
ready for him.
I felt the bed go down near my head and opened my eyes to see his penis in front
of me. I knew what he wanted and I was only too glad to help him out. I opened
my mouth and took him in and sucked as he thrust short strokes in my mouth. He
was as hard as I ever remember him. I could taste pre-cum already. I wanted him
inside me.
I pulled my mouth off his cock and looked up to him. "Fuck my bottom, lover.
Fill my ass. Squirt your cum in me." I said.

He knelt on the bed next to me and walked on his knees to my other end. He took
the toy from my fingers and slowly slid it out. Just as the knob was beginning to
come out, he slid it all the way in again. It went in smooth, and he took it out as
quickly as it went in. He got off the bed and I heard him stroking the slick KY gel
onto his cock.
He knelt on the edge of the bed and I held my breath. He put the head to my butt
hole and I tried to remain loose. His put his thumb over the head of his cock and
he pushed the head straight down and in. It felt bigger than the last intrusion, but
certainly it was going to fit. I was about to say to go slow, when he just slid all the
way in till his balls were against my vagina, with one steady smooth stroke.

It took my breath away. There was no great pain, just a little discomfort and the
feeling of being real full. He was inside me. My lover was part of me. We were
one. We must have stayed like that for a full minute or longer. Then he began to
move within me. It took but 5 seconds to realize that I was going to cum, and cum hard, in a short time.

Bill groaned and mewled as he worked his cock in and out of my tight opening. It
felt so good, so natural.
Just how much better was regular sex going to be?
I was being made love to; getting fucked by my lover and that was all I cared
about. My orgasm was building hard and fast.

"Hold me tight, Bill. I'm gonna cum" I said loudly to make sure he held me tight
and couldn't buck him out of me.

I sat on the edge of that orgasm for a second longer than I wanted, so I touched
my clit from underneath and that pushed me over.

"Ohhh, Arghhhhhhhhhh," I reported with a great muscled squeeze of my butt.

That sent Bill into overdrive. He pumped harder and I felt my next O right there.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," I said as he rode me hard and fast. I felt a big
vaginal spasm coming and I knew I was going to squirt.
I heard the thrust of fluid hit Bills comforter and I was glad we protected Meg's
bed. That was the last thought I could make out though, as I entered overdrive and
held on as a wave swept me.

"Arrrghhhhhhhh" I grunted over and over as the orgasm wouldn't stop. I thought
to keep taking deep breaths, but I was leaving reality, fading, it seemed.
I dropped to my shoulders and clenched my arms across my breasts. I was going
to go where this ride would take me and was not going to fight it.
I was sure I would pass out.
Before I was afraid when this happened, but now I knew what to expect. I could
just cum harder than my body could withstand. I knew I should breathe deep, but
I wanted the orgasm more than the breath.

Bill saw me "leaving" and slapped me hard on the butt, really cracking me hard,

"I'm gonna cum babe, I'm gonna cum Care. Stay with me." He said as he cracked
me hard again on my ass. The pain mixed with the pleasure, and brought me back
from lala-land. I filled my lungs with air and felt myself return a little. I was
gaining control and I was still spasming.

"Shoot it baby, fill me up. Shoot me full," I encouraged him as he gripped the
sides of my ass.

"Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh, Ohhhh, Jahhhhhhhhhhh, Uhnnnnnnnnnn," he grunted as he
slammed into me filling my bowels with cum.
Bill kept pumping at me slower and slower and his breath returned to normal.
Finally he slouched over and held me.

""That was incredible," I said, 'Just incredible."
"Mmmmmmmm," was all he could answer.

"If there are marks on my ass, you will pay," I said as I began to feel the hot sting
that his hand left behind.

"I had to do something to keep you from passing out, Carree," Bill said, "and it

"Yes, it did and I'll admit, it felt good and was akin to the orgasm. But how does
my ass look," I asked.

"Holy Jesus, you have 3 big red handprints on that beautiful ass." Bill said.

I didn't doubt it because I could feel every inch of them.

Ohh baby, your ass is mine," I said, "Payback's a bitch!"

"Your ass is cute when its all red, hell, your ass is cute all the time baby." He said.

I fell forward and let his shrinking penis slide from me.

"Go get a towel from the closet in the bathroom. Clean up yourself and then clean
me up. If there's anything on the towel, I don't want to know about, just don't tell
me. We'll throw the towel away." I ordered him.

He left the room and came back a minute later and asked me to kneel up again. He
wiped around between my butt halves and folded the towel and held it up to my
"Ready to take a walk?' he said.
I reached back and held the towel in place and got up on my wobbly legs. I
walked bow legged into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Big farts from the air
he pumped into me came out and I wished I had closed the door. I heard him
stifling a laugh.

"Bill?" I asked.
"Yes" he answered
"Fuck You. I hear you laughing" I said.
"I already did fuck you, and I hear you farting", he said as he giggled.

Just then, streams of cum dripped from my butt, as I knew he came a lot.

"Was there any mess, Bill?" I hollered out to him.

"No, not a trace baby. All was fine. We lucked out." He said.

Once I finished draining I ran around to put everything in order to make sure Meg
didn't know we were rummaging around. In the basement I found a basket of
dirty clothes and towels, and I mixed our clean up towel in there. We folded up
Bills comforter with the big wet spot and put it in his car. It would go to the dry
cleaners while he was in New York. I cleaned off Megs sex toy and returned it to
its hiding place.

We finally went downstairs and put on the tv and curled up on the sofa together.

"Thanks, I needed that, Bill" I said.

"We BOTH needed that," he reiterated. "I could fuck you every night," he added.

"Not there," I said as I felt a little soreness back.

He smiled. "That's not what I meant. I meant I could make love to you every

"I know," I said. "I hope we can make love every night some day."

"Geez, look at the time," Bill said, "It's after 10, I should get going before my
Mom starts to worry. I told her if I was after 10 I would call."
"Listen, tomorrow, get someone to drop you off and you can have my car for
Monday and then leave it at the airport when you leave. I'll get it on Wednesday
and I'll pick you up Thursday. OK?"

"OK lover that sounds great. I'll leave the parking ticket under the seat." I said as
I got up to leave with him.
We turned off the lights and left together sure that we left the house the way we
found it. We hugged and kissed on the porch before going to our cars. Bill
followed me out of town to the county road where we lived. My driveway had the
last city streetlight and was easy to spot. I slowed and pulled in as Bill flashed his
lights and beeped his horn.
I stopped the car in front of the porch and sat contemplating. I felt so alive and
fulfilled, never dreaming that I would have been made love to in such an intimate
way when I left the house earlier. I felt a little sore back there and the sting of
Bills hand was still there, but all in all, I felt good about everything. I had a good
cry and vocalized my frustrations to Bill, I was able to feel him most intimately in
my mouth and my bottom and he gave me huge orgasms that still felt good.
Was it going to be this good when we were married and spent every night

Both of our intern orientations went well that week. Each of us was treated as if
we were established members of each company's teams. Bill said that they really
liked his work and was taken aside more than once from the other prospective
interns to be told that he was a lock for the position and was even given his
summer address, as well as email. He was locked.
I was treated much the same at Arens and Ponds. Miranda Ponds met 3 of us at
the airport and on the way back to the office talked to just me in the front seat of
her car. Once at the office she had an assistant take the other two girls around the
company while she took me alone and explained the whole operation to me. She
then took me into Baltimore and showed me where I would be living. They were
small apartments that the State of Maryland subsidized to keep students in the city
near the many small campus in Baltimore. Miranda assured me that mine was a
prime spot that looked out onto a park on Johnson Street. It was a reclaimed
neighborhood in on one of Baltimore's oldest streets.
The only thing wrong with the whole deal was, I was the only one not excited
about being in Baltimore. It was a great set up, a fantastic opportunity, and paid
well after fulfilling intern hours. But, I was going to be away from Bill for the
summer, and the more I thought about that, the more it wore on me. To turn it
down would make anyone question my priorities. They could end up paying for a
good part of my senior year. I resigned myself to gritting my teeth and doing this,
even though I was convinced I would be miserable. Walking away from this
would disappoint Bill, my parents, my Student Advisor (who worked so hard to
get it for me) and Miranda Ponds, who could do so much for me.

When I got back on Thursday night I was tired from working and running around
Baltimore all day getting things set up for the summer. My plane was delayed and
I didn't get back until almost 9:30 that night. Bill was waiting for me, and drove
me right home. I sat up talking with Bill and my parents until 11 o'clock. I was so
tired, but wanted to be alone with Bill.
With Bill right there, I told my mom and Dad that I wanted to spend the night
with Bill. My mom sighed and said she had no problem with it. My Dad said he
would go along with it too. They had always liked Bill and now thought of him as
a son in law, which was inevitable.

"If you want to stay here, Bill, you can, with Carree. If you would rather go out to
your place, that's fine too. You both have worked so hard and have done so well
at school, it's hard to say no. We know how much you love each other, and you
are 23 years old." My Dad said.
He caught us a little off guard. To stay at Bills own room, outside of his house
was one thing. To be under my parents own roof was totally different. I was so
tired I really didn't want to leave.

"Call home and see how it sits. I don't want to cause any trouble, Bill," I said.

Bill called his parents, and the fact it was late probably had something to do with
the fact they said they said it was OK with them, either way. Engaged and in our
early 20's, both sets of parents finally accepted the fact that we were in love and
wanted to be together, and could do so without their approval. But we did respect

"Where do you want to go, Care," Bill asked.

"Let's stay here, OK?" I smiled at him.

"OK, this will be weird," he said.

My dad looked at him saying, "Just think of how weird it is for us."

There was a certain tension building, not from anger or disagreement, and if I
could not cut it, we could not continue.

"Mom, Dad, I want you to know that nothing will happen under your roof that
will disrespect you in any way. Bill and I both want you to know that." I said.
"We just want to be together, and I'm sure you understand that."

My Dad hugged my mom and said, "We understand, and thank you Carree."
With that, they got up and went to the stairs, and said, "Goodnight", and went to

I looked at Bill and smiled and took his hand. We followed them up the stairs, and
then went to my room. It felt really weird being together in my house, in my
"I'm going to wash up, and I'll leave out towels for you," I said to Bill as I went
to the bathroom. I returned in my robe and Bill went in to wash. He came back in
his pants and an open shirt. I turned off the light and slipped out of my robe,
sleeping only in my panties, Bill in just his shorts. We held each other and fell
asleep in minutes. The contentment of being together, and not sex, was the reason
we wanted to stay together, at least that night.
Later, on Friday afternoon we packed up and spent the last 2 days of our break in
my dorm, which we had to ourselves. We talked, we made love, and sometimes
just sat in the same room doing our own thing, studying and reading. Again,
content that we were together made the time special. It also made us realize that
we were right for each other as our spiritual selves mixed and blended in our
karma. Sitting and reading together, either holding hands or on different sides of
the room, was making love in a way. It made me long for more time this summer,
which I knew I would not have.
As the time of year, which should have been our happiest and most free,
approached, my unhappiness and inner rage, over not being able to do what I
selfishly really wanted, festered. I was not accepting the predicament of the
summer well, but I held it in to keep the peace.

The next few weeks were busy and we were not able to see each other at all,
although we made lots of phone contact. We had decided to get home for Mothers
Day weekend together and see both Moms as well as each other. It would be the
last time before exams that we would be able to spend any time together. We both
agreed to bone up on our studies so we could free up the time. Finals were not that
far away and, with my heavy class load, I was feeling the pressure.

Maria and Henny were also going home for the Mothers Day weekend and we all
sat one night telling "Mom" stories. Henny talked with such reverence about her
Mother it was hard to believe it was the same Henny who talked her down during
our freshman year. The change that she went through later that year had
something to do with her Mom, but she never spilled the beans, even when we
each told insider family stories about our Moms. As the weekend approached I
was psyched to see both my mom and Bill. The only downer was that a cold snap
hit and lots of the early flowers and plants either died or were shunted. In Upstate
New York they were back to predicting 25-35 degree nights and 40-50 degree
days. The tulips were always a favorite of my Moms and there was a good chance
of there being none for that weekend.

Friday morning came and I woke as both Henny and Maria had early class. My
only class for the day had been canceled so I just needed to prepare for Bill to get
me later that afternoon. Once I knew they had left for classes I was able to take
my time in the shower without having to worry about using all the hot water. I ran
the hot water on the back of my neck a long time in hopes of easing the building
tension of a joyless, loveless summer. I had just gotten out of the shower and
dressed when the phone rang.

"Hi baby, how's your day so far?" Bill asked with a tone I didn't like in his voice.

"OK, Bill, you sound like something is wrong, is it?" I said not wanting to hear
the answer.

There was a pause and then he dropped the bomb.

"Carree, I can't make it this weekend. I have a final on Monday afternoon and
work called me to pitch in on a feature this weekend. It's like they're testing me. I
knew I was on call this weekend, but I'm on call lots of weekends and never hear
anything. The "On Campus" feature was supposed to be done and to bed already
and its not. I got called to supervise and fix it. I'm really sorry Care . . . . Carree?"
He asked when he heard no response from me.

The pressure had been building up on me for a long time and I had few chances to
let it out. I hadn't let on to Bill or anyone that I was under this stress because I
knew how proud he was of himself and his work, and of me and what I was going
to accomplish this summer. We had to cancel so many weekends during the year,
and now this was the real final free time we would have before settling into our
summer internships. There was little, if any, time surrounding exams where we
could be together. I could no longer hold in my real feelings. Before the first word
left my mouth I was already sorry, but the check valve had blown.


I then took the phone and threw it to the floor. When it didn't break apart, I
kicked it emphatically across the room, where it hit the wall and came right back
to my feet, so I kicked it again and then a third time. I sank to the floor and cried
for a couple minutes until the rage over Bills call, and what I had done, basically
thrown Bill away over my own selfishness and dishonesty, built again to a pitch.

"THAT'S IT!! I shouted to no one." I FUCKING QUIT SCHOOL, I QUIT
LIFE." I looked for something else to destroy, but only saw the end table with
magazines and the phone cradle on it. I gave that a kick, sprawling magazines
over the room.
I decided I was going to walk home. I didn't care. I would walk until I could
walk no more, and then I would slip into the woods. If anything happened to me,
it happened. I was done. I stormed out the door. I wasn't dressed for the cold
snap, but I didn't care. A sweatshirt and jeans would be how they found me, if
they found me. I was stressed to the end and the people I should have sought out
for help were the ones I deceived. I reached the end of the quad and my hands
were cold. I would allow myself that luxury in my misery, gloves, and I went
back to my dorm to get them. I stormed in through the open door and went to my
dresser. There laid out we 3 pairs of gloves. "Look," I said to myself. "Goody two
shoes Carree is so goddamn neat and organized she has 3 pairs ready for any
occasion." I picked up a leather pair and threw the other 2 on the floor.
I went back into the main room and looked around for what I was sure the last
time I would see any of this. I would walk down the road towards home until I
could go no further and then slip into the woods. If I woke in the morning, I
would continue. I truly didn't care.
I had stopped crying and was in a cold determined sweat. I was truly flipping out.
I surveyed the room once more and turned to leave when I heard something, a
It was that goddamn phone; I thought I destroyed that useless piece of shit that
delivered all my bad news. I went to the corner, behind the floor lamp, where I
heard the noise. I would give that phone one more ride into the wall to silence it
for good!! I took the phone and wound to pitch it when I heard the buzzing again.
It wasn't a buzzing sound I heard, it was a voice. I held the broken phone to my
"Carree, Carree! Pick up the phone!!" then a pause. "Carree, Carree! Pick up the
phone!!" It was Bill. He was saying it over and over again. He must have been
saying it for the last 7 or 8 minutes. Why didn't he give up? I had ruined what we
had and threw him away through my own dishonesty, I thought through the cloud
of rage and deceit I had.
Finally his cadence stopped. I still held the phone to my ear to hear his voice one
more time.

His shout was unsettling to me, yet I couldn't drop the phone and leave.

ON THERE?" he said. Then I heard him bang his phone on his desk over and
over again.

Then I sensed he was holding the phone to listen for a sound. I pictured him there.

Although I was hoarse and my voice shot from all the screaming and crying,
swallowing mouthfuls of tears, I spoke.

"I'm here," I barely whispered.
I decided to let him tell me off, before I went off. I deserved it. Tears rolled from
my eyes, although I could no longer make a sound for crying, the tears rolled.

"C A R R E E ?" he bellowed.

"Yes, I'm here," I whispered. I waited for him to rip me apart with his words.

"What the FUCK is going on there? Are you some kind of raging mad person or
what? You spoiled little brat. If I were there I would put you over my knee and
make your ass so red you couldn't sit down for a week. That would be treating
you like a spoiled child, and that's just what you are being. How could you let all
this build up inside you like this? Why didn't you share it with me? What makes
you so special that you think you're the only one who hurts when we have to put
off seeing each other? Poor Carree, she's so deprived. But Bill, he's having a
great fucking time sitting back here having to deal with breaking your heart, and
feeling his own pain too. If you didn't want to go to Baltimore there was
something you could have said to Arens and Ponds. How about saying NO? You
spoiled little bitch. That would be doing something for you, instead of making
other people happy. You better start worrying about yourself, because I have no
intention of marrying some dependant YES person who doesn't want to rock the
boat. I thought I was going to marry a strong person, not some weak pussy. That's
what made you different from all the others. You were the one who kicked my ass
all over school when I was going to just give you up because I thought you were
going to join the convent. You were pissed off at me because I wouldn't fight for
you. Now what's this shit you're pulling on me? You wouldn't tell me you
weren't happy with going to Baltimore because it might make me unhappy. Are
you that weak you won't stand up for yourself? That isn't my Carree. Where's the
Carree, who when she had a problem would talk it out with me, instead of
sweeping it under the rug to hope it might go away? So I can't be with you this
weekend. What the fuck are you going to do when we have a real problem in life,
when you have to really suck it up and do something out of either bravery or fear,
when there is no difference between bravery or fear? ANSWER ME GODDAMN

"I'm sorry Billy, I am so sorry. Oh my God I'm so sorry. Can you ever find it in
your heart to forgive me" I said, although in my state it was barely audible, or if it
was, barely understandable.

"What? Find it in my heart to forgive you? You are all that is my heart Carree.
What's wrong with you? How could you not know this? Do you think that
anything I do here, or for work, is as important to me as you? Do you think I
would trade you for anything I call an accomplishment? My greatest
accomplishment is you!" Bill said through a crackling voice.

I was pitiful. I had sunk to the floor and draped myself over the end table I had
kicked over a few minutes earlier and my tears flowed like a faucet. I was
emotionally drain and my face hurt and stung from crying.

"I'm sorry Billy," I implored to him. "I'm SO sorry!"

"Carree put yourself together. Where's the woman I proposed to? Quit your
blubbering, damn it. There are times to cry and mourn what's bad in the world
and in our lives. Son of a bitch, this isn't one of them. Get some backbone. Things
aren't going our way. So what. Look at all the other things we overcame to get
where we are. God damn it, are you hearing me?" he hollered.

'YES! I hear you," I said forcing myself to speak loudly enough for him to hear
me, although I was sure it didn't sound like me. "I didn't know you loved me that
much, that I was that important to you," I said.

"What! Carree! Do you think I am that self-absorbed in all of this? This is all for
us, so we have a foundation for our life. Without you, I don't need this. You know
that. I really should put you over my knee. Just once, during all this stressing and
rage building, did you think about how much I love you? All the emotion I have
invested. Did you think about me? Or, was it all about you. You don't think I was
heartbroken over this, the important summer in our lives. You little bastard son of
a bitch." He railed at me.

I finally got chance to get a word in. "Stop calling me names. I don't like hearing
you call me names," I squeaked

"Well, what do you know, Carree finally stood up for herself. Keep looking
around that dorm room, see if the rest if Carree is there" he said.

I was finally "getting it". I realized that the real Carree had gone and hidden.
Now Bill had woken her up. All the time I spent feeling sorry for myself had
cloned someone else.

"Carree, let me ask you something else. Have you ever heard of the Acela, the
Metroliner?" Bill asked.

I was confused. I didn't know if these were things I should know and should
answer, or if he was making a point.

"No, I don't know" I said through tears. "Should I?"

"Those are trains," he said. "Trains that leave from Penn Station. Penn Station
that is within 5 minutes from where I'm going to work, and 10 minutes from
where I'm going to live. Between the Acela and the Metroliner they leave New
York for Baltimore over 6 times a day, and 3 or 4 at night. Its 2 hours and 20
minutes to the station in Baltimore. The station in Baltimore is a 15-minute walk
to Johnson Street, where you're going to live. It's not a safe walk all the time, but
it's only a 5-minute cab ride. Does 2 hours and 20 minutes seem like a long ride?
Before you answer that, keep in mind that a couple of the female interns at Time,
Inc will live on a campus on Long Island and their commute to the office is
almost 3 hours at rush times, over 2 hours when its not busy.
Carree, I can be at your doorstep, in your apartment 3 or 4 nights a week! We can
be together a lot. Your landlord will let you have a roommate as long as he or she
signs on the lease and puts up a deposit. No extra rent, just a separate deposit. I
have the rider for the lease for you to sign with me. You didn't think I was going
to go the summer without seeing you as often as I could, did you? Goddamn it
Carree, I LOVE YOU, more than anything. Any night I get out before 6, I can
come to be with you. If I get out before six I can make the 6:10 and be there at
8:30, in your arms by 9:00! In the morning there are 3 trains to New York
between 6:15 and 6:45. Anyone of them should get me to work by 9 o'clock. Are
you hearing me CARREE!" he hollered.

"YES, I hear you, stop raising your voice to me. I didn't know about the train
service," I whined.

"Carree, am I talking to you or am I talking to the weak whimpering spineless son
a bitch who threw her phone against the wall as if it were my heart? Who is it?
Goddamn it!!" he demanded.

I wiped my face and nose on my sleeve. I snuffed and swallowed a mouthful of
tears and mucus, I cleared my throat the best I could. "IT'S ME! You son of a
bitch, I'M HERE! I'm your Carree. Although I may deserve it, if you ever put me
over your knee and lay a hand on me I'll kick your ass up and down the hallway.
Now stop calling me names and hollering at me. I'm sorry if I was stupid and let
my feelings get the best of me. Holy shit Bill, I was going to feed myself to the
fuckin' bears a few minutes ago. I was in a state." I said as I realized how far I
had sunk.
"Do you really think we can be together that much? Three times a week?" I asked.

"I really think so. On weeks where the bed is set for the new issue and the Editor
is happy with everything I can be out by 9 or so on Friday and not have to be back
in until 7 on Monday. The rest of the week I don't have to be in until 9. Hey, what
did you mean, feed yourself to the bears, anyway." Bill said.

"I was outta here, Bill. I was heading home, walking. When I got so tired I
couldn't go anymore I was going to lie in the woods. I was mad," I explained.

"Go into your room for me Care. Close the door." Bill ordered.

I was pushing myself to my feet, but asked, "Why what do you want?"

"Just do it. Are you in there?" he asked. "If you are, close the door."

"OK, I'm here, why?" I asked.

"Sick your hand down your pants. Touch that pussy. That's MY pussy. It's the
one I'm going to make love to someday and OUR children are going to come out
of it. You were going to throw THAT away with yourself?" he asked.

"OK, I get your point" I said, "And I told you I was sorry."

"Are you doing it, Carree? Touching yourself?"

"No, I . . . ."

"Do it, damnit. I want to make a point here." He shouted.

I unsnapped my jeans and let the zipper down a little and slid my hand in.

"OK, I'm doing it. I'm touching it." I shuddered as I did it.

"I heard you catch your breath, I know you did it. I'm rubbing my dick, thinking
about you, Carree. Are you thinking about me making love to you? Do you want
to get off? Release some steam?" he asked.

"Yes, I need to" I said, embarrassed that I felt so hot, so fast.

"Get out your big white dick toy Carree. Fill yourself up with it." Bill said.

I took my hands out of my pants and pulled the zipper down the rest of the way
and pushed my jeans off. I reached under my bed to my overnight case. I opened
it and at the bottom wrapped in a couple pair of panties, was my white rubber
cock. I laid back on the bed and propped the phone to my head with the pillow.

"I can't believe I'm doing this on the phone with you Bill, after what I just put
you through, put myself through." I said.

"We're going to release some steam, both of us, OK?" he said.

"OK," I said as I was already trying to work the toy inside me.

My groans and grunts into the phone told him I was doing it, and ready to get off.
His heavy breathing told me he wasn't going to need much.

"Oh Bill, Its fucking me, you're fucking me. Oh, oh, oh" I said loud enough for
him to hear. I was already in the throes of orgasm. I DID need this release. I heard
Bill grunt and roar, I knew he had cum. I was just behind him as I came loudly
into the phone. Then there was a silence.
After what seemed a couple minutes, he said it, "I love you. Goddamn it all
Carree. Don't ever scare me like that again. See what beautiful love we can make,
and I'm 70 miles away."

"Oh, God! I love you too Bill, now more than ever. How could I have been so
stupid, so juvenile, so shallow." I asked.

"Don't beat yourself up Carree. What's important is that we fixed it all. Now get
that head tied on straight and suck it up a little. If I can get away for a bit on
Sunday, I'll be around, but no promises, OK?" He asked.

"I understand. I'll use the time this weekend to catch up. Bill, I promise not to be
such a fucking idiot. I think back now and can't even believe it was me. Man, I
lost it. I am so ashamed. I can't believe I was afraid to talk to you." I admitted.

"Don't beat yourself up anymore, lets just get passed this. I'm sorry about this
weekend. I'll make everything up to you someday." He said.

"I know you will. I have to go now. I have to clean up this dorm, and go buy a
new phone. This one is all beat up. I'll be OK, now. I promise. I love you so
much, even more now. Bye lover." I said as I clicked off the phone.

I drew a deep breath and knew I had to get my life, my dorm, back in order.
Though it had hardly seemed like a time for sex, the relief that orgasm provided
was a good stepping off point to get a new start. I slipped on my jeans and took
my toy to go wash it and put it back in its hiding place.

I opened the door and there sat Maria, a little smile on her face.

"I'm sorry for being a voyeur, but if I made too much noise I might have stopped
you, and I know you needed that. The stress has shown on your face. Don't
worry, we all do it. Ummm, God, what happened here?" Maria said as I tried to
hide the Great White Wonder.

I turned beet red. I was embarrassed at being caught jilling off, caught having my
tantrum turning the room upside down. "I'm sorry about the room, Maria. I'll pick
everything up." I said still holding the toy behind me.

"Go wash it, or whatever you were going to do. I UNDERSTAND, ok?" Maria

"Thanks Mare, this has been an awful day, week, month. Please forgive me." I

"Don't worry about it," Maria said as I slipped past her to go to the sink.

I rinsed off the toy and wrapped it in a towel, put it under my shirt and hurried to
go back to my room. Maria called me from her room as I passed.

"Carree, come here."

I went into Maria's room and she was standing in front of an open drawer. I
looked down into the open drawer and there lie 3 sex toys, dildos, whatever you
might call them. One was an orange version of the White Wonder, one was a
Silver Bullet, a vibrator, and the other an exaggerated long thin smooth penis.

"Meet my friends. See, you have no reason to be embarrassed. It natural. How
many do you have?" she asked.

"Uh, just the one," I said. Then Maria uncovered one more, a black version of my
Little Blue Devil anal toy.

"Before I could stop myself I said, "Oh, I have one of those too."

"I thought you said, just the one?" Maria asked smiling.

"Well, Bill keeps that one." I said embarrassed that I was revealing such personal

"Don't be so embarrassed, Carree. God, we all need a release every now and then.
At least you see Bill more than 2 or 3 times a year. I wonder if Jack makes all the
effort he could to get out here. I have to get out every now and then to get . . . .
you know, some company." Maria started to say something then stopped herself
then turned red and she choked up.

"What, Maria. What did you say? What do you mean, some company?" I asked.

"It's just a faceless fuck Carree, it doesn't mean anything. I go out and pick up a
kid, someone young, and show him a few things." She confessed.

"What? What do you mean, faceless fuck? Maria, you have sex outside of your
relationship? Are you crazy?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes, I do," she admitted with a combination of pride and embarrassment, it
seemed. "I go to the hang-outs where the freshmen are. Not so much here, but
over near the other area schools. I show them a good time, they make me happy."

"MARIA, do you know what you're doing?" I said shocked.

"Yes, I do. I have to feel like a woman sometimes, you know. (She started to cry)
I show these boys some real tits, how to eat pussy and they get a real blowjob. I
don't fuck them. I may act like a slut, but I'm not a whore. I'm sorry I ever told
you Carree. I didn't think you would be so judgmental." Maria said, still wet eyed
but defensive.

She said it to me as if she was telling me she snuck a cigarette every now and
then. God, this was sex, interpersonal sex!

"Maria, I never thought in a million years that you," I started.

"No one ever thinks in a million years that I would do this, but I'm human too. I
want to get off, I want to get nasty, and I want to feel desired. I'm not hurting
anyone but me, and I happen to like it. It's not like I do it every weekend, and I've
never been with the same guy twice." She defended.

"Mare, just be careful. We've lived together and shared lives together. I love you,
you know. You will always be a part of my life, even if I never see you again after
we leave here next year. It would ruin everything if I read that they found you on
the side of the road with your panties tied around your neck. What you're doing
isn't safe!" I said bawling her out.

"God, why did you have to say that!" she said taking a second moment to think
about what I said. "Well, you've done what you wanted to do. You scared the hell
out of me, now. I almost picked up a creep once, but I never thought of that
consequence. How can I do this again without that on my mind?"

"Maria, if you want to do it, you'll do it. But be careful. I just think you're being
really short sighted and too trusting. Sometimes an innocent face isn't so
innocent." I said, adding "That's my last word on it. Just don't do anything stupid
and let anything bad happen to you."

I went back into my room not quite believing the exchange we just had. Maria,
sweet faced little Maria with the body of an angel. It's a wonder those little
freshmen didn't drown in their drool. I know that I am a good-looking girl, and
Maria is every bit as attractive as me, plus she tans so well. Oh my God, the
picture of her, with some young kid, letting her teach him. My mind was going in

"Carree? Can I ask you a question?" Maria asked at my doorway.

"Sure, and hey I'm sorry for being so hard on you. I wasn't trying to be
judgmental. I love you and worry about you, especially now." I answered.

"Have you ever heard of a blanket party?" she asked looking at the floor.

"Yes, I have. I've been to one, and I'm ashamed to admit. Not the lesbian kind," I

"No, God no, that's not what I meant. I meant the sorority girls with no dates
kind." She reiterated.
"Maybe we could put one together sometime, the three of us, some weekend
when Henny, you and I are alone?" she asked.

"I don't know, Maria. I only did it with three really good friends that I knew
forever and it was a spur of the moment thing. If they planned it, I wouldn't have
even went. Why, do you think a blanket party would keep you out of the pick up
bars? How about self control, and a sense of loyalty to Jack, instead of a blanket
party?" I finished as the door swung open and whirlwind Henny came in.

"Blanket parties? You guys aren't having blanket parties are you? You aren't
lezzies are you? Those are the things where you strip and hide under a blanket
while a lezzy stripper does her thing and then you take turns?" Henny said.

"Henny, imagine me, or Maria hiring a lesbian stripper." I said.

"OK, you got me there. I don't picture either one of you so daring as to hold the
lettuce at Burger King."

"We were talking about the kind of blanket party where you each hide under a
blanket and watch a porno movie and do what ever comes natural, to yourself."
Maria said.

"Wow, I'm in. A chance to act like a slut again without guilt. I like it! When do
you want to do it?" Henny said, excited.

"No one said we were going to do it. We were just talking about it. It was
something we could have done when we were without our boyfriends and all
together," I explained.

"Oh, I was going to say, I'm going home for the weekend. Nick is on his way up
now. I know what I used to do on those weekends. Go out and get me some meat
and bring him home." Henny chattered.

"Yes, we know Henny, we've heard you. But that was a long time ago." Maria
said. "You don't do that anymore, remember?."

"I know, I got my Nick now. I would never cheat on him, but it doesn't mean I
can't think about it," Hen said.

"Alright, lets just drop it and maybe some day we can talk about it again. But no
one here is suggesting it. It was just mentioned in conversation when you came in
Henny," I said.

"Yes, I have to get packed up" Maria said. "My aunt should be here in a few
minutes to take me home."

"Yeah, Nick should be here in a few minutes too. I have to pack." Henny said.

I finally hid my toy away and went back out to pick up the dorm. There were
pieces of my phone and magazines all over he floor as well as the dumped end
table, and Henny never said a word. I loved her, but I would love to look at the
world through her eyes for a day. I feel like asking some times, "What's it like in

Within an hour both Henny and Maria were gone, and I had the whole dorm to
myself. Right away I began using that time to begin to think about Bill, and not
having him here, and not going home this weekend. It was going to be a long
night. I had to get out. I went to the quad bulletin board to see what was up. There
were keggers going on all over the place. Spring fever had arrived. The cold snap
had held down the blatant partying this week, but the weatherman said it would
break tonight, accompanied by thunderstorms for a short time. I didn't envision
going out tonight, but there was a party and half-kegger at Crackerjack House.
Crackerjack House wasn't a real frat; it was a house that bordered the campus on
our end. It was a 5 or 10-minute walk. It housed 6 guys who constantly partied, it
seemed. Although, the one fellow, the one who held the lease this year, was
Deans List, so apparently he knew how to party and still study. They called it
Crackerjack house because there was a big plaster figurine that looked like the
sailor on the Crackerjack box. It had become a good luck tradition, over the years,
for guys to pat "jack" on the head as they left the house, girls would pat his butt.
Those two spots were worn on the figure because of the constant parties they had
there. I liked parties there because they never got out of hand and the real frat
boys didn't hang out there. It was less an animal House than some of the other
frats or houses. Because it was officially "off campus", the school could do little
about it.

As I looked at the rest of the goings on, it began to get ominously dark. I looked
around and there was surely a storm imminent. It was weird though, because the
wind blown air was warm, like the door was open on a hot room. It was real
strange. Before I could make up my mind about another place to go, raindrops as
big as water balloons began falling. I hightailed it back to my dorm and got there
just in time before the torrents of rain really hit. The wind and thunderstorms
lasted about an hour. Once everything cleared I went out to Frazier Hall to get
dinner. It was sure strange; the temperature must have gone up 40 or 50 degrees.

By the time I waited out the storm and ate, reading the newspaper, it was after 9
o'clock. I was happy that I had wasted so much time away. Tomorrow I planned a
day of running, laundry and then studying. If Bill was to come up on Sunday, I
wanted to be sure my plate was empty.

I decided I wouldn't need a coat to go out that night, a sweatshirt would do.
Besides, I didn't like to dress too revealing when I went out, I didn't need guys hitting on me.
I scouted out Crackerjack house and the party seemed to be a little loud, but not
raucous. There were not more than 20 or 25 people there, so there was enough
room to dance if you wanted. The pot smokers usually stayed in the back of the
upstairs rooms, so the non-smokers usually stayed down. As you went in there
was a sign that said the cover was $4 and was to go in the Crapper. They had an
old Crapper toilet, with the high tank, just as you came in the door. The object
was to stand on the seat, and drop your money in the tank. If a girl wore a short
dress, someone with a camera snapped a picture of her "pretties" as she reached to
put her money in. There was a bulletin board with "Past Pretties" pictures on it,
but with girls mostly wearing jeans now days, there wasn't much to post. I guess
it was a time-honored tradition they had to keep.
I dropped my money in and looked for a friendly familiar face. I heard a whistle
and turned to see Mark and Russell. Ahh, friendly faces! I went over and we
started up a conversation right away.

Mark went and got me a beer, and it tasted good. I usually didn't like beer, but
this was really cold and it must have been fresh or something. I finished the first
one and Russell got me a second. I pulled Russ onto the dance floor and we
danced a little. Mark was kind of in charge of the music and kept good dance
tunes going. I danced with each of them. I finished the second beer, but it was
way after 11 when I did. I had really nursed it. Mark went a got me a fresh cup
and a new beer, and I thanked him. But, I knew I wasn't going to drink anymore. I
nursed a few sips and had one more dance with Russell. I gave each of them a hug
and told them I was on my way; I had things to do early in the morning.
I went out, patted Crackerjack on the butt, and went on my way up the sidewalk
to where I could cross and go down the Campus walkway between the scrubs to
the walk to my quad.

"Carree, Carree, wait up," I heard and I turned. It was Russell.
"Let me walk you back to your dorm, and make sure you get here safe," he said.

That's really not necessary, Russell. You ought to stay at the party. Maybe you
can meet a girl for the night, maybe even find a girlfriend." I said.

"The only girl I'm really interested in just left." Russell said.

"That's sweet of you Russell, but you know I am engaged," I said.

"It's just, you're so nice, and easy to talk to and interesting." He said.

I stopped walking and turned to Russell.

"Russell, that is so sweet of you to say. You don't know what a bad day this has
been for me. I just wanted to die earlier, literally. It's nice to have the support of a
friend." I said as I leaned in to kiss him for being so nice.

I didn't intend to kiss him on the lips, but I did. I backed my face away and
looked at him square in the eye. He kissed me back, once, twice, and then a third
time holding his lips to mine and putting his arm around me. It all felt so good,
but I knew I was wrong.

"Please Russell, no. I can't do this. You're very nice, but I shouldn't lead you on."
I told him.

We turned and continued walking towards my dorm. It had gotten a little chilly
and I wished I had more than my sweatshirt. I crossed my arms over myself, and
mentioned I was cold.

"Here, take my sweater," Russ said, Pulling his sweater over his head.

"Oh, that's not necessary, Russ. Now you'll be cold." I said.

I tied his sweater around my neck so it covered my back, then I reached out to
pull him next to me, and we walked with arms around each other down the
walkway to my quad.

As we got to the lamppost for my building I stopped and took the sweater off my

"Here, Russell, take your sweater and stay warm. Thanks for walking me home. I
do worry a little walking about here at night. I leaned up to kiss him on the cheek,
but he turned his face and my kiss went right to his lips. We held it there, and I
would be lying to say it didn't feel good. I kept telling myself to break it, but I
didn't. Then he pushed his tongue in my mouth and put his hand behind my head.
As he did this he pushed his erection right into me crotch. I pulled away violently.

"Russell!! That was rude. How can you do that and try to be my friend. We aren't
THAT friendly. I admit the kiss felt good, and I held it too long, but I didn't want
your tongue in my mouth either. Damn you, I didn't lead you on that much,
Russell." I yelled at him .I want you to know that, doing something like that is
offensive. It's none of your business, but I'm a virgin. Bill and I are saving that as
something special between us. Then you go and push yourself at me like I'm
some sort of whore."

"I'm really sorry Carree, I couldn't help myself. You just seemed to like it so
much before. It won't happen again. I'm sorry," he said to me.

"OK, Russell, I take you at your word. I thought we were friends and I want to
stay that way. Good night, OK?" I said.

He appeared to choke up a little and I asked him what was the matter.

"I never get the girl I want to be with. It's so frustrating, Carree." he said to me.

"Don't worry Russ, when it's right, it will happen." I said.

Then, like a fool, I kissed him goodnight again. He began to hold the kiss again
and put his hand on the back of my head. I pushed him away, and hollered his
name, wondering if I DID lead him on. I know that the fact I was drinking may
have had something to do with it, but I did not feel like I had too much. Maybe
Russell did. But I still think he knew full well what he was doing.

He turned and ran away from me.

"You get back here Russell, you chickenshit bastard. How dare you treat a friend
this way! No wonder you don't have a girlfriend! I trusted you! Get back here," I
shouted, but he ran into the darkness.

How could he do this to me when he would have to avoid me for the rest of the
school year? How did he expect to be my friend ever again? I was willing to say I
led him on a little, but I wanted to settle this. I wasn't prepared to lose the one
male friend I had on campus over a misunderstanding.

I went inside and locked up. I changed into my pajamas and threw on a robe. I
was going to watch some TV, but I was pretty tired from my stressful day. I took
some Motrin and a multi-vitamin along with a big glass of water. This has worked
as a great hangover cure for me. Alcohol dehydrates you and strips the B vitamins
from your blood. The water, vitamin and Motrin seem to replace everything and
prevent a morning headache. It works for me.
I just got in bed and settled, staring at the ceiling thinking about what an asshole I
was earlier when I heard my bell ring.
Who could this be? Was it Bill? I ran to the intercom.

"Who is it?" I said

I heard no answer; maybe someone rang the wrong bell or leaned on it. Hopefully
college students would be a little too mature to ring doorbells and run.
I turned to go back to bed when it rang again.

"WHO IS IT?" I demanded.

There was a moment of silence then I heard a little voice say, "Russell".

What do YOU want Russ?

"I want you for a friend. I'm not a chickenshit bastard. I did something foolish
tonight. I treated my friend like shit, like an object. I want to apologize to her." He

"How do I know you aren't going to try and force yourself on me again?" I asked.

"You don't have to let me in, we can talk like this," Russ answered.

I pressed the button to let him in, but he didn't open.

"Russell, you can come in," I said through the speaker. "I'm showing my good
faith that I trust you."

Before he could answer I picked up my new phone with the emergency buttons
programmed for 911 and Campus Police, and out it in the pocket of my robe.

"OK, I'll come in, but I'll stay in the hall. I don't want to scare you." He said.

I buzzed him in again and I heard him open. I opened the door to our room and he
was there in the hallway. He had been crying, but I wasn't going to let on that it

"I'm sorry, Carree. I tried to take advantage of our friendship because you're a
woman. I'm not that kind of creep. I guess I let my hormones go a little crazy
sometimes. You're very beautiful and I can't believe that you would even talk to
me, let alone be my friend. When you danced with me in Saratoga in front of all
my friends that night, I was so proud to show you off. Someone so beautiful could
be my friend, who knew? But even that night, you had me all excited and I had
thoughts you shouldn't have for a friend." Russell confessed.

"I know, all my girlfriends told me you were, um . . excited. They thought you
were cute and wondered if I was having an affair. You underestimate yourself
Russ, you can get any girl you want. Looks are always nice bait, but you have a
nice personality too. Maybe you shouldn't drink until you know how a girl feels
about you, but . . . " I said smiling.

"I kissed you tonight because I had true affection, as a friend, for you. When you
kissed me back, I won't lie, it felt good. I needed that reassurance after what I
went through today. But I knew to stop it. When I kissed your cheek, for being so
nice with your sweater, you were wrong to force your lips to mine and then when
you pressed your . . yourself against me, you made me afraid. Friends don't do
that. You apologized, and when I kissed you again to show you I trusted you, you
took advantage again. When I pushed you way, you ran away. Isn't that what
happened? I want to be sure I have it right, because if it was any other way, or you
thought it was any other way, tell me." I asked him.

Russell looked down, and said, "Yes, that's what happened. I was an asshole.
After I ran away I realized I could never again call you a friend. That hurt more
than anything, that's why I came back. I'm really sorry Carree."

"I forgive you Russell. Let's go on being friends, confidants and pals. We can
pretend tonight never happened, OK?" I said as I leaned up and kissed him on the
cheek. When I did, I brushed against his ever-present (it seemed) erection.

I looked down and laughed. "As friends, I should tell you to do something about
that. Switch from boxers to briefs to hold it in a little. Sorry to get so personal, but
. . "

"Apparently its more noticeable than I think, but, a . . a. . .I don't wear any," he
said turning red as a beet.

I smiled, walk over and opened the door and he took the hint and was right behind
me. When I turned to wish him goodnight, I was drawn to looking down and his
erection was quite noticeable. I looked up and he gave me a sheepish smile. Said
goodnight back to me, and went out.

I no more than closed the door, when I had an idea I hoped I wouldn't be sorry
for. I opened the door and called Russell right back in.

"Did I forget something?" Russ asked quizzically.

"No, I just had a crazy idea. Let me show you how far a friend might go, where
the line might be. Sit in this chair, I said as I pointed to the chair in front of
Henny's door.

I went to the opposite side of the room and sat directly across from him.

"First of all, no funny stuff. I have my phone right here," I said drawing it out. "I
have hot buttons set for 911 and Campus Public Safety."

Russ was confused, but I explained. "Let's say that I DID lead you on a little
tonight, although it was not intentional. I admitted to you before that I did enjoy
your kisses at first, and that was a tease."

" You will think I am crazy, but, I hate to see you go home with that erection in
your pants, and I'm a little turned on by all the goings on tonight.
You can either, take it out and masturbate in front of me, and I'll do the same,
while we watch each other, or you can leave."

"What!" Russ said.
"You heard me, Russell. This is something we are both going to do anyway
tonight. Do you want a special one-time chance to live out your little fantasy of
me? . . . or not?"

"Are you drunk, Carree? Are you going to cry rape in the morning?" Russ said.

"Is that trust of a friend? Russ. There will be no rape here tonight, just something
personal between friends. Last chance, Russell." I said.

"I'll do it!" he said.

"OK, Russ. I make the rules, and you stay there, OK?" I asked

"OK," he agreed.

I opened my robe and smoothed down my pajamas.

"Unzip your pants Russ. Don't unsnap them, just unzip them."

I slid down a little in my chair and ran my hand over my vagina.

"Take it out, Russell"

I slid my hand inside my pajama bottoms.

"Oooo, that's nice Russ, it looks like it needs attention. Show me what you do."

I was relieved to know that the sight of another penis besides Bills had little or no
effect on me. I truly was in love with my Bill. Russell's act was turning me on,
but just seeing him meant little.
I was working one finger over my clit, and I quickly switched to two fingers on
either side of it, rubbing up and down. I originally planned on lowering my PJ
bottoms, but modesty and fear got the better part of me.

Russell stroked his cock and looked right at me all the while, first to my eyes,
then to my crotch. He was enjoying it.

"I'm getting close," he said, "What should I do?"

"Just let it fly Russell, when you're ready. But if you can wait a minute we can go
off together," I said as I knew I was also close.

I stifled all the noise I usually make, I didn't want to wake other students and then
have them see Russell leave and assume something happened that didn't. But, I
was cumming.

I grunted and hummed a low report as I began to climax. I was looking Russell in
the eye when I saw a long stream of cum fly from his cock. It must have gone 5
feet. If any girl was having oral sex with him, I am sure she would have choked
on that load.

I finally got back to normal breathing and Russell was sitting with his head back,
exhausted. I finally got up and tied my robe.

"Russell," I called, "How was that? Going to make you sleep better tonight?"

He sat up and smiled. "Yeah, Care, I feel better."
I reached into my dirty clothes and found a shower towel and I pitched it at him.

"Here, wipe yourself up, and get the floor too, OK?" I said.

He wiped his penis, then his hand, then dropped the towel on the floor and
mopped up with his foot. He picked up the towel and rolled it up, handing it to

"Thank You Carree. This was special. It meant a lot. I'll see you tomorrow at
Frazier for coffee, OK? I'll be over around 10 if you want to meet me." He said.

"It meant a lot to me too Russell. It bonds us forever as friends. I will see you for
coffee." And we said goodnight.

My bold move made Russell see what a friend does sometimes, as long as he
doesn't jeopardize the friendship. Nothing like that ever happened again like that
between us, and he never flirted or came on to me again. We were friends.
We remained friends through college, he dance at my wedding, held me and cried
with me at Williams funeral.

By the time I finished my last exam that semester, Bill was already in New York
starting his internship at Time, Inc. Although he had made arrangements to have
his car in New York, the price he had planned on paying for parking was for a
month, not the summer as he thought. Living and working in New York City,
particularly near Penn Station, the need for an automobile was minimized. Unless
you absolutely had to drive to a place that had no train, bus or subway service, it
was a foolish endeavor.
Although Bill was to start on a Tuesday, he, along with his mom and his Dad
went to New York on a Friday night and spent the long weekend seeing New
York, and doing New York things. A ballgame, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire
State Building, the World Trade Center and all the standard tourist things to do.
The only thing he didn't do was, CALL me. I was freaking out between exams
checking my messages to get one word from him. I should have been happy that
he and his parents were having such a great time, but I really hoped to hear from
him and get some encouragement about exams.
I wasn't totally freaking out, but until the first time I saw him at my doorstep in
Baltimore, I would never really believe that I would see him all summer.

My last exam, Art, was on the Wednesday after Bill started in New York. I had
little luck reaching him when I tried to call, and had left a pile of unanswered
messages. I received one message on my answering machine Wednesday just
before I packed up to leave home.
Henny, Maria, Russell, Mark and myself chipped in for a storage unit close by, to
keep our dorm belongings for the summer. Refrigerators, TV's, microwaves and
some furniture and other items seemed crazy to cart home, when we were going
to move it back in a few months again. By the time we figured what we really had
to bring home, I called my Dad and told him that Russell would bring me back.
We had envisioned a truckload of things, but with the 5 of us planning on
returning, and staying as roommates, Henny, Maria and myself, Russell and
Mark, the move seemed un-necessary. I just brought home tons of clothes and
boxes of HBA, leaving Russell to comment that it looked like we had robbed a
GAP and a drug store overnight, with all the clothes and health-beauty aids in his

Russell had turned into a good friend after our mis-understanding. He realized
what a resource I was for advice as he went through girlfriends and relationships.
I was no Dear Abby, but he sometimes failed to see the difference between a
person seeking a bedmate for the night, or a lasting relationship. Russell had a
tendency to fall in love with any girl who would drop their undies for him. When
I would break the news to him that she was doing the same thing he was, trying to
get laid for the night, and that's it, he would label her a tease and a whore. After
having his heart broken more than few times, he finally began to "get it".

Once home on Wednesday night I called and left more messages for Bill, but I
still heard nothing. I was beginning to worry. I really hated to call his house in
fear they would tell me to leave him alone to work, not to spoil his opportunity,
blah, blah, blah. I was sick of hearing the whole spiel. Damn it, he was my
husband and I had not heard from him in days!

I moped around the house afraid to leave, not wanting to miss Bills call. I knew I
was driving my mother crazy, and my Dad called that afternoon from work to say
he was taking the 3 of us out to dinner that night. Not wanting to hurt his feelings
I told him I would be happy to get out with them. In reality I knew I couldn't
digest any food until I knew he was OK.

As it got close to 4 o'clock my mom asked if I wanted to get in the shower first to
get ready for our date with Dad. I had just agreed when the phone rang and I shot
down the stairs to answer it.
It was Bills mom and she had wondered if we had heard from him since they left
him on Monday evening. I was in total freak out now. I was sure he was mugged
and dragged into a subway tunnel to die. Bills mom asked me to repeat the work
phone number I had for Bill and she compared it to hers, they were different. We
compared his home numbers and they were different too. My mom took out the
letter Bill had sent them and the numbers he gave them were a third set altogether.
Totally confused, Bills mom was going to call the intern office where Bill had his
original contact, and got his keys and ID badge when they went there last week.
She had the man's card.

"Mrs. Wilson, err mom (Bill had insisted), would you mind if I called instead of
you? Could you give me the name and number?" I asked.

"Carree, you may be going to marry him, but he will always be my son, and I am
worried." She protested

"Mom, he will always be your son, but he will always be my husband, too. Do
you think he would be embarrassed if his mommy called looking for him because
he hadn't checked in?" I asked her.

"Oh, damn Carree, I suppose you're right. I was ready to go to the mat on this
one, but you ARE right. He would hold his head and say "GEEZ Mom!!" I'm
sure." She admitted.

"He's going to say "GEEZ Carree" as well, but better to have his wife or intended
call for him." I reasoned, "Umm, do you suppose the city will take the "geez" out
of his vocabulary." I added to show a little levity and show her I wasn't worried,
although I really was.

"I doubt it, he adds it to his spellchecker when he uses a word processor or
computer, you know. " She said making me think I put her mind at ease a little.

Mrs. Wilson gave me the name and number and I quickly dialed.

I got a secretary for the man I wanted to contact, and I explained the situation to
her. I suspected she was an intern too; who also had a boyfriend, because she
thought it was important enough to put me through.

"Scott Wilkens, can I help you?" he answered politely.

"Yes, umm Hello. I'm Carree Kasc and my future husband is interning . . ."

"Ohh, Carree!! I'm so sorry I forgot to call you. Billy Wilson gave me your
number and wanted me to call you, and you to call his Mom. He got a chance to
string along with a feature writer who went to the wild fires in SoCal. His aide
had a root canal go bad and he and his photog needed a gopher on a moments
notice. Bill jumped at the chance to go. I am so sorry I forgot to call."

"Mr Wilkens, can you explain that a little slower so I can get it all. I was pretty
worried and confused, plus I want to make sure I have the right message for his
Mom." I asked quizzical.

"I'm so sorry Carree. We sent a feature writer and photographer to Southern
California to cover the wild fires. He has an aide that usually takes notes, makes
appointments, and does a little dirty work for him. That fellow had a root canal go
bad, and there was no one in the pool to go with him. I volunteered Billy,
described the kind of work he had done, and the reporter took a chance with him.
He left Monday night and should be home early tomorrow, Thursday," he
explained less frenetically.

"OK, I feel better. Number one, would you please call him Bill, he was Billy in
the third grade, and secondly, was there a message?" I asked, a little snotty, but
not really on purpose.

"Sure, there is Carree. I'm really sorry for causing all this angst. He said, "Guess
what, I'm on assignment. I'll call on Thursday. Don't call me, all of the numbers I
have are wrong. New phone system, hard to explain." And then he says he loves
you forever and ever. I wouldn't have read that part, but I've jerked you around
and caused enough trouble for you already. Carree, I'm really a lot more
organized than this, and don't worry, he wont be in the field anymore this
summer, I promise you. This was a real odd emergency. He knows you are upset
and wants you to know it wont be a regular thing. Can you call his Mom?"

"Yes, I can Mr. Wilkens. Please don't think I'm a snot or anything. I wasn't
trying to be a wise-off, and obviously he explained I would be upset. But, if I had
the message on time, I wouldn't have been. It's a great opportunity for him.
Hopefully we can meet in person some day and we can get off on a better step."

"I'm sure, Carree. Congratulations on your wedding, Bill told us you were getting
married. He's a fine young man, Carree." Mr. Wilkens said.

"Thank You, I know. Well good-bye, I'll call his mom now," and I hung up.

After explaining to my Mom, and then Bills, I felt great. Now I was ready for that
dinner date with Dad. I told my mom to go ahead in the shower, and I would
follow her later. I wanted to make some calls. mom finished her clothes folding,
getting me ready to go away, and headed for the shower.

As soon as I heard the water begin to run I went up to my room and closed the
door. I got out of my sweats and hopped on the bed and put my hands between my
I had a little excess tension to burn, and hearing Bill had said he loved me forever,
plus bragging about marrying me, was all I needed to think about sex.
I worked my fingers around my clit and then grabbed my lips between my fore
and middle fingers. As I sawed them together, I strummed my clit with the side of
my thumb. Once I knew my orgasm was imminent I brought my middle finger up
and ran it over my slick clitoris, dipping it inside on the down stroke. I felt I could
have went for broke if I went a little deeper to find my G-spot, but it was going to
be hard enough to keep quiet with this the way it was.

My breath caught in my throat and I went over the edge fast. All I could think
about was Bill licking on my vagina and how much he enjoyed it. I thought about
how I would greet him the first time he came to Baltimore to see me.

I heard the water go off in the shower and I quickly came back to reality, relieved
in a more ways then one. The simple fact that Bill had made sure Mr. Wilkens
told me that it wasn't a regular thing let me know he knew I would be upset, and
that it bothered him.

At dinner that night we talked about how strange it was going to be this summer,
with me being away. My mom and Dad were taking their vacation without me in
over 20 years, and where were they going? Baltimore!
I was really glad they were going to come for a week, there was so much to do
there, plus they had never been to Washington, so it could easily be full week for
My main worry about going away now was having enough of my personal things
there. The student apartment had a TV, fridge and microwave, basic amenities. I
only had to supply sheets and myself. I packed 3 big suitcases with clothes and
basics for the plane, and had 2 shipping boxes of personal stuff, clock radio,
camera, and desk lamp; things like that, sent by UPS on Friday. When I took off
on Saturday I knew I would be on the phone with a list of things I wanted, but
forgotten or hadn't thought of.

When we got back from dinner on Wednesday I had hoped to get together with
friends, but Kim had just moved in with Brad and felt funny leaving the first
night, Jenny had left for a job she got for the summer in Arizona (how lucky is
that!) and Megan was with Jimmy in Boston for an operation that might get rid of
the limp he carried since his accident. Thoughts of a tearful send off on Saturday
with my friends and family, was going to be mom and Dad only.

I spent the time packing my 3 cases, all laid out on the floor. Every time I had
something that made me think of Bill, or he had given to me, I would daydream
for a minute and recall a memory. I was getting pretty sappy. When I got to my
overnight case with all my HBA in it, I couldn't help reaching into the bottom for
the Great White Wonder, wrapped in two pair of Victoria's skimpy panties. I
looked at it and smiled hoping I would never need it, or want it; all the while I
was in Baltimore. I set the overnight bag on the floor next to the 3 open suitcases,
like a staging area for packing. With a little tingle, I thought the best place to keep
the overnight bag was in arms reach of my bed, so I moved it.

My Dad knocked and opened my door.

"Hey pumpkin, it's almost 1 o'clock. Don't you think you ought to get to bed?"
he said.

"Wow, I had no idea it was that late. Sorry Dad, if I woke you" I answered.

"No, I couldn't sleep. I was thinking that this was one of the last nights you would
sleep under our roof. Except for a few nights during school next year, you won't
be here. I suspect you and Bill will be together after you graduate and before you
get married." He said, a little teary eyed.

I hugged my Dad saying, "Don't worry Dad, I'll still be here lots. Until we get
married, unless we move to another city, I'll live here. We decided we wouldn't
live together if we stayed in the area before we got married. We may not be home
every night, but this is home until then."

"No matter what, this will always be home, and Bill's too. You're not a little girl
anymore, as much as it hurts to say." He said wiping a tear,

I hugged my Dad and we cried together for a minute. This was one of those
moments I would remember forever. After I turned off the light and slipped into
bed, sounds of love from their bedroom put a smile on my face. I could picture
my Dad going back to the bedroom and waking my mom just to hug her and seek
comfort for his sadness. I hoped then that Bill and I could make love so
spontaneously after 25 years of marriage.
The Great White Wonder would have to wait tonight, the love I felt for my Mom,
Dad, and Bill would be enough to fill me for tonight. I was satisfied as if I had
been loved all night, and in a way, I had.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Carree, Carree," I heard my mom say was I wiped cobwebs from my sleep.
"Carree?" she asked again as she touched my face.

I thought she was waking me for school or church, my dreams taking me back to
an innocent time. Then it hit me. It was Thursday and I was getting ready to leave
for . . . .

"Carree? Are you awake? Carree!!" my mom said raising her voice.

""What! Mom, I'm awake. What time is it? I didn't get to. . ." I started.

"Carree, there's a man on the phone for you. Hurry, he's calling long distance,"
my mom said.

As I rolled out of bed I wished I hadn't left my cordless phone back in the storage
unit at school. I went to Moms bedroom to answer their phone, thinking on the
way that this must have been Mr. Wilkens telling me that Bill was going to be
held up or something.

"Hello?" I said, my voice crackling from not being cleared yet. I coughed,
excused myself and tried again "Hello? This is Carree Kasc."

"Hi, this is Billy Wilson, can you come out to play?"

"OooooooEeeeeeeeee", I shrieked. "You bet I can. I miss you so much, where are
you??" I asked giddily.

"I'm in a phone booth at Kennedy Airport. I just got back from the fires, it was
awesome out there, but I missed you so much, it was hard to concentrate. How
have you been? I heard you didn't get my message until Wednesday. I really gave
Scott a hard time over that. How was my Mom, a little crazy, I bet?" he asked.

"No crazier than your psycho girlfriend," I said. "He probably thinks I'm a little
snot, I was a little rude to him. Bad enough he forgot to call me, he called you
BILLY 3 times. I really gave it to him. He felt so bad that when he read your note
he included all the mushy stuff. He was embarrassed. Oh, it is so good to hear
your voice. I'm just about all packed for Baltimore. I have UPS coming tomorrow
to pick up 2 big boxes of extras I can't bring on the plane. Guess where Jenny's
working? In Arizona! Jimmy is having his leg operated on in Boston, Kim and
Brad moved in together, and my mom and Dad are coming to . . . "

"Geez, slow down Carree!! I'll have plenty of time to talk later. I just wanted you
to know I was back. I have to get to the office; this reporter is waiting for me. As
soon as I get his notes together and stuff, I'm going to my room to sleep. I'll call
you then, in about 2, maybe 3 hours. I'll give you all the phone numbers then.
Call my Mom, and tell her I'm home and I'll call her later too. I have to go, right
now. I love you, I love you, I love you." Bill said and abruptly hung up, as if he
were being dragged by the arm.
I closed my eyes and clutched my chest rolling back onto my parent's bed. All
was right with the world. I could feel my face curl into a big grin and brighten as I
thought of him and the tingle I felt all over. When I opened my eyes my mom was
staring at me with a tear in her eye.
"You certainly do love that man, don't you?" mom said.

"I do, I do Mom. I only hope we can be in love, and love as long as you and Dad
have." I said.

"We have our moments, like all couples do, but we are truly in love forever." She

"I don't want to embarrass you, but I heard you and Dad after he came from my
room last night. I know he was filled with joy and sadness about me. I know he
woke you to share it. I was proud that my mom and Dad were still so in love, and
obviously so happy." I said.

My mom flushed and turned he head away for a moment.
"I guess we are out of practice, being quiet like when you were home. Since you
have been away, we are ourselves a little more. It can still be good after all these
years." She said proudly.

"Obviously," I said with a snicker as I got up and went to my room and get ready
for my shower.

My mom followed me, wanting to talk, to impart some advice, I guess.

"We've never talked like this much, Carree. I know I gave you the third degree
when you and Billy started parking and that in the driveway, but . . . . .
Understand, that when I was in school, I was known as easy. I was a tramp. It
hurts me to say that, but I was. My parents spoke broken English from the old
country. I did things to make myself be popular. When I went to college, I
decided that I would change that, and I did. I met your father and he truly
respected me for me. He made me open up and become a strong woman. He
thought he was going to teach me about sex, he thought I might be naive, maybe
even a virgin. But, I was honest, Carree, I confessed about the tramp, the backseat
slut I was. I figured I would lose him when I did. But, if I couldn't be honest, it
couldn't be love. It made no difference to him; he said he couldn't judge from one
day before we met. It has been great ever since. Like I said, we have had our
moments, but there has never been a second when I didn't love him,
unconditionally. You're right about last night too. He came in and woke me to
share his joy and sadness about you, the proof of our love." mom said proudly,
but on the verge of letting a tear escape as her lip quivered. She turned and left the
room to protect that front.

"I love you Mom," I said as she turned the corner. She rushed downstairs to have
a happy tear in her own privacy.

I continued to lie out things for Baltimore for the rest of the morning and finally,
about 1 o'clock, Bill called. He had just hung up with his mom so we had a long
time to talk. He hadn't really slept, beyond on the plane, for a couple days. He
said his clothes smelled so badly of smoke he doubted they would ever get clean,
but the trip was a great experience. He said that he had no interest in that kind of
reporting as a career, but was able to talk at length with the writer about writing as
a career. He sat on some board at Stanford and could get Bill in, with his marks,
should he want to continue his education.

"When I told him that I wasn't in any position to spend that kind of money or take
a loan, he said that there was tons of grant and education money for writers, and I
could go for nothing!! Carree, are we California people? It doesn't really excite
me now, but who knows?" Bill told me.

"Bill, the thought of California is great, but I can barely swallow Baltimore and
New York right now. Lets get out of school before we make those kinds of
decisions." I responded.

" I told him I would have to talk it over with my wife. . . . . . God, I love and miss
you Care. Do you think you could get my car and come down and see me
tomorrow? I should be out of here early on Friday." Bill tempted me.

"Bill!! Don't tease me like that! You know I could never do that tomorrow.
Besides, driving into New York would be too stressful. Once I get settled in
Baltimore you can try the train and we can see how that works out. God, get some
sleep and think about what you said. Can you really think I could drive down
there, get together with you, drive home and be ready for an early flight on
Saturday?" I asked.

"I know, you ARE right. I just miss the hell out of you." He said.

I cupped the phone to make sure I didn't project too far saying "Are you sure
you're not just horny Bill, may be you should arm wrestle the monster and see if
you still want to see me that bad." I asked in a whisper.

I know what you're saying, but believe me, I want you. Don't worry, I'll be OK
until I see you." He admitted.

"Don't think that I don't want you either, it's just a stress thing with me. I have to
be careful not to flip out again. Things are going great here at home and I'm right
on schedule for what I need to do to get ready for the summer. I'll call you as
soon as I get set up on Johnson Street and I have my phone, OK? I'll be sure we
have a great time!!" I promised.

Bill had yet to spend a night alone in the city, or alone in his apartment, so I knew
he would be busy for the next couple days. It was just as well because, once I got
to town, I would barely have time to set up and learn my way to work for
Monday. I know Miranda Ponds had told me to call her for a ride on Monday, but
I wanted to seem a little independent.

I spent Thursday night and Friday with my mom and Dad around the house, only
taking time to talk to a couple friends who called to wish me well. Bill was able to
call me once on Friday, but he was at work and couldn't really talk freely. Friday
night he had tickets with Mr. Wilkens for a Yankee game, so he was happy.

Happy/sad was the only way to describe my leaving at the Airport on Saturday
morning with mom and Dad. I was sure I had everything I would need. My Dad
acted like I was going away, never to return. I cried half the way to Baltimore.

I was confused at the Airport at BWI and missed the shuttle to the city. The next
one wasn't for over an hour, with a lighter Saturday schedule. A really cute
skycap had my 3 bags at the shuttle counter and I was on the verge of crying.
Things were not going my way. He really wanted to lose me, as he had more tips
to make, if he could only rid his cart of my things.

Suddenly. he saw a friend and asked if I was willing to pay my way for a quick
trip to the Inner Harbor. I told him I wasn't sure.
He went over and these two spoke back and forth. When he came back he asked
me for $40, and I figured, 'What the hell, little miss innocence has to get her first
stupid mistake out of the way'.
He took my $40 and immediately put $20 in his pocket, then put "H I" stickers on
my plane tags and asked me to follow him. We left the concourse and went
outside where a Holiday Inn Shuttle Van was parked. There were 4 other people
with bags, also having the H I tags. He palmed my other $20 to the driver.
Once he put my bags next to the others he took my arm and took me aside.

"Give me another $20, it's my tip," he said confidently.

"No way, I already gave you $40 and you took half of that." I protested.

"Listen sweetie, with your tits and ass you won't have to buy a drink or a dinner
for the whole time you spend in Baltimore. Tip me a $20 and you won't be sorry,
I'm doing you another favor here." He said crassly.

I gave him the $20, glad to get rid of him.

"What hotel are you going to?" he asked.

"I'm not, I'm going to my apartment," I replied.

"Oh man, I hope it's in the city," he said.
I assured him it was and he produced a little envelope from his pocket like he had
done this a hundred times, he and his pals working the tourists for tips.
"Put your address on this, with $20 inside. Hand it to the driver and he will drop
you at your apartment. Otherwise you will have to get a cab from the Holiday Inn.
Got that?? It's a pleasure doing business with you, sweetie. Would you like to go
out sometime??" he asked

I assured him that I was not interested. With all his wheeling, and dealing he
didn't seem so cute anymore.
But, I did as he said.
The driver looked at the address and said it was on the way. He piled 5 of us,
altogether, into the van with our luggage and we made the trip into the city.
As we hit the city and saw signs for the Inner Harbor he hollered out that one of
the passengers had a meeting in town they were going to miss and he was going to
drop them first, it would only delay us 5 minutes.
Duh, . . . As we turned onto Johnson Street, I realized that person was I. He
pulled up to the address opened the side door for me and offered his hand. He
helped me out, and opened the back of the van, set my 3 bags on the curb and
stood as it waiting for a tip. I had a $5 and then all $50's and I was sure I wasn't
going to give him that. He took the $5 and made a face, leaving my bags and me
abruptly on the curb.
My missed shuttle saved me $40, the trip cost me another $85, but I was on my

I struggled with each bag up the steps to the landing. I took the keys from my
purse that Miranda had mailed me and prayed they worked. They did and I was
in. Apartment 1A was the first door on the right and I opened the door and pushed
all three bags in. With the last students' personal stuff out, the apartment seemed
bigger than when I got the sneak peak during spring break. I went to the front
window and admired the view of the park, now somewhat scuttled by the air
conditioner in one of the 3 front windows. I turned the a/c on and plopped down
in the one easy chair, next to the love seat that comprised all of the living room
Ahhh, I was here. As I looked out the window over the park, I hoped that I would
be happy and get to know the neighborhood a little. I was actually on my own.

Exhausted from my trip and travel ordeal, I was quick to nod off in the chair. I
woke with a start when I heard my bell ring. I went to the intercom and asked
whom it was.
A man with a thick Spanish accent said, "Complimentary groceries from Arens
and Ponds, hurry, this is heavy!"

Wow! I rang the man in and was indeed impressed that the company would do
that and rushed to open the front door.

"I would feel so much better if you weren't so damn trusting and gullible, my
lover." Said Bill as he opened his arms.

"Bill, damn you! I'm so happy to see you," I said as I leapt into his arms.

He picked me up, spun around and hugged me, chuckling after getting his jab in.

"You really thought the company would send you groceries? My, aren't we full of
ourselves," he said.
I pinched his ass, saying 'Hey, I didn't know, you big turd."

He carried me back inside, grabbed his own bag, set me down and closed the

"Now, how did you find the time to get here?" I said as I hugged him again to be
sure he was real.

"Scott, Mr. Wilkens, gave me a train ticket and 3 days off for bailing him out of
the California fires report, and for forgetting to call you. He wants me to take you
to dinner tonight and put it on an expense report. He really wants to make it up to
you. man you must have given him a hard time. He must have apologized 3 times
at the game last night." Bill said.

"I was a snot, but enough about him. How about you?" I said

"How about me what?" Bill inquired.

"How about you being here alone with me in this city, in this room, in my arms,"
I said looking right into his eyes with my nose touching his.

He kissed me and held me tight then put his lips next to my ear like he always
does. I always think he's trying to keep a secret from God when he does this.

In a mini growling whisper, he said into my ear. "I love you so much and missed
you so much, get ready to get loved up, like you've never been loved up before."

"But Bill, I whispered. I'm supposed to find my way around the city today," I

"I'll be finding my way around your body and showing your way around mine.
How does that sound?" He growled in my ear.

His words gave me goose bumps all over and a special tingle between my legs.
"Lets go find the bedroom," I said as I took him by his hand and we began to go
through the apartment for the first time.

The grand tour wouldn't take long. The big room was just a living
room/kitchenette that was smartly separated by a bar high room divider. They had
put a wide top on it so you could bring a stool up to it and make it a breakfast
nook. But, there was also a table for 4, with 4 chairs and 2 stools. The outside
wall was heavily shelved except for the middle of the wall where a Murphy Bed
was supposed to be. (The landlord told me it had broken and they were replacing
it for next year's students, and since I was alone, he was not worried that it wasn't
there.) There was a nice sized bedroom with a queen size bed and a full bathroom
off the hall, plus the bedroom also had a very small bathroom, with just a toilet
and a small shower, not even a sink. Bill said it was a cob-job, whatever that was.
But, I suppose it meant that both students could shower at the same time.

The bed sat there, the mattress covered in protective plastic. Somewhere in my
luggage were a pad, a flannel mattress cover and sheets. (My mom said the
flannel cover and the pad would make the plastic mattress cover feel go away)

I told Bill we would have to search for that stuff and he responded by picking me
up and bringing me to the kitchen, and setting me on the kitchen table. He ran his
hands up my legs to my waist and took my panties and panty hose and began to
work them down. He was going to have the first meal at the table.
If I had know that Bill was to meet me at he apartment, I wouldn't have worn
pantyhose, but it was the first time I had worn a dress in a while.

"Bill, let me get undressed. Oh, not here on the table. Bill! Bill!?" I implored.

He had my legs straight up with my pantyhose with panties half-way past my
calves and he looked up to my face at my request."

"Do you really want me to stop?" he asked.

I could only smile at him.

Once threaded off my legs and feet my underwear fell to the floor. He ran his
hands up my legs until he held each leg just above the ankle. He bent my legs
back and spread them, opening my legs to his hovering trunk. He dropped his face
to my navel and gave it a little lick and then trailed his wet tongue over my
hairless belly to my now engorged vulva and vagina. He split my pussy with his
hard tongue and found my clitoris. Even knowing what was coming, I jumped. He
had slipped his hands up a little further so they were behind my knees, but he still
held me open. Alternating flicking my clit and tracing my slit, he had me crazy in
no time. I sensed him backing up a step and I felt his tongue go past the end of my
slit to my anus.

"No, Bill," I whined, worried if I was clean. But he paid me no mind as he licked
and drilled at my butthole. He was wanton with hunger for me, determined to
have me cum at the end of his tongue. He slid that tongue back up its path to my
pussy again as he took my lips in his mouth and lightly chewed at them. He was
going to drive me over soon. One hand slid down my leg toward my genitals
while the other crossed over and held me behind that knee and his elbow rested
behind my other. He didn't really need to hold me open then, but he knew what he
That free hand found its way to my pussy and 3 fingers slid in me at once causing
me to catch my breath. My clit rested just at the side of the second knuckle of his
index finger and he used it as stage for it, wiggling his fingers and licking my clit.
My orgasm built as I felt my face turning red. I began to puff-breath, like a
Lamaze student, trying to get the most out of this orgasm. He must have felt my
muscles flexing around his fingers because he took them out to let me get off with
the whole flat of his tongue wiggling on my button now. I was pushing my pussy
up to his face to meet my orgasm when I felt that wet finger go right up my butt.
That was all I needed.

"Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh," I moaned as I began to lose control.

I heard myself grunt and groan and I called Bills name as I went over the edge. I
couldn't breath for a second and then I felt everything center at my pussy as he
pulled his finger from my back hole and drove his thumb up behind my clit. He
wanted to set off my G-spot

"Arggh" I groan as I spouted a stream of fluid that must have caught Bill low in
his face or his neck, and then another and then a weak third pulse. I was out of
strength as he tailed off with his tongue on my clit but he ran it down to my
asshole again and tickled at it before pushing his finger back in there. He sat back
a little as he sawed his middle finger in and out of my butt.

I was a mess, almost like I was crying, but I was in ecstasy, moving my arms from
gripping the table to clutching at my chest.

"Ooo, Ohh,, Ahhh, heee, heee , hooo," I mewled as I came down off the O he had
given me. It was a ride I couldn't jump off of though, with that finger sawing in
my butt. He snapped his finger from my butt and replaced it with his mouth as I
felt a surge of pressure there, like he pushed his tongue into me. Then again his
middle finger went back into me.

"Ohh Carree, I'm going to fuck you there, I'm going to fuck your bottom. I have
to have your ass. I have to be inside you. I have to make you wet there." He said
as he pulled that middle finger from me and put his thumb in his mouth. He
coated it with spittle and brought it to my butt and pushed it in. He dropped his
mouth beside his thumb as he leveraged my legs back further. He trailed spittle
from his mouth to his thumb as he continually pushed it in, making me wetter and
My orgasm must have left me super relaxed down there because I felt wide open,
without dilation, without a lube. I should have been frightened that he wanted to
take me in my ass without lube, just spit, and stretching, but I trusted Bill.

I don't know when his penis came out of his pants, but it was at the threshold of
my ass without a second thought. I had no time to react when he pushed it into me
and it slid right in, with a searing shot of pain, about 2 inches.

"Eeeooo!" I heard myself scream in pain, but the jolt quickly died and I felt the
full feeling in my bottom. It hurt, like anal sex never hurt before. But, this was so
spur of the moment. Bill, . . . who usually liked to prepare me with enemas and a
half tube of KY.

"Wait, wait, Bill, " I cried, but before the last decibel hit his ear he had another
couple inches in me, at the same time it hurt, it felt real good. I was full, it
seemed. If he could just hold still for a second, I could adjust to his size because I
knew he was slick enough. I knew he wasn't all the way in, and he had to know
that I couldn't handle his whole penis with hard thrusts. I was always deeply
dilated in the past when we did this. Hopefully that was his plan, although he was
driven by lust, not a plan. This was spontaneous.

"I love Carree, I need to have you, need you, need you. Oh fuck, I love fucking
you, loving you," he carried on almost delirious as he short stroked my butt.
God it felt good to have him IN me. I could feel the fat head of his cock just at
and just slightly past, my rectum, my big muscle. The stubborn muscle was finally
relaxing and letting him in. Any time he went just a millimeter past them, it
burned and I scooted back. Bill sensed that, and kept just less than half of himself,
no longer than his whole thumb, sawing at my little hole. It was new, it was good,
and it felt like the first time again. Little orgasms from deep in my core began to
radiate to the knot of muscle holding him and my vagina. No big gut wrenching
spasms, just a very pleasant wave after wave of pleasure. We both bathed in the
heady feeling of how naughty and satisfying this act had become this day.

"Suddenly he picked up his pace and he knew he would uncontrollably thrust at
me as he came. He knew he couldn't do that and hurt me, although I was
disappointed as I felt his cock slip from me.

"I'll come all over your pussy, your asshole," he said as he grabbed his cock and
let my legs totally free. I lay there with his saliva running from my butt and onto
my back and the table, watching him stroke his cock.

I could stand it no longer.

"Feed me, feed me your cum Bill, let me taste that love," I said as I scooted my
head over to the edge of the table.

He had second thoughts, but saw me with my mouth open saying "Cum in my
mouth, cum for me, baby."

I didn't want to suck on him, having just been in my butt, but I also didn't think it
could be that bad. Most of the lube was just spit, and the mucus of my bowel kept
everything else pretty contained and fairly germ free. (Sorry to get biological
He stroked it at my open mouth, he groaned a warning and shot 2 big wet volleys
toward my mouth, somewhat in it, but most at my neck. I craned to put the very
tip at my lips as if I was kissing it and he shot 2 more shots right into my mouth.
Nothing tasted or smelled untoward. I took the whole head in my mouth and
lolled at it with my tongue at his orgasm ebbed away. He grabbed at his cock as it
slipped from my mouth and groaned. He fell across my upper body, which was
still clothed in my dress. He hugged at me a little then brought his lips to mine,
sharing each other's taste.

This was the most electric, uncontrolled lovemaking we had ever had together.
We were drunk with lust. Later when we talked of this, the thought of him going
into my bottom, with just our own fluids for lube, scared us. Me especially. He
said it was my gushes that convinced him that we had enough wetness to do the

I never would consent to anything where I KNEW there would be pain, and
although this was quite painful at one stage, the magic of the moment made it part
of the whole experience, and I dealt with it.

As we continued to kiss and just enjoy the fact we were together. Together,
especially where we once thought we would never see each other for the summer.
He began to massage my breasts. They had been neglected in the whole ordeal
and the attention felt good. I realized now that my nipples ached from being
engorged and erect during our lovemaking, being stuck inside my brassiere.
He began to sit me up when he stopped and used the hand behind my head to
lower my zipper. When he was satisfied it was low enough, he peeled it from my
front, and moved to the end of the table again and shinnied the dress down my
waist, past my feet. My black bra was all that remained and he unsnapped it in the
front and showered my breasts with kisses, biting at my aching nipples.

Believe it or not, I was getting hot again. As he played with my breasts with one
hand, his other was busy once again at my pussy. I wanted to stop him, but my
desire had been lit. He kept his hand busy sawing away at my clit and moved to
the side of the table to get his mouth to my breasts. He chewed hungrily at the
nipples as they began to send sizzle shots to by pussy. My pussy seemed to
respond to the sensation of my nipples and communicated back and forth with
Bill was driving me crazy, and to another orgasm.

I felt the whole of my vagina, my pussy, engorging like I was going to squirt or
gush, but I didn't have that G-spot thing going. I was going to have an orgasm
that felt entirely different from any I had before. It was like a big hand gripped my
sex and squeezed it. The sound that came from my throat was like that of a
wounded animal. It scared Bill for a moment as he stopped everything. My eyes
flew open and I shot a look to him and pushed my pussy toward his hand. He
continued his hand play once he knew I was OK. I still remember thinking, "Why
did you stop!" and the look I shot him must have scared him.
I was going to grind out another gut wrenching orgasm from his fingers in my
pussy and his lips on my nipples.

I stifled any shrieks or screams of pleasure as I realized how loud the former must
have been to have Bill start like he did, but it didn't mean I couldn't enjoy my
pleasure spasms. I don't know how many climatic grinds in a row I had, but I
knew I was so sensitive that Bill had to get his fingers OUT OF ME. I bucked on
the table and he got the idea as his mouth left my nipples, his hand left my pussy
and he just stroked my belly with one hand and eventually the round of my ass
with the other. I was coming down from the longest orgasmic journey I had ever
been on.

As Bill stroked my stomach and my butt cheek I lay there on my kitchen table,
eyes closed and humming an Mmmmmmm of contentment. I thought I was
through, but my lovemate decided to clean me up with his tongue again. I felt him
licking and kissing at my pussy, careful to avoid my clit. It was so soothing, but I
knew it was going to make me cum again.

"No, Noooooo Bill please, my heart will explode," I whimpered softly to him.

He tipped his head away from me and smiled, mouthing, "I love you", to me.
He was finished with the most fantastic, memorable lovemaking we had done yet.

I didn't think I could move from the table. I knew it was slippery under my butt
and beginning to feel uncomfortable. As I thought I would get up, Bill scooped
me in his arms. He carried me to the bathroom, knowing I would want to shower.
It was then I realized that there were no towels out yet.

"There are 2 in one of my bags. I was going to buy more here." I whispered to
him, my throat still raw from my earlier vocalizations.

"Here," he said. "You shower now, I'll find your towels and shower stuff. Go
ahead and get under the water."

I smiled and nodded. "Find my soap, too" I said as he began to realize than
nothing was here, it was not a hotel. "Check my overnight bag." I added.

I started the water and just got under the hot stream to rinse the love making from
me. Bill came back in a moment later, handing me a bar of my soap. He went off
again, looking for towels. He returned and I saw him put a towel in the rack and
he slid open the shower door, "Need this?" he said, as he passed me a bottle of
shampoo. I smiled as I realized I would need that too.

I finished my shower and got out, first drying myself, and then wrapping myself
in the same damp towel. I hadn't yet opened my cases for my robe. I combed out
my wet hair and went to the living area where Bill was in the easy chair in a tired

He looked up at me. "You are a dream. So beautiful." He said.
I smiled because I knew his adoration came front the deepest recesses of his
heart. I knew because I felt the same toward him.

I bent and kissed him, saying "Go shower, I saved you a towel." I extended a
hand to help him up and we kissed again. He went off to clean the juices of our
love from himself. He was no more in the shower a second when I heard a knock
on the wall. I went in to see what he needed.

"Go look in my suitcase, I left it by the door. I need real shampoo, not his fruit
salad you use." He said smiling knowing I would shake my head at him.
I fetched his shampoo and waited for him to come out and meet me in the living
room. We needed to plan our day out.

I realized that my phone was in one of the boxes I had shipped, so I would be
without it until I came from work on Monday. That wouldn't do, so I was going to
have to but a cheap one to use until then. I started a list of things we would need. I
didn't know if Bill had taxied in from the train, or if he even took the train. I
hoped he had rented a car. We would need one for the weekend, for sure. We had
too much to buy and lug on a bus or in a cab. I thought about my voice mailbox at
Arens and Ponds. Miranda had told me to check it as soon as I got to town. "As
soon" had probably passed. She may have wanted to ride from the airport. I
wouldn't change the way things had happened this morning for anything, though.

Bill broke my reverie when he came into the room with his towel around him.

"I guess we hadn't planned too well this morning, we assumed all of our stuff
would be laid out, huh?" Bill said as he sidled up and sat on the arm of my chair.

His clean smell intoxicated me. I inhaled deeply and looked over and saw the
inside of his thigh where his towel opened. I realized MY lovemaking wasn't over
yet. I still craved something hard and warm in my mouth.

I looked up and smiled at Bill. "I know another thing we didn't have ready this

"What?" he looked quizzing at me.
I slid my hand in the opening of that towel and took his soft, sheathed penis in
my hand.
"This," I said. "I never got to suck him and welcome him to my new home."

"Can it wait?" he asked facetiously.

"Mmm, I don't think so," I said as I felt him begin to firm up already.

I turned and knelt in the chair and pulled at his towel. When he stood to let it fall,
I steered him by his cock to the side of the chair that I knelt in. It was just the
right height.

About half the head of his penis had come out of its sheath and I put my lips
around the very outer edge of his protective skin. I pushed it back with my lips till
it caught behind the head, leaving that purple plum exposed for me to play with.
Using my tongue I swirled it over and over and then took him into my mouth fully
once he was fully erect. I loved sucking his cock.

I bobbed my head licking and sucking, pleasing him, pleasing me at the same
time. The smooth feel of glans against my tongue was heaven. I stopped
occasionally to hold it in my hand while I held it up so I could kiss his balls. His
sack was full of juice already, it seemed. I encouraged him to fuck my mouth, in
little strokes, not wanting to gag, but loving that feeling. I felt him begin to pick
up the pace a little and I knew he was close. He went to help it a little with his
hand, and I pushed it away. I wanted an all mouth orgasm.

His thrusts got a little deeper, a little harder and I pulled back my neck to
compensate, but he was really flailing away at me. He was going deeper into my
mouth than I ever knew him to, and I seemed to be at an angle where I could
handle him easier. I got a little brave and instead of pushing back from his
strokes, I moved up on a couple of them. I felt it touch the back of my throat,
about a sixteenth of an inch from gagging me. I was doing it! I had him all the
way in my mouth!

Before I had a chance to celebrate my new talent, his grunts, groans, Ooos and
Ahhs had all combined into one long growl and I felt the splash hit the back of my
throat. I wanted to gag as it hit my reflex, it was so close to it, but I forced my
mouth a little more onto him. His second spurt seemed to go right down my
throat, but I had to let up then and I drew my head back until just the head
remained in my mouth. He put his hand to it and stroked and squeezed out more
cum for me. This fulfilled my lust for him, feeling and tasting him. I let him
stroke in and out of my mouth until he wanted to stop. He knew, and I knew that a
hard suction from my mouth would send him reeling. Once I was sure he was
through oozing and had relaxed, I gave him that hard suction as he forced his dick
from my mouth.

"No more, no more. O my God, no more." He said.
He fell to his knees and brought his face to mine. We shared his taste and traded
spit as our tongues danced for a long while.

"Lets just cancel the day and make love all day." He suggested.

As good as that sounded, I knew I had to busy up myself. Bill was on a vacation; I
had to get ready to live in my new home.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Whenever we were faced with being alone within four walls we always seemed to
open a new door or two sexually, and while in Baltimore that summer it was no
different. We always found ways to surprise each other and make our love making
While the act of "being inside" of me seemed to be the pinnacle of our
lovemaking, it surely was not. It always seemed so at the time because of the care
we took each time we experienced anal love, or bottom fucking, as Bill
sometimes called it. Even the times we experienced it when we did not do all the
recommended preparations and "winged it", we were sensitive to each other, Bill
especially to me. It was always making love.

I have chosen to open this little window for a moment in response to several
e-mails I've received saying that my lover used me.
I was always a willing participant in everything and any word from me would
have stopped anything. I was never ever in a position where I experienced
anything beyond what I was willing to give. A simple look of pain, hurt or
discomfort brought everything to a halt, until I gave the OK. Be assured that was
the way it always was.
There are no two ways about the fact that, part of anal sex is usually painful, just
sometimes to lesser degrees than others. Even the experience on the kitchen table
I just described, where at one point I was in more than unusual pain, it was pain
that intensified the pleasure. Now, that does not mean that I enjoyed the pain, I
can assure you I am not into that. It's just that the pain and the pleasure sensations
are very much the same, at certain junctures.
Also, each time we experienced anal intercourse, we DID think it was the ultimate
lovemaking, the nadir of closeness. But, in base reality, the simple kiss was
always the ultimate, and most intimate.

I am telling you this because I did not want you to think that I was not in control
of whether or not I accepted the commission of the act. If I was not agreeable and
I protested, it ended. The act of anal intercourse was a substitute for real
intercourse, which we considered too risky. While some consider many of the acts
we did together to be risky sex, please remember that we had never been with
other partners, so those acts then become minimal risks, health wise.

While the stories of anal love or bottom sex are featured in many of our accounts
from my diaries, these are about the only times they occurred, save a few very
personal experiences that no one will never hear about. Later William realized, as
an erotic story reader himself, that there was a great voyeuristic interest in anal
stories and chose to include most of our experiences in his outlines. . . .Carree

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In spite of all my trepidations and fears of going to Baltimore for an internship, it
ended up being the best summer of my life. Arens and Ponds treated me like a
goddess giving me plum assignments where I made contacts with people whom I
deal with, even to this day. Miranda Ponds took me aside in my second or third
day and told me that I had a special something, a drive, and a determination that
exuded confidence. All the while she was telling me this I wondered if she had me
confused with some other young girl she had met in the islands.

On my third day in the office she took me to lunch and then asked me to go to a
class with her. I was a little confused, but went along. She took me to a complex
of offices for a major communications company. We met a friend of hers who
took us to a room with 4 other younger women; all dressed as nice as Miranda and
I. Then a matronly woman, who I thought to be 45 or 50 at first, came in and
talked to us about looking and acting like executives. In her banter she revealed
she was 30 years old, and as I looked at her I could see a pretty and shapely young
woman behind her granite exterior. She talked about women getting respect for
what they do, instead of what they look like. She went through a lot of exercises
showing how to sit and stand, but mostly how to walk Forty-five minutes later,
the group of us was walking, practicing being dried up old granite facades. The
instructor then left the room and returned in the same outfit, but made up to be
much prettier, looking very feminine, but not overly made up at all. I liked her
examples, and I liked the way she showed me to walk. I felt I could walk into the
room and be noticed, but not be ogled. The very last time the instructor left the
room and returned, she came in looking like she was going to a dance club. She
was very pretty, very sexy, and showing lots of leg and cleavage. Obviously she
was going to extremes, but she showed us photos, from that day's security cam, of
female employees entering the building. Some girls did dress like that. Whether
any other girl in the room got anything from the class, I was impressed and I took
a lot from it. Miranda said we would take a refresher some other time. She was
very aware that being female in a male office world could be tough, and she
wanted it to be easy. I already saw how she was treated in our office, and it
obviously worked. She felt she needed this, and she was an owner! I knew then
she had plans for me.

Her praise of me, the blatant favoritism I was shown in responsibilities and
assignments, even had me thinking that she may be looking for something beyond
our professional relationship. I wondered if the fact I met her while I was on a
vacation with another female made her think I was gay. If this was the case, if she
had aspirations of she and I having a relationship, she never ever broached it with
me. Her fondness and confidence in me was just what she portrayed to me, and to
her colleagues who later took me in their confidence.

While preparing alumni brochures and new academic client prospectus for the
scholastic division of Arens and Ponds, a client contact called me and told me that
Miranda, along with her partners in the Arens family, were going to make every
effort to get a commitment from me to come and be part of their team as soon as I
graduated. She was only telling me this so I could investigate other options before
accepting a deal that may not be as lucrative as a na‹ve student might think. I
assured that person that I had proper guidance in those directions, but thanked her
for her concerns.

It seemed everything I touched at the company turned to gold, but I admit I was
given few opportunities to fail. I am sure that they wanted my combination of
skills and looks to billboard their company. If I did not think that I brought more
to the table than my blonde hair, blue eyes and nice figure, I wouldn't be there in
the first place. While I may have had a naivet‚ about the power of sex and the
"sex sells" side of business, I was not stupid. I knew who my real friends were,
and those who sought to use me were cast aside, no matter what the business
implications. I was no bimbo; I knew my job and did it well.

Bill managed to get to Baltimore as often, if not more than, promised. If he were
not there 4 nights a week, it would be more, never less. He soon got into a routine
in his job where his hours became almost regular; with a new campus intern
handling the "grunt work" he did as an underclassman intern assistant.
Most often I was alone on Monday and Thursday nights, and couple rare Fridays.
I thought he would become weary of the travel, but he enjoyed the train for
reading and even wrote on his new laptop computer. There were a couple of days
when I had a day off, where I would ride to the City with him to shop for the day.
Regular riders, and many train personnel, knew him by name, and would stop and
talk to him. I never needed an introduction, with many saying, "And you must be
Carree. Bill here has told us so much about you." I used to kid him that he had
these people set up and scripted for the days I rode in with him. I knew he didn't.
He was so proud of me, and I of him, plus we were in love.
Ah, the love. Not many nights went by without making love in one way or
another. We did not grow tired of each other, as I feared we might. We seemed to
grow fonder. If I were to work late, I could time my arrival back home to walk
across the park for some exercise. I also knew that when Bills cab went by, he
would jump out, hug and kiss me, and walk the rest of the way arm and arm with
me. Many summer evenings we went up my apartment steps arm and arm at
8 o'clock, ordered chinese food and then sit on the stoop with a couple splits of
champagne, waiting for the deliveryman, while watching people in the park. Once
the food arrived we would go inside, eat, shower together and go to bed early to
extend the time we held each other. Bill could wake at 6, shave, dress and be at
the train for the 6:35 or the 7:00. He spent every lunch in the company workout
room, but was always freshly showered when he got home again. I opened his
brief case and traded fresh briefs and socks for soiled every morning while he
There were other nights when we got home in not so good moods. These nights
we usually forgot about the world with our faces in each other's genitals.
Sometimes it was all we were hungry for, and the escape it provided. It was an
existence we never wanted to end. When our worlds became hard to handle, sex
distracted us back to the reality that we were still kids with a year of college left.
Even the week my parents spent in Baltimore we decided we would not break our
routine. They usually came by to meet me when I got home. We would wait for
Bill, and go do some tourist or visitor "rite of Baltimore passage".
They spent their days in Washington, as tourists. If they got back to town early,
they had a key to my place and went there. My Dad said that if they sat outside
people who passed by stopped and told them what a nice couple the newlyweds
were, wanting to know if they were the bride or grooms parents. My mom said
that when she heard about Bill stopping his cab to get out and walk me the rest of
the way home, she cried.
"I knew my little girl had found the person who would love her and lead her
through the rest of her life. I'm so happy for you." My sappy mom said.

We were both glad that they got to see us in this light. After about 8 weeks of
basically living together and working full time jobs we were acutely aware of one
thing. We could do this. We could balance careers and love and live together. It
was an internship of life, and we passed with flying colors.

Bills Dad had an expression, "Fat and Happy". We felt that way. When he spoke
to Bill on the phone, he always said that Bill sounded "fat and happy." That was a
good thing to Bills Dad, whose gruff exterior and reluctant acceptance of "us" had
faded. He was growing to feel good about me as his daughter in law, and didn't
feel like it was being shoved down his throat.

Once my parent's left after their vacation, Bills parents came to town with Bill on
the train for a long weekend
They had went to New York and spent a Thursday there, then brought all their
things to Baltimore with Bill and spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning
with us, flying directly home from here.
In order for them to "afford" flying home, they stayed in my apartment for the last
2 nights. We gave them our bed and slept in the living room. Even though he was
accepting "us" as a couple, I thought he and Bill were going to have a fistfight
over the sleeping arrangements.
"Let the women have the bed, son. We can sleep in the living room." He said.
"That's not necessary, Dad, we can sleep in the living room, you guys be
comfortable." Bill insisted.

This went back and forth for 5 minutes until I finally interrupted them.

"Mr. Wilson? Willie? Dad?" I said to get his attention." Please, I want Bill to
make love to me tonight. How can we do that if we sleep in separate rooms?"

The room went silent, and the Willie Wilson looked at his wife and said,

"Dorie, let me give you a hand moving the bags in and getting our stuff ready for
bed in their room."

Willie and Doris Wilson finally were going to face the fact that we were together,
and not just playing house. As he got up to shuffle into the bedroom with their
bags I went over to him and told him to put down the bags.

"Thank You Dad. I love your son, and I love the two of you. To act like we don't
sleep together, and don't make love together would be a lie. We can all be honest;
it will be the best way, OK? That's what Bill and I base our relationship on.
That's what I want to base my relationship with you two on, also." I said hugging

"You're a good and smart girl Carree. I may be a little too hard headed to realize
it at times, but I do know it. We love you too, huh Dorie?" He said as Doris
nodded her head to me.

Bill had to turn away to laugh at my "make love to me tonight" comment and
hadn't stopped laughing to himself yet. Once the Wilson's disappeared into our
room, I laughed with him. Honesty had won out again.

Once the Wilson's left we had 17 more days left to live together before we were
to go back home. We would have exactly one week at home before the first week
of school. The summer was flying by and we were having a ball living and loving

I have to admit that with living together, having intercourse was becoming harder
and harder to stay away from. There were many nights that we thought we would
finally do it, but common sense won out each time. After waiting this long, it
seemed foolish to not wait for our wedding night.
Bill had promised me to have full ready bottom sex one time before we left. We
had bought all the little extras we would need. I looked forward to the night it
might happen.
This was the almost painless and most satisfying way to be inside me. I suspected
we might save it for our last night together.

In the meantime, our life continued to be charmed. One day after the Wilson's
left, Monday, I was having the worst day of the summer. The 2 other interns, who
seemingly "worked" for me at Miranda's direction, had been great all summer.
There was one on-going summer project they were to complete by mid-August.
Each Monday they would submit their progress to me and I would pass that
information along to Miranda. A week before the project was due for submission
to the customer, Miranda pointed out that I had not submitted a progress report
the previous Monday.
I felt quite sure that I had and found the pair working in the secretarial pool that
day. They worked real hours to earn real money to offset their "intern" hours. I
asked them individually about the project and both blamed the other for not
keeping up, and no, they hadn't submitted, or made any, progress in two weeks.
I freaked out, partly because of their non-chalance, partly because I had let the
ball drop and failed to follow up.

When I informed Miranda, she barely looked up at me.
"You're giving me excuses, I need the product. Blaming someone else is no
reason, and you are ultimately responsible. Their failure to follow up with you
was your flag, and you missed it. That's pretty poor management, Carree. How
are you going to fix it?"

I then made my first major blunder in my job, I answered without thinking.

"I don't know." I said.

Miranda stood, and walked to her door and shut it, turning to me.

"I didn't stick my neck out to get you here for the summer, get you good money, a
great place to live and an offer of a career here to get "I don't know". You're here
because you are supposed to know, Carree. Don't let me down; my ass is on the
line here too. I'm one of four partners, and the other three are related, I'll have no
other allies if this account goes down the tubes. I let an intern handle something
she was well capable of and she dropped the ball. FIX IT! Go down and pull those
2 from the secretarial pool, and I don't care if they don't get their hours. If they
run short the difference can be made up with YOUR non-billable time. Get it
done, Carree. I told them I had my best person on it and you were way ahead, they
will be here Thursday for the presentation. When you didn't report last Monday I
thought it was done. . . . and never let me hear "I don't know" again. You are paid
to know, and IF you don't know, find out before you come up here looking for the
answers from me. You let me down. Go, and see me before you leave tonight, and
I'll be here very late." She said finishing with a finger point to the door.

I had never been bawled out like that by anyone. I freaked and thought I was
going to cry. Then I let anger take over. I was angry with myself for not following
up, I was angry with the two interns for glossing me over on this.

I went down to the secretarial pool and had an argument with that facilitator who
said she needed them and couldn't spare them. I was about to accept that answer,
when I turned to her.

"Those two are here for ME first and you second. They have a project for a client
due and they muffed it. I'm taking them. I'm sorry. If you have a problem, call
upstairs." I said in an angry huff.

"I'll call Mr. Arens, he won't sympathize with Ms. Ponds pet." She said trying to
impress me.

"Go ahead, and when you do, be sure you mention the name "Meissner and West
Lynn" to him. He'll want to know the name of the account I'm going to lose for
us if I don't get my interns." I said turning on my heel to leave her office.

There stood Miranda Ponds waiting to speak to me. I was embarrassed and was
about to turn red and apologize to her and the sec-pool facilitator.

"Don't let me stop you," Miranda said, "You're on a roll, don't stop."

I brushed by her and was off to get my 2 charges and I heard a door slam behind
me. I, and everyone else in the outer office, heard Miranda shout from behind the
door. "PET? Is that what I heard you say? . . . "
You may have been able to hear more of that shouting match, but I didn't stick
around. I had things to fix, like an account and hopefully, my job.

I found the first girl, Linda, and asked her what set up room she and the other
intern, Naomi, had the Meissner project in.

"It's in the upstairs finish room, why?" she answered.

"Punch out and get up there, where's Naomi?" I asked.

I must have been pretty assertive or scary because Linda stood right up and closed
her CRT screen.

"She's down the hall on her break, do you want me to get her?" Linda asked.

"No, just get up there and get the Meissner stuff on the table." I ordered, as I went
to the break room. Naomi was alone.

"Naomi, punch out and get upstairs in the set-up room as soon as you can. We
have to finish the Meissner account." I ordered.

"But, I'm on break." She protested.

I must have had a pretty good glare going, because she got right up and headed
for the time clock.

Miranda Ponds told me from day one that I was going to be an account executive
and part of the creative team. I was to dress the part and always be neat and
stylish so that when I came into a room it would be apparent I was important.
Miranda dressed to the nines everyday, and the 2 Mr. Arens always wore $800
suits, impeccably accessorized. My wardrobe could not match Miranda's, but I
was a good shopper and in the right heels, I looked every bit as impressive as
Miranda when she came in a room. This day, as I pounded my high heels across
the tile floor, shoulders back and looking straight ahead I felt like I was that part.
The office manager for that floor had just lost 2 workers, and she did not stop to
question me.

When I got up to the set up room, Linda had the artwork laid out and the
computer up waiting for someone to get creative.
I came into the room and slammed my armful of things down and was short and
sweet (not really that sweet).

"We fucked this up, now we have to fix it. We don't go home until we do, and
we'll all go home if we don't. Show me where we are." I demanded.

Linda and Naomi jumped to get me up to speed and we all dove in. Luckily we
had scripts and text suggestions from the pre-creative team to work with.
The pre-creative team kept everything legal with what we had to spell out, what
we couldn't say, could say. They roughed out every newsletter, brochure, and
presentation in their most basic form to get the ball rolling. They just might save
our ass today.
In a couple hours I literally let my hair down to relieve some tightness I felt. We
were making good progress, but I also remembered that I had my regular menu of
things to get done that day. Once Linda and Naomi knew I was willing to jump in
and take the blame for the screw-up and do any or all of the grunt work on the
Meissner project, they began to work together pretty good, and had things to a
point where I could take off for a short time to catch up with my own schedule

I passed Miranda Ponds office and she called me in.

"I won't hold you up, I know you are busy. I just wanted to let you know that you
handled things well after you left here this morning." "Kick ass, take names, deal
with the consequences later" she gesticulated, holding a finger for each point.

I thanked her for her confidence and excused myself. I couldn't wait to get to my
cubical and sit down. I made my Monday call to Bill and he was not there, but I
left a message. In the matter of 2 hours I was caught up suffiently to get back to
the set up room and work on Meissner and West Lynn. I called the duo and asked
if they wanted lunch sent in. It was going for 3 p.m. and they must be hungry. I
had sandwiches dropped off and we prepared to work into the night. Monday was
a New York night for Bill, so I had nothing to go home for.

At about a quarter of six I told my team that I was ready to see a presentation.
They could do it and I would take notes as they made changes, etc. Normally we
would call in a secretary for this, but they had gone home.
By 6:45 with many editing stops and starts, we had a pretty good job ready to
send to legal, before we finalized everything.

Just then Miranda came in.

Without as much as a hello or anything, she sat down, opened her notebook, took
out a yellow pad and said, "Let me see what you have so far. I want to know if I
have to look for another job or different interns when I meet with my partners on
this tomorrow."

I stood up and let Linda and Naomi run through the whole thing while I handed
off props and the like.

Ms Ponds took notes furiously all throughout, and I figured we were screwed.
Upon completion, she stood up and said, "We got a winner here. Let legal polish
it tomorrow and Wednesday clear your schedules. We will all sit together with my
partners and you can see how we do it. Linda, Naomi, you can go home. Carree,
stay, so we can talk, in my office." And she got up and left without another word.

I thanked the two of them for their help and told them I appreciated their input
today, but this was something we should have finished with much more ease. I
accepted blame because I was in charge of its completion.

When I went into Miranda's office I was prepared for almost anything.
I sort of felt that, I was going to be told that I wouldn't be tendered a job offer
after graduation.

"Carree, you handled crisis well today. You accepted blame, fixed the problem
without pointing fingers. You learned that you never say, "I don't know", and let
me give you a hint, if you ever do say it, add "yet" to the end of it. I know that the
Arens family was against me bringing you in. I also know that they want to tender
you an offer, and will do it on Friday. Great job, not just today, but all summer.
You have carried yourself with confidence and never let the pressure get to you.
There are people here who don't even know that you're an intern, that's how well
you've done." She said with a big smile.

"Miranda, I owe it all to you. All I did was emulate you. A confident woman who
shows no cracks, otherwise you don't get any respect. I really tried to draw the
line between confident and snooty. Thank You. I know you gave me more than
you ever give an intern; I really appreciate the confidence you showed in me. I
still don't know what I did to earn it." I said in her praise.

"Carree, when I met you in the islands I was impressed by your youth and your
beauty, to be frank. The maturity you showed me, the resolve you had for wanting
every thing to be perfect. I thought at the time, if only I could get someone like
her to come on with the company. Then I find out later that your curriculum is
almost the same as mine was, and your marks are almost the top of your class.
Your professors gave you glowing recommendations. I needed a strong female to
even things off in management. The Arens boys like my savvy and my money,
but when they want things their way, they get it. I needed a home run hitter. I've
got one now. You impressed the pants off them. Sorry, bad choices of words, but
you know what I mean. But, that was another thing I worried about. We bring in
interns every summer and they look at the men here as their stable. They want no
frills affairs and let the men kiss up to them. You were 100 percent business, and
never exuded anything but class. Carree, I don't know what you want to do 10
years from now, 20 years from now, but if you save your money, you may be able
to buy your way into the company name. But for now, if you're smart, you'll
accept our offer. During the school year we can pass small projects on to you, so
you know what's happening with us, stay on top of things. Then late next June
you can meet us in St. Thomas for our company meeting and then we restart up
here after the Fourth of July. See, we close down for 2 weeks in June. Most every
employee is invited to St. Thomas for the second week on our nickel. It costs us
little, really. That's where you met me last year. We have meetings and show the
direction of the company, it's a morale booster." Miranda explained.

I was flabbergasted. They really wanted me, and they recruited me like an
executive, not a student. I sat there and didn't know what to say.

"One more thing Carree, you handled that situation with the sec-pool facilitator
just perfect this morning. I went down to bail you out, figuring she would eat you
up and spit you out. You dropped her in her tracks. I heard the "Ms Ponds pet"
comment outside the door. I knew I had her then. That bitch. She tried to sleep
with both of the Arens, and when she was hired it was on the recommendation of
"silent sister" (the third Arens partner), and she's gay, so God only knows. . . "
Miranda said smiling.

"I figured I was done anyway, so she was easy meat." I said. "I was sure you were
going to can me when I turned and saw you." I admitted as we both laughed.
"No, not that drastic, but it was a bit of a test, and you did fine." Miranda
confided. "Always know where you stand before you stand up to someone else's
bravado. All she had on you was bravado. For what each of you can actually bring
to the table, you could squash her like a bug, trust me."

Miranda offered me a ride home and I accepted. I really wished Bill were here
tonight to share in my good news, and to relieve the stress of earlier in the day.
When she turned the corner on Johnson, there on my porch steps was Bill, with a
bucket of champagne splits, catching the last rays of the day. He had his shirt off
and he was just turning a nice shade past tan. He looked delicious.

"Oh my God," I said to Miranda. "Bills here, he's never here on a Monday. I
wanted to share my news with someone. Please come in for a drink, Miranda." I

"Carree, I would love to, but I have a friend no far from here, and he's waiting for
me. If he looks as good as your guy tonight, the both of us should be in good
moods in the morning." She said winking at me. "We will all meet before you go
back, I promise."

I blushed and told her she had a rain check for anytime, and I got out, not wanting
to wait another second to give Bill my news.

"Hey, it's Monday. How do you know I don't have a date tonight?" I hollered up
the steps from the sidewalk.

"I'm just here to check up on you," Bill said, "Making sure you don't have a

I climbed the steps and stood 2 steps below where he sat.

"Looking as good as you do right now, I might be a little worried about another
girl coming along. Where have you been hiding that tan?" I asked.

"You must miss it in the bedroom. We should make love with the lights on
sometime." he wisecracked back as he opened another split of bubbly.

"How many of those things have you had? And do you really need a bucket of
them?" I asked.

"I'm on my first one, and this one is for you. Oh, and of course I need a bucket of
them. You should see how many pretty girls walk by here in an afternoon." He
said with a big smile on his face.

"Your FIRST one?" I asked, not believing.

"Well, the first bucket," he laughed, "I have something to celebrate. They offered
me a job, Carree. They made me an offer. It's pretty much where all the staff
writers start, doing major editing, bylines, and all that stuff you use to grow into
actual staff positions. It's not what I want ultimately, but it's maybe the best
resume builder there is. Care, I could leave school and finish nights if I wanted to,
and they would pay for it. But, the offer is open for 15 months, as long as I
continue my internship." Bill said while glowing with pride.

I was over flowing with happiness for him. This was the way he wanted it to
happen for him. He had read all those career planners and this was the
recommended way to be taken serious when you knocked on doors trying to sell
yourself, your work.

"No catches, the job is yours?" I asked

"I can't write for anyone or have anything published by anyone else from 2 years
after I start, and they get first publishing refusal for 18 months after I leave, if I
leave. But they can't buy it and can it. It's first "publishing" rights. Carree, I
couldn't have written it better as a script." He beamed.

"Tell me, big shot writer," I asked, "How would you like to continue living in
Baltimore after you start that job?"

"Geez Carree, I love this city, but why would I want to live here if I work in New
York?" he asked.

"So we could be together, just like we are now, because Arens and Ponds offered
me a job today too!" I said with my own pride apparent.

Bill held his head. " Can this be happening? Holy Shit! Do you mean a real job,
not some beginning office worker bullshit, right?"

"Yes, a real job. Miranda wants me to be her top assistant. That was her plan from
the start. I never told you because you would make fun and call it liberal crap,
which it is, but, . . You know the way she asked me to dress?, . . . that was to give
me image. She says there are some people there who don't even know I'm an
intern, because of the image I project. And this is liberal crap too but . . umm . .
she sent me for lessons on walking and carrying myself and I think it really helps.
It's tough on females in the business world. She has been aiming me for this since
I started. Today I faced a crisis, and I kicked ass and took names, Miranda's
words, not mine.
Her other partners were against my coming in, and now they are the ones insisting
on my hiring. Bill, this is incredible!!" I said, as proud of myself as Bill was of he.

I took my bubbly from Bills hand and offered a toast.
"To goals." I said clinking my bottle to his.

"To us," he said back.

"To love and marriage." I countered.

"To being together forever." He said on his turn.

Wanting to really celebrate and show him how proud I was, I bent and whispered
in his ear,
"To having your penis in my mouth just inside the front door if you can catch
me." as I ran up the last 2 steps and hurried inside.

Bill was right behind me, the bucket of bottles clinking their own toast to us as he

I just about got the door shut, when he put the bottle in his hand in the jamb to
stop it.

"Oops, you almost made it." He said as he pushed his way inside the door.

There he stood, in his jean short shorts, no shirt, and that freshly tweaked tan. He
looked good. I grabbed at his belt, wrapping my hand over and around the buckle
and the snap of his pants. I pulled him toward me and kissed his lips.

"I suppose I owe you a reward for catching me, huh?" I said.

"I would rather think it was a reward for making all the hell I put you through
finally pay off." He said.

"How about I do it because I love you, find you incredibly sexy, and love feeling
your cock in my mouth?" I whispered.

"You win." He said as I undid his belt and let his little shorts drop to the floor.

"What? No underwear?" I said as I squat down to get his cock at mouth level.

""If I wore undies, these little shorts wouldn't cover them." As he turned his eyes
upward feeling my tongue bathe his cock once.

I sucked him in as far as I could, and then let him slip out to answer him.

"Maybe you should try wearing mine, when you wear those shorts" I said with a
smile. Then I sucked him in again.

I was really enjoying the feel of his smooth cock over my tongue and lips, but my
knees were tired from squatting. I stood up and took my pantyhose and panties at
my waist and brought them down, kicking off my shoes. I wanted to kneel, but
didn't want to ruin a pair of panty hose. Now I could kneel and enjoy him more.

He sipped from his champagne bottle as I bathed his pretty cock with my mouth.
His moans and groans of pleasure made me go a little harder at him. I really loved
doing this for him, and, it made me hot as hell.
I had my eyes closed when I felt something cold at my nose. I opened my eyes to
see him trying to pour a little champagne over this penis. I opened my mouth and
took a mouthful, and then put the head back in my mouth along with the
champagne. It drove him crazy, either the bubbles or the alcohol, but he loved it.
In just a few seconds of this he began to buck in my mouth.

I swallowed the bubbly I had and took a fresh mouthful and pushed his cock back
in my mouth. That was all it took. He groaned and shuddered and tried to push my
hand away, but I would have no part of that. I used it to push him against the door
as I assaulted his cock with my sucking mouth. He was cumming in my mouth.

I already had his first shot in my mouth, and the second was behind my thumb as I
tried to swallow before it came out, but I was not successful. It was too much. My
mouth overflowed and when I thought of it getting on my dress I pushed my neck
out to avoid dribbling on it. This of course, pushed his cock deeper in my mouth
and he shuddered again.
I swallowed hard to get rid of what was left in my mouth, and he pulsed a little
more in, deep in my mouth. Then we both started laughing about my predicament,
cum and champagne dripping off my chin, his cock buried in my mouth while
trying not to laugh. There was a dishtowel in his reach and he handed it to me as
he saved the day. Once I got it and made sure I wasn't going to ruin my dress, I
came up for air.

"That wasn't funny William Wilson, this dress cost me a weeks pay. Ooops, you
didn't hear that." I said.

"Hey, I didn't make you do this, remember you wanted to." he said laughing, "I
was just dribbling champagne, you wanted to swig it."

"I know, I know. You just looked so hot when I got home, and I was so happy, I
was frisky, and if I'm not mistaken, I saw a little lump out there on the porch, Mr.
Innocence." I defended myself, picking up my pantyhose.

"You looked pretty hot in that dress, the sun shining through it, and with your hair
down." He said as he followed me into the bedroom where I was going to change.

I was pulling the dress over my head when I felt a little push and, losing my
balance, I fell towards the bed.

"Bill, God damn it, let me get his off my head." I yelled as I was trapped trying to
get the dress over my head and get my bearings after being knocked onto the bed.

I was about to kick out with my legs and turnover onto my back to get up, when I
felt a full mouth on the cheek of my ass, chewing at it, then the other.

"Bill, let me get this off. Come on, this isn't fair. You're tickling my butt." I
Bill responded by taking both hands and squeezing my butt halves right up
together, and then running his tongue up and down the groove. Wow, that was
sexy, and ticklish. I kicked my legs.

"Stoppit Bill, damnit, that tickles." I hollered, frustrated with my head still inside
my dress, plus not wanting to tear or rip it. "Let me roll over, please?" I begged.
He broke his firm grip on my butt halves and instead split them all the way and
placed a kiss right on my butt hole, and then let go of me and let me roll over.

"Damn it Bill, I hate when you do that when I'm not fresh from . . .
unnnnnmmmm" I cooed as his mouth had went to my pussy, flattening his tongue
right on my clit.

"Ohhh Bill, that's sooo goood, you big shit!! Let me sit up a second to get this
off." I pleaded, wanting to enjoy his attentive tongue.

Suddenly I felt free and sat up on the bed, and got the dress over my head. Bill
was smirking at the edge of the bed, waiting for me to lie down again.

"YOU are a bad boy!" I said as I kissed his lips
He pushed me back and dropped his head to my pussy.
God, his tongue felt good. My clit seemed to vibrating in a couple seconds. He
was licking it with a steady motion and then I felt a finger snake into my pussy
and I felt how wet I really was.

"Ohh Bill, you got it, ummmmmm, you got it, ummmmm. Right there, right
there! Urghhhhh. Eat me, eat me, eat my pussy!!" I cheered him on, lost in my
I was climbing that orgasm ladder as he doubled his efforts with his tongue and
added a finger to my slit. I lost my breath and felt myself turning red.

"Urghhhhh, mmmmmmm" I grunted and then, I found the top of that ladder, that
orgasm, and I dove off.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Oooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhh," I crooned as I felt tingly all over as
the orgasm consumed me. I was squirming away and pushing him away, trying to
turn over and roll into the fetal position and just ride his tongue magic.

I just got in that position, when I shot a hand to cover my butt, knowing a tongue
was on its way there. He licked my knuckle. He was impossible when it came to
my ass. He couldn't resist.

"Bill! Let me enjoy this. Oooo it's so nice! Let me ride it. Don't lick my ass; I'm
not clean there. Please baby?" I crooned and begged.

He curled up along side me and let the vibrations and little shocks run their
course. He began to nip at my earlobe and I tuned my head to kiss him.

"Oh my God, you drive me crazy," I said in between kisses.
He just smiled and kissed me back.
We fell asleep for 15 or 20 minutes, waking a little refreshed. We got dressed in
grungy clothes and went out for a burger, fries and beer at a neighborhood grille.
That night we felt real "Bawlamer", out with the locals.
He worked for his dream, and I went kicking and screaming to Baltimore. How do
you figure we both get permanent job offers doing just what we wanted? Neither
of us could have asked for anything more. Bill got EXACTLY what he aimed for,
and I wanted something to teach me about the travel industry, advertising and
promotion with a goal of my own agency. I was on my fast track.
Whether we would keep the same arrangements of the long commute for Bill
depended on what kind of hours he would have at the magazine. One thing we did
know for sure. Now was not the time to worry about it.
The scenario, as of this moment, was that we would get married the spring after
graduation, and probably live in Baltimore, or perhaps a little closer to New York.
But nothing was caste in stone.
On Friday morning I was excited at work, on edge, knowing I was to get my offer
that day. I began my day as usual, going to Legal and picking up all the
"clearance approval" folders for distribution to the ad and script people. I opened
the "Question" folder and asked the secretary for a clarify clerk, who was usually
an interning law student.
He verbally explained any red lined words or wording in that work. If something
was misunderstood, he usually OK'ed it after I clarified to him and he noted it for
the Legal team. Otherwise I took a note or two to explain to the ad and script
teams. It hadn't taken me long to learn ad and script "language", being able to
allay literal problems Legal might have.
Then I was off to see project managers to get progress reports on existing jobs so I
could report to Miranda what was on target, and not, and why.
Then I usually spent the rest of the day sitting in with project managers taking
part in set ups and presentations, plus I was usually either prepping or doing some
sort of presentation with the intern team that I headed. It may not sound like
much, but it was a busy day and I usually walked, what seemed, a couple miles in
that long two-story building.
Just after lunch, Miranda had me paged and I went upstairs excusing myself from
my work. She met me in the hallway with a big smile on her face.
"The Mr's Arens and I want to meet with you." She said knowing I already knew
what was coming down.

In the meeting I felt self-conscious because of all the nice things they said about
me. As they spoke of how mature I was and keeping focused when the pressure
was on, . . . I thought about my tantrum at school where I kicked the crap out of
my telephone and was going to run away. My way of being self-deprecating; I
don't accept praise or ridicule very well.

The job as Miranda's executive assistant was mine with few caveats. Obviously I
had to keep my up grades, and they had a few other credit courses they wanted me
to add.
While originally I thought I may have enough free time to work a part time job in
my last year, that wasn't going to happen now, but they were also picking up my
tuition for the last year. That meant that I would have to sign a contract and
commit to staying here for 18 months. They gave me all kinds of paperwork and
told me to get a lawyer to protect myself, and have everything spelled out before I
put my name on anything.

Then Mr. Arens, I forget which one it was, Robert or John, launched into this long
story about a conglomerate that bought a resort in the Bahamas. They had never
owned or managed properties before, but now after finding success, they were in
negotiations to buy four more properties in the islands chain and 3 others here on
the mainland. He couldn't say who it was, but he obviously wanted their business.
Our people were working at getting it, right now, with prospectus and
presentations about the what, how, and why Arens and Ponds could do them right
in the selling and promotion of the chain to US Postal Patrons and targeted
He asked me, as a way to get experience, and to show what sort of ideas I might
come up with in the situation, to prepare a mock brochure and newsletter that
would go to known travelers, and a general mailer that would go to targeted
income brackets. He would give me 20 intern hours, and 4 billable hours (to his
account) of company resources.
They said I had 13 days left before I left to go back to school, and would like to
see the finished product before I left. More than anything, this was a grade-less
test to see where I was creatively, and how I could manage hours and people.

Silent Sister, the third Arens family member in the partnership, who was never at
the office, and never really identified, was on speakerphone for the whole
meeting. She only made interjectory comments during the talk. Once finished
with the explanation, she piped up from the phone, "Of course, you will still get
all of your regular duties done while putting this together."

I hated her already and I had never met her, I thought to myself, smiling. Miranda
had met her once and knew a few things about her, but mostly the sister partner
was silent and had little to say of the day-to-day operation, obviously why they
called her Silent Sister.

I rushed home that day, got on the phone and told my parents the news. I forgot I
was going to have to listen to more praise, but I took it well from mom and Dad.
Then I did something a little out of the ordinary, I called Bills parents and told
them my news. I figured if anyone could put a negative spin on this they could.
However, they both got on the phone together and told me how proud they were
of me, and how they loved and supported me. This was praise that was easy to
take. Then just as I was about to say goodbye Mrs. Wilson asked me "Is this one
of those progressive companies that has a day-care center right there to take care
of your kids, so you don't have to farm them out?"

I was a little stunned but said that I didn't know, but would look into it.

I hung up the phone and looked out on the park. Mommies pushing carriages and
Daddies playing catch with their sons were all I could see.

Had Bill told his parents they would have grandchildren soon? Did Bill want to
have a family right away? I thought we talked about this, but his parents seemed
to expect grandchildren real soon. I couldn't have kids yet. I had to jump start my
career, fulfill my contract, finish school. Surely they had to know I would finish
school. How seriously had they taken our living arrangement? We acted married,
yes, but we weren't going to have kids yet.

I drove myself crazy with all of these questions, wondering what Bill expected
from us, and what he told them. He was proud of my accomplishment, but he
didn't really want me barefoot and pregnant, did he?

It was a nice night so I thought I would get a cold drink from the fridge and sit on
the porch to wait for Bill. Bill's bucket of Champagne splits was still on the
bottom shelf, so I filled it with a little ice and took the bucket outside. I sat on the
porch for almost 2 hours waiting for Bill, managing to knock off 3 bottles and
then falling asleep. I must have been a sight.

"Carree? Carree . . . . . . . CARREE!" I heard in my ear.

"What?" I answered groggily. "Leave me alone, wake me for work."

"Carree, it's 8 damn o'clock and you're smashed on our porch! WAKE UP! Don't
make me make a scene out here." Bill said.

I was out of it but coming back to reality. I really wasn't drunk, just smooth on
the edges. I let the stress of the day slide off my champagne addled mind. My
biggest problem was that I fell into a deep sleep. I had even been dreaming.

"Carree!! Come on!!" Bill said as he shook my arm.

"Leave me alone!!" I countered. "Let me wipe the cobwebs here, give me a

"Come on Carree, you're drunk and carrying on. Now come inside." Bill said
pulling on me.

If steam could actually come out of your ears, I could have powered a locomotive.

I snapped awake to make a point. "God DAMN it Bill, I am NOT drunk. I may
have let the alcohol put me to sleep, but I am not drunk so leave me to fuck alone.
I was still clearing the cobwebs and sorting my dream from the reality of being on
a porch in Baltimore Maryland.

"Fuck you, I'm going inside. Make a fool of yourself, I don't care." Bill said
stomping inside the outer door.

I expected to look around and see people on the street staring at me, or my pants
wet or something. I looked at myself and my clothes weren't askew. Yes I was
sound asleep out there with 3 emptys beside me, but I was on MY porch on a hot
afternoon after work. No one was on the street. What was the big deal?

I put together my empties and the bucket with 2 cold ones left and went inside.

Bill was sitting in the easy chair staring at the tv news. I decided to be
apologetic, even though I didn't think I needed to be.

"Billy, I'm sorry I fell asleep on you out there. I wanted to be awake and bright
eyed when you got here, but you were late tonight." I said sing-songy.

"Don't give me that bullshit Carree, you were drunk out there, then raising your
voice and carrying on when I tried to move you." Bill insisted.

"Bill, I may have had too much to drink, but it wasn't like I pissed my pants and
puked in the street. I was tired, had a couple drinks sitting in the hot sun. I fell
asleep. Excuse me." I said with an attitude. "And," I continued, "You can
apologize for saying Fuck You to me, out in public, on the street."

"Don't hold your breath. You embarrass me like that and I have to kneel down to
you? Forget it." Bill said with my attitude and more.

"What is going on here Bill? Did you have a bad day or what? Don't take this shit
out on me. I had a good day. I was offered the job, as promised. I just have to get
a lawyer to look over the papers for what I have to do for them, which is basically
stay there for at least 2 years after graduation." I said in hopes of ending our little

"I bet if they saw you out there on the porch tonight they would be real proud of
you, portraying a great image for their company." He said, still pissed.

Then Bill hit one of the things I really hated to hear any couple do, threaten.

"I ought to put you over my knee and redden your ass, Carree. You're supposed
to be my beautiful bride to be, and you're out there like a slob slut getting drunk."

He had raised his hand to point to emphasize what he was saying, and I slapped
his hand right away and got right in his face.

"Listen, any talk of ass reddening will get you a ticket to the couch for a long
time. You don't dare even think of raising a hand to me, or I will kick your ass up
and down the street and you don't want to find out if I can do it or not!!" I
shouted at him nose to nose.

Bill backed down real fast. I couldn't believe he made a threat, he couldn't
believe I stood him down.

"Oh my God Carree, you don't think I would ever raise a hand to you, do you?
That was only a figure of speech. Please don't think that I ever . . . " he said as he
went to hug me.
I pushed him away.
"Wait a minute, Bill. You said it another time too, and I kind of let it go. When I
had my tantrum over the phone. I dismissed it then because I was being an
asshole. But this is twice. You, or anyone else, won't threaten me!" I emphasized.

Bill backed up like he was in fear. "Carree, you're talking to me like I was a
stranger. What did I do? (his eyes began to well up) I wouldn't seriously hit you,
or touch you in anger. It's a figure of speech, really Carree. My mom and Dad
always used it. I mean I got spanked when I was little, like 4 or 5, when they said
it. It was a phrase that just meant that you needed to be taught a lesson or
something. Carree, you pushed me away. You don't think I would hit you, do

"You cracked me on the ass before. Remember when you said you wanted to
distract me from passing out." I reminded him.

"Carree, those were love slaps during pretty intense love making. I didn't want
you to pass out; you didn't want to pass out. Come on, this is Bill Wilson talking.
I would never hurt you in real life. That was passion, and you acted like you liked
it, until you saw the handprints on your butt." Bill defended.

"And I told you I would kick your ass then, didn't I." I asked.
"Yes, you did, but I thought it was joking around, with a figure of speech, like
this is." He answered.

I dropped my hands to my side. "God, if I can't trust you, who can I trust. I was
afraid I was seeing a side of you I didn't know. You were pretty pissed when you
said it."

"Yes, I was" he replied, "But hit you? Come on Carree. I worship you. Hell, that's
the reason I was so pissed about you asleep outside. I want you to look like a
goddess all the time. I'm, uhh also sorry for saying F-you out there, which was
uncalled for. I was trying to hurt you with words, because I never would touch
you. I hurt after I said it, if that means anything.

"I didn't THINK there could be anything about you I didn't know. It's just your
words were so emphatic, like you wanted to scare me. Well, I guess that is your
point, you were trying to subdue me with words." I said as I put my arms out for

Bill held me like he never held me before. I am sure this man would never hurt
me. He worshipped the ground I walked on. I just didn't like the context of the
words. We were OK, just a misunderstanding. Crisis averted.

"Geez Care, that was our first real fight, I mean one on one, face to face. I think
we did pretty well. We talked it out." Bill said

"Oh, Bill," I said, "Don't make a big deal of it. I'm sure there will be lots of other
times when we won't agree. But, I swear, if I find you kissing my ass to let me
have my way, I'll be just as pissed off. I want it the way it's always been. You
gave me that look before like you thought I was going to throw you out or walk
out the door. We are stuck with each other, got it!!" I said.

"I understand," Bill said, "You just had me a little scared back there."

"Don't be. There's only one pussy allowed in this relationship, and it's between
my legs. I want you to be as strong as you ever were with me. Just don't use those
words again. I do need your perspective some times, because I'm so spoiled. But
don't forget, you helped spoil me." I said, satisfied that all was back to normal.

"On second thought, maybe you don't get off the hook so fast. Maybe I'll do
some ass reddening, as a figure of speech." I said getting Bills attention. "Did you
tell, or even intimate, to your parents that we were going to have kids anytime
soon? You mom made a comment about daycare at Arens. You didn't say
anything to her, even to appease her granny instincts, did you?"

"No, no way." Bill said. "I'm trying to think if I might have said anything she
might have misconstrued as that. I mean, she knows we want kids, and if we
screwed up and you got pregnant, it wouldn't be the total end of the world. But,
she knows that we are not doing anything where we could be pregnant."

"You're sure?" I said, "Because she sounded real matter of fact on the phone."

"I'm positive." Bill reiterated.

"Geez, do you ever wonder what our parents think when we tell them we aren't
risking pregnancy?" Bill said.

"I wonder, but, people have been having oral and anal sex for a long time, they
just might not envision their sons and daughters doing it, that's all." I said.

It was way after 8 o'clock now, and any hope of going out to dinner were gone,
and ordering in didn't sound good either. I told Bill to go ahead and shower, and
freshen up for me (wink-wink) and when he got out; I would have a sumptuous
feast either ready or started.
Once he got in the bathroom I put on my sneakers and ran to the corner store and
got a package of hot dogs, some rolls and a six-pack. I WAS COOKING

Although neither one of us were beer drinkers, you can't beat it's taste with hot
dogs. Henny used to cook them on the hot plate some nights in the dorm when it
was too cold to walk over to Frazier to eat. She always cooked them in a can of
beer with 1 can of water. It was so simple, but tastes awesome.

By the time Bill was out of the shower I was back and heating up our feast. I
cracked a couple beers and we clinked bottles. Sipping beer reminded me of
school, and, I hated to admit it, I missed that grind. Actually I missed my
roommates, I wish they were here to share my happiness over the job. I hadn't
heard from either of them all summer, but I was also hard to find, I guess.

I had hoped Bill and I could get a little frisky tonight, after the earlier argument
and then making up. But, in the middle of dinner I got my period. I had felt a
cramp while running to the corner earlier and put it off as being dehydrated from
the late afternoons alcohol. I had been so wrapped up in work that I had forgotten
that I was ripe. Once I got that under control and got back to the table, Bill was
ready to lay back on the floor with the big pillows. We had each had 2 beers with
dinner, had a burping contest, and were ready to settle in to fall asleep in front of
the TV.
He won the contest, but only because I lost some of that precious burp gas when I
was contorting myself to get a tampon in.
As I was about to plop in the chair in front of the tv I saw the last beer on the
table, and said "What the heck." I drank that as the news came on, figuring it
would put me to sleep faster. I woke with a start during a commercial and saw it
was 11:20 and I had a third of a beer left. I guzzled that, it tasted warm and awful,
a let out a huge belch that woke Bill.

He glared at me for a second, and then smiled. "You are so sexy when you do

Bill got to his feet and headed into bed.

"I know baby, and it's only for you, only for you." I said as I locked up and
turned off the set.

We both fell asleep right away and didn't hear a thing until the alarm went off. I
got up and had to pee something awful and then saw the time as I fell back in bed.
Bill was scrambling to his feet to get in the shower.

"Hold on, hold on," I said. "It's too early. I set the alarm to get us some alone
time before you left this morning. You know, morning wake-up call? (Cluck-
cluck). I didn't change it back when I was put out of commission with my period,

Bill patted my butt and told me not to worry about it, but got up to pee anyway.
Once he was back to bed he hit the snooze twice and we cuddled up.
Me having my period didn't make him seem any less sexy, or me any less horny.
Although I didn't allow play when I was "ripe", afraid of a mess, I could still
enjoy him. (We found out the hard way that blood stains.)
I rolled to face him and kiss him. I slinked down under the sheets and told him he
would think of me often on the train to New York this morning.

I found his cock semi-erect and damp from his morning pee. I spit in my hand and
polished the head with my palm and wiped it on my panty as I took him in my
mouth. He was lying on his side, as I was. I put my hand on the cheek of his ass
and began to move it showing him what I wanted. I wanted him to fuck my
mouth, nice and shallow, nice and gentle. This way I could loll and wrap my
tongue around him, or suck, or flutter on alternating strokes. I always liked this. It
made me feel real sexy, and let him know how much I loved him.
I was just getting into the total rhythm of it all when I knew he was ready. I
moved my hand from his ass to his pubic bone in the front; to be sure he didn't
thrust too deep when he came. I just didn't want to upset his cadence. It was no
hands, just lips and mouth.

He sucked a breath and I knew he just passed the point. His cum shot in my
mouth and I sucked and swallowed as he tried to thrust harder but my hand
showed him his way. Mmmmmm God! This was good, to feel him so intimately
and so responsive to my every move.
I let him stroke until he wanted to stop; only then did I give it up. He extended a
hand down and I grabbed it as he helped me up. He smiled at me and then pulled
me on top of him. We necked and kissed while I rubbed my breasts into this hairy
chest. I pushed my pantied sex onto his limp lump to get a little satisfaction, but
just knowing how much he loved me, and the fact I just tasted him had me happy.
I could finish myself in the shower after he left without making any mess.

The snooze went off and Bill had to dump me off his body to get into the shower.
I fought him; I could have laid there, my ear to his chest, forever. But eventually,
he won out. I got up, put fresh underwear in his briefcase for his workout at the
gym, went back to bed and dozed off. Bill woke me for work as he left for the
He was on the train to New York when I called his name in ecstasy while diddling
myself in the shower. I would have rosy cheeks all morning, and despite having
my period, I felt great!

The last 2 weeks in Baltimore found us back in our routine each day, but each
night was different it seemed. As we got closer to moving back, we let the
refrigerator stock dwindle. It made a great excuse to go out to eat each night, or at
least have it delivered. We decided the splurge was worth it, as we spent a lot of
time in the Inner Harbor, now very trendy with the newly opened Oriole Park at
Camden Yards drawing more and more people to the area. I could care less about
baseball, but Bill was a big fan. When he found out that I could get seats with a
company box he was disappointed I hadn't mentioned it earlier.
We did hit all the hot spots, and on nights when we were worn out, the low spots,
like local bars where we could get a sandwich or crab cakes. If we did end up
living in Baltimore, or Bawlamer, as the locals called it, we certainly knew it well
and loved every nook and cranny.

We had set the next to last Saturday in August as our moving day, with the
following Saturday, the first in September, as move-in day on campus. Both of
our last days of our internships were Wednesday. Bill finished work and met his
Dad at his apartment and moved back home that night. Thursday he left for
Baltimore with his Dads car, which should easily fit all of my stuff to get back
home. I spent the day shopping, my last chance to do some big city shopping and
spend my hard earned money.
I got home about 4:30 and drew a hot bath, which I filled with oils and essence. It
was my time to luxuriate and I did. After a 30-minute soak, I shaved myself to
make sure I was totally smooth. I then drained and cleaned the tub of the oils and
took a nice shower to rinse and then wash my hair.
Then, I began to prepare my surprise for Bill. Although it was a pain in the ass,
literally, I gave myself a bottled enema, a Fleet, if you will, to prepare for a night
of tender, but serious love.
I made myself busy around the apartment, putting some peach colored gauze over
the lamps in the living room and bedroom. I lit floating candles in both rooms as
well. I was just squatting to get a special Victoria's Secret box from under the bed
when the enema had done its trick. I rushed to the bathroom to expel it and
prepare for another.
In no hurry, I decided to wait about ten minutes for the next bottle and went about
laying out my special night gown I had bought for the occasion. It was long and
flowing, but did not have a lot to it. Without removing it, I was quite accessible.
After laying it out I went to the refrigerator and unpacked the cold part of our
dinner from Bo Brooks at Lighthouse Point. It was Bills favorite seafood spot. It
cost me a fortune to have it sent, by cab, but they assured me that it would taste
almost as if he were at the restaurant if I followed the instructions. I checked my
watch, and if all went to plan, Bill would be checking in soon.

Bill thought he was finally meeting Miranda Ponds tonight and if he was behind
schedule, he would have called by now. He was supposed to call from White
Marsh, no matter what. It was about 30-45 minutes away, depending on traffic. It
would be heavy at this time of day.
I set the table and put the champagne bucket I borrowed from Miranda out with
ice and our bottle of Dom Perignon 1988. The phone rang and I exhaled a deep

"Hi Baby, I'm right on time. Lay out something nice for me. I want to impress
this woman who seems to see you more than me." Bill said.

"Don't worry, you're going to impress her tonight," I said. "Drive careful and I'll
see you real soon, OK?" I said.

"You got it babe. Did I tell you I loved you today, and tomorrow and forever?" he

"You just did, and you'll have lots of time to say it when you get here too. I love
you madly, Bill." I said as I hung up.

I set the oven on real low and put the therma-box from Bo's in the oven. They
said it would keep everything fresh and warm for over an hour without drying it

I shucked my robe and went back to the bed with my second enema. Lying on my
side, I drew my knees up and reached around with the lubed tip. It slid, a little
uncomfortably at first, right in. With a good hard squeeze, and a little coaxing, I
had it all in me. Later while Bill screwed me into delirium through my private
little place, I would be happy I did all of this.

I exercised and even stood on my head for a second to let gravity do its thing with
me. Then I went and washed my hands, and finished setting the table. I wanted
everything perfect when he walked in the door. The setting, the light and the way
I looked.
I wanted him to cum in his pants when he saw me.
After about 10 minutes, I began to worry about the second Fleet bottle. But, it
came a calling, urgently. Wow, shitting all over the floor might ruin the mood, but
I made it ok. Then I tried to stand on my head again, as I read that there was a
pocket low in your sigmoid that naturally held a bit of fluid, and if you were
going to wait over a half hour for sex, you might want to purge that also. Always
making good use of my time, I read that on in a sex book in a bookstore while
waiting for a bus one day. Weird huh?

I got into the upside down position again, and held it for a second. I rolled down
to my shoulders and stood up, and what do you know, I felt a second urge. There
was just enough that it would have been a mess later. There was something to it,
and I jotted it down in my memory.

I drew another bath, this one with bubbles and lay back with a glass of wine.
Well, I added one more thing, my very well lubed "little blue devil" butt plug. I
held my breath as I coaxed it into me. It burned a little at first, but I soon got a
warm feeling from it. My bottom seemed to know it pretty well, by now.

Bill was going to have a nice surprise and a long evening, as we got ready to
spend time apart, as school started up again. I hoped the traffic was nice to Bill,
leaving him in a good mood for my lustful ideas and me.

I set a timer for 15 minutes and relaxed in the bubbly water. Each time I moved in
the water the plug did too, and I was more than a little turned on by the time the
timer went off. While drying, especially the bending and twisting, I was getting
pretty tingly. I lightly powdered my shoulders and upper arms so my nightgown
would slip on nicely after a bath. It left little to the imagination, but after I
lowered the big lights and let the gauzed lamps go alone, I had to move certain
ways to reveal myself. It was sheer in some light, not in others, it felt like silk and
hugged my breasts, but hung below them. It was really quite a hot gown, and
certainly nothing you would wear for warmth at all. The sales lady told me, it was
"Strictly a come and fuck me" piece. She was right; I was hot as hell already.

I peeked from the window anticipating Bills arrival, watching his parking place.
We were allowed to put pylons with our apartment number on them out to save a
parking place. We hadn't actually paid for that, but the landlord said no one
would be the wiser, as long as we didn't abuse it. We only planned on parking
there another 2 days.
Whenever I bent to look behind the blinds for the car I could feel the butt plug
shift, it was really getting quite delicious. I heard a door slam and I looked. It was
Bill, moving the cones to park his Dad's car there. He was a few minutes late, or
so he thought. I ran and put the hot water on to freshen my tub water. I looked
back out and he was getting back in and parking the car in the saved space. He
grabbed his bag and took the steps 2 at a time 1-2-3 and he was knocking at the
door. As he bound up the steps I went and turned off the water, and ran to the
door as he knocked.

"Hello honey," I said to his knock.

"Don't hello honey me, I'm in a hurry for YOU, let me in." he said.

I tried my sexiest voice. "Billy, close your eyes for a second."

"Come on Care, I'm not in the mood for surprises. I'm hungry and want to get his
dinner over with. Come on Carree, open!" he demanded.

"Billy? We aren't going to dinner. Just close your eyes so they can adjust to the
light. Please? If you play along, I guarantee you will be happy for weeks to come.
OK?" I said, sort of sing songy.

"Carree, what have you gone and done? OK, eyes are closed." He said, giving in.

"1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, keep them closed until I tell you to open them." I said as I
opened the door.

I let him in and shut the door.

"OK, open!" I said.

With his eyes adjusted to the darkness, I got just the effect I wanted with what I
was wearing and the peach gauze over the lamps.

"Carree, what have you done, and WHERE did you get that gown." He said
walking around me like he was looking at a piece of art or a statue. " You won't
need a boner guarantee, I have one already. You look phenomenal. Oh my god,
my dick hurts already. You are the sexiest, most beautiful, woman I ever laid eyes
on. I could take pictures of you and sell them for millions, but I'm not sharing you
with anyone. When I walk with you in public, I'll know how you look tonight,
and the world, the universe, would be jealous." Bill said almost panting.

I expended my hand and he took it.

"Hello, my name is Carree and I'll be your server tonight." I said as I crooked a
finger to him.
From behind I put my hands on his shoulders and steered him into the bathroom,
where I ordered him to strip. He saw the bubble bath and smiled.

"Get in, I'll wash," I said as he peeled the last of his clothes off. His penis was
standing quite erect already.

Bill sat in the fresh bubbles and I took a washcloth and rolled up the sleeve of my
gown. With liquid soap I washed his chest and his legs, all the while his penis
standing out of the water. When I finally got to it, he was moaning about how
good the warm cloth felt around it.

"If you can't stand this, how are you going to take my mouth?" I asked sexily.

"I'll take my chances, I guess." He said.

I used the washcloth and liquid soap and washed his pubic area quite well. I even
reached down to finger clean his cute little butt hole, making him jump. I then
took a new cloth and lathered it up and washed and rinsed his face. I extended a
hand for him to get out, and he did.. As he stood on the mat, I dried him off a
section at a time. After I dried his penis and balls I simply bent to take him in my
mouth, and only for a second or two. I wanted more, but we had a long journey
into ecstasy planned.
I had been careful that he didn't see I had the plug in me yet, as we were in the
well it bathroom, but now, leading him from behind into the big room with the
gauzed lighting, I could be a little freer. As of yet, except for my caresses when I
washed him, and my little taste of him, we had not kissed hugged, touched at all

"Dinner will now be served, and I would like you to assist me." I said as his
I pulled his chair out where I had put a pair of black silk boxer shorts for him. I
opened the shorts and held them for him to step into. As I pulled them over his
genitals, I gave them a pat and saying, "We wouldn't want this to end up in the
food, would we?"

"Oh God, I want it to be the food." He said with anticipation in his voice.

"Patience, lover. I guarantee all appetites will be satisfied tonight. Please open the
champagne." I said.

As I prepared the plates of cold seafood I heard a healthy POP with the question,
"May I pour?"
I answered, "Oh, please do and then be seated."

I placed a plate in front of him of cold shrimp, cold King crab, Oysters and
marinated smoked mussels, with a hot sauce served in a shell.

I duplicated a plate of the same for myself and sat beside him. We toasted our
love and good fortune and spent the next 15 or so minutes feeding each other. He
full knew that something special was happening, but there was wonderment in his
voice and actions. Each time I moved, the plug shifted. It had been in me so long,
it was now very soft and much more comfortable than ever before. Pure anal
orgasms are quite intense and leave me with little or any coordination. I knew I
had one of those building deep inside me, with many more behind it.

"The food is incredible, can I help you to clean up?" he asked

"We still have a few more courses. If I were you, I would be patient" I said as I
picked up the plates and brought them to the sink and then opened the oven. I
opened the therma-box contraption and removed the packing to reveal the
steamed asparagus, warm lobster and crab cakes. After I arranged it all on 2 plates
and served, I thought Bill was going to jump out of his seat.

"Crab cakes from Bo's, Ooo, the Special." He said, "Carree, how much did you . .
. ."

I stopped his question with our first deep kiss of the night. When we broke, I
squat down and said "It's all,
me and the food,
for you, my husband,
and you are all for me.
No price is too great when it comes to making you happy. Please enjoy." I said as
I returned to my seat,
We ate and sipped from our refilled champagne flutes saying little with our
mouths, but volumes with our eyes.

After we had finished the food I asked him to go into the living room and sit in
the easy chair and wait for me, but to first pour the rest of the bubbly and bring
the glasses with him. I cleared the table and disposed of the fishy leftovers.

I came and knelt beside Bill in the chair. I asked for my glass and we clinked

"Bill, in a week we will both be back at school and this dream summer will be
over. No matter what becomes of your job, or my job, this time will always be
about the most special we will spend in our lives. Not that we will never be
happier, but we may never be freer to enjoy each other, and our lives together. As
we look out over the landscape of our lives and our marriage, right now there are
no obstacles. Whenever an obstacle does get in our way, I am sure we will
vanquish or deal with it. But, right now, there is just you and I. I can't begin to tell
you how much I love you, and the feelings you bring out in me. I hope that I can
begin to show you that tonight, that WE can show each other tonight."

"Oh Carree", Bill said, his voice cracking, "I could never begin to put into words
how much or how deeply I love you. How much I appreciated every little thing
you do to show me that love. I only hope I do as much as you to express it,
because if you ever doubt it you can cut open my chest to see that your name is
indelibly stamped on my heart. It is all yours."

I knelt up and kissed Bill full on the lips and he shifted in the chair to better get
close to me. As he leaned forward I pulled a little on him and he came from the
chair to my arms on the floor. He rolled on top of me and held my head in his
arms as we kissed and wrestled tongues, all the while pressing our sex together.

I can't remember just kissing so long, unless you count necking sessions at the
end of my driveway in high school. We barely gave each other a chance to gasp a
breath. Finally he trailed a kiss down to my earlobe and chewed on that.

"Bill," I said. " Can you roll off me and kneel right here beside me? I want to first
love you, to give you some relief for that beautiful penis of ours. I would feel so
much better if I could do that. Please?"

He looked at me funny, my request seeming a little odd I guess. But he did not
know that I was having a little fun already with the plug in my butt.

He rolled off me and knelt, sitting on his legs beside me. I turned over on my
stomach and knelt up as well, to peel off his silk shorts. Once off and he was
kneeling again, I sunk to my forearms, lying on my stomach. He anticipated me
greatly as he knelt up to get his cock closer to my lips. I put just the head in my
mouth and luxuriated in its smooth velvet feel.
In a moment I lowered my mouth to take as much as I could and then pumping
my head up and down 4 or 5 times, then letting the whole thing slip from my
mouth. I captured the head again and repeated what I had just done. It tasted and
felt so good! I did this same thing 4 times each time catching his eye as I let it fall
from my mouth, so I could smile at him. Then I rolled over and tipped my head
back and held his penis up so I could get his balls in my mouth. One at a time I
felt its round tenderness in my mouth before letting each slide from my lips. He
sat a little taller and I scooted a bit more to get my tongue on his asshole. He was
so clean, so sweet there. He shuddered and cooed as I did it. I shinnied back and
rolled over and knelt up to be face to face with him. We kissed deeply until I
broke it.

"Devour me, Bill. Eat me until there is nothing." I said.

He smiled at my request, offered his hand and stood me up. He lay me down on
the sofa and he knelt beside it. While kissing my lips I felt him part the front of
my robe to reveal my breasts. Lifting his lips from me he sought and found my
right nipple, then my left. Then like a hungry animal he proceeded to kiss, bite
knead, squeeze my nipples and breast flesh in a seeming fit of passion. I couldn't
remember him so ravenous.

He finally satisfied himself of my breast feast and began to trail kisses down my
stomach, parting the robe until he got to the tie. With his teeth he got it apart to
reveal my bare abdomen and hairless vagina. I still had my legs together so the
plug was still a secret. He nibbled at my vaginal lips and vulva without spreading
or touching them for a few minutes, driving me crazy with anticipation. He finally
sat back on his legs.

"Turn and put you feet on the floor. Let me kneel between them and show you
how much I love your pussy and how happy I can make you." He said.

I needn't be asked twice

When I spread my legs before him, my plug was obvious.

"What is this little treasure you've been hiding?" he asked, making me blush.

"This explains some of the far away looks I've gotten from you tonight, doesn't
it" He asked while I blushed.

"Oh Carree, you are such a wonderful lover, how could I ever match your
passion?" he asked.

"By taking me and fucking me, holding your heart to mine with you cock deep
inside my very being" I answered his rhetorical question.

He was over come with lust from my answer, mumbling a "Omph, aah" as he
dropped his head and took as much of my pussy in his mouth as possible. He
licked sucked and chewed at every cell of my vagina. In no time I began a small
orgasm that built and built until I was moaning and shaking in the couch. As I got
to a high pitch, he thrust 2 fingers into me rubbing the very top inside part of my
opening, looking for my G-spot. They found their target and I unleashed an
orgasm that lifted my butt from the sofa and I held the back of his head to my
pussy. I lost my breath as I squeezed out fluid right into his mouth that now
covered my pussy and he slid his fingers from me.

"Eeeee, Ohhh Aaeee" I squealed as I could no longer control myself; arched off
the sofa not sure if I was holding his mouth to my pussy of if he was suctioned to
it. I thought I was going to pass out when he did something he had done before,
and caused a bit of a row with me. He cracked a full hard slap across the side my

I broke my contact with his mouth and slumped to the sofa. He sat back on his
knees and watched as I began to come down from my orgasm. His eyes implored
some reaction from me as he sought approval for what he just did. I was going to
pass out if he didn't break moment. I smiled and said, "I owe you one, OK?"

He smiled back and kissed me while his hands squeezed and mauled at my
breasts. Bill sat back as he trailed kisses down my breasts over my belly and
almost to my pussy. He then put his hands under my knees and pushed them back
beside me, having me hold them with my arms. He kissed my pussy full on the
clit and he took the butt plug in his hand and gave it a little tug to get the fat end
out of me. I groaned as it popped from me and a little wave of spasm hit me. He
pushed it back in. He twisted it. I was weary from a butt tease already. I wanted
his cock. He pulled the big ball again and it popped out. Then he began to slide it
from me, bump-bump bump, the little knobs tweaking me. He held the thin
slippery end in me and slid it back and forth causing me to writhe a little.

"Please Bill, you, I want you. . . . in me," I cooed.

He slid the little blue devil from me and I felt empty. He held it in his fingers and
looked at me.
"Under the sofa, look," I said.

He reached down and there was a washcloth wrapped around a tube of jelly. He
smiled at my resourcefulness.

"Are you hard enough?" I asked.

"Are you kidding," he answered. "One touch of your lips and all would be gone,
for sure."

That was a nice thought, but I did want a warm flood somewhere else tonight.

He opened the tube of KY and drew to long beads on his penis, then put a big
dollop on his fingertips. That went straight to my dilated butt hole. He then spread
the 2 long strips over his cock. Oh, it was beautiful!

Satisfied he had it lubed well he locked his eyes to mine. I felt the tip of him press
to my anus. He pushed just a bit and I opened to him. He was anxious and slipped
right past what I call my big muscle, my rectum. There, for a moment it hurt and I
pressed a hand to his abdomen to stop him. With my eyes rolled back I whispered
"Gimme second, Gimme second." He did that.

The pain ebbed away and I felt full already. I made eye contact gain and nudged
myself at him a little. He bent straight forward to kiss me and hold me heart to
heart, as I asked. Doing this he went the rest of the way into me, and then some, it
seemed. I was full of Bill and his cock, his penis, his font of life, and out of

"Ohhh Godddd," I moaned into his ear as I broke the kiss to get my suddenly lost
breath. I was as full I had ever been from any of the times we had done this, but
this seemed different. I almost felt as if he were in my vagina, now. So much, did
I feel this sensation that I wanted to reach down and feel, but I was holding my
legs back. Soon I began to grow accustomed to his presence in me and I relaxed,
let my legs go and put my arms around Bill. He pulled his lips from nibbling on
my ear to look in my eyes, real close up.
"God, I love you. You make me feel so complete, so vital to the world. I want to
make love to you. If I am hurting you, please tell me." He said.

"You're not hurting me at all. In fact, you're making me feel real special. I can
feel every move you make inside of me, I can hear you breath, I can feel your
weight on me. We are one and this is wonderful. Why hasn't it been like this
before?" I asked him lost in the closeness.

"It's been different every time, it seems, and that's good, but this seems more
passion and less lust, I don't know. Lets not analyze, I just want to make love to
you." He whispered back.

He began to move within me as he held me, heart to heart with him. My eyes
found his as he moved. Our eyes spoke to each other, telling each of us what we
felt as he began gentle short thrusts. It felt so good, so natural and I could tell by
his eyes he felt as full of wonderment as I. His pubic bone seemed to be right on
my clit as he moved; only magnifying the feeling. I felt an orgasm begin to grow
from deep within my being. As he moved a little faster in me, this wonderful
feeling built up to a pitch where I was on the edge of reality and someplace else,
and then I seemed to just stay there. My eyes hadn't left his, or his mine. It was as
if we were thinking and acting and feeling as one. This was intense.

It seemed we stayed on the same orgasmic plane for a long, long time, and it
could have lasted for hours, for all I cared at this point. I was in a special place.
Soon his breath quickened and he began to hit harder at me. For the first time in 4
or 5 minutes his eyes left mine as he dropped his head onto my shoulder making
us temple to temple as he put more weight on my upper body as he began to fuck
me with abandon.

Now, with longer strokes I was losing control. I wanted to flail my arms and legs
in a burst of nervous energy. I wanted him to stop, but I wanted him to fuck me
harder at the same time. I was losing all touches with reality, yet I was focused on
us wrapped together as one being, bringing enormous pleasure to each other. I
was beginning to grunt and squeal as I tried to push back at him, but lost the
rhythm of his fucking. I just kept pushing back to him in rapid fire, and he caught
up to me, we were on it together, right now. I was losing it, his breathing in my
ear told me he was there, trying to hold it back.

I tried to talk. "Bill, fu, fuck, fuck, cum, fuck, Oooo, oood, fu, fuck ,ohh hard." I
knew what I wanted to say but couldn't put two words together.

Suddenly he began to almost shout or holler in my ear.
"Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh," accenting his thrusts, and then he came.
"Nnnnnnnn Nnnnnnnn," and then a long grinding growl.

He was spilling himself inside me. I could feel some of the spurts, but mostly I
was aware of being a lot squishier, and then another orgasm gripped me as I held
to Bill for dear life, swooning in his ear. But he could go no more. The snugness
of the grip of my bowel around the head of his penis was sucking at him, and he
was super sensitive from it. He could no longer move and he just held himself
inside me. He would hunker and jerk every few seconds, calling out a groan when
he did.

I was totally spent, as I knew he was. I would still not be surprised if when he sat
back to pull himself from me, he came out of my pussy. I felt that fulfilled.

He wanted to pull from me, but each time he did we each jumped in spasm. He
began to chuckle in my ear, then I laughed, then we laughed together.

Still laughing he said, "We can't stop fucking, it feels too good, hurts too good to
stop." He said laughing out loud.
Then he sat up a little so we could look into each other's eyes.

"That was the real thing babe, that was making love, we were one. All the other
times were play times. I was really fucking you, really tuned into you. I don't
want to stop." He said, his eyes glued to mine.

I kept my eyes on his and laughed, "I can't feel my legs, and I think all my blood
is in the knot of my pussy and ass."

"OK, I'll get up. You ready?" he said.
I just nodded.

He took the weight of his body from me and sunk back to his knees. His shrinking
penis popped from me as I let my legs down. He took the towel he had wrapped
the butt plug in and stuck it under my stretched little hole.

"Whew! If it took the summer to build up to that, lets do it every year," I said.
I felt some of him leaking out, and I tried to hold back, but it was sore as I tried to
close myself up.

"Bill, can I hold that towel there and have you carry me to the bathroom." I

"Sure, just let me make sure I have my legs, and do not touch my cock, OK?" he

He got to his feet and stretched his legs, then grabbed at his penis. "God, it still
feels good, Oh!" as he squeezed it.

He then bent and picked me up and held me close to him as I held the towel to my
butt with one hand and held onto him with an arm around his neck.
He walked me in and set me right on the john, leaving me to take care of myself.

When I finally thought I was empty and in control back there, just a few minutes
later, I came out with a warm wet towel. Bill was back in the easy chair, almost
asleep. I took the wet towel and began to wipe his penis clean for him.

"Oh, that feels good, almost too good" he said as I wiped gently with one end of
the towel and then switched ends to rinse him. He began to grow.

"Bill! Again??" I said astounded that he could feel that frisky already. But, I
admit it wasn't totally unexpected. I had made love to him with my mouth after
bottom sex before. Tasting him was always something I enjoyed and associated
with sex.

"I don't think so, he just likes you handling him." He laughed.

"It wouldn't be the first time I sucked him after being inside me. I guess I like to
say thank you and make sure I get a taste of you," I said.

I smiled, as he grew full in my hand. "Bill, he's a magnificent little creature." I

He was full erect, only 10 or 15 minutes after a stellar workout in my butt.

"I'll start him, and I'll finish him, Billy, but you're gonna have to do the in
between." I said as I brought him to my lips and tested him for a pungent flavor,
but he tasted like Bill. I dropped my head onto him and sucked up and down a few
times, getting him good and wet.

"Oww, he hurts, but he hurts good," Bill said.
I took him into my mouth a few more times and then sat back and just stroked

My arm grew tired quickly and asked Bill to take over.
As he stroked his born again penis, I teased him with words I know he wanted to

"Did you like being up my ass, Bill, fucking me? Fucking me until I was crazy?
Did you like filling my ass with cum? Hot cum? My ass still feels good from it
Bill. I barely even sore there, just satisfied." I said as I kept a litany of dirty talk
going for him. He was going to be easy and fast this time.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum Carree, I'mmm gonnnna cummmmmmmmmmm," h e
growled as I put my mouth over the head to coax his cum out and catch it. I was
surprised he actually fed me a good size spurt before he just oozed a snotty
bleccchhhh onto my tongue. As I pulled my mouth from him, I dipped down to
spit that part out into the towel I had used to wash him. THAT, would have made
me vomit, for sure. I hate that feeling of that gelatinous type of ejaculate from him
in my mouth!! All I can think of is phlegm.

I suggested bed for us and Bill smiled, saying he hoped he had the strength to get
there. I offered a hand to help from my knees, but I just fell back with him on me.
Our lips glued together and we kissed and necked on the floor for quite some time
and then Bill rolled over shifting me to the top where he repeatedly caressed my
ass and the sides of my breasts through my sheer gown. Finally I broke the kiss
and sat up, exposing my bare breasts from my open gown. He suckled and kissed
them until I felt like I needed to climax again, believe it or not. He took me to bed
and tenderly licked me to a wonderful orgasm, and we fell asleep in each other's
arms, spent.

It was an erotic end to a beautiful evening of sexy food, and hot lovers sex. It was
an erotic end to a beautiful evening of real good fucking, real intense lovemaking,
and real intense closeness. Moments like this assured me that he was the one, and
no one else could possibly make me happier or feel more complete.

Friday morning we slept late, for us, almost until 9:00 a.m.
When I rolled away from Bill and looked up at the ceiling I played the night
before in my head. Wow! I turned to look at Bill and he was awake, looking at
me. We smiled at each other.

Bill and I spent the rest of the day tying up loose ends in Baltimore and packing
up the rest of our things. We ended the day having dinner with Miranda Ponds
and 2 of her partners, Robert and John Arens. They embarrassed me by telling
Bill what a great addition I was going to be to the company.
They told us how Naomi, one of the interns I used on production and presentation
teams, who was then working in the secretarial pool, had taken my mock
presentation for a Caribbean chain of resorts, and mailed it to them, instead of
filing it in my folder. They had a good laugh that it looked so professionally done,
I had fooled the intern Naomi. She had mistaken it for the real thing. I had the last
laugh when that chain contacted me about coming to work for them and their in
house travel agency once my commitment to Arens and Ponds was complete.
That ended up being the main cog in my career.

Saturday morning we packed up Bills fathers' car, drove to the landlords office,
dropped the key and headed home. One week from that day we packed up Bill's
car with our belongings and headed back upstate to our last year at school. In
many ways I felt I had grown past the student part of my life, playing the part of
young executive working in a 9-5 world. Other times, I wished school would
never end. Sitting, waiting by the phone for my lovers call to find when I would
next see him. Each time we got to see each other was a like first time as I got that
rush each time I saw my Bill, my William, and the look on his face when he saw

This, Carree's Intern Summer, was about the most I enjoyed writing about our life
and sexual adventures. When I lost my original story in a computer crash, I almost
gave up this and the rest of the stories. But then, when I began to think about
reconstructing the story, more details and memories came back. The more things I
jotted down, the more detail came to me. I can't help but think that William was a
co-writer on this story especially. This was a dream summer in our lives. If any
time in our lives could be captured to live forever, it would have been it.


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